This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Big Bend Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 381 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 490 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 479 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 300 employees) (2003, 313 employees) (2001, 300 employees) (1999, 298 employees) (1997, 276 employees) (1995, 265 employees)

Big Bend Community College is one of 32 state-supported community and technical colleges. It was founded in 1962. The College serves approximately 2,300 students per quarter, serving Grant, Adams and a portion of Lincoln counties. The College also offers extension courses in Ephrata, Grand Coulee, Othello and Warden. In addition to extension courses, the College offers on-line courses in selected communities. During the audit period, the College built the Grant County Advanced Technologies in Education Center, which houses a new library and university center. Through this facility, Big Bend College students can take advanced courses using interactive classroom instruction. Satellite technology links this facility with other classes across the state to allow Big Bend students to obtain a four year degree. A five-member Board of Trustees oversees the College. Trustees are appointed by the Governor to set and approve College policies. The Board appoints a President to administrate and oversee the College’s almost 250 full-time employees and annual operating budget of approximately $11 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Big Bend Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/26/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABEDZ, SALAH M                  FACULTY                                                    66792
ACHONDOZ, LINDA J               FACULTY                                                  8113.72
ADAMSZ, SARAH E                 FACULTY                                                  1531.88
ALAMOSZ, DARCI M                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31095.21
ALDRICHZ, KATHY L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
ALLENZ, LORALYN                 COORD DIS STU/STUDENT ADVI                              44745.78
ALOYSIUSZ, JESSICA L            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           37881
ALVARADOZ, DANIELLE C           FACULTY                                                 44642.77
ANDERSONZ, AMANDA M             FACULTY                                                   1795.6
ANDERSONZ, DALENE J             FACULTY                                                  7875.38
ANDERSONZ, EMILY J              FACULTY                                                  9288.99
ANDERSONZ, JOHN C               FACULTY                                                 26519.71
ANDERSONZ, JOHN W               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40524
ANDRESENZ, MICHAEL R            OFFSET PRINTER OPR SUPV                                 41982.13
ARITAZ, KATHLEEN L              DIR OF PURCH & BUS SUP SRV                                 54326
ARRIAGAZ, ROBIN M               HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42588
ASAYZ, MARSHA                   FACULTY                                                 60653.01
AUTRYZ, WILLIAM E III           FACULTY                                                 71325.69
AUVILZ, JOE M                   FACULTY                                                     2826
AYERSZ, JAMES F JR              FACULTY                                                  7069.08
BAERZ, AARON P                  FACULTY                                                     2000
BAILIEZ, STEFAN M               FACULTY                                                   944.83
BAKERZ, LESLIE N                FACULTY                                                   1638.5
BANCROFTZ, CHRISTINE L          FACULTY                                                  8089.77
BARRYZ, JAMES M                 FACULTY                                                  7069.08
BARTLESONZ, TRACI E             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39204.61
BEARDZ, RUSSELL L               DIR OF INFORM & COMM SERV                                  73175
BECKZ, BARBARA L                FACULTY                                                     8528
BELLZ, CONNIE R                 TRAINER                                                 18158.54
BENJAMINZ, MIA B                FACULTY                                                  1372.11
BENKOZ, ALEX                    FACULTY                                                 15616.25
BERCOTZ, MARCIA I               FACULTY                                                     3750
BERGENZ, T. CALVIN              PAINTER                                                    43572
BERNDTZ, MARY A                 FACULTY                                                  13626.7
BERNHARDTZ, STARR X             RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                      38203.67
BERRYZ, JULIA L                 FACULTY                                                    51521
BERRY-GUERINZ, DANEEN A         FACULTY                                                 76333.96
BESSETTZ, TINA M                AIRCRAFT MECHANIC/INSPECTR                               9117.86
BETCHERZ, MICHAEL R             FACULTY                                                 18495.57
BETZZ, TIMOTHY                  FACULTY                                                  4072.89
BEUCKMANZ, BRAD A               ELECTRICIAN                                             48877.38
BISNETTZ, DANIA G               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30185.34
BLACKZ, LINDA L                 FACULTY                                                 17006.59
BLACKWELLZ, SUSAN U             FACULTY                                                  7501.75
BLAIRZ, LORIS N                 FACULTY                                                   8733.2
BOLZ, DAVID A                   FACULTY                                                   1915.6
BOLIVARZ, ANA C                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38068.85
BOLYARDZ, DANIEL E              FACULTY                                                      370
BOMSTADZ, OWEN D                CUSTODIAN 1                                             26261.87
BONAUDIZ, WILLIAM C             PRESIDENT                                              155665.45
BOONZ, CARLA M                  JATP OPERATIONS COORD                                    34362.5
BORGZ, CARL E                   FACULTY                                                 78357.64
BORTZZ, JODY K                  FACULTY                                                 12002.33
BOYCEZ, LOVETA                  FACULTY                                                     5702
BRACHTZ, RANDALL L              FACULTY                                                  6199.61
BRANCHZ, DIANA F                FACULTY                                                  2584.51
BRATSCHZ, HEIDI A               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      23620.15
BRICEZ, BILLY R                 FACULTY                                                  2758.41
BRISCHLEZ, CHERYL J             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BRITOZ, REBECCA L               FACULTY                                                 14062.41
BROOKSZ, JENNIFER J             FACULTY                                                 63503.71
BROWNZ, ARIEL A                 FACULTY                                                   5958.5
BROWNZ, DONNA L                 INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH2                                   45828
BRUCEZ, CLAIRISSA T             FACULTY                                                   1126.2
BUCHMANNZ, EDWARD H             FACULTY                                                      270
BUNCHZ, JAYNAE M                FACULTY                                                    13507
BUNCHZ, KIMBERLY A              FACULTY                                                   1350.4
BUTLERZ, MONTE L                FACULTY                                                     1260
BUYSZ, ROBERT S                 FACULTY                                                 12591.44
CADLEZ, ANNEMARIE               EXEC ASST VICE PRESIDENT                                   40090
CANDANOZAZ, ESPERANZA L         DATA COMPILER 2                                          34188.5
CARDWELLZ, FRANK W              FACULTY                                                   6115.5
CARDWELLZ, REGAN R              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       15494.15
CARPENTERZ, JOHN H              FACULTY                                                 54195.19
CARSEYZ, SCOTT A                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 61990.03
CASEBOLTZ, DALE L               MAIL PROCESSING-DRIVER                                  39528.56
CASTROZ, SALINA                 FACULTY                                                  7327.34
CERVANTESZ, SERGIO J            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  43571.14
CHADWICKZ, LINDA T              EXEC ASST VICE PRESIDENT                                   40090
CHARZ, LUCY                     FACULTY                                                     1030
CHEEKZ, SANDRA R                DIRECTOR OF BASIC SKILLS                                58833.31
CHRISTENSENZ, AARON G           FACULTY                                                 39326.47
CHRISTENSENZ, LYNN J            FACULTY                                                     2677
CHRISTENSENZ, TYLER B           WORKFIRST TRAINING COORD                                 42795.6
CHRISTIANZ, KATHERINE L         DIR OF HEALTH ED PROGRAMS                               70792.35
CHRISTIANZ, MICHAEL L           FACULTY                                                 10033.52
CLARKZ, KATIE A                 FACULTY                                                      300
CLAUSENZ, ANGELA M              FACULTY                                                  2084.72
CLAYZ, ANGELA N                 FACULTY                                                  10838.8
CLOSEZ, STEVE M                 FACULTY                                                 56971.82
COFFINZ, RUTH B                 CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                    33279
COLLINSZ, BARBARA L             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34671.26
COMSTOCKZ, DELMER A             FACULTY                                                     4320
COOPERZ, LORRAINE L             FACULTY                                                  6337.52
CORRELLZ, DEBORAH J             FACULTY                                                 35909.33
COURTRIGHTZ, CAREN E            DIRECTOR OF BOOKSTORE                                      55808
COXZ, CHARLES D JR              FACULTY                                                  10381.2
COXZ, JAMES D                   FACULTY                                                 15495.96
CRANEZ, GREGORY P               FACULTY                                                 71238.23
CROSIERZ, MICHAEL R             FACULTY                                                  1048.94
CURRANZ, TERESA A               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 1                                    31869
DAVISZ, TODD D                  DIR OF FACILITIES AND OPER                                 71000
DE HOOGZ, MICHAEL H             ACTIVITY CENTER COORDINATR                              49031.09
DE LA ROSAZ, JOANNE             FACULTY                                                 12298.08
DE LEONZ, ANITA B               DIRECTOR FOR COLLEGE BOUND                              56421.12
DE VICTORIAZ, CYNTHIA A         EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                     39458
DELEONZ, BENNIGNO               EARLY CHILDHOOD PRG SPEC 2                              33601.07
DELEONZ, JENNIFER L             ADULT EDUCATION TECH COORD                              40702.26
DELGADOZ, RITA M                FINANCIAL AID ADVISOR                                      43175
DICKINSONZ, JAY A               FACULTY                                                   1070.8
DIETRICHZ, AUTUMN A             DIR OF PUBLIC INFORMATION                                  57000
DONATZ, ALLEN E                 FACULTY                                                    63431
DOWEYZ, ALAN C                  MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   33185.83
DUKEZ, ERIC L                   FACULTY                                                  1732.17
DUVALLZ, KATHLEEN L             FACULTY                                                 62074.82
ELLIOTTZ, ANDREA N              INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                29443.76
ERICKSONZ, GAIL M               FACULTY                                                  56973.2
ERICKSONZ, LEAH M               FACULTY                                                 19005.94
ERWINZ, KATHY L                 FACULTY                                                  30529.8
ESPARZAZ, JOSE A                COORD STD RECRTMT & OUTRCH                               54782.4
ESPARZAZ, SCHAYLEE M            FACULTY                                                   5436.8
FACKRELLZ, DUAIN M              FACULTY                                                   337.39
FAIRBANKSZ, VAUGHN R            FACULTY                                                  13049.6
FARAGZ, DEENA M                 EVENT & CONFERENCE REPREST                                 44000
FARAGZ, SONIA A                 FACULTY                                                    49873
FISHZ, RANDY R                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                   41874.9
FISHZ, SHAIRLYN J               FACULTY                                                   2480.8
FLUAITTZ, TAMERA A              FACULTY                                                  8780.93
FRUEHZ, DAVID A                 CUSTODIAN 2                                             31691.12
FUHRMANZ, TIMOTHY S             DEAN OF LIBRARY RESOURCES                                  66737
GALBREATHZ, CARI A              FACULTY                                                  1683.16
GAMBOAZ, JULIA C                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31086.76
GARRETTZ, KARA L                INTERIM DEAN ARTS/SCIENCE                                  76685
GARZAZ, ANGELA D                FACULTY                                                  1703.18
GARZAZ, CARLOS                  FACULTY                                                   707.06
GARZAZ, GUILLERMO               FACULTY                                                 52506.82
GARZAZ, JHENESIS M              FACULTY                                                      175
GEERZ, TRACIE L                 FACULTY                                                   6782.4
GEESAMANZ, ZACHARY T            INFO TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  75036.33
GILESZ, AMBER J                 FACULTY                                                 12300.09
GILLESPIEZ, JOHN P              FACULTY                                                 73036.26
GLASIERZ, DAVID B               FACULTY                                                  4077.02
GOMEZ-AGUILARZ, TERESA M        INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                   40524
GONZALEZ ALLER DE SO-Z, MERCEDESFACULTY                                                 63103.24
GRAYZ, PEGGY A                  FACULTY                                                    12872
GRIGGZ, COLLEEN K               FACULTY                                                   3391.2
GROTHZ, CRAIG T                 FACULTY                                                   250.02
GRUBERZ, ERIC S                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 64250.29
GUERRAZ, VICTORIA M             FACULTY                                                     1736
GUZMANZ, ANDRE C                DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID                               56000.04
GUZMANZ, NOE R                  FACULTY                                                  3357.41
HAGELZ, SCOTT J                 FACULTY                                                 19505.66
HALEYZ, GALE M                  INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH2                                42796.14
HAMBURGZ, GAIL A                VICE PRES FOR FIN& ADM SER                                104000
HAMILTONZ, RAYMOND R JR         FACULTY                                                     2677
HAMMZ, JAMES R                  FACULTY                                                 68620.36
HAMMERZ, PETER                  FACULTY                                                  6459.86
HAMMONDZ, DAVID N               FACULTY                                                  58304.6
HANCOCKZ, MARRIANNE L           RETAIL CLERK 2                                          11037.39
HANKINSZ, SARAH K               INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 1                                 34864.94
HANOVERZ, EUGENE E              CUSTODIAN 1                                             33292.42
HAPPERZ, DANELLE R              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      26254.79
HARBERTSZ, BRINN A              FACULTY                                                     8478
HAREZ, PAMELA M                 FACULTY                                                 28047.59
HEAVERLOZ, JEFFEREY EA          FACULTY                                                   944.83
HEFLINZ, JOHN K JR              FACULTY                                                 54146.45
HEINZMANNZ, MAX D               FACULTY                                                 64137.82
HELVYZ, GARRY M                 CARPENTER                                               31771.25
HENDRIXSONZ, DONALD E           FACULTY                                                   4198.5
HENGSTZ, ASPEN C                FACULTY                                                   853.71
HERRERAZ, BEATRIZ               FACULTY                                                 19680.29
HERRINZ, JIMMY L                FACULTY                                                     1110
HOHMANZ, JOHN C                 FACULTY                                                  1338.48
HOLESZ, NATHAN A                FACULTY                                                 42335.23
HOWIEZ, VALERIE A               FACULTY                                                     8528
HUNTERZ, LINDSEY M              FACULTY                                                   573.11
IVERSONZ, JEREMY V              ASST ACT CTR/ATH FLD MAINT                              46795.22
JACKSONZ, KIM L                 DIR OF STUDENT PROGRAMS                                    59528
JACOBSZ, BARBARA                FACULTY                                                 59555.82
JENSONZ, RONALD L               FACULTY                                                  2863.88
JOHANSENZ, BETTY L              FACULTY                                                     2400
JOHNSONZ, BONNIE A              FACULTY                                                     1800
JONESZ, KARLA R                 FACULTY                                                 31220.32
JORDANZ, RITA M                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    43480.36
JORGENSENZ, VAN L               FACULTY                                                  8839.05
KAUPPZ, GORDON                  FACULTY                                                  64712.8
KEENEYZ, MARY L                 FACULTY                                                   9293.2
KENDALLZ, D. JAY                FACULTY                                                     1204
KILLIANZ, LISA A                FACULTY                                                      108
KIMBALLZ, TENNILLE L            ACADEMIC ADV/RETENTION SPL                              44873.87
KINZELZ, TERRY L                DIR TITLE V & FAM LITERACY                                 58250
KIRKWOODZ, VALERIE P            DEAN INST RSRCH/PLAN/SPEC                                  72424
KLINGZ, DUANE D                 FACULTY                                                  1471.15
KNEPPZ, DENNIS B                FACULTY                                                 72589.94
KONOVALCHUKZ, LYUBOV V          EARLY CHILDHOOD PRG SPEC 2                                 32145
KOZLOVAZ, YEKATERINA            ACADEMIC ADV-COLLEGE BOUND                                 33000
LACHERZ, CANDIS G               ASSOC VP OF STUDENT SERVS                                  82000
LANEZ, MARGARET A               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    42766.44
LANEZ, STEPHEN S                FACULTY                                                    77969
LANGZ, MICHAEL E                VP INSTRUCTION/STU SERVICE                              78260.08
LAPPZ, YVONNE D                 FACULTY                                                   1795.6
LAWZ, SHANI K                   FACULTY                                                      108
LEACHZ, NANCY                   PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34361.12
LEAVITTZ, ANGELA W              FACULTY                                                 53341.82
LEBLANCZ, DANIEL R              FACULTY                                                  7136.67
LEONARDZ, RYANN M               FACULTY                                                    65619
LIZ, YI                         FACULTY                                                     2826
LINDGRENZ, DONALD G             FACULTY                                                 15854.22
LINDHOLMZ, STEVEN B             FACULTY                                                     5652
LOPEZZ, LUZ                     FACULTY                                                       50
LOUTHERBACKZ, JAY D             FACULTY                                                   2260.8
MAARHUISZ, LAURIE L             RETAIL CLERK 1                                          19499.68
MACDOUGALLZ, JOSEPH P           FACULTY                                                 74868.11
MANNZ, MANDY E                  MEDICAL ASSISTANT COORD                                 45120.97
MASONZ, LEWIS G                 FACULTY                                                  8157.22
MASONZ, WENDY A                 FACULTY                                                     5652
MATAZ, THEODORO JR              OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR                                  34607.5
MATERNZ, STEPHEN E              FACULTY                                                 16264.79
MATTSONZ, KAMELA D              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 1                                 52820.32
MAYZ, SHAYLA A                  FACULTY                                                      100
MAYERZ, APRIL D                 FACULTY                                                    19972
MCCARTHYZ, JENNIFER K           FACULTY                                                     8528
MCCLENDONZ, MELISSA J           FACULTY                                                    532.6
MCCLINTICKZ, JONATHAN F         FACULTY                                                     5272
MCDANIELZ, SHAWN M              FACULTY                                                 63425.13
MCDONNELLZ, JOAN S              FACULTY                                                     5652
MCKUNEZ, BRYAN E                FACULTY                                                 50769.35
MCLAUCHLANZ, NELLY C            FACULTY                                                  11109.5
MCLEANZ, CAMI M                 FACULTY                                                   1795.6
MCLEANZ, PHILLIP                FACULTY                                                     9913
MCLEANZ, RUTH A                 FACULTY                                                      180
MELINZ, JOHN V                  FACULTY                                                  7119.08
MENDOZAZ, ELIZABETH             OPPORT GRANT DIRECTOR                                    49745.6
MEREDITHZ, TERESA A             FACULTY                                                     2800
MESTDAGHZ, VALERIE K            CUSTODIAN 3                                             30382.61
MEYERZ, ROBERT E                FACULTY                                                 13975.94
MEYERSZ, JAMES W                SECURITY GUARD 1                                         41881.2
MICHIEZ, LESLIE G               FACULTY                                                 62285.54
MIER-TOFTNESSZ, MARGUERITE R    FACULTY                                                  4296.44
MILLERZ, HENRY R                FACULTY                                                 92067.45
MILLIGANZ, REBECCA C            FACULTY                                                    16956
MINERZ, GARY L                  FACULTY                                                     1260
MINTONZ, VALORIE J              FACULTY                                                  2850.36
MOHRBACHERZ, ROBERT C        JR VP INSTRUCTION/STU SERVICE                              53223.84
MOLENDYKZ, KIMBERLY A           FACULTY                                                   1067.8
MOOREZ, DANIEL R                FACULTY                                                  67256.6
MOOSZ, HOLLIS A                 VP HUMAN RESOURCES & LABOR                                 90000
MORRISZ, CINDY M                FACULTY                                                   1430.4
MOSKVICHZ, DINA L               EARLY CHILDHOOD PRG SPEC 2                              31180.12
MOTZKUSZ, PAULENA S             FACULTY                                                   1795.6
MUNYANZ, THOMAS J               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31320.17
NEIFFERZ, JANNIE D              FACULTY                                                      261
NELSONZ, MARSHA R               FACULTY                                                  54871.9
NICHOLSZ, LENORA L              FACULTY                                                     8528
NICHOLSZ, SUSAN J               CUSTODIAN 3                                             20667.89
NICHOLSONZ, ENEDELIA            TRANSFER CTR COORDINATOR                                55124.83
NIELSENZ, CINDY R               FACULTY                                                 11033.64
NIGHSWONGERZ, JENNY L           ECEAP COOR/FAMILY ADVOCATE                              32205.85
NUNGARAYZ, JOSE S               STU SUCCESS CTR RETEN SPEC                              28989.95
O'CALLAGHANZ, CAROL A           FACULTY                                                     8528
O'KONEKZ, MICHAEL J             FACULTY                                                 74094.31
O'NEILLZ, KENDRA D              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       7099.59
OKERLUNDZ, KAREN L              HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42588
OLSONZ, KAREN L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34192.49
OLUNDZ, KRISSANDRA E            FACULTY                                                   231.98
ORTEGAZ, PETE                   FACULTY                                                      300
OSUMIZ, IRENE                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     40047.14
OWENSZ, BEVERLY A               FACULTY                                                  9194.72
OWENSZ, MELINDA L               EXEC ASST TO THE PRESIDENT                                 52547
PALKOVICZ, FRANCIS T            FACULTY                                                 33037.17
PALKOVICZ, RIE                  FACULTY                                                 64135.63
PALMERZ, SHEILA W               FACULTY                                                    14230
PARKZ, LILLY E                  STIPEND PTF                                             32860.36
PARSONSZ, ROSEMARY              FACULTY                                                 29429.77
PATTERSONZ, PATRICK O           FACULTY                                                 61974.77
PETERSONZ, ALLAN N              DIR CTR BUS & INDUST SERV                                54096.8
PETERSONZ, JOHN C               FACULTY                                                 61211.25
PONCEZ, AURORA YVONNE           FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                        29504
POSTZ, ALLISON M                FACULTY                                                 39506.16
POTHZ, MARK J                   FACULTY                                                 66859.75
POTHZ, MITCHELL M               FACULTY                                                  29698.2
PRICEZ, CAMILLE A               FACULTY                                                  6981.75
RADCHISHINZ, PETR               CUSTODIAN 1                                             32110.98
RAMMZ, JENIFER M                FACULTY                                                    19832
RANSTROMZ, JEFF L               FACULTY                                                  2392.16
RASMUSSENZ, CLYDE A             DEAN PROFESSIONAL/TECH ED                               75461.64
RASMUSSENZ, PATRICIA S          FACULTY                                                     5702
RAZOZ, CYNTHIA                  FACULTY                                                  6501.77
RAZOZ, ESMERALDA                FACULTY                                                  6539.77
REEVESZ, MICHELE L              FACULTY                                                  6337.82
RHODESZ, FRED M                 FACULTY                                                  4099.74
RICHESONZ, JOSEPH S             FACULTY                                                 58324.82
RICHINSZ, TANA L                STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                   31330.19
RIDDLEZ, CAROLYN M              LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40524
RIEGELZ, BARBARA L              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     28371.76
RILEYZ, C. PATRICK              FACULTY                                                 73942.46
RIOJASZ, OMAR                   FACULTY                                                     5022
RIOSZ, CHARLENE N               DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS SERV                                  68000
ROBBINSZ, CHERYL K              FACULTY                                                      108
ROBERTSZ, JACK W                FACULTY                                                 10603.62
ROBERTSONZ, DOUGLAS W           FACULTY                                                    19882
ROBNETTZ, JEFFREY K             HVAC TECHNICIAN                                         49329.32
RODRIGUEZZ, CONNIE A            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      36103.77
ROGERSZ, JOSEPH E               FACULTY                                                     5702
ROGERSONZ, MARK R               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 1                                    50418
ROTHZ, MYRA                     FACULTY                                                  6557.38
ROWLEYZ, DAVID M                FACULTY                                                   3721.5
ROYLANCEZ, MAUREEN S            FACULTY                                                 10420.59
ROYLANCEZ, RACHEL A             FACULTY                                                   1338.5
RUIZZ, ADRIAN S                 FACULTY                                                      320
RUSSELLZ, ROBERT J              AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC                                     39575.38
SANDERSZ, CHERYL A              FACULTY                                                  6981.75
SAUERZ, TODD A                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             31409.66
SAVAGEZ, KIRSTEN R              FACULTY                                                 13572.63
SCHACHTSCHNEIDERZ, BARBARA M    FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     34026.11
SCHNASEZ, JASON P               FACULTY                                                  2438.75
SCHOLTEZ, HUGH K                DIRECTOR RESIDENCE HALL                                    55000
SCOTTZ, MINGO R                 FACULTY                                                      600
SEIBOLDZ, KARLA L               FACULTY                                                  4200.47
SHANNONZ, MARY R                TECH PREP DIR/DIR CAR ADVS                               64782.4
SHELYAGOVICHZ, SERGEY           MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   28714.15
SHERRILLZ, COLBY R              FACULTY                                                  1732.17
SHERWOODZ, MICHELE A            FACULTY                                                     3788
SHUTTLEWORTHZ, MARY K           ENG LAB COORDINATOR                                     43350.23
SHUTTLEWORTHZ, PAUL             FACULTY                                                 69988.83
SIMPSONZ, DEBBIE L              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29280
SLYZ, DOUGLAS P                 DIR DEV/EXC DIR BBCC FOUND                                 55814
SMITHZ, ANGELA M                PAYROLL & BENEFITS COORD                                40546.88
SOMESZ, HEATHER E               FACULTY                                                  9266.27
SPENCERZ, SABRINA R             FACULTY                                                  9695.84
STARRZ, KATHLEEN L              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
STENZELZ, TERRILL L             MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   43774.54
STRNADZ, HOPE                   FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
SULLIVANZ, MATTHEW J            FACULTY                                                  58185.8
SUMMERSZ, HEIDI M               DIR OF WORKFIRST SERVICES                                  46500
SWEDBURG IIZ, JOHN M            FACULTY                                                 52749.95
SWEDBURGZ, JOHN M               FACULTY                                                 87414.85
TAYLORZ, KEITH D                FACULTY                                                  9681.15
TEETERZ, CINDY S                FACULTY                                                   8402.3
TEITZELZ, PATRICIA J            FACULTY                                                 67469.63
TEMPLEZ, HOWARD A               AIRCRAFT MECH/INSPCTR LEAD                              58747.15
TEMPLETONZ, RICK                FACULTY                                                   836.63
THEISZ, NANCY E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
TIMOFEYEVZ, TAISA               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34122.89
TINCANIZ, RICK L                CUSTODIAN 1                                             35548.96
TINCHERZ, JAMES E               GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                32718.26
TRACYZ, NANCY J                 OFFICE MNGR/BBCC FOUND/DEV                                 37590
UNDERDOWNZ, FRANK H JR          FACULTY                                                     2876
URESTIZ, ANGEL B                GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 1                                24931.64
VALENCIAZ, CUSTODIO             ACAD ADVSR/LRN STRAT SSS                                   41935
VAN BLARICOMZ, DARRELL L        FACULTY                                                 16037.34
VANCEZ, RUTH E                  FACULTY                                                     2826
VELA MARTINEZZ, RUVEN           FACULTY                                                  3866.32
VILLAFANAZ, DIANA               PAR ED CRD/MEES & EVEN STR                              45575.92
VILLASENORZ, RAQUEL             FACULTY                                                 21188.56
VOTHZ, LYNETTE R                FACULTY                                                  2862.25
WADEZ, VALERIE                  FACULTY                                                 44646.44
WAITESZ, KIMBALL W              FACULTY                                                  29718.5
WALKERZ, JONIE M                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
WALLACEZ, TYLER L               FACULTY                                                 84374.54
WARNERZ, DONNA M                FACULTY                                                  4109.65
WEBERZ, ANGELA F                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                     43572
WHITEZ, LINDA C                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
WHITNEYZ, BARBARA A             FACULTY                                                 72122.42
WILKSZ, JORDAN P                FACULTY                                                      500
WILKSZ, PRESTON R               FACULTY                                                 87571.37
WILLIAMSZ, ANDREW T             FACULTY                                                     3126
WILLIAMSONZ, MICHELE B          SECRETARY SENIOR                                         28137.5
WILLINGHAMZ, THOMAS O           INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH2                                   42009
WISEZ, VIKKI A                  FACULTY                                                      300
WOLFFZ, DAVID R                 FACULTY                                                    16956
WORKMANZ, GERALD A              DIR. OF STUDENT SUPP SERV                                58716.3
WORKMANZ, SUSAN M               ACADEMIC COORD-COLLG BOUND                                 42901
WOYWODZ, MATTHEW S              FACULTY                                                  1603.13
WRIGHTZ, JERRY G                FACULTY                                                 54967.12
WYMANZ, LANCE T                 FACULTY                                                 56971.82
WYNDERZ, RICHARD R JR           FACULTY                                                 55349.95
YOSTINGZ, MARK A                FACULTY                                                 56308.59
ZAMORAZ, GABRIELA               FACULTY                                                 13513.66
ZAVALA-LOPEZZ, MARIAANITA       FACULTY                                                 58605.16
ZEILENGAZ, JACK F               FACULTY                                                  4005.74

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