This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Community/ Technical College System employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 169 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 100 employees) (2007, 96 employees) (2005, 97 employees) (2003, 100 employees) (2001, 79 employees) (1999, 74 employees) (1997, 67 employees) (1995, 71 employees)

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges was created to oversee the community and technical colleges in the state of Washington. In this capacity, the State Board has administrative responsibility over the operating and capital budgets for the colleges. The State Board allocates the state General Fund appropriations and some federal and state grant awards to the colleges. The State Board also works with the colleges on policy issues, curriculum content, degree requirements and admissions policies. The state Legislature appropriated $954,929,000 in general operating funds to the community and technical college system for the 1999-2001 biennium. Approximately $456,613,932 was allocated to the colleges in fiscal year 2000. The State Board’s fiscal year 2000 operating budget was $6.4 million, of which the state appropriation for operations was $4.2 million. Funds from federal sources, state-funded grants, and locally collected revenue make up the difference between the budget and the State Board’s portion of the appropriation. A nine-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate, is responsible for operating the State Board.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2011 State of Washington Community/ Technical College System List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/26/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABELSZ, KAREN SHERWIN           EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                        56832
ADAMSZ, ROBERT STEPHEN          SENIOR PROJECT DIRECTOR                                    98016
AGUEROZ, JASON M                NETWORK ENGINEER                                           61480
AKWEKSZ, KAYERI                 POLICY ASSO,STUDENT SRVCS                                  73488
ANDERSONZ, LYNETTE I            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
ANDREASZ, MICHELLE R            ASSOC DIRECTOR, EDUCATION                                  88488
ANDREWZ, KIM C                  PROFESSIONAL DEVLP COORD                                   50328
ANGEL-JARRELLZ, NANETTE KAY     PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        31048.5
ARMSTRONGZ, JACQUELINE M        PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                   21371.74
ARTHURSZ, DAVID J               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
ATIENZOZ, WILFREDO R            IT - COMPUTER OPERATOR 3                                 42865.2
BANEZ, BROOK                    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
BECKERZ, ERIN L                 WEB EDITOR/TECH WRITER                                  32226.99
BENNEWITZZ, DUANE A             TECHNICAL WRITER                                           61728
BLANCASZ, ARNEL ANDREW          BUDGET ANALYST                                             43750
BLOOMERZ, TINA L                POLICY ASSOCIATE WORKFORCE                                 79688
BOATRIGHTZ, AMY J               COMMUNICATIONS CONSULT 4                                 56658.5
BOESENBERGZ, JOHN S             DIR OF HUMAN RESOURCES                                     98904
BROUGHTONZ, CONSTANCE           ELEARNING ASSISTANT DIRECT                              80881.63
BROWNZ, ERIN K                  TACTC ADMIN/LEGISLATIVE LI                                 81480
BRUINZ, DONNA MARIE             POLICY ASSOCIATE WORKFORCE                                 79968
BUCKZ, AMY L                    SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
BUNCHZ, AMANDA L                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                                 44808
BURKEZ, RICHARD T               DIR TECHNOLOGY MGMT SRVCS                                  96600
BYRONZ, BARBARA E               SYSTEM ACCOUNTING COORD                                  70876.7
CAMPOSZ, FLORENTINO W           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       32720.5
CANLASZ, LOZANO C               IT - COMPUTER OPER LEAD                                 47891.97
CANTWELLZ, KEVIN RICHARD        INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    67671
CARBONZ, MARK A                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    71496
CASWELLZ, THOMAS H              OPEN EDUCATION PLAN ADMIN                                5924.32
CHAEZ, BOYOUNG                  ELEARNING PROF DEV COORD                                   53520
CHAVEZZ, RAUL                   INFO TECH-DATA PROCESSOR 2                               33880.2
CHENZ, RANDY ZHONGPING          IT - COMPUTER OPERATOR 2                                35464.74
COFFMANZ, DAVID R               SENIOR SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR                                  75000
COOPERZ, KATHY L                POLICY ASSOCIATE BASIC SKL                              81538.14
COPELANDZ, SCOTT A              POLICY ASSOCIATE STDT SRVC                              73803.45
COXZ, SANDRA K                  TEST LEAD                                                  71760
CULLZ, DAVID GORDON             SQL SRVR DB ADMINISTRATOR                                  70608
DAHLZ, BRIAN D                  DIRECTOR CUSTOMER SERVICES                               97619.8
DENNISZ, SCOTT W                ELEARNING PROF DEV MANAGER                                 58000
DOTYZ, WAYNE A                  CAPITAL BUDGET DIRECTOR                                    99176
EARLZ, CHARLES N                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                        175440
ECHTERLINGZ, THERESA A          PROGRAM ADMIN WORKFORCE                                    68472
EPPLER-CLARKZ, JACKIE           INSTRUCTIONAL SRVCS SPEC                                   49368
ERUDAYASAMYZ, PAULRAJ           LEAD ANALYST                                               71760
FELTMANNZ, TERESA               FMS SUPPORT CONSULTANT                                     58632
FRENCHZ, ANGELA KATHERINE       INTERNET/INTRANET SPECIAL                                  78912
GALLAGHERZ, JAY E               LEAD ANALYST                                               68424
GAMBLEZ, GREG S                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 64368.97
GARTNERZ, RAY                   DIRECTOR DEVELOPMENT SERVC                                 96600
GEERTZZ, BENJAMIN WARREN        SOFTWARE ENGINEER                                          85008
GINTHERZ, JOHN W                AUDIT COORDINATOR                                          68448
GOEBELZ, KATHERINE              ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR                                         87000
GOODHARTZ, JUSTIN D             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                  64402.5
GORDONZ, BETH JALENE            SECRETARY SENIOR                                         35236.5
GRAHAMZ, DENISE LOREE           DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                99824.9
GRAVESZ, MIA M                  CUSTOMER SERVICES CONSULT                               22294.77
GREENZ, CABLE T                 DIR ELEARNING/OPEN EDUC                                    98424
GREENOUGHZ, CHARLES             ACCOUNT SERVICES DIRECTOR                                56852.1
GRUVERZ, SANDRA J               UNIX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR                                  66024
HANSENZ, SAMUEL ROBERT          PRODUCTION SRVCS MANAGER                                49203.25
HARRISONZ, WALTER LEE           LEAD SYSTEMS ENGINEER                                    6969.77
HOLLINGBURYZ, GUY S             SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER                                     86712
HOUGHTALINGZ, MELINDA MARIE     SYSTEMS SUPPORT ENGINEER                                   57264
HRUSKAZ, PAMELA J               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                                 48168
KANESZ, BRIAN                   POLICY ASSOCIATE BASIC SKL                               67427.8
KASSAZ, GORFFU N                WINDOWS ADMINISTRATOR                                      60528
KAYSERZ, STEPHEN P              DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                     24791.62
KEENZ, TARA LEE                 PROJECT MANAGER                                            86712
KELLYZ, PAMELA J                HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT 2                                   53148
KENNEDYZ, MAUREEN D             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 3                                       55836
KIDDZ, SUSAN                    PROFESSIONAL DEVLP COORD                                   50808
KILLENZ, ROBERT CLARENCE        LEAD DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                   71400
KNACKSTEDTZ, DEBORAH            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                   49368
KNIESZ, BRYAN A                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    51882
KNITTLEZ, PAULA                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34206.46
KOVALENKOZ, MONIQUE LEEANN      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
KREEMERZ, PAUL B                SENIOR APPLICATION DEVELOP                             100109.08
KRUSOZ, JOHN T                  DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                        72120
LAUZONZ, RITA M                 CUSTOMER SERVICES CONSULT                                  58632
LAWRENCEZ, ANNE                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    45318
LEEDSZ, FRANCIS WILLIAM         SERVICE MANAGEMENT SPECIAL                                 96600
LEIBBRANDZ, CRAIG BURTON        INFO TECH-DATA PROCESSOR 2                               36200.7
LIGHTZ, NORREEN MAY             FACULTY DEVELOPMENT COORD                                  59184
LOHRZ, JAMES E                  FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           37281
LOWDERZ, CHRISTY M              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                                 48168
MACKEZ, LISA M                  NT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR                                 64069.26
MAINZ, SANDRA A                 DIRECTOR STATE BOARD TECH                               94038.35
MANDEVILLEZ, TROY D             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 52890.97
MCCLUSKEYZ, KATHLEEN M          LEAD DATABASE ARCHITECT                                 77924.12
MCGREWZ, MICHAEL J              SYSTEMS ARCHITECT                                         112200
MCGUINNZ, DIANE M               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       41470
MCKAYZ, L DAVID                 SUPPORT ANALYST                                            68088
MELBYZ, CAROL A                 PROGRAM ADMIN WORKFORCE                                    70056
MELTONZ, LYNN                   PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                        59184
MENDOZAZ, ISRAEL D              DIR ADULT LIT BASIC SKILLS                             100035.29
MERKEL RINKEZ, TIFFANY A        PROGRAM ADMIN WORKFORCE                                    68448
MERLEZ, DEBORA                  DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                  13540
MONTGOMERYZ, GARY               BUDGET ANALYST 3                                           58656
MOOREZ, MARY ELIZABETH          INTERNAL AUDITOR                                           66336
MOOREZ, PAULA AIMEE             BUDGET ANALYST                                          20703.13
MOOREZ, WILLIAM S               POLICY ASSO TEACH AND LRN                               78348.59
MORGANZ, JUANITA                SMS PRODUCT MANAGER                                        87000
MORRISSEYZ, RYAN                WEB AND DOC SERVICES MGR                                   68448
MURDOCKZ, VIVIAN                LEAD DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                   74400
NAKAMURAZ, JOYCE E              LEAD SUPPORT FMS PPMS ANLY                                 74400
NEARINGZ, JAMES D               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  51252.5
NELSONZ, SHAUNA A               CUSTOMER SERVICES ANALYST                               68789.09
NELSONZ, SHERRY LYNN            MARKETING COMM SPECIALIST                                  55008
NIEDZ, KENN ELLIOT              SENIOR NETWORK ENGINEER                                    57000
OCKERTZ, KRISTIN                PROG ADM ABLE NETWORK                                   73336.84
ODERMANZ, DELRAE                CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                     58416
ORRZ, JUDIE GAIL                SYSTEM TEST MANAGER                                      9700.83
PACEZ, GUY LEE                  SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR                                     64176
PEPERZ, MONICA A                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    71496
PHILLIPSZ, REBECCA COLLEEN      PRODUCT MANAGER                                         69116.27
PHILPOTTZ, BRENDA S             FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        31131.12
PRIDDYZ, DENISE H               FMS SUPPORT CONSULTANT                                     42096
PRINCEZ, DAVID W                DIRECTOR POLICY RESEARCH                                 85915.8
QUINICHETTZ, JANINE             BOEING PROGRAM LIAISON                                  35198.96
RAMIREZZ, WILLIAM R             LEAD DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                11921.94
RAMOSZ, FLEDA CUETO             IT - COMPUTER OPERATOR 2                                10212.23
REICHMANNZ, JONI LEA            FMS SUPPORT CONSULTANT                                  48819.31
REYKDALZ, CHRIS P S             DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                              110058.85
RIDGEWAYZ, LYNDA N              BUDGET ANALYST 4                                         64610.5
ROBBECKEZ, CANDACE LOUISE       ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
ROCAMORAZ, MICHELLE A           ENTERPRISE INFRASTR MNGR                                55717.98
ROCAMORAZ, TOM                  SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                                      65688
ROCHAZ, ABRAHAM L               CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT                                  86480
ROCKWELLZ, MICHELE D            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                      43738.5
RUNYONZ, JANELLE RAE            DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS                              83624.27
SAGERZ, LOU G                   PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                      55488
SAVINZ, PETER A                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                  65356.5
SCHOONMAKERZ, LINDA J           ACCOUNT SERVICES DIRECTOR                                  70057
SCROGGINSZ, MICHAEL D           INTERIM EXECUTIVE DIR IT                                  135480
SEPPANENZ, LORETTA J            ASST DIRECTOR, ED SRVCS                                 51984.48
SHAGHOYANZ, STEPHAN             IT - COMPUTER OPER LEAD                                  47339.7
SHARPZ, JULIE ANNE              SMS CUST SRCS CONSULTANT                                   58632
SIMMONSZ, DIXIE                 DIRECTOR WORKFORCE EDUC                                    78299
SINNESZ, ANNE K                 PPMS CUST SRV SUPP CONSULT                                 46368
SMITH RUBECKZ, AMY L            POLICY ASSOCIATE WORKFORCE                                 67080
SMITHZ, DENNIS E                PROJECT ASSOCIATE                                       31825.71
SMITHZ, KELLY                   PRODUCT MANAGER                                            73704
SMITHZ, SANDRA J                FISCAL ANALYST 5                                           61632
ST JEANZ, LINDA L               ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR                                  49368
STARKZ, DAVID                   IT - COMPUTER OPER LEAD                                  46069.2
STAVROSZ, KATHRENE              CUSTOMER SERVICES CONSULT                                  48960
STEPHENSZ, DEBORAH LOCKTOV      RESEARCH MANAGER                                           77304
STERNZ, LAURA H                 LEAD DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                   73080
STEWARTZ, CARMEN A              DATA AND RESEARCH MANAGER                                  80016
STOKESZ, LINDA                  FINANCIAL PRODUCT MANAGER                                  71928
SULLIVANZ, KERI LEA             TSG CONTRACT EMPLOYEE                                      69426
TATEZ, DAVID M                  PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                      68448
THOMPSONZ, ROBIN H              PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                   32853.68
TOBIASZ, ANDREW O               IT - COMPUTER OPERATOR 2                                35528.42
TOWERSZ, DEBRA L                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
WAGGONERZ, MARK                 LEAD DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                   74448
WALKERZ, RICHARD THOMAS         DATABASE ADMINISTRTOR                                      66000
WALTERZ, JULIE                  ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR                                  49368
WANAGERZ, SUSAN E               BUDGET MANAGER                                          64081.83
WARDZ, PATRICE                  PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                      55488
WASIERSKIZ, KIM A N             FINANCIAL AID SMS SUPPORT                                  56112
WHEELERZ, LULA ELIZABETH        PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                      50328
WHETZELZ, SARAH A               TRAINING SITE VISIT COORD                                  42936
WONGZ, WILSON                   SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                                   78118.19
WOODSZ, MARCIA S                PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                   47718.59
YOSHIWARAZ, JANICE L            DEPUTY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                              119618.34
YUSIMZ, ALEXANDER               BUILDING ENGINEER                                          56880

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