This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Clover Park Technical College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 484 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 499 employees) (2007, 610 employees) (2005, 570 employees) (2003, 495 employees) (2001, 417 employees) (1999, 479 employees) (1997, 457 employees) (1995, 452 employees)

Clover Park Technical College was founded in 1942 and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. It is one of 34 community and technical colleges in the state and has been part of the state system of community and technical colleges since 1991. Previously, the College was part of Clover Park School District. Located in Lakewood, the College serves approximately 21,500 students a year with a faculty staff of nearly 400. The College operated on a $44.5 million budget for the 2005-06 school year, with a state appropriation making up approximately $17.7 million of the operating budget. The College is governed by a five-member, appointed Board of Trustees and day-to-day operations are managed by a college President. Other key officials include a Vice President of Business and Finance, a Vice President of Human Resources and a Vice President of Instruction.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Clover Park Technical College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBOTTZ, CHARLES T              SYSTEMS ANALYST                                         66856.83
ABRAHAMZ, MENAKA                FACULTY                                                    47085
ALDENZ, GRETCHEN BUESCH         FACULTY                                                      942
ALEXANDERZ, CECILE A            LIBRARY TECHNICIAN                                      21378.84
ALEXANDERZ, KAREN SUE           PAYROLL TECHNICIAN                                      47257.62
ALTIMUSZ, SHARON L              FACULTY                                                    13492
AMMONSZ, DOUGLAS L              FACULTY                                                  51230.6
ANDERSONZ, MICHAEL D            PLANT SVCS & SECURITY DIR                               81939.76
ANDERSONZ, RIITTA K             FACULTY                                                 21237.91
ANDERSONZ, ROBERT W             FACULTY                                                 48946.07
ANDERSONZ, STEVEN MICHAEL       FACULTY                                                     2100
ANDERSONZ, SUSAN S              FACULTY                                                      540
ASETREZ, PAUL                   FACULTY                                                 12963.74
AUTRYZ, TRISHA R                FACULTY                                                 48926.06
AVERYZ, LINDA C                 FACULTY                                                 37373.14
BACHEZ, HELEN A                 FACULTY                                                 13768.28
BAILEYZ, ELIZABETH FRANCIS      FACULTY                                                  53884.4
BAILEYZ, ELIZABETH LENORE       FACULTY                                                 20288.27
BANASZAKZ, LORI D               VP-INSTRUCTION/CONT ED                                 106064.32
BARFIELDZ, LUKAS J              FACULTY                                                  3016.95
BARKERZ, CHRISTINE              HEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                 37389.32
BATEZ, KATHLEEN A               RECEPTIONIST                                            30314.49
BAYNUMZ, JENNIFER L             COSMETOLOGY LAB TECH                                     22660.6
BEACHZ, LISA R                  ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         61319.58
BELLZ, ANIKA C                  HEAD START/ECE ASST I                                   37782.43
BELLZ, DEMETRIUS                OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        31096.41
BELLZ, MARK S                   OPER ENG/SECURITY                                       39951.62
BENNETTZ, DEANNE M              FACULTY                                                   1535.9
BENSONZ, BJORN H                FACULTY                                                  1562.03
BENTONZ, DAVID S                OP ENG/MASTER MECHANIC                                  56483.28
BERGERONZ, ANN BETH             STU SVC OFC ASST/TEST PCTR                               41587.4
BIRDZ, ANDREW                   DIVISION DEAN                                           86069.12
BORDASZ, VIVETTE M              FACULTY                                                  4388.29
BOWMANZ, BRITTANNY P            FACULTY SUPPORT ASST                                    15261.41
BOWMANZ, MICHAEL                FACULTY                                                 47702.06
BRIDGESZ, JANEECE L             HEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                 44752.46
BRIDGESZ, WAYNE M               FACULTY                                                 78280.28
BRIGGSZ, MARLA K                FACULTY                                                 47411.06
BROOKSZ, MARY M                 FACULTY                                                  2523.26
BROWNZ, DAVID GARY              FACULTY                                                 50228.57
BROWNZ, KIMBERLY L              RECEPTIONIST                                            30823.88
BROYLESZ, GLENDA A              FACULTY                                                 73546.48
BUFORDZ, VICKY B                INFORMATION OFFICE ASST                                 38180.78
BUNNELLZ, DIANNE K              CONFDTL SECRETARY-EXC ASST                              41587.72
BURGHAGENZ, SABINE B            FACULTY                                                 32351.47
BURNITEZ, RICHARD EVANS         FACULTY                                                  4365.47
BUSHEYZ, SUSAN MARIE            ADMIN ASSISTANT                                            54210
CAMPBELLZ, CHRISTINE L          COORD,WORKFORCE SPEC PROJ.                              56214.92
CARNEYZ, TIMOTHY A              FACULTY                                                 17236.31
CARSON-LEWANDOWSKIZ, DEBRA ANN  FACULTY                                                 73880.46
CARTERZ, BRANDI N               CAMPUS COORDINATOR                                       9970.07
CASTLEZ, MARGARET-MARY          FACULTY                                                 29712.34
CEDERMANZ, VLADISLAVA A         FACULTY                                                  1161.56
CHAFEZ, ANDREA E                FINANCIAL AID INTAKE SPECL                              39538.56
CHARTRAWZ, YUKO                 OFFICE ASSISTANT                                        31697.24
CHASEZ, FRANKLIN W              COMPUTER&NETWRK SUPRT TECH                              66698.16
CHASE-DEITRICHZ, DEBRA S        FACULTY                                                 77396.67
CHIAROZ, LOREE L                FACULTY                                                 74746.48
CHRISTIANZ, CHRISTOPHER S       FACULTY                                                  58367.2
CLARKZ, KEZIA L                 FACULTY                                                 51463.25
COFFEEZ, WESLEY D               OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        23967.62
COLLINSZ, DEBORAH L             ADMIN ASSISTANT                                            54210
COLLINSZ, MARSHALL L            FACULTY                                                 51332.63
COLLINSZ, TERRY HELEN           FACULTY                                                 61230.68
COLOMBINIZ, LISA M              FACULTY                                                 54247.48
COMERZ, PHILIP ANTHONY          FACULTY                                                  2482.76
CONTIZ, ROBIN MARY              FACULTY                                                 19072.97
COOKEZ, SEAN M                  FACULTY TEMP FT/PT                                       40683.2
COOKEZ, SUZANNE L               FACULTY                                                 45704.25
COOPERZ, LARA                   FACULTY                                                 10038.22
COSSINSZ, PAMELA J              ECE LEAD TEACHER                                        44390.97
COVINGTONZ, GARY F              FACULTY                                                 68775.68
COYNERZ, WILLIAM V              FACULTY                                                 63642.64
COZZAZ, PEGGY S                 FACULTY                                                  6151.44
CREECHZ, DANIEL B               FACULTY                                                 41429.68
CROPPIZ, CARMEN S               DIRECTOR, BASIC SKILLS                                  73422.92
CROSBYZ, KRISTY A               INSTRUCTION SUPRT SPECLST                               40791.52
CROUCHETZ, CRISTEEN B           WRKFRST OUTRCH COORDNTR                                 52067.66
CURRYZ, ROGER W                 FACULTY                                                     2500
CURRYZ, TERESA                  FACULTY SUPPORT ASST                                    27391.06
CUSTARDZ, BEVERLY J             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR                                   40904.97
CUTLERZ, LISA C                 INSTRUCTION SUPRT SPECLST                               45758.81
DAGUEZ, BRUCE T                 FACULTY                                                  23184.8
DALRYMPLEZ, ROSWITHA K          OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                         37890.4
DAMZ, KENNETH N                 FACULTY                                                 59417.32
DANIELSZ, ELIZABETH K           FACULTY                                                 21944.44
DARLINGZ, NICHOLAS P            OP ENG/MECHANIC                                          42680.9
DASHIELLZ, JOHN W               FACULTY                                                  7687.26
DAVIDZ, BARBARA G               FACULTY                                                 73546.48
DAVIDSONZ, BOBBEE V             FACULTY                                                    12075
DAVISZ, LOREN CLARE             DIR, NW CAREER & TECH HS                                32110.69
DAYZ, CHARLENE J                FACULTY                                                  63049.8
DAYZ, DOLLY K                   FACULTY                                                  2047.07
DE LANEYZ, CHRISTINE C          INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 15898.08
DEBRUYNEZ, DAVID A              FACULTY                                                 52875.34
DEMARSZ, DORENE A               FACULTY                                                 38185.13
DEWZ, JOHN                      AUTOMOTIVE SUPPORT TECH.                                25959.42
DIAZZ, MYRA ANNE                FACULTY                                                  8081.77
DIPOLZ, KAREN A                 FACULTY                                                    59029
DORUMZ, LUCY T                  FACULTY                                                 72863.84
DOYONZ, GREGORY M               FACULTY                                                 51960.72
DUMONTZ, MARION GAIL            FACULTY                                                  47271.1
DUPREEZ, EDWARD JACKSON         FACULTY                                                  3291.21
DUPUISZ, BEVERLY I              COMPUTER SUPPORT TECH                                    49602.8
DZIEDZIAKZ, BRETT A             FACULTY                                                 17597.23
EDDYZ, NELSON RAY               FACULTY                                                  5602.91
EDMONDSZ, MABEL K               DEAN FOR WORKFORCE DEVEL.                                  86069
EDMONDSONZ, REBECCA             FACULTY                                                 42196.93
ELGARZ, GEORGIANNE TAGUM        INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 33773.59
ELLIOTTZ, PATSY L               OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        32514.79
ELLISZ, STEVE P                 DEAN/DIVISION III                                        86069.2
ELLISORZ, BRADLEY EDWARD        FACULTY                                                    19100
ELMSZ, FRANKLIN T               OP EN/SHIFT LEAD,CUSTODIAN                               41344.2
ELSTROMZ, DEBORAH DELL          CLINICAL COORD/ALLIED HLTH                              52067.64
EPPSZ, GLENDA D                 REGISTRATION/VA CLERK                                   43480.28
ERDAHLZ, DENNIS ALVIN           FACULTY                                                     1080
ERNTSONZ, ROBERT E              NETWORK ENGINEER                                        57575.76
ERRIGOZ, JENNIFER A             FACULTY                                                  51230.6
ERVINZ, HEATHER K               ADMIN ASSISTANT                                            54210
EWINGZ, JOHN L                  OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        34793.58
FAIRCLOTHZ, MARY E              ASSESSMENT CTR SPECIALIST                                47135.4
FAUBIONZ, KARA B                FACULTY                                                 21519.67
FELCHZ, LINDA MAE               FACULTY                                                 54631.52
FERGUSONZ, JENNIFER             FACULTY                                                     4650
FERRISZ, DONNA M                FACULTY                                                  6969.76
FILMOREZ, ALKENNY NIMROD        FACULTY                                                  2779.25
FITCHZ, KENDRA K                COORDINATOR, COMPUTER SVCS                              66053.22
FITZGERALDZ, CHARLEEN C         FACULTY                                                  8197.57
FLANIGANZ, MEREDITH DELORES     MEAL PLANNER CHILDCARE CTR                              17945.42
FLETCHERZ, WASHAWNA T           WF/WS/WRT SUPPORT CLERK                                 11409.43
FORCHZ, REBECCA LYNN            FACULTY                                                 11287.25
FORTENBERRYZ, MICHELE C         FACULTY                                                 38634.85
FOYZ, MICHELLE R                FACULTY                                                  2632.95
FREDERICKZ, SANDY L             FACULTY                                                 63916.44
FREEMANZ, KURT L                FACULTY                                                 55071.92
FREEMANZ, SHARON P              COORDINATOR, OPPORTUNITY G                              53194.17
FREGONZ, JENNY S                REGISTRATION CLERK                                      28896.91
FRENCHZ, SAMI D                 FACULTY                                                     9150
FREYREZ, MARIE H                FACULTY                                                  84722.9
FRINKZ, BARBARA JEAN            FACULTY                                                 45704.25
FRITZZ, ANDREW R                FACULTY                                                 62552.49
FULTONZ, BETTY M                REGISTRN CLRK/CREDTL EVLTR                              19080.59
GANYONZ, MICHELLE L             FACULTY                                                 63916.44
GARCIAZ, NANCY A                LIBRARY TECHNICIAN                                      41757.74
GATESZ, ROBERT BRIAN            FACULTY                                                   2293.2
GAUVINZ, RICHARD G              LAB TECH/AVIATION                                       53378.29
GEHRIZ, LEAH M                  FACULTY                                                 10494.93
GIBSONZ, APRIL L                FACULTY                                                      650
GILLENZ, CHRISTY A              OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        37414.09
GISKEZ, DEBRA L                 FACULTY                                                      120
GISLERZ, LORETTA A              FACULTY                                                 16401.22
GLASGOWZ, JERRY RAY             FACULTY                                                 68415.68
GLITHEROZ, COLIN BARRY          FACULTY                                                 18044.23
GOINGSZ, AMY M                  VP-RESRC DEV/COLLEGE RELTN                             107147.42
GOODCHILDZ, JANE E              FACULTY                                                  1097.07
GOODMANZ, CHRISTIAN NELSON      FACULTY                                                 13467.14
GOODWINZ, WENDY LEA             FACULTY                                                  25753.1
GORDON JR.Z, JAMES E            FACULTY                                                 65983.04
GORDONZ, STEPHANIE T            FACULTY                                                  1005.65
GOVEZ, SALLY L                  FACULTY                                                 55447.07
GRAHAMZ, MALCOLM B              SUBSTITUTE-CERT/EXTRA HELP                                   240
GRAYZ, ELAINE J                 ACCOUNTANT/CASH & GL                                    61002.11
GRAYZ, SUZANNE L                EXEMPT- TEMP HRLY                                             60
GREGGZ, HAZEL M                 FACULTY                                                      950
GRIFFINZ, MYRA A                FACULTY                                                   2962.1
GRIMESZ, DEWAYNE H              FACULTY                                                 45205.08
GUERREROZ, MAILE YI             OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        14978.67
GURNERZ, DEBORAH A              INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 42937.87
HAASZ, PATRICIA C               FACULTY                                                    17900
HAGGERTYZ, REBECCA L            FACULTY                                                 49364.81
HALECKIZ, MARY                  FACULTY                                                 33032.77
HANBYZ, JAY MICHAEL             FACULTY                                                 19324.85
HANEBUTTEZ, LASHEMIA C          COORD, STUDENT SUCCESS                                   64017.4
HARPERZ, SCOTT A                FACULTY                                                  4388.28
HARTERZ, VICTORIA L             INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 42937.87
HATHAWAYZ, KATHLEEN D           FACULTY                                                  62642.1
HEGSTEDZ, CHARLES ALTON         FACULTY                                                 34739.09
HEIMRATHZ, LUDWIG               FACULTY                                                 12013.89
HELTONZ, DAVID C                FACULTY                                                  19243.9
HENLEYZ, ADAM C                 FACULTY                                                   808.25
HERRINGZ, WILLIAM R             FACULTY                                                 31036.25
HIGGINSZ, RADHARAMANA           EXEMPT- TEMP HRLY                                             60
HIKEZ, RICHARD JAMES            TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN LBRY                              42520.65
HINSONZ, KIRSTIE R              FACULTY                                                      500
HOLLAND-OHERNZ, CAROL           FACULTY                                                 64885.99
HOLLOWELLZ, KELLY L             FACULTY                                                 57021.92
HOLMZ, JANET M                  MRKTG/OUTREACH COORD                                    64359.16
HOLSTERZ, ELAINE V              FACULTY                                                 87400.18
HOODZ, BRENT J                  FACULTY                                                  5988.66
HOOKERZ, STEVEN C               FACULTY                                                 76301.55
HOOVERZ, LISA M                 CHILD CARE AIDE                                         22544.22
HOUSERZ, SUNNY                  FACULTY                                                  55079.5
HOWARDZ, DEANN                  OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        33887.85
HOWARDZ, JENNIFER L             OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        32563.55
HUGHESZ, DANIEL WAYNE           FACULTY                                                  2971.67
HUGHESZ, REGINA                 TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN LBRY                              25034.51
HULINGZ, KYLE D                 LEARNING LAB ASST                                       45097.16
HUNTERZ, FRANCES K              FACULTY                                                 56071.92
IGNACIOZ, JOHNNY L              WORKFORCE GRANTS & SPEC PR                              26472.55
IRBYZ, LINDA                    FACULTY                                                  4064.36
IRWINZ, KAREN DAVIS             FACULTY                                                  5099.47
ISAACSZ, BETHANY K              FACULTY                                                 18195.91
IVERSONZ, AUSTIN A              FACULTY                                                 58276.22
JACOBSZ, EDMUND FRANKLIN        BUSINESS TRAINING CONSULT.                              46813.72
JAMESZ, JESSICA D               MEAL PLANNER CHILDCARE CTR                               22383.7
JAMIESONZ, ELIZABETH A          CONT ED CONTRACT TRNG MGR                               68913.08
JENNISONZ, SHAWN A              DIRECTOR OF COMM & MRKTNG                               70682.18
JEWETTZ, ELIZABETH L            FACULTY                                                 11435.41
JOHNSONZ, ANGELA D              CHILD DEVLPMNT CTR MGR                                  55943.96
JOHNSONZ, JAMES KENNETH         FACULTY                                                  53030.6
JOHNSONZ, ROBERTA L             FACULTY                                                 52140.26
JOLLYZ, WILLIAM LANE            FACULTY                                                 51106.24
JONESZ, JAMES L                 FACULTY                                                 25884.18
JONESZ, LINELL MARIE            FACULTY                                                   658.24
JONESZ, MICHELE L               FACULTY                                                 77903.06
JONESZ, VICTORIA                FACULTY                                                   877.66
JOSEPHZ, WENDY M                ASSOC DIRECTOR OF FIN AID                               64002.03
KAASAZ, MELISSA J               FACULTY                                                   982.14
KALMANZ, SHOSHANA R             FACULTY                                                 28816.46
KARMANZ, JUDITH ANN             FACULTY                                                   895.94
KEITHZ, MARY ANN                FACULTY                                                    20745
KELLYZ, ELIZABETH L             FACULTY                                                 45618.65
KENTFIELDZ, CHARLES ROBERT      FACULTY                                                  3720.19
KERLEYZ, WILLIAM JAY            OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        34124.43
KIFYAKZ, ALEKSANDR I            ASST LNDSCP/GRNDS TECH                                  32969.76
KIMZ, LEV                       OP ENG/UTILITY WORKER                                   44513.99
KLEINZ, NICOLE J                FACULTY                                                  1151.93
KLUBBERUDZ, KENNETH M           FACULTY                                                  8207.98
KLUGZ, DENISE M                 FACULTY                                                 58251.66
KOEHLERZ, DONNA J               COORDINATOR BOOKSTORE                                   56214.84
KOENIGZ, JENNIFER R             FACULTY                                                  3649.03
KOLLMANZ, JOSHUA LEWIS          FACULTY                                                  26356.9
KORSCHINOWSKIZ, CLAIRE Y        ASSOC DIR OF STU PROGRAMS                               72438.85
KRANZZ, RONALD D                OP ENG/MASTER MECHANIC                                   55075.6
KRUITHOFZ, SUSAN LYNN           HEAD START/FAMILY ADVOCATE                              46055.48
KRUSEZ, JASON E                 COMPUTER&NETWRK SUPRT TECH                              50184.19
KYLEZ, DEANA MARLA              FACULTY                                                 10814.07
LACSON-CLEMZ, LISA              FACULTY                                                  5265.94
LAMBZ, DEAN C                   FACULTY                                                 73796.48
LAMBERTONZ, IAN K               FACULTY                                                 34319.26
LANGEZ, PATRICIA CONSTANCE      EXEMPT- TEMP HRLY                                       28663.25
LARSONZ, DENISE ANNETTE         FACULTY                                                     2600
LASONZ, BRIDGET M               FACULTY                                                  4053.07
LAVALSITZ, MARY SEAN            FACULTY                                                 17760.95
LAWRENCEZ, MARGARET S           FACULTY                                                  7293.55
LAWRENCEZ, SUSANN M             FACULTY                                                 62163.76
LAZARUSZ, BRENDA A              FACULTY                                                 41837.61
LEEZ, MARILYN M                 LIBRARY TECHNICIAN                                      42757.74
LEGARYZ, JENNIFER KRISTINE      HEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                  2404.38
LEWISZ, CHRISTINE R             ADMIN ASSISTANT                                            54210
LIMZ, KIMBER M                  FACULTY                                                      280
LINDZ, CONNIE A                 FACULTY                                                 68415.68
LINDSAYZ, CRIS-JON              COMPUTER&NETWRK ENGINEER                                62004.64
LINGENFELTERZ, ROBERT D         FACULTY                                                  42164.9
LIVINGSTONZ, NANCY E            FACULTY                                                  9969.61
LOFGRENZ, RAY                   FACULTY                                                 51236.63
LOVEDAYZ, JOYCE E               ASSOC VP FOR INSTRUCTION                                 96358.2
LUNDBERGZ, JACQUELINE M         FACULTY                                                  4936.83
LYNNZ, JADA                     FACULTY                                                  1865.02
MACDOUGALLZ, JUDITH W           DIRECTOR, ENROLLMENT SRVCS                              73423.04
MADDENZ, LARRY J                OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        34549.75
MAGNOZ, MICHAEL O               FACULTY                                                 56139.92
MAGUIREZ, PATRICIA A            FACULTY                                                 23131.43
MAINZ, DANIEL K                 FACULTY                                                 50919.04
MALLOYZ, KAREN L                OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        32631.88
MANCUSOZ, JAMES J               DIR, NW CAREER & TECH HS                                51983.21
MANDLEYZ, LARITA M              DIVISION DEAN                                            86069.2
MANDTZ, KATHLEEN A              HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST                               47532.6
MANGANZ, JOHN L                 FACULTY                                                 41524.71
MARCELLEZ, MELISSA A            FACULTY                                                   5668.2
MARKOVITSZ, KENNETH C           FACULTY                                                 49604.81
MARKSZ, JOYCE R                 FACULTY                                                 45895.72
MARSTONZ, DORIS L               HEAD START/ECE ASST I                                   39885.28
MARTINDALEZ, KRISTIN S          FACULTY                                                  34517.9
MASSEYZ, RICHARD DEAN           FACULTY                                                  51016.2
MAUCHZ, ANNE L                  HUMAN RESRCS GENERALIST                                 40221.26
MAUERZ, CHARLES                 FACULTY                                                  6686.01
MAYZ, RANDALL LEE               FACULTY                                                 46844.98
MCCLINTOCKZ, ROBERTA L          FACULTY                                                  4049.31
MCDANELDZ, DALLAS A             FACULTY                                                  30388.9
MCDANELDZ, SABRINA A            ECE LEAD TEACHER                                        38496.65
MCGINNISZ, PATRICIA JOANNE      FACULTY                                                  5924.22
MCGLAUTHLINZ, DEBRA LYNN        FACULTY                                                 63642.68
MCGOVERNZ, JOHN TAYLOR          FACULTY                                                 53019.46
MCGRANZ, EHREN                  ASST LNDSCP/GRNDS TECH                                  33957.15
MCLAINZ, DOROTHY                CLERK/CASHIER                                           42417.31
MENSONIDESZ, JOHN RAYMOND       FACULTY                                                  9590.84
MEYERZ, JOSIE L                 ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         50522.14
MEZIEREZ, YVONNE D              FACULTY                                                 52438.54
MICKELSONZ, LINDA RAE           FACULTY                                                   877.66
MILLERZ, AMANDA J               OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         7135.69
MILLERZ, MORRIS JAMES           COORDNTR CUSTODIAL SVCS                                 52067.64
MILLER-STARKSZ, CHANDRA E       FACULTY                                                 46821.24
MITCHELLZ, HOWARD P             FACULTY                                                     1638
MITCHELL-KEELINZ, KIMBLIE NICOLEHEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                 24398.32
MIZEZ, EMILY B                  DIRECTOR OF NURSING                                     77429.72
MOECKELZ, STEVEN E              FACULTY                                                 56245.31
MOLCHANZ, CYNTHIA               FACULTY SUPPORT ASST                                    30141.54
MOLLASZ, TULA                   FACULTY                                                 66099.95
MOOREZ, VIVIAN LOUISE           FACULTY                                                   365.69
MORELLIZ, SHERYL                FACULTY                                                  1963.41
MORFORDZ, MARION K              FACULTY                                                  39338.5
MORIARTYZ, NORMA J              OPER ENG/SECURITY                                       37990.39
MORONCINIZ, ROBERTO             OP ENG/UTILITY WORKER                                      44112
MORRELLZ, JAMES WENDELL         FACULTY                                                  9003.66
MOSTERDYKEZ, JANET CLAIRE       FACULTY                                                 13410.56
MOYERZ, JOHN L                  FACULTY                                                 59202.32
MUIGAIZ, PETER                  FACULTY                                                 11921.51
MUIRZ, CARRIE ANN               FACULTY                                                 41542.49
MUNIZZAZ, PAMELA KAY            FACULTY                                                 35456.57
MYERSZ, DAVID B                 OP ENG/MECHANIC                                         47223.16
NARANJOZ, GENEVIEVE J           FACULTY                                                 63642.64
NAVEZ, HOWARD W                 FACULTY                                                  7898.91
NELSONZ, PETER                  FACULTY                                                 13538.79
NELSONZ, VALARIE S              ACCOUNTING COORDINATOR                                  64217.05
NEPUTEZ, MERCEDES MARY          EXEMPT-TEMP/QRTLY                                             60
NEWRYZ, MIKELLE DENISE          FACULTY                                                 16087.61
NGUYENZ, HOANG                  HEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                  31622.8
NHETZ, NGAN                     OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        37703.08
NIXZ, ROGER A                   FACULTY                                                  44758.8
NOFFKEZ, WENDY J                FACULTY                                                 76660.29
NOLANZ, DANIELLE R              FACULTY                                                 55329.55
NORGAARDZ, DEIDRA M             FIN AID FISCAL SPECLST                                  35723.26
NORTONZ, TERESA L               FACULTY                                                  5960.73
NYVALLZ, KYLE VERNON            FACULTY                                                  9255.97
O'CONNORZ, SEAN RYAN            WEBMASTER                                               60148.92
OBADOZ, DWIGHT T                OE/WAREHSMN/SHIP/RECVG                                  35957.92
OFFERDAHLZ, ROBERT A            FACULTY                                                  51320.6
OLLIGESZ, JAMES J               FACULTY                                                     1350
OLSENZ, KATHLEEN D              BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         40134.88
ORRZ, CAROL A                   COORD, EDUC TECH&DSTN LRNG                              52067.64
ORTIZZ, HECTOR                  WRKFRST SRVC DELIV COORD                                44205.46
OTTZ, LAURA E                   ASST REGISTRAR/COORD I                                  52067.64
OVERTONZ, LUCINDA A             ELEARNING SUPPORT SPECLST                               31310.23
OWENSZ, DARRYL A                FACULTY                                                 48801.63
PAPPASZ, V CHRISTY              JOB ACCT SPECIALIST                                      50602.8
PARKERZ, JANICE                 AUTOMOTIVE SUPPORT TECH.                                32572.01
PARKERZ, VINCENT E              FACULTY                                                  1416.77
PARNELLZ, SAMUEL S              FACULTY                                                 70088.72
PEARCEZ, DONALD W               FACULTY                                                 67842.64
PEDACK ESPIRITIZ, ELIZABETH DAWNFACULTY                                                  2559.84
PENNISIZ, TRACY ROSE            FACULTY                                                 68618.36
PETROVZ, TANYA V                FOUNDATION/FISCAL ACCT                                  25747.89
PHILLIPSZ, ANDREA C             HEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                 29555.54
PIERCEZ, RAY S                  FACULTY                                                     1711
PIERCEZ, WILLIAM E              FACULTY                                                  2549.76
POTASKYZ, ROBERT A              FACULTY                                                  3949.46
POTTERZ, MICHAEL E              FACULTY                                                 38477.56
PRICE JRZ, BOBBY EUGENE         FACULTY                                                  3487.81
PRIMMZ, JUDY G                  FACULTY                                                 31974.96
PRINGLEZ, ROBERT A              FACULTY                                                     3000
PURATICHZ, KATHLEEN M           COORDINATOR, PURCHASING                                 64359.16
PURVINEZ, SANDRA F              FACULTY                                                 18339.42
QUINCYZ, DENISE D GROSS         FACULTY                                                 44356.31
QUIOCHOZ, JASON JAMES           FACULTY                                                  5851.04
RABUNZ, KIMI G                  FACULTY                                                      150
RAINIERZ, CYNTHIA K             PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTANT                                    54479.18
RANDALLZ, JODY A                FACULTY                                                 45535.13
RANNIGERZ, DEBORAH A            DIRECTOR-RESOURCE DEVLPMNT                              81939.76
REEDZ, ALICE D                  OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        33803.69
REIDZ, CHERYL L                 FISCAL & COMPL MGR FIN AID                              72481.69
REQUAZ, CYNTHIA J               INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCHER                                64519.04
RHONEMUSZ, JAMES L              FACULTY                                                 25682.72
RICHARDSZ, GREGORY W            FACULTY                                                 73546.48
RIDLERZ, CHRISTOPHER A          OP ENG/MASTER MECHANIC                                  51540.94
ROBBINSZ, THOMAS D              FACULTY                                                 73707.83
ROBERTSZ, DANIEL C              FACULTY                                                 74419.91
ROBERTSZ, LEW A                 FACULTY                                                  2925.52
ROBERTSONZ, SHERRY L            OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        32575.73
ROBINSONZ, RAYMOND E            FACULTY                                                 51239.92
ROGERSZ, BRANDON D              GRANT DEVELOPMENT COORD.                                72447.49
ROSE-BUNGAYZ, JUDY ANN          FACULTY                                                 55235.58
ROTTACKERZ, RENEE MARIE         FACULTY                                                 46778.31
ROUTLEYZ, WILLIAM               FACULTY                                                  2047.86
ROYZ, KRISTINA ANNE             EXEMPT- TEMP HRLY                                            120
RUSHZ, JOHNNY E                 FACULTY                                                     2912
SANDERSZ, CASANDRA M            FINANCIAL AID PRGM ASST                                 22855.31
SANDORZ, ARTHUR J               OP ENG/MASTER MECHANIC                                  57056.38
SANDOVALZ, LORETA C             FACULTY                                                 72693.49
SCANLANZ, REGINA C              CLERK/CASHIER                                           39890.14
SCHAFFERZ, CINDY I              COORDINATOR, PAYROLL                                     60888.9
SCHMELINGZ, LAVERTA K           FACULTY                                                 54821.85
SCHMELZERZ, BARBARA A           FACULTY                                                      550
SCHMIDTZ, LUCILLE ANN           AVIATION LAB ASSISTANT                                  30068.62
SCHOONMAKERZ, LINDA J           INTERIM VP FOR FIN AND BUD                              31147.35
SCHULERZ, DAWN                  INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 43937.87
SCHWARDERZ, CAROL B             FACULTY                                                 67316.29
SCOTLANDZ, TERESA M             FACULTY                                                 59892.14
SCOTTZ, HEIDI ELIZABETH         FACULTY                                                  5284.23
SEYMOREZ, KERI A                FACULTY                                                 12122.65
SHANDLEZ, TAVARIS DARNELL       FACULTY                                                      900
SHIELDSZ, MAUREEN PATRICE       FACULTY                                                  51230.6
SIBBERSZ, DONNA L               FACULTY                                                 60326.27
SIEDLICKIZ, MELISSA J           FACULTY                                                 67635.41
SIMPKINSZ, MICHELLE L           FACULTY                                                 52960.45
SKOGZ, LINDA L                  FACULTY                                                  2925.52
SKYLESZ, ASHLEY DAWN            FACULTY                                                 19747.31
SLEDGEZ, ROCHELLE               ADMIN ASSISTANT                                          60561.7
SLEGERSZ, EDWARD R              FACULTY                                                 15125.63
SMITHZ, AMY ELIZABETH           FACULTY SUPPORT ASST                                    19245.36
SMITHZ, DANIEL N                FACULTY                                                 50582.92
SMITHZ, KATHRYN A               FACULTY                                                 75428.73
SMITHZ, LAURA M                 CENTER FOR BUS. ASSISTANT                               27427.34
SOLBRACKZ, ANNEMARIE I          FACULTY                                                 56209.76
SOMERZ, MARCIA WONG             DIVISION DEAN                                           87035.65
SOUZA JRZ, DONALD A             FACULTY                                                  67329.2
SPANGLERZ, STEVEN MARK          MILITARY LIAISON                                        25237.71
SPARKSZ, MAUREEN C              FACULTY                                                  74880.5
SPERRYZ, DAVID LEE              FACULTY                                                     6400
SPRINGERZ, JACQUELINE R         FINANCIAL AID PRGM SPEC                                 50193.45
STACEY-CLEMONSZ, JUNE           VP-STUDENT SERVICES                                    106064.32
STEELEZ, CHERYL L               ADMIN EXEC ASST-PRESIDENT                               58613.48
STEFFENSZ, ADELAIDA             OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                         2963.94
STEVENSZ, HEATHER J             FACULTY                                                 64431.16
STICKLANDZ, DAVID C             COORDINATOR,EVENT SERVICES                              56032.74
STIERZ, ANNETTE L               FACULTY                                                  1462.76
STRANGEZ, DORENE M              FACULTY                                                   365.69
STROUPZ, LINDSEY M              FACULTY                                                 51463.25
SUNDBY THORPZ, VALERIE M        COORD, DISABIL. SPECIALIST                              56214.92
SUTTONZ, WILLIAM J              FACULTY                                                   513.83
SWANSONZ, CONSTANCE J           PLANT SRVCS SEC SUPPORT                                 35035.76
SWARTZZ, REXFORD WILLIAM        FACULTY                                                      168
SWEERUSZ, NEIL G                FACULTY                                                 73688.56
SWEETENZ, MICHAEL               FACULTY                                                 20010.87
SWORDZ, YVETTE M                FACULTY                                                 26000.57
SYKESZ, JASON E                 FACULTY                                                  7898.91
SYSKOZ, LYNDA A                 FACULTY                                                 56431.44
TAYLORZ, GAIL A                 FACULTY                                                 41438.93
TAYLORZ, MICHAEL HOWARD         DIRECTOR - INFO TECHNOLOGY                              58281.01
TERRYZ, PHILLIP R               LEAD WAREHOUSE,SHPNG/RCVNG                              43690.55
THOMPSONZ, TIMOTHY W            FACULTY                                                  54964.7
THOMSONZ, STANLEY C             OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        33641.61
THORNEZ, CRAIG L                FACULTY                                                   219.42
THORPZ, JENNIFER                FACULTY                                                  3925.08
TILTONZ, ANDREW ROBERT          OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                         1157.95
TIMMONSZ, AMY V                 INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 41720.95
TIWANAZ, RAJPREET K             FACULTY                                                  6070.47
TOLSONZ, MARSHA E               FACULTY SUPPORT ASST                                    32422.83
TUTTLEZ, JAMES R                CHIEF HR&LEGAL AFFRS OFFCR                             100643.56
ULBRIGHTZ, HOLLIS L             FACULTY                                                 14935.31
ULRICHZ, FRED E                 FACULTY                                                   7277.5
VALIANTZ, ELIZABETH             RADIO BRDCSTNG PGM SPECLST                              16530.95
VAN BEEKZ, CAROLYN A            FACULTY                                                 63464.42
VAN BEEKZ, MARK J               FACULTY                                                 49132.19
VEALZ, TRACEY C                 OP ENG/CUSTODIAN                                        33518.49
VENDITTIZ, PHILLIP N            FACULTY                                                  45656.9
VICKZ, PHILLIP D                FACULTY                                                 73546.48
VOIGTZ, ELIZABETH A             BOOKSTORE CLERK                                         33493.75
WAGERSZ, JANE L                 FACULTY                                                 51463.19
WAITSZ, GEOFFREY RANDAL         FACULTY                                                      540
WALSTRUMZ, JOHN W               PRESIDENT                                              181726.62
WATTSZ, JULIE A                 FACULTY                                                 48453.63
WEBSTERZ, MARK H                FACULTY                                                  55079.5
WEIGELTZ, GLEN L                FACULTY                                                 56773.49
WENDLANDZ, KATHLEEN M           WF/WS/WRT SUPPORT CLERK                                 32914.31
WESTZ, CATHERINE M              FACULTY                                                 81711.45
WEST-BAKERZ, APRIL L            EXEMPT-TEMP (SALARIED)                                  26510.85
WESTERBERGZ, ROSALIE J          FACULTY                                                  61491.5
WESTINZ, DAVID L                FACULTY                                                   731.38
WHEELERZ, MICHAEL I             FACULTY                                                 44919.46
WHITEZ, KRISTI L                FINANCIAL AID PRGM ASST                                 24958.39
WHITEZ, LAURA MARIE             FACULTY                                                 12821.93
WHITEZ, WELLINGTON              FACULTY                                                 57127.61
WIEDEMANNZ, AMANDA              INSTRUCTIONAL PRGM ASST                                 30180.18
WIENSZ, NATHAN JACOB            EXEMPT- TEMP HRLY                                             60
WIGHTZ, LINDA JEANNE            FACULTY                                                 77168.88
WILLIAMSZ, MATHEW C             FACULTY                                                 49487.05
WILLIAMSZ, SUSAN D              FACULTY                                                 67778.53
WILLIAMSZ, TAMALYN JO           EXEMPT-TEMP/QRTLY                                            180
WILSONZ, JACQUELYN M            FACULTY                                                 68415.68
WILSONZ, JAIME                  FACULTY                                                  9436.52
WILSONZ, JAMES W                BOOKSTORE CLERK                                         34715.75
WIRTHZ, ROBERTA LYNN            FACULTY                                                 72711.27
WRIGHTZ, CARDALE                OPER ENG/SECURITY                                       32353.44
WRIGHTZ, RONALD K               COORD, NEW STUDENT SVCS                                 60149.08
WULFESTIEGZ, ELLENDA L          FACULTY                                                  4388.28
YEATMANZ, JUDITH D              FACULTY                                                 16690.44
YEREMCHUKZ, YEMIL P             ASST LNDSCP/GRNDS TECH                                  39816.68
YOSTZ, KATHY D                  INTERIM VP FOR FIN AND BUD                              99003.07
YOUNGZ, LENORA JEAN             FACULTY                                                 63978.46
YOUNGZ, TOBI LYN                HEAD START/LEAD TEACHER                                  1497.91
ZAFFINOZ, GINA L                ACCNTG ASST/ACCTS PAYABLE                                42650.9
ZECKZ, RAYMOND E                OPER ENG/SECURITY                                       26046.62

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