This is a list of the Jan. 2001 State of Washington Board for Volunteer Firefighters employees and their job title and salaries.(2011, 10 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates)(2009, 4 employees) (2007, 4 employees) (2005, 4 employees) (2003, 6 employees) (2001, 6 employees) (1999, 6 employees) (1997, 6 employees) (1995, 6 employees)

The Board for Volunteer Firefighters and Reserve Officers provides services to volunteer firefighters, emergency medical service district volunteers, reserve law enforcement officers and their families. Protection is provided in the case of injury or death in the performance of duty. The Board administers a pension plan that provides benefits to any enrolled member who has served honorably as an active member for a period of 10 years or more and who meets age requirements. Local Boards of Trustees and the state Board carry out the provisions of the Volunteer Firefighters’ and Reserve Officers’ Relief and Pension Act. A local Board is defined as a Firefighter Board of Trustees, an Emergency Medical Service District Board of Trustees or a Reserve Officer Board of Trustees. The state Board is composed of three members appointed by the Governor to serve overlapping terms of six years. Upon expiration of a term or a vacancy, the Governor appoints a successor. The Board has three employees: an executive secretary, a confidential secretary and a benefit specialist. The agency’s budget was $529,000 for the 1997-1999 biennium and $573,000 for the 1999-2001 biennium.
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2001 State of Washington Board for Volunteer Firefighters List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

January 31, 2001 Personnel Detail
220 Board for Volunteer Firefighters
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                                                                                        2001 Personnel Detail
220  Board for Volunteer Firefighters   

AYRES, RONALD E               BOARD MEMBER        2 - D     0%       50.00
BIGELOW, PAMELA J.            CONFIDENTIAL SEC    2 - M    100%    3,422.00
HILLS, DARWIN DEAN            BOARD MEMBER        2 - D    100%      50.00
IKENBERRRY, JULIE L           OFFICE TRAINEE      1 - M    100%    1,612.00
KISTLER, RICHARD              BOARD MEMBER        2 - D    100%      50.00
SMITH, BRIGETTE K             EXEC SECRETARY      2 - M    100%    4,583.00
                    6 Employees in agency 220

Jan 31, 2001                                                                   C - 1            Agency: 220


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