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Most employees are paid monthly.

Wa St Employee List Description Code

Below are four employee listings from the 2001 List of Employees.
(---salary-----------------------------job title-----------------name---)
1 2,120.00 ---M 12 --% 100 SECRETARY SR DENNISON, KELLY D
5 11.37 -------H 12 ---% -40 OFFICE ASST II BARNES, JUDY F
6 47,100.00 -C --9 --% 100 FULL TIME FACULTY BRONOWITZ, WALTER
7 4,005.92 ---M 12 -% 100 DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIO BENCH, SHARON

The first number refers to the employee type code, see below.
The next numbers are the salary, usually monthly, but can be hourly or contracted for (example) 9 months. Next is monthly, hourly, contracted, ect...
Next is number of months, and percent of full time. Last is the job title and name.

Below are some employee listings from the 1995 Personnel Detail Report, and the coding information from that book. The coding information is the same for 2001.

In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
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