This is a list of the 2005 State of Washington Central Washington University employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 2,137 employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 1,815 employees) (2007, 1,827 employees) (2005, 1,434 employees) (2003, 1,576 employees) (2001, 1,441 employees) (1999, 1,449 employees) (1997, 1,403 employees) (1995, 1,246 employees)

Central Washington University is in Ellensburg, a city with a population of approximately 15,000. The University became a comprehensive university in 1977 and serves more than 9,200 students per quarter at its residential campus in Ellensburg as well as six satellite centers throughout the state. Its annual operating budget is approximately $151 million and it has 3,030 employees. An eight-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of University operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2005 State of Washington Central Washington University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

Name                                 Job Title               Salary(monthly or hourly)
Abbott,James A			Assistant Professor			4639	   
Abdalla,Laila			Associate Professor			5222	   
Adams,Michelle J			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Adkisson,Kevin J			Coach			3123.1	   
Adolfi,Susan M			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Agars,Anne J			Secretary Supervisor			2413	   
Aggett,Graeme R			Assistant Professor			4166.66	   
Ahlman,Laurelee A.			Assistant Professor			4922	   
Aho,Mary C			Program Manager B			3637	   
Alawiye,Osman			Professor			7299	   
Alawiye,Osman			Professor			525	   
Alawiye,Osman			Professor			469.3333	   
Albrecht,Karl B			Coach			750	   
Alden,Margo D			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Alder,Charlene A			Program Assistant			2526	   
Alder,Jamie M			Secretary Senior			1539.75	   
Alder,Yvonne D			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Allemand,Debbie L			Custodian			2005	   
Allen,Donald R			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Allen,Judy M			Custodian			2198	   
Allen,Karen M			Program Coordinator			2586	   
Allen,Loran E			Maintenance Custodia			2413	   
Aller,Ronald J			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Alling,Steve N			Maintenance Mechanic			3549	   
Allphin,Larry Dee			Custodian			2198	   
Allred,Marilyn J			Patient Services Rep			2413	   
Alonzo-Corona,Florentino			Part Time Temporary			18	   
Alsoszatai-Petheo,John A			Professor			6746	   
Althauser,Gordon A			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Alves,Amy M			Part Time Temporary			8.66	   
Alwin,John A			Professor			6549	   
Amby,Joan M			Professor			5160.75	   
Ames,Elaine M			Program Manager B			3637	   
Andaya,Mario M			Coach			3636.36	   
Anderson,C Ann			Dir Government Relat			7062.18	   
Anderson,Dawn L			Secretary Senior			2468	   
Anderson,Denise			Research Assistant			3041.24	   
Anderson,Lorinda J			Director Civ Engagem			4905.58	   
Anderson,Mark C			Dir Public Relations			6489.76	   
Anderson,Mary Jane			Fin Aid Counselor			2969.16	   
Anderson,Melissa			Counseling Psycholog			4040	   
Anderson,Penelope D			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Anderson-Ramsdell,William R			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Andonie,Razvan			Associate Professor			6813	   
Andrews,Tracy J			Associate Professor			4279.5	   
Andrews,Tracy J			Associate Professor			258.672	   
Andrews,Tracy J			Associate Professor			250	   
Andrin,Marion G			Info Tech System Spe			3215	   
Antonich,Myrna			Part Time Temporary			18.5	   
Appleton,Laura L			Professor			7299	   
Arango,Ann D			Library Technician I			2586	   
Armstrong,Liahna B			Dean Arts & Humaniti			9116.9	   
Armstrong,Sean P			Lecturer			2922.1	   
Armstrong,Sue Taylor			Lecturer			3362.22	   
Arnaiz,David			Custodian			2198	   
Arrington,Jane M			Assistant Professor			0	   
Arteaga,Mateo			Dir Ed Opportunity C			4750	   
Ashbrooks,Steven L			Info Tech System Spe			3727	   
Aspaas,Christopher P			Lecturer			4222.22	   
Atkinson,Maryanne			Associate Professor			7668	   
Autry,Chris L			Custodian			1827	   
Babbitt,Mark P			Assistant Professor			4460	   
Babcock,Sharel J			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Bach Jr,Otto C			Bldg & Grds Supervis			3549	   
Bach,Brian P			Library Specialist I			1879.92	   
Bach,Glen L			Associate Professor			5595	   
Bach,Joe D			Maintenance Mechanic			2841	   
Bach,Sandra L			Program Assistant			2526	   
Bachman-Rhodes,Bryan C			Part Time Temporary			8.16	   
Backlund,Judy A			Lecturer			3722.22	   
Backlund,Philip M			Professor			7156	   
Bacon,Jana E			Custodian			2198	   
Bader,Cheri E			Library Technician I			1357.4	   
Badgley,Margaret M			Asst to Prvst, Unive			7874.56	   
Bae,Byoung R			Associate Professor			7668	   
Baeth,Ellen M			Asst Dir Financial A			3770	   
Bagamery,Bruce D			Professor			8889.24	   
Bain,Brantley F			Lecturer			5555.56	   
Bain,Glenna L			Coordinator, Deaf/Hr			3787.5	   
Bakeman,Jason E			Inventory Inspector			1958	   
Bakeman,Nancy M			Traffic Guide Lead			2712	   
Baker,Becky R			Human Resource Rep I			3460	   
Baker,Jack			Asst to VP Student A			5218.34	   
Baker,Linda M			Library Specialist I			2984	   
Baker,Paul C			VP University Relati			10520.84	   
Baldovinos,Norma A			Part Time Temporary			10.25	   
Baldwin,Shevonne C			Part Time Temporary			35	   
Bangs,Teresa			Human Resource Assis			2984	   
Barbour,Alison L			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Barclay Hamir,Heather E			Dir Study Abroad & E			4061.66	   
Barker,Cathy D			Part Time Temporary			20.4	   
Barker,Karol L			Office Support Super			2753.1	   
Barlow,Kathleen			Associate Professor			5993	   
Barlow,Kathleen			Associate Professor			255	   
Barnett,Charles Wayne			Multi-Cultural Advis			3615.8	   
Barnett,David S			Technical Dir/Stage			4558.44	   
Barrigan,Christina M			Assistant Professor			4373	   
Bartel,Kimberlee B			Associate Professor			5649	   
Barton,Elizabeth A			Non CWU Intern			1166.66	   
Basteyns,Donna M			Part Time Temporary			14.86	   
Baulch,Joshua T			Media Technician Sen			2249	   
Baxter,Jody J			Admin Asst/Ex Sec VP			4145.34	   
Baxter,Kenneth J			Dir Conference & Ret			5655.9	   
Bazan,Irene			Part Time Temporary			17.5	   
Beador,Susan E			Office Assistant III			2148	   
Beaghan,James P			Professor			7668	   
Beasley,John C			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3291	   
Beath,Linda S			Assoc Vp Academic Af			9090	   
Beaulaurier,Cynthia L			Part Time Temporary			35	   
Bechtel,Donald G			Motorized Equip Mech			3549	   
Beck,Daniel D			Professor			3211	   
Beckley,Gloria T			Assistant Professor			4094.12	   
Beckstead,Randall Scott			Part Time Temporary			15	   
Beekley,Bonnie G			Secretary Senior			2413	   
Beekley,Steven M			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Begley,James S			Part Time Temporary			20	   
Beintema,Larry F			Info Tech System Spe			4653	   
Belford,Danila H			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Bellah III,George W			Associate Professor			5325	   
Bellah III,George W			Associate Professor			260	   
Bender Jr,William J			Associate Professor			6680	   
Bennett,Connie J			Custodian			1827	   
Bennett,Virginia A			Lecturer			4000	   
Benton,Robert M			Professor			2405.34	   
Bentz,Herbert			Custodian			2198	   
Bergevin,Rita J			Part Time Temporary			16.33	   
Bergman,Ethan A			Professor			8055	   
Bergman,Larry E			Info Tech Applicatio			5266	   
Berner,Laurence C			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Bertella,James E			Food Service Worker			1789	   
Bertelson,Catherine			Professor			5993	   
Berthon-Koch,Jason J			Campus Police Office			4013	   
Bicchieri,Pedro E			Lecturer			2765	   
Bier,Vernon Ted			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Biscay,Vicki			Civil Service Proj S			4834	   
Bishop,Jack S			Athletic Director			7691.42	   
Bisson,Barbara J			Program Assistant			2526	   
Bisson,Monte L			Bookstore Supervisor			2712	   
Bivens,Donna			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Bivens,Kristen E			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Black,Ann L			Dir, Education Techn			5393.4	   
Black,Donald E			Coord Teach Ed Fld E			4285.7	   
Black,Kimberly J			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Blackmore,Geraldine			Office Assistant II			2303	   
Blair,Karen J			Professor			7087	   
Blair,Karen J			Professor			255	   
Bland,Brenda J			Cashier II			2303	   
Bleggi,Elaine M			Part Time Temporary			8.75	   
Bleggi,William B			Mgr Media Center			4686	   
Bliss,Connie M			Data Control Technic			2984	   
Bloczynski,Christine A			Area Coord Residence			3041.66	   
Bloxham,Joyce L			Custodian			2198	   
Bloxham,Sunny L			Custodial Services M			3059	   
Blumhagen,Lyle D			Offset Duplicator Op			2198	   
Boddy,Debbie K			Administrative Asst			2238	   
Boersma,Stuart F			Professor			390	   
Bohrson,Wendy A			Associate Professor			6615	   
Bond,Charles P			Custodian			2198	   
Bond,Paulette Marie			Costume Shop Supervi			2775	   
Bonjorni,Cathy			Food Service Supervi			2712	   
Booth,Carolyn E			Assistant Professor			5170	   
Borck,Terry T			Campus Police Sergea			4322	   
Borkowski,David J			Lecturer			4210.52	   
Borngrebe,Robert B			Dir Dining Services			5555	   
Boswell,Sherry L			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Bottcher,Mary E			Scientific Instr Tec			3291	   
Bowden,Keith E			Maintenance Custodia			2100	   
Bowen,Neal A			Assistant Professor			4593	   
Bowers,Bonnie J			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Bowers,Janet S			Professor			7592	   
Bowers,Janet S			Professor			255	   
Bowers,Janet S			Professor			461.5384	   
Bowers,Rebecca S			Dean College Ed/Prof			9078.56	   
Boyle,Peter J			Associate Professor			7518	   
Bracken,Nance B			Graphics Design/Illu			3549	   
Bradley,Brandy A			Secretary			1809.75	   
Bradley,Brandy A			Part Time Temporary			14.52	   
Bradley,Brandy A			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Bradley,F Joseph			Assistant Professor			7017	   
Brady,Nadalee			Program Support Supe			3376	   
Brand,Bevin M			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Bransdorfer,Rodney L			Associate Professor			5485	   
Braunstein,Lori A			Associate Professor			5819	   
Braunstein,Lori A			Associate Professor			390	   
Braunstein,Michael R			Associate Professor			5595	   
Breckenridge,Teresa			Custodian			2198	   
Breckon,Ronald L			Computer Operator II			2841	   
Breyfogle,Steven R			Info Tech System Spe			4540	   
Briggs,Kenneth A			Professor			7668	   
Brigham,Joyce M			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Brinkerhoff,Robert L			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3291	   
Britschgi,Matthew W			Lecturer			1596.92	   
Britschgi,Reka			Lecturer			829.5	   
Britto,Marwin			Assistant Professor			4979	   
Britto,Marwin			Assistant Professor			977.697	   
Britto,Sarah L.			Assistant Professor			5595	   
Broderius,Bobbi J			Patient Services Lea			2130.75	   
Brooks,Joseph H			Professor			6235	   
Brown Jr,James R			Professor			7228	   
Brown Jr,James R			Professor			255	   
Brown,Anthony W			Scientific Instr Tec			3460	   
Browne,Susan A			Utility Worker Lead			2712	   
Brubaker,Dale L			Library Technician I			2586	   
Bruya,Christopher M			Associate Professor			5485	   
Buchanan,Chris G			Engineering Technici			3818	   
Buchholz,Crystal L			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Buchholz,Pamela S			Custodian			2005	   
Budner,Nancy J			Lecturer			4200	   
Bullock,Eric L			Assistant Professor			5120	   
Burgess,Shirley R			Accountant, Principa			3376	   
Burghart,Susan C			Digital Graphics Des			2789.08	   
Burkholder,Peter M			Professor			7820	   
Burnham,Tim R			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Burrill,Carla A			Program Assistant			2249	   
Burvee,Toni R			Program Manager A			2841	   
Busch,Caroline C			Accountant, Principa			3376	   
Busch,Linda L			Administrative Asst			2984	   
Busch-Gehlen,Rhonda Kay			Office Support Super			3059	   
Butcher,Betty E			Part Time Temporary			50	   
Butterfield,Carol L			Professor			5993	   
Buttjer,Melinda M			Food Service Supervi			2249	   
Buttrey,Michael R			Credentials Evaluato			2053	   
Cadman,Kelley D			Research Analyst III			3637	   
Cajachagua,Enrique			Custodian			2198	   
Calahan,Scott B			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Callaghan,Patricia Anne			Professor			7087	   
Callaghan,Patricia Anne			Professor			525	   
Callahan,Brent O.			Warehouse Worker I			2148	   
Camarata,David J			Electrician - High V			3460	   
Camarata,John B			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Camarata,S Patrick			Food Service Worker			2249	   
Campbell,Bradley S			Machinery Master Mec			3215	   
Campbell,Cheryl F			Patient Services Rep			2413	   
Campbell,Ian S			Coord Adaptive Techn			2693.34	   
Campbell,Robert A			Dir Disability Suppo			4629.16	   
Campos-Negrete,Pedro			Part Time Temporary			16	   
Candido,Angelita			Secretary			2413	   
Canedo,Agnes F			Dir Financial Aid			5800.08	   
Canncasciato,Daniel G			Professor			6003	   
Cant,Alan G			Assistant Professor			6422	   
Cant,Alan G			Assistant Professor			222.2222	   
Caples,Minerva L			Professor			6422	   
Carbaugh,Robert J			Professor			9155.92	   
Cardenas,Ramon			Recruitment/Retentio			2861.66	   
Carlton,R Scott			Dir Academic Advisin			4601.84	   
Carns,David W			Professor			6881	   
Carpenter,Valerie A			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Carrothers,Carol Ann			Part Time Temporary			40	   
Carrothers,David W			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Carrothers,David W			Part Time Temporary			41.13	   
Caruthers,Barry J			Assoc Manager, Capit			4796.58	   
Case,Janice C			Program Assistant			2526	   
Castaneda,Edward			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Caterson,Denee S			Office Assistant III			1958	   
Cattin,William E			Lecturer			3555.56	   
Caul,Leslee K			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Cavner,Jeremy D			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Cavner,Jeremy D			Part Time Temporary			9.82	   
Cerney,John D			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Chalmers,Stephen J			Assistant Professor			4639	   
Champagne,Keith M			Assoc VP Student Aff			6828.16	   
Chandler,Lori W			Part Time Temporary			20	   
Chandler,William H			Assistant Professor			4971	   
Chanez,Rufina			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Chang,Ming D			Associate Professor			7299	   
Chao,Yu-Chan			Fin Aid Counselor			2900	   
Chapman,Leland D			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Chapman,Yvonne K			Lecturer			4096.12	   
Charles,Lisa R			Custodian			2198	   
Charlton,Janeen V			Mgr Early Childhood			3587.74	   
Charlton,Sharon J			Fiscal Specialist I			2984	   
Chase,Dorothy M			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Chavez,Lorraine M			Human Resource Rep I			3376	   
Cheyne,Irene C			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Chinn,Eleanor J			Instructional Resour			4163.58	   
Chinn,Michael Shane			Assoc Dean Arts & Hu			7250	   
Chong,Anselm			International Admiss			2523.34	   
Choudary,Alla Ditta R			Professor			5262.75	   
Chrismer,Lareta J			Custodian			2198	   
Christenbury,Megan S			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Christenson,Shelli A			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Chueh,Chin-mei Y			Assistant Professor			5019	   
Clark,Lewis N			Bookstore Supervisor			2712	   
Clark,Tina M			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Claypool,Dennis W			Library Specialist I			2984	   
Cleary,Delores E			Associate Professor			5706	   
Clement,Bonnie M			Office Assistant II			2303	   
Clerf,LaVelle			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Clerf,Marie M			Credentials Evaluato			2841	   
Clerf,Michael P			Motorized Equip Mech			3291	   
Cleveland,Jeffrey R			Maintenance Mechanic			1293	   
Cloninger,Julie			Senior Director of D			7333.34	   
Coates,Veronica Y			Secretary Senior			2413	   
Coe,Cynthia D			Assistant Professor			4778	   
Coetzer,Graeme H			Assistant Professor			6297	   
Cole,George A			Development Officer			5541.66	   
Cole,Patricia J			Counseling Psycholog			4468.36	   
Coleman,Beatrice A			Associate Professor			5070	   
Coles,Cheryl			Fiscal Technician II			2712	   
Coles,Gregory L			Info Tech Applicatio			4771	   
Collins,Tara M			Part Time Temporary			8.66	   
Collison,Carole L			Fiscal Technician II			2413	   
Colson,Sandra A			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Connery,Mary C			Assistant Professor			4826	   
Connolly,Gerald M			Technology Spec. Ed			4434.82	   
Connolly,Susan M			Part Time Temporary			20	   
Conwell,Kevin C			Accountant, Senior			3916	   
Cook,James A			Associate Professor			5432	   
Cooper,Autumn D			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Cooper,Tippy L			Administrative Asst			2841	   
Coppersmith,Pam J			Industrial Hygienist			4216	   
Corbin,Monica Ann			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Cordray,Tina A			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Corona,Richard E			Vp Business Affairs			11053.58	   
Correa,Darcie J			Custodian			2198	   
Cottrell,Tom R			Associate Professor			5378	   
Couture,Judith Ann			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Covert,Wendell D			Custodian			2198	   
Covey,Terri A			Info Tech Applicatio			3215	   
Crater,Timothy J			Coach			412.5	   
Creech,Anna L			Assistant Professor			4337	   
Creech,John K			Professor			5715	   
Crider,Charlene J			Secretary Supervisor			3059	   
Critchlow,Tyler S			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Croft,Donna J			Assoc Dir Financial			4500	   
Croshaw,Tracy L			Records Analyst II			1387.5	   
Croshaw,Tracy L			Part Time Temporary			35	   
Crowley,Shirley J			Part Time Temporary			11.8	   
Culjak,Toni A			Professor			6113	   
Cullen,Kevin M			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Cummens,Aaron Bret			Lecturer			4166.66	   
Cummings,Bobby Jean			Professor			7898	   
Cummings,Debbie			Custodian			2198	   
Cummings,Jerry S			Utility Worker Lead			2712	   
Curran,Christina M			Associate Professor			6235	   
Currit,Nathan			Assistant Professor			4000	   
Curtis,Wendell D			Assistant Professor			5019	   
Cutsinger,Loran E			Associate Professor			5819	   
Cyrus,Michelle D			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Cziske,Matthew D			Admissions Counselor			3000	   
D'Acquisto,Debra M			Program Coordinator			1851	   
D'Acquisto,Leonardo J			Professor			6680	   
Dahlberg,Connie L			Office Assistant Lea			2586	   
Damm,Sharon			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Danis,Dorothy A			Part Time Temporary			20.4	   
Danton,Dawn M			Office Assistant II			1648.5	   
Darda,David M			Professor			6813	   
Darda,David M			Professor			390	   
Davault,Kent Richard			Lecturer			3193.82	   
Davies,Janet F			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Davis,Darlene M			Food Service Worker			1789	   
Davis,Katharine Pearl			Fiscal Specialist Su			3215	   
Davis,Lee R			Truck Driver Lead			2775	   
Dawson,Kimberly J			Admin Operations Coo			3847.18	   
Day Jr,Edward A			Student Funds Financ			4833.34	   
Day,Jennifer Leigh			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Day,Jennifer Leigh			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Day,Muriel A			Part Time Temporary			19.4	   
Days,Jesse B			Info Tech Applicatio			3916	   
Debusschere,Norma J			Bookstore Supervisor			2712	   
Decker,Mark L			Part Time Temporary			11.25	   
Defa,Dennis R			Director Staff LR			5885.32	   
DeFazio-Davies,Harmony			Study Abroad Advisor			2436.18	   
Dehaven,William			Campus Police Sergea			4322	   
Delashaw,John E			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Delgado,Quenby I			Lecturer			3777.78	   
Dell,Thomas B			Library Technician I			2354	   
Dellinger,Martin E			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
DeLuca,Gregory J			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
DeLuca,JoAnn P			Professor			6615	   
Demetrio,Robbi J.			Lecturer			3722.22	   
Demory,Barbara			Secretary Senior			2468	   
Depaepe,James L			Professor			307.6923	   
Depaepe,James L			Professor			7833.16	   
Depaepe,James L			Professor			980	   
DePalma,Arthur E			Physician Stud Healt			7668.9	   
DePalma,Susan L			Part Time Temporary			20.4	   
DeShields,Richard L			Assoc Dir Univ Housi			3955.84	   
Devietti,Terry L			Professor			8544.88	   
Devlin,Patrick M			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Diaz,Anthony L			Assistant Professor			5019	   
Diaz,Jesse P			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Dicken,Victoria A			Accountant			3059	   
Diebert,Donald L			Director, Enterprise			6798.66	   
Diebert,Marebeth L			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Diebert,Marebeth L			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Dietrich,Paula M			Office Support Super			2775	   
Dippmann,Jeffrey W			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Dirks,Lisa M			Custodian			1827	   
Donahoe,Susan			Professor			5993	   
Donahue,Barry J			Professor			8462	   
Doolin,Allen			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Douglas,Steven R			Media Engineer A			4013	   
Downs,Andrew M			Assistant Professor			4971	   
Drake,George A			Associate Professor			5070	   
Drexler,Judy D			Office Assistant II			1873	   
Drexler,Michelle M			Office Assistant II			1151.5	   
Drinkwater,John E			Senior Dir Campus Li			5639.16	   
Drummond,Scott M			Assoc Dir Campus Lif			4460.84	   
Dugan,John R			Professor			6746	   
Dugmore,William Owen			Associate Professor			6358	   
Dyk,Marjorie C			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Easley,Roxanne I			Associate Professor			5222	   
Eastman,Elwin Grant			Associate Professor			7017	   
Easton-Brooks,Donald R			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Eaton,Cristi S			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Eaton,Peggy S			Fiscal Technician II			2034	   
Eattock,Claudia B			Part Time Temporary			19.4	   
Ebenal,John J			Accounting Superviso			4115	   
Eckert,Marcia N			Patient Services Lea			2841	   
Edler,Allen			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3291	   
Edson,Mollie J			Program Coord - Cont			1564.7	   
Elkins,Ronald D			Assistant Professor			5462.34	   
Ellinger,James E			Custodian			1048.2	   
Elliott,Russell R			Info Tech Applicatio			4540	   
Elsaesser,Leslie			Lecturer			1251.556	   
Elstrom,Richard S			Custodian			1747	   
Ely,Lisa L			Professor			6948	   
Ely,Lisa L			Professor			251.8511	   
Elzinga-Diaz,Jose A			Part Time Temporary			31.02	   
Emory,Carol E			Part Time Temporary			10.75	   
Engbring,Olga			Part Time Temporary			16	   
Engel,Lucinda M			Teaching Aide II			1686.75	   
Engel,Thomas R			Building Services Su			2526	   
Engel,William B			Part Time Temporary			13.24	   
Englund,Timothy F			Associate Professor			5595	   
Enriquez Jr,Jerry L			Project Coordinator			3750	   
Erickson,Bryan D			Lecturer			656.26	   
Erickson,Kirsten			Assistant Professor			4253	   
Ernest,Kristina A			Professor			3211	   
Ervin,Michael A			Assistant Professor			4549	   
Estrella,Rosario M			Secretary			2198	   
Estroff,Jennifer E			Residence Hall Coord			2121	   
Estroff,Jennifer E			Residence Hall Coord			360	   
Etchey,Michael W			Custodian			2198	   
Eubanks,James L			Professor			7371	   
Everett,William C			Custodian			1747	   
Fabry-Asztalos,Levente			Assistant Professor			4971	   
Fagalde,Dana Shawn			Fiscal Specialist I			1492	   
Fahey,Keith D			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Fairburn,Wayne A			Professor			7898	   
Falcioni,Melanie A			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Fallshore,Marte			Associate Professor			5378	   
Faltus,Carol I			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Farmer,Gail E			Coun/Coor Drug Alch			4492	   
Farrand,Michael L			Coach			2636.36	   
Farrell,Janice M			Secretary Senior			1939.5	   
Farrell,Valerie Ann			Office Assistant Lea			2586	   
Fassett,Jonathon E			Assistant Professor			4639	   
Feeney-Griffith,Colleen			Early Childhood Prgm			2354	   
Fennerty,Daniel C			Professor			6485	   
Ferguson,Robert A			Steam Engineer			3134	   
Ferrell,Patrick A			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3291	   
Fevergeon,Christie A			Program Support Supe			3134	   
Finch,Ellen B			Office Assistant III			1124.5	   
Findley,Carol L			Dir RSVP			2950.04	   
Fine,Linda F			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Fine,Nichole L			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Firman,Marla J			Info Tech System Spe			1958	   
Fischer,Anna L			Accountant, Principa			2775	   
Fisher,Kristin			Lecturer			3722.22	   
Flake,Rex			Part Time Temporary			17.5	   
Flake,Rex			Part Time Temporary			17.5	   
Fleming,Pamela J			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Folkestad,Francine B			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Folkestad,William B			Associate Professor			5222	   
Folkestad,William B			Associate Professor			325	   
Ford,Robert A			Recreation Coordinat			2775	   
Fordan,Robert C			Associate Professor			5540	   
Forrest,Sheryn L			Asst Dir, Athletics			3750	   
Forsyth,Jay D			Professor			8135	   
Fortson,Karen E			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Fortson,Karen E			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Fountain,Jennifer R			Dir Center for Excel			4416.66	   
Fouts,Deborah H			Co-Director CHCI			5811.8	   
Fouts,Roger S			Professor			9246.56	   
Fraley,Eric L			Construction Coordin			3637	   
Francisco-Porter,Jeri B			Electrician - High V			3460	   
Fujimoto,Wanda H			Assistant Professor			5407.12	   
Fulleton,Alice Y			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Fuqua,Bill W			Utility Worker II			2303	   
Fyall,Cathy Liane			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Gabriel,Anthony O			Associate Professor			6053	   
Gabriel,Anthony O			Associate Professor			1008.833	   
Gabunia,Nino			Part Time Temporary			9.82	   
Gaer-Carlton,Katherine M			Asst Dir Admissions			3250	   
Gage,Kari A			Asst Athletic Traine			2600	   
Gage,Lloyd T			Coach			866.66	   
Galbraith,Eric J			Human Resource Rep I			2984	   
Gallagher,Lola J			Program Manager A			3059	   
Gann,Cory			Associate Professor			5170	   
Gansereit,Tangelia			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Garcia,Ernest T			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Garcia-Hanson,Lisa C			Dir Admissions			6113.58	   
Gardner,Brenda F			Library Technician I			2586	   
Gardner,Susan L			Info Tech System Spe			3916	   
Garl,William			Custodian			2100	   
Garlock,Duane L			Maintenance Supervis			4216	   
Garoutte,Michael D			Coach			588.24	   
Gaskill,Jennifer A			Office Assistant II			957.5	   
Gazis,Carey A			Associate Professor			5762	    
Gee,David L			Professor			7820	   
Gelatt,Coleen G			Research Analyst III			3637	   
Gellenbeck,Edward M			Associate Professor			7017	   
Gentner,Kevin E			Cook Lead			2586	   
Georgeoliani,Dinara			Assistant Professor			4000	   
Georgeson,Tina L			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Germain,David M			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Germain,Terilee			Systems Programmer			5432.16	   
Ghosh,Koushik			Professor			8135	   
Gibb,Catherine S			Program Assistant			1002.5	   
Gibb,Julie A			Part Time Temporary			12.27	   
Giberga,Ovidio C			Assistant Professor			4549	   
Gierlasinski,Norman J			Professor			8544.88	   
Gierlasinski,Norman J			Professor			100.008	   
Gifford,Mary R			Custodian			2198	   
Gill,Rebecca E			Part Time Temporary			9.01	   
Gladen,Jeffrey A			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Glasby,Stephen P			Professor			5993	   
Gleason,Gary A			Construction Inspect			4013	   
Glessner,William W			Systems Programmer			5738.24	   
Goede,Jeffrey A			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Goeltzenleuchter,Brian K			Assistant Professor			4504	   
Gomez,Peggy J			Info Tech Applicatio			4322	   
Gomez-Vilchis,Rafael			Custodian			1747	   
Gomez-Vilchis,Veronica			Bridges Project Coor			2693.34	   
Goodenberger,Mark P			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Gookin,Karen L			Assistant Professor			4000	   
Gookin,Larry D			Professor			7592	   
Gordon,Gene V			Bldg & Grds Supervis			3549	   
Gordon,Jonathan D			Dir of Ath Media Rel			3449.34	   
Gorrie,Nicholas J			Custodian			2005	   
Goss,Gail			Professor			6680	   
Graham,John A			Coach			3727.54	   
Graham,Nancy			Part Time Temporary			13	   
Graham,Rosella C			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Grasher,Adrienne M			Food Service Worker			1873	   
Gray,Liljen M			Dir of Planned Gvng			5788.5	   
Gray,Loretta S			Professor			4722.75	   
Green,Kerry W A			Info Tech System Spe			4115	   
Green,Robert A			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Greer,John R			Maintenance Supervis			4216	   
Gries,Peter			Professor			6881	   
Gries,Peter			Professor			437.5	    
Griffin,Carole A			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Griffin,Jennifer M			Administrative Asst			2911	   
Grindrod,Kellie J			Part Time Temporary			13.24	   
Grover,Jeffrey N			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Grunden,Sheryl K			Credentials Evaluato			2841	   
Gubser,Rebecca R			Budget Analyst II			3376	   
Guehrn,Aaron M			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Guehrn,Aaron M			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Guehrn,Aaron M			Part Time Temporary			7.75	   
Guggino,Julie G			Administrator Resear			3871.34	   
Gunn,Gerald P			Professor			7744	   
Gunn,James B			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Haberman,Susan L			Info Tech Applicatio			3916	   
Hackenberger,Steven			Professor			7445	   
Hadley,M Louise			Custodian			1915	   
Hales,Ronald W			Part Time Temporary			50	   
Haley,Patricia			Admin Asst/Ex Sec VP			4208.34	   
Hall,Colleen J			Custodian			2005	   
Hall,Elizabeth L M			SA Module Lead			3030	   
Hall,Fawn			Part Time Temporary			40	   
Hansberry,Karrie H			Fiscal Technician II			2526	   
Hansen,Darcee J			Payroll Supervisor			3549	   
Hansen,George O			Part Time Temporary			8.75	   
Hansen,Tedd R			Info Tech Applicatio			4771	   
Hansen,Won Cha			Food Service Supervi			2841	   
Harbaugh,John P			Assistant Professor			5935	   
Hargreaves,Jean A			Part Time Temporary			10.28	   
Harper,James D			Professor			6422	   
Harper,Lila M			Lecturer			3000	   
Harrell,Heather P			Accountant, Principa			2636.3	   
Harrington,Doreen M			Office Assistant I			2148	   
Harris,Ronald A			Heavy Equipment Oper			3637	   
Hart,David H			Network Engineer			5318.5	   
Hart,Stanley			Part Time Temporary			11.4	   
Hartman,Linda L			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Hartshorn,Joella E			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Hartshorn,Kent James			Lecturer			3513.32	   
Hatfield,Kathleen E			Coach			444.44	   
Hauck,Jodi R			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Hawkins,Jean B			Part Time Temporary			20	   
Hawkins,Jean B			Part Time Temporary			14	   
Hayashi,Doris A			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Hazelwood,Darrell L			Mgr Plant Operations			5012.08	   
He,Mei Q			Lecturer			1596.92	   
Heath,David W			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Heaton,John J			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Hedrick,David W			Associate Professor			7087	   
Heesacker,Gary W			Professor			8630.32	   
Heger,Sheri L			Fiscal Technician II			2712	   
Heger,Star F			Office Assistant III			1234	   
Heger,Star F			Part Time Temporary			14.5	   
Heinlein,Tracy			Lecturer			1866.66	   
Hendricks,Karen R			Lecturer			4017.12	   
Hendrickson,Robert E			Maintenance Supervis			4216	   
Hendrickson,Teri K			Part Time Temporary			16.73	   
Hendrix,Megan			Part Time Temporary			8.67	   
Henebry-Deleon,Lourdes A			Assistant Professor			4073.66	   
Henkel III,James R			Construction Coordin			3637	   
Henry,Velma J			Office Support Super			2775	   
Hepler,Kristoffer L			Part Time Temporary			8.7	   
Hepler,Kristoffer L			Part Time Temporary			8.7	   
Hepner,Erin R			Part Time Temporary			20.4	   
Herbert,Kathy L			Fiscal Technician II			2712	   
Herman,Daniel J			Associate Professor			5325	   
Hernandez,Kirsten L			Office Assistant II			2303	   
Hernandez,Uriel S			Info Tech Applicatio			2984	   
Herrera,Steven B			Info Tech Applicatio			3549	   
Hickey III,Robert J			Associate Professor			5819	   
Higgins,Kevin R			Campus Police Lieute			4888	   
Hill,Carol L			Fiscal Technician II			2712	   
Hill,Deborah L			Accountant			3059	   
Hill,Michelle K			Early Childhood Prgm			2984	   
Hill,Nathan A			Info Tech System Spe			3376	   
Hill,Peggy J			Fiscal Technician II			2198	   
Hillemann,Joanne V			Mgr/Fac Plnng & Cons			5584.58	   
Hilliard,Richard M			Assistant Professor			4086.48	   
Hinchliff,Barbara			Office Support Super			2775	   
Hines,Theresa L			Part Time Temporary			29	   
Hoctor,Robert J			Utility Worker II			2413	   
Hodges,Barbara J			Admin Asst/Ex Sec Vp			4292.66	   
Hoff,Gina M			Research Assistant			2412.26	   
Hoff,Linda M			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Hoffman,Joseph J			Maintenance Mechanic			3549	   
Hogan,Gerard P			Professor			5715	   
Holden,Lad A			Associate Professor			5432	   
Holmes,Leslie A			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Holmgren,Brian			Program Assistant			2005	   
Holtfreter,Robert E			Professor			9155.92	   
Hood,Shirley M			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Hood,Webster F			Professor			7087	   
Hoover,Amy			Assistant Professor			5273	   
Hoover,Debra M			Custodian			2198	   
Hoover,Thomas C			Heavy Equipment Oper			3376	   
Horn,Heather C			Museum/Gallery Manag			1958	   
Horowitz,Steven J			Dir ESL			4801.74	   
Horton,John M			Part Time Temporary			19.16	   
Hoskin,Paul W. O.			Assistant Professor			5540	   
Houser,Diane K			Office Assistant II			1303.25	   
Howard,Nancy E			Dir Office Equal Opp			5669.58	   
Howard,Susan L			Fiscal Technician Le			2468	   
Howard,Teresa A			Custodian			2198	   
Howard,Tracy C			Custodian			2198	   
Howell,Joe D			Academic Advisor			2916.66	   
Howell,Tamie F			Pamphlet Binder I			979	   
Hoyt,Bryan R			Part Time Temporary			20	   
Hubbard,Brenda J			Professor			6680	   
Hubbard,Dale K			Maintenance Custodia			2526	   
Hubbard,Mari L			Phototypesetter Lead			2645	   
Hubbard,Sheri D			Office Assistant III			1851	   
Hubbard,Stephanie J			Office Assistant III			2354	   
Huckabay,James L			Professor			6813	   
Hudson,Roger H			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Hughes,Craig A			Assistant Professor			5170	   
Hugo,J George			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Hull,Christina L			Custodian			2198	   
Hull,Christopher D			General Mgr, KCWU Ra			3482.58	   
Hull,Mickle R			Waste Collector			2911	   
Hull,Sharon E			Program Assistant			1627.2	   
Hultquist,Nancy B			Professor			6813	   
Hunt,Cindy R			Fiscal Specialist I			2984	   
Hunt,Debbie R			Info Tech Applicatio			3215	   
Hunter Chase,LeAnn M			Assoc Dir Financial			4750	   
Husband,Robert W			Electrician - High V			3460	   
Huss,Chris M			Info Tech Applicatio			3215	   
Huss,Rebecca L			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Huss,Theresa A			Food Service Supervi			2148	   
Huss,Zalyna M			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Hutchins,Lynn M			Program Coordinator			2586	   
Hutton,Daarl M			Cook Lead			2053	   
Iles,Andrea L			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Imamshah,Lynne E			Coord Campus Communi			1757.66	   
Inman,Elizabeth A			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Irish,Linda K			Baker			2005	   
Jack,Daniel W			Dir Alumni Affairs			5197.08	   
Jackson,Dale A			Computer Operator II			2841	   
Jackson,Nancy J			Info Tech System Spe			5266	   
Jacobson,Jeannette			Assistant Professor			3888.88	   
James,Katee A			Part Time Temporary			9	   
James,Paul W			Professor			7017	   
Jansen,James D			Part Time Temporary			45	   
Jaques,Jennifer			Associate Professor			4467	   
Jarvis,Kristen D			Part Time Temporary			7.35	   
Jefferies,Stephen C			Professor			8135	   
Jenkins,Andrew P			Professor			6881	   
Jensen,Brian P			Coach			2727.28	   
Jensen,Valdemar			Custodian			2005	   
Jensvold,Mary Lee A			Temp Asst Dir CHCI			2048	   
Jipson,Susan F			Part Time Temporary			18.5	   
Johansen,Anne M			Assistant Professor			5222	   
Johnson,Celia C			Registered Nurse II			3818	   
Johnson,Craig H			Associate Professor			5877	   
Johnson,Cynthia S			Human Subj Rev Commi			1935.9	   
Johnson,Eldon C			Professor			8135	   
Johnson,Eugene Richard			Professor			6297	   
Johnson,James E			Assistant Professor			5222	   
Johnson,Janelle K			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Johnson,Jaqualyn L			Dir Career Developme			5050	   
Johnson,Jeannie R			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Johnson,Julie C			Office Assistant III			1958	   
Johnson,Julie C.			Credit Program Manag			3248.86	   
Johnson,Kirk A			Professor			7228	   
Johnson,Kirk A			Professor			255	   
Johnson,Lori I			Asst Dir Res Living			3333.32	   
Johnson,Paul D			Control Technician			3291	   
Johnson,Richard E			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Johnson,Shelly DB			Dir Budget			6366	   
Johnson,Stephanie A			Lecturer			3193.82	   
Johnson,Steve P			Program Support Supe			3376	   
Joiner,Anne S			Professor			3404.54	   
Jones,Keith C			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Jones,Kim M			Associate Professor			5273	   
Joo,Seong-Jong			Assistant Professor			7017	   
Jordan,Lennard L			Part Time Temporary			16	   
Jorgensen,Jan L			Professor			5179	   
Jurenka,Nancy E			Professor			6680	   
Kagele,Nanette J			Part Time Temporary			30	   
Karns,Kristin E			Health Care Speciali			5398	   
Kasselis-Smith,Nathalie			Associate Professor			5325	   
Kaufman,David E			Director of Academic			3366.66	   
Kauzlarich,Charlene D			Program Support Supe			3376	   
Kauzlarich,Fabian E			Part Time Temporary			18.01	   
Kehner,Christine			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Keith,Douglas D			Snack Bar Lead			2413	   
Kennedy,James L			Part Time Temporary			16.33	   
Kennedy,Richard C			Cook			2526	   
Kern,Douglas S			Part Time Temporary			7.16	   
Kieltyka,Marcus E			Assistant Professor			4295	   
Kies,Sharon			Custodian Supervisor			2526	   
Kimball,Kevin Eric			Assoc Vp Bus & Fin A			8837.5	   
Kindregan,Lois E			Part Time Temporary			9.68	   
King,Carol A			Part Time Temporary			23	   
King,Corwin P			Professor			6881	   
King,Corwin P			Professor			225	   
Kingham,Melanie			Lecturer			3722.22	   
Kladnik,Kenneth F			Head Athletic Traine			3703.34	   
Klampher,Tina L			Info Tech System Spe			3727	   
Kleck,Judith A			Assistant Professor			4000	   
Klein,Traci L			Asst Dir Human Resou			4514	   
Klemin,Vernon W			Professor			8544.88	   
Klippenstein,Stacy S			Dir Univ Housing & N			5891.66	   
Knackstedt,Jeff A			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Knight,Jacqueline J			Part Time Temporary			25	   
Knight,Kelton W			Professor			6948	   
Knirck,Jason K			Lecturer			4277.78	   
Knoke,Carmen L			Asst Dir Institute R			4820.46	   
Kolokotrones,Connie K			Lecturer			800	   
Konya,Gabor			Lecturer			4000	   
Kopczynski,David P			Control Technician L			3549	   
Kovalerchuk,Michael B			Research Associate			2020	   
Kovalerchuk,Natalie			Info Tech Applicatio			4771	   
Kramer,Donna F			Ombudsperson			4204.48	   
Kruckenberg,Jana Lynne			Mgr Student Financia			4777.58	   
Kuhlken,Cynthia D			Scientific Instruct			3637	   
Kuhlken,Robert T			Associate Professor			5819	   
Kukar,Nicole M			Dir AUAP			4061.66	   
Kuniyoshi,George			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Kurtz,Martha Jane			Associate Professor			4321.5	   
Laman,David M			Assistant Professor			4731	   
Lambert,Connie R			Associate Professor			6053	   
Lampley,Frederick M			Part Time Temporary			14	   
Lane,Derek R			Assistant Professor			4373	   
Lapsley,Ruth D			Assistant Professor			6422	   
Lapsley,Ruth D			Assistant Professor			222.2222	   
Larsen,Lynda J			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Larson,Kerri M			Part Time Temporary			31.02	   
Lasik,John J			Assoc Dean COB			3876.52	   
Lasik,John J			Lecturer			2784.006	   
Lasik,Karen L.			Early Childhood Prgm			2354	   
Laub,Suzanne L			Medical Transcriptio			2586	   
Launius,Michael A			Professor			6948	   
Law,Jay L			Lecturer			5109.68	   
Lawrence,Janet			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Layman,Daniel C			Food Service Manager			3549	   
Le,Van C			Maintenance Custodia			2413	   
Ledgard,Eric J			Accountant, Senior			3818	   
Lee,Chulho Christopher			Associate Professor			7518	   
Lee,Erin M			Lecturer			4333.32	   
Lee,Jeff			Associate Professor			6549	   
Lee,Ming Chih			Part Time Temporary			7.16	   
Lees,James R			Educational Tech Ass			2922	   
Lefkowitz,Natalie J			Professor			6358	   
Lems,George E			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Lenington,Matthew J			Part Time Temporary			12.5	   
Lesser,Gail A			Office Assistant II			1503.75	   
Lester,Derk E			Cook Lead			2586	   
Letson,Terry L			Window Washer			2468	   
Letson,Virginia Kay			Part Time Temporary			9.68	   
Leviton,Jay A			Lecturer			1242.38	   
Lewis,Anthony M			Part Time Temporary			9.5	   
Lewis,Keith A			Professor			6422	   
Lewis,Scott Meredith			Professor			4676.25	   
Li,Chenyang			Professor			7017	   
Li,Chenyang			Professor			283.3333	   
Li,Xingzhong			Professor			6113	   
Lickteig,David L.			Lecturer			5555.56	   
Lillquist,Karl D			Associate Professor			5877	   
Lillquist,Karl D			Associate Professor			255	   
Lillquist,Susan L			Early Childhood Prgm			1939.5	   
Lin,Cen-tsong			Professor			6422	   
Lince,Cheryl L			Fiscal Technician II			2413	   
Lind,Julie M			Part Time Temporary			30	   
Lindvig,Leona M			Lecturer			4444.44	   
Linnell,Virginia A			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Lipori,Daniel G			Assistant Professor			5070	   
Littlefield,Edwin L			Custodian			2198	   
Lochrie,Mary E			Associate Professor			5485	   
Lonborg,Susan D			Professor			7228	   
Long,Elaine			Program Support Supe			2984	   
Long,Michelle D			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Lonowski,Dale R			Info Tech Applicatio			2775	   
Lonowski,Douglas F			Assoc Dir Continuing			4448.2	   
Lopez,Iris A			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Lopez-Valdez,Walter E			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Lorber,Zachary M			Food Service Supervi			2249	   
Louttit,Dottie J			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Lovell,William L			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Loverro,Ian J			Assistant Professor			4460	   
Lowe,Roberta A			Office Assistant II			1915	   
Lowery,Robert			Information Speciali			4216	   
Lubinski,Patrick M			Assistant Professor			4922	   
Lucatero,Flor E			Recruitment/Retentio			3166.66	   
Lund,Susan D			Administrative Asst			2238	   
Lundgren,Mark H			Dir Institutional St			5766.26	   
Lundin,Michael A			Assistant Professor			5222	   
Lundquist,Lee A			Project Coordinator			3750	   
Lupton,Natalie A			Part Time Temporary			18.5	   
Lupton,Robert A			Associate Professor			6173	   
Lygre,David G			Professor			7820	   
Lynch,Samuel A			Lecturer			4000	   
MacDicken,Linda M			Part Time Temporary			31.02	   
Mack,Larry L			Steam Engineer			3134	   
Mack,Richard S			Professor			8889.24	   
Mack,Virginia B			Assistant Professor			4549	   
Mackey,Grace E			Part Time Temporary			9	   
MacLeod-Garcia,Linda			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Madlem,Melody S			Associate Professor			5649	   
Magdlin,Kristy D			Office Assistant III			1151.5	   
Mahan,Robert J.			Comm Spec, Spec Ed T			1800	   
Mahaney,Kevin M			Part Time Temporary			14	   
Mahaney,Linda L			Space Analyst II			3727	   
Mahre,Pamela			Food Service Manager			3818	   
Majekobaje,Abolade O			Admissions Counselor			2750	   
Majsterek,David J			Professor			6948	   
Maloney,Barbara K			Program Support Supe			2841	   
Mandujano,Alex C			Scientific Instr Tec			3291	   
Mano,Margaret M			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Manweller,Mathew S			Assistant Professor			4778	   
Markarian,Mark N			Part Time Temporary			25.48	   
Marra,Linda			Professor			6813	   
Martin,Ruth L			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Martin,Teresa Lynn			Professor			6881	   
Martin-Marquez,Jesus			Parent/Community Out			3240.42	   
Martinen,Dennis L			Associate Professor			5485	   
Martinez,Ana Maria			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Martinis,Karen D			Professor			8379	   
Martinis,Karen D			Professor			100.008	   
Masberg,Barbara A			Associate Professor			5706	   
Masden,Daniel			Dir Testing and Asse			4750	   
Mason,Marilyn E			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Massey,Tricia A			Mail Rater			1939.5	   
Masters,Babe Wind			Custodian			2198	   
Mataya,Dave C			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Matheson,Megan D			Assistant Professor			4778	   
Matheson,Merrie Jane			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Mathews,Estelle M			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Mathias,Kirk E			Professor			5877	   
Matlock,Dominic S			Part Time Temporary			8.75	   
Matlock,Shawn L			Food Service Manager			3134	   
Mattocks,Philip W			Assistant Professor			4075.34	   
Mayer,Eric D			Assistant Professor			5019	   
McCarthy,Katherine L			Study Abroad Advisor			2698.24	   
McCarty,Kevin P			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3134	   
McColl,Christopher J			Research Associate			2916.66	   
McCormack,Douglas C			HEP Instructor			2980	   
McCormick,Cameron K			Lecturer			4000	   
McCullough,Barbara J			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
McCutcheon,Patrick T			Associate Professor			5432	   
McDaniel,Kathleen T			Secretary Senior			2586	   
McDermott,Janine P			Clinical Technologis			3059	   
McDonald,Frederick W			Lecturer			5000	   
McDougall,Sharon M			Part Time Temporary			16.73	   
McEvoy,Beverly			Part Time Temporary			8	   
McFarlane,Neil G			Dir Academic Achieve			4596.18	   
McGie,Kari L			Office Assistant II			1099	   
McGowan,Marie P			Info Tech Applicatio			4653	   
McGowan,Robert W			Professor			7156	   
McGowan,Robert W			Professor			525	   
McGreaham,Marvin F			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
McGuire,Timothy A			Info Tech Applicatio			3215	   
McIntyre,Jerilyn S			President			16560	   
McIntyre,Jerilyn S			President			740.7466	   
McKenna,Dawn M			Part Time Temporary			40	   
McKenzie,Robert B			Maintenance Mechanic			3549	   
McKinney,Rhonda			Assoc Dir Health, C			5500	   
McLaughlin,Patrick L			Professor			6560	   
McNair,Dianna G.			Lecturer			4333.34	   
McNeil,Judy B			Program Assistant			2526	   
McPherson,Jack L			Professor			1438.32	   
Mcpherson,Marc R			Campus Police Office			3134	   
McShane,Therese A			Editor III-Publicati			1455.5	   
Mead,Kerry R			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Melbourne,Timothy I			Assistant Professor			6173	   
Melius,Chandra R			Part Time Temporary			10	   
Mellergaard,Carol J			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Melton,Bradley O			Development Officer			4632.08	   
Melton,Brian L			Campus Police Office			3637	   
Melton,Dawn M			Assoc Dir, UHNSP			3955.84	   
Melvin,Crystal D.			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Melvin,Crystal D.			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Mendoza,Nancy E			Part Time Temporary			8.7	   
Meng,Liuxi			Assistant Professor			4444.44	   
Menig,Antonia S			Academic Advisor			3339.92	   
Mertell,Cody M			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Metz,Frank T			Custodian			1915	   
Meyer,Jeffery D			Assistant Professor			4971	   
Michel,Carrie			Professor			6235	   
Michel,John F			Professor			6422	   
Miglino,Donna M			Secretary			1809.75	   
Miles Koehler,Mona			Part Time Temporary			31.02	   
Miles,Howard L			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Miller Jr,Roger W			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Miller,Beata			Library Technician I			1810.2	   
Miller,Don L			Warehouse Supervisor			2775	   
Miller,Judy B			Admin Asst to the Pr			4476.92	   
Miller,Meghan			Dean College of the			9931.66	   
Miller,Rolanda			Food Service Supervi			2712	   
Miller,Seth W			Residence Hall Coord			2100	   
Miller,Seth W			Residence Hall Coord			363.6363	   
Miller,Teresa			Sports Equipment Tec			2100	   
Miller,Tracy M			Office Assistant III			2053	   
Miller,William D			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Mina-Nelson,Menell J			Data Control Tech II			1809.75	   
Miner,Andrew M			Network Engineer/Geo			3636	   
Minor,Kelly R			Accountant, Senior			3727	   
Minor,Mary			Lecturer			2930	   
Minshull,Patricia G			Office Assistant Lea			2586	   
Mitchell,Cynthia F			Assistant Professor			4504	   
Mitchell,Jeffrey T			Maintenance Mechanic			2984	   
Miyata,Hitoshi			Non CWU Intern			1217.4	   
Moad,Tammy A			Office Assistant III			979	   
Moeur,Michael K			Steam Engineer			3134	   
Moffatt,David L			Materials Resource M			3134	   
Moffatt,Paula F			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Mofford,Brenda D			Budget Analyst III			3916	   
Mohr,Steven E			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Monet,Sandra L			Food Service Worker			1958	   
Montgomery,Aaron G			Assistant Professor			4778	   
Montoya,John C			Assistant Professor			5109.68	   
Moody,Rex T			Assistant Professor			6680	   
Moody,Rex T			Assistant Professor			222.2222	   
Moore,Robert C			Lecturer			3555.56	   
Moore,Stephen T			Assistant Professor			5170	   
Morefield,Tina B			Administrative Asst			2984	   
Moreno,Stella			Professor			6235	   
Morfield,Ardath M			Office Assistant Lea			2586	   
Morrill,Tamara Lin			SA Module Lead			3366.66	   
Mothershead,Gayle L			Custodian			2005	   
Moug,Kara D			Program Coordinator			2712	   
Mumma,Amy L			World Wine Program C			3631.46	   
Mumma,Jeffrey J			Grounds Supervisor I			4013	   
Munson,Ronald B			Mgr Environmental He			4869.32	   
Murataya,Rodrigo			Assistant Professor			4685	   
Murphree,Lowell F			Grant Writer/Researc			2924.58	   
Murray,Cynthia			Career Counselor			3232	   
Nahan,James P			Mgr, Engr Srvs & Res			5454.9	   
Naranjo,Adrian			Info Tech Applicatio			3376	   
Nash,Leslie Lynn			Part Time Temporary			16.33	   
Nasinec,Tyce J			Coach			2545.46	   
Nelson,James L			Steam Engineer			3134	   
Nelson,Joshua S			Professor			6485	   
Nelson,Joshua S			Professor			255	   
Nemeth,Kevin L			Dir Continuing Educa			5504.12	   
Nethery,Deborah A			Manager, Swimming Po			3134	   
Nethery,Deborah A			Lecturer			248.8	   
Nethery,Vincent M			Professor			6948	   
Neubauer,Kerry L			Utility Worker II			2526	   
Newman,Kurt Leon			Electronic Media Pro			2712	   
Newman,William A			Custodian			2198	   
Ney,Loretta M			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Ng,Kai W			Food Service Worker			2249	   
Nickerson,Zilpha M			Library Circulation			3859.92	   
Nielsen,Marisa A			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Nimnicht,James L			Professor			8977.26	   
Niner,Janice K			Part Time Temporary			17.5	   
Nixon,Don R			Professor			8801.22	   
Nixon,Don R			Professor			131.292	   
Nolan,Caroline J			Part Time Temporary			13.53	   
Nolan,Caroline J			Part Time Temporary			13.53	   
Noland,Pamela Suzanne			Washroom Equip Oper			2354	   
North,Geoff G			Part Time Temporary			50	   
North,Thomas J			Asst  Dir for Ath/Bu			4208.42	   
Nourse,Steven W			Assistant Professor			5019	   
Novak,Renee			Admissions Counselor			3000	   
Nowak,Caleb A			Maintenance Mechanic			2586	   
Noyes,Janet M			Program Support Supe			3376	   
O'Brien,Donald J			Media Technician Sup			3134	   
O'Shaughnessy,Darsha R			Food Service Worker			2053	   
Oates,Maren E			Part Time Temporary			14.18	   
Odah,Ashur W			Part Time Temporary			17	   
Oftedahl-Brown,Sandra			Dir, Enrollment Mgmt			4914	   
Ogden,Michael R			Associate Professor			4971	   
Okada-Collins,Mariko			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Olivero,J Michael			Professor			6422	   
Olson,Debbie L			Lecturer			750.66	   
Olson,Karen H			Part Time Temporary			15.59	   
Olson,Steven D			Professor			6173	   
Oncina,Carlos A			Assistant Professor			5325	   
Oncina,Carlos A			Assistant Professor			210	   
ONeill Jr,Eugene			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Onstot,Caroline F			Part Time Temporary			23.05	   
Orcutt,Jilliene Maria			Assoc Dir, Admission			4287.9	   
Orthmann,Janis L			Office Assistant II			1915	   
Orvald,Tucker O			Part Time Temporary			64	   
Ostlund,Margareta I			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Ostrowski,Kimberly A			Part Time Temporary			12.34	   
Otopalik,Cameron M			Lecturer			4055.56	   
Ott,Hal Jeffrey			Professor			6615	   
Otto,Nicole M			Health Educator			3232	   
Overland,Kerrie L			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Owens,Kristina L			Secretary Senior			1939.5	   
Owens,Patrick A			Associate Professor			4647	   
Page,Christine A			Program Coordinator			1554	   
Page,JoAnn M			Office Assistant III			2053	   
Page,Nancy A			Drapery Fabricator			2005	   
Paige,Gladys S			Lecturer			0	   
Palm,Melanie K			Administrative Asst			2712	   
Palmatier,Nathanael G			Part Time Temporary			12	   
Palmer,Geri L			Food Service Manager			3549	   
Palmer,Leah R			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Palmquist,Bruce C			Associate Professor			5762	   
Palmquist,Bruce C			Associate Professor			141.6666	   
Pantano,Mark R			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Papadopoulos,Charilaos			Assistant Professor			4778	   
Pappas,Dionysia			Library Technician I			1851	   
Pappas,James G			Professor			7820	   
Paquette,Nancy L			Food Service Worker			1789	   
Parker,Mickey L			Mgr Fac Mgmt-Admin S			5454.9	   
Parks,Randy R			Custodian			2005	   
Patterson,Julie L			Program Assistant			2526	   
Patterson,Randy W			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Patzik,Phillip G			Info Tech Applicatio			4013	   
Paul,Judy M			Program Support Supe			3134	   
Paul,Robert C			Motorized Equip Mech			3291	   
Payne,Teryl J			Program Support Supe			3376	   
Peacock,Patricia Lynn			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Pedersen,Lene			Assistant Professor			4778	   
Pedersen,Sarah B			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Pederson,Carmencita			Program Assistant			2526	   
Pederson,Todd C			Cook			2053	   
Peischl,Thomas M			Dean Library Service			8837.5	   
Pellegrini,Diane L			Library Technician I			2586	   
Penick,Jeffrey M			Associate Professor			5378	   
Perez,Joanne A			Fiscal Technician II			2249	   
Perez,Mark I			Lecturer			4000	   
Perkins,Robert H			Professor			6422	   
Peterson,Bobbie L			Administrative Asst			2984	   
Peterson,Carol M			Library Specialist I			2984	   
Peterson,Maurice F.			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Petre,Kerry Trent			Part Time Temporary			14.8	   
Petulli,Sacha			Part Time Temporary			8.7	   
Phillips,Barbara A			Associate Professor			5649	   
Phillips,Larry P			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3291	   
Piacsek,Andrew A			Assistant Professor			2826.66	   
Piacsek,Andrew A			Assistant Professor			1272	   
Picha,John L			Coach			3217.18	   
Pichardo,Nelson A			Associate Professor			5120	   
Pickett,John F			Professor			6549	   
Pidgeon,Ladine L			Fiscal Technician II			2712	   
Pierce,Kay			Fiscal Technician II			2526	   
Pierce,Lloyd B			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Pieters,Robert E			Maintenance Custodia			2413	   
Pigeon,Nancy G			Assistant Professor			5561.9	   
Pimomo,Paulus			Associate Professor			5325	   
Pinkart,Holly C			Associate Professor			5935	   
Pinzon,Charles Michael			Lecturer			4444.44	   
Plambeck,Kevin			Lecturer			1054.88	   
Plesha,Lisa R			Fiscal Technician II			2249	   
Plourde,Lee A			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Plouse,Tracy Lynne			Research Analyst III			3637	   
Pock,Janis E			Comm Spec, Spec Ed T			4201.6	   
Poe,Gregory W			Mgr Custodial & Grou			5454.9	   
Polishook,Mark R			Associate Professor			5540	   
Popovic,Djordje M			Program Coordinator			2413	   
Poppen,Kelly L			Program Assistant			2005	   
Porter,Bruce W			Dir Bus Serv & Contr			5990.5	   
Porter,David W			Electrician Lead Hig			3727	   
Posada,Michael J			Safety Professional			4013	   
Pott,Steve E			Utility Worker II			2303	   
Potts,Victoria S			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Poulson,Mary E			Associate Professor			5706	   
Powell,Jan E			Program Assistant			1263	   
Powell,Janet L			Licensed Practical N			2984	   
Powell,Joseph E			Professor			4768.5	   
Pratz,Christophe Rene			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Price,James M			Info Tech Applicatio			4771	   
Price,Tiffany L			Info Tech Applicatio			5266	   
Prigge,Debra J			Professor			6680	   
Pringle,Charles O			Info Tech Applicatio			3727	   
Prothero Jr,Glen			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Pruitt,Jimmy D			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Pruitt,Shirley J			Program Assistant			2526	   
Quirk,Wayne			Assoc VP Grad Studie			9090	   
Quitadamo,Ian J			Assistant Professor			4685	   
Quitadamo,Ian J			Assistant Professor			127.5	   
Quitadamo,Ian J			Assistant Professor			843.3	   
Rabel,Tricia M			Residence Hall Coord			2100	   
Rabel,Tricia M			Residence Hall Coord			363.6363	   
Radeke,Mary			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Rahm,Carmen A			Senior Director ITS			9065.5	   
Rairdan,Carol J			Food Service Worker			1789	   
Randall,Paul D			Lecturer			211.14	   
Randall,Paul D			Lecturer			750	   
Rankin,Jon H			Safety Professional			4216	   
Rath,Sura			Professor			6948	   
Rau,Eugene E			Director, ITS Aplica			6920.08	   
Raubeson,Linda Ann			Associate Professor			5378	   
Rawlinson,David R			Assistant Professor			5993	   
Raymond,Karen A			Academic Advisor			2100.8	   
Razo,Sergio			Info Tech System Spe			4322	   
Razo,Sergio			Part Time Temporary			35.5	   
Reasons,Charles E			Professor			8296	   
Redel,Shannon M			Human Resource Rep I			2712	   
Reich,Diane T			Assistant Professor			4731	   
Reid,Kathleen K			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Reid,Trevor B			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Reider,Shannon L			Animal Tech I			1708	   
Reilly,Michael			Assoc VP Enroll Mgnt			6828.18	   
Reimund,Mary Ellen			Assistant Professor			5170	   
Rhoden,Shane G			Maintenance Mechanic			3549	   
Rice,Patricia A			Library Technician I			2586	   
Richards,Jo A			Secretary			1206.5	   
Richardson,Erlinda M			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Richardson,Gary M			Associate Professor			7744	   
Richardson,Wade R			Info Tech System Spe			4771	   
Richmond,F Lynn			Associate Professor			7087	   
Richmond,F Lynn			Associate Professor			131.292	   
Richmond,James M			Construction Coordin			4013	   
Rickey,Cindy L			Payroll Technician			2303	   
Riles,Timothy A			Lecturer			3777.78	   
Ring,Kenneth R			Program Manager A			3215	   
Ringe,Ladell			Office Assistant Lea			2586	   
Ripka,Olivia			Library Supervisor I			2911	   
Ritchie,Vanna E			Office Assistant III			1381.8	   
Rittereiser,Steven J			Dir Public Safety &			6480.82	   
Rittereiser,Wendy A			Dir Benefits & HR In			5294.18	   
Roan,Jan L			Buyer II			3549	   
Roberts,Connie M			Professor			7445	   
Roberts,Connie M			Professor			300	   
Roberts,James B			Associate Professor			5819	   
Roberts,Tracey A			Part Time Temporary			29	   
Robinette,Judith A			Secretary			2198	   
Robinette,Randy L			Counseling Psycholog			4440	   
Robinson,Scott R			Associate Professor			4873	   
Robinson,Scott R			Associate Professor			130	   
Rodriguez,Jacinto			Asst Dir Financial A			3871.66	   
Rogers,Diane L			Library Technician I			2468	   
Rogers,Paul F			Food Service Manager			3376	   
Romboy,Dieter			Associate Professor			6173	   
Rominger,Teresa M			Office Assistant III			1480.8	   
(name deleted)			Admissions Counselor			2869.36	   
Rose,Colleen B			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Rosell,Sharon L			Assistant Professor			4827.78	   
Ross,Peter W			Campus Police Office			3134	   
Rosser,Carl F			Lecturer			1787.96	   
Rost,Curtis J			Stockroom Attendant			2526	   
Rowland-Woody,Linda R			Assistant Professor			4593	   
Roz,Maria M			Fin Aid Counselor			2900	   
Rubin,Charles M			Professor			7592	   
Rubio,Linda J			Secretary Senior			1939.5	   
Ruble,Michael R			Associate Professor			7820	   
Ruble,Michael R			Associate Professor			390.006	   
Ruggles,Carol A			Office Assistant III			1468.5	   
Rumburg,Nellie			Library Technician L			2712	   
Rushton,Lyle A			Electrician - High V			3134	   
Ryan,Maxine M			Fiscal Technician II			2526	   
Ryder,Douglas M			Academic Planning Of			5154.08	   
Ryder,Jennifer D			Library Technician I			2586	   
Sadler,Shirley I			Admin Asst/Ex Sec Vp			4208.32	   
Sala,Kathleen J			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Salyer,Brian K			Associate Professor			5378	   
Sandoval,Trino Z			Part Time Temporary			17	   
Sannuto,Catherine V			Career Counselor			3232	   
Santillan,Victor M			Data Analyst			4409.66	   
Sarchet,Stephen R			Human Resource Rep I			2841	   
Sasaki,Richard K			Custodian			2198	   
Satnik,Michael A			Lecturer			3404.56	   
Saucier,Lisa M			Accountant, Senior			3916	   
Saunders,Peter J			Professor			8544.88	   
Savoian,Roy T			Dean, College of Bus			10712.9	   
Scarlett,Catherine M			Asst Dir Assoc & Ste			4280.54	   
Schademan,Jamie M			Systems Analyst Prog			5396	   
Schaefer,Todd M			Associate Professor			4155	   
Schedler,Christopher L			Assistant Professor			4549	   
Scheffelmaier,Jane J			Scientific Instr Tec			3291	   
Schepman,Stephen B			Professor			3508.5	   
Schepman,Stephen B			Professor			262.494	   
Schepman,Stephen B			Professor			3949	   
Schepman,Stephen B			Professor			1413.06	   
Schmidt,Megan A.			Counseling Psycholog			4100	   
Schmidt,Rhonda L			Fiscal Technician II			1930.4	   
Schmitz,Steven A			Professor			6235	   
Schnebly,Nancy L			Secretary Senior			1177	   
Schnelle,Robert			Lecturer			2220	   
Schnelle,Robert			Lecturer			150	   
Schnelle,Robert			Part Time Temporary			30	   
Schock,Andrew C			Part Time Temporary			31.02	   
Schriber-Barkley,Deborah S			Office Assistant III			2053	   
Schutz,John J			Part Time Temporary			17.15	   
Schwartz,Terrence J			Associate Professor			5432	   
Schwartz,Waleeta T			Program Assistant			1263	   
Schwing,James L			Professor			8296	   
Schwing,James L			Professor			968.1	   
Score,Gayle M			Library Technician I			2468	   
Scott,Pamela L			Telephone Comm Opera			2198	   
Scrivner,Craig W			Systems Administrato			5785.28	   
Seals,Roy A			TV/Video Equip Opera			1050	   
Seely,Traci A			Office Assistant III			1958	   
Semko,Dianne E			Utility Worker II			2526	   
Shaffer,Amber R			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Shaffer-White,Vicki L			Associate Professor			5378	   
Shapiro,Lee G			Broadcast Technician			2354	   
Sheeran,Joseph R			Credentials Evaluato			2148	   
Sheeran,Lori K			Assistant Professor			5432	   
Shelly,Gary J			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Shelton,Deborah L			Info Tech System Spe			3916	   
Shields,Janet R			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Shorr,David N			Professor			7228	   
Shorr,David N			Professor			787.5	   
Short,Christina A			Info Tech Applicatio			3215	   
Shuey,Tammy R			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Shugart,Karla J			Director/Emp & Staff			5000	   
Sienia Nunez,Wendy C			Bookstore Supervisor			2249	   
Sienia,Frances L			Fiscal Technician II			2712	   
Siller,Linda J			Custodian			2198	   
Siller,Peter M			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Silva,Gini L			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Simonton,Craig R			Part Time Temporary			17.15	   
Simpson,Bruce R			Transfer Admissions			3250	   
Sinclair,Scherry A			Budget Analyst II			3549	   
Singh,Vijay V			Associate Professor			5540	   
Sirrine,Darlene R			Program Assistant			2198	   
Sisko,Barbara J			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Sisko,Timothy			Construction Coordin			4013	   
Skibeness,James A			Maintenance Custodia			1915	   
Slaughter,Kerry C			Library Technician I			2586	   
Sledge,Andrea C			Associate Professor			5325	   
Sleigh-Layman,Staci A			Associate Director,			4357.08	   
Sloan,Laurie J			Part Time Temporary			11	   
Sloan,Teresa A			Associate Professor			5877	   
Slobig,Coreen M			Part Time Temporary			31.02	   
Smart,Chris D			Coord, Media Product			4645.5	   
Smart,Margaret L			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Smith,Dustin C			Sprinkler Maint Work			2148	   
Smith,Eddie L			Custodian			957.5	   
Smith,James M			Scientific Instr Tec			3291	   
Smith,Margaret A			Dir Internal Control			5576.42	   
Smith,Mary J			Program Coordinator			2841	   
Smith,Michael A			Asst Dir Annual Givi			4265.08	   
Smith,Michael J			Associate Professor			5170	   
Smith,Nicholas J			Part Time Temporary			50	   
Smith,Rebecca			Library Specialist I			3215	   
Smith,Thomas J.			Lecturer			355.54	   
Smith,Van D			Sprinkler Maint Work			2303	   
Snedeker,Jeffrey L			Professor			6549	   
Snedeker,Jeffrey L			Professor			390	   
Snell,Julie R			Part Time Temporary			9.68	   
Snowden,Patricia A			Office Assistant II			1151.5	   
Snyder,Christopher G			Part Time Temporary			8.7	   
Snyder,Shellie M			Cashier II			2413	   
Soltz,David L			Provost/Senior Vp Ac			13028.26	   
Sorenson,Carolyn			Cook			2413	   
Sorey,Mari N			Part Time Temporary			15	   
Sorey,Tim L			Assistant Professor			4873	   
Sorrells,Robert C			Lecturer			4040	   
Spall,Hugh M			Professor			7898	   
Sparks,Bradley L			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3549	   
Sparling,Greg S			Coach			4752.28	   
Sparling,Greg S			Coach			833.3333	   
Spencer,Erin A			Residence Hall Coord			2121	   
Spencer,Erin A			Residence Hall Coord			360	   
Spencer,Richard D			Electronic Media Pro			2526	   
Spencer,Shelley D			Accountant			2526	   
Sperline,Barbara J			Part Time Temporary			10.5	   
Sperline,Sandra J			Program Assistant			2198	   
Spinazola,Roberta L			Part Time Temporary			20.4	   
Splaine,James M			Part Time Temporary			10.66	   
Spodobalski-Brower,Rose M			Program Support Supe			3134	   
Sprague,Voski D			Part Time Temporary			50	   
St Chante,Linda M			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
St.John,Jeffrey			Campus Police Office			3637	   
Stack,Donna Sue			Assistant Professor			4504	   
Stacy,Gerald Joseph			Professor			7592	   
Stacy,Ruth Ann			Human Subj Rev Commi			1935.9	   
Stanford,Robin E			Food Service Worker			1789	   
Stanley,Barbara S			Registered Nurse II			3818	   
Stanley,Fred C			Systems Analyst Prog			5785.28	   
Stanton,Patrick C			Mgr Enterprise Finan			4881.66	   
Stebbins,Christopher C			Electrician - High V			3460	   
Stehle,Laurie A			Secretary Senior			1851	   
Stein,Stephanie			Professor			5010	   
Stephens,Karen L			Library Specialist I			3215	   
Sterkel Jr,Marvin H			Insulation Worker			3291	   
Sterkel,Donna L			Part Time Temporary			13.87	   
Sterkel,Kendra L			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Stevens,Theresa L			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Stoddard,Shari S			Associate Professor			5222	   
Stoffle Jr,Thomas L			Custodian			2198	   
Stoffle,Kitty T			Custodian			2198	   
Stokes,Eileen V			Office Assistant III			2413	   
Storey,Desi E			Coach			2318.18	   
Storla,David L			Director Computer Su			6116.5	   
Storlie,John A			Transportation Super			3376	   
Storlie,Robert M			Custodian			2198	   
Stowe,Lisa A			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Stowe,Timothy A			Campus Police Sergea			4322	   
Straga,Shane A			Maintenance Mechanic			3291	   
Strauss,Davina F			Coach			600	   
Strauss,Davina F			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Streepy,John H			Media Assistant III			2586	   
Street,April C			Program Coordinator			1666.35	   
Street,Elizabeth M			Executive Asst To Pr			8170.9	   
Street,Warren R			Professor			8462	   
Street,Warren R			Professor			525	   
Studer,Michael R			Campus Police Office			3818	   
Styers-Gordon,Angela M			Part Time Temporary			8.5	   
Styers-Gordon,Angela M			Part Time Temporary			11.5	   
Sullivan,Allen E			Lecturer			4345.44	   
Sumner,William Q			Scientific Programme			2427.34	   
Sun,Key			Associate Professor			5485	   
Sun,Lixing			Associate Professor			5540	   
Surginer,Michael D			Info Tech System Spe			4540	   
Sutphin,Christine A			Professor			6549	   
Sutton,Ginger L			Custodian			2198	   
Sutton,Sheryl L			Custodian			2005	   
Svendsen,Juan C			Custodian			2198	   
Swanson,Kent E			Part Time Temporary			20	   
Swanson,Patricia L			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Swesey,Wayne Michael			Health Care Speciali			5398	   
Szpek,Heidi M			Assistant Professor			4731	   
Tangalakis,Christina M			Fin Aid Counselor			2900	   
Taylor,Clyde McNeill			Director of Accounti			5723.32	   
Taylor,Kariann			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Tenney,Dorothy E			Custodian Supervisor			2526	    
Terrell,Tracy R			Registrar			5566.84	   
Teske,Diane D			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Thomas,James H			Custodian			2198	   
Thomas,Jamin W D			Cook			1915	   
Thomas,Judith C			Cashier I			1915	   
Thomas,Kim R			Program Support Supe			3134	   
Thomas-Bradley,Carin			Assoc Dean College o			3462.42	   
Thomas-Bradley,Carin			Associate Professor			255	   
Thomas-Bradley,Carin			Associate Professor			2724.3	   
Thompson,Deanna			Asst Dir Financial A			3770	   
Thompson,Marilyn A			Program Assistant			3010	   
Thompson,Rebecca			Custodian			2198	   
Thompson,Stuart J			Purchasing Assistant			2249	   
Thomson,James H			Engineering Technici			4216	   
Thorpe,Kelly C			Food Service Supervi			2354	   
Thurston,Carolyn B			Academic Advisor			3131	   
Thyfault,Alberta Jean			Professor			5762	   
Tidd,Ronald R			Professor			8216	   
Tidd,Ronald R			Professor			550.008	   
Timmons,Chris W			Network Engineer			5432.16	   
Tolin,Barbara L			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Tolin,Philip			Assoc Dean College o			4781.5	   
Tolin,Philip			Professor/Admin Duti			3666.25	   
Tolin,Philip			Professor			255	   
Tollefson,Roland R			Dir, Networks and Op			7070.16	   
Tolman,Rosco N			Professor			7976	   
Torres-Pagan,Edwin R			Food Service Manager			3549	   
Tosch,Robert J			Director, Maintenanc			5626.66	   
Triggs,Amanda M			Part Time Temporary			30	   
Trimble,Richard T			Associate Professor			7228	   
Trippett,William R			Assistant Professor			5070	   
Trudgeon,Richard W			Lecturer			3555.56	   
Trumpy,Robert J			Senior Director Heal			5972.84	   
Tucker,Vicky E			Info Tech Applicatio			4771	   
Tuckness,Sarah N			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Tufts,Christine G			Records Analyst II			2911	   
Tuiaea-Ruud,Ana L			Coach			2727.28	   
Tullos,Charlotte E			VP Student Affairs &			11273.5	   
Turnquist,William H			Assistant Professor			5623	   
Tutino,NancyJo			Accounting Superviso			3916	   
Twaites,Eric W			Campus Police Office			3818	   
Uebelacker,Morris			Professor			7228	   
Ullrich,Dieter C			Assistant Professor			4512	   
Ulrich,Clo			Library Technician I			2586	   
Unruh,Angela R			Lecturer			3555.56	   
Vadnais,Teresa M			Conference Coordinat			2526	   
Valencia,Silvia V			Part Time Temporary			13	   
Van der Vis,Brenda L			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Van Tassel,Wesley H			Professor			7518	   
Vance,William C			Professor			6813	   
Vanlandingham,Ronald E			Part Time Temporary			16.33	   
Varga,Steven H			Systems Analyst Prog			5668.24	   
Varnum,Bradley J			Sprinkler Maint Work			2148	   
Varnum,Dawn M			Office Assistant III			2100	   
Varnum,Richard			Driver/Warehouse Wor			2586	   
Vautier,Allen C			Professor			7228	   
Verhey,Steven D			Assistant Professor			4731	   
Verkist,Charles G			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Verkist,Nancy L			Offset Printer Opera			2911	   
Vertrees,Billy G			Senior Director, Fac			7273.24	   
Vielbig,Cynthia			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Vifian,Beverly A			Director, Gear Up			3471.87	   
Vigil,Lloyd M			Part Time Temporary			8.7	   
Villacres,Richard A			Photographer II			3059	   
Vincent,Kathy A			Media Technician Sen			2354	   
Vogel,Nancy E			Adv to International			3232.5	   
Vorhees,Roberta L			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Voshall,Shelly L			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Wagner Jr,James R			Residence Hall Coord			2100	   
Wagner Jr,James R			Residence Hall Coord			363.6363	   
Wagner,Ronald S			Assistant Professor			4593	   
Wagoner,DeAnn L			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Waldeck,Stephen R			Dir University Recre			4460.84	   
Waldron,Wanda J			Secretary Senior			2249	   
Walker,Daniel W			Sprinkler Maint Work			2148	   
Walker,Mark A			Maintenance Custodia			2413	   
Wall,Judith D			Office Assistant Lea			2586	   
Wallace,Michael Z			Part Time Temporary			8.25	   
Wallace,Monica A			Custodian Lead			2413	   
Waller,Michael A			Part Time Temporary			9.68	   
Wang,Boxiang			Info Tech Applicatio			4322	   
Wang,Penglin			Associate Professor			5222	   
Ward,Kathleen P			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Wassell Jr,Charles S			Assistant Professor			5649	   
Watt,Mark A			Maintenance Mechanic			3134	   
Weaver,Anna N			HEP Instructor			2980	   
Webb,Leslie J			Dir Diversity Educat			4416.66	   
Webber,Kenneth L			Asst Dir, Career Ser			3554.34	   
Webber,Maury F			Tv/Video Equip Opera			2148	   
Weber,Dawn M			Program Coordinator			2586	   
Weddington,Crystal HL			Curriculum Advisor			2468	   
Wedekind,Angela M			Secretary Senior			2053	   
Weiner,Cornelia			Assistant Professor			4922	   
Welch,Janice M			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Welch,Thomas K			Maintenance Custodia			2413	   
Wellock,Pamela G			Part Time Temporary			10.75	   
Wellock,Thomas R			Associate Professor			4033.5	   
Wells,Carolyn L			Undergraduate Studie			6816.72	   
Wenger,Steven C			Mgr University Store			4876.16	   
Werder,Sarah Megan			Coach			588.22	   
Werdin,Mark D			Coord Auap Student S			2436.18	   
Wessel,Nancy G			Associate Professor			5762	   
Weyand,Robin			Custodian			1747	   
Weyandt,Lisa L			Professor			7017	   
Whealon,Phyllis J.			Assistant Professor			5273	   
Wheeler,Dolores J			Custodian			2198	   
Whitacre,Lynn L			Program Coordinator			2249	   
Whitaker,Crystal L			Secretary Senior			2468	   
Whitaker,Harry			Piano Technician			2350.5	   
Whitaker,Harry			Part Time Temporary			40	   
Whitaker,Kevin R			Media Engineer A			4013	   
Whitcomb,Katharine E			Assistant Professor			4593	   
Whitney,Jeff			Coach			4568.82	   
Whitney,Katrina M			Dir Center for Stdnt			4905.58	   
Width,Dale			Lecturer			3703.34	   
Wilber,Marlene L			Office Support Super			2775	   
Wilder,Isabel A			Program Assistant			2526	   
Willard,Teri L			Assistant Professor			5070	   
Williams,Gregory F			Fin Aid Counselor			2945.84	   
Williams,Henry S			Professor			6615	   
Williams,Henry S			Professor			938.6666	   
Williams,Wendy Anne			Associate Professor			5877	   
Williamson,Donald W.			Scientific Instr Tec			2841	   
Williamson,Randy P			Assoc Dir, Career Se			3787.5	   
Wilson,Cherie A			Program Manager B			3376	   
Wilson,Dale R			Associate Professor			5877	   
Wilson,Edward M			Custodian			2198	   
Wilson,Irma G			Bookstore Supervisor			2712	   
Wilson,Michelle L			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Wilson,Pamela S			Administrative Asst			2984	   
Wilson,Sharon			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Wilson,Susan J			Part Time Temporary			26.46	   
Wilson,Tammy R.			Fiscal Specialist II			3291	   
Winegar,Margo L			Administrative Asst			3215	   
Wing,Leslie G			Engineering Assistan			3460	   
Winstead,Candace R			Assistant Professor			4826	   
Winston,Cheryl A			Office Assistant III			2468	   
Winterer,Mark J			Plmbr/Pipeftr/Steamf			3291	   
Winterowd,Dalvin G			Part Time Temporary			45	   
Wippel,James A			Truck Driver Lead			3059	   
Wirt,Laurie			Food Service Supervi			2841	   
Wirth,Rex S			Professor			7017	   
Wise,Mary J			Professor			5334	   
Woodcock,Don B			Associate Professor			5935	   
Woods,Sharleen K			Payroll Technician			1809.75	   
Woody,Brandie L			Part Time Temporary			8	   
Wray,Lana R			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Wray,Lana R			Part Time Temporary			9	   
Wright,Steven C			Parking Checker			2586	   
Wright,Suzanne M B			Part Time Temporary			12.63	   
Wu,Joylee			Info Tech Applicatio			4653	   
Wyatt,Marla J			Associate Professor			5540	   
Wyatt,Noella K			Secretary Lead			2775	   
Wyman,Tinja A			Secretary Senior			2586	   
Xiao,Hong			Associate Professor			5325	   
Yang,Taiqian			Professor			6422	   
Yarwood,William H			Mgr, Major Capital P			5454.9	   
Yoerger,Janice KE			Part Time Temporary			9.25	   
Yoon,Bang-Soon L			Professor			7087	   
Youmans,Ona K			Senior Dir, Human Re			6852.24	   
Young,Alexander J			Lecturer			4166.66	   
Young,Daniel S			Buyer I			2911	   
Young,Dusti N			Residence Hall Coord			2100	   
Young,Dusti N			Residence Hall Coord			363.6363	   
Young,Kenneth G			Information Tech Tec			2198	   
Young,Therese A			Lecturer			3888.88	   
Young-Dohrman,Gayle A			Asst Dir Financial A			3770	   
Youngren,Teresa D			Employer Recruitment			2916.66	   
Yoxtheimer,Tim L			Professor			6881	   
Zagelbaum,Adam			Assistant Professor			3777.78	   
Zamberlin,John G			Coach			5846.1	   
Zentner,Nicolaus C			Scientific Instruct			3637	   
Zimny,Adrienne			Program Assistant			1894.5	   
Zoghaib,Wajdi Michel			Lecturer			4000	   
Zupan,Pamela A			Director/Emp & Staff			5428.74	 
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