This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Central Washington University employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 2,137 employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 1,815 employees) (2007, 1,827 employees) (2005, 1,434 employees) (2003, 1,576 employees) (2001, 1,441 employees) (1999, 1,449 employees) (1997, 1,403 employees) (1995, 1,246 employees)

Central Washington University is in Ellensburg, a city with a population of approximately 15,000. The University became a comprehensive university in 1977 and serves more than 9,200 students per quarter at its residential campus in Ellensburg as well as six satellite centers throughout the state. Its annual operating budget is approximately $151 million and it has 3,030 employees. An eight-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of University operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Central Washington University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/20/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
AABYZ, ANTHONY A.               LECTURER                                                 20666.7
ABDALLAZ, LAILA                 PROFESSOR                                               72202.95
ABEZ, GEM CLARENCE              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
ADAMSZ, MICHELLE JOANNE         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            47856.73
ADAMSZ, SUSAN L                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54448.54
ADKINSONZ, CHERYL K.            LECTURER                                                10773.48
ADKISSONZ, KEVIN J              SENIOR HEAD COACH                                       52827.96
ADOLFIZ, SUSAN M                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37983.97
AHOZ, MARY C                    PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       53123.32
AIRTHZ, PAUL LEWIS              LECTURER                                                  4088.1
AIRTHZ, PAULA S.                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      58889.1
AKIYAMAZ, JAMES Y               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       3124.6
ALBRECHTZ, KARL B               COACH                                                       5250
ALDCROFTZ, JULIE                LECTURER                                                 24528.6
ALDERZ, AMY A                   PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             36703.5
ALDERZ, CHARLENE A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34539.82
ALDERZ, YVONNE D                SENIOR LECTURER                                         58568.69
ALEXANDROUZ, ALEXANDER          LECTURER                                                43907.88
ALKIREZ, TERRY D.               LECTURER                                                25606.92
ALLEMANDZ, DEBBIE L             CUSTODIAN 1                                              6066.22
ALLENZ, DONALD R                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            69189.81
ALLENZ, JUDY M                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
ALLENZ, KAREN M                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36853.07
ALLENZ, LORAN E                 MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   32799.97
ALLENZ, NANCY J                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1755
ALLENZ, ROBERT L                LECTURER                                                66331.18
ALLENZ, YOKO                    LECTURER                                                  3006.9
ALLINGZ, STEVE N                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  52025.25
ALLISONZ, CHARLES S             LECTURER                                                  653.67
ALLOCCAZ, DONNA E               EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                          23200.37
ALLPHINZ, LARRY DEE             CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
ALLREDZ, MARILYN J              PATIENT SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE                          26501.03
ALMASONZ, SEASON M              LECTURER                                                  7190.4
ALSOSZATAI-PETHEOZ, JOHN A      PROFESSOR                                               74102.04
ALTHAUSERZ, GORDON A            CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      50705.19
ALTMANZ, MATTHEW C              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59105.16
AMASONZ, JESSICA HOPE           LECTURER                                                13239.72
AMESZ, ELAINE M                 PROGRAM MANAGER B                                          54504
AMESZ, TODD A                   CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   57135.01
AMOSZ, YUKARI T                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     77492.26
AMUTABIZ, MAURICE N             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     34290.84
ANACKERZ, ROBERT J              LECTURER                                                 2000.04
ANDAYAZ, MARIO M                ASSISTANT COACH                                          59734.5
ANDERSENZ, CAROL J.             SENIOR LECTURER                                         17700.48
ANDERSONZ, AMY PATRICIA GRACE   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1236.25
ANDERSONZ, ANTHONY D            LECTURER                                                15091.02
ANDERSONZ, BENJAMIN J           RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                               2799.39
ANDERSONZ, C ANN                DIR GOVERNMENT RELATIONS                                94508.98
ANDERSONZ, LAURA L              BOOKSTORE MANAGER C                                        60120
ANDERSONZ, LORINDA J            DIR CIVIC ENGAGEMENT                                    67505.76
ANDERSONZ, MARK C               DEVELOPMENT OFFICER                                     73178.66
ANDERSONZ, MELISSA              COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                  49077.8
ANDERSONZ, PENELOPE D           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34610.33
ANDLERZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH         LECTURER                                                 21571.2
ANDONIEZ, RAZVAN                PROFESSOR                                               69208.38
ANDREWSZ, CHARLENE ELIZABETH    ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   16489.26
ANDREWSZ, TRACY J               PROFESSOR                                                73939.6
ANDRINZ, MARION G               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               69061
ANTONICHZ, MYRNA                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3499.87
APPLEHOFFZ, VANESSA MICHELLE    LECTURER                                                 1961.05
APPLETONZ, LAURA L              PROFESSOR                                               42392.52
ARANGOZ, ANN D                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                             34074.6
ARANGOZ, CLAY P                 LECTURER                                                49544.37
ARMSTRONGZ, JAMES               DIR ALUMNI AFFAIRS                                      74952.76
ARMSTRONGZ, KERI A              LECTURER                                                  2083.2
ARMSTRONGZ, LIAHNA B            PROFESSOR                                              122471.65
ARMSTRONGZ, SUE TAYLOR          SENIOR LECTURER                                         25203.72
ARTEAGAZ, MATEO                 DIR EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH SRVC                           72316.65
ARTZZ, PATRICIA J               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2515.72
ASHBROOKSZ, STEVEN L            INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            64786.69
ASHTONZ, JENNIFER ELIZABETH     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          684
ATKINSONZ, MARYANNE             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     94403.23
AUCKLANDZ, RAMONA G             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1144.53
AULTZ, KORI KATHRYN             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          330
AUTRYZ, CHRIS L                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
AVEYZ, JAMES B                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    118451.25
BABBITTZ, MARK P                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     37526.28
BABCOCKZ, SHAREL J              LECTURER                                                 1818.66
BACHZ, GLEN L                   PROFESSOR                                               79318.36
BACHZ, JOE D                    MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  44326.14
BACHZ, OTTO C                   BLDG & GRDS SUPERVISOR A                                54669.14
BACHZ, SANDRA L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BACHMAN-RHODESZ, BRYAN C        SECRETARY SENIOR                                         3211.89
BACKLUNDZ, JUDY A               SENIOR LECTURER                                         49840.62
BACKLUNDZ, PHILIP M             PROFESSOR                                                96614.6
BACONZ, JANA E                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             30541.13
BADGLEYZ, MARGARET M            ASST VP UNIVERSITY CTR                                 117414.87
BAGAMERYZ, BRUCE D              PROFESSOR                                              118846.75
BAGLIENZ, VIVIAN G.             LECTURER                                                 7060.54
BAILEYZ, WILLIAM A              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     41808.68
BAILORZ, RAEANNE L              LECTURER                                                 6714.44
BAINZ, GLENNA L                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1125.31
BAIRDZ, SHELLY D                AVP BUDGET & SFS                                          101190
BAKEMANZ, JASON E               STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 1                                      30504
BAKEMANZ, NANCY M               PARKING GUIDE LEAD                                      45426.82
BAKERZ, BECKY R                 HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 1                             20469.94
BAKERZ, ELIZABETH A             COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                             41344.59
BAKERZ, JACK                    ASST TO VP STUDENT AFFAIRS EM                           85025.11
BAKERZ, LINDA M                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 4                            20129.07
BALATEROZ, BARBARA              LECTURER                                                 1961.05
BALDWINZ, SHEVONNE CRISTA       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          650
BALEZ, ANDREW C                 SNACK BAR LEAD                                          26142.53
BALLENGERZ, STEPHANIE SHARON    VISITING FACULTY                                        17125.18
BALLOUZ, GARY W                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61997.78
BANGSZ, TERESA                  HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                               42488.56
BANNISHZ, CHRISTOPHER G         COACH                                                       5250
BARAJAS GARCIAZ, LUZ M          CUSTODIAN 1                                             16257.85
BARKERZ, KAROL L                PROCURE & SUPPLY SPECIALIST 1                           38646.01
BARLOWZ, HOWARD E               LECTURER                                                27799.14
BARLOWZ, KATHLEEN               PROFESSOR                                              101044.09
BARNETTZ, DAVID S               TECHNICAL DIR/STAGE MANAGER                             49853.18
BARRIGANZ, CHRISTINA M          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65627.24
BARTELZ, KIMBERLEE B            PROFESSOR                                               80233.59
BARTHOLOMEWZ, STEPHANIE G       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       796.55
BARTKOWSKIZ, JOHN FLORIAN       LECTURER                                                 2963.58
BARTLETTZ, GARY C               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50865.8
BARTONZ, GAIL D                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              29589.5
BATALIZ, MICHAEL J              LECTURER                                                    2400
BATESZ, LYNNA S.                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      24212.5
BATESZ, RAYMOND D.              STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR                                    37792.08
BATHLAZ, OJUS                   INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               60504
BATTISHILLZ, SCOTT J.           LECTURER                                                 1961.04
BAXTERZ, JODY J                 EVENT PLANNING OFFICER                                  59189.28
BAXTERZ, KENNETH J              DIR CONFERENCE & RETAIL SRVICE                          84935.52
BAYAZITZ, OZDEN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     96908.59
BAYNEZ, ANDREW J                CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   58350.79
BAYSZ, GARRETT LIVINGSTON       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6435.69
BEADORZ, SUSAN ELAINE           PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       45599.63
BEAGHANZ, JAMES P               PROFESSOR                                              105328.46
BEARDZ, JOHN H.                 LECTURER                                                 6963.86
BEARDZ, MARY L.                 LECTURER                                                 12681.3
BEARDSLEYZ, ROGER A             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53579.34
BEASLEYZ, JOHN C                PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                  48306.96
BEAUCLAIRZ, ALAIN H             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59108.49
BECHTELZ, DONALD G              EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 4                                     51864
BECKZ, DANIEL D                 PROFESSOR                                               46001.88
BECKERZ, MELISSA ANNE           SENIOR LECTURER                                         58826.76
BECKETTZ, DENNIS A              ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                              49311.55
BECKLEYZ, GLORIA T              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     27003.96
BECKMANZ, JUSTIN COLT           GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                 33572.02
BECKSTEADZ, RANDALL SCOTT       BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                     48168
BEDELL-PARKERZ, MARGO D         SECRETARY SENIOR                                        27878.79
BEEHLERZ, TOBI L                LECTURER                                                    1612
BEERSZ, DANIEL J                LECTURER                                                 5803.15
BEINTEMAZ, LARRY F              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                            70191.74
BEITINGERZ, JACOB MATTHEW       ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
BELFORDZ, DANILA H              CUSTODIAN 3                                             35513.86
BELLZ, JUSTYN S                 COORD ACCESS TECH RESOURCE CTR                          46089.71
BELLAHZ, GEORGE W               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71876.76
BELLOZ, CAMILLE A.              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1500.57
BELOFSKYZ, GIL                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59333.12
BENDERZ, SARA C                 LECTURER                                                 7844.04
BENDERZ, WILLIAM J              PROFESSOR                                               95844.53
BENNETTZ, BLAINE E              HEAD COACH                                             121324.57
BENNETTZ, BLAINE L              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        17140
BENNETTZ, MICHELLE D            LECTURER                                                 7844.04
BENNETTZ, VIRGINIA A            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62499.93
BENSONZ, KELLY M                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63432.21
BENTLEYZ, SUSAN A               SECRETARY SENIOR                                          2829.3
BENTZZ, HERBERT                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                31872
BERGEZ, TINA M                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       9410.3
BERGERZ, DAVINA M               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3319.55
BERGERZ, MARY JEANETTE          LECTURER                                                 1612.02
BERGHZ, KAREN M                 LECTURER                                                18204.72
BERGMANZ, ETHAN A               ASSOC DEAN COLL ED & PROF STUD                         126185.56
BERGMANZ, LARRY E               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                               78900
BERNADASZ, CHRISTINE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72867.78
BERNERZ, LAURENCE C             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49079.84
BERTELLAZ, JAMES E              COOK 1                                                  26313.61
BERTELSONZ, CATHERINE           PROFESSOR                                               71627.73
BERTHONZ, LISA M                MULTI-CULTURAL ADVISOR                                  34101.78
BERTHON-KOCHZ, JASON JOHN       CAMPUS POLICE LIEUTENANT                                80953.72
BESTZ, BRITTANY JEAN            LECTURER                                                 1961.01
BETHKEZ, LYNN A                 PRESERV & MUSEUM SPEC 2                                  33692.5
BETTSZ, TIMOTHY J               SENIOR LECTURER                                          35337.8
BETZZ, JONATHAN A               INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TECH 3                          41387.41
BICCHIERIZ, KAREN H             LECTURER                                                 1307.34
BICCHIERIZ, PEDRO E O           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          600
BIDDLEZ, CHRISTOPHER GORDON     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3021
BIERZ, VERNON TED               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       8241.6
BISGARDZ, JAMES W               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        52947
BISHOPZ, CAROL A                LECTURER                                                 5186.28
BISHOPZ, JACK S                 ATHLETIC DIRECTOR                                      111160.14
BISSONZ, BARBARA J              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            55150.06
BLACKZ, AMELIA                  ASST DIR FINANCIAL AID                                  52549.59
BLACKZ, CHRISTINE P             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72032.22
BLACKZ, KIMBERLY J              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                               78900
BLACKMOREZ, GERALDINE           OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      37172.24
BLAIRZ, KAREN J                 PROFESSOR                                               94212.94
BLAIRZ, SUSAN L                 LECTURER                                                35416.71
BLAISDELLZ, GAYLA B             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54346.32
BLANCHARDZ, FAITH M             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2751.52
BLANDZ, BRENDA J                CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 34408.45
BLAZINAZ, SAMMYRA               ASST DIR STAR                                           42471.62
BLEDSOEZ, ERIN M                LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                            29476.19
BLEGGIZ, WILLIAM B              LEAD GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                    60863.3
BLISSZ, CONNIE M                DATA CONTROL SUPERVISOR                                 54991.34
BLOHM GRINOLDSZ, JULIE A        DIRECTOR GEAR UP                                         53537.3
BLOXHAMZ, JOYCE L               CUSTODIAN 1                                              34492.7
BLOXHAMZ, SUNNY L               CUSTODIAN 5                                              42862.5
BLUMHAGENZ, LYLE D              PRINTING & DUP. SPECIALIST 2                            36283.84
BOCCHETTIZ, MIRIAM L            PROG DIR COLLEG ASST MGRNT PR                           50526.72
BODDYZ, DEBBIE K                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   29912.83
BOERSMAZ, STUART F              PROFESSOR                                               77061.92
BOHRSONZ, WENDY A               PROFESSOR                                              114412.04
BOMBERGZ, DIANNE T              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          600
BONJORNIZ, CATHY                FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               42341.99
BOOTHMANZ, CRYSTAL M.           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        16418.31
BORKOWSKIZ, DAVID J             LECTURER                                                16995.48
BOSCHEEZ, MARTIN A              SENIOR LECTURER                                         51297.06
BOTTCHERZ, LUCY                 SENIOR LECTURER                                         46318.26
BOTTCHERZ, MARY E               INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TECH 3                          48328.59
BOUILLONZ, MARVIN L             PROFESSOR                                              159406.35
BOURGAULTZ, KEVIN J             LECTURER                                                 6536.76
BOWDENZ, KEITH E                MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   33206.61
BOWENZ, JOHN TERRENCE           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      64066.8
BOWENZ, MONICA                  LECTURER                                                 2614.68
BOWERSZ, JANET S                PROFESSOR                                              151282.49
BOWERSZ, REBECCA S              PROFESSOR                                              103258.08
BOYKIWZ, DARLENE P              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      14524.98
BOYLEZ, PETER J                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      81322.8
BRADLEYZ, BRANDY A              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                            47980.92
BRADYZ, NADALEE                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            56420.33
BRADYZ, SUSAN FAITH             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         6819
BRAMMERZ, ROBYN D               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74270.67
BRANSDORFERZ, RODNEY L          PROFESSOR                                               69910.56
BRAUNZ, ROBERT LOWELL           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          510
BRAUNZ, SUSAN L                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1080
BRAUNSTEINZ, LORI A             PROFESSOR                                               98245.56
BRAUNSTEINZ, MICHAEL R          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68954.49
BRECKENRIDGEZ, TERESA           CUSTODIAN 3                                                34260
BRECKONZ, DELAYNA NICOLE        INFO TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                            15227.81
BRECKONZ, RONALD L              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                            59004.98
BREEDLOVEZ, LOIS JEAN           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      75518.5
BREMERZ, DANETTE DENA           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3913
BRENNANZ, KELLY ANN             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      26329.59
BRENNERZ, TROY D                COORD COMMUNICATION ACCESS SRV                           9697.61
BREWERZ, CHRISTINE              LECTURER                                                 4730.64
BREYFOGLEZ, STEVEN R            INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                            79058.23
BRIDGESZ, HANNAH CHRISTINE      ASSISTANT COACH                                          5400.03
BRIGGSZ, KENNETH A              PROFESSOR                                              118531.67
BRINKERHOFFZ, ROBERT LANCE      PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                  30170.49
BRITSCHGIZ, MATTHEW W           LECTURER                                                 9805.05
BRITTOZ, MARWIN                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57575.58
BRITTOZ, SARAH L.               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80830.18
BRODERIUSZ, BOBBI J             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25101.12
BRONKEMAZ, LISA A               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3000
BROOKSZ, JOSEPH H               PROFESSOR                                               68418.27
BROOKSZ, STEPHEN A              LECTURER                                                 7844.04
BROUWERZ, MELISSA LYNN          LECTURER                                                 2614.68
BROWNZ, ALEXANDER A             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         7746
BROWNZ, ANTHONY W               INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TCH 4                           54400.77
BROWNZ, CHARLES D               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2735
BROWNZ, CLARE ALICE             ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        26973.29
BROWNZ, DAVID M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58644.45
BROWNZ, GREGORY G               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     42934.56
BROWNZ, JOEL ANTHONY            RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                                 13050
BROWNZ, MARCIE M                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       21164.42
BROWNZ, PRAIRIE S               LECTURER                                                45823.24
BROWNZ, TERRI L                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      61120.5
BRUBAKERZ, DALE L               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                            32996.41
BRUNSZ, CINDY MARIE             PSYCHOLOGIST (COORD TRAINING)                           59662.12
BRUTZMANZ, KAREN J              LECTURER                                                     600
BRUYAZ, CHRISTOPHER M           PROFESSOR                                               68117.11
BRYANTZ, JOSEPH W               RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                                 30975
BUCHANANZ, CHRIS G              ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 3                                56693.43
BUCHHOLZZ, PAMELA S             CUSTODIAN 1                                             10310.86
BUDNERZ, NANCY J                LECTURER                                                   34360
BURGESSZ, SHIRLEY R             FISCAL ANALYST 3                                         52024.5
BURKZ, NICOLE S.                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       13661.69
BURNHAMZ, TIM R                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72982.92
BURRILLZ, CARLA A               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         31473
BURVEEZ, MATTHEW M.             INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TCH 4                           53158.59
BURVEEZ, TONI R                 PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
BUSCHZ, CAROLINE CATHRINE       FISCAL ANALYST 3                                         52009.3
BUSCH-GEHLENZ, RHONDA KAY       OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                             32854.85
BUSHAZ, CATHY A                 LECTURER                                                   42615
BUTLERZ, ROBERT F               LECTURER                                                    5772
BUTTERFIELDZ, CAROL L           PROFESSOR                                               70916.03
BUTTITTAZ, JESSICA MARIE        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2563.69
BUTTJERZ, MELINDA M             FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                                42354.8
BUTTRESSZ, GINIE A              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2561
BUVITZ, IAN C                   LECTURER                                                31605.86
BYERS-KIRSCHZ, JANET            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     20417.02
CABRERAZ, STEPHANIE L           CUSTODIAN 1                                              25210.5
CADMANZ, KELLEY D               RESEARCH ANALYST 4                                      57772.38
CAJACHAGUAZ, ENRIQUE            CUSTODIAN 1                                             30304.86
CALAHANZ, SCOTT B               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76989.73
CALHOON-DILLAHUNTZ, CAROLYN E.  LECTURER                                                    2400
CALLAGHANZ, PATRICIA ANNE       PROFESSOR                                               81872.79
CALLAHANZ, BREE F               COORD DSS WESTSIDE OPERATIONS                           45630.51
CALLAHANZ, BRENT O.             WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                     36226.9
CALLAHANZ, CARINE E.            BOOKSTORE SUPERVISOR                                    43448.56
CALLIHANZ, PHILIP RONALD        LECTURER                                                34790.88
CALTENCOZ, ESAU                 SUPPORT INSTRUCTOR HEP                                  36695.04
CAMARATAZ, CHRISTY D            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     20014.39
CAMARATAZ, DAVID J              ELECTRICIAN LEAD HIGH VOLTAGE                           64202.47
CAMARATAZ, S PATRICK            FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                32973.23
CAMARILLOZ, KEVIN A             EXECUTIVE CHEF                                             61200
CAMPBELLZ, CHERYL F             PATIENT SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE                          25596.43
CAMPBELLZ, IAN S                ASST DIR DISABILITY SUPRT SRVC                          53260.62
CANEDOZ, AGNES F                DIR FINANCIAL AID                                        84211.2
CANNCASCIATOZ, DANIEL G         PROFESSOR                                               88566.24
CANNCASCIATOZ, KATHLEEN V       LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 4                            29563.11
CAOZ, YONG                      LECTURER                                                21187.88
CAOILEZ, NIKOLAS NGUYEN         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52643.51
CAPOVILLAZ, DENNIS B            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6962.82
CARBAUGHZ, ROBERT J             PROFESSOR                                              125525.73
CARDENASZ, RAMON                ENROLLMENT/RETENTION ADVISOR                             38001.6
CARLETONZ, CINDY M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      5334.32
CARLSONZ, KYLE A                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        17544
CARLSONZ, PATRICIA R            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      27288.23
CARLSONZ, ROBERT K              LECTURER                                                 10167.8
CARLTONZ, R SCOTT               DIR ACADEMIC ADVISING                                   64161.11
CARMACKZ, CECILIA A             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       4999.5
CARNELLZ, LUCINDA               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     71330.59
CARNSZ, DAVID W                 PROFESSOR                                               81605.74
CARPENDER-WELLENBROCKZ, CATHERINPART TIME TEMPORARY                                          192
CARPENTERZ, CHAD C              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        14535
CARPENTERZ, G. JEFFREY          LECTURER                                                  2083.2
CARPENTERZ, VALERIE A           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19752.45
CARROLLZ, BRIAN D               VISITING FACULTY                                        17125.18
CARROLLZ, MARNA ANN             LECTURER                                                 3268.38
CARROTHERSZ, CAROL ANN          STATECRDDEAF/HARDOFHEARINGSRV                              80304
CARROTHERSZ, DAVID W            INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                             69990.7
CARUTHERSZ, BARRY J             CONSTRUCTION PROJ COORD 3                                75903.5
CASEZ, FELICIA A                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                            25921.49
CASEZ, JANICE C                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            41015.93
CASHMANZ, LINDA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     70587.08
CASTANEDAZ, EDWARD              MGR ENVIRONMENTAL TECH SRVS                                78540
CATESZ, JENNIFER T              LECTURER                                                 34937.2
CATHCARTZ, JASON WILLIAM        INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            67890.82
CATTINZ, WILLIAM E              LECTURER                                                 58847.2
CAULZ, LESLEE K                 TOUR & INFO SRVS COORDINATOR 3                          27478.26
CAVAZOSZ, PEDRO XAVIER          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1900
CAVENESSZ, ANDREW J             FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                                38533.1
CAZARESZ, JENEE D               SENIOR LECTURER                                         39786.44
CERNEYZ, JOHN D                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37873.23
CHACHAVAZ, MAIA                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     63107.32
CHAMBERLANDZ, STEPHEN B         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53805.24
CHAMBERSZ, CASEY J              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          320
CHAMPAGNEZ, KEITH M             ASSOC VP STUDENT AFFAIRS                               113254.73
CHANDLERZ, CHARLES              ASSISTANT COACH                                         12818.75
CHANDLERZ, LORI W               LECTURER                                                 9372.66
CHANEZZ, RUFINA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32932.39
CHAPMANZ, VALERIE               COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                             32007.49
CHARBONNEAUZ, JEFFREY A         LECTURER                                                27706.39
CHARLTONZ, JANEEN V             DIR EARLY CHILDHOOD LRNING CTR                          56725.44
CHARLTONZ, SHARON J             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
CHASEZ, DOROTHY M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     73302.04
CHAUDHARYZ, VIRENDRA K          LECTURER                                                  3270.5
CHAVEZZ, LORRAINE M             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                             52023.98
CHENZ, BING-LIN                 LECTURER                                                13666.68
CHENEYZ, ERIC R                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62001.96
CHILDRESSZ, ANNELIESE D         LECTURER                                                18302.76
CHINNZ, ELEANOR J               INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE SPECIAL                          56446.14
CHINNZ, MICHAEL SHANE           ASSOC DEAN ARTS & HUMANITIES                            96022.56
CHRISMERZ, LARETA J             BUILDING COORDINATOR 2                                   27495.9
CHRISTIANZ, MARISA A            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
CHUEHZ, CHIN-MEI Y              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68281.64
CHUMLEYZ, TIMOTHY W.            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                       3590.92
CLAARZ, CHESTER                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      81542.1
CLARKZ, ARTHUR                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2030.65
CLARKZ, DAVID M                 LECTURER                                                 44444.7
CLARKZ, LEWIS N                 BOOKSTORE SUPERVISOR                                    42223.87
CLARKZ, TINA M                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            41691.32
CLAYPOOLZ, DENNIS W             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 6                            42485.53
CLEARYZ, DELORES E              PROFESSOR                                               98862.65
CLEMANZ, ANDREW W               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 1                               22309
CLEMENTZ, HELEN R               LECTURER                                                16299.66
CLERZ, MEGAN E                  NON CWU INTERN                                          15583.39
CLERFZ, KELLY J                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   32330.38
CLERFZ, MICHAEL P               EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 3                                  48532.73
CLEVELANDZ, JEFFREY R           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                     21786
CLIFTZ, JON VINCENT             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1970
CLIFTONZ, CASEY E               ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
CLINESMITHZ, STACY M            ASSISTANT COACH                                         11439.26
COADYZ, JEANNE MARIE            LECTURER                                                  1312.5
COBBZ, STEVEN JAMES             CUSTODIAN 1                                             13003.25
COCHRANZ, DANEILL KRISTINE      LECTURER                                                21564.51
COCHRANZ, JEFFREY GORDON        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       5129.8
COEZ, CYNTHIA D                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57122.96
COFFEYZ, PATRICK N              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       32940.71
COHENZ, KENNETH A.              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     68393.35
COLEZ, PATRICIA J               COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                 52672.47
COLEMANZ, GARY E                ASSISTANT COACH                                         45951.96
COLESZ, CHERYL                  FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     29150.41
COLESZ, GREGORY L               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
COLLINSZ, STACY S               ASSISTANT COACH                                         54534.44
COLSONZ, SANDRA A               ADMIN ASST TO THE PRESIDENT                              60850.6
CONAWAYZ, NICOLE L              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      9709.31
CONNZ, LISA M                   HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                                42798
CONNOLLYZ, CHRISTOPHER J        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        60.38
CONNOLLYZ, GERALD M             DIR EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY CTR                            77927.76
CONNOLLYZ, SUSAN M              LECTURER                                                   18270
CONNORZ, SHARRON R              LECTURER                                                 6536.76
CONTRERASZ, BRYAN E             LECTURER                                                41872.29
CONWELLZ, KEVIN C               DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTING                                     78948
COOKZ, JAMES A                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74362.64
COOKZ, STEVEN L                 LECTURER                                                41937.66
COOKZ, WENDY W                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     95894.12
COOPERZ, STEVEN L               ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
COOPERZ, TERESA L               MARKETING & COMMUNICATION COOR                          56294.58
COOPERZ, TIPPY L                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            42723.35
COPPERSMITHZ, PAM J             INDUSTRIAL HYGIENIST 3                                     63192
CORBETTZ, JOY A                 HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                               31097.21
CORBINZ, MONICA ANN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37890.28
CORDEROZ, STEVE K               LECTURER                                                 2614.68
CORDNERZ, DAVID S               INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TECH 3                           46510.5
CORNELLZ, CAITLYN NICOLE        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       9525.5
CORREAZ, DARCIE J               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
COTNER MONTOYAZ, JUDITH K.      LECTURER                                                 9805.14
COTTONZ, JAMES D                LECTURER                                                 3270.48
COTTONWOODZ, ANDREW A           LECTURER                                                 43577.2
COTTRELLZ, TOM R                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62255.05
COVERTZ, WENDELL D              CUSTODIAN 1                                             30261.69
COVEYZ, TERRI A                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                             49993.9
COXZ, LINDA K                   PATIENT SERVICES LEAD                                   31237.89
COXZ, ROGER L.                  LECTURER                                                22974.24
COXZ, SUSAN M                   PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        11456.4
CRAINZ, SANDRA J                SECRETARY SENIOR                                         6350.89
CRANEZ, JOAN M CAWLEY           SENIOR LECTURER                                         22411.94
CRATERZ, MATTHEW                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
CRAWFORDZ, ASHLIE NICOLE        SECRETARY SENIOR                                           29728
CREECHZ, JOHN K                 PROFESSOR                                                  82884
CROFTZ, DONNA J                 ASSOC DIR FINANCIAL AID                                 65598.59
CROSSONZ, JENNIFER L            RETAIL CLERK 2                                          17896.16
CROWELLZ, LAUREN ROSE           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         7632
CRUMPZ, NATALIE P               SECRETARY                                                3845.86
CUEVASZ, AZUCENA                SECRETARY                                                8288.53
CULJAKZ, TONI A                 PROFESSOR                                               69167.34
CUMMINGSZ, BOBBY JEAN           PROFESSOR                                              104294.48
CUMMINGSZ, DEBBIE               CUSTODIAN 1                                               225.64
CUMMINGSZ, JERRY S              GROUNDS & NURSERY SRVCE SPEC 4                             38556
CUMMINGSZ, VANESSA B            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                              4995.12
CUNNINGTONZ, MELISSA ANN        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       4195.4
CURLEYZ, KRISTIN E              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          315
CURTISZ, MINDY KAYE             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1380
CURTISZ, WENDELL D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      48707.2
CUSUMANOZ, PETER                TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                           31760.66
CUTRIGHTZ, PATRICIA JANE        DEAN LIBRARY SERVICES                                      85510
CUTSINGERZ, LORAN E             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     42193.14
CYRUSZ, MICHELLE DENICE         ASST DIR CTR STDNT EMPOWERMENT                          48953.28
CZISKEZ, MATTHEW D              ASST DIR ADMISSIONS                                        48960
D'ACQUISTOZ, DEBRA M            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     25929.97
D'ACQUISTOZ, LEONARDO J         PROFESSOR                                               95335.98
DAHLBERGZ, CONNIE L             OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             36827.93
DAMMZ, SHARON                   SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33841.04
DANISZ, EDWARD                  LECTURER                                                 4108.02
DANTONZ, DAWN M                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     37988.79
DARDAZ, DAVID M                 ASSOC DEAN COLLEGE OF SCIENCES                         114827.81
DARNALLZ, REBECCA LYNN          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          400
DARTINGZ, AMBER ROSE            ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                         31169.5
DAVAULTZ, KENT RICHARD          SENIOR LECTURER                                         44097.56
DAVIDSONZ, CRYSTAL LYNN         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       4240.5
DAVIESZ, BETHANY DAWN           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      9872.64
DAVIESZ, JANET F                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      28032.29
DAVISZ, DONALD G                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                            28382.11
DAVISZ, ERIC C                  LECTURER                                                     800
DAVISZ, KATHARINE PEARL         FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            43289.24
DAVISZ, LEE R                   TRUCK DRIVER 3                                           43713.4
DAVISTONZ, ROBERT E             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       8170.2
DAWSONZ, KIMBERLY J             ADMIN OPERATIONS COORDINATOR                            54618.24
DAY JRZ, EDWARD A               AVP FINANCIAL SERVICES                                    100500
DAYZ, JENNIFER LEIGH            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28543.34
DAYSZ, JESSE B                  INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               64740
DE OLIVEIRAZ, MARIA GABRIELLA   LECTURER                                                40201.26
DEANZ, AARON                    PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       490.73
DECHAINE-BERKASZ, JENNIFER M    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59422.59
DEFAZ, DENNIS R                 ASST VP FOR HUMAN RESOURCES                             104596.8
DEFFENBAUGHZ, PATRICK RAY       LECTURER                                                 21499.6
DEHAANZ, RONALD G.              LECTURER                                                 2989.74
DEHAVENZ, ZACKERY W             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        6774.17
DEL MONTEZ, BRENDA K            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       1862.5
DELLZ, THOMAS B                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                            35093.23
DELLINGERZ, MARTIN E            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50269.56
DELOZIERZ, MICHAEL A            COOK 1                                                  28763.69
DELUCAZ, GREGORY J              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
DEMESTREZ, JESSICA NICOLE       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        707.4
DENISONZ, CHRISTINA E           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        13773.54
DENISONZ, JAMES T               LECTURER                                                 2942.64
DEPAEPEZ, JAMES L               DIR RESRCH EVAL & ASSESS                               126444.56
DEPALMAZ, ARTHUR E              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        11725
DEPIROZ, STEVEN LOUIS           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3631.32
DESHIELDSZ, RICHARD L           SR DIR UNIV HOUSING & NSP                              108560.86
DEVIETTIZ, TERRY L              LECTURER                                                27657.24
DEVLINZ, PATRICK M              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48619.92
DI CAROZ, LYNDA LEE-CHRISTINE   SECRETARY SENIOR                                         4970.95
DIAMONDZ, TINA MAY              CUSTODIAN 1                                             26438.28
DIAZZ, ANTHONY L                PROFESSOR                                               72406.62
DICKZ, PAMELA D                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          945
DICKENZ, VICTORIA A             FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           50304
DIEBERTZ, DONALD L              DIRECTOR ENTERPRISE INFO SYS                            91406.42
DILLARDZ, DEBORAH L             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       496.92
DIMASZ, VERONICA Z              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34987.84
DIPPMANNZ, JEFFREY W            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79379.76
DIRKSZ, ANDY K                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      8621.03
DIRKSZ, LISA M                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
DIRKSZ, TERRY J                 CUSTODIAN 3                                                29518
DITTMERZ, TIMOTHY P             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71798.58
DOLGEZ, JENNIFER M              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   45613.48
DONAHOEZ, SUSAN                 PROFESSOR                                               79683.36
DONAHUEZ, BARRY J               PROFESSOR                                              117488.55
DONAHUEZ, RAYMON A              LECTURER                                                27146.76
DONDJIZ, BLAISE                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64965.63
DOOLINZ, ALLEN                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  54285.78
DOOLITTLEZ, NANCY E             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     24051.78
DOTZAUERZ, NATALIE E            LECTURER                                                28616.61
DOUGHERTYZ, JERALD M            LECTURER                                                31069.86
DOUGLASZ, DWAYNE                LECTURER                                                12423.72
DOUGLASZ, STEVEN R              MEDIA ENGINEER B                                        61196.29
DOVEZ, MIKE                     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3941
DOWDZ, DUANE A                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     81528.69
DOWNSZ, TAMARA L                LECTURER                                                 16132.1
DRAKEZ, GEORGE A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68427.33
DREXLERZ, JUDY D                HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                               30412.02
DRINGENBERGZ, STEPHANIE R       SENIOR LECTURER                                         17256.78
DRINKWATERZ, JOHN E             SR DIR CAMPUS LIFE & STDNT UN                            94696.9
DRUMMONDZ, SCOTT M              ASSOC DIR CAMPUS LIFE                                   65684.64
DUERREZ, MICHAEL S              LECTURER                                                13073.16
DUGMOREZ, WILLIAM OWEN          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66479.22
DUNCANZ, KRISTINE MICHELLE      LECTURER                                                   653.7
DUNNZ, NICOLE M                 MULTI-CULTURAL ADVISOR                                  30424.15
DUPONTZ, STEPHEN R              MANAGEMENT ANALYST 2                                    40800.42
DURAZ, CRISTINA                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1800
DURBINZ, MALISSA D              LECTURER                                                 2614.68
DURHAMZ, JOHN C                 LECTURER                                                28008.45
DURHAMZ, KATRINA A              LECTURER                                                 9805.14
DURKEEZ, JAMES J                SENIOR LECTURER                                         11763.42
DUROCHERZ, JOHN L.              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
DYKZ, MARJORIE C                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       648.58
EAKERZ, ROBERT BROOKS           LECTURER                                                12579.98
EASLEYZ, ROXANNE I              PROFESSOR                                               81217.61
EASLICKZ, ANDREA K              HEALTH EDUCATOR                                         41616.24
EASONZ, JUSTINE L.              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36126.62
EATONZ, PEGGY S                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                    55525.3
EBENALZ, JOHN J                 FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
ECKERTZ, ROBERT                 LECTURER                                                 9011.08
EDIEZ, KEITH D                  LECTURER                                                37610.66
EIKENBARYZ, ROBERT PETERSON     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       4856.5
EKISSZ, BETTE L                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      35858.5
EKLUNDZ, ANDREA C               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72319.01
ELKINSZ, RONALD D               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57128.94
ELLERZ, WILLIAM L               LECTURER                                                 2942.64
ELLINGERZ, JAMES E              MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                    31290.5
ELLIOTTZ, RICHARD E             LECTURER                                                 3270.48
ELSAESSERZ, LESLIE              SENIOR LECTURER                                         46685.65
ELSTROMZ, RICHARD S             CUSTODIAN 4                                                39342
ELYZ, LISA L                    PROFESSOR                                               89027.44
EMBLIDGEZ, PATRICK GEOFFREY     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1177.25
EMMONSZ, ALEXANDRA S            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66507.13
ENDACOTTZ, NEAL A.              LECTURER                                                13239.72
ENGELZ, LUCINDA M               INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TCH 2                           26417.22
ENGELZ, THOMAS R                BUILDING COORDINATOR 4                                  36782.51
ENGELSZ, DIANA L                EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                             40610
ENGLISHZ, BONNIE                LECTURER                                                 1961.04
ENGLISHZ, CHRISTINE E           LECTURER                                                27893.98
ENGLISHZ, HOLLY A.              LECTURER                                                13400.46
ENGLUNDZ, TIMOTHY F             PROFESSOR                                               90022.84
ENRIQUEZZ, JERRY L              PROG DIR HIGH SCHOOL EQUIV PRG                          56842.56
EPPERSONZ, JOSEPH P             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          595
EPSTEINZ, JAMES E               LECTURER                                                  8497.7
ERDMANZ, RUTH D                 SENIOR LECTURER                                         42856.72
ERICKSONZ, BRYAN D              LECTURER                                                10364.67
ERICKSONZ, LILA ANNE            PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT/ARNP                                14907.29
ERIONZ, VIRGINIA L              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     20417.02
ERNESTZ, KRISTINA A             PROFESSOR                                               44012.44
ERVINZ, MICHAEL A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      23428.4
ESCALANTEZ, TINA M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31740.93
ESLINGERZ, KIRK R               DIR LABOR & EMPLOYMENT REL                                 79050
ESPARZAZ, EDWARD                ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        36513.65
ESPINOZAZ, KRISTINE K.          LECTURER                                                   36540
ESTESZ, CORAL L.                LECTURER                                                 2614.68
ESTRELLAZ, ROSARIO M            SECRETARY                                               32749.91
ETCHEYZ, MICHAEL W              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
EVERETTZ, WILLIAM C             CUSTODIAN 1                                             32951.52
EVESLAGEZ, BEAU J               CUSTODIAN 3                                             30887.21
FABRY-ASZTALOSZ, LEVENTE        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71838.14
FAGALDEZ, DANA SHAWN            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     34494.08
FAGERLIEZ, JENNIFER A           CUSTODIAN 1                                               8743.1
FAILORZ, ISABEL BILLIE          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24509.63
FAIRBANKSZ, MARC B              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         7824
FALLSHOREZ, MARTE               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     34453.17
FALTUSZ, CAROL I                ADMIN ASST/EX SEC VP AA                                 59335.71
FARMERZ, GAIL E                 DIR WILDCAT WELLNESS CTR                                   68340
FARRANDZ, KRISTIN G             CUSTODIAN 1                                             25532.51
FARRANDZ, MICHAEL L             ASSISTANT COACH                                         45796.58
FARRELLZ, JANICE M              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        19826.14
FARRELLZ, VALERIE ANN           OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                                37620
FASSETTZ, JONATHON E            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67212.59
FAWCETTZ, LAURA KAY             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1936.65
FEENEY-GRIFFITHZ, COLLEEN       EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                          32339.25
FEINZ, ELIZABETH H              NON CWU INTERN                                           6416.69
FENDELLZ, GARY A                LECTURER                                                16526.36
FENGLERZ, KEEGAN P              LECTURER                                                 15034.5
FENNERTYZ, DANIEL C             PROFESSOR                                               79663.27
FERGUSONZ, DANIEL S             LECTURER                                                 2614.68
FERGUSONZ, ROBERT A             STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   58551.93
FERLANDZ, MARIE A               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     45376.15
FERRELLZ, CHESTER P             LECTURER                                                 2614.68
FERRELLZ, PATRICK A             PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                     24084
FEULINGZ, JAMEE L               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        517.5
FEWKESZ, MARK A                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6811.09
FIFERZ, ROBERT W                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       3877.5
FINCHZ, ELLEN B                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      12633.95
FINDLEYZ, CAROL L               DIR RSVP                                                   47358
FINKEZ, JANET A                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     72656.48
FIRMANZ, MARLA J                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                            31438.73
FISCHERZ, ANNA L                FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           53514
FISCHERZ, CHARLES R             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      17207.4
FISCHERZ, MISTY M               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1936.22
FISCHERZ, SHARONE M             GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        33468.21
FISHEL-HALLZ, DIANA L           COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT 3                              41047.13
FISHERZ, KRISTIN                SENIOR LECTURER                                         39501.72
FITCHZ, LANDON A                LECTURER                                                21468.96
FLAKEZ, REX                     PANGA FIELD ENGINEER                                    52484.39
FLATNESSZ, SHANE C              LECTURER                                                    1961
FLEMINGZ, ARLO                  SENIOR LECTURER                                         28564.44
FLOTLINZ, MARK D                LECTURER                                                  6153.8
FOGLEZ, GAYLE J                 SECRETARY                                               28570.26
FOLEYZ, GEORGE VINCENT          PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       47235.95
FORDZ, JENNIFER L               HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                                25656.8
FORDZ, ROBERT A                 DIR UNIVERSITY RECREATION                                  65720
FORDANZ, ROBERT C               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70156.53
FOREMANZ, KAREN L               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      11462.5
FOREMANZ, KRISTINE G            LECTURER                                                 6536.76
FORIER-EDIEZ, ELISE MARIA       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      63609.8
FORRESTZ, FARRAH D              ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        34344.22
FORSYTHZ, JOHN K                LECTURER                                                 2225.01
FOSSZ, ERIC P                   INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TECH 3                             18973
FOSTERZ, FRANK E.               LECTURER                                                24460.12
FOSTERZ, NATHAN C               LECTURER                                                 2614.68
FOSTERZ, SHARI L                LECTURER                                                 26147.2
FOUTSZ, DEBORAH H               DIRECTOR CHCI                                           76599.51
FOUTSZ, ROGER S                 DIRECTOR UNIVERSITY RESEARCH                              128520
FOWLERZ, EDITH K                OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                              36759.8
FOWLER-HILLZ, SANDRA A.         LECTURER                                                    1600
FOXZ, CYNTHIA A                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1936.98
FOXZ, JENNIFER LYNN             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         51.3
FOXZ, LISA J                    NON CWU INTERN                                          15583.39
FOXZ, RICHARD K                 ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
FOYZ, GEOFFREY E                ASST DIR CONT ED                                           60000
FRALEYZ, ERIC L                 CONSTRUCTION PROJ COORD 3                                75903.5
FRANCISZ, TERESA I              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64494.48
FRANCIS-MCWHITEZ, KAREN ML      DIR MCNAIR SCHOLAR'S PROG                               41090.54
FRANKZ, WILLIAM D               LECTURER                                                 3268.38
FRANKENFIELDZ, CHRISTINE L      ASST DIR ANNUAL GIVING                                  59069.65
FREDERICKZ, GARY CARLIN         ASSISTANT COACH                                         15709.76
FREEMANZ, RANDI FAITH           SENIOR LECTURER                                         50571.93
FREEMANZ, WILLIS C              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
FRENCHZ, DAWN I                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       743.76
FRICKZ, DAVID P                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3115
FRISWOLDZ, SARAH MICHELLE       RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                              18975.56
FROELICHZ, STEVE D              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      22837.8
FUKUZAWAZ, JOHN T               CUSTODIAN 1                                              6463.62
FULLERZ, MICHELLE MARIE         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      11992.5
FULLETONZ, ALICE Y              SECRETARY LEAD                                          37059.68
FUQUAZ, BILL W                  GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                            35042.2
FUQUAZ, MYRA S                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6611.01
GABRIELZ, ANTHONY O             PROFESSOR                                               109682.4
GABRIELZ, KARA I                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63127.64
GAER-CARLTONZ, KATHERINE M      DIRECTOR ADMISSIONS                                        80280
GAGEZ, KARI A                   HEAD ATHLETIC TRAINER                                   63605.64
GAGEZ, LLOYD T                  SPORTS EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN                             11002.77
GALBRAITHZ, ERIC J              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                             36271.22
GALBRAITHZ, KAREN L             PROCURE & SUPPLY SPECIALIST 1                            35302.5
GALINDOZ, JOANNA                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          665
GALLAGHERZ, KYLIE M.            STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR                                     4487.76
GALLAGHERZ, LOLA J              ASST DIR CAMPUS LIFE&PUBLICITY                          55781.52
GALLAGHERZ, SHEILA MARIE        FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        46149.68
GAMONZ, PAUL F                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       617.33
GANNZ, CORY                     ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64817.32
GARATEZ, REBECCA L.             STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR                                    15608.78
GARCIAZ, CESAR M                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56279.74
GARCIAZ, GILBERT                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58457.94
GARCIA-HANSONZ, LISA C          DIR ASSESSMENT & RESEARCH                               58502.93
GARDNERZ, BRENDA F              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 6                            47342.17
GARDNERZ, SUSAN L               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                               58656
GARLANDZ, KIRSTEN L             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               40278
GARLOCKZ, DUANE L               MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                71717.88
GARMONGZ, PATRICK D             FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 4                                   43384.5
GAROUTTEZ, MICHAEL D            ASSISTANT COACH                                           962.96
GARRISONZ, PATRICIA G           SENIOR LECTURER                                         17975.88
GARRISONZ, PHILIP B             PROFESSOR                                               32084.04
GAUDINOZ, JAMES LAWRENCE        PRESIDENT                                              302850.16
GAZISZ, CAREY A                 PROFESSOR                                                84830.6
GEZ, YINGBIN                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53805.24
GEARHEARTZ, TANYA L             COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT 3                              43399.77
GEBHARDTZ, JAMES A              LECTURER                                                 1226.46
GEEZ, DAVID L                   PROFESSOR                                               91846.23
GELATTZ, COLEEN G               RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                      47016.46
GELLENBECKZ, EDWARD M           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76544.71
GEORGEOLIANIZ, DINARA           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     44506.08
GEORGESONZ, TINA L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76604.16
GERDESZ, JASON M                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            53569.12
GERMAINZ, DAVID M               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71886
GERMAINZ, TERILEE               SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER                                      85696.48
GHOSHZ, KOUSHIK                 PROFESSOR                                              117997.76
GIBBZ, JULIE A                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5111.25
GIBSONZ, WILLIAM R              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         4584
GIERLASINSKIZ, NORMAN J         PROFESSOR                                               94784.04
GIESYZ, CHANELLE                PATIENT SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE                           7318.87
GIFFORDZ, MARY R                CUSTODIAN 1                                             29527.59
GILBERTZ, AARON M               ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     600
GLADENZ, JEFFREY A              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               54540
GLADENZ, KRISTI L               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               30380
GLADSTEINZ, SAMUEL              LECTURER                                                 2452.86
GLASBYZ, STEPHEN P              PROFESSOR                                               63289.62
GLEASONZ, GARY A                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                71848.58
GLENNZ, ELAINE                  SENIOR LECTURER                                         26791.65
GLESSNERZ, WILLIAM W            SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER                                      82843.92
GODINEZZ, MARIA GUADALUPE       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       3875.7
GOEDEZ, JEFFREY A               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49395.36
GOGGINSZ, SHAWN WILLIAM         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3780
GOHZ, KIEN HOW                  LECTURER                                                14458.54
GOMEZZ, PEGGY J                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            68401.95
GOMEZ-VILCHISZ, RAFAEL          CUSTODIAN 1                                             29668.55
GOMEZ-VILCHISZ, VERONICA        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      8742.45
GONZALESZ, SHAWN P              COOK 2                                                  34934.05
GONZALEZZ, DOLORES              LECTURER                                                 3676.92
GOODENBERGERZ, MARK P           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66406.54
GOOKINZ, KAREN L                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      48105.6
GOOKINZ, LARRY D                PROFESSOR                                               100979.5
GORDONZ, GENE V                 BLDG & GRDS SUPERVISOR A                                 51938.8
GORDONZ, JONATHAN D             DIR OF ATH MEDIA RELATIONS                              49267.62
GORDONZ, RACHEL L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30306
GOSNEYZ, AARON J                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     280
GRAHAMZ, TIMOTHY R              LECTURER                                                 2083.17
GRAHAM-ROSEBURGZ, KIMBERLY S    SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                     33146.5
GRANSHAWZ, FRANK D              LECTURER                                                    3245
GRAVESZ, JANINE A               ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        37599.06
GRAYZ, LILJEN M                 DIR UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT                             109274.81
GRAYZ, LORETTA S                PROFESSOR                                               79070.67
GREENZ, ALLISON C               LECTURER                                                     800
GREENZ, JENNIFER L              LECTURER                                                22075.74
GREENZ, KERRY W A               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            63759.09
GREENZ, ROBERT A                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48845.37
GREENEZ, PAULA J                LECTURER                                                 2916.62
GREENWALDZ, RALF R              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59340.68
GREGORAKZ, TYLER W              ASSISTANT COACH                                             4000
GREGORICHZ, KENNETH J.          LECTURER                                                10707.36
GRESHAMZ, ERIC CHRISTOPHER      PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       1237.5
GRIESZ, PETER                   PROFESSOR                                               72611.62
GRINDRODZ, KELLIE J             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       125.68
GROCEZ, LINDSAY ANNE            SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33012.07
GROSEZ, ELIZABETH A             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     10680.44
GROSECLOSEZ, JAMES J            LECTURER                                                 4905.72
GRUBERGZ, SANDRA J              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      4123.75
GRUNDENZ, SHERYL K              ASSOCIATE REGISTRAR                                     53197.34
GRUNWALDZ, CORBIN MICHAEL       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3469.49
GUBSERZ, REBECCA R              ACADEMIC FINANCE MANAGER                                61279.93
GUDDATZ, JON C                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          880
GUGGINOZ, JULIE G               ASSOC DIR RESRCH & SPON PROGS                           51817.98
GUILLERMOZ, RACHEL JOY          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       4072.5
GUMAERZ, JOHN A                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      44663.7
GUSTAFSONZ, ROBERTA JEAN        LECTURER                                                 4021.82
GUTGESELLZ, BRUCE               LECTURER                                                 2955.29
GWYNZ, CHRISTOPHER D            LECTURER                                                37610.64
GYSELINCKZ, CRAIG T             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       753.75
GYSELINCKZ, DENISE ANNE         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       753.75
HABERMANZ, SUSAN L              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
HACKENBERGERZ, STEVEN           PROFESSOR                                               96227.86
HACKETTZ, JENNIFER ANNE         LECTURER                                                 3268.38
HADALLERZ, AARON                CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   26631.42
HAGERZ, DAVID D                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             27693.69
HAGESZ, BRENT STEVEN            LECTURER                                                 9164.65
HAGLERZ, JEFF L.                LECTURER                                                 1961.04
HAGLUNDZ, DIANA J               PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       40763.03
HAIZLIPZ, BREYAN NICHOLE        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73789.43
HALLZ, COLLEEN J                CUSTODIAN 1                                             36854.83
HALLZ, RAYMOND A                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66288.45
HALLOWSZ, JILANIE R             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          250
HALVORSONZ, COLLEEN R.          INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            42351.95
HAMARZ, JON P                   LECTURER                                                11132.07
HAMLINZ, AMANDA L               HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                12946.1
HANDYZ, DEBORAH J               LECTURER                                                  8608.8
HANIUKZ, MARC A                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61785.77
HANSBERRYZ, KARRIE H            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      35595.2
HANSENZ, ALEXANDER F            LECTURER                                                 7844.04
HANSENZ, DARCEE J               PAYROLL SUPERVISOR                                      50249.57
HANSENZ, JENNIFER R             BUILDING COORDINATOR 2                                  29356.04
HANSENZ, JOANNE M               LECTURER                                                10458.72
HANSENZ, ROBERT A               MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                    26657.2
HANSENZ, SHAUN DUANE            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     93279.75
HANSENZ, TEDD R                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            68159.04
HANSENZ, WON CHA                FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               41382.77
HARBAUGHZ, JOHN P               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     75499.21
HARBOURZ, VANESSA J             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     20611.64
HARDENZ, ROBERT L               DIR DSS & ADA COMPLIANCE OFCR                           66030.12
HARMANZ, WILLIAM ERNEST STERLINGLECTURER                                                10458.74
HARPERZ, JAMES D                PROFESSOR                                                  74506
HARPERZ, KRISTIN M              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                           60
HARPERZ, LILA M                 SENIOR LECTURER                                          55615.6
HARRELLZ, HEATHER P             FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        43581.36
HARRINGTONZ, BRANDI NIKKOLE CARTLECTURER                                                16666.68
HARRINGTONZ, DOREEN M           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35710.18
HARRISZ, DARRYL                 LECTURER                                                 12112.8
HARRISZ, RONALD A               HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR LEAD                           51953.75
HARRISZ, STEPHANIE L            SECRETARY SENIOR                                        13119.07
HARRISONZ, HELEN                LECTURER                                                25337.22
HARRISONZ, LYNNE E              COORD CAMPUS COMMUNITY COALITN                          57709.58
HARRODZ, MICHAEL M.             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62770.25
HARTZ, DAVID H                  SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER                                      83633.04
HARTMANZ, BONNIE J              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        312.5
HARTWELLZ, ELENA                LECTURER                                                 5652.86
HASKELLZ, DEBORAH H             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     57220.56
HAUSERZ, LORI A                 SECRETARY                                               11784.92
HAVILANDZ, ELIZABETH B.         LECTURER                                                13239.72
HAWESZ, BETHANY LYNN            LECTURER                                                 12681.3
HAYASHIZ, DORIS A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     11146.76
HAZARDZ, AARON                  LECTURER                                                 33833.4
HEZ, MEI Q                      SENIOR LECTURER                                         54078.84
HEATHZ, DAVID W                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            68163.76
HECKERZ, LAURA S                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        34260
HEDRICKZ, CAMIE                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        47003.97
HEDRICKZ, DAVID W               PROFESSOR                                               93931.22
HEDRICKZ, XIMENA S              LECTURER                                                10250.04
HEESACKERZ, GARY W              PROFESSOR                                               99377.54
HEGERZ, SHERI L                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  37620.08
HEGERZ, STAR F                  FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      24964.4
HEIZER-NEWQUISTZ, LESLIE        LECTURER                                                 3270.48
HELLANDZ, TAMARA JEAN           LECTURER                                                     605
HELLIARZ, BRIAN J               MEDIA TECHNICIAN SUPERVISOR                             39415.01
HELLIEZ, LARRY M                LECTURER                                                 3268.38
HENDERSONZ, THOMAS W            DIR TESTING AND ASSESSMENT                              60917.03
HENDRICKSZ, JAMES C.            LECTURER                                                 1961.04
HENDRICKSONZ, ROBERT E          MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                65665.97
HENEBRY-DELEONZ, LOURDES A      NAGPRA PROJECT DIRECTOR                                 46451.25
HENNESSEYZ, KELLY               LECTURER                                                 2614.68
HENNESSYZ, JUDITH A             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63502.47
HENRYZ, VELMA J                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   46388.53
HENSCHEL PELLETTZ, HEIDI        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67418.97
HERBERTZ, MARCUS A              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     12739.19
HERMANZ, DANIEL J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69425.14
HERMANZ, MARGARETA I            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     25690.94
HERNANDEZZ, JILLANA MARIE       INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            53958.11
HERNANDEZZ, URIEL S             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               61260
HERRERAZ, STEVEN B              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            61424.93
HERRIGESZ, ISAAC CHARLES        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2292
HESTERZ, COLIN                  LECTURER                                                34872.89
HIBBSZ, LAUREN E                PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    34853.68
HICKEYZ, ROBERT J               PROFESSOR                                               74524.15
HILLZ, CAROL L                  FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     34773.38
HILLZ, CHANDRA S                BOOKSTORE SUPERVISOR                                    36644.67
HILLZ, DEBORAH L                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            42649.43
HILLZ, KAREN A.                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                         32824.4
HILLZ, MICHELLE K               EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 4                          51157.66
HILLZ, NATHAN A                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               70191
HILLZ, PEGGY J                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            48340.75
HILLEMANNZ, JOANNE V            MGR/FAC PLNNG & CONST SVCS                                 81600
HILLIARDZ, RICHARD M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58256.83
HINANDZ, WENDY M                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       6907.5
HINCHLIFFZ, BARBARA             OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                             38113.76
HINESZ, JOHN HOWARD             ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
HINRICHSZ, CHRIS M              LECTURER                                                 13073.4
HOCTORZ, JODI K                 LECTURER                                                 5229.42
HOCTORZ, ROBERT J               GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                              35040
HODGESZ, BARBARA J              DEVELOPMENT OFFICER                                     66793.68
HOFFZ, LINDA M                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   47001.82
HOFFMANZ, JOSEPH J              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  52714.88
HOFFMANNZ, LAURA LEE            COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                    18375
HOGANZ, GERARD P                PROFESSOR                                                  82884
HOISINGTONZ, KARA BETH          PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            32874.27
HOLDENZ, ALEXANDREA M           LECTURER                                                 6943.92
HOLDENZ, LAD A                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74070.08
HOLDENZ, LAUREN AMELIA          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         4856
HOLLARZ, KATHERINE L            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6919.14
HOLLIDAYZ, MELYNDA A            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               39279
HOLLIDAYZ, MICHAEL B            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         8984
HOLMESZ, DIANE M                CASHIER 1                                               27646.61
HOLMGRENZ, BRIAN                TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          35859.59
HOLTERZ, SHERER M               CHIEF OF STAFF                                            133320
HOLTFRETERZ, ROBERT E           PROFESSOR                                              131429.66
HOLTMANZ, MALLORY OPAL          LECTURER                                                14273.44
HOODZ, SHIRLEY M                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34377.11
HOODZ, WEBSTER F                PROFESSOR                                               22934.22
HOOVERZ, AMY                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93935.23
HOOVERZ, DEBRA M                CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
HOOVERZ, THOMAS C               HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                 47948.4
HOPKINSZ, GERI L                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1512
HOPKINSZ, RYAN DAVID            RECREATION & ATH SPECIALIST 4                           53422.42
HOROWITZZ, KATHERINE            SENIOR LECTURER                                         40984.47
HOROWITZZ, STEVEN J             DIR ESL                                                 66146.64
HORSLEYZ, JACKSON S             MEDICAL DIRECTOR/PHYSICIAN                              86596.64
HORTONZ, JOHN M                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        15860
HOUSEZ, ALICIA REIGH            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2054.44
HOUSERZ, DIANE K                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22630.37
HOWARD IIIZ, LYMAN E            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       437.95
HOWARDZ, TRACY C                CUSTODIAN 1                                             28910.23
HOWELLZ, JOE D                  ASST DIR EDUC OPPORTUNITY CTR                           49600.32
HOWIEZ, GEORGANN M.             LECTURER                                                 1678.62
HUBBARDZ, BRENDA J              PROFESSOR                                               93119.82
HUBBARDZ, DALE K                CUSTODIAN 3                                                34260
HUBBARDZ, JACQUELINE R          LECTURER                                                 5883.06
HUBBARDZ, MARI L                GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        42720.85
HUBBARDZ, SHERI D               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35939.33
HUBBARDZ, STEPHANIE J           CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 34506.87
HUBERZ, LINDA K                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        29724.32
HUCKABAYZ, JAMES L              PROFESSOR                                               87155.53
HUDELSONZ, JOHN E               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54983.71
HUERTAZ, AUDREY D               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     76774.02
HUFF IZ, CHARLES R              CUSTODIAN 1                                             26752.63
HUGHESZ, CRAIG A                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60272.67
HUGHESZ, LARRY W                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    104110.64
HUGHESZ, TROY BRANDON           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          702
HUGOZ, J GEORGE                 PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                  49826.65
HULLZ, CHRISTINA L              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
HULLZ, CHRISTOPHER D            GENERAL MGR KCWU RADIO                                  55887.35
HULLZ, KAREN J                  SENIOR LECTURER                                            20133
HULLZ, MICKLE R                 WASTE COLLECTOR                                         41235.12
HULLZ, SHARON E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       16260.96
HULTQUISTZ, NANCY B             PROFESSOR                                               23354.84
HUMEZ, SHELBY MARIE             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2785.13
HUMMELZ, BRENDAN T              COOK 1                                                  10134.68
HUMPHREYZ, MARISA LYNN          LECTURER                                                23532.12
HUNTZ, CINDY R                  FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
HUNTZ, DEBBIE R                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            62229.62
HUNTZ, JOANNA M                 BOOKSTORE SUPERVISOR                                    36885.04
HUNTZ, VANESSA L                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      61046.7
HUNTERZ, ERIC DARSENIO          ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
HUNTINGTONZ, SARAH M            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         7988
HURTIGZ, MONTE C                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1506.84
HUSSZ, CHRISTOPHER M            INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                               58656
HUSSZ, REBECCA L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39056.48
HUTCHINSZ, EUGENE PATRICK       LECTURER                                                 7844.04
HUTCHINSZ, LYNN M               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 1                            50531.44
HYATTZ, GARY M                  ASST ATHL DIR COMPLIANCE/ACAD                           50706.24
HYATTZ, JENNIFER L.             DIR RESIDENCE LIFE & NSP                                82588.08
IGREKZ, APPLE Z                 LECTURER                                                 8176.02
INIGUEZZ, LUZ MARIA             ADVISOR                                                 31440.09
INMANZ, ELIZABETH A             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       33005.8
INT-HOUTZ, DANIEL PATTERSON     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          105
IRISHZ, LINDA K                 BAKER 1                                                 36120.51
IRWINZ, JASON T                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      73925.4
IRWINZ, LEAH M                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      9218.75
JACKZ, PATRICIA E               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            18981.54
JACKSONZ, ANDY H                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               55530
JACKSONZ, BETHANY ROSE          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3203.75
JACKSONZ, DALE A                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                             58867.5
JACKSONZ, MICHAEL               PROFESSOR                                               88181.32
JACKSONZ, NANCY J               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                               78900
JACKSONZ, STEVE N               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50750.1
JACOBSZ, ROBERT C               SENIOR LECTURER                                          4500.66
JACOBSONZ, BRIAN H              DEVELOPMENT OFFICER                                     66514.66
JACOBYZ, CORINNE MARIE          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2496.94
JAMESZ, CHRISTOPHER             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       1057.5
JAMESZ, PAUL W                  PROFESSOR                                               102498.5
JAMESZ, SHARON A                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          200
JANNEYZ, KEISHA J               RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                              18967.54
JEFFERIESZ, DEVIN C             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     11183.17
JEFFERIESZ, STEPHEN C           PROFESSOR                                                93602.5
JELLISONZ, KIMBERLY D           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            37498.95
JELLUMZ, SHIRLEE R              LECTURER                                                  354.12
JENDRYCKAZ, YING CHEN           CUSTODIAN 1                                             25074.68
JENNINGSZ, LANE C               COOK 2                                                    1432.3
JENNINGSZ, SANDRA K             LECTURER                                                    3052
JENSENZ, KELLY ANN              LECTURER                                                  1220.8
JENSENZ, MARGARET A             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      13148.25
JENSENZ, VALDEMAR               CUSTODIAN 1                                             30127.66
JENSVOLDZ, MARY LEE A           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      62770.7
JEWELLZ, REBECCA ANN            LECTURER                                                   653.7
JOHANSENZ, ANNE M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     94293.31
JOHANSENZ, MICHAEL K            MULTI-CULTURAL ADVISOR                                   8492.46
JOHNSONZ, APRIL D               FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                               29018.27
JOHNSONZ, CELIA C               REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      60665.45
JOHNSONZ, CHERYL                LECTURER                                                 45555.6
JOHNSONZ, CRAIG H               PROFESSOR                                                67813.2
JOHNSONZ, ELDON C               PROFESSOR                                              111090.28
JOHNSONZ, EUGENE RICHARD        PROFESSOR                                               73545.64
JOHNSONZ, GEORGIA KATHLEEN      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33616.54
JOHNSONZ, HEATHER HORN          PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPLST 5                           41341.98
JOHNSONZ, JAMES E               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61284.54
JOHNSONZ, JAQUALYN L            DIRECTOR CAREER SERVICES                                 73661.1
JOHNSONZ, JOSEPH J              LECTURER                                                 5229.36
JOHNSONZ, JUDY E                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     10731.88
JOHNSONZ, KIRK A                DEAN COLLEGE OF THE SCIENCES                           130297.92
JOHNSONZ, LISA D                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2220
JOHNSONZ, LORI I                ASST DIR RES LIVING                                      49402.8
JOHNSONZ, MELISSA A             LECTURER                                                27453.84
JOHNSONZ, PAUL D                CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      48324.31
JOHNSONZ, SHELDON R             PROFESSOR/PHASED RETIREE                                 15445.8
JOHNSONZ, STEVE P               PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       57117.82
JOHNSONZ, SUSAN WILLIS          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3300
JOHNSONZ, SUZANNE L             SENIOR LECTURER                                         30474.72
JOINERZ, ANNE S                 LECTURER                                                12525.18
JONASSENZ, SHARON L             FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                            21043.95
JONESZ, FRANK L                 TV/VIDEO EQUIP OPERATOR SUPER                           11669.59
JONESZ, HEATHER S.              FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 41967.75
JONESZ, KEITH C                 INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                            79580.17
JONESZ, KIM M                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60390.92
JONESZ, LIESL A.                LECTURER                                                14581.92
JONESZ, TORY Q                  LECTURER                                                 5229.36
JORGENSENZ, JAN L               PROFESSOR                                               64377.84
JORGENSONZ, KAY                 LECTURER                                                11982.16
JOSLINZ, MICHAEL DAVID          RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      14647.48
JUNKERZ, RODNEY E               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        16830
KARAGEORGESZ, DEEANN K          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     10368.74
KARNSZ, KRISTIN E               PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT/ARNP                                78711.78
KASPARIZ, SUSAN D               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        58083
KASSELIS-SMITHZ, NATHALIE       PROFESSOR                                               68209.36
KATUNICHZ, JOHN E.              LECTURER                                                 8176.96
KATUNICHZ, LAURA A              MULTI-CULTURAL ADVISOR                                   9926.61
KAUERZ, MORIAH J                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          29982
KAUFMANZ, DAVID E               DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC COMPUTING                          52027.12
KAVIANIZ, KHODI                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54651.06
KAYZ, STEPHANIE A               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1200
KEZ, KE                         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        88839
KEARNEYZ, KARL L                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
KEDROWSKIZ, JON J.              LECTURER                                                13000.02
KEELEYZ, MICHAEL PAUL           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       276.75
KEITHZ, ALAN LESTER             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5811.24
KEITHZ, DOUGLAS D               FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                               41211.19
KELLCYZ, CALEB P                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
KENISONZ, KAY D                 SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    34041.15
KENNEDYZ, RICHARD C             FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                               52941.79
KERNZ, DOUGLAS S                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        635.7
KERNSZ, ELIZABETH D             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                        19500
KESSINGERZ, GLENN E.            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       5299.5
KEYSZ, ERIC B                   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       2631.6
KIELTYKAZ, MARCUS E             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66623.78
KILGOREZ, KRISTI L              ADMIN ASST/EX SEC VP B&FA                               47179.95
KIMBALLZ, KAREN CHANDLER        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2181.06
KIMELZ, METINER GEORGE          LECTURER                                                59523.48
KINGZ, CORWIN P                 LECTURER                                                  1800.3
KINGZ, JASON ENG                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2774.63
KINGZ, JENNIFER LYNN            LECTURER                                                 27657.9
KINGHAMZ, MELANIE               SENIOR LECTURER                                          49700.3
KINGSTONZ, EDWARD J             LECTURER                                                59737.26
KINNANZ, SHERI LYNN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      31918.7
KINZIEZ, LANDREW J              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      7359.92
KLADNIKZ, KENNETH F             LECTURER                                                 4166.22
KLAMPHERZ, TINA L               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               64740
KLEINZ, CINDY L                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                         33394.9
KLEINZ, TRACI L                 BENEFITS ADMINISTRATOR                                  68489.86
KLEMINZ, VERNON W               LECTURER                                                 4500.66
KLEPACHZ, SCOTT ANTHONY         LECTURER                                                 7844.04
KLYVEZ, DOMINIC WILLIAM         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     29500.06
KNACKSTEDTZ, JEFF A             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
KNIGHTZ, GARY L                 LECTURER                                                16331.81
KNIRCKZ, JASON K                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68422.91
KNIRCKZ, MARI DEANN             LECTURER                                                47660.76
KNOKEZ, CARMEN L                ASST DIR INSTITUTE RESEARCH                             53946.79
KNOXZ, BRANDON B                RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                                 13050
KNUDSONZ, TIMOTHY M             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47714.63
KOCHZ, ANGELA KAY               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2205
KOLOKOTRONESZ, CONNIE K         LECTURER                                                12106.52
KOMAKULAZ, SRIDHER              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            31103.66
KOPCZYNSKIZ, DAVID P            CONTROL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                 65684.98
KOPCZYNSKIZ, JOSHUA DAVID       CUSTODIAN 1                                             24686.06
KOUGHAN-THORNBURGZ, KARLYN      PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          414
KOVALERCHUKZ, BORIS             PROFESSOR                                                92740.5
KOVALERCHUKZ, NATALIE           INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
KRAFCHICKZ, JENNIFER L          LECTURER                                                 9001.32
KRALLMANZ, ALEK KEMPTON         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        412.5
KRAMERZ, DONNA F                OMBUDSPERSON                                            55226.71
KRAMERZ, TERESA                 DIR UNIV WRITING CTR                                     57498.9
KRANZZ, JASON DANIEL            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          639
KREBSZ, SHERRY L                LECTURER                                                 1961.04
KREPPEINZ, GEORGE W             LECTURER                                                41836.16
KROLLZ, TODD TRACY              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66858.48
KRUCKENBERGZ, JANA LYNNE        MGR STUDENT FINANCIAL SVCS                                 69000
KUANGZ, XIAODONG                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50742.5
KUCKUCKZ, JACOB ALLEN           CUSTODIAN 4                                             34281.32
KUCUKZ, SELIM UMIT              LECTURER                                                71667.47
KUHLKENZ, CYNTHIA D             SAFETY OFFICER 1                                        64830.75
KUHLKENZ, ROBERT T              PROFESSOR                                               74173.58
KUKARZ, NICOLE M                DIR AUAP                                                61054.56
KUMMERZ, GREG S                 LECTURER                                                15688.08
KUNIYOSHIZ, GEORGE              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34752.57
KURTZZ, MARTHA JANE             PROFESSOR                                              103261.34
LAAKSOZ, JENNIFER GENNE         LECTURER                                                21430.62
LACROIXZ, THERESA P             LECTURER                                                26841.24
LAFFREYZ, LARRY JACK            DIR STUDY ABROAD & EXCHNG  PRG                          61054.56
LAFLEURZ, DEVIN LEE             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6588.33
LAFLEURZ, LORI E                CASHIER 2                                               34527.12
LAIGOZ, SCOTT M                 ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
LAMBERTZ, CONNIE R              DEAN COLLEGE ED/PROF STUDIES                            125787.6
LAMPKINSZ, LACY JEAN            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2155
LANDRIEZ, DEBORAH L             LECTURER                                                  6249.6
LANEZ, MARK R.                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      58937.2
LANEZ, TERRY L.                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                         9672.94
LANGZ, CALVIN P                 MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                63291.86
LANGEZ, ALEXANDRA M             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33197.29
LARCOMZ, LAURA MCLEAN WISELEY   LECTURER                                                  1307.4
LARKINZ, RICHARD F              SENIOR LECTURER                                         38352.75
LAROQUEZ, DENISE J              LECTURER                                                11112.44
LAROSAZ, RICHARD P              LECTURER                                                 8497.71
LARSENZ, ALLEN L                ELECTRONIC MEDIA PRODUCER LEAD                          50994.98
LARSENZ, MONTANA LEIGH          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3799.48
LARSONZ, ABIGAIL J              LECTURER                                                12501.78
LARSONZ, DALE E                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       785.45
LARSONZ, KERRI M                PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT/ARNP                                54656.27
LARSONZ, LINDA L                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     86371.56
LARSONZ, NICHOLAS STEVEN        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      14560.9
LASELL-MCCOSHZ, ELIZABETH F     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       955.17
LASIKZ, JOHN J                  SENIOR LECTURER                                          81521.9
LASSANSKEZ, PATRICIA A          LECTURER                                                 7408.97
LATHAMZ, JAMES R                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        15630
LAUBZ, SUZANNE L                MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST 2                              25266.65
LAUNIUSZ, MICHAEL A             EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OISP                                 94114.56
LAYMANZ, DANIEL C               DIR DINING SERVICES                                     85021.94
LEZ, THU NGOC                   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1115.52
LEAZ, YISHAN                    ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63012.53
LEAVERTONZ, KEVIN R             LECTURER                                                26147.13
LEAVITTZ, SHELLEY               LECTURER                                                 6540.96
LEDEZ, DANA CHRISTINE           LECTURER                                                 1961.04
LEDGARDZ, ERIC J                FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
LEDGARDZ, MELINDA D             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         5880
LEE CHANZ, ALEJANDRO            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      50750.1
LEEZ, ERIN M                    LECTURER                                                45310.68
LEEZ, JEFF                      PROFESSOR                                                88338.3
LEEZ, YONG JOO                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     90784.83
LEEPERZ, MICHAEL ANTHONY        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          520
LEFKOWITZZ, NATALIE J           PROFESSOR                                               79153.96
LEHMBECKZ, JENNIFER             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67393.29
LEIFSONZ, TERRY J               ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
LEMSZ, GEORGE E                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     34708.48
LEMSZ, GERRI B                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  34647.01
LEONARDZ, JACOB D               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       3440.9
LEONGZ, SCOTT                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     95890.91
LESLIEZ, KRISTIN R              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        17175
LETSONZ, TERRY L                WINDOW WASHER                                            33878.3
LETSONZ, VIRGINIA KAY           CUSTODIAN 1                                             29432.71
LETTICZ, STEPHEN M              LECTURER                                                 5883.06
LEVITONZ, JAY A                 LECTURER                                                 15314.9
LEWISZ, JENNIFER A              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          580
LEWISZ, KEITH A                 PROFESSOR                                                58207.8
LEWISZ, SCOTT MEREDITH          PROFESSOR                                               65195.46
LEWIS-LORENTZZ, ALEXANDRA J     LECTURER                                                 4572.48
LIZ, CHENYANG                   PROFESSOR                                               69928.08
LIZ, FAY X                      PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       2412.1
LIZ, XINGZHONG                  PROFESSOR                                               78962.54
LIAOZ, KUN                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    100456.51
LIENZ, MARIAN M                 DIR DIVERSITY EDUCATION CENTER                          57091.14
LILLQUISTZ, KARL D              PROFESSOR                                               83768.63
LILLQUISTZ, SUSAN L             EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                          21324.11
LINZ, CEN-TSONG                 PROFESSOR                                               77610.41
LINCEZ, CHERYL L                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     32149.91
LINDELOFZ, SANDRA L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      35688.6
LINDVIGZ, LEONA M               LECTURER                                                58929.18
LINKLETTERZ, TERENCE W          LECTURER                                                50000.04
LINNELLZ, KARIANN               SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    40519.44
LINNELLZ, VIRGINIA A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34850.87
LIPORIZ, DANIEL G               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     58737.92
LIPPINCOTTZ, RUTH A             EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                          38996.82
LIPTONZ, JENNIFER K.            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     65314.57
LITTLEZ, AUGUSTUS L             LECTURER                                                30409.68
LITTLEZ, SUZANNE FEARS          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66177.24
LIUZ, YUANXIA                   LECTURER                                                  8648.7
LOCHRIEZ, MARY E                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     79992.08
LOGANZ, THOMAS M.               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         6765
LOMBARDIZ, HEATHER S.           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1883.14
LONBORGZ, SUSAN D               PROFESSOR                                              110057.68
LONGMOREZ, LEE M                ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 1                                24982.88
LONGSTRETHZ, JUDY A             LECTURER                                                25595.22
LONOWSKIZ, DALE R               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            58601.01
LONOWSKIZ, DOUGLAS F            ASSOC DIR CONTINUING EDUCATION                          62902.08
LOPEZZ, BRANDEN ADAN            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      4275.19
LOPEZZ, JOSHUA R                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
LORENZZ, JOSEPH G.              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      58572.2
LORIGZ, JOSEPH W                ASSISTANT COACH                                         54534.44
LOUTTITZ, DOTTIE J              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 34273.98
LOVELLZ, REBECCA ANNE           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      11875.5
LOVELLZ, WILLIAM L              ENGINEERING ASSISTANT 1                                    49368
LOVERROZ, IAN J                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     70622.01
LOWEZ, MARILYN K                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        29073.31
LOWEZ, ROBERTA A                SECRETARY SENIOR                                         34617.5
LOWERYZ, ROBERT                 DIRECTOR OF PUBLICATIONS                                67069.55
LOYEZ, TERESA L                 LECTURER                                                  2614.7
LUZ, MELVIN CHI-HUN             LECTURER                                                 1045.88
LUBINSKIZ, PATRICK M            PROFESSOR                                               72579.66
LUGOZ, LAURA M                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         4883
LULOFSZ, EDWARD RAY             LECTURER                                                 4032.03
LUNDZ, SUSAN D                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   29341.43
LUNDGRENZ, MARK H               DIR INSTITUTIONAL STUDIES                               84099.02
LUNDINZ, MICHAEL A              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      58948.9
LUPTONZ, NATALIE A              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     75518.17
LUPTONZ, ROBERT A               PROFESSOR                                              118578.71
LUTRINZ, LAWREN R               ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        34545.59
LUVERAZ, MICHAEL T              CAMPUS POLICE CAPTAIN                                   77693.49
LYMANZ, GREG S                  INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TECH 3                          41616.39
LYNNZ, CHARLIE REXTON           COORD TEACH ED FLD EXPALT CERT                          71285.06
MACDICKENZ, LINDA M             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     12629.93
MACDONALDZ, JULIE E.            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        11575
MACEZ, RYAN L.                  CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      51896.38
MACKZ, LARRY L                  STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   55778.94
MACKZ, RICHARD S                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     12414.25
MACKZ, VIRGINIA B               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     18667.87
MACKIZ, VICTORIA L              LECTURER                                                  2700.4
MACLEOD-GARCIAZ, LINDA MAY      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38117.87
MADLEMZ, MELODY S               PROFESSOR                                                88750.6
MAGDLINZ, KRISTY D              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19832.32
MAGONSKIZ, JOZEF                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     35739.87
MAGOONZ, SUSAN K                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        30794.1
MAHANEYZ, LINDA L               SPACE ANALYST 2                                         56468.48
MAIDAZ, LORRAINE A              LECTURER                                                 2614.68
MAJSTEREKZ, DAVID J             PROFESSOR                                               80972.64
MAKINSZ, MARY ANN               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        32915.22
MALLETTZ, STEPHEN               LECTURER                                                  653.67
MANJARREZZ, ARTHUR              ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        40421.28
MANNZ, RUSTY G                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3313.71
MANWELLERZ, MATHEW S            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     62986.47
MARGHEIMZ, DENISE R             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27973.12
MARKWELLZ, BRANDON L            CUSTODIAN 1                                             27232.98
MARRAZ, LINDA                   PROFESSOR                                               79741.65
MARRSZ, HEATH DAVID             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66740.31
MARTENSENZ, KELDA J             LECTURER                                                 2614.68
MARTINZ, RUTH L                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        83.33
MARTINZ, SHANNON M              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     28547.61
MARTINZ, TERESA LYNN            PROFESSOR                                                79454.7
MARTINEZZ, ANA MARIA            LEAD INSTRUCTOR HEP                                     37958.16
MARTINEZZ, MIGUEL A             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6686.03
MARTINEZZ, SANDRA M.            HUMAN SUBJ REV COMMITTEE ADMIN                          32943.89
MARTINISZ, KAREN D              PROFESSOR                                               96776.36
MARTONEZ, MICHAEL DOUGLAS       LECTURER                                                 1961.04
MARTYNZ, JENNIFER L             LECTURER                                                 6536.76
MARVINZ, ERIC G                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      10801.8
MASBERGZ, BARBARA A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      51713.4
MASONZ, CAROLYN E               LECTURER                                                 3268.38
MASONZ, MARILYN E               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34520.14
MASSEYZ, DARLENE                BOOKSTORE SUPERVISOR                                    38208.23
MASSEYZ, LUKE                   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       353.94
MASTERSZ, BABE WIND             CUSTODIAN 1                                             32117.16
MASTEYZ, MATTHEW THOMAS         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2337.09
MATAYAZ, DAVE C                 CUSTODIAN 3                                                34260
MATAYOSHIZ, DAVID E             GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                        29408.04
MATHERZ, WILLIAM P              CUSTODIAN 1                                             25847.98
MATHESONZ, MEGAN D              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     67629.13
MATHESONZ, MERRIE JANE          LECTURER                                                20276.46
MATHEWSZ, ESTELLE M             SECRETARY LEAD                                          39644.28
MATHIASZ, KIRK E                PROFESSOR                                                  83996
MATTINSONZ, CHRISTOPHER G       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     54495.64
MAULUPEZ, LANCELOT TAUTALASOO   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       2827.9
MAYZ, MERRI ELISE               RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                              18908.39
MAYERZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT      LECTURER                                                45786.84
MAYERZ, ERIC D                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     55358.12
MAYERZ, OLGA                    PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3480
MAYORZ, CORINNE E               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       1262.5
MAYSAMZ, JONAH K                LECTURER                                                 8549.28
MCCAINZ, TERRENCE K             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     65015.31
MCCARTYZ, KEVIN P               PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                  49713.76
MCCORKINDALEZ, DONALD A         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3306.71
MCCOYZ, DIANN L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29125.68
MCCULLOUGHZ, BARBARA J          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2375.84
MCCUTCHEONZ, PATRICK T          PROFESSOR                                                64078.9
MCDANIELZ, KATHLEEN T           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34128.26
MCDERMOTTZ, JANINE P            CLINICAL/MEDICAL TECH 1                                 38957.64
MCDONALDZ, FREDERICK W          LECTURER                                                 36433.8
MCDONALDZ, PATRICIA             LECTURER                                                 2627.76
MCENTIREZ, ALLISON P            LECTURER                                                 1961.04
MCFARLANEZ, NEIL G              DIR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT PROG                           66707.56
MCGARRAHZ, MATTHEW JAMES        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1023.58
MCGARRAHZ, REBEKAH A            SNACK BAR LEAD                                             11684
MCGIEZ, KARI LYN                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         17990
MCGOWANZ, MARIE P               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            61137.39
MCGOWANZ, ROBERT W              PROFESSOR                                               52410.24
MCGRAWZ, KELLY CHRISTINE        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        495.9
MCGREAHAMZ, MARVIN F            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  23279.14
MCGUIREZ, TIMOTHY A             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                             65209.5
MCINTYREZ, JANA M               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       586.42
MCINTYREZ, JERILYN S            PRESIDENT EMERITA                                       37322.14
MCKEANZ, BRIAN K                INFO TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                            38619.78
MCKEANZ, DARREN J               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       7387.7
MCKEANZ, JESSICA K              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        66.33
MCKENZIEZ, ROBERT B             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  56495.89
MCKINNEYZ, RHONDA               ASSOC DIR HEALTH C & W                                   68245.6
MCKUNEZ, BRYAN E                LECTURER                                                  7190.4
MCLEANZ, JAMES W                NATURAL RES SCIENTIST 2                                 29759.82
MCLEANZ, MEGAN S                LECTURER                                                10894.53
MCMILLENZ, MARY C               SEWING & ALTERATION SUPERVISOR                          36203.84
MCMULLIN-MESSIERZ, PAMELA       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64777.92
MCNEILZ, JUDY B                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38939.23
MCNEILLIEZ, GABRIELLE L         LECTURER                                                 3268.38
MCPHERSONZ, MARC R              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   63112.33
MEDINAZ, RAMONA Y               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       470.25
MEIZ, CHUN                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     32862.12
MELBOURNEZ, TIMOTHY I           PROFESSOR                                              101612.16
MELIKZ, ELLA M                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                                9064
MELLERGAARDZ, CAROL J           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   47245.06
MELTONZ, BRIAN L                CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  67780.44
MERRILLZ, FORREST               NON CWU INTERN                                           6416.69
MERRINZ, MARIAM O               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2913.75
MERTELLZ, ABBY C                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1034.22
MERTELLZ, CODY M                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49874.01
MESSERLYZ, JOHN G               LECTURER                                                 24528.6
MESSINGERZ, CHAD A              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        14331
MEYERSZ, AMY LYN                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      21190.46
MICHAELZ, CARL B                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     10773.69
MICHELZ, CARRIE                 PROFESSOR                                               71149.51
MICHELZ, JOHN F                 PROFESSOR                                               71323.04
MICHENERZ, MARY                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          240
MIERZWINSKIZ, MICHAEL A.        RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                                 35200
MIGLINOZ, DONNA M               SECRETARY                                               41320.03
MILLERZ, ALBERT CHRISTIAN       LECTURER                                                 13073.1
MILLERZ, BEATA                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                            34444.09
MILLERZ, CAROL A                LECTURER                                                 2060.72
MILLERZ, DAVID B                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
MILLERZ, DAVID M                LECTURER                                                 6536.76
MILLERZ, DON L                  FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 4                                     53148
MILLERZ, IAN                    RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                              37493.68
MILLERZ, ISABELLE SARTON        LECTURER                                                 3270.48
MILLERZ, JAMES R.               LECTURER                                                 3252.08
MILLERZ, JUDY B                 ADMIN ASST TO THE PRESIDENT                             54752.63
MILLERZ, KARL W.                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       149.56
MILLERZ, LYNETTE M              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5584.17
MILLERZ, MICHELLE SUZANNE       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       528.13
MILLERZ, ROLANDA                FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                                43544.7
MILLERZ, TERESA                 SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 1                              34877.62
MILLERZ, TRACY M                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       33878.3
MILLERZ, VENETTA L              SECRETARY SENIOR                                           13651
MILLERZ, WILLIAM D              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            70927.28
MILLSAPZ, CHUCK                 LECTURER                                                  6249.6
MILNEZ, MICHELLE L.             LECTURER                                                  729.12
MILNEZ, STEFAN TIMOTHY          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      4341.74
MILNERZ, LAURA M                ASSOC DEAN COB                                          115790.4
MINERZ, ANDREW M                NETWORK ENGINEER/GEOLOGIST                              39402.36
MINORZ, KELLY R                 FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
MINORZ, MARY                    LECTURER                                                46804.37
MINSHULLZ, PATRICIA G           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22879.44
MISKIMENSZ, DAVID J             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          132
MITCHELLZ, CYNTHIA F            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     51996.24
MITCHELLZ, JEFFREY T            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47602.32
MIZEZ, CHARLENE KNAPP           LECTURER                                                   653.7
MOADZ, TAMMY A                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     29544.72
MOBLEYZ, SACHEEN K              LECTURER                                                15200.04
MODAVEZ, FRANCOIS PAUL PHILIPPE ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74222.43
MOESZ, ROSLYN E.                ADV TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                           41009.68
MOEURZ, MICHAEL K               STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   57858.56
MOFFATTZ, DAVID L               SRPLS & INV CNTRL SPECIALIST 4                             51864
MOFFATTZ, PAULA F               SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    42191.49
MOFFORDZ, BRENDA D              BUDGET ANALYST 4                                        62900.79
MOHRZ, STEVEN E                 INFO TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                             6756.48
MONDACAZ, BIATRIS E             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          616
MONETZ, SANDRA L                FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                31416.33
MONOSKYZ, KEITH A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     82780.42
MONPRODEZ, LORRAINE             LECTURER                                                     100
MONTGOMERYZ, AARON G            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      82875.7
MONTGOMERYZ, MICHAEL JOHN       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      8263.75
MONTGOMERYZ, MICHELLE S         LECTURER                                                 3600.54
MOOREZ, ANGELA N                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        28719.08
MOOREZ, ROBERT C                SENIOR LECTURER                                          41331.6
MOOREZ, STEPHEN T               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      74999.3
MOREFIELDZ, TINA B              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       49117.77
MORENO BENITOZ, ANDRES          ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    35789.76
MORENOZ, STELLA                 PROFESSOR                                               73949.37
MORFIELDZ, SCOT L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             24660.23
MORGANZ, MARJORIE               DEAN ARTS & HUMANITIES                                 128337.84
MORISHIMAZ, EMILY HIRAMATSU     LECTURER                                                 1961.04
MORRILLZ, TAMARA LIN            INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            68279.21
MOSHIERZ, LAURIE J              LECTURER                                                 12153.6
MOTHERSHEADZ, GAYLE L           CUSTODIAN 3                                              33277.5
MOUGZ, KARA D                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    35024.5
MOUNSEYZ, JOHN F                ASST DIR UNIV HOUSING                                   50500.32
MULCAHYZ, MICHAEL J             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60752.09
MUMMAZ, AMY L                   WORLD WINE PROGRAM COORDINATOR                          56466.24
MUNSELLZ, KENNETH D             SENIOR LECTURER                                         32356.44
MUNSONZ, RONALD B               MGR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH-SFTY                           64020.97
MURATAYAZ, RODRIGO              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      64513.4
MURRAYZ, JEREMY EATON           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      34057.5
MUSSERZ, NEIL J.                LECTURER                                                  1744.5
MUZZALLZ, DAWN L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37835.68
MYERSZ, BRADLY JAMES            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2215.22
NABORSZ, STEVEN T               LECTURER                                                    2615
NAGORSENZ, SARAH ELIZABETH      PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         5576
NAHANZ, JAMES P                 MGR ENGR SRVS & RES CONVSERVA                              86700
NAHLZ, MICHAEL ARTHUR           ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
NARANJOZ, ADRIAN                ASSOC DIR OF TECH FIN AID                               64133.36
NASHZ, LESLIE LYNN              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      9678.72
NAVARRETEZ, PEDRO               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3480
NELMSZ, KATHLEEN M              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 4                            37458.19
NELSONZ, JAMES L                STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   29181.12
NELSONZ, JESSE Y                DIR CTR EXCELLENCE LEADERSHIP                           69474.24
NELSONZ, JOSHUA S               PROFESSOR                                               83475.38
NELSONZ, KERRIE LYNN            FORMS & RECORDS ANALYST 2                               22085.38
NEMETHZ, KEVIN L                DIR CONTINUING EDUCATION                                83866.66
NEMETHZ, TREVA D                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      36307.5
NESSELROADZ, SIDNEY L           SENIOR LECTURER                                          9019.36
NETHERYZ, DEBORAH A             RECREATION & ATH SPECIALIST 4                              45244
NETHERYZ, VINCENT M             PROFESSOR                                              113053.18
NETZZ, HEATHER                  SENIOR LECTURER                                         38889.11
NEUBAUERZ, KERRY L              GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                           35115.81
NEUROHRZ, JOHN STARK            LECTURER                                                14833.38
NEWCOMERZ, DAVID E              LECTURER                                                 9805.14
NEWELLZ, KENDALL K              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6186.25
NEWMANZ, KURT LEON              ELECTRONIC MEDIA PRODUCER                                42848.4
NEWMANZ, WILLIAM A              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29558.38
NEYZ, LORETTA M                 SECRETARY LEAD                                          36047.75
NIEBUSCHZ, RICHARD C            LECTURER                                                 9489.08
NIELSENZ, ALAN B                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     20677.51
NIKOLAEVZ, ALEXEY V             LECTURER                                                 4360.02
NIMNICHTZ, JAMES L              PROFESSOR                                              118383.26
NIXONZ, DON R                   PROFESSOR                                              100591.84
NOGA-STYRONZ, KRYSTAL E         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67567.88
NOLANDZ, PAMELA SUZANNE         LAUNDRY WORKER 2                                        33031.86
NOLANDZ, PATRICIA J             CUSTODIAN 3                                             29040.66
NOLLETTEZ, LUCILLE T            LECTURER                                                 2614.68
NORRISZ, LISA                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      63109.5
NORRISHZ, WINSTON A             LECTURER                                                40720.14
NORTONZ, SARAH J                LECTURER                                                29415.24
NOURSEZ, BARBARA W              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1104
NOURSEZ, STEVEN W               PROFESSOR                                               85136.67
NOVAKZ, RENEE E                 SR ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR WEST                               43860
NOVERZ, MARGARET R              DIR CORP & FOUNDATION REL                               65509.03
NOWAKZ, CALEB A                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  57465.31
NOYESZ, JANET M                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                             43697.3
NYEZ, JESSICA DAWN              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     14622.72
O'BRIENZ, DONALD J              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            45445.03
O'BRIENZ, PATRICK               LECTURER                                                28575.36
O'CONNORZ, JAQUELINE M.         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       536.25
O'CONNORZ, RORY ALLEN           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       329.95
O'DONNELLZ, ROSALYN C           LECTURER                                                 1229.15
O'NEILLZ, JOHN D                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     57264.99
O'SHAUGHNESSYZ, DARSHA R        FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                32240.53
OBEIDZ, JENNIFER                LECTURER                                                 3922.08
OBERLOHZ, KURT A.               INFO TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                               12066
OGDENZ, MICHAEL R               PROFESSOR                                               77339.82
OKADA-COLLINSZ, MARIKO          LECTURER                                                28410.27
OLIVEROZ, J MICHAEL             PROFESSOR                                               85371.45
OLSENZ, KIMBERLIE CLYDENE       OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      30315.26
OLSONZ, DARREN C                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66584.16
OLSONZ, DOUGLAS                 LECTURER                                                 36433.8
OLSONZ, STEVEN D                PROFESSOR                                               65504.34
OLSONZ, SYLVIA A                LECTURER                                                 7408.92
ONEYZ, JEFFREY D                LECTURER                                                  653.67
OREMZ, CAITLIN ANNE             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1500
ORNA-TEJADAZ, MARIA PIA         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        11238
ORTHMANNZ, JANIS L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31821.18
ORVALDZ, JULIE M                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        31580
ORVALDZ, TUCKER O               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                    101449.26
OSTROWSKIZ, KIMBERLY A          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25519.47
OTAZ, ROBERT Y                  SENIOR LECTURER                                         20132.88
OTIMZ, SAMUEL                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     96638.01
OTOPALIKZ, CAMERON M            SENIOR LECTURER                                         42415.38
OTTZ, HAL JEFFREY               PROFESSOR                                               77399.91
OURSLANDZ, MARK DAVID           PROFESSOR                                               95024.63
OWENSZ, KRISTINA L              SECRETARY SENIOR                                         27849.5
OWENSZ, PATRICK A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64787.28
PACHAZ, JEANETTE L              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     10899.88
PACKZ, MARY C.                  SENIOR LECTURER                                         33762.26
PADILLAZ, JALYNN O              LECTURER                                                 20440.5
PADRONZ, MICHAEL R              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1592.19
PAGEZ, JOANN M                  PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            39311.45
PAGEZ, NANCY A                  DRAPERY FABRICATOR                                      25011.54
PALINZ, KASIE RAE               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2803.96
PALMZ, MELANIE K                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    38696.7
PALMER-NUTTZ, GERI L            FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 4                                  51825.78
PALMQUISTZ, BRUCE C             PROFESSOR                                               84705.01
PANGRAZIZ, FRANKLIN C           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       19498.26
PANTANOZ, MARK R                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                             68062.6
PAPADOPOULOSZ, CHARILAOS        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74206.92
PAPPASZ, JAMES G                PROFESSOR/PHASED RETIREE                                79486.15
PAQUETTEZ, KATHRYN M            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     16314.15
PAQUETTEZ, KRISTINA HELEN MICHELSECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    24763.31
PAQUETTEZ, NANCY L              FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                25150.62
PARISZ, KATHLEEN J              LECTURER                                                 20396.7
PARKERZ, MICKEY L               MGR FAC MGMT-ADMIN SVCS                                    81000
PARRZ, PATRICK DAVID            LECTURER                                                37050.19
PARTIDAZ, FABIAN                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     10420.76
PASCHENZ, SARILYN               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31697.95
PATELLAZ, JOHN P                LECTURER                                                35845.07
PATTERSONZ, RANDY W             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
PATZIKZ, PHILLIP G              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            84440.16
PAULZ, DAVID M                  LECTURER                                                  4088.1
PAULZ, JUDY M                   FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                               48168
PAULZ, ROBERT C                 EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 3                                  49140.62
PAULKZ, AMBER L                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     74743.33
PAXTONZ, LORIANNE               LECTURER                                                 6536.76
PAYNEZ, TERYL J                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            53715.54
PEACOCKZ, CURTIS R              SENIOR LECTURER                                         28397.66
PEARSONZ, REBECCA LYNN          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     66446.59
PEASEZ, MICHAEL CANADAY         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     72489.05
PECKZ, MICHAEL R                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
PEDERSENZ, LENE                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61867.87
PEDERSONZ, CARMENCITA           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         8901
PEDERSONZ, NADINE               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      51878.1
PEERYZ, RHIANNON M              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          299
PELLEGRINIZ, DIANE L            LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                            33933.38
PELLETTZ, TRACY L               ASSOC VP ACADEMIC AFFAIRS                                 122400
PENICKZ, JEFFREY M              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64155.04
PEREZZ, JOANNE A                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                            40949.92
PEREZZ, MARK I                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61406.17
PERKINSZ, ROBERT H              PROFESSOR                                               97794.45
PERRYZ, AMY K                   LECTURER                                                 7844.04
PERRYZ, MARGARET B              LECTURER                                                 2802.96
PERRYZ, MICHAEL J               PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                  50030.84
PETERSZ, JOANN                  PROFESSOR                                               79965.12
PETERSENZ, NAOMI                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64032.82
PETERSONZ, BOBBIE L             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   48243.92
PETERSONZ, CAROL M              INFO TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN 2                            42808.68
PETERSONZ, JANE E               LECTURER                                                 1961.04
PETERSONZ, ROBERT A             LECTURER                                                 6569.41
PFLUGZ, ANNE                    LECTURER                                                 3268.38
PHILLIPSZ, IAN N                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3410.46
PHILLIPSZ, PATRICIA A           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      20202.09
PIACSEKZ, ANDREW A              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69936.98
PICHAZ, JOHN L                  ASSISTANT COACH                                         53196.12
PICHARDOZ, NELSON A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69651.54
PICHETTEZ, MARY JO CAYEN        LECTURER                                                 7582.64
PICKETTZ, BARBARA H             SENIOR LECTURER                                         17041.76
PICKETTZ, JOHN F                PROFESSOR                                               78112.81
PIERCEZ, CHARLES H              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
PIERCEZ, JAMES EDWARD           LECTURER                                                63521.17
PIERCEZ, LLOYD B                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               64740
PIETERSZ, ROBERT E              WASTE COLLECTOR                                            40524
PIGEONZ, NANCY G                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     90381.98
PIMOMOZ, PAULUS                 PROFESSOR                                               76980.36
PINGERZ, BRIAN S                CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   49687.62
PINKARTZ, HOLLY C               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     82861.31
PINKARTZ, WES                   CUSTODIAN 1                                              5578.76
PINKNEYZ, JEANINE               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      4755.44
PITTSZ, JAMEY PATRICK ALDEN     LECTURER                                                33468.05
PITTSZ, MICHAEL D               LECTURER                                                   712.5
PITTSZ, MICHAEL JASON           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       7918.5
PLAMBECKZ, KEVIN                LECTURER                                                14476.96
PLESHAZ, LISA R                 ASST DIR FINANCIAL AID                                  51956.03
PLOURDEZ, LEE A                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     66033.95
PLUGGEZ, PHILIP W               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     68561.75
POEZ, GREGORY W                 MGR CUSTODIAL & GROUNDS SVCS                            80143.29
POLAGEZ, DANIELLE C             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67488.69
POMPONIOZ, XUN                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3456
POPEZ, SARAH RAE                ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                           16830
PORTERZ, AARON W                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3974.08
PORTERZ, BRUCE W                DIR BUS SERV & CONTRACTS                                 94737.6
PORTERFIELDZ, MIRANDA J         LECTURER                                                 2614.68
POSADAZ, MICHAEL J              SAFETY OFFICER 2                                        35738.34
POTTZ, STEVE E                  GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                           35456.95
POULSONZ, MARY E                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     59668.74
POWELLZ, JAN E                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      24639.66
POWELLZ, JANET L                LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE 1                              30332.12
POWELLZ, JOSEPH E               PROFESSOR                                               83702.91
POWERSZ, KAY E                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      9182.25
PRANTEZ, TYLER                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52892.85
PRATT-SITAULAZ, BETH A          LECTURER                                                40411.88
PRATZZ, CHRISTOPHE RENE         INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 5                               71061
PRESLERZ, ANDREA L              LECTURER                                                 2614.68
PRIBBLEZ, JESSICA               LECTURER                                                 8993.82
PRICEZ, TIFFANY L               LEAD DATABASE-PEOPLESOFT ADMN                           83633.04
PRIDEZ, WILLIE F                CUSTODIAN 1                                             10925.13
PRINGLEZ, CHARLES O             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     69950.12
PRITCHARDZ, MARK P.             PROFESSOR                                              128950.13
PRITCHETTZ, KELLY L             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     64228.42
PRITCHETTZ, ROBERT C            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73168.85
PROVAZNIKZ, WILLIAM J           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    107862.68
PRUITTZ, JIMMY D                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
PRUITTZ, SHIRLEY J              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                   36479.32
PURCELLZ, MICHELLE GARCIA       LECTURER                                                 1961.04
QAZIZ, JOAN AILEEN              LECTURER                                                 3270.48
QIZ, FAN                        COOK 1                                                  32476.79
QUIRKZ, ANTHONY JOHN            ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     440
QUIRKZ, CHLOE R                 ASSISTANT COACH                                         37451.96
QUIRKZ, KELLEY L                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        16576.5
QUIRKZ, WAYNE                   ASSC VP/DEAN GRADUATE STUDIES                           174229.6
QUITADAMOZ, IAN J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     85402.64
RABAKZ, IVAN                    GPS DATA ANALYST PNGA                                      45000
RABAKZ, THOMAS                  LECTURER                                                15688.08
RADABAUGHZ, ALLISON LEE         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      4754.43
RADEKEZ, MARY                   LECTURER                                                41784.82
RAHMZ, CARMEN A                 ASST VP FOR ITS                                           127290
RAMSEYZ, JOSHUA GLEN            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           38031
RANDALLZ, PAUL D                LECTURER                                                 12864.9
RANKINZ, JON H                  SAFETY OFFICER 2                                         57617.5
RAPHOONZ, JAMIE M               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          375
RASMUSSENZ, BRADLEY J           STATIONARY ENGINEER 2                                   27668.56
RASMUSSONZ, DIXIE L             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       809.19
RATHZ, SURA                     PROFESSOR                                               48431.64
RAUZ, EUGENE E                  DIRECTOR ITS APLICATIONS                                96341.04
RAUBESONZ, LINDA ANN            PROFESSOR                                                74824.1
RAWLINSONZ, DAVID R             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     93681.38
RAYZ, CHANTELL                  LECTURER                                                 3472.02
RAZOZ, SERGIO                   INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            76235.52
REASONSZ, CHARLES E             PROFESSOR                                              120007.99
REAYZ, VIANNE KAY               LECTURER                                                 5883.06
REECE-BRUYAZ, MONICA A          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      29563.07
REEDZ, LINDA KRISTIN            LECTURER                                                12595.15
REICHEZ, RENEE M.               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       825.02
REIDZ, KATHLEEN K               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      7415.67
REIMUNDZ, MARY ELLEN            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     71674.02
REINBOLDZ, DARLENE PAULETTE     SECRETARY SENIOR                                        31519.39
REISENAUERZ, MICHAEL C          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      10934.4
RENNICKZ, MERRIDY               CAREER COUNSELOR                                        29022.73
REVELSZ, CRAIG S                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53841.78
REYNOLDSZ, KATHY L              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
RHODENZ, SHANE G                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  56410.13
RICEZ, GABRIEL R                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       7231.1
RICEZ, PATRICIA A               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
RICEZ, RYLEE ANNA               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2190.97
RICHARDZ, MICHAEL J             COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT 3                              21778.39
RICHARDSZ, JO ANN               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        20023.94
RICHARDSONZ, GARY M             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     80972.64
RICHARDSONZ, JEREMY J           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       9710.4
RICHARDSONZ, WADE R             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
RICHMONDZ, F LYNN               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      74824.2
RICHMONDZ, PETE                 ELECTRICAL ENGINEER                                     85057.95
RICKEYZ, CINDY L                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        38556
RIEFFER-FLANAGANZ, BARBARA ANN JASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      63766.5
RILESZ, TIMOTHY A               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       852.87
RILESZ, TIMOTHY ALAN            LECTURER                                                  5283.2
RILEYZ, BARBARA J               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       3887.5
RILLZ, MARY K                   FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           40610
RINGEZ, LADELL                  OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   34448.29
RINGERZ, JASON M.               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               58080
RINKEZ, JAMES DALE              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         8000
RIOSZ, JUANA M                  ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                           35250
RIPKAZ, OLIVIA                  LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 6                            46146.53
RITCHIEZ, VANNA E               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19252.31
RITTENHOUSEZ, ROBERT CHARLES    LECTURER                                                41646.06
RITTEREISERZ, BRIAN PAUL        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2077.05
RITTEREISERZ, STEVEN J          ASS'T VP BUS AUX & PUB SAFETY                          106085.86
RITTEREISERZ, WENDY A           DIR BENEFITS & HR INFO SYS                              77770.66
RIVERAZ, DION A                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62012.68
ROANZ, JAN L                    PROCURE & SUPPLY SPECIALIST 3                           32284.96
ROBERTSZ, GARY A                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      20915.1
ROBERTSZ, JAMES B               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      1408.39
ROBERTSZ, PEGGY LYNN            LECTURER                                                37258.11
ROBERTSZ, RANDY FAITH           LECTURER                                                 3268.38
ROBERTSONZ, JUAN P              LECTURER                                                43088.63
ROBINETTEZ, JOCELYN SHRAE       SECRETARY SENIOR                                        29093.78
ROBINETTEZ, JUDITH A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37760.51
ROBINETTEZ, RANDY L             SR DIR HEALTH COUNSELING WELLN                          86000.16
ROBINSONZ, CONNIE D             LECTURER                                                 49769.1
ROBINSONZ, SCOTT R              PROFESSOR                                               99626.91
ROBISONZ, STEPHEN               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     62089.11
RODGERSZ, FORREST               EXEC DIR CWU FOUNDATION                                 12249.99
RODRIGUEZZ, MANUEL              RETENTION COUNSELOR/RECRUITER                            36842.4
ROGERSZ, ANDREW K               RESIDENCE HALL COORDINATOR                                 30450
ROGERSZ, DIANE L                LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 1                             32885.9
ROGERSZ, MICHAEL G              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      14871.6
ROGSTADZ, BARBARA ANNE          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      10840.5
ROHRBACHZ, JACQUELINE M         LECTURER                                                 2614.68
ROLFEZ, LUCILLE MARIE           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    34194.5
ROLSMAZ, GARRETT ALAN           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       3909.4
ROMBOYZ, DIETER                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     64543.32
ROMFOZ, ROSE E                  LECTURER                                                34599.02
RONNINGZ, MYNDEE L              ASST DIR ADMISSIONS                                     49926.48
ROSELLZ, SHARON L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     50478.12
ROSSZ, BETH A                   LECTURER                                                 2543.46
ROSSZ, ELAINE M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     55499.43
ROSSZ, MOLLY E                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61598.74
ROSSZ, PETER W                  CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   66905.96
ROSSERZ, CARL F                 SENIOR LECTURER                                         54308.05
ROSSMAIERZ, RAVAE L             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      29559.61
ROSTZ, BO J                     FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                28635.49
ROSTZ, CURTIS J                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      22996.4
ROTHZ, DANIEL J                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      16316.6
ROTHZ, MATTHEW D                ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
ROTHENBERGZ, FLORIE L           LECTURER                                                 11201.5
ROYZ, KIMBERLY MICHELLE         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          300
RUBINZ, CHARLES M               PROFESSOR                                              103098.62
RUBLEZ, MICHAEL R               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    105794.27
RUDIEZ, ERIK SEVERIN            LECTURER                                                 1961.04
RUGGLESZ, CAROL A               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24548.55
RUMBURGZ, NELLIE                LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 3                            36313.37
RUSHTONZ, LYLE A                ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                              60477.09
RYANZ, JO ANN M                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32826.71
RYDERZ, DOUGLAS M               ACADEMIC PLANNING OFFICER                               75001.06
RYDERZ, JENNIFER D              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 4                            39935.58
SADLERZ, SHIRLEY I              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     18799.87
SALYERZ, BRIAN K                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     74624.19
SANDBERGZ, ANNETTE MICHELLE     LECTURER                                                 2942.64
SANDENZ, NATHAN D               ASST DIR NEW STDNT PROGRAMS                             49447.68
SANDERSZ, MARIA                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     52746.12
SANEHOLTZZ, ANN                 LECTURER                                                 3137.64
SANFORDZ, JANNA MARION          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         4917
SANNUTOZ, CATHERINE V           CAREER COUNSELOR                                        46964.27
SANTAMARIA GRAFFZ, CRISTINA CORRASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     56000.06
SANTILLANZ, VICTOR M            DATA ANALYST                                            63719.76
SANTILLANAZ, JAVIER             INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TCH 4                           26082.78
SARANDIZ, KRISTINE D            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2355
SARCAZ, VIOREL D                LECTURER                                                13372.02
SARCHETZ, STEPHEN R             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                              51965.5
SARGENTZ, ERIN DIANE            SECRETARY SENIOR                                        11444.81
SASAKIZ, RICHARD K              CUSTODIAN 1                                             30396.15
SAUCIERZ, LISA MARIE            FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55164
SAUNDERSZ, PETER J              PROFESSOR                                              111302.27
SAUTTERZ, DARLA D               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       8356.2
SAVAGEZ, MARY L                 FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                                  44.21
SAVOIANZ, ROY T                 DEAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS                               147753.12
SCANLONZ, ANNE ELIZABETH        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1090
SCARLETTZ, CATHERINE M          DIR OF PLANNED GVNG & DVLP OP                           80930.51
SCARLETTZ, CHRIS S              LECTURER                                                 9811.44
SCHACTLERZ, LINDA C             DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS                              89155.73
SCHADEMANZ, JAMIE M             SYSTEMS ANALYST PROGRAMMER                              82055.04
SCHAEFERZ, CHRISTINE            LECTURER                                                 3270.45
SCHAEFERZ, TODD M               PROFESSOR                                               84867.76
SCHAEFLEZ, SCOTT E              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      34462.2
SCHEDLERZ, CHRISTOPHER L        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     53089.18
SCHEFFELMAIERZ, JANE J          INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TECH 3                          64777.53
SCHEFFELMAIERZ, RYAN R          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          682
SCHEPMANZ, STEPHEN B            PROFESSOR                                              111853.06
SCHILLINGERZ, RICHARD G         CAREER COUNSELOR                                           39780
SCHMIDTZ, LINDA A               LECTURER                                                 39500.1
SCHMIDTZ, MEGAN A               LECTURER                                                 4905.72
SCHMIDTZ, RHONDA L              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   39219.04
SCHMITZZ, STEVEN A              PROFESSOR                                               81866.94
SCHMUNKZ, KATHLEEN E            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       14749.31
SCHNEBLYZ, JUNE K               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      3757.29
SCHNEBLYZ, NANCY L              SECRETARY LEAD                                          26893.32
SCHNELLEZ, ROBERT               SENIOR LECTURER                                         32356.56
SCHOOSZ, BONNIE SOTELO          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          390
SCHRIBER-BARKLEYZ, DEBORAH S    ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   47186.96
SCHROEDERZ, WILLIAM DALE        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        25851
SCHULERZ, WILLIAM A             LECTURER                                                  980.52
SCHURMANZ, RACHAEL NICOLE       ASSISTANT COACH                                             3450
SCHUSTERZ, LISA A               ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 1                                     20565.63
SCHWARTZZ, CARISSA DEANE        CUSTODIAN 1                                             28042.25
SCHWARTZZ, TERRENCE J           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     69717.84
SCHWINGZ, JAMES L               PROFESSOR                                              135740.32
SCOREZ, GAYLE M                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 1                            32755.96
SCOTTZ, ERIC W                  RECREATION & ATH SPECIALIST 4                           46410.48
SCOTTZ, PAMELA L                TELEPHONE COMM OPERATOR                                 25391.99
SCOTTZ, SHANE J                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                    100168.32
SCOVILLEZ, ALISON GABEL         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     21777.84
SCRIBNERZ, DENEE SHARRYSE       SECRETARY SENIOR                                        32343.31
SCRIBNERZ, JASON R              MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   32439.47
SCRIVNERZ, CRAIG W              SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR                                   84549.19
SEALSZ, ROY A                   TV/VIDEO EQUIPMENT OPERATOR 2                           28053.89
SEELYZ, TRACI A                 FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPERVISOR                               48168
SEIDENSTADTZ, ROBERT            LECTURER                                                12772.62
SELLZ, TERRY M                  LECTURER                                                 2452.86
SELSKIZ, DANIEL J               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     59969.02
SELSKIZ, MARGO M.               LECTURER                                                  8176.2
SELZLERZ, SHANNON L             LECTURER                                                 5883.08
SEMKOZ, DIANNE E                GROUNDS & NURSERY SRVCE SPEC 4                          37241.58
SENTERZ, SARA S                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        1463.94
SEVERINZ, REBECCA M             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   42113.32
SEVIGNYZ, LAURIE D              LECTURER                                                  980.52
SHAPIROZ, LEE G                 BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 1                                   4932.14
SHEERANZ, JOSEPH R              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 34363.08
SHEERANZ, LORI K                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68881.77
SHELDONZ, KATHLEEN              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 33895.04
SHELTONZ, DEBORAH L             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                               58656
SHELTONZ, LEAH MARIE            ASST DIR DIVERSITY EDUC CTR                             40207.19
SHEPARDZ, LINDA J               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     27547.78
SHERMANZ, MARK R                FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                27250.46
SHIELDSZ, JANET R               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   48156.42
SHIVERZ, JANET M                LECTURER                                                11446.68
SHIVERZ, LAMAR TODD             PROFESSOR                                               39922.71
SHORRZ, DAVID N                 PROFESSOR                                               102238.1
SHORTZ, CHRISTINA ANN           INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                             66720.5
SHRINERZ, SYLVIA LYNN           LECTURER                                                11754.18
SHUGARTZ, KARLA J               ADMINISTRATOR EMP RELATIONS                             67023.52
SHURAVLOFFZ, SYLVIA             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          100
SIENIAZ, FRANCES L              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40528.87
SILBAUGHZ, JASON D              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
SILLERZ, LINDA J                CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
SILVAZ, BENJAMIN W              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     280
SIMONSONZ, LUKUS W              INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 1                               45384
SIMPSONZ, BRUCE R               TRANSFER ADMISSIONS COORDINATO                          41400.96
SIMSZ, CODY D                   RECREATION & ATH SPECIALIST 4                            54316.7
SIMUNDSONZ, GARY L              LECTURER                                                 2060.72
SINCLAIRZ, COREY M              RECREATION & ATH SPECIALIST 4                           52238.02
SINCLAIRZ, SCHERRY A            BUDGET ANALYST 2                                           53148
SINGHZ, VIJAY V                 PROFESSOR                                               69232.77
SIRRINEZ, DARLENE R             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               37581
SISKZ, LAURA J                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             27510.19
SISKOZ, BARBARA J               SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    36325.18
SISKOZ, TIMOTHY                 CONSTRUCTION PROJ COORD 3                                78491.2
SISSONZ, BENJAMIN               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         6300
SKIBENESSZ, JAMES A             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48105.28
SLAUGHTERZ, KERRY C             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 4                            38003.72
SLEDGEZ, ANDREA CELINE          ASSOCIATE PROF/PHASED RETIREE                           51487.62
SLEIGH-LAYMANZ, STACI A         DIR OFFICE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY                             85065.7
SLOANZ, TERESA A                PROFESSOR                                               70985.66
SLOVERZ, KELLY A                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6631.63
SMARTZ, CHRIS D                 COORD MEDIA PRODUCTION & DEVL                           60028.11
SMITHZ, BRET P.                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     60710.51
SMITHZ, CARLO D.                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    116584.29
SMITHZ, COURTNEY R              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
SMITHZ, DAVID E                 LECTURER                                                14458.54
SMITHZ, DUSTIN C                GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                           35570.66
SMITHZ, EVA                     LECTURER                                                 1961.04
SMITHZ, JOAN C                  LECTURER                                                 5229.36
SMITHZ, MARGARET A              LECTURER                                                76733.88
SMITHZ, MICHAEL A               ASST DIR ADVANCEMENT SERVICES                           60713.18
SMITHZ, MICHAEL J               PROFESSOR                                               73937.58
SMITHZ, MICHAEL L               LECTURER                                                 3268.35
SMITHZ, NICHOLAS J              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          555
SMITHZ, REBECCA                 LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 5                            48642.11
SMITHZ, ROBERT M                CUSTODIAN 1                                              26911.2
SMITHZ, SARAH H                 EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                          37801.56
SMITHZ, STAMFORD D              SENIOR LECTURER                                         45724.09
SMITHZ, VAN D                   GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                           35823.35
SMITHGALLZ, SHELISE D.          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       599.04
SMOKEZ, JANE                    LECTURER                                                 7131.14
SNEDEKERZ, JEFFREY L            PROFESSOR                                               80283.21
SNOWDENZ, PATRICIA A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     18210.75
SNYDERZ, ROY                    ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
SNYDERZ, SHELLIE M              CASHIER 2                                               34391.76
SOELLINGZ, MARK E               SENIOR LECTURER                                          59252.2
SOLEMZ, GREGORY P               LECTURER                                                 6536.76
SOLEMZ, HELEN E                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       1319.5
SOLTZZ, ROBERTA L               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         9216
SOLVERSONZ, RODNEY M            CUSTODIAN 3                                             32989.51
SORENSON ZOLLARSZ, KRISTI LORENEPART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6545.26
SORENSONZ, CAROLYN              COOK 1                                                  38527.99
SOREYZ, MARI N                  INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TCH 2                              31683
SOREYZ, TIM L                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54467.16
SOTAKZ, ROBERT J.               LECTURER                                                 6540.96
SPALLZ, HUGH M                  PROFESSOR                                                  49740
SPARKSZ, BRADLEY L              MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                65356.65
SPARLINGZ, GREG S               HEAD COACH                                              89602.13
SPAULDINGZ, CHARITY R           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         9993
SPAULDINGZ, KELLI LYNN          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          900
SPENCEZ, BARBARA J              LECTURER                                                 3476.58
SPENCERZ, EMELIE D              SENIOR LECTURER                                          26276.3
SPENCERZ, RICHARD D             ELEC MEDIA PRODUCER SPECIALIST                           48728.6
SPENCERZ, ROBERT T              ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        31605.52
SPENCERZ, SHELLEY D             FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           41508
SPERLINEZ, SANDRA J             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                               39786
SPEVAKZ, JOHN KELLY             ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     450
SPINAZOLAZ, ROBERTA L           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     13217.32
SPODOBALSKI-BROWERZ, ROSE M     PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            41762.58
SPOELSTRAZ, MICHOAN             DEVELOPMENT OFFICER                                     62682.64
SPOMERZ, GAVIN G.               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                            65486.96
SPRINGER-LUNDZ, DIANA R         SENIOR LECTURER                                         11504.52
SPYBROOKZ, JANET                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     63662.55
ST JOHNZ, DEREK C               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2735.36
ST JOHNZ, JEFFREY DOUGLAS       CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   26264.42
ST.GEORGEZ, GERALD R.           LECTURER                                                35285.16
ST.JEANZ, JOSEPH C              LECTURER                                                   12447
STAABZ, TOBIAS J                LECTURER                                                 46602.9
STACYZ, GERALD JOSEPH           SENIOR LECTURER                                           8101.2
STACYZ, IAN ROBERT              LECTURER                                                 6536.73
STACYZ, RUTH ANN                HUMAN SUBJ REV COMMITTEE ADMIN                           25489.5
STAFFORDZ, W DAVIDA             MULTI-CULTURAL ADVISOR                                  35957.75
STAHELSKIZ, ANTHONY J           PROFESSOR/PHASED RETIREE                                 3725.28
STAHL IVZ, CHARLES R            INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            26180.58
STAHLZ, ROSIE MARIE             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2849
STANFORDZ, ROBIN E              FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                31656.87
STANGEZ, ERICKA C               LECTURER                                                26146.89
STANLEYZ, BARBARA S             REGISTERED NURSE 2                                      62747.76
STANLEYZ, FRED C                SYSTEMS ANALYST PROGRAMMER                              95032.99
STANTONZ, PATRICK C             MGR ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL                                79529.33
STATENZ, BETHANY C              RETAIL CLERK 2                                          11212.96
STEBBINSZ, CHRISTOPHER C        ELECTRICIAN - HIGH VOLTAGE                              56375.35
STEFFENSZ, KELLY N              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     17906.06
STEHLEZ, LAURIE A               DIR. BAS-ITAM                                           35332.02
STEINZ, STEPHANIE               PROFESSOR                                              109583.46
STEINZ, STEPHEN G               LECTURER                                                49297.66
STEINKRAUSZ, MARK FREDERICK     PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     11746.75
STEPHENSZ, KAREN L              LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 5                            42902.18
STEPHENSZ, MARLA M              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      40278
STEPPERZ, BENJAMIN J A          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       9549.9
STERKELZ, DONNA L               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6895.17
STERKELZ, KENDRA L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     37891.75
STERKELZ, MARVIN H              INSULATION WORKER                                       48588.58
STEVENSZ, THERESA L             SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    40670.47
STEWARTZ, NORMAN S              LECTURER                                                 2942.64
STEWMANZ, MALBERT LYNDON        PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               42009
STINSONZ, JEFFREY               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    108308.69
STODDARDZ, CODY J               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     21388.92
STODDARDZ, SHARI S              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      67214.1
STOFFLEZ, KITTY T               CUSTODIAN 1                                             32352.38
STOKESZ, EILEEN V               HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                                60078.9
STOKESZ, RYAN CARZELL           ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     400
STORDEURZ, CATHERINE M          LECTURER                                                     300
STOREYZ, DESI E                 HEAD COACH                                              39546.98
STORLAZ, DAVID L                IT PROJ MGR: LABS & UNIV CNTRS                          48129.05
STORLIEZ, JOHN A                TRANSPORTATION SUPERVISOR                               48412.31
STORLIEZ, ROBERT M              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
STOWEZ, LISA A                  SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33831.14
STOWEZ, TIMOTHY A               CAMPUS POLICE LIEUTENANT                                   69756
STRACENERZ, PATRICIA J          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         1650
STRAGAZ, SHANE A                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50556.14
STRAMPHERZ, JAMES B             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6108.65
STRAUGHANZ, JEROME F            LECTURER                                                13666.68
STRAWDERZ, CYNTHIA JEAN         SECRETARY SENIOR                                        20373.93
STRAWNZ, JESSICA                LECTURER                                                12419.82
STREEPYZ, JOHN H                MEDIA SERVICES SUPERVISOR                               37704.08
STREETZ, ELIZABETH M            PROFESSOR                                                 134805
STREETZ, JOHN R                 ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                32992.84
STROCSHERZ, JAMESON D           RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                      38673.26
STRYKERZ, GABRIELLE A           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     61404.76
SULLIVANZ, ANDREW J             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        33545.97
SUMERIZ, ERIC K                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2271.88
SUNZ, KEY                       PROFESSOR                                               40779.12
SUNZ, LIXING                    PROFESSOR                                               68510.46
SUNDZ, JAMES STEVEN             LECTURER                                                31738.31
SUTHERLANDZ, BETHANY MAUREEN    ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     240
SUTPHINZ, CHRISTINE A           PROFESSOR                                               74450.08
SUTTONZ, GINGER L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             28503.51
SUTTONZ, SHERYL L               CUSTODIAN 1                                                29784
SWANSONZ, PATRICIA L            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 2                               45828
SWANSONZ, TANNER JAMES          ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                24946.72
SWAYZEZ, STACY NEIL             INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 2                               58125
SWEDELIUSZ, ROBERT JAMES        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5132.61
SWESEYZ, WAYNE MICHAEL          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       4989.6
SWINEY JRZ, JOHN F              ASSOC VP ENROLL MGNT                                   110544.13
SWITZERZ, CARISSA ELIDA         LECTURER                                                  1307.4
SYBROWSKYZ, BRANDON L           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3195
SZALZ, DENNIS M                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      65555.9
SZPEKZ, HEIDI M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54192.32
TAKEIZ, HIDEKI                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78289.03
TALLEYZ, SHARON L               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        23733.95
TANZ, CLARICE DU                INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REC                                  39000
TAUSSIG-SIMPSONZ, GRETCHEN      LECTURER                                                12498.72
TEBBEZ, MICHELLE LEANNE         LECTURER                                                 5229.36
TEMPLEZ, KATHRYN E              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      52477.2
TENERELLIZ, POLYXENI            LECTURER                                                 6540.48
TENERELLIZ, THOMAS              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78208.59
TERRELLZ, TRACY R               REGISTRAR                                                84211.2
TERRYZ, KARISA                  LECTURER                                                16341.84
THELENZ, WILLIAM                ASST DIR TESTING & ASSESSMENT                           42108.97
THOMASZ, DEBRA K                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        36032.55
THOMASZ, JAMES H                CUSTODIAN 1                                             37764.44
THOMASZ, JAMIE M                OFFICE MANAGER                                             38015
THOMASZ, JAMIN W D              COOK 1                                                  32519.27
THOMASZ, KIM R                  CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 3                                41419.34
THOMASZ, KRISTIE LYNN           FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                      36930.5
THOMAS-BRADLEYZ, CARIN          PROFESSOR                                                82247.7
THOMPSONZ, DEANNA               ASST DIR FINANCIAL AID                                  51720.56
THOMPSONZ, ELIZABETH A          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        119.7
THOMPSONZ, JAMES H.             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61956.53
THOMPSONZ, MARILYN A            SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                     49913.3
THOMPSONZ, RYAN S               CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   52394.22
THOMPSONZ, SHAWN D              ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     280
THOMPSONZ, STUART J             PROCURE & SUPPLY SPECIALIST 4                           50601.47
THORNTONZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       12391.96
THURSTONZ, CAROLYN B            DIR STDNT TRANSITIONS ACAD RES                          61765.87
THYFAULTZ, ALBERTA JEAN         PROFESSOR                                               83900.12
TIBAYZ, JOSEPH RIVO             LECTURER                                                     150
TIDDZ, RONALD R                 PROFESSOR                                              150626.22
TIMBERLAKEZ, CRISSY MARIE       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        11775
TIMMONSZ, CHRIS W               NETWORK ENGINEER                                        82994.18
TOLINZ, PHILIP                  PROFESSOR/PHASED RETIREE                                25315.89
TOLLEFSONZ, ROLAND R            DIR NETWORKS AND OPERATIONS                             50885.76
TOLMANZ, ROSCO N                PROFESSOR/PHASED RETIREE                                25888.08
TOLZINZ, KEITH W                LECTURER                                                 9176.21
TOMHAVEZ, JONATHAN SCOTT        LECTURER                                                 9811.44
TONSETHZ, DANIELLE K            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1607.32
TORMEYZ, ROBBI ALLISON          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        32499
TORRESZ, LUIS                   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        993.6
TORRES-JIMENEZZ, CYNTHIA Y      SITE DIR - CWU CENTER                                    2954.55
TORRES-PAGANZ, EDWIN R          FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 4                                  54372.16
TOSCHZ, MARY K                  FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      34885.5
TOSCHZ, ROBERT J                DIRECTOR MAINTENANCE AND OPS                              103668
TOTTENZ, TROY A                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48019.16
TRESCHZ, ELIZABETH N            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      4114.22
TRIBERZ, MELISSA ELYSE          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          155
TRIMBLEZ, RICHARD T             LECTURER                                                 13003.8
TRUDGEONZ, RICHARD W            SENIOR LECTURER                                         39379.44
TRUMPYZ, ROBERT J               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     78000.21
TUCKERZ, BARRY A                STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 3                                   26350.76
TUCKNESSZ, KRISTA M             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       347.89
TUFTSZ, CHRISTINE G             FORMS & RECORDS ANALYST 2                               42618.71
TULLOSZ, CHARLOTTE E            VP FOR STUDENT SUCCESS                                 156940.98
TURCOTTEZ, KAREN L              SENIOR LECTURER                                         44943.12
TURNBULLZ, SCOTT S              LECTURER                                                15450.96
TURNERZ, JOSHUA D               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               55530
TUSHKOVZ, TYLER M               MEDIA TECHNICIAN                                        30821.71
TWAITESZ, ERIC W                CAMPUS POLICE LIEUTENANT                                 76797.5
UEBELACKERZ, MORRIS             PROFESSOR                                               79387.74
UNDERHILLZ, JASON J             LECTURER                                                50154.52
UNRUHZ, ANGELA R                SENIOR LECTURER                                         47691.77
UNRUHZ, RICHARD L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     58666.76
VADNAISZ, TERESA M              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            40988.58
VALDIVIAZ, YECENICA JAIME       PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         2415
VALVERDEZ, INTI                 FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 41170.07
VAN AUKENZ, KERRI L             LECTURER                                                    2453
VAN DE VENTERZ, SUSAN K         SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                     40634.1
VAN DER VISZ, BRENDA L          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       809.54
VAN MUISWINKELZ, SASHA RENEE    PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      7850.46
VANLANDINGHAMZ, RONALD E        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     20959.37
VANTREASEZ, JOSHUA D            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     15694.88
VARGAZ, STEVEN H                SYSTEMS ANALYST PROGRAMMER                              81105.33
VARNUMZ, BRADLEY J              GRNDS & NRSRY SRVCS SPCLIST 3                           35398.62
VARNUMZ, CHERY AA               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           10197
VARNUMZ, DAWN M                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPERVISOR 1                            38695.24
VARNUMZ, RICHARD                TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          12310.79
VAUGHANZ, JAN A.                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        63.63
VAUGHNZ, KEVIN ALLAN            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        16773
VAUGHNZ, MICHELLE L             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       1182.5
VENERAZ, JANE M                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28849.28
VERKISTZ, CHARLES G             CUSTODIAN 3                                             44459.77
VERKISTZ, NANCY L               OFFSET PRINTER OPERATOR LEAD                             28699.5
VERTREESZ, BILLY G              ASST VP FOR FACILITIES                                    159976
VIETZKEZ, SALLY L               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       640.71
VILLACRESZ, RICHARD A           PHOTOGRAPHER 2                                             48433
VILLALOBOSZ, RAFAEL             ADVISOR                                                  38001.6
VINCENTZ, KATHY A               MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                 37104.52
VOLKENANDZ, TODD M              PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        17955
VOLYNZ, SCOTT A                 LECTURER                                                12883.18
VOSHALLZ, SHELLY L              CUSTODIAN 3                                             35075.32
WAGNERZ, RONALD S               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     76159.38
WAHLEZ, CHARLES P               LECTURER                                                 39112.2
WALDECKZ, GLORY L               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        939.6
WALDECKZ, STEPHEN R             SR DIR CAMPUS LIFE & STDNT UN                           85049.76
WALKERZ, DANIEL W               GROUNDS & NURSERY SRVCE SPEC 4                          38067.82
WALKERZ, JONATHAN J             PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         6660
WALKERZ, MARK A                 MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   34324.37
WALKERZ, SHARRYN R              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     70657.67
WALKERZ, TERESA M               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     77815.05
WALLZ, JUDITH D                 OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   40971.08
WALLACEZ, MICHAEL ZACHARY       LECTURER                                                 7844.07
WALLACEZ, MONICA A              CUSTODIAN 3                                             35217.39
WALLENZ, NORMAN D               LECTURER                                                 3922.02
WALLINZ, JASON M                LECTURER                                                16123.11
WALLINZ, SHANNON L              ANIMAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     31633.14
WALSHZ, MEGAN KATHLEEN          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     21311.15
WALTERZ, SHERYL K               EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 3                          35091.26
WALTERSZ, MOIRA C               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      13837.5
WANGZ, CHRISTINA I.             ASST DIR STUDENT AFFAIRS WEST                              53040
WANGZ, CRYSTAL BOXIANG          INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 4                               71496
WANGZ, FANG                     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    108387.22
WANGZ, FEN                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     73483.41
WANGZ, PENGLIN                  PROFESSOR                                               72871.16
WANGZ, YING                     INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                             5780.73
WARDZ, CHRIS L                  LECTURER                                                    4200
WARDZ, JON S                    LECTURER                                                 2614.68
WARDZ, KATHLEEN P               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33055.97
WARDZ, PAUL STEFAN              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                      58290.4
WARDZ, RACHEL L                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      8017.11
WASHINESZ, EMILY A              NATIVE AMERICAN LIAISON                                  5430.02
WASSELLZ, CHARLES S             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     84018.28
WATERSZ, LINDA L                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     23081.81
WATKINSZ, SHANI                 LECTURER                                                74560.15
WATSONZ, BECKY L                LECTURER                                                75049.52
WATTZ, MARK A                   PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                  48963.62
WATTZ, SHERRY L                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             24202.05
WEAVERZ, ROBERT ELBERT          LECTURER                                                11446.68
WEBBERZ, KENNETH L              ASST DIR CAREER SERVICES                                48032.26
WEBBERZ, MAURY F                TV/VIDEO EQUIP OPERATOR SUPER                            33922.2
WEBERZ, THOMAS ANTHOMY          PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       820.38
WEBERLINGZ, DEAN L.             LECTURER                                                13699.66
WEDDINGTONZ, CRYSTAL HL         PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       47326.61
WEDEKINDZ, ANGELA M             SECRETARY SENIOR                                         34812.5
WEHMEYERZ, JAMIE ANNE           PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      2669.84
WEIDENAARZ, GARY ALAN           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     53675.34
WELLOCKZ, THOMAS R              PROFESSOR                                                26164.2
WELLSZ, RAYMOND P               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       31101.7
WELLSZ, ROBERT MARSHALL         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     18333.36
WENGERZ, STEVEN C               DIRECTOR OF WILDCAT SHOP                                   70290
WENTWORTHZ, SANDRA KAY          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67036.45
WERDINZ, MARK D                 COORD AUAP STUDENT SVCS                                  39001.2
WHELANZ, LYNNE E                LECTURER                                                 2614.68
WHELANZ, MICHAEL L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     87121.66
WHITACREZ, LYNN L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38004.01
WHITAKERZ, ERIC F               TRUCK DRIVER 1                                          37527.92
WHITAKERZ, HARRY                PIANO TECHNICIAN                                        31506.86
WHITAKERZ, KEVIN R              MEDIA ENGINEER A                                        55729.37
WHITCOMBZ, KATHARINE E          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     61130.55
WHITEZ, AUDREY                  LECTURER                                                 3476.58
WHITEZ, C JASON                 ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        37106.07
WHITEZ, LAURA ANNA              FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                20240.56
WHITEZ, LOUCYNDA G.             FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 41940.41
WHITEHILLZ, CAROLINE S.         LECTURER                                                 8993.82
WHITMIREZ, JANE A               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     67690.06
WHITNEYZ, EMILY A               LECTURER                                                26666.64
WHITNEYZ, JEFF                  ASSISTANT COACH                                         59139.32
WHITNEYZ, KATRINA M             SR DIR CTR FOR STDNT EMPOWRMNT                             73488
WHITSETTZ, EVA L                FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                 48115.42
WIBEZ, MARIA I                  SENIOR LECTURER                                         42305.58
WICKSTROMZ, STEFANIE D          SENIOR LECTURER                                          5000.04
WIDTHZ, DALE                    SENIOR LECTURER                                         38716.56
WILCOXZ, JEFF R                 ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                49499.59
WILDERZ, ISABEL A               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       44514.18
WILKIEZ, DALE E                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      10567.2
WILLARDZ, TERI L                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     54775.86
WILLAUERZ, PATRICK D            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         3201
WILLDENZ, ANDREW                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      7895.01
WILLETTZ, CODY D                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      16697.4
WILLIAMSZ, DEBORAH L            SECRETARY                                               23815.74
WILLIAMSZ, GREGORY F            ASST DIR FINANCIAL AID                                  53469.07
WILLIAMSZ, HENRY S              PROFESSOR                                              105546.63
WILLIAMSZ, WENDY ANNE           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     68571.42
WILLIAMSONZ, RANDY P            ASSOC DIR CAREER SERVICES                               45183.56
WILLISZ, SCOTT R                SENIOR LECTURER                                          8628.45
WILSONZ, ALEXANDER JAMES        PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       982.49
WILSONZ, ASHER B                SENIOR LECTURER                                         83418.82
WILSONZ, CHERIE A               ASSOC DIR STDNT UNION OPERATN                           62734.23
WILSONZ, DALE R                 PROFESSOR                                               74102.04
WILSONZ, DENNIS A               PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          639
WILSONZ, PAMELA S               ASSOC DIR DISABILITY SPRT SRVS                          54262.77
WILSONZ, SHARON                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      6354.76
WILSONZ, SUSAN J                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5252.31
WILSONZ, TAMMY R.               FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
WILSONZ, THERESA                LECTURER                                                58914.78
WINBERRYZ, JEREMY PAUL          RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      54350.04
WINESZ, SUSAN L                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     34514.06
WINNZ, JANET P                  PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      7559.22
WINNZ, TAWNY M                  PROCURE & SUPPLY SUPT SPEC 2                             9054.71
WINSTONZ, CHERYL A              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       25913.3
WINTERERZ, MARK J               PLMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR LEAD                             55445.13
WINTERSZ, DAVID L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        7534.51
WIPPELZ, JAMES A                TRUCK DRIVER 3                                          43697.69
WIRTZ, LAURIE                   FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 4                                  52839.55
WIRTHZ, REX S                   PROFESSOR                                               94769.92
WISEZ, DANA R                   COOK 1                                                  23008.29
WISEZ, KEVIN ALEXANDER          ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                    1000
WISEZ, MARY J                   PROFESSOR                                                79677.6
WITKOWSKIZ, ELIZABETH C         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                         5968
WITTKOPPZ, ANN M                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                     28110.79
WIXSONZ, HEIDI A                INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                            63531.74
WOODZ, WILLIAM W                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                     36969.72
WOODCOCKZ, BRUCE E              LECTURER                                                 36433.8
WOODCOCKZ, DON B                PROFESSOR                                               83098.54
WOODRUFFZ, BENJAMEN W           LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAPRO 2                            33367.58
WOODSZ, BRADLEY B.              PBO GPS DATA ANALYST                                    30769.43
WOODSZ, ROBERT L                SENIOR LECTURER                                         47303.93
WOODSZ, SHARLEEN K              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     25226.04
WOODYZ, SUSAN                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                      70971.8
WOONZ, MAUREEN A                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      8216.75
WORLEYZ, TANA L                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5082.91
WRAYZ, LANA R                   EARLY CHLDHD PRGM SPECIALIST 2                          19555.48
WRETZELZ, JOSHUA I              LECTURER                                                12666.72
WRIGHTZ, COURTNEY MARIE         PART TIME TEMPORARY                                       280.88
WRIGHTZ, STEVEN C               PARKING GUIDE                                           42365.72
WRIGHTZ, SUZANNE M B            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      25961.2
WYATTZ, MARLA J                 PROFESSOR                                                71010.9
WYATTZ, NOELLA K                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34302.29
WYMANZ, TINJA A                 SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    40417.88
XIAOZ, HONG                     PROFESSOR                                               73528.77
YANCYZ, BRYAN                   PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      1243.19
YANGZ, TAIQIAN                  PROFESSOR                                               70951.46
YARBERRYZ, LEONARD              LECTURER                                                  3267.9
YARWOODZ, WILLIAM H             DIR FACILITY PLAN & CONST SERV                          89280.72
YASTCHENKOZ, ALENA V            LECTURER                                                56577.35
YELLAMZ, JOHN M                 PART TIME TEMPORARY                                          168
YOCOMZ, LEIGH ANN               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30846.73
YOONZ, BANG-SOON L              PROFESSOR                                                64225.8
YOUNGZ, DANIEL S                PROCURE & SUPPLY SPECIALIST 1                           40670.12
YOUNGZ, ERIC B                  ATHLETIC CAMP COUNSELORS                                     200
YOUNGZ, KENNETH G               INFO TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST 3                               58480
YOUNGZ, MARK ALAN               CUSTODIAN 1                                             25971.43
YOUNGZ, MICHAEL T               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                    106988.04
YOUNGZ, THERESE A               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     60041.28
YOUNG-DOHRMANZ, GAYLE A         ASST DIR FINANCIAL AID                                  57005.34
YOUNGRENZ, TERESA D             EMPLOYER RECRUITMENT COORD                              39333.28
ZAKEL-LARSONZ, KELLY L          SECRETARY SENIOR                                        39099.25
ZAKULAZ, ROBERT GARY            PART TIME TEMPORARY                                        522.5
ZAYACZ, RYAN M                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                     48367.93
ZEMPELZ, GREGORY L              LECTURER                                                 2614.68
ZENTNERZ, NICOLAUS C            INSTRCTN & CLSSRM SPPRT TCH 4                           57469.15
ZHONGZ, KE                      ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                    121189.49
ZIEMANNZ, RACHAEL MARIE         COACH                                                   20360.16
ZUKOWSKIZ, AMY T.               RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                      39327.65
ZUPANZ, PAMELA A                PART TIME TEMPORARY                                      5696.25


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