This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Dept of Services for the Blind employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 90 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 88 employees) (2007, 75 employees) (2005, 70 employees) (2003, 75 employees) (2001, 75 employees) (1999, 70 employees) (1997, 70 employees) (1995, 75 employees)

The Department of Services for the Blind was established to promote the economic and social welfare of blind persons in the state of Washington, to relieve blind or visually handicapped persons from the distress of poverty through their complete integration into society on the basis of equality, to encourage public acceptance of the abilities of blind persons, and to promote public awareness of the causes of blindness. The Department states that its goal is to provide training and opportunities that allow people who are blind to compete successfully for employment and to participate in social and civic activities. The Department has an Advisory Council of mostly blind members that makes recommendations to the Director, Governor and Legislature on ways to accomplish the Departmentís goal. The Department has three program areas: Vocational Rehabilitation, Agency Administration and Business Enterprise. The Department has a budget of approximately $7.5 million and 72 employees.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Dept of Services for the Blind List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADREONZ,  MARK L                PROG SPEC 5                                                66420
ALVESHEREZ,  DONALD J           A/D PROGS - SFB                                            78576
ANDERSONZ,  JOETTA M            REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                                23241
ARMSTRONGZ,  SHARON E           COMMUNITY WORKER                                        15174.45
ARMSTRONGZ,  WAYNE H            COMMUNITY WORKER                                         11631.6
ARNOLDZ,  DANIEL U              REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   46920
BAUGHZ,  THOMAS L               IT SPEC 3                                                  57780
BRANNONZ,  JULIE                REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                31812.36
CARNERZ,  KATHLEEN L            REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                             13293.73
CHEZIKZ,  ROGER R               COMMUNITY WORKER                                         3027.31
CHOZ,  YANG-SU                  IT SPEC 4                                               72417.64
CLOUGHZ,  ALEXIS D              REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                             38876.86
COLEMANZ,  STEFFI               STATEWIDE PROG COORD FOR BLIND/V                        55835.99
CRAIGZ,  MARY S                 IT SPEC 5                                                  78900
DAUBLZ,  KIM C                  VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           58656
DONGZ,  LOREN                   IT SPEC 2                                               50605.48
DRUMHELLERZ,  ELLEN             CONF. SECRETARY                                         53522.21
DURANDZ,  LOUOMA T              EXEC. DIRECTOR                                          86565.12
DYKESZ,  JAMES F                IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
DYMONDZ,  PATRICK               WMS BAND 2                                                 77700
EATONZ,  PATRICIA               REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   52194
ESTESZ,  HEIDI M                FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           39848
EYERLYZ,  PATRICIA L            PROG SPEC 5                                                66420
FERRELLZ,  SHARON R             IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
FITTSZ,  ANNABELLE S            COMMUNITY WORKER                                         4778.17
FRIEDMANZ,  DAVID J.            REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                 3298.23
GALLOZ,  JEANNE M               BEP MANAGER                                             69191.94
GARRELSZ,  ALAN D               PROG SPEC 5                                             49547.53
GARRELSZ,  LIZBETH S            REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   51864
GEORGEZ,  JANET L               STATEWIDE PROG COORD FOR BLIND/V                        48088.61
GIESEZ,  AMANDA N D             REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                                39516
GOOZ,  BRONSON HK               REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   51864
GOODHOUSEZ,  VERA               REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                              2988.62
HARDINZ,  MEREDITH M            VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           53148
HARPERZ,  DAMIANA M             REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                             23227.61
HOLDRIDGEZ,  EQUILLA A          REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                22276.98
HYDERZ,  JOANNE D               IT TECH 2                                                  43572
ITOUZ,  ARLENE K                HR AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS MANAGE                           78576
IVERSONZ,  JOY LYNN             REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                33010.12
JESSENZ,  KARLA J               VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           53148
KIMZ,  NANCY J                  CONF. SECRETARY                                            48024
KNOXZ,  LAURENCE M              COMMUNITY WORKER                                         2389.94
LARRAURIZ,  EVA L               VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           58656
LENCIONIZ,  NATALIE S           REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                               2761.4
LICARIZ,  JERRY L               COMMUNITY WORKER                                         9239.94
LOCHNERZ,  THERON JAMES         WMS BAND 2                                              78414.03
LORENZZ,  MARY E                REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   51864
MACKILLOPZ,  MICHAEL C          IT SPEC 5                                                79399.5
MAHDZ,  ZUHAIR T                IT SPEC 4                                               40116.44
MARRSZ,  ANNA E                 REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                                41508
MARTINZ,  DAPHNE                VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                        61632.02
MASSEYZ,  KIM M                 REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                                39516
MATHEWSZ,  DEBBIE S             STATEWIDE PROG COORD FOR BLIND/V                           53148
MEACHZ,  KATHLEEN A             FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
MELLOZ,  MICHAEL J              IT SPEC 4                                               61613.33
MESSERZ,  GLORIA                REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                52194.02
MONAGHANZ,  JEFFREY C           A/D ADMIN - SFB                                         80601.74
NAMEKATAZ,  KEIKO               OTC MANAGER                                                70704
NAMEKATAZ,  NAOMI               IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
NATHANZ,  DENNIS A.             COMMUNITY WORKER                                         1974.76
NATHANZ,  KEVIN L               STATEWIDE PROG COORD FOR BLIND/V                           53148
O NEALZ,  MICHAEL S             VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           58656
O'NEALZ,  ELISA ANN             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32923.34
OUGHTONZ,  MARLA D              CONF. SECRETARY                                            54360
PORTERZ,  SUSAN M               IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
PORTILLOZ,  JAIME A             REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   51864
PUGHZ,  ELISE                   REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                51667.55
RICHMONDZ,  JENNIFER A          REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   51864
RITENBURGHZ,  DONNA M           REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                                39476
SANTIZ,  MICHAEL J              VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           53148
SCOTTZ,  JUANESSA L             REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                             40774.36
SHEDDZ,  ALICE Y                FISCAL ANALYST 5                                           61632
SHERMANZ,  REBECCA Y            STATEWIDE PROG COORD FOR BLIND/V                        55835.99
SKERRITTZ,  COLLIN M            COMMUNITY WORKER                                        12795.33
STANNARDZ,  MEREDITH            PROG SPEC 5                                                66420
SUTHERLANDZ,  JIM A             PROG SPEC 3                                                48780
SUTTONZ,  BETH ANN              REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                   51864
TOYZ,  MICHELLE Y               REHABILITATION TEACHER 3                                44890.35
TRACEWELLZ,  DANIEL BRUCE       COMMUNITY WORKER                                         4036.49
TUNISONZ,  ELIZABETH C.M.       ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   33933.81
UTRERAZ,  JONATHAN Q            VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                        50950.23
VAN WINKLEZ,  TIMOTHY           COMMUNITY WORKER                                          728.79
WHEELERZ,  LISA                 VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           53148
WHITINGZ,  HARRY A              VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           55836
WILDERZ,  LINDA S               VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION COUNSE                           58656
WRIGHTZ,  GLORIA J              FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           41342
ZUMBROZ,  LAURA L               REHABILITATION TECHNICIAN 1                              33683.6

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