This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Court of Appeals employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 172 multiple job employees (includes 2 duplicates) (2009, 153 employees) (2007, 152 employees) (2005, 152 employees) (2003, 152 employees) (2001, 159 employees) (1999, 148 employees) (1997, 145 employees) (1995, 140 employees)

Created in 1969 (Washington State Constitution - Article IV, Section 30; Chapter 2.06 RCW), the Court of Appeals serves as the intermediary appellate court for the state of Washington. Statutes give the Court exclusive appellate jurisdiction in almost all appeals from a lower court decision and court rules require the Court to accept review of a final judgment entered in any action in superior courts. The purpose of the Court is to review cases and to render written opinions that state the grounds for the decision. The Courtís objective is to provide this review in a timely manner. The 22 Court judges serve six-year, staggered terms and are chosen by non-partisan judicial ballot in the general election. Vacancies are filled by the Governor and the appointee serves until the next general election. State law (Chapter 2.06.020 RCW) requires that the Court be housed in three distinct divisions throughout the state. These divisions are located in Spokane, Tacoma and Seattle. A Presiding Chief Judge, who serves a one-year term, oversees the divisions including overall coordination of business matters. Each division elects its own Chief Judge to handle administrative details. The Court employs approximately 145 people and has a biennial budget of approximately $28.4 million. Revenues collected by the Court are from fines and filing fees.
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2011 State of Washington Court of Appeals List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/26/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ,  CATHY L                RECEPTIONIST/FILE CLERK                                 35655.82
APPELWICKZ,  MARLIN J           COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                    156328
ARMSTRONGZ,  DAVID H            COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                    156328
ASAIDALIZ,  ELAINE E            JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                         42518.4
BECKERZ,  MARY KAY              COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                    156328
BEVERZ,  DEBORAH S              JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        52700.62
BISHOPZ,  APRIL S.B.            LAW CLERK                                               30340.96
BLIZEZ,  PEGGY M                JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        52946.68
BOARDMANZ,  CATHERINE           JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        52946.68
BREITENBACHZ,  CAROLE           SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                   68451.79
BRIDGEWATERZ,  CARROLL          COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
BROMMEZ,  JAY G                 SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                   80279.18
BROWNZ,  STEPHEN M              COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
BRUGGEMANZ,  CLAIR J            SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                   80554.95
BRYANTZ,  BETH C                LAW CLERK                                               20982.27
BURKEZ,  DENA MP                LAW CLERK                                               18921.41
CAMPBELLZ,  ABIGAIL V           LAW CLERK                                               15085.05
CHASEZ,  MICHELLE               STAFF ATTORNEY                                          73556.86
CHENZ,  EDWARD                  LAW CLERK                                               30644.44
CLEVELANDZ,  KIMBERLY           CASE MANAGER                                            45354.56
COLIGNONZ,  MARYA E             LAW CLERK                                               45654.41
CORVINZ,  SARA L                LAW CLERK                                               47575.04
COXZ,  RONALD E                 COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
CROCKETT-MORENOZ,  CHERYL M     CASE MANAGER                                            43406.95
CUTTINGZ,  CHRISTOPHER D        LAW CLERK                                                  11457
DAHLZ,  EMILY F                 LAW CLERK                                               15372.17
DAHLEMZ,  SUSAN S               SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                        53148
DALTONZ,  JANET L               CASE MANAGER                                             40370.5
DAVISZ,  WENDY C                JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
DAZAZ,  ROSARIO                 LAW CLERK                                                  14049
DEANZ,  ROBIN ALLISON           LAW CLERK                                                  18063
DRESSLERZ,  SANDRA J            SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     52745.36
DUNCANZ,  JEANNIE L             LAW CLERK                                               21681.56
DUNNZ,  KARA K                  LAW CLERK                                               45654.41
DWYERZ,  STEPHEN J              COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
ELLINGTONZ,  ANNE L             COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
ELLISZ,  WILLIAM H              COURT COMMISSIONER                                      93049.91
EVANSZ,  TEXIE C                LAW CLERK                                                  16056
FERGUSONZ,  HUNTER O            LAW CLERK                                               30180.87
FIELDZ,  SYLVIA A               SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     52936.61
FRIEDMANZ,  ROBERT J            LAW CLERK                                               26923.95
GOELZZ,  DARCEY J               LAW CLERK                                                  48168
GRAHAMZ,  THOMAS FREDERIC       LAW CLERK                                                  48168
GROSSEZ,  C KENNETH             COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
GROSSEZ,  TIMOTHY W             CASE MANAGER                                            47138.45
HARTZ,  JESSE R                 LAW CLERK                                                44159.6
HARVEYZ,  JACQUALINE J          SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     53506.57
HASTINGSZ,  KEVIN M             LAW CLERK                                               45637.05
HEMPHILLZ,  JOAN E              LAW CLERK                                               32347.96
HENDERSONZ,  BRIENNE E          LAW CLERK                                               18762.29
HIRSTZ,  SHERRY L               CASE MANAGER                                               50082
HODGES-HOWELLZ,  JOHN GALT      LAW CLERK                                                  48168
HOFFMANZ,  BARBARA D            LAW CLERK                                                35450.1
HOFFMANZ,  SELENA L             LAW CLERK                                                  18063
HOLLANDERZ,  FRANK T            LAW CLERK                                               30526.58
HOLLEMANZ,  SCOTT E             LAW CLERK                                                33440.7
HORENSTEINZ,  BRADY J           LAW CLERK                                               45654.41
HOUGHTONZ,  ELAINE M            COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                  52109.36
HUNTZ,  J ROBIN                 COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
ISEMINGERZ,  DAVID M            LAW CLERK                                               45654.41
JAFFEZ,  NOAH S                 LAW CLERK                                                  18063
JOHNSONZ,  PAMELA P             JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        52936.61
JOHNSONZ,  RICHARD D            COURT ADMINISTRATOR/CLERK                              122260.68
JOHNSONZ,  RICHARD T            FILE CLERK TEMP                                              493
JOSEPHZ,  JENNIFER P            LAW CLERK                                               50654.25
JULIANZ,  JOHN C                LAW CLERK                                                  16056
KARADEMOSZ,  MICHELLE           JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        52523.91
KELLYZ,  SARA                   LAW CLERK                                                  48168
KIMZ,  BONNIE                   LAW CLERK                                               18921.41
KINGZ,  RACHEL C. B.            LAW CLERK                                                  48168
KISTLERZ,  HELEN E              CASE MANAGER                                            47220.09
KOHZ,  JENNIFER D               STAFF ATTORNEY                                             73260
KORSMOZ,  KEVIN M               COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
KULIKZ,  TERESA C               COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
LADICHZ,  MAURINA A             LAW CLERK                                               56340.01
LAKETAZ,  MARGARET M            JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                         44525.7
LANDBERGZ,  ROSE A              JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        53739.81
LANDRUSZ,  HAILEY L             LAW CLERK                                               49931.64
LAUZ,  LINDA                    COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
LEACHZ,  J ROBERT               COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
LECHICHZ,  RICHARD              LAW CLERK                                                  18063
LEHMANNZ,  FRANK G              SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                      80892
LEIDYZ,  MARY A                 JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
LEVINZ,  JESSICA E              LAW CLERK                                               30138.64
LEVITASZ,  KEREM                LAW CLERK                                                  48168
LIMZ,  LILIA NARI               LAW CLERK                                                  32112
LINDBERGZ,  ERIC                LAW CLERK                                                  18063
LOCHELTZ,  BRIDGET-ANN          ADMIN ASSISTANT - COMMISSIONER'S                        51940.08
LONGZ,  CHERYL DEE              JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        53377.09
LOVEZ,  CHRISTOPHER E           LAW CLERK                                               45654.41
MACKAYZ,  JASON K               LAW CLERK                                               27505.03
MARKSZ,  DEBORAH L              CASE MANAGER                                               46829
MARSHALLZ,  AMANDA J            LAW CLERK                                               21529.65
MATSCHZ,  JANE E                JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        49013.27
MC COWNZ,  JOYCE J              COURT COMMISSIONER                                     120596.12
MEHRIZ,  MAUREEN L              ADMIN ASSISTANT - COMMISSIONER'S                        53625.26
MELLEYZ,  ANNE E                STAFF ATTORNEY                                          15483.94
MINEARZ,  JONATHAN M            LAW CLERK                                               16711.71
MITCHELLZ,  CHRISTINA M         CASE MANAGER                                            40355.15
MOOREZ,  LORI ANN               CASE MANAGER                                            50094.64
MURPHYZ,  MURIEL E              LAW CLERK                                                  58656
NAKAMICHIZ,  KARIN              CASE MANAGER                                            47634.96
NEELZ,  MARY S                  COURT COMMISSIONER                                     120985.92
NEWMARKZ,  GIDEON S             LAW CLERK                                               18921.41
PALMERZ,  JONATHAN M            STAFF ATTORNEY                                          26484.55
PARKERZ,  TIMOTHY T             LAW CLERK                                                 9432.9
PARKSZ,  RACHEL                 JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
PENOYARZ,  JOEL M               COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
PERRYZ,  RANDY                  STAFF ATTORNEY                                          76700.36
PHARESZ,  KAREN K               JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        52745.36
PIERCEZ,  MATTHEW V             LAW CLERK                                               26925.48
POMMERZ,  WANDA LEE             JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
PONZOHAZ,  DAVID C              COURT ADMINISTRATOR/CLERK                              120504.73
PORTEOUSZ,  MARIA T             JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
PORTERZ,  SONYA L               JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        46009.54
POWELLZ,  LEANNE L              JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                         43703.9
PRINCEZ,  EVA MARIE             SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     53605.15
QUINN-BRINTNALLZ,  C J          COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
RAWLINSZ,  LAURA D              CASE MANAGER                                            41114.93
RAYMENTZ,  LAUREN S             LAW CLERK                                                  36660
RAYMENTZ,  LAUREN S             STAFF ATTORNEY                                          24171.87
REEDZ,  DALE ANN                JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        46226.52
REUTERZ,  JILL S                LAW CLERK                                               13850.07
ROBERTSZ,  JOYCE ANN            CASE MANAGER                                            45947.46
SAFARIKZ,  SHARON MCCONNELL     LAW CLERK                                                  18063
SAFARLIZ,  JOHN A               LAW CLERK                                                17949.3
SANDERSZ,  ERIN B               JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        16709.41
SANDERSZ,  LAURIE L             SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     56188.52
SCHIFFLERZ,  KENNETH A          STAFF ATTORNEY                                             73260
SCHINDLERZ,  ANN                COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
SCHMIDTZ,  ERIC B               COURT COMMISSIONER                                     120527.64
SCHOEDELZ,  ELIZABETH L         LAW CLERK                                               27327.65
SHAHANZ,  JUNE C                SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     52523.44
SHARPZ,  SUSANNAH J             LAW CLERK                                               44381.41
SHORTSZ,  BERYL                 JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                        19326.55
SIDDOWAYZ,  LAUREL H            COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 100310.52
SKERLECZ,  ERNETTA              COURT COMMISSIONER                                     121756.57
SMARANDOIUZ,  CARMEN A          LAW CLERK                                               25685.62
SOLUMZ,  CHRYSTINA R            LAW CLERK                                               47985.55
SORTERZ,  PEREGRIN K            LAW CLERK                                                28742.9
SPEARMANZ,  MICHAEL S           COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                    113772
SPENCEZ,  BARBARA L             CASE MANAGER                                             46820.1
SPRADLEYZ,  LAURA L             STAFF ATTORNEY                                          73716.12
STANTONZ,  SHEILA F             RECEPTIONIST/FILE CLERK                                    35928
STEFANSSONZ,  DENISE N          JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
STEPHENZ,  AMANDA KATE MAUS     LAW CLERK                                                  18063
SWANSONZ,  MARK A               SENIOR STAFF ATTORNEY                                      80892
SWEENEYZ,  DENNIS J             COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
TAYLORZ,  MATTHEW D             LAW CLERK                                                  38133
TOWNSLEYZ,  RENEE S             COURT ADMINISTRATOR/CLERK                               110263.9
VAN DERENZ,  MARYWAVE           COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 156328.08
VERELLENZ,  JAMES R             COURT COMMISSIONER                                     122260.68
WADEZ,  JUSTIN P                LAW CLERK                                                18724.1
WASSONZ,  MONICA V              COURT COMMISSIONER                                     121414.17
WATSONZ,  RENE J                JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                         37203.6
WATTSZ,  SCARLETT O             JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTAN                           53148
WEIDEMANZ,  PAUL M              LAW CLERK                                               45637.05
WEISSMANZ,  JOSHUA              LAW CLERK                                                  18063
WILCOXZ,  ASHLEY                LAW CLERK                                                6453.49
WILCOXZ,  ASHLEY                STAFF ATTORNEY                                           6866.36
WILLAFORDZ,  LOYD J             LAW CLERK                                               47676.39
WILLENBROCKZ,  FREDERICK C      LAW CLERK                                                  16056
WILLIAMSZ,  SANDRA K            SENIOR CASE MANAGER                                     52946.68
WILLIAMSONZ,  DONYA R           LAW CLERK                                                  18063
WILSONZ,  JOANNA C. B.          LAW CLERK                                                5908.96
WISEZ,  LAUREL A                CASE MANAGER                                               49368
WORSWICKZ,  LISA R              COURT OF APPEALS JUDGE                                 103763.65
ZARAGOZAZ,  NANCY               LAW CLERK                                               40521.99
ZISERZ,  GREGORY K              LAW CLERK                                                  16056
ZORICHZ,  CAROLYN R             LAW CLERK                                               70164.47
ZUNDELZ,  DARNELL L             CASE MANAGER                                            46481.73

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