This is a list of the 2007 State of Washington County Road Administration Board employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 16 multiple job employees (includes 16 duplicates)(2007, 15 employees) (2005, 15 employees) (2003, 13 employees) (2001, 14 employees) (1999, 17 employees) (1997, 17 employees) (1995, 15 employees)

The County Road Administration Board was created by the Legislature in 1965 to provide statutory oversight of Washington’s 39 county road departments. The Board is funded by a share of the counties portion of the state fuel tax. The Board has a staff of 15 and is governed by a nine-member Board consisting of six county commissioners and three county engineers representing various sizes of counties across the state. The Board is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Washington State Association of Counties. The mission of the Board is to preserve and enhance the transportation infrastructure of Washington counties by providing standards of good practice, fair administration of funding programs, visionary leadership, and integrated, progressive and professional technical services. The Board has an annual budget of approximately $50 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2007 State of Washington County Road Administration Board List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

ET is Employee Type: 6 is faculty, 7 is non-faculty, 1 is classified by state merit rules, 2 is exempt from state merit rules
PU is Pay Unit: M is monthly, H is hourly, C is contracted, D is daily,
MP is months paid
%FT is percent of full-time

Name                                 Job Title        ET-PU  MP       %FT    Salary
AYRES, JAMES T             TRANSP ENG 5                 1M    0       100      6246
DAVIS, ROBERT              IT SPEC 5                    1M    0       100      5522
HAGENLOCK, MICHAEL E       IT SPEC 3                    1M    0       100      4106
HART, RANDY C              WMS BAND 2                   1M    0       100      6658
HILLESLAND, STEVEN J       WMS BAND 3                   1M    0       100      7929
MAYNER, RHONDA M           SEC SR                       1M    0       100      2712
MONSEN, JEFFREY M          WMS BAND 3                   1M    0       100      7930
O SHEA, KATHERINE LYNNE    IT SPEC 4                    1M    0       100      4531
OLSEN, WALTER R            WMS BAND 4                   1M    0       100      8784
OYLER, JAMES T             IT SPEC 4                    1M    0       100      4879
PEARSON, LAWRENCE R        WMS BAND 3                   1M    0       100      7929
PENDLETON, KAREN M         CONF. SECRETARY              2M    0       100      5416
SHADLEY, TONI L            TRAN PLAN TECH 3             1M    0       100      4207
WEBER, JAY P               DIRECTOR                     2M    0       100      9333
ZIMMER, DONALD E           WMS BAND 2                   1M    0       100      6274 
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