This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Columbia Basin Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 711 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 825 employees) (2007, 761 employees) (2005, 642 employees) (2003, 639 employees) (2001, 610 employees) (1999, 627 employees) (1997, 549 employees) (1995, 504 employees)

Columbia Basin Community College was founded in 1955. Located in the Tri-Cities in southeastern Washington, the main campus is in Pasco with a branch campus located in Richland. The College enrolls approximately 7,000 students per quarter. The College district includes all of Benton and Franklin counties. The College has 372 staff members of which 119 are full-time faculty. The fiscal operating budgets were $23 million for 2005 and $24.5 million for 2006. State appropriations were approximately $16.7 million for fiscal 2005 and $18.5 million for fiscal 2006. A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of College operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Columbia Basin Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                             Job Title                        2010 Gross Earnings
ABBOTTZ, DAVID E                 FACULTY                                                    88226.7
ADAMSZ, NANCY NEER               DIRECTOR OF PHILANTHROPY                                     50000
ALDRIDGEZ, PATRICIA KAY          FACULTY                                                    2914.45
ALFORDZ, CLARENCE                FACULTY                                                    1927.65
ALFORD-BETHLEYZ, DAWN Y          ASST DIR COLLEGE RELATIONS                                52874.16
ALGERZ, COLEEN M                 FACULTY                                                    6994.68
ALLANZ, MARIA E                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     44576.7
ALLBRIGHTZ, LAURIE L             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                   34995.75
ALVAREZZ, SYLVIA                 FACULTY                                                   65696.29
ANDERSONZ, ALEXANDRIA S          FACULTY                                                   51981.78
ANDERSONZ, ANDREW C              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                    48981.18
ANDERSONZ, CARA L                FACULTY                                                    2914.45
ANDERSONZ, TRICIA DIANE          FACULTY                                                     4315.5
ARAUJOZ, LORENZO                 FACULTY                                                   18853.49
ARNOLDZ, DAVID F                 FACULTY                                                    88805.6
ARTERZ, MARY L                   FACULTY                                                   36667.01
AUSTINZ, STEVEN E                FACULTY                                                    1774.15
AYALAZ, RAMON FERNANDO           FACULTY                                                      17149
AZIZOVAZ, IRADA A                FACULTY                                                   17753.62
BACONZ, JULIE L                  FACULTY                                                   37341.04
BADALAMENTEZ, STEPHEN P          FACULTY                                                   54096.33
BAKERZ, STEPHANIE M              FACULTY                                                     5044.6
BARBOZAZ, ANA LORENA             FACULTY                                                   17122.02
BARILETTIZ, DEBRA A              FACULTY                                                    5023.89
BARLOWZ, HOWARD E                FACULTY                                                    11657.8
BARRZ, KATHLEEN A                FACULTY                                                   23958.51
BARRZ, KATHLEEN E                FACULTY                                                   66041.54
BARRONZ, ISABEL G                FACULTY                                                     5178.6
BARTONZ, DANA E                  FACULTY                                                    17486.7
BARTRANDZ, MARGARET ANN GAMON    FACULTY                                                   75069.64
BATEMANZ, JENNIFER J             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          38556
BAYLESSZ, MACK S                 FACULTY                                                   11896.26
BEALERZ, JOHN R                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                   64926.04
BEARDZ, JEREMY L                 ASSOCIATE ATH DIRECTOR                                    48055.75
BEEZ, JOSHUA T                   FACULTY                                                    8743.35
BEEMANZ, SALLY J                 FACULTY                                                   11543.98
BELTZ, SHELLEY M                 INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                  15856.39
BENDERZ, TAMMY JOANNE            FACULTY                                                    8125.15
BENEDICTZ, MAREN M               FACULTY                                                     6798.4
BENWARDZ, RUTH A                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         18964.47
BERRETTAZ, MATTHEW               FACULTY                                                   26302.21
BITTENZ, LYNNE DIANNE            FACULTY                                                    3178.32
BLOCHERZ, KEN L                  FACULTY                                                    25358.3
BLOOMSBURGZ, MARY MARGARET       FACULTY                                                   26511.62
BOBECKZ, DAVID T                 FACULTY                                                    4639.66
BOCEKZ, JANICE KAY               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          38556
BODEYZ, RANDY A                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                29296.5
BOGGESSZ, GABRIELA L             FACULTY                                                    1895.92
BOLER IIIZ, ELDRIDGE F           FACULTY                                                    1828.16
BOLERZ, LAVONNE KATHLEEN         ASST DIR SCH PRO SPEC PROJ                                49526.86
BOURAMAZ, TOURE                  FACULTY                                                   95421.82
BOUROUHZ, CHAOURA                FACULTY                                                   80958.91
BOWMANZ, DEBRA J                 HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                    42588
BRADFORDZ, SANDRA M              FACULTY                                                    4663.12
BRADYZ, JENNIFER M               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                          17130
BRADYZ, MICHAEL A                FACULTY                                                   64281.12
BRANDESZ, DEREK R                DN CAR & TEC ED INT DN HSC                                 82286.3
BRAYZ, LEONARD M                 CUSTODIAN 1                                               32358.11
BRENCHLEYZ, DAVID L              FACULTY                                                    2914.45
BRISTZ, ERIK B                   PARA PROFESSIONAL                                          1907.78
BROCKMANZ, CAROLE A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            27323
BROKERZ, JANAE JEAN              FACULTY                                                    8743.29
BROOKESZ, BRADY L                EXEC ASST TO SEN VP OF ADM                                   48440
BROOKSZ, KAMARA ANN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        34329.5
BROUNSZ, DONNA T                 FACULTY                                                   91954.11
BROWNZ, BRONSON JOE              FACULTY                                                    5537.45
BROWNZ, DEALIE D                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                          36756
BROWNZ, DEBORAH ANN              WORKER RETRAIN PROGRAM DIR                                51114.67
BROWNZ, ROBERT GREGORY           WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                         34260
BROWNZ, TANYON LEA               FACULTY                                                       9590
BRUCEZ, DEBBIE                   BOOKSTORE OPERATIONS DIR                                  65477.66
BRUCEZ, SHANE                    FACULTY                                                   75165.86
BRUCEZ, STEVEN M                 FACULTY                                                    6300.91
BUCHMILLERZ, MARGARET M          ASST DEAN OF SUPPORT SERVS                                62911.22
BUCKZ, CAITLYN W                 FACULTY                                                    2137.23
BUCKLEYZ, ROBERT E               FACULTY                                                    3073.42
BULLERTZ, GARY B                 FACULTY                                                   79508.45
BULSONZ, LAURA E                 FACULTY                                                   32157.46
BUMPAOUSZ, G MIKE                CAMPUS SECURITY/SAFETY SUP                                69788.92
BURKEZ, MARY J                   SECRETARY SENIOR                                             35040
BURLINGAMEZ, JANIE K             FACULTY                                                   32058.91
BURNETTZ, VALERIE A              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                       34200.73
BURNSZ, LAURA J                  FACULTY                                                   55761.42
BURROUGHSZ, D ROBERT             FACULTY                                                   60175.48
BURTZ, NEIL D                    FACULTY                                                   19516.12
BUSCHBOMZ, SHEILA M              FACULTY                                                   17322.07
CABLEZ, MICHAEL W                FACULTY                                                    51133.6
CAMARENAZ, CHRISTINA             INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                     42588
CAMERONZ, IVY M                  FACULTY                                                     317.94
CAMPBELLZ, DONNA E               INTERIM VP FOR INSTRUCTION                               179621.34
CAMPBELLZ, KIPP J                FACULTY                                                    5246.01
CAMPBELLZ, PATRICIA ANN          DEAN FOR ENROLLMENT SVCS                                  81588.02
CAMPBELLZ, RONALD E              FACULTY                                                   76209.29
CARDONAZ, MARY L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          31048.5
CARTIERZ, SHANNON M              FACULTY                                                    3497.34
CARVERZ, ZANA ARA                FACULTY                                                    8154.17
CASEYZ, BEVERLY                  FACULTY                                                    57586.2
CASEYZ, CARRIE J                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            34260
CASTILLOZ, RODRIGO M             CUSTODIAN 3                                               37734.54
CAZIERZ, DAVID L                 FACULTY                                                   67836.24
CHAKRABARTIZ, DEBJANI            FACULTY                                                   81498.43
CHAVEZZ, DIONICIA                FACULTY                                                    4189.69
CHISHOLMZ, ROBERT B              FACULTY                                                   59925.23
CHURCHZ, NICOLE                  FACULTY                                                    5825.93
CISNEROSZ, SAN JUANITA           FACULTY                                                    9637.95
CLARKZ, DAVID KENNETH            FACULTY                                                    11657.8
CLARKEZ, HEIDI L                 FACULTY                                                    75694.2
CLARNOZ, PATRICIA ANN            CASHIER 2                                                  34573.8
CLARYZ, CATHY                    FACULTY                                                   43863.24
CLARYZ, NICOLE K                 FACULTY                                                   39172.11
CLIZERZ, JASON S                 BASIC SKILLS PROJECT DIR                                   61199.9
COCHRANZ, JOHN EDWARD            FACULTY                                                   29190.62
COLEZ, CARY D                    FACULTY                                                    3753.47
COMMEREEZ, NOEL G                FACULTY                                                   79960.85
COMPSONZ, MARINA M               FACULTY                                                    2914.45
CONLEYZ, WILLOW DAWN             SECRETARY SENIOR                                          30166.91
CONRADZ, KATHY JO                FACULTY                                                   36943.15
CONTRERASZ, GUADALUPE            MOONLIGHT APPOINTMENT                                     39497.34
COOKZ, JACQUELINE KAY            SECRETARY SENIOR                                             40692
COOKEZ, JOAN M                   FACULTY                                                      14313
COOKEZ, JOHN G                   FACULTY                                                    3194.94
COOPERZ, WILLIAM D               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     49119.6
CORNEAUX GORSKIZ, ISABELLE C     FACULTY                                                   12664.75
COSTAZ, GENE M                   CUSTODIAN 1                                               32017.01
COXZ, TERESA                     HR OPERATIONS DIRECTOR                                    64608.34
CRAIGZ, JAMES BLACKBURN          FACULTY                                                   63954.98
CRAIGZ, NANCY J                  HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                 44341.83
CRAMERZ, ROSANNE L               FACULTY                                                     801.61
CRANDALLZ, DOUGLAS BLAKE         DIR LEADERSHIP PRG/CORP ED                                72914.53
CRAWFORDZ, CURTIS E              FACULTY                                                   71024.46
CRAWMERZ, AMANDA ALLISON         FACULTY                                                        150
CRAWMERZ, ANDREW MARVIN          DIR TITLE V INSTITUTIONAL                                 48161.01
CREEZ, CHARITY L                 FACULTY                                                    1748.67
CREEZ, CHRISTOPHER J             FACULTY                                                       1260
CRIDDLEZ, NICHOLAS D             FACULTY                                                   52141.14
CRIDERZ, TAMRA L                 FACULTY                                                   71159.21
CROSBYZ, KEVIN LEE               TELEPHONE SYST TECHNICIAN                                  47632.4
CROWLEYZ, KEVIN PAUL             FACULTY                                                     837.84
CRUZZ, ALFREDO                   FACULTY                                                     432.96
CRUZZ, ANTONIO                   FACULTY                                                   73113.52
CUELLOZ, ALEJANDRO R             FACULTY                                                     865.92
CUILLIERZ, RAELENE L             CASHIER 1                                                 27124.85
CUMMINSZ, RICHARD W              PRESIDENT                                                203099.83
CURRYZ, DONALD WAYNE             FACULTY                                                   71466.32
CUSTERZ, JIMALEE DARLENE         FACULTY                                                     5828.9
DAHLZ, STEPHANIE M               FACULTY                                                    2242.61
DAVISZ, BRUCE B                  SMALL BUS DEV CTR DIRECTOR                                48209.86
DAVISZ, ERIKA J                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         34107.31
DAVISZ, PHILLIP R                CUSTODIAN 1                                               14218.24
DAVISZ, ROBERT B                 FACULTY                                                    5431.48
DAVISZ, ROEANN E                 FACULTY                                                   24769.33
DAYZ, MARY E                     FACULTY                                                     575.43
DAYZ, RICHARD A                  MISC HOURLY                                                   4210
DE PEREZZ, ORTENCIA T            EXE ASST TO VP OF HR                                         40800
DEANZ, MICHAEL J                 FACULTY                                                     2205.7
DEANZ, PATRICIA J                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            20556
DECHTERZ, KATHY                  FACULTY                                                   18383.86
DEERYZ, TAMMY RAENETTE           FACULTY                                                    9519.25
DEGRAAFZ, CHRISTOPHER G          FACULTY                                                     8993.6
DEHAANZ, MELISSA                 FACULTY                                                   87464.54
DELEONZ, CAROLYN                 FACULTY                                                   63974.62
DELGADOZ, J JAVIER C             FACULTY                                                     5466.3
DELICHZ, JERRY L                 FACULTY                                                   72809.63
DENNISZ, CHET W                  FACULTY                                                       4480
DESTEESEZ, ABIGAIL J             MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                      37620
DESTEESEZ, STEVEN J              FACULTY                                                   14572.25
DEVAGUPTAZ, RAMA                 FACULTY                                                     4663.1
DEXTERZ, BRIAN JW                DIR OF INFORMATION SERVICE                                   74460
DIERKSZ, BRIAN                   INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                      64740
DISSELKAMPZ, ROBERT S            FACULTY                                                    3386.42
DISTEFANOZ, CONSTANCE J          FACULTY                                                     4315.5
DOEBLERZ, JEREMIAH J             FACULTY                                                    2637.27
DOUGANZ, CODI RAE                FACULTY                                                    1748.67
DOWNSZ, ALBERT HENRY             CAPITAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR                                 82777.93
DOWNSZ, DEBRA S                  DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTING                                       60180
DRYBURGHZ, MARY E                FACULTY                                                   12124.93
DUNTERMANZ, DAVID L              FACULTY                                                   90911.81
DURHAMZ, RYAN JEFFREY            FACULTY                                                     201.88
DURSTZ, BRUCE M                  DIR OF MOORE OBSERVATORY                                  41847.85
DYEZ, KARLIN D                   FACULTY                                                     167.83
DYEZ, STEVEN M                   FACULTY                                                   49663.12
DYKIERZ, STEPHEN L               FACULTY                                                    3164.76
EASTMANZ, MELISSA ANN            FACULTY                                                      479.5
EDDYZ, TERESA MARIE              FACULTY                                                    17380.7
ELGINZ, KIMBERLY ANN             FACULTY                                                   11136.79
EMELIYANENKOZ, INESSA R          FACULTY                                                     6617.1
EPPERLYZ, JULIA R                FACULTY                                                   52408.72
ERICKSONZ, DOUGLAS               SECURITY GUARD 1                                           41881.2
ERICKSONZ, LORI LIN              FACULTY                                                    4441.36
ESCALERAZ, OMAR A                FACULTY                                                   13432.41
ESPINOZAZ, JAMES G               CUSTODIAN 5                                                7502.27
ETHERIDGEZ, DRAGANA              FACULTY                                                      47.95
EVERSONZ, JENNIFER H             DIRECTOR OF LINKS                                         27992.97
FARRINGTONZ, STEVEN R            FACULTY                                                    8741.56
FAZZARIZ, CAROLYN D              DIR ECE PAR ED & E LRN CTR                                57238.87
FEENEYZ, KERRI W                 FACULTY                                                    3497.34
FELICIANO-NGUYENZ, KATHERINE P   FACULTY                                                    6329.41
FIERROZ, MIRIAM M                MOONLIGHT APPOINTMENT                                     54948.42
FIGUEROAZ, ROBERTO C             FACULTY                                                   25662.76
FILKOWSKIZ, MELISSA              FACULTY                                                     1443.2
FISHERZ, SALLIE E                FACULTY                                                   29763.37
FLATENZ, SARA SIMPSON            FACULTY                                                   23651.32
FLEISCHMANZ, TERRY M             FACULTY                                                   26801.05
FLORESZ, RICARDO                 CUSTODIAN 1                                               32351.93
FLORESZ, VERONICA R              INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                     40524
FLYNN  IIIZ, GEORGE F            FACULTY                                                   23415.56
FORRESTZ, LINDA LEE              PARA PROFESSIONAL                                           2308.5
FOXZ, RENE M                     FACULTY                                                   68678.06
FRANKSZ, JAMES R                 CUSTODIAN 2                                               31769.51
FRAZIERZ, CHRISTINE C            FACULTY                                                    1748.67
FRAZIERZ, SHARI LYN              FACULTY                                                   36424.84
FREEDZ, CURT                     STIPEND EXEMPT EXECUTIVE                                  98112.12
FREEMANZ, KATHY E                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                       42588
FREERZ, JOHN                     FACULTY                                                   32613.37
FREESEZ, JANA D                  FACULTY                                                   52156.15
FREYTAGZ, LYNNE MICHELLE         SECRETARY SENIOR                                             35040
FRICHETTEZ, MARCIA A             FACULTY                                                    8678.98
FRIMODTZ, RHONDA A               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        34561.89
FRIMODTZ, SAMANTHA L             FACULTY                                                    2331.56
FUHERZ, MARCIA L                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                       32689.58
GAGNONZ, ANGELITA                PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 1                                    9285.39
GANTZ, KEELEY E                  DIR TECH PREP & WRKFRC ENR                                43917.16
GARCIAZ, DANICA M                FACULTY                                                   12475.29
GARCIAZ, ROGELIO S               DIRECTOR FOR OUTREACH                                      50526.4
GARCIAZ, ROLANDO                 HUD HSIAC DIRECTOR                                        55758.06
GARDNERZ, PATRICK R              FACULTY                                                    2781.98
GARIBAYZ, JUAN MANUEL            CUSTODIAN 1                                               13256.01
GARLINGHOUSEZ, MARY LOU          LIBRARY & ARCHI PARAPROF 2                                34104.57
GARZAZ, ROBERTO                  RETENTION SPECIALIST                                      30672.67
GASSMANZ, CAROL                  FACULTY                                                   52408.52
GEORGEZ, TONY J                  FACULTY                                                   12269.18
GILBOZ, SHIRLEY A                PARA PROFESSIONAL                                          5204.97
GINGRASZ, STACEY N               FACULTY                                                   16710.54
GIOMIZ, JUDI I                   FACULTY                                                    3068.38
GIRARDZ, CAROLINE ABIGAIL        FACULTY                                                    1820.83
GIULIANIZ, SARAH E               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                     7638
GLATTZ, CAMILLA JANE             VP OF HR & LEGAL AFRS                                     121844.4
GOETZZ, LINDA CECILE             FACULTY                                                   36252.99
GONZALEZZ, CRUZ R                TITLE V INSTITUTI DIRECTOR                                54364.24
GOODZ, DESIREE L                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 3                                      31869
GRANTZ, BARBARA JO               EXE ASST TO VP FOR STU SER                                53642.65
GRANTZ, KAREN E                  FACULTY                                                  153438.74
GRAVENSLUNDZ, VICTORIA           FACULTY                                                    17486.7
GRAYZ, BREAUNNA A                PARA PROFESSIONAL                                           902.25
GRIFFINZ, TERRA JEAN             FACULTY                                                    2220.68
GRINNELLZ, MICHAEL               ASST VP FISCAL OPERATIONS                                 82626.04
GROCEZ, CAROL B                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                       38331.04
GUERCIAZ, JOAN M                 FACULTY                                                   62420.09
GUERENAZ, ANIDES                 HUD HSIAC ACTIV SPECIALIST                                34345.74
GUILBAULTZ, FRED A               FACULTY                                                   33012.75
GUIZAR-RUIZZ, MIGUEL A           FACULTY                                                   12222.03
GUSICZ, STOJANKA                 FACULTY                                                   31479.69
GUSTINZ, GERALDINE HELEN         PARA PROFESSIONAL                                          6086.25
GUTIERREZZ, MARY P               FACULTY                                                   16375.04
HABERMANZ, DEBORAH A             FACULTY                                                    2914.45
HAFNERZ, LORI A                  DIR OF BASIC SKILLS/TR STU                                   50000
HAGANZ, JANICE                   FACULTY                                                   28803.12
HAHNZ, LAURA LISA                FACULTY                                                    4441.36
HALLZ, THERON MARLIN             FACULTY                                                    69049.9
HALLERZ, ANGELA S                FACULTY                                                    6783.04
HALSEY-CORSONZ, SHANNA J         DIRECTOR OF ASSESSMENT CTR                                50866.66
HAMONZ, PAUL K                   INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                      43572
HAMPTONZ, CATHY M                SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                         41508
HAMPTONZ, FELICITY K             FACULTY                                                     5828.9
HANSENZ, MARY M                  FACULTY                                                    23315.6
HANSENZ, SCOTT D                 FACULTY                                                    3806.81
HANSENZ, SHELLY L                FACULTY                                                    3533.42
HARDINGZ, OLIVE A                INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                      43531
HARKINSZ, TIMOTHY D              FACULTY                                                    4663.12
HARRISZ, ERICA F                 FACULTY                                                    1430.74
HARRISZ, MEREDITH N              FACULTY                                                   31635.15
HARRISZ, SHARON L                FACULTY                                                   61798.17
HARWOODZ, ALAN JACK              FACULTY                                                    1775.17
HASELHUHNZ, SETH TREVOR          FACULTY                                                    29966.9
HASHAMZ, MELISSA R               FACULTY                                                    75456.7
HAYESZ, EMMA B                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          40524
HAYESZ, RHODY C                  FACULTY                                                   94585.38
HEADLEYZ, DANIEL IVAN            FACULTY                                                    7558.64
HEIMBIGNERZ, MICHAEL H           FACULTY                                                   58258.52
HENDERSONZ, STACEY MARIE         FACULTY                                                    3164.65
HENNINGZ, JULIE ANN              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                          40524
HENRYZ, CHARLES E                FACULTY                                                    75942.7
HENSCHEIDZ, KRISTY L             FACULTY                                                    46095.9
HERNANDEZZ, SYLVIA               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         30806.5
HERRINZ, MICHELLE MARIE          FACULTY                                                   13007.94
HEWAGEZ, PRIETHIKA NP            FACULTY                                                    1582.35
HICKSONZ, GERARD                 FACULTY                                                    2731.25
HILLZ, HEATHER J                 FACULTY                                                    2066.62
HOERNERZ, MARY JANE              FACULTY                                                   80788.41
HOFFMANNZ, ROBERT B              FACULTY                                                   13989.36
HOGGZ, DENISE E                  FACULTY                                                    3497.34
HOLANDZ, EUGENE A                FACULTY                                                   90422.36
HOLDENZ, CHERYL L                DIRECTOR OF HIGH SCH PROG                                 66508.84
HOLDENZ, MICHELE L               FACULTY                                                    3803.27
HOLLOWAYZ, TAMARA C              FACULTY                                                   18426.68
HOLMESZ, JEFFREY G               FACULTY                                                     9771.7
HOLMESZ, MELISSA K               FACULTY                                                   55761.42
HOLTZ, ALAN V                    FACULTY                                                    2914.45
HOPPEZ, ERIC WILLIAM             FACULTY                                                       2000
HORIEZ, EDWIN E                  INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                    42816.6
HORNTVEDTZ, TRACY K              FACULTY                                                   59077.51
HORTONZ, BETTY JO                FACULTY                                                     695.29
HOSTETLERZ, REBECCA J            FACULTY                                                   32094.99
HOVLANDZ, DAVID RAY              INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                      42629
HOVLANDZ, JANET KIMBERLEY        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        34319.5
HOWARDZ, BILLIE D                FACULTY                                                    43273.6
HUANGZ, STEPHEN DONG             PARA PROFESSIONAL                                            382.5
HUBBSZ, RANDALL G                FACULTY                                                   87898.95
HUDDLESTONZ, LAURA B             FACULTY                                                    2914.45
HUGHESZ, DEBORAH J               FACULTY                                                    5418.84
HUGHESZ, JOHN R                  FACULTY                                                     6904.8
HULKEZ, MARK W                   FACULTY                                                    2027.75
HULTGRENNZ, BRIAN V              FACULTY                                                    1748.67
HUMPHREYZ, DONALD MICHAEL        FACULTY                                                   62884.45
HUTCHENSZ, MATTHEW W             CUSTODIAN 1                                               31374.08
HYLDENZ, JANICE L                FACULTY                                                   32597.01
IRISHZ, VICTOR W                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                37880.8
IRWINZ, LESLIE K                 FACULTY                                                   54177.24
ISAKSONZ, GARY                   FACULTY                                                   71670.98
IZQUIERDOZ, BRENDA S             FACULTY                                                     2150.8
JACKZ, DEBRA                     SECRETARY LEAD                                               37620
JAMESZ, GWENDOLYN L              FACULTY                                                   80663.33
JAMESZ, TIMOTHY S                FACULTY                                                    3876.28
JEFFSZ, MADELINE T               VP OF STUDENT SERVICES                                   107854.03
JESBERGERZ, ERICA E              COMMUNICATION CONSULT 1                                    34468.5
JETTEZ, STEPHEN J                FACULTY                                                   74443.79
JINDALZ, MANJUSHREE              FACULTY                                                   52408.52
JOHNSONZ, BENJAMIN A             FACULTY                                                   42441.62
JOHNSONZ, BRADLEY J              FACULTY                                                    4639.28
JOHNSONZ, JO ANN                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                           33468
JOHNSTONZ, KAY                   FACULTY                                                    5704.02
JONESZ, RICHARD T                DIR OF INSTITUTIONAL RES                                  60208.15
JUAREZZ, GUSTAVO MIGUEL          MOONLIGHT APPOINTMENT                                      59683.6
JULIANZ, ROBERT                  FACULTY                                                    9538.21
KAISERZ, DONNA M                 FACULTY                                                    4243.58
KANDLEZ, ROBERT B                FACULTY                                                    1006.95
KAWAGUCHIZ, DEBORAH SUE          PARA PROFESSIONAL                                           1111.5
KEELEYZ, PAMELLA L               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                   62053.52
KEITHZ, LLOYD J                  FACULTY                                                    2637.27
KELSERZ, CHERYLYN                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                    45828
KEMPTONZ, THOMAS W               FACULTY                                                     794.85
KENNELLYZ, EDWARD W              CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                   48537.85
KERZNERZ, MIRIAM                 FACULTY                                                   16471.25
KEYZ, ANNA MAGRETA               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         30124.99
KEYZ, GARY D                     FACULTY                                                   75187.85
KHADERZ, ABDUL RAZZAQ I          FACULTY                                                   18403.45
KINCAIDZ, MATTHEW S              FACULTY                                                   19882.45
KIPPESZ, JOHN D                  FACULTY                                                    8743.35
KISSLERZ, MARLENE A              RETAIL CLERK 2                                             26774.4
KITZKEZ, DEANNA D                FACULTY                                                   10040.89
KLAMM-DONEENZ, KRISTIN I         FACULTY                                                    8743.35
KLINGEMANZ, BLAKE D              FACULTY                                                     2649.5
KLYMZ, CHERYL L                  FACULTY                                                   45793.76
KNIGHTENZ, STEVEN P              CUSTODIAN 3                                                  34260
KNOXZ, BENJAMIN P                FACULTY                                                        300
KONGSLIEZ, LON B                 FACULTY                                                    82913.4
KORENKOZ, CHRISTINE M            FACULTY                                                     2685.2
KORSTADZ, DONNA L                ASSOCIATE REGISTRAR                                       45668.23
KOWALSKAZ, MALGORZATA I          FACULTY                                                     2109.8
KREUTZZ, M TOD                   FACULTY                                                    3497.34
KURTZZ, JERRY E                  FACULTY                                                    1564.97
LACYZ, PATRICIA A                FACULTY                                                   11869.76
LAGRANGEZ, JILL E                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                    42737.15
LAMBERTZ, DIANE ELIZABETH        FACULTY                                                   28321.76
LAMSONZ, LANCENE J               FACULTY                                                     543.15
LARIOSZ, DAPHNE S                MOONLIGHT APPOINTMENT                                     59087.22
LAVILLEZ, DON AARON              FACULTY                                                    1748.67
LAYNEZ, DANETTE M                FACULTY                                                    8552.25
LEAHYZ, ELISE N                  FACULTY                                                   18839.39
LEEZ, MARIA G                    FACULTY                                                   17306.96
LEEZ, MICHAEL J                  FACULTY                                                   60450.69
LEFEBERZ, MORGEN HARRIS          FACULTY                                                   12269.54
LEIRENZ, PAMELA JOHNSON          FACULTY                                                     4457.3
LEMAKZ, DAVID J                  DIRECTOR BACH OF AP SCI PR                                89565.07
LEONARDZ, LAUREN                 FACULTY                                                   23063.95
LEVENTHALZ, SIVYA STEINDEL       ASST DIR STU SUCCESS & ENG                                 41957.1
LEWISZ, ADAM JOHN                FACULTY                                                    16932.3
LEWISZ, JERROLD N                ELEARNING AND WEB SVCS DIR                                   60080
LEWISZ, TARA                     FACULTY                                                     5828.9
LIEBLERZ, NINA C                 FACULTY                                                   57783.11
LIGHTFOOTZ, DAPHNE J             ASSO DIR FIN AID & STU EMP                                58654.08
LIMBAUGHZ, JOHN G                FACULTY                                                    2018.81
LINARES-MENDOZAZ, MARISELA L     FACULTY                                                    7324.48
LINIZ, DAVID C                   FACULTY                                                   10159.38
LITTLEZ, DAVID O                 FISCAL ANALYST 1                                          34064.12
LIUZ, SHURONG                    FACULTY                                                   40575.18
LLAMASZ, JUAN A                  FACULTY                                                    3557.79
LONASZ, TRACY LEE                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        29541.88
LOPEZZ, ANTHONY R                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30685.5
LOWEZ, ROBERT STEVEN             FACULTY                                                    3386.46
LUCKEZ, RICHARD                  FACULTY                                                    3386.46
LYDEENZ, TROY D                  FACULTY                                                        860
LYNCHZ, JAMES                    FACULTY                                                   70507.78
MACHADOZ, DIANE E                FACULTY                                                   17682.72
MADEREZ, DEBORAH M               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          38556
MADRIGALZ, JENNIFER M            HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                 40623.65
MAGELSENZ, LINDA K               FACULTY                                                    17486.7
MALONEZ, CHARLES L               FACULTY                                                   26230.01
MANCINELLIZ, KATHLEEN L          FACULTY                                                     9794.1
MARQUEZ-PEREIRAZ, JOSE MOISES    FACULTY                                                    1870.05
MARSHZ, RONALD J                 FACULTY                                                    1165.78
MARTINZ, SHARI M                 FACULTY                                                   60522.99
MARTINEZZ, CHRISTINA S           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          38481
MARTINEZZ, GUADALUPE M           FACULTY                                                   94547.57
MARTINEZZ, MELINDA               CAMP OUTREACH RETENTION SP                                36289.48
MATHESIUSZ, MATT                 FACULTY                                                   69491.96
MATTOX-SAPPZ, CLE ELLA J         FACULTY                                                    7821.39
MATTOZZIZ, MICHAEL A             CUSTODIAN 1                                               18864.99
MAYZ, JUDY A                     INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                      43572
MAYAZ, ANGELICA                  TRUCK DRIVER 1                                               35928
MAZURZ, ZACHARY A                FACULTY                                                   11603.93
MC ADIEZ, IAN                    FACULTY                                                    1100.44
MCBURNEYZ, JULIE A               FACULTY                                                    36955.2
MCBURNEYZ, MELISSA K             FACULTY                                                   60636.84
MCCONNELLZ, KATHERINE H          FACULTY                                                    1820.83
MCDANIELZ, BOBBY A               FACULTY                                                    3386.46
MCDANIELSZ, KELLY L              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                             53148
MCGARRYZ, MARGARET W             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                22828.53
MCGLOTHINZ, BRYAN L              FACULTY                                                    1748.67
MCGRATHZ, LANICE K               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          38556
MCKAYZ, WILLIAM L                DEAN - ARTS/PE/HUMANITIES                                 81788.72
MCKEEZ, GAYLYN F                 PARA PROFESSIONAL                                          3365.82
MCLAUGHLIN-METTINGZ, ANN ELIZABETOFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        30297.94
MCMILLENZ, ROBERT G              FACULTY                                                    1748.67
MCNABBZ, GLEN                    FACULTY                                                    2914.45
MCNAMARZ, MARIAANN MCDONALD      FACULTY                                                   10757.25
MCQUERRYZ, MAUREEN D             FACULTY                                                    8743.35
MEADORZ, SALLY D                 WORKER RET TRAINING SPECST                                40837.11
MEADOWSZ, DEBORAH R              DEAN SS, WL, BUS & IN TECH                                109707.8
MEIERZ, PAUL H                   FACULTY                                                   67569.64
MEINERSZ, ELAINA M               FACULTY                                                   60884.45
MELOYZ, DANIEL S                 FACULTY                                                     582.89
MENAZ, NAOMI                     OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        35019.72
MENDOZAZ, CRISTINA MARIE         FACULTY                                                    5154.63
MERRILLZ, KATHERINE A            FACULTY                                                   16344.15
MEYERSZ, RAYMOND L               FACULTY                                                    3386.46
MILBRATHZ, YING-CHEN L           DIR TECH PREP & WRKFRC ENR                                26363.81
MILLERZ, CHRISTINEA M            FACULTY                                                    6969.76
MILLERZ, JESSICA L               HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT 2                                   36541.5
MILLERZ, JULIE RENE              FACULTY                                                     660.61
MILLSZ, MATHISON E               FACULTY                                                     6520.9
MITCHELLZ, CHRISTOPHER F         FACULTY                                                   78660.16
MITCHELLZ, MATTHEW D             FACULTY                                                    8743.31
MITCHELLZ, MELISSA A             FACULTY                                                   51133.16
MOFFITTZ, SHIRLEY J              FACULTY                                                    57907.2
MOLTONZ, KERRIN AMY              FACULTY                                                   64151.04
MOLTONZ, MARION E                DN BA SKIL TR ST IN DN LIB                                81587.94
MONTGOMERYZ, JOSEPH C            DEAN INSTITU EFFECTIVENESS                                90752.37
MORENOZ, EUGENE MARK             FACULTY                                                   27397.52
MORRISZ, JAMES M                 FACULTY                                                    5246.01
MORRISZ, PAMELA M                FACULTY                                                   63397.76
MORTIMOREZ, SUSAN                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                       40763.35
MURRAYZ, FRANK B                 MISC HOURLY                                               62796.52
MUSEZ, JAY                       FACULTY                                                    4362.34
MYERSZ, KELSEY M                 MISC HOURLY                                               58925.27
MYERSZ, ROBERT H                 ELECTRICIAN                                               45884.29
NELSONZ, ERIC A                  FACULTY                                                    2914.45
NELSONZ, ROBERT A                FACULTY                                                     847.84
NEMZEKZ, SUSAN C                 FACULTY                                                    5308.84
NESSZ, FRED J                    FACULTY                                                     227.76
NETHZ, TED A                     FACULTY                                                   20401.15
NEUBAUERZ, CASEY C               PARA PROFESSIONAL                                          1374.97
NEWELLZ, HEATHER E               FACULTY                                                    1165.78
NGUYENZ, BRUCE                   PARA PROFESSIONAL                                           6358.5
NGUYENZ, TOM M                   UPB TUTOR COORDINATOR                                     47468.92
NGUYENZ, TU THIEN                CUSTODIAN 1                                                29108.7
NICHOLASZ, RICHARD S             FACULTY                                                     529.89
NILSONZ, ERIC E                  MOONLIGHT APPOINTMENT                                     52204.44
NORRISZ, ELAINE L                STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 3                                     34555.34
O'BRIENZ, CHURAIRAT              FACULTY                                                   99669.91
O'NEILLZ, JANET E                ASSOC DIR OF FINANCIAL AID                                44809.34
OATESZ, JOYCE M                  FACULTY                                                   61464.24
OCAMPO YANEZZ, MARCELA           FACULTY                                                    1330.61
OCHOAZ, PAULA                    SECRETARY SENIOR                                             28032
OCHOAZ, ROBERT A                 FACULTY                                                    7548.54
OCHOAZ, TAMRA                    FACULTY                                                    4663.12
OGDENZ, JANET D                  FACULTY                                                    69017.5
OLMSTEADZ, CLAUDIA A             FACULTY                                                    3901.99
OLSENZ, ANDREW M                 FACULTY                                                    3858.47
OLSONZ, GARY A                   INTERIM MATH SCIENCE DEAN                                 81587.94
OLSONZ, KIMBERLY A               FACULTY                                                   17319.75
ORTONZ, REBEKAH                  FACULTY                                                    2914.45
OWENSZ, KENNETH S                FACULTY                                                     2210.5
PADDOCKZ, DONALD L               FACULTY                                                    2914.45
PAPIESEZ, PAUL A                 PROC & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                      46115.22
PARAZ, BONITA G                  FACULTY                                                     5828.9
PARKERZ, MARIELLE                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                   32817.03
PARKSZ, BRIAN S                  FACULTY                                                    2220.68
PATRICKZ, JOHN M                 FACULTY                                                  108468.06
PATTEEZ, CATHRINE MICHELLE       FACULTY                                                    8743.35
PATTERSONZ, ERIN ELIZABETH       FACULTY                                                    6883.08
PATTERSONZ, SHELLEY KAY          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        35389.33
PAXTONZ, KATHLEEN T              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                          40524
PEARSONZ, DENNIS L               FACULTY                                                    96714.1
PEARSONZ, TODD M                 GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                             42588
PEDERSENZ, ROBERT                FACULTY                                                   97299.86
PEDERSONZ, ANNETTE L             FACULTY                                                    8743.35
PENAZ, MICHELLE L                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                       42588
PENAZ, RODOLFO                   WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                         34260
PENGZ, YONGREN                   FACULTY                                                    2914.45
PEREZZ, ELIAS                    DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                                 28011.02
PEREZZ, GUADALUPE                EXECUTIVE ASSIST TO PRES                                  54335.15
PEREZZ, TINA M                   WORKFIRST TRAIN SPECIALIST                                42284.96
PEREZ-CARRILLOZ, DIANA           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            35928
PETERSZ, MARLENE CECELIA         OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                        16838.69
PETREZ, TRACY L                  FACULTY                                                   57798.14
PETTYZ, MARSHA ANNE              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          27767.7
PIERCEZ, GREGORY V               FACULTY                                                   57328.88
PLACEZ, VICKI LYNN               INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                      39458
POLKZ, MATTHEW N                 FACULTY                                                    1582.35
PONNZ, PHILLIP A                 FACULTY                                                   12658.83
POPIELARCZYKZ, BRIAN R           FACULTY                                                       1400
PORTERZ, AMBER M                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          8178.23
PRATHERZ, MONTY L                FACULTY                                                   69295.73
PRICEZ, KENNETH I                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                    49309.95
PROCTORZ, DREW                   FACULTY                                                   56991.92
PRUSSINGZ, LORI PORTER           FACULTY                                                    1820.83
PUNCHZ, LEE D                    FACULTY                                                    6329.41
PUZZ, BRIAN M                    FACULTY                                                     143.85
QUINLEYZ, VIRGINIA               FACULTY                                                  106102.32
QUIST-OLIVARESZ, DEBBIE D        FACULTY                                                   29144.44
RANGELZ, MARIA SOLEDAD           FACULTY                                                    3371.33
RANSIERZ, RAYMOND HARLA          FACULTY                                                     9698.5
RASMUSSENZ, DIANE                FACULTY                                                     6552.5
RASTOVICHZ, MICHAEL G            FACULTY                                                     1867.9
RATLIFFZ, CECILIA M              DIR FIN AID & STUDENT EMP                                    61200
RAZEYZ, RUTH A                   INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                      64740
RIGGSZ, MONICA ELAINE            FACULTY                                                    2914.45
RILEYZ, BRETT T                  DIRECTOR FOR GRANTS                                       55391.49
RISKZ, DEBBIE A                  FOUNDATION OPERATIONS DIR                                 56686.32
RIVERAZ, SILVIA E                FACULTY                                                   18628.59
ROBBINSZ, JUDY ANN               STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                     33144.04
ROBERTSZ, CASEY E                OUTREACH & RETENTION SPEC                                  34902.2
RODRIGUESZ, CRISTINA I           FACULTY                                                        594
RODRIGUEZZ, ALFREDO              FACULTY                                                       2877
RODRIGUEZZ, ANGELINA M           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                       45828
RODRIGUEZZ, EDUARDO              ASST DIR INF0 GRAPHIC SVCS                                   69360
ROEZ, NANCY A                    ASST DIR ENROLLMENT SVCS                                  46899.64
ROGERSZ, LINDA L                 FACULTY                                                   25051.44
ROGERSZ, SCOTT D                 DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS                                      79352.5
ROGERSZ, TODD M                  FACULTY                                                   89763.68
ROLANDZ, BEATRICE                FACULTY                                                     410.97
ROLOFFZ, TIMOTHY M               FACULTY                                                     1710.5
ROMANSKIZ, FREDERICK F           FACULTY                                                      31200
ROOSZ, JULIE A                   FACULTY                                                     1438.5
ROSANEZ, DAVID M                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                       48168
ROSEZ, JAMES R                   FACULTY                                                     9911.4
ROSEZ, MARTHA                    FACULTY                                                    9195.44
ROSSELLIZ, ROBERT M              CEO FOR FOUNDATION                                        96304.41
RUHLMANZ, ELAINE G               FACULTY                                                     1425.1
RUNYONZ, CHRISTINA ROSE          EXE ASST TO VP FOR STU SER                                 35662.5
RUSCHZ, MELISSA A                FACULTY                                                    42247.8
RUSSELLZ, LARRY T                FACULTY                                                    56002.3
RYDERZ, NORIKO F                 FACULTY                                                   23726.28
SAARIZ, GREGORY A                FACULTY                                                   15823.52
SAKOZ, ANTHONY A                 FACULTY                                                   77657.15
SALASZ, JUAN A                   UTILITY WORKER 2                                           36537.8
SALDANAZ, MIGUEL A               FACULTY                                                    7864.28
SALTERZ, NICOLE R                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         29634.01
SAMSZ, CAROL ANNE                FACULTY                                                   45776.22
SANDMEIERZ, DOROTHY S            FACULTY                                                   70351.48
SANTOZ, DARON M                  FACULTY                                                    2237.95
SARACENOZ, JULIE A               GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                             42588
SARACENOZ, WILLIAM E             SR VP FOR ADMINISTRATION                                 129220.61
SAUERESSIGZ, MICHELLE R          FACULTY                                                    1748.67
SCHAUZ, DEAN T                   FACULTY                                                   98647.74
SCHEELZ, JANET                   FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                          40524
SCHLEGELZ, ALICE BICKLEY         DIR STU SUCCESS & ENGAGEME                                   51500
SCHLEGELZ, JASON M               ASST DIR FOR BAS PROGRAM                                  50947.87
SCHLOTFELDTZ, ANTHONY L          PARA PROFESSIONAL                                              954
SCHMIDTZ, CHARLES LEE            DIRECTOR OF PLANT OPS                                     75883.76
SCHMITZZ, NANCY J                FACULTY                                                   37257.15
SCHOEFFZ, PERRY L                OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR                                   33302.15
SCHOELLZ, JASON AARON            CUSTODIAN 1                                               30174.75
SCHUBERTZ, LORENA                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         29946.52
SCHUMACHERZ, LANE D              FACULTY                                                      51475
SCHUMACHERZ, TODD W              FACULTY                                                    2280.66
SCHURZ, BRIAN L                  FACULTY                                                    9302.34
SCHWILKEZ, VERNA                 FACULTY                                                      10800
SEALYZ, BRADLEY J                FACULTY                                                   65754.09
SEGURAZ, FRANCISCO N             FACULTY                                                   10345.33
SEILHYMERZ, CHARLES P            FACULTY                                                    3400.19
SELLANDZ, JULIE R                FACULTY                                                    1223.69
SERRATOSZ, ALFONSO LEE           SKILLED HOURLY                                             6551.53
SEVERINZ, DEBORAH A              SPEC ASST TO VP HR & LG AF                                58266.71
SIDIBEZ, AISSATA                 FACULTY                                                   67714.67
SIDWELLZ, KATHRYN F              FACULTY                                                   32613.34
SILVA ARCOSZ, PABLO B            PARA PROFESSIONAL                                           1534.5
SIMMELINK JOHNSONZ, STACI M      FACULTY                                                     5828.9
SIMSZ, MELODY G                  FACULTY                                                   45914.81
SLACKZ, JOHN H                   FACULTY                                                    5246.01
SMITHZ, ANITA H                  FACULTY                                                   54711.53
SMITHZ, CRAIG THOMAS             FACULTY                                                    3386.46
SMITHZ, RICHARD D                FACULTY                                                      16800
SMITHZ, ROBERT DAVID             FACULTY                                                   12408.55
SMITHAZ, BROOKE M                FACULTY                                                   28397.38
SNYDERZ, CHERYL                  FACULTY                                                   13111.57
SOKOLOSKIZ, DANNY M              FACULTY                                                     143.85
SOSAZ, HUGO OSWALDO              UTILITY WORKER 2                                          36298.66
SPENCEZ, JOHN P                  FACULTY                                                      46000
SPETSZ, SUSAN M                  FACULTY                                                    2914.45
SPIELZ, DAVID A                  WEB SVC DESIGN & E-LRN SPC                                   40200
SPROWLZ, JASON S                 FACULTY                                                    1637.79
STARKEYZ, KAREN I                FACULTY                                                     6329.4
STARRZ, DONNA L                  INFORMATION SERVICES COORD                                66053.12
STEDMANZ, LYNN DODSON            FACULTY                                                   83330.67
STEICHENZ, DANA L                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                  65484.14
STEPHENSONZ, LINDA C             FACULTY                                                    11657.8
STEVENSZ, KAY LYNN               FACULTY                                                   78797.06
STEWARTZ, JODI L                 FACULTY                                                    8160.46
STIGGEZ, KELLIE A                FACULTY                                                    3332.53
STILLZ, TIMOTHY D                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                      64740
STITELERZ, BETH E                FACULTY                                                        800
STOKERZ, LAURA                   FACULTY                                                   89651.03
STOREYZ, KATIE M                 FACULTY                                                       2877
STRAITZ, SHAWN S                 OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR                                   36901.23
STRATFORDZ, TROY H               FACULTY                                                   44510.87
STRICKLANDZ, CASSANDRA L         FACULTY                                                   33875.41
STRONGZ, FRANKLIN S              CUSTODIAN 3                                                8701.58
STROUDZ, AMY R                   DIRECTOR STU SUPPORT SVCS                                 42380.39
SUAREZZ, ADAN G                  HEP DIRECTOR                                              53793.21
SUAREZZ, TANYA MICHELLE          FACULTY                                                    14145.4
SUCHYZ, TARYN                    FACULTY                                                    17486.7
SULLIVANZ, MOLLY ANN             FACULTY                                                   12240.75
SUNZ, YONGSHENG                  FACULTY                                                   98760.27
SUNDBLADZ, TERESA LYNN           FACULTY                                                   58462.34
SWANSONZ, STEPHEN A              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                      57126
SWEATTZ, VALERIE J               FACULTY                                                    8902.32
SWOBODAZ, ROBERT BRYAN           FACULTY                                                       1070
TAFFZ, GAIL A                    FACULTY                                                    17486.7
TAFFZ, MARK A                    FACULTY                                                   82300.41
TARBERTZ, CARI ANN               FACULTY                                                     5828.9
TATEZ, CATHIE M                  FACULTY                                                    8743.35
TAYLORZ, LYNNE E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                         26589.42
TERRYZ, MARY PATRICIA            INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                     40524
THOMASZ, THOMAS C                FACULTY                                                    8743.35
THOMPSONZ, BOBBI JEAN            FACULTY                                                   26861.95
THOMPSONZ, JERRY R               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                      64740
THONNEYZ, TERESA FILAN           FACULTY                                                   65929.81
THRASHERZ, MICHAEL HOWARD        FACULTY                                                    8743.35
TIJERINAZ, ADAN FARIAS           DIRECTOR STU SUPPORT SVCS                                 43787.07
TONNINGZ, HENRY A                FACULTY                                                   43814.32
TOOMEYZ, ELIZABETH M             SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR                                 60987.84
TOPHAMZ, VALERIE P               FACULTY                                                   58098.16
TORRESZ, MARTIN G                CUSTODIAN 1                                               30500.89
TORRESZ, SANJUANA                PARA PROFESSIONAL                                          2012.85
TOSTOZ, RICK                     CUSTODIAN 5                                                  41508
TOTTENZ, SEAN B                  FACULTY                                                    60420.2
TRIPATHIZ, KAKALI                FACULTY                                                    17486.7
TROSTZ, ELIZABETH E              FACULTY                                                     815.15
TUCKERZ, KIMBERLEY A             FACULTY                                                   60791.31
TUTTLEZ, JOHN R                  FACULTY                                                    2914.45
TYLERZ, JANET                    FACULTY                                                   14133.38
TYSSENZ, GENE D                  FACULTY                                                   71511.71
UNDEMZ, REBECCA D                FACULTY                                                     8478.4
UNDERDOWNZ, FRANK H              FACULTY                                                    3386.46
VALADEZZ, MARTIN                 VP OF DIVERSITY & OUTREACH                               110015.56
VALDEZZ, DELIA                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          40524
VALENCIAZ, MAURA J               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          31002
VALENCIAZ, NADIA LIZBETH         PARA PROFESSIONAL                                           6412.5
VALENTAZ, MICHELLE M             FACULTY                                                    7716.94
VALENZUELAZ, ANDREA G            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            32901
VAN HOLLEBEKEZ, MONA             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        19592.42
VANSCHOIACKZ, JUDITH A           FACULTY                                                    7093.28
VARNERZ, STEPHEN L               FACULTY                                                     3164.7
VEGAZ, SUSAN ANN                 UPB PROJ DIRECTOR                                         55029.78
VIDOTZ, JOSE L                   FACULTY                                                    4185.68
VIERCKZ, KYLE ALAN               MISC HOURLY                                                7949.78
VLADIMIROFFZ, STACEY LORI        FACULTY                                                   69035.13
VON HOLTENZ, DANIEL L            FACULTY                                                   79989.75
VON REISZ, JENNIFER              FACULTY                                                   67557.94
VORPAGELZ, AMY K                 RETAIL CLERK 1                                             25504.5
WADEZ, JAMES T                   FACULTY                                                    2993.38
WAGARZ, DEBRA J                  WORKFIRST PROGRAM DIRECTOR                                48782.24
WAKEMANZ, CLIFFORD               FACULTY                                                   71385.35
WALKERZ, RAYMOND R               FACULTY                                                       3421
WALKERZ, ROBERT                  FACULTY                                                   67136.04
WALTERSZ, GERALDINE J            FACULTY                                                   34047.19
WARDZ, RICHARD ALLEN             FACULTY                                                   10492.02
WARD-PINKZ, DAVINA L             FACULTY                                                    6438.82
WATERSZ, FRANCES M               FACULTY                                                   15342.29
WEAKLEYZ, KAREN L                FACULTY                                                    3497.34
WEBERZ, WILLIAM L                FACULTY                                                    18322.2
WEIERZ, CARRIE A                 FACULTY                                                    20136.2
WEISGERBERZ, ERIC J              FACULTY                                                     9253.9
WENDZ, TAMMY D                   FACULTY                                                   64812.47
WESTBERGZ, HAL H                 FACULTY                                                    2914.45
WHITEMARSHZ, GABRIELA MARIA      MESA DIRECTOR & TL5 ACT SP                                49971.62
WHITLOWZ, RAYMOND R              FACULTY                                                     5828.9
WIETSMAZ, MARGARET AP            FACULTY                                                    11657.8
WILLIAMSZ, KIRK C                FACULTY                                                   16758.53
WILLIAMSZ, LAURA L               SECRETARY SENIOR                                             32247
WILLIAMSONZ, DENISE L            PAYROLL MANAGER                                              52500
WILLIAMSONZ, LAURIE D            FACULTY                                                   24539.56
WILSONZ, HEIDI ANN               FACULTY                                                    11657.8
WITHERSPOONZ, TRACIE L           FACULTY                                                   14439.79
WOLFZ, DEBBIE L                  FACULTY                                                   105516.2
WOODALLZ, THOMAS P               FACULTY                                                   61346.53
WOODSZ, MARGARET                 FACULTY                                                   61654.82
WOODWARDZ, WILLIAM T             DEAN OF AGR EDUC RES & DEV                                81587.92
WORMANZ, MATTHEW RAYMOND         FACULTY                                                    8944.16
WRIGHTZ, PATRICIA A              ASSOC DIR FOR NEW STU CTR                                    52000
WUTZKEZ, JAMES LEE               FACULTY                                                   65399.42
WYATTZ, PAIGE A                  FACULTY                                                   74668.53
WYSOCKIZ, AMANDA LOUISE          FACULTY                                                    3501.93
WYSOCKIZ, CAROL D                FACULTY                                                   92686.17
YEDIDIAZ, SHARON B               FACULTY                                                     331.19
YENCOPALZ, LEVI C                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                 40563.24
YUZ, YING                        FACULTY                                                   51849.05
ZABARAUSKASZ, ANTHONY C          FACULTY                                                   50373.97
ZHANGZ, LIMIN                    FACULTY                                                  111396.15

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