This is a list of the 2011 Eastern Washington Historical Society employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 45 multiple job employees (includes 2 duplicates) (2007, 47 employees) (2005, 46 employees) (2003, 51 employees) (2001, 33 employees) (1999, 38 employees) (1997, 20 employees) (1995, 20 employees)

The Eastern Washington State Historical Society was founded in 1916. In 1926, the Legislature designated the Society as a trustee for materials of historical significance to the state. The Society’s mission is to promote learning about regional history, visual arts, and American Indian and other cultures, especially those specific to the region. To carry out this mission, the Society does business as the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. The Museum is composed of the Cheney Cowles Center, an exhibit and education building, and the historic Campbell House and Carriage House on a five-acre campus in Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition. The Museum was recently renovated and reopened in December 2001. Currently, the Museum has more than 96,000 visitors annually. The Society raises over $1 million annually through various activities and events and operates on an annual operating budget of approximately $3 million. The Society has 48 employees and approximately 2,900 members. The Board consists of a maximum of 35 members elected for three-year terms by the Society membership. The Board elects a President to a two-year term and the remaining officers to a one-year term
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2011 Eastern Washington Historical Society List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ANGELZ,  JOSE OMAR              GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                   438.81
ARBOGASTZ,  HEIDI L             PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        23602.79
BELISLEZ,  CAROL A              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        44957.16
BERTISZ,  LORETTA M             PROG SPEC 5                                             56130.61
BISHOPZ,  REBECCA REHR          COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 3                             38154.54
BRUMZ,  DAVID M                 PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        18584.62
BRUMZ,  DAVID M                 PROG SPEC 3                                             26559.41
CHILDRESSZ,  JENNIFER MAUREEN   GRAPHIC DESIGN SR                                        1306.72
CYPHERZ,  BOBBI JO              RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       14890.45
DAVEYZ,  JANE ANN               LIB & ARC PROF 1                                        36201.29
DAVISZ,  SHANE MICHAEL          OFFICE ASST-1                                            5816.18
DREXELZ,  JOEL MICHAEL          OFFICE ASST-1                                            7256.79
DREXELZ,  JOHN R                ACCT MGR                                                72880.26
EAKERZ,  ALLEN G                SECURITY GUARD 2                                        43046.83
EWINGZ,  GINGER M.              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        35628.54
FOIENZ,  GAYLE S                PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        27449.94
GABBERTZ,  TAMMY J.             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       13097.06
GENTISZ,  DOUGLAS R             CUSTODIAN 2                                              5127.75
GENTISZ,  DOUGLAS R             CUSTODIAN 3                                             26157.73
GRANTZ,  BENJAMIN PHILLIP       GRAPHIC DESIGN SR                                        4786.98
GRINOLDSZ,  ANNIE JO            RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                        4689.51
GRUBBZ,  SHEILA DOROTHEA        OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                       7980.81
HARDESTYZ,  RYAN M              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        43244.84
HAYSZ,  KASSI JO                CUSTODIAN 1                                              5235.81
HOLLOMANZ,  MICHAEL J           DIR PLATEAU CTR                                            20623
HUSTONZ,  ANN ELIZABETH         OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                       1483.21
KEENANZ,  SAMANTHA RAE          WORK STUDY STUDENT                                       6567.27
KLEMMERZ,  MARY ANN             OFF ASST 3                                                646.97
LEEZ,  MICHAEL HUNT             OFF ASST LEAD                                            7195.06
LIPSCOMBZ,  JULIA FRANCES       WORK STUDY STUDENT                                          2916
MATHESONZ,  TISA W              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                         38849.1
MITCHELLZ,  BENNETT D.          PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        56131.39
NACCARATOZ,  MICHELE MARIE      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19431.42
NICOLAIZ,  CHRISTINE            OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                      13081.95
PEONEZ,  GENA M                 PRSV & MUS SP 1                                         15494.45
QUEENZ,  LINDA L                CONF. SECRETARY                                         47706.06
RECTORZ,  RONALD REX            DIRECTOR                                                84313.12
ROONEYZ,  MARSHA E              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        59647.06
SLIGER KRAUSEZ,  ROSE MARIE     LIB & ARC PROF 2                                        42924.18
SMITHZ,  GERALD E               PROG SPEC 4                                             58257.56
SPINKZ,  CARA MARIE             OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                       1444.73
THAYERZ,  LAURA G               PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        63983.25
WAHLZ,  VALERIE L               PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        50139.87
WEBBERZ,  MARK D                MAINT MECHANIC 3                                        47085.66

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