This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Bellingham Technical College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 436 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 440 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 402 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 255 employees) (2003, 265 employees) (2001, 271 employees) (1999, 258 employees) (1997, 255 employees) (1995, 227 employees)

Bellingham Technical College serves the citizens of Whatcom County. The College provided workforce training and technical education to approximately 1,876 full-time equivalent students in the 2005-06 school year. A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of College operations. The College has approximately 150 employees and reported total expenditures of $26.5 million in fiscal year 2006.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Bellingham Technical College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/26/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBOTTZ, RAMONA K               FACULTY                                                 21479.11
ADAMSZ, JAMES B                 FACULTY                                                 42492.13
ADAMSZ, ROGER B                 UTILITY & GROUNDS LEAD II                               33562.21
ALLENZ, NANCY B                 FACULTY                                                   999.01
AMARANDOZ, KAREN                FACULTY                                                 21084.34
AMESZ, PAMELA S                 FACULTY                                                 10593.32
ANDERSONZ, DONALD               FACULTY                                                 73458.54
ANDERSONZ, SHERYL L             PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              41325.07
ANDERSONZ, WILLIAM H            COMPUTER NETWORK SUPPT TEC                               53189.5
ANSELLZ, DENNIS L               FACULTY                                                   332.87
ANTICOZ, JOHN S                 FACULTY                                                  5280.73
ASBEZ, DOUG A                   FACULTY                                                  1952.58
ATTWATERSZ, DEREK H             FACULTY                                                  7989.02
AZUREZ, SALLY A                 FACULTY                                                  4960.47
BABINZ, CHRISTOPHER             FACULTY                                                 46154.05
BACAZ, PAUBLO J                 FACULTY                                                 62467.05
BAILEYZ, ROBIN E                FACULTY                                                   1237.7
BAILEYZ, TRACY L                FACULTY                                                  78255.4
BAJEMAZ, THOMAS D               FACULTY                                                  8876.69
BAKERZ, MARY L                  FACULTY                                                  5189.78
BALDWINZ, MICHAEL S             FACULTY                                                 78910.88
BARGEWELLZ, SUSAN M             REG/ENROLLMENT CLERK IV                                 37480.61
BARRETTZ, BRADLEY B             FACULTY                                                  3329.49
BARTELZ, ROBERT E               FACULTY                                                   2430.1
BASCOMZ, LONA H                 FACULTY                                                   7057.4
BASSETTZ, AARON A               COMP APP SUPP SPECIALIST                                 36374.5
BEAMZ, ERIN L                   FACULTY                                                  1048.32
BEAMISHZ, SUSAN G               INSTRUCTIONAL ASSIST II                                 23392.63
BEEBEZ, CATHERINE R             FACULTY                                                 18948.93
BEESONZ, DANIEL L               FACULTY                                                  74310.7
BELAYAZ, ELENA P                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     33687
BELTZ, HEIDI J                  PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                               40537.5
BENNETTZ, LYNNETTE A            HEET COLLEGE COORD                                      10192.04
BERINGERZ, CHARLES J            FACULTY                                                  4261.12
BISHOPZ, BOBBY R                WAREHOUSE WORKER                                        16697.02
BISSCHOPZ, JOHN                 FACULTY                                                 10386.16
BITZZ, AMY B                    GRAVEYARD CUSTODIAN                                     14457.77
BLAKEZ, GENEVA M                FACULTY                                                 40613.51
BLUMEZ, JANE E                  DIR LIBRARY & MEDIA SRV                                 66787.78
BOBKOZ, DIANE M                 HEET HOSPITAL LABOR CORD                                 26962.9
BOERZ, MICHAEL S                COMPUTER MAIN TECH 2                                       50113
BOUMAZ, SUSAN G                 FACULTY                                                 18746.39
BOYKOZ, BENJAMIN                FACULTY                                                    272.3
BOYKOZ, LIUBOVI G               FACULTY                                                 50047.52
BRAMWELLZ, JORDAN D             FACULTY                                                  4762.72
BRAUNZ, ELLEN S                 FACULTY                                                  3540.79
BRENZ, DAVID C                  FACULTY                                                  2663.01
BRENNANZ, MELINDA M             FACULTY                                                      200
BREWSTERZ, JOHN T               FACULTY                                                 34702.98
BRIONZ, LAUREL T                FACULTY                                                 20625.92
BRISTOL-TREATZ, BARBARA C       FACULTY                                                  5581.63
BRODZ, ROBERT C                 FACULTY                                                 16916.61
BROOKINGZ, CATHY J              FACULTY                                                  1161.55
BROSSZ, MOIRA B                 CONF ADM AST TO VP INSTRU                               41855.16
BROWNZ, BRENT C                 FACULTY                                                  2397.15
BROWNZ, CURTIS C                FACULTY                                                  1064.91
BROWNZ, JENNIFER A              FACULTY                                                   477.42
BROWNZ, TSHOMBE N               FACULTY                                                  3007.23
BRYSONZ, MEAGAN K S             DIR OF CAREER SERVICES                                  48531.99
BUELLZ, CHARLES A               FACULTY                                                   8876.7
BUKISZ, MICHAEL A               PURCHASING MANAGER                                      34599.77
BURCHILLZ, DAVID W              UTIL & GRNDS SPECIALIST                                  9217.54
BURDICKZ, BRADLEY R             FACULTY                                                 48079.89
BURGESSZ, MARY C                FACULTY                                                    99.68
BURNSZ, JILL C                  FACULTY                                                 44121.95
BURRISZ, PRESTON W              FACULTY                                                  6530.12
BUTELAZ, JODI M                 FACULTY                                                  2663.01
BUTTERWORTHZ, RUBY M            FACULTY                                                 69756.34
CALLAGHANZ, EMILY J             FACULTY                                                  8210.07
CAMPBELLZ, BRENDA L             FISCAL TECHNICIAN III                                   37273.92
CARLESONZ, THOMAS E             FACULTY                                                  69312.2
CARLSON-PRANDINIZ, DAMIAN P     CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  19460.58
CARPENTERZ, SHARON K            DEAN OF PROF/TECH ED                                       80285
CARREROZ, ROSANNE D             FACULTY                                                 29628.07
CARTERZ, ANDREA L               FACULTY                                                 32358.86
CARYZ, MEGAN                    FACULTY                                                  1554.15
CASTILLO-FARQUHARZ, MARJORIE    FACULTY                                                  4672.66
CHELGREN-KOTERBAZ, PAMELA R     FACULTY                                                  3284.08
CHENEYZ, VICKI L                CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     37774
CHEUNGZ, JOHN Y                 FACULTY                                                 12005.15
CHEUNGZ, SAMUEL T               FACULTY                                                 62610.74
CHUZ, MARILYN T                 FACULTY                                                     1000
CLARKZ, DEDRIAN D               REG/ENROLLMENT CLK III                                  10799.56
CLEMONSZ, MARY A                REG/ENROLLMENT CLK III                                     33809
CLEVELANDZ, BRETT E             FACULTY                                                  1100.06
COFFINZ, SALLY Y                FACULTY                                                   549.88
COLLINSZ, TRACI L               EXEMPT LIBRARIAN                                        42210.59
COSTELLOZ, ROBERT F             DEAN OF PROF/TECH ED                                    80544.94
COZADZ, CAROL E                 FACULTY                                                  4061.81
CRAWFORDZ, LINDA R              FACULTY                                                 69513.59
CRAWFORDZ, NEIL T               FACULTY                                                   2430.1
CRITTENDENZ, LINDA J            FACULTY                                                 22113.65
CRITZZ, WILLIAM W               FACULTY                                                   332.87
CROSSERZ, CHRISTINE L           CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     27951
CUNNINGHAMZ, ELIZABETH C        FACULTY                                                 69108.52
CUNNINGHAMZ, STEPHEN E          FACULTY                                                 14737.93
CURRANZ, MARY C                 FACULTY                                                 71106.28
CURTISZ, JEFFRY N               FACULTY                                                 73131.21
CUTLERZ, REBECCA A              FACULTY                                                  6569.62
DAHLZ, SHARON L                 FACULTY                                                  5724.46
DAMITIOZ, CHRISTOPHER J         FACULTY                                                   533.19
DANCHZ, DMYTRO Y                UTILITY & GROUNDS WORKER                                28993.82
DAUGHERTYZ, CONNIE M            FACULTY                                                 44571.27
DAVIDSONZ, DIANA L              FACULTY                                                   3225.5
DAVISZ, GARRY N                 CUSTODIAN                                               31744.74
DAYZ, BRAD L                    FACULTY                                                   399.89
DAYMONZ, SHERRI R               DIR OF RESRCH & BUDGET                                     63156
DEMMONSZ, MAEGHAN J             RETENTION & EVAL SPEC                                       4500
DENKLERZ, GLENN M               FACULTY                                                   354.48
DENNISTOUNZ, HEIDI L            FACULTY                                                  1749.67
DETTMANZ, DAVID C               BFET/WKER COORDINATOR                                    38434.5
DEVRIESZ, BARBRA J              FACULTY                                                   708.96
DEVRIESZ, STANLEY R             FACULTY                                                 43763.91
DIXONZ, ANDREW W                FACULTY                                                   887.67
DONATOZ, VALERIE                FACULTY                                                      200
DONEGANZ, DARCIE A              FACULTY                                                     3850
DONNELLYZ, JERE' L              FACULTY                                                 65194.03
DONNELLYZ, RICHARD M            FACULTY                                                  2441.82
DRURYZ, CHARLES M               FACULTY                                                  2976.03
DUBOISZ, ANDREA M               CONTROLLER                                                 69996
DUPPENTHALERZ, KRISTI L         INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II                                   15532.01
DZYBANZ, LISA ANN               FACULTY                                                 63960.74
EATONZ, CHARLES R               FACULTY                                                  10244.8
ECKERTZ, THOMAS C               PRESIDENT                                                 116937
EDERZ, CHRISTINE J              DOL GRANT                                                  51195
EDWARDSZ, DARLENE K             FACULTY                                                 66905.18
EDWARDSZ, ROBERT T              FACULTY                                                   533.19
EILBERGZ, MARC W                FOOD SRV MGR/CHEF                                       49796.02
ELLISZ, SHERYL G                FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                     18986.46
ENGBRECHTZ, JEAN M              FACULTY                                                  1709.02
ENGELSZ, JODY E                 FACULTY                                                   231.09
ENGELSZ, KEVIN Z                GRAVEYARD CUSTODIAN                                     30427.88
ENGHOLMZ, JAMI L                FACULTY                                                  8876.68
ERICKSONZ, GLEN D               GRAVEYARD CUSTODIAN                                     24003.28
ERICKSONZ, JOANN K              FACULTY                                                  6392.41
ERICKSONZ, SHIRLEY A            FACULTY                                                  3995.95
EVENSTADZ, BRUCE E              FACULTY                                                 74300.21
FALTAZ, ELIZABETH L             FACULTY                                                 65322.14
FARRERZ, JESSICA R              FACULTY                                                  1626.47
FARRINGTONZ, JAMES L            FACULTY                                                  1331.49
FELLERZ, WILLIAM D              FACULTY                                                   665.02
FENTRESSZ, MICHAEL B            DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID                                  64746
FERNANDESZ, JOLIE E             FACULTY                                                  2523.96
FISHZ, DIANE F                  FACULTY                                                     2600
FOLLMANZ, KATHY A               FACULTY                                                 69972.38
FORBESZ, DAVID F                FACULTY                                                   3044.6
FORKANZ, JULIE G                FACULTY                                                  1082.72
FORNALSKIZ, LAURA A             RETAIL/BOOKSTORE CLERK II                               31115.44
FOWLERZ, SARAH J                CORD OF TRANSITION SRVS                                    42120
FRANKZ, VALERIE M               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  25974.79
FRAZIERZ, RONALD S              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC                                    41958.02
FRAZIERZ, WHITNEY F             FACULTY                                                   533.18
FURLERZ, SUSAN E                REG/ENROLLMENT CLERK IV                                 33200.01
GANGLEZ, HOLLY L                FACULTY                                                  2984.78
GARDINERZ, STELLA M             PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                                 33313
GASSZ, FRANCES A                FACULTY                                                 10105.92
GATESZ, PATRICIA A              FACULTY                                                  3673.97
GAVARESKIZ, CAROL A             FACULTY                                                 53673.01
GERARDZ, MARY L                 PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              17496.88
GERLICHERZ, CATHIE J            FACULTY                                                 45038.26
GIROUARDZ, JO PAULA             FACULTY                                                 57318.53
GISTZ, BRANDI E                 FIPSE BASIC SKILLS ADVISOR                               32782.8
GLENOVICHZ, SHARON A            FACULTY                                                 22236.04
GOOLSBYZ, LAWRENCE E            FACULTY                                                 10342.94
GRAYZ, RHONDA M                 FACULTY                                                 56436.14
GREINERZ, MICHAEL A             FACULTY                                                  11718.4
GREKETIS-DUNNZ, CARLA A         FACULTY                                                  3550.68
GROENZ, ASHLEY E                FACULTY                                                  3107.09
GRUBBZ, RONALD D                FACULTY                                                 59746.79
HALEZ, ELIZABETH                MGR OF BOOKSTORE SERVICES                                  52416
HALEZ, JOHN L                   FACULTY                                                  3906.62
HALLZ, NATHAN W                 FACULTY                                                     3821
HAMZ, CAROL A                   FACULTY                                                 47962.71
HANCOCKZ, MATTHEW L             FACULTY                                                 30042.69
HANNIGANZ, ROBERT O             INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II                                   23172.61
HARRISZ, CATHERINE S            FACULTY                                                  1221.34
HARRISZ, JOEL C                 FACULTY                                                  4882.18
HARWOODZ, CHRISTINE M           FACULTY                                                 70233.55
HAWKINSZ, TIMOTHY S             HEAD CUSTODIAN II                                       43628.64
HAWLEYZ, DAWN A                 ITRC ASSISTANT III                                      37632.36
HAYCOXZ, MARY E                 FACULTY                                                  1110.32
HELMZ, DAVID E                  FACULTY                                                  9232.65
HETTEGGER-KORSMOZ, REINHILDE I  FACULTY                                                 63312.67
HILLZ, JACOB M                  FACULTY                                                   317.41
HODGINZ, JANET L                FACULTY                                                  2452.17
HOHNEZ, JANE G                  FACULTY                                                   443.83
HOLLINSWORTHZ, CYNTHIA S        FACULTY                                                 74184.17
HOLMESZ, HEIDI                  FACULTY                                                  1399.62
HUBNERZ, MARK W                 FACULTY                                                 61249.95
HUFFZ, RICHARD E                FACULTY                                                  3417.38
HULBERTZ, KATHLEEN M            FACULTY                                                  33053.1
HUMENZ, JOAN                    FACULTY                                                 65287.94
HUMPHRIESZ, MARY E              EX DIR COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                              76594.52
HURSTZ, JERRY L                 UTILITY & GROUNDS LEAD II                               44940.25
HYMASZ, SUSAN G                 FACULTY                                                   1514.8
IMTHURN-THORPZ, NICOLE          FACULTY                                                 23967.08
IRVINEZ, TRACI L                PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                      39290.7
JACOBYZ, JEANETTE A             COOK                                                    14570.83
JAMESZ, SHARON M                FACULTY                                                     1200
JOHANSENZ, CYNTHIA J            FACULTY                                                  1109.58
JOHNSONZ, BRIAN L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  33152.15
JOHNSONZ, CRAIG M               FACULTY                                                  2908.93
JOHNSONZ, ROBERT B              FACULTY                                                  2771.01
JOHNSONZ, ROBIN A               HUMAN RES ASST SENIOR                                   39428.68
JOHNSONZ, RYAN E                CUSTODIAN                                               12181.56
JOHNSONZ, SUSAN L               FACULTY                                                  2441.82
JOHNSTONZ, ANNIE V              HOSPIT SRV ASSOCIATE                                    30160.23
JONESZ, DEBRA L                 V.P. ADMINISTRATIVE SRVS                                94703.74
JONESZ, REBECCA L               FISCAL TECHNICIAN III                                   35109.07
JONESZ, RUSSELL L               FACULTY                                                 58018.85
JORGENSENZ, KRISTOPHER A        FACULTY                                                  1808.12
JUHLZ, JACQUELINE A             FACULTY                                                 15818.59
JUNGKUNTZZ, DAVID               FACILITIES MANAGER                                         65796
KAHLBAUMZ, CHRISTINE            FACULTY                                                 39078.11
KAMMERZELLZ, JOAN E             DIR OF REGIS & ENROLLMENT                                  55080
KANDAZ, DIANE M                 HELPDESK COORDINATOR II                                  45814.5
KARBZ, MARLUND L                STEP-UP ASST HEAD CUST                                  32592.54
KARHINENZ, NINA E               FACULTY                                                  2933.49
KELLYZ, GENE L                  FACULTY                                                  26366.4
KENNEDYZ, HOLLY L               FACULTY                                                 69047.74
KENTZ, DEIDRE D                 FACULTY                                                 56866.56
KERRICK-DEGNANZ, SUSAN D        FACULTY                                                 66221.37
KESSLERZ, LESLIE A              FACULTY                                                     3130
KINGZ, JESSICA A                FACULTY                                                  1814.05
KINNEYZ, CYNTHIA K              FACULTY                                                  7725.36
KLAFFKEZ, DAVID                 V.P. STUDENT SERVICES                                   59480.25
KOBETSZ, STANISLAV G            CUSTODIAN                                               29385.95
KONGSHAUGZ, CAREN S             FACULTY                                                 13431.16
KOOISTRAZ, ALLISON A            FACULTY                                                 17479.98
KOZACZUKZ, VICTOR S             FACULTY                                                   9767.3
KRAFTZ, KURT W                  BLD MAIN SPEC                                           43911.69
KRUSEZ, KRIS W                  OPERATIONS SUPERVISOR                                     602.32
KUEBELBECKZ, MARY C             FACULTY                                                 60322.41
KUHAULUAZ, KARRI N              PROGRAM SPECIALIST II                                    38031.5
KUMARZ, MEYYAPPAN               FACULTY                                                  2396.41
KUPHALDTZ, ANTHONY R            FACULTY                                                 76481.67
LAGERZ, CAROL J                 DEAN OF PROF/TECH ED                                     84404.8
LANGDONZ, LESLIE P              PROGRAM SPECIALIST II                                      40312
LAUGHLINZ, RONDA                EXEC ASST TO PRESIDENT                                     36465
LEEZ, JAMES R                   FACULTY                                                 56675.47
LEISTERZ, MARCIA A              FACULTY                                                 59951.71
LEMMERZ, JAIME S                FACULTY                                                   9333.6
LIEBERHERRZ, GRACE L            FACULTY                                                  1240.97
LIEBERHERRZ, JOHN W             FACULTY                                                  6802.81
LIPPMAN SCHNEIDERZ, LEAH N      FACULTY                                                 10767.28
LIVESEYZ, COZETTE M             REG/ENROLLMENT CLERK IV                                   555.13
LONGZ, RACHEL D                 FACULTY                                                  7217.54
LOWE-WEBSTERZ, JANE N           FACULTY                                                  64083.5
MACKAYZ, JOAN O                 FACULTY                                                  2168.48
MAGYARZ, EVE W                  CAPITAL PROJ MANAGER                                       69021
MAJOUGOZ, IRINA V               FACULTY                                                  5290.84
MALLORYZ, MICHELLE D            FACULTY                                                      200
MANTASZ, NIKI                   FACULTY                                                 50118.11
MARICLEZ, DAVID                 FACULTY                                                 64241.71
MARONDEZ, BRENDA K              FACULTY                                                  3813.51
MARSHALLZ, KAYE A               FACULTY                                                      200
MARTELZ, LAURENT T              FACULTY                                                    266.6
MARTINZ, JERRY V                FACULTY                                                   266.59
MARTINSONZ, TIMOTHY J           FACULTY                                                 61190.34
MASSEYZ, JANELL M               FACULTY                                                 62610.74
MASSEYZ, MICHAEL                FACULTY                                                 63560.76
MASTZ, GABRIEL W                HEET PROJECT DIRECTOR                                   51611.62
MATHEWSZ, ROBERT J              FACULTY                                                 20106.83
MCCLELLANZ, CATHLEEN A          FINANCIAL AID ASST IV                                   32053.46
MCCONNELLZ, BRIAN M             FACULTY                                                  4327.37
MCCONNELLZ, PATRICIA J          SECRETARY-SENIOR                                        39308.44
MCCORTZ, DANIEL J               GRAVEYARD CUSTODIAN                                     33480.92
MCDONALDZ, BRIAN R              FACULTY                                                 64681.15
MCGUINNZ, KAREN L               FACULTY                                                 71309.01
MCKEOWNZ, PATRICIA L            INTERIM PRESIDENT                                      117277.24
MCMASTERZ, BETTY J              FACULTY                                                  5326.02
MCMASTERZ, DAVID A              FACULTY                                                     5326
MEIERZ, RICHARD L               V.P. STUDENT SERVICES                                   42866.61
MEJIAZ, MELISSA A               REG/ENROLLMENT CLK III                                  12964.28
MESSERZ, SUSAN E                FACULTY                                                   266.59
MILLAGEZ, ANDRA H               FACULTY                                                  4882.19
MILLERZ, MARLIN D               FACULTY                                                  2303.18
MILSTEADZ, GLENN R              FACULTY                                                 15901.87
MINNINGERZ, SHERRY L            PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTANT                                       50004
MOODYZ, GREGORY T               FACULTY                                                 20136.03
MOROZZ, OLGA S                  FINANCIAL AID ASST IV                                   29367.51
MORRISZ, GARY J                 FACULTY                                                  7783.07
MOYLEZ, VICKY F                 FACULTY                                                 62610.74
MUDDZ, STEVEN M                 FACULTY                                                 69162.73
MUSSELMANZ, MARY C              FACULTY                                                  4797.29
NELSONZ, LAURA B                FACULTY                                                  1831.37
NELSONZ, LIN J                  TECH PREP CONSORTIUM DIR                                33226.75
NICHOLSONZ, ROBIN W             FACULTY                                                  1633.14
OEKERMANZ, CARL L               FACULTY                                                 64050.43
OFTENESSZ, TORE                 FACULTY                                                  1240.68
OLAHZ, ANDREA C                 FACULTY                                                 74370.07
OLIVERZ, HORACE ANDY-MALCOLM    DIR OF MULTICUL/STUD SUPT                               57752.28
OLSONZ, ERICA N                 FACULTY                                                  2663.01
OLZA-KELSHZ, CAROLINA           FACULTY                                                  1287.02
ONIONZ, CHARLES R               ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                         38424
OSGOODBYZ, BRIAN K              FACULTY                                                 57082.76
PARKERZ, JENNIFER A             FACULTY                                                  4360.35
PARKERZ, SUSAN M                ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          50625.25
PARMENTIERZ, KATHRYN A          FACULTY                                                  23548.3
PATTERSONZ, GARY J              INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II                                    6114.25
PEDERSONZ, LESLIE E             FACULTY                                                  4211.79
PEDIGOZ, WADDELL                INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II                                   13540.14
PEEPLESZ, ROBERT M              FACULTY                                                  1664.37
PENZ, RICHARD D                 FACULTY                                                  9231.18
PERERAZ, CURTIS W               DIR COMP/INFO SUP SRV                                      72696
PEREZZ, EDDY                    FACULTY                                                  2414.01
PERRY-OLLILAZ, CRAIG T          MEDIA/COPY SVCS TECH III                                44367.86
PFEIFFERZ, SHEILA L             INSTRUCTIONAL TECH II                                   26360.11
PHILLIBERZ, BRIAN R             FACULTY                                                   4127.8
PISCOPOZ, NICOLE M              FINANCIAL AID COORDINATOR                               33404.59
PLUMMERZ, GARY R                STEP-UP ASST HEAD CUST                                  33258.26
POLISHUKZ, MARINA               PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              31467.59
POLLARDZ, DALE A                FACULTY                                                     1125
POLLARDZ, DIANE L               PROGRAM SPECIALIST II                                   40089.81
POPEZ, RENA A                   CASHIER II                                                 29861
POTEETEZ, DONNA ANN             FACULTY                                                  1398.14
PRATTZ, GLENDA R                FACULTY                                                  1251.27
PRICEZ, MICHAEL J               FACULTY                                                  5436.66
QUELLERZ, SUSAN L               DIR WORKFORCE FUNDING                                      52008
QUINTRALLZ, GARY E              FACULTY                                                  1121.72
RADILZ, DANIEL J                FACULTY                                                   757.29
RAINAUDZ, LIZBETH               FACULTY                                                   952.23
READZ, ANN M                    FACULTY                                                 41390.89
REES-PUTNAMZ, PEGGY A           HUMAN RESOURCES ASSISTANT                                  15588
REESEZ, CUBBA M                 FACULTY                                                      200
REHMZ, GREGORY J                FACULTY                                                 65978.01
REISSZ, JONATHAN S              FACULTY                                                 65110.73
REYNOLDSZ, MAURICE M            GRAVEYARD CUSTODIAN                                     34668.36
RICARDZ, CHERYL L               FISCAL TECHNICIAN III                                   29082.84
RICHTERZ, CHRISTINE L           ALLIED HEALTH ADVISOR                                   42604.08
RIEDYZ, WENDY A                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   32330.5
RINGZ, LEEANN T                 FACULTY                                                 10431.57
RINGEZ, LESLIE JANE             FACULTY                                                   177.24
ROBINSONZ, LYNN N               ITRC/LIBRARY SPECIALIST                                  43286.3
RONNESTADZ, LEIANN A            FACULTY                                                  2132.76
ROSE-DUCKWORTHZ, ROXANN R       FACULTY                                                   716.13
RUNESTRANDZ, ERIN R             DIR ADMISSIONS & ADVISING                                  48132
RUSSELLZ, BENJAMIN E            FACULTY                                                   242.04
RYANZ, DAVID V                  FACULTY                                                   1098.6
SADOUKZ, JENNIFER J             FACULTY                                                  8366.44
SALINASZ, ELIZABETH A           HEET COLLEGE COORD                                      23952.34
SALING MAYERZ, MARNI E          DIR COMMUNCTN & MARKETING                                  71466
SALVATIERRAZ, BERNARD Q         COMPUTER MAIN TECH 2                                       50113
SAMMSZ, JULIE A                 FACULTY                                                    13065
SATUSHEKZ, BARBARA K            ITRC/LIBRARY SPECIALIST                                  26823.3
SCHLEGELZ, TIMOTHY J            CUSTODIAN                                               27749.86
SCHMIDTZ, JAMES E               FACULTY                                                  1486.91
SCHOUTENZ, ETHEL J              PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                               40537.5
SCHRAMERZ, CATHERINE            FACULTY                                                  9330.65
SCHUMANZ, ANDREA N              FACULTY                                                   5815.3
SCOTTZ, BETTY L                 FACULTY                                                 14650.92
SEXTONZ, MARLENE B              FACULTY                                                 23807.75
SHEARERZ, DANIEL E              FACULTY                                                   666.48
SHULERZ, JENNIFER J             FACULTY                                                   667.95
SIDHUZ, SATPAL S                FACULTY                                                   1098.6
SIMMONSZ, FRANCES A             FACULTY                                                 61029.21
SIMONSONZ, CAROL R              PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              35933.04
SLUYSZ, JEFFREY E               FACULTY                                                    60.51
SMITHZ, KRISTINE E              FACULTY                                                   299.04
SMITHZ, MICHELLE J              REG/ENROLLMENT CLERK IV                                 39890.79
SMITHZ, STEVEN L                FACULTY                                                  15876.7
SPITZERZ, ROSALIND L            FACULTY                                                 70384.97
STARKOVICHZ, DAVID C            FACULTY                                                 65963.74
STEELEZ, EARL N                 FACULTY                                                    75342
STERKELZ, KIMBERLY R            HOURLY WAREHOUSE WORKER                                 14852.87
STETTLERZ, TIMOTHY T            FACULTY                                                 54761.49
STIDHAMZ, SCOTT A               FACULTY                                                  45600.4
STILTSZ, DIANNA L               RETAIL/BOOKSTORE CLERK I                                26585.28
STITTZ, JAMES E                 FACULTY                                                  4194.44
STJULIENZ, PAUL V               BUILDING MAIN LEAD                                      52861.18
STONEZ, ANTHONY A               FACULTY                                                   355.95
STRANDZ, ALEC W                 FACULTY                                                  7922.39
SWARTOSZ, JAMES A               FACULTY                                                114581.71
SWEENZ, BARBARA L               CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                     37774
SWEENEYZ, LINDA S               FACULTY                                                 14512.51
TALMANZ, FELICIA KM             FACULTY                                                  3391.76
TATUMZ, LISA                    FACULTY                                                   1331.5
TELLINGZ, ROXANNE L             FACULTY                                                 79150.17
TERRYZ, WANDA M                 FACULTY                                                  3608.07
THALHOFERZ, TERRY L             FACULTY                                                  8499.94
THAYERZ, TERRI L                CORD ADV MGF TRG                                           52977
THEBERGEZ, SARAH J              FACULTY                                                     1125
THORDARSONZ, KRISTINE A         FACULTY                                                  2161.84
TICEZ, STEVEN E                 FACULTY                                                  6479.54
TODHUNTERZ, SHIRLEY J           FACULTY                                                   354.48
TUININGAZ, BRADLEY R            DEV DIR OF FOUNDATION                                   50216.82
TUTTLEZ, KATHLEEN M             FACULTY                                                  8194.31
VALANDANIZ, MONICA              PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              33507.44
VANDEKAMPZ, MARTIN W            FACULTY                                                 60096.37
VANDERVEENZ, JASON B            FACULTY                                                   640.41
VANKIRKZ, LONDA D               FACULTY                                                  2692.31
VARGASZ, CAROLYN M              FACULTY                                                  9860.72
VISSERZ, PIETER                 DISHWASHER                                               9452.58
WALLZ, MELISSA M                PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              36701.04
WALLACEZ, HEATHER A L           FACULTY                                                   618.84
WALLACEZ, LESLEY A              ELEARNING DESIGNER                                         51900
WALLACEZ, PAUL G                FACULTY                                                 72168.97
WARNERZ, MICHELLE               FACULTY                                                 19392.35
WARRENZ, ALEEN M                FACULTY                                                  1664.64
WATTSZ, KAREN S                 FACULTY                                                  7278.72
WEFERZ, SKYLER W                FACULTY                                                  3173.26
WEGZ, SHANE M                   FACULTY                                                  45277.3
WELCHZ, ROBERT H                FACULTY                                                   665.75
WELCHZ, RODNEY R                FACULTY                                                  1997.25
WESTERZ, LOWELL D               FACULTY                                                 62614.24
WHIDBEEZ, RUSSELL J             FACULTY                                                  5992.49
WHITEZ, SUZANNAH M              FACULTY                                                 28691.38
WHITEWINGZ, ANDREA D            PROGRAM OFFICE COORDINATOR                              23007.26
WILBURZ, KATHRYN K              FACULTY                                                  9842.63
WILKERSONZ, KENNETH A           FACULTY                                                  1775.34
WILLBRANDTZ, BRADLEY W          FACULTY                                                  7716.64
WILLETTZ, TAMI L                ASSOCIATE DIRCTOR OF HR                                    60669
WILLIAMSZ, MARK D               FACULTY                                                  1064.91
WILLIAMSZ, THERESE M            ASSOCIATE DEAN                                          65200.65
WINGARDZ, SONJA M               FACULTY                                                 19611.15
WINISKYZ, MARION L              FACULTY                                                 18953.05
WISEZ, JUDI                     FACULTY                                                 63793.36
WOLFEZ, VICKY L                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                  31054.09
WOLLENSZ, JACK E                FACULTY                                                 62727.84
WOLLENS-SPENCERZ, ALISA A       FACULTY                                                  19846.8
WOODFIELDZ, SANDRA H            FACULTY                                                  87229.4
WOODSZ, DANIEL M                PROGRAM SPECIALIST II                                    37386.1
WOOLSEYZ, RORY M                FACULTY                                                  3106.83
WUHRZ, CAMERON A                FACULTY                                                 35333.62
WYANDTZ, YON P                  FACULTY                                                   266.59
YAKEZ, JAMES                    FACULTY                                                  3676.22
YAKEZ, MARGARET L               FACULTY                                                  1775.35
YAMAMOTOZ, KATHRYN R            FACULTY                                                 38549.26
YANCEYZ, DERRICK V              FACULTY                                                  8876.69
YASHCHUKZ, LESYA P              CLERICAL ASSISTANT III                                   32207.5
YASUIZ, BARBARA A               FACULTY                                                      360
YOUNGZ, JEANNE M                FACULTY                                                 56136.42
ZAREMBAZ, JULIE A               FACULTY                                                  7720.46
ZWIERSZ, LORRIE R               FACULTY                                                 63610.74
ZWOLENSKIZ, CHRISTOPHER P       FACULTY                                                   2197.2

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