This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Centralia College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 472 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 621 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 596 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 320 employees) (2003, 386 employees) (2001, 385 employees) (1999, 390 employees) (1997, 358 employees) (1995, 347 employees)

Founded in 1925, Centralia College is the oldest community college with continuous operation in the state of Washington. The College is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. It is among 34 community and technical colleges in the state. The College operates a satellite campus in Morton and the Garrett Heyns Education Center at the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton. The College’s five-member Board of Trustees is the primary policy-making body. The President and College staff administer day-to-day College operations. In 2005-06, the College served 2,113 full- and part-time students with over 500 faculty and staff on a $13.7 million operating budget.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Centralia College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary-----

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABARCAZ, ROBERTA L              FACULTY                                                 88570.72
ADAMSZ, TERESA K                FACULTY                                                 31492.43
AGUILARZ, JUDITH                FACULTY                                                 68366.38
ALBRIGHTZ, HYESOO               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                 33993.22
ALLISONZ, PATRICK S             DIR OF TECH/COMPUTER SVS                                   80654
ALVAREZZ, MICHAEL               FACULTY                                                   339.58
ALVESZ, ANN M                   FACULTY                                                    50533
ANDERSONZ, MAUREEN P            UTILITY WORKER 2                                        30410.86
ARNOLDZ, TIMOTHY J              FACULTY                                                     2383
ASHTONZ, HEATHER C              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       19933.87
AUSTZ, DEBRA A                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        31334.5
AUSTINZ, KAY A                  FACULTY                                                 24271.91
AUSTINZ, RAYNA J                FACULTY                                                  3097.92
BAGBYZ, DAVID R                 FACULTY                                                  1787.25
BAILEYZ, CHRISTOPHER C          VICE PRES HUMAN RESOURCES                              105256.41
BAKERZ, DENISE                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          28550
BAKERZ, ERIN L                  FACULTY                                                  9114.35
BANNISHZ, SHELLEY               DIR. OF STUDENT PROGRAMS                                   56757
BARBUTOZ, NOEL C                FACULTY                                                   2432.6
BARKERZ, SAM E                  FACULTY                                                  6046.88
BARRZ, RUSSELL A                FACULTY                                                  4732.64
BARTLEZ, JOSEPH                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
BARTLETTZ, DARLENE A            EXEC.SECRETARY/ADMIN ASST.                              49495.17
BATIEZ, HOWARD F                FACULTY                                                   398.88
BEABERZ, RICHARD E              PART TIME HOURLY                                        78216.74
BELDENZ, TADD D                 FACULTY                                                 86217.44
BENNETTZ, JENNIFER D            FACULTY                                                  1191.51
BLASERZ, LOUIS E                FACULTY                                                    771.8
BLOOMSTROMZ, KELLI R            ASSOC.DEAN CENT.COLL.EAST                               19862.16
BOECKZ, JESSICA M               FACULTY                                                      525
BONDZ, LINDA R                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      31172.03
BORDENZ, BRADFORD R             FACULTY                                                  1787.25
BORTEZ, ESTHER E                FACULTY                                                  3953.96
BRADLEYZ, JOLENE                FACULTY                                                  2716.62
BRIDGESZ, LEONARD               FACULTY                                                 53210.59
BROADBENTZ, CINDY               ETS SPECIALIST                                             40922
BROOKSZ, KATHLEEN               SPEC ASSIGN - STIPEND PTF                               68501.67
BROSZZ, MARK                    FACULTY                                                 51135.85
BROWNZ, DAN M                   FACULTY                                                 25927.81
BRUMMERZ, MONICA LEE COLE       FACULTY                                                 14261.33
BRYANTZ, MICHAEL                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      24740.1
BUEHLERZ, DOROTHEA              FACULTY                                                   5987.5
BUNKERZ, D. RICHARD             FACULTY                                                   7804.4
BURRESZ, TERRENCE               FACULTY                                                  9678.17
BUTCHERZ, JUDITH K              EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  36446.37
CACCHIONEZ, BRIANNA L           INTL STUD.PROG.SPECIALIST                                  37121
CALLISONZ, ROBERT W             FACULTY                                                  2921.91
CANTINZ, PAULETTE C             FACULTY                                                 46659.32
CARLSONZ, EUDORA ANN            FACULTY                                                 70627.19
CARLSONZ, LISA J                FACULTY                                                 61477.03
CARNAHANZ, BILL E               FACULTY                                                  3157.48
CARROLLZ, DALE E                FACULTY                                                 26530.76
CAVINESSZ, DEBRA M              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          29634
CHASEZ, YVONNE J                PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                     10402.5
CLAPPZ, BETSY                   FACULTY                                                    41294
CLARKZ, COLENE R                GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         33874.8
CLINEZ, CAYTEE B                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      21168.04
COFFMANZ, DAVID M               FACULTY                                                    15323
COLEZ, PAMELA M                 FACULTY                                                   7517.4
COLEMANZ, IDA JOANN             FACULTY                                                   6056.4
COLEMANZ, LYNNE M               FACULTY                                                      525
COLLINSZ, MARK A                PART TIME HOURLY                                        47535.84
CONLEYZ, LUCY                   FACULTY                                                      525
CONRADZ, JACOB W                FACULTY                                                   936.94
COPELANDZ, GEORGANNE M          FACULTY                                                 74325.39
CORBINZ, DERRILL P              FACULTY                                                  1787.25
CORLISSZ, LYNN A                FACULTY                                                  11368.7
COTTONZ, KENNIE L               FACULTY                                                 57203.73
COUMBSZ, G LEE                  FACULTY                                                 16970.35
COXZ, JOSEPH C                  FACULTY                                                 48850.87
CRANEZ, PAULETTE                OFFICE SUPPORT SUPVR 1                                     37620
CRAWFORDZ, RULON L              FACULTY                                                 71745.67
CULLIGANZ, JAMES A              FACULTY                                                  1481.73
DAHLZ, TRACY L                  FINANCIAL AID DIR                                          68095
DANIELSZ, JAMES H               FACULTY                                                 50023.43
DAVISZ, AMIE R                  FACULTY                                                 22654.92
DAVISZ, CHARLES W               FACULTY                                                   148.94
DAVISZ, RONALD D                PART TIME HOURLY                                        52862.03
DAVISZ, WILLIAM P               FACULTY                                                    596.2
DEANZ, JANA L                   FACULTY                                                 15865.91
DEANZ, LARRY W                  FACULTY                                                   5957.5
DIAMANTZ, HIRSH                 FACULTY                                                   5987.5
DOOLITTLEZ, APRIL E             FACULTY                                                 52131.67
DRAPERZ, VIKI F                 FACULTY                                                     2600
DRISCOLLZ, MICHAEL J            FACULTY                                                 74866.77
DUBERZ, MICHAEL S               CUSTODIAN 1                                              29488.2
DUGAWZ, MARIE M                 FACULTY                                                     8652
DYKESZ, JEFFREY M               FACULTY                                                  12992.8
EACKERZ, JERALD E               FACULTY                                                 24897.33
EACKERZ, SHIRLEY                FACULTY                                                  35062.6
ELDERZ, GILBERT P               DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES                                  63342.63
ELDREDGEZ, LINDA                FACULTY                                                  9020.88
EMBUMZ, SUSAN J                 FACULTY                                                   925.76
EMERSONZ, DONNA                 SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
ENBODYZ, THOMAS J               FACULTY                                                 33099.55
ERICKSONZ, ROBERT V             FACULTY                                                 25486.27
EWINGSZ, GARTH C                FACULTY                                                    917.1
FASLERZ, JOHN A                 FACULTY                                                 72703.01
FAYZ, JACOB R                   FACULTY                                                 58166.06
FEDENZ, JACKIE E                FACULTY                                                  6483.14
FENTONZ, RENEE C                FACULTY                                                     2383
FETCHZ, CANDICE L               EXEC ASST./CONF.SECRETARY                                  34685
FISHERZ, WADE                   FACULTY                                                 69757.36
FOLKSZ, LUCRETIA JO             DIR. III OF ETS & SSS                                      65119
FORANZ, DON                     FACULTY                                                  9789.87
FOSSZ, LINDA G                  FACULTY                                                 64351.45
FRASERZ, KATHY S                FACULTY                                                   977.04
FREDRICKSONZ, JOAN E            FACULTY                                                 56114.07
FREYZ, DONALD                   DIRECTOR COLLEGE RELATIONS                              67253.14
FREYZ, ELIZABETH A              FACULTY                                                    48788
FRIASZ, JEFTE                   INTERIM DIR DIVERSITY CTR                               31829.86
FRIEDLEYZ, MARGRET              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       39390.91
FUNKZ, RICHARD                  FACULTY                                                 10315.47
GALLAWAYZ, SUE W                DEAN LIBRARY SEVICES/E-LRN                              76928.13
GARCEAUZ, JEANNETTE E           FACULTY                                                 10425.63
GARCIAZ, CLAUDIA I              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          29982
GARCIAZ, JOHNNY R               FACULTY                                                  8168.43
GARMANZ, GREGORY R              FACULTY                                                 13924.24
GARRISONZ, SHERYL L             FACULTY                                                     1800
GEORGEZ, EDWIN C                FACULTY                                                 23830.01
GESTRINEZ, BEVERLEY J           DIR WORKFIRST  WORKER RETR                                 71827
GESTRINEZ, MARTIN R             FACULTY                                                  6067.94
GILBERTSONZ, GREGORY G          FACULTY                                                 80400.85
GILSONZ, CHARLES D              INST SANITATION TRG SPEC                                39853.74
GIRTZ, JANELLE P                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28832
GODDARDZ, JAMES F               CUSTODIAN 1                                             26507.42
GOFFZ, KRISTA                   PART TIME HOURLY                                        31737.57
GOLDBERGZ, PEGGY L              FACULTY                                                 43369.55
GORHAMZ, NORMA L                FACULTY                                                 19773.37
GOSMANZ, EVAN R                 FACULTY                                                     1000
GRATZZ, TODD R                  INTERM DEAN,ACAD TRANSFER                                  76928
GREENFIELDZ, JEAN C             PROGRAM COORDINATOR GHEC                                38611.49
GREFEZ, KAREN M                 FACULTY                                                 55034.73
GROSEZ, CATHERINE A             FACULTY                                                   994.98
GROVEZ, LARRY E                 FACULTY                                                  8534.79
GRUBIAKZ, MICHAEL J             VICE PRES STUDENT SERVICES                                 92777
GRZADZIELEWSKIZ, NANCY M        TEEN PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                28353.36
GUENTHERZ, KATHLEEN A           ECEAP MANAGER                                           41235.43
GUERREROZ, LESLY                FACULTY                                                 22875.38
GUYZ, MARY G                    FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
HAGSTROMZ, JESICA M             FACULTY                                                      800
HALLECKZ, SHARON M              FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                      9635.68
HANEYZ, GARY O                  CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
HANNUMZ, ANDY W                 FACULTY                                                     1200
HANSONZ, LAURIE L               FACULTY                                                  4827.06
HARTMANZ, LESONA L              INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                  45828
HASBROOKZ, DEBRA K              FACULTY                                                   4724.3
HATCHZ, DENNIS J                PROGRAM MANAGER LRC                                     42083.25
HAWLEYZ, MIKE                   FACULTY                                                 49518.34
HEALYZ, MEGAN E                 FACULTY                                                  2978.75
HEIDAR-WEARNERZ, LISA M         FACULTY                                                 18292.65
HEITSCHMIDTZ, CRISTI J          INTERIM ASSOC DEAN CFS                                  62973.55
HENDRICKSONZ, SHARLOTTE A       FACULTY                                                      525
HENNESSEYZ, MARGARET M          FACULTY                                                   3388.2
HERTZELZ, NANCY T               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               45480.82
HILLZ, ADAM D                   PART TIME HOURLY                                        15392.86
HILLZ, CHARLES L                FACULTY                                                 51532.59
HILLZ, MELISSA J                FACULTY                                                   381.28
HILL-MILLERZ, MARION J          FACULTY                                                 13148.55
HINDERLIEZ, ELLEN E             FACULTY                                                 20712.09
HINOJOSAZ, PENNY                OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       30503.3
HINS-TURNERZ, BARBARA J         DIR POWER GENERATION EDUC                               77660.99
HOELZ, MICHAEL L                MOONLIGHT APPOINTMENT                                   53342.31
HOFFMANZ, SHARLENE P            FACULTY                                                   372.04
HOLDERMANZ, RUTH                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  34989.64
HOLIFIELDZ, CHERYL A            FACULTY                                                 71180.89
HOLLIDAYZ, LESLIE E             FACULTY                                                  3191.35
HOLMESZ, YURI M                 FACULTY                                                  6292.59
HONAKERZ, ANITA                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 67768.73
HOOGKAMERZ, THOMAS P            UPWARD BOUND SPECIALIST                                 35703.19
HOSTETTERZ, SUZANNE L           CHEMICAL HYGIENE/LAB MAN                                 32543.7
HOWINGTONZ, TY J                FACULTY                                                     2100
HUECKELZ, GREGORY J             FACULTY                                                 16689.88
HUFFMANZ, DONNA M               FACULTY                                                 75901.73
HUNTZ, PATRICK                  FACULTY                                                  6424.57
HYLTONZ, MICHELLE L             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28167.29
ICENHOWERZ, DAVID M             FACULTY                                                   2921.9
IRETONZ, THERESA L              FACULTY                                                 36722.53
JESSUPZ, LAUREN V               FACULTY                                                  1060.45
JEWELLZ, KRISTINE               TEEN PROGRAM MANAGER                                    45978.25
JOHNSONZ, CARRIE                FACULTY                                                 50227.29
JOHNSONZ, JULIA L               DIR DONOR ALUMNI RELATIONS                                 53250
JOHNSONZ, PATRICIA              FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPER                                    48168
JOHNSONZ, RANDAL B              FACULTY                                                      150
JOHNSONZ, RANDALL WRIGHT        FACULTY                                                  61307.2
JOHNSONZ, TARA L                FACULTY                                                  10544.6
JOHNSTONZ, JAMES K              FACULTY                                                  6596.41
JONESZ, CHRISTINE M             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  42681.03
JONESZ, ROLAND V                FACULTY                                                 10912.85
JORGENSENZ, KARIE M             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     17976.66
JUSTICEZ, WANDA L               FACULTY                                                      325
KEAHEYZ, SHERI L                FACULTY                                                 53021.18
KEARNSZ, CAROL A                FACULTY                                                  1893.56
KEATONZ, DAVID                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                   43365.7
KEATONZ, NANCY N                INTERIM PAR SUP SV MANAGER                              42343.09
KELLARZ, RONALD G               FACULTY                                                   1613.7
KELSOZ, CHARLES E               FACULTY                                                 73446.69
KIDDZ, BRIGITTE                 ASSOCIATE DEAN LRC                                         76928
KIMBELZ, CHERYL L               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               45480.82
KIRKPATRICKZ, JENIFER M         FACULTY                                                  18799.3
KISERZ, DANA M                  FACULTY                                                  3788.98
KLAMNZ, STEPHANIE D             CHECKSTAND OPERATOR                                     19895.75
KLOVDAHLZ, DAVID C              FACULTY                                                     4000
KNOLLZ, RUTH                    PART TIME HOURLY                                         25821.4
KNOLLZ, SABRINA                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     49950.19
KNUDSONZ, ERIK E                FACULTY                                                      525
KNUTSENZ, KAREN                 FACULTY                                                 37475.12
KOETJE BROWNZ, CAROL F          FACULTY                                                 16340.45
KOHLMEIERZ, MICHAEL D           FACULTY                                                  6527.58
KOSTICKZ, JAMIE L               PART TIME HOURLY                                        11400.87
KOSTICKZ, RANDY                 FACULTY                                                 93578.96
KOSTICKZ, V'ANN                 HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42690
KRAUSEZ, JAMIE A                ASSISTANT DIRECTOR NW COE                               25499.95
KRISTENSONZ, KENNETH D          FACULTY                                                 30735.95
KUNZ, LILY                      FACULTY                                                 53139.96
LA LONDZ, DAVID E               FACULTY                                                 75160.64
LAMBZ, RICHARD J                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
LAMOREAUXZ, PAUL M              FACULTY                                                  4640.42
LANGRELLZ, JANET C              FACULTY                                                  7662.04
LARSONZ, SARA                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      10862.17
LAWRENCEZ, CYNTHIA A            WEB SITE MANAGER                                           48127
LAWRENCEZ, VICKI K              FACULTY                                                  3487.08
LAWSZ, KEVIN C                  FACULTY                                                      500
LAWSONZ, RENEE D                FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPER                                 47084.88
LAWSONZ, WALLY                  FACULTY                                                  1099.99
LAYMANZ, DEBRA R                FACULTY                                                     1050
LAYTONZ, BRIAN O                FACULTY                                                      225
LAYTONZ, CHRISTOPHER M          FACULTY                                                  9043.66
LAYTONZ, SARAH L                FACULTY                                                      750
LE DUCZ, JACOB A                FACULTY                                                     2050
LEWISZ, MEGAN D                 FACULTY                                                   1730.4
LEWISZ, MONICA                  FACULTY                                                     1050
LIBBYZ, SHARON M                FACULTY                                                 45298.13
LOMBARDIZ, GENEVA A             FACULTY                                                    789.6
LOOKZ, JAIME                    OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       26683.9
LOOMIS-BENNETTZ, KIMBERLY A     FACULTY                                                  2957.48
LOPEZZ, JORGE L                 FACULTY                                                   1178.4
LOUCKSZ, SHAREN A               FACULTY                                                      525
LUNDZ, JACOB W                  FACULTY                                                  51117.6
LUNDERSZ, RUSSELL L             FACULTY                                                 29248.22
LUNKEZ, CANDIS D                EVENTS COORDINATOR                                         39517
MAC NAMARAZ, ATARA C            FACULTY                                                 72698.71
MADSENZ, ERIN M                 FACULTY                                                   845.97
MAHONEYZ, MERRAN L              FACULTY                                                  1503.48
MAIAVAZ, SARAH B                FACULTY                                                  5770.82
MANNZ, CYNTHIA J                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33302.14
MARIENTHALZ, MERRY N            FACULTY                                                      189
MARTENSZ, JOHN T                VICE PRESIDENT,INSTRUCTION                              98487.92
MARTINDALEZ, PENNY M            FACULTY                                                 47228.69
MARTINEZZ, LAURA                FACULTY                                                 39245.99
MAUSTZ, JEAN E                  FACULTY                                                  1787.25
MAWAMBAZ, CHERYL F              FACULTY                                                  3008.75
MAYFIELDZ, SEAN R               EXEC.SECRETARY/ADMIN ASST.                                 44145
MC ADAMZ, TERENCE               FACULTY                                                     7149
MC CABEZ, MARILYN J             FACULTY                                                  10780.8
MC CANNZ, NANCY                 FACULTY                                                  6940.49
MC CLAINZ, MARY K               FACULTY                                                 56895.35
MC INNISZ, JULIE C              PARENT SUPP SVS.COORD                                    3708.91
MC KINLEYZ, GEORGIA L           CASHIER 3                                                  35928
MC MILLANZ, JONATHAN V          FACULTY                                                      540
MC REYNOLDSZ, DAVE M            FACULTY                                                 20693.88
MEDLINZ, MARY ANN               DIR.INST.RES./EXT FUNDING                               91565.21
MEIERDIERCKSZ, PATRICIA R       FACULTY                                                 63004.94
MEISTERZ, JOANIE                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      39096.3
MEJIAZ, LIRIO Y                 FACULTY                                                    11248
MERCERZ, SHERYL L               FACULTY                                                  77783.2
MIFFITTZ, ELLEN M               FACULTY                                                   708.95
MILESZ, NATALIE R               FACULTY                                                 30995.61
MILLERZ, KATHLEEN A             FACULTY                                                 26365.93
MILLERZ, MARLA A                DIR. OF FISCAL SERVICES                                    69989
MILTONZ, JOSEPH A               FACULTY                                                      300
MILTONZ, KAREN K                FACULTY                                                  3623.17
MITCHELLZ, PAUL D               FACULTY                                                 59304.86
MITCHLERZ, SHARON J             FACULTY                                                 67080.63
MOHNEY-DECEASEDZ, RUSSELL E     COMMUNICATION CONSULT 2                                 17048.22
MOHORICZ, SINA ML               FACULTY                                                 25452.48
MOIRZ, JASON A                  STUDENT SUCCESS SPECIALIST                              46709.77
MOIRZ, SHALEENE C               FACULTY                                                 12106.74
MORANTZ, MARGARET E             FACULTY                                                 15299.19
MORGANZ, MICHAEL G              FACULTY                                                     1000
MOSS CLARKZ, KEVIN J            FACULTY                                                      525
MOUNTSZ, CORY E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       25837.04
MULLENIXZ, JOHN LUTHER          FACULTY                                                  4709.15
MULLINSZ, MICHAEL W             FACULTY                                                  5707.44
MURPHYZ, CATHY L                FACULTY                                                  2978.75
MYERZ, BONNIE JO                DIR CENTRAL SVS/PURCHASING                                 58948
MYHREZ, MARY L                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
NAGELZ, MARY L                  FACULTY                                                  2650.02
NAGELKERKEZ, RUBY               FACULTY                                                  78023.9
NANKANIZ, LAJU D                DIR.INTL STUDENT PROG/IEP                                58515.7
NANNEYZ, LYNDA                  FACULTY                                                   485.23
NEALZ, SANDRA K                 FACULTY                                                 44090.73
NEDROWZ, DOUGLAS D              FACULTY                                                      500
NELLISZ, ALLAN L                FACULTY                                                  11120.5
NELSONZ, SHARA L                FACULTY                                                   553.73
NIEMIZ, DENA F                  FACULTY                                                  5913.32
NIXONZ, CAROLYN L               FACULTY                                                  3720.36
NOBACHZ, PATRICIA J             FACULTY                                                 15930.36
NORTONZ, STEPHEN F              FACULTY                                                 62235.54
NOVARRAZ, BRENDA A              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                        43989.9
NOVOTNYZ, ELAYNE R              FACULTY                                                   387.24
O'REILLYZ, KELLI                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  29921.38
OAKERMANZ, VICKI R              DIR.INSTITUTIONAL BUDGETS                                  55000
OATESZ, WHITNEY A               FACULTY                                                   9569.7
OIENZ, ANN E                    FACULTY                                                   7786.8
OLMOSZ, LYNNE L                 FACULTY                                                   921.09
OLSONZ, AMANDA L                FACULTY                                                      525
ORMRODZ, NOLA F                 SALARY GRADE K                                           66972.5
OWENZ, NICHOLAS H               FACULTY                                                   5957.5
PALKOWSKIZ, JENNIFER L          FACULTY                                                     2000
PALMISANOZ, ELENI E             FACULTY                                                 47760.93
PARKERZ, JONI A                 FACULTY                                                  9360.72
PATTISONZ, PATRICIA L           FACULTY                                                  3962.62
PENNINGTONZ, RANDY S            FACULTY                                                  1316.61
PEREZZ, LAUREN K                FACULTY                                                     3500
PEREZZ, TERRI L                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40503.25
PERKINSZ, GLORIA                FACULTY                                                 91609.56
PERKINSZ, RICHARD D             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  32163.52
PETERSZ, ROBERT M               DIRECTOR SPORTS PROGRAMS                                56969.36
PETERSONZ, JODY L               FACULTY                                                 67433.27
PETZOLDZ, ANTHONY L             TECH DIRECTOR/STAGE MANAGE                              49047.52
PFEIFERZ, BIENVENIDA B          FACULTY                                                   107.15
PHILLIPSZ, JOY L                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  30356.04
PHILLIPSZ, RICK A               FACULTY                                                   8226.8
PICKETTZ, JAY D                 FACULTY                                                   435.89
PORTERZ, ROBYN R                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                  27244.84
PRESTONZ, ANGELA J              PART TIME HOURLY                                         24668.6
PRICEZ, GLORIA                  FACULTY                                                  64840.1
PRIDAYZ, JULIE H                FACULTY                                                 84592.57
PRINGLEZ, PATRICK T             FACULTY                                                 57137.78
PRUITTZ, CHRISTIE D             FACULTY                                                   867.96
QUEENZ, STEVEN R                CUSTODIAN 3                                             34506.18
RADERZ, MARGARET A              FACULTY                                                  2662.54
RAFFZ, CHERYL ANN               TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                 70718.38
RAHNZ, DARLENE J                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                  30652.4
REAUMEZ, JANET E                PART TIME HOURLY                                        24054.96
REGANZ, KEVIN M                 FACULTY                                                  2471.46
REGINOZ, PAULINO Z              FACULTY                                                 16892.76
REIGLEZ, ROSEMARY R             FACULTY                                                 28034.29
REMUNDZ, TAMMY J                ASST. TO DIR. PERSONNEL                                 50520.72
RENFROZ, LIZBETH                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  27051.85
RHOADSZ, PAULA                  DEAF INTERPRETER 3                                      47089.49
RICHARDSONZ, ERIC               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32804.93
RICHARDSONZ, RYAN JAY           FACULTY                                                   9744.6
RINTAZ, GARALD H                FACULTY                                                      240
ROBERSONZ, EDWARD E             FACULTY                                                  1665.11
ROBERTSONZ, CONSTANCE G         EDUC/JOB PLACE SPECIALIST                                  40422
ROCHLINZ, DONN                  FACULTY                                                      672
RODRIGUEZZ, LORENZO             FACULTY                                                  29147.5
RODRIGUEZZ, MARIA F             FACULTY                                                 20597.57
ROGERSONZ, JOAN L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
ROLLINSZ, PAULINE K             FACULTY                                                 17370.33
ROMEROZ, ALEJANDRO              PRINTING & DUPL SPEC 2                                     30504
RONNESTADZ, LEIANN A            FACULTY                                                  2611.68
ROSEZ, MICAH T                  ECEAP MANAGER                                            5782.14
ROSSZ, ELENA L                  FACULTY                                                  34407.6
ROULETZ, CHRISTY M              FACULTY                                                  2102.44
ROWLANDZ, JUNE A                FACULTY                                                  1787.25
RUBADUEZ, MARK S                FACULTY                                                  3042.15
RUBYZ, DONNA L                  PARENT SUPP SVS.COORD                                   42854.03
RUSHTONZ, MARY L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     20340.52
RUSSELLZ, SANDRA C              ETS SPECIALIST                                          34187.65
SAVINOZ, STACEY A               ASST.FINANCIAL AID DIR.                                    45988
SCALFZ, TINA M                  FACULTY                                                   1496.8
SCAPILLATOZ, JAMES L            INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 10608.06
SCHIMELPFENIGZ, LEZA A          FACULTY                                                 10560.65
SCHINNELLZ, LYNN M              PROGRAM COORD CC EAST                                    38243.3
SCHLAGELZ, ROSANNA D            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      24838.95
SCHMIDTZ, DAWNE                 FACULTY                                                    865.2
SCHNABLZ, RUTH                  FACULTY                                                    23830
SCHOELKOPFZ, SUSAN J            EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  28106.51
SCHOELKOPFZ, WILLIAM            ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN 3                                   49368
SCHRAYZ, JONATHAN C             FACULTY                                                      900
SCHULTZZ, HEIDI RV              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     24082.56
SCHUTZZ, SHANE G                FACULTY                                                  3447.11
SCHWINDTZ, FREDERICK            FACULTY                                                 35846.31
SCOTTZ, REBECCA M               PARENT SUPP SVS.COORD                                   36850.88
SEIBERZ, LAURIE D               FACULTY                                                   154.89
SHACKELFORDZ, BRET              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 56625.19
SHEARERZ, NORDIS R              FACULTY                                                     8816
SHEETSZ, RON D                  FACULTY                                                      500
SHELDONZ, SUE                   FACULTY                                                 64501.54
SHRIVERZ, DEBORAH A             FACULTY                                                 90464.46
SHRIVERZ, GENE P                FACULTY                                                  94633.1
SISSONZ, LINDA E                PARENT SUPP SVS.COORD                                    31299.5
SKINNERZ, RICK A                FACULTY                                                 14243.65
SMEJKALZ, CONNIE M              DIR WORKFORCE/CONT. EDUC                                52487.25
SMITHZ, CHRISTINA L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32608.51
SMITHZ, KATHLEEN S              FACULTY                                                      550
SMITHZ, KENTON V                FACULTY                                                  8492.59
SNOWZ, BEVERLY A                MAIL PROCESSING MANAGER                                    41508
SNYDERZ, MARGARET               FACULTY                                                 39156.22
SPEERZ, LORRAINE G              FACULTY                                                 55251.71
SPIEGELBERGZ, JEANETTE A        CHILD STUDIES MANAGER                                   41288.17
SPINNIEZ, GLENN H               FACULTY                                                  1460.95
STANTONZ, LAUREN L              FACULTY                                                  2535.04
STEELEZ, JOELLE                 FACULTY                                                     1911
STEIDELZ, JOHN B                FACULTY                                                 16923.12
STEVESONZ, SHERRY L             FACULTY                                                      275
STEWARTZ, JULI A                FACULTY                                                  1268.95
STILTNERZ, GAIL                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       12340.5
STOFFERZ, MARY A                FACULTY                                                    15141
STOMIEROSKIZ, SHANDY L          ADMISSIONS OUTREACH SPEC.                               34742.27
STRASSELZ, MARGARET S           FACULTY                                                  7377.81
STRODEMIERZ, TAMARAH            BOOKSTORE MANAGER                                          50264
STUDEMANZ, GEINA L              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 39950
STURGEONZ, MARTHA               FACULTY                                                    432.6
STYGERZ, SHEENA M               FACULTY                                                   3248.2
SULLIVANZ, DURELLE S            INTERIM DEAN WORKFORCE ED                                  76928
SULLIVANZ, LINDA J              FACULTY                                                 38840.52
SUNFLOWERZ, ELISA               STUDENT SUCCESS SPECIALIST                              43646.34
SWEETINGHAMZ, DAWN S            FACULTY                                                 30884.92
SZTENZ, JULIA M                 FACULTY                                                  1349.24
TAYLORZ, CALVIN L               FACULTY                                                 57989.22
TAYLORZ, DANIEL                 FACULTY                                                 72126.87
TAYLORZ, JUANITA J              OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                      35040
TAYLORZ, LISA J                 STUDENT SUCCESS SPECIALIST                                 37621
THOMPSONZ, LORELI A             FACULTY                                                   3574.5
THREAPLETONZ, MICHAEL J         FACULTY                                                 58626.65
THUNBERGZ, KELLEY L             INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               28694.09
TILLERZ, ROSE E                 EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  38034.18
TIPPINGZ, JACK M                FACULTY                                                    122.5
TRETHEWEYZ, KERRY M             FACULTY                                                    47763
TWOHYZ, MARY LYNN               FACULTY                                                 15282.48
TYRRELLZ, BRIAN L               FACULTY                                                 73148.68
TYRRELLZ, JANA A                FACULTY                                                     1500
URICHZ, JODI L                  PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                      35540.5
VAN ALSTYNEZ, GREGORY           FACULTY                                                 71675.36
VAN DAMZ, INE M                 FACULTY                                                 39961.46
VANDEGRIFTZ, ZOE R              FACULTY                                                  9759.79
VANDERMEERZ, JAMES D            INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               22672.65
VANTUYLZ, CARMEN                FACULTY                                                 39510.63
VAUGHANZ, CHARLES H             FACULTY                                                  2978.75
VAWTERZ, PAMELA L               FACULTY                                                   512.34
VESSEYZ, TAMMY E                FACULTY                                                      343
VIGGERSZ, GARY A                FACULTY                                                  4953.54
VODJANSKY-WARDZ, KATHLEEN L     ASST DIR TALENT SRCH/UPBND                                 42493
VOSPERZ, JAMES M                FACULTY                                                  7379.09
WACHTERZ, SUSAN C               FACULTY                                                  2934.83
WALKERZ, DEBRA A                FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        28029.16
WALTONZ, JAMES M                CAMPUS PRESIDENT                                          152754
WALTONZ, LORRIE L               CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
WARDZ, ANN E                    FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                      15196.5
WARDZ, STEPHEN L                VICE PRES FINANCE & ADMIN                              108526.38
WATERMANZ, ELAINE I             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     22363.16
WEILZ, SUSANNE M                FACULTY                                                    60069
WEINMANNZ, TAMI L               FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               34918.92
WELCHZ, LISA D                  PART TIME HOURLY                                        34972.34
WELLINGSZ, ELIZABETH N          FACULTY                                                 11264.31
WHITEZ, DAVID H                 FACULTY                                                 71621.57
WICKSZ, ALICIA K                ICP PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                 54058.81
WILCOXZ, LINDA                  PARENT EDUCATION MANAGER                                39686.26
WILCOXZ, STEVE A                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     48168
WILKESZ, JULIAN A               UTILITY WORKER 2                                           35040
WILKINSONZ, JAMIE L             FACULTY                                                      525
WILLIAMSZ, ANGELA C             FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           38489
WILLIAMSZ, CHERYL               EXEC.SECRETARY/ADMIN ASST.                               43459.4
WILLIAMSZ, PATRICK D            FACULTY                                                 18526.03
WILLIAMSZ, TERRY L              FACULTY                                                  1707.85
WILLIAMS-NELSONZ, ARDELLA J     FINANCIAL AID SPECIALIST                                   40422
WILLIAMSONZ, DALE R             GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 1                                28141.15
WILSONZ, LISA A                 UPWARD BOUND SPECIALIST                                 37818.77
WINKLEYZ, NICOLE M              FACULTY                                                  2857.12
WOODZ, DORIS S                  FACULTY                                                 52100.51
WOODZ, SALLY JUNE               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29145
WOODCOCKZ, RUTH                 FACULTY                                                 27282.11
WOODSZ, GAIL                    EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                  30864.21
WRIGHTZ, DOROTHY P              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
WRZESINSKIZ, LANCE              FACULTY                                                 80159.85
WYNDERZ, CHRISTINE C            FACULTY                                                  2681.09
YOCOMZ, LAURA GENEVIEVE         FACULTY                                                 69392.87
YOUNGZ, SUE A                   FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148

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