This is a list of the 2011 Washington Eastern Washington University employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 2,697 multiple job employees (includes 606 duplicates)) (2009, 1,948 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 2,014 employees) (2005, 1,551 employees)(2003, 1,602 employees)(2001, 1,516 employees)(1999, 1,384 employees) (1997, 1,420 employees) (1995, 1,393 employees)

Eastern Washington University is a regional, comprehensive public university located in Cheney, Washington, with programs also offered in Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Seattle, Shoreline, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver and Yakima. More than 10,000 students attend the University, which maintains a 20 to 1 student-faculty ratio. The University offers over 100 different academic majors including in-demand disciplines such as biotechnology, cyber security, forensic science, entrepreneurship, children’s studies, dental hygiene and urban planning. In addition, it is the only regional university in the state to offer a doctorate in physical therapy. The operating budget for fiscal year 2006 was approximately $155 million. The University also had a biennial capital budget of approximately $58.2 million. The University’s major revenue source is tuition and fees. An eight-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, is responsible for operating the multi-campus University as a single, comprehensive, legal entity under the administrative direction of the President.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Eastern Washington University List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/16/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                           2010 Gross Earnings
ABILDZ, GORDON WILFERD          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             5782.5
ABILDZ, GORDON WILFERD          PROGRAM ASSISTANT - 300015                                       510
ABLEMANZ, JUDITH ANNE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
ABRAMSZ, JANET R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3344.04
ACKERMANZ, SHIRA A              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3750
ADAMSZ, ALTON J                 TEMPORARY COACH                                             14546.82
ADAMSZ, MICHELANNE              LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 4                                     27881.94
ADAMSZ, WENDY D                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                        27265.89
ADLERZ, DIANE L                 SENIOR LECTURER                                             45606.96
ADOLPHSONZ, KEITH V             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56876.94
ADOLPHSONZ, KEITH V             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                143
AERNEZ, ELIZABETH               SECRETARY SENIOR                                             7442.61
AGHABEIGIZ, KRISTA N            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            1189.01
AGRISSZ, SEAN W                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         11666.64
AGRISSZ, SEAN W                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4025.01
AGUILARZ, BENJAMIN W            FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2-300143                                   2215.66
AHLGRENZ, STEPHANIE S           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12547
AHMADZ, ZEBA SADIQA             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4138.98
AHRENDZ, JANET E                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2770
AIKENZ, KIRK DAMON              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         92901.06
AIKENZ, KIRK DAMON              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              23976
AKINZ, DEBBIE L                 INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  71496
AL-TASSANZ, LEILA MANSOUR       OPERATIONS MGR-DENT HYGIENE                                 43591.44
ALDENZ, JANINE G                SENIOR LECTURER                                              35018.9
ALECCIAZ, VINCENT A             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         54359.02
ALECCIAZ, VINCENT A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              36362
ALLENZ, AARON S                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1950
ALLENZ, KAREN MELINDA           ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              153
ALLENZ, MICHAEL A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
ALLERSZ, JAMES H                MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                       64740
ALLISONZ, ERIC S                TEMPORARY COACH                                                 3000
ALMEIDAZ, DEIRDRE               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57616.92
ALMEIDAZ, DEIRDRE               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             8241.6
ALVINZ, BARBARA LYNN            DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             16569.3
ALVINZ, BARBARA LYNN            PROFESSOR                                                   83563.92
ALVINZ, BARBARA LYNN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7354
ALVYZ, HARVEY B                 PROFESSOR                                                   62717.94
ALVYZ, HARVEY B                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              20404
AMBROSIZ, PATRICIA J            ASST DIR-BOOKSTORE                                          46099.44
AMESZ, MICHAEL I                COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                      28192.43
ANDERSONZ, AUDREY DAVIE         GRANT/BUDGET PROJECT MANAGER                                 32542.8
ANDERSONZ, CHRISTOPHER L        FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                    800.66
ANDERSONZ, DENNIS WALTER        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10464
ANDERSONZ, DENNIS WALTER        SENIOR LECTURER                                             33016.02
ANDERSONZ, DOMINIC LANE         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPER 1                                     43015.04
ANDERSONZ, JONATHAN W           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         51444.96
ANDERSONZ, JONATHAN W           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14843.02
ANDERSONZ, LANCE M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                600
ANDERSONZ, ROBERT J             DIR-BOOKSTORE/PUB                                           68019.32
ANDERSONZ, SANDRA K             CUSTODIAN 1                                                   9519.2
ANDERSONZ, STEPHANIE U          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7651
ANDERSONZ, SUSAN KAY            LIBRARIAN III                                               69792.96
ANDREWSZ, ANDREA RAE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5199.96
ANDREWSZ, MARGE E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7570.65
ANDREWSZ, MARGE E               SENIOR LECTURER                                                35487
ANTONZ, DANIEL C                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         79261.02
ANTONZ, DANIEL C                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           42384.38
APELSKOGZ, SUZANNE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5849.94
ARENDTZ, MARGRETA L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4963.63
ARENSMEYERZ, STEVEN THOMAS      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1200
AREVALOZ, RODOLFO               PRESIDENT                                                   238738.8
ARMSTRONGZ, BRUCE J             MGR-EAGLE PRINTING                                          59632.08
ARNDTZ, KAREN A                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          31175.99
ARNELLZ, BREANA L               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                           318.75
ARNELLZ, BREANA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            532.5
ARNELLZ, BREANA L               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      577.5
ARNOTZ, MICHAEL P               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                780
ARVANZ, JOHN F                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1150.02
ASHBY-SCOTTZ, TERRIE M          DIR-ADVISING & NEW STUDNT PRGM                                 67932
ASHCROFTZ, JOSH E               DIR-STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                      56000.05
ASHLOCKZ, JACK R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14950
ASKMANZ, THOMAS K               PROFESSOR                                                      81882
ASKMANZ, THOMAS K               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9006.99
ASTHANAZ, VANDANA               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         58156.98
ASTHANAZ, VANDANA               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1845
AUNEZ, MARTIN KARLS             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                           3486.13
AUSTINZ, JOHN                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38616.01
AUSTIN-RADACHZ, AMY LYNN        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5200.02
AVERYZ, LISA                    ASSOC DEAN-SOCIAL WORK                                       53897.2
AVERYZ, LISA                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14678
AWBERYZ, STEVE EVERETT          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                         48168
AXTONZ, ELENA S                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            7709.54
AXTONZ, ELENA S                 STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR                                         9290.16
BABCOCKZ, CHRISTINE B           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             650.01
BABCOCKZ, CHRISTINE B           SECRETARY SENIOR                                            20687.89
BABCOCKZ, CHRISTINE B           SWIM INSTRUCTOR                                              1334.24
BABCOCKZ, GARTH J               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56944.98
BABCOCKZ, GARTH J               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16193
BACONZ, SARAH C                 OFFICE AIDE III                                              3486.24
BAILEYZ, GLENN E                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9548
BAINESZ, BARBARA DIANE          OPERATIONS MGR-RUNNING START                                39318.51
BAISCHZ, MICHAEL T              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                       52429.09
BAKERZ, ELIZABETH MARIE         ASST TO VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS                                   18062.5
BAKERZ, ELIZABETH MARIE         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                            424.2
BAKERZ, ELIZABETH MARIE         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                          15514.72
BAKERZ, ELIZABETH MARIE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          1779.33
BALDWINZ, BEAU D                HEAD FOOTBALL COACH                                           102000
BALDWINZ, KAREN ANN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3450
BALDWINZ, MARK WILLIAM          ASSOC VP-UNDERGRAD EDUCATION                                69311.33
BALLSZ, EDWARD D                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              833
BARBERZ, THOMAS F               CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                       63953.31
BARNESZ, BRANDALIN              ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            450.5
BARNESZ, BRANDALIN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                               60
BARNESZ, BRANDALIN              RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      277.5
BARNESZ, PAMELA JOAN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5139
BARNESZ, PAMELA JOAN            SENIOR LECTURER                                                38763
BARNETTZ, KRISTIN               TEMPORARY COACH                                                 1100
BARONZ, OLGA LEONIDOVNA         DIR-INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS                                     60000
BARRENAZ, GEORGE M              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      46008.29
BARTERZ, KAREN L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16099.92
BARTKOWSKIZ, JOHN F             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             439.98
BARTLETTZ, ROBERT L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           21518.04
BARTLETTZ, ROBERT L             VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                59999.94
BASHAMZ, DAVID ALAN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           18813.99
BASHAMZ, DAVID ALAN             SENIOR LECTURER                                             48052.08
BASTOWZ, JUSTIN L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           30699.96
BATCHELORZ, JANICE A            SECRETARY SENIOR                                            35293.93
BATEMANZ, STEPHEN R             GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                              5783.4
BATEMANZ, STEPHEN R             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          32772.6
BAUERZ, ERNA J                  BOOKSTORE SUPERVISOR                                           40524
BAUKNECHTZ, DARLA ANN           ADMIN ASSISTANT 4                                           48906.19
BAYLEYZ, GENE H                 PAINTER                                                        43572
BAYLEYZ, ROBIN A                SECRETARY                                                   31663.92
BAZEMOREZ, GEORGIA B            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47773.98
BAZEMOREZ, GEORGIA B            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                150
BEACHZ, PATRICIA M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1300.02
BEAMZ, SUSAN C                  SECRETARY SENIOR                                            35042.21
BEANZ, CONNIE MARIE             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                             31176
BEAN-THOMPSONZ, TELITHA F       PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                         25327.3
BEAN-THOMPSONZ, TELITHA F       RESPONDER                                                        560
BEAZERZ, MARY KATHERINE         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5849.94
BECKWITHZ, KEVIN J              STATIONARY ENG 4 - PREM PAY                                  64514.6
BEECHERZ, BLAKE C               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         59999.94
BEECHERZ, BLAKE C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              17983
BEGAIIZ, LINDSEY-MICHAEL J      ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       7125
BEGHTOLZ, RICHARD A             CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                      63675.92
BELISLEZ, KATHRYN B             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11050.02
BELLZ, BRIGITTE L               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                    1713.75
BELLZ, CHRISTOPHER              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
BELLZ, JEFFORY J                CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27684.59
BELLZ, KERRYN E                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46999.98
BELLZ, KERRYN E                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             8932.5
BENHAMZ, MARY ELLEN             HONORS COORD/ADVISOR                                        38686.25
BENSONZ, JACK C                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1800
BENSONZ, KRISTA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            37893
BENSONZ, KRISTA L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
BERDISZ, JOHN MYRON             PARKING SUPER 1 - PREM PAY                                     47016
BERGINZ, ROBERT J               SAFETY OFFICER 1                                               51864
BERGLANDZ, HELEN MARGUERITE     ACADEMIC PROGRAM MANAGER                                    58026.78
BERGLANDZ, HELEN MARGUERITE     DIR-TEACHING & LEARNING CTR                                  8289.54
BERKMANZ, MIRIAM E              COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                     41723.81
BERMUDEZZ, ELVIN                CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                        53999.7
BERTELSENZ, BETSY A             EHS CONTENT MANAGER                                            32621
BERTRAMZ, STEVEN J              DIR-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                        49824.48
BESTZ, AARON WILLIAM            ASST FOOTBALL COACH                                            51000
BESTZ, AARON WILLIAM            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1800
BESTZ, MARY-LOU                 EHS HOMEBASED SRVS MANAGER                                  43454.92
BESTERZ, TROY D                 SR PROJECT MANAGER                                          75857.04
BETHELYZ, CHRISTOPHER           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  71496
BETTCHERZ, KIRSTEN M            ASST DIR-DINING SERVICES                                    52173.12
BETTSZ, CYNTHIA                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6420
BHUTAZ, PRAKASH H               PROFESSOR                                                   73236.06
BHUTAZ, PRAKASH H               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12677.46
BICKERSTAFFZ, DOUGLAS D         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         74030.94
BICKERSTAFFZ, DOUGLAS D         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                450
BIGLEYZ, CECILIA M              INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                64940.5
BILICHZ, LISA ANN               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47185.92
BILICHZ, LISA ANN               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             4008.6
BILLETERZ, MARTHA LOU           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2300.04
BILLINGSZ, KATHY ANN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
BILOUSZ, CECYLIA                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4249.98
BILOUSZ, PETER T                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         71303.04
BILOUSZ, PETER T                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1569
BINNEYZ, MATTHEW W              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            46827
BIRCHZ, NANCY J                 PROFESSOR                                                   74011.02
BIRDZ, PAIGE M                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                  3563.17
BIRDWELLZ, JASON GEORGE         GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      28475.13
BISENIUSZ, THOMAS E             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7537
BITTRICKZ, IRENE DELORES        LECTURER                                                    29495.28
BJORKZ, BARRY L                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
BLACKZ, A ROSS                  PROFESSOR                                                   64423.08
BLACKZ, A ROSS                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3939
BLACKADARZ, LOIS                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           311.25
BLACKADARZ, LOIS                RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     596.25
BLACKSHEARZ, GLENN              INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                79034.7
BLAIRZ, LOUIS F                 LECTURER                                                    39200.04
BLAKEZ, DEBORAH Z               DIR-COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                        56100
BLEEKERZ, DEBBIE A              CASHIER 4                                                      38556
BLEWETTZ, STEPHEN D             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
BLIESNERZ, JOHN W               CUSTODIAN 1                                                    29784
BLISSZ, JANIS GAY               ADMINISTRATOR OF BENEFITS                                   59660.64
BLOOMZ, DEBORAH J               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6750
BODDENZ, BRUCE C                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9174.96
BODEAUZ, JOYCE M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5245.04
BODENSTEINZ, ANDREW VINCENT     COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                 400
BOGERZ, KAY A                   CUSTODIAN 1                                                  1661.47
BOLTEZ, LINDA A                 PROFESSOR                                                   65899.98
BOLTEZ, LINDA A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                143
BONDZ, PAUL J                   FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300146                                    627.72
BONUCCELLIZ, GEORGE J           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2600
BOOTHZ, CHRISTINA MARIE         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              27976
BOOTSZ, BARBARA C               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPER 1                                     40529.06
BORENZ, BETTY A                 LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 1                                     30236.41
BOSSARDZ, ROBERT E              MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                    64817.51
BOSWELLZ, TERRI L               INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                      28276.08
BOUAREZ, BOUBACAR               IMMIGRATION OFFICER/BUD MGR                                    37740
BOWENZ, KIMBER KAY              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
BOWERSZ, MICHAEL D              COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                       9123.04
BOWNDSZ, LYNNE M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            58698
BOWNDSZ, LYNNE M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6457
BOXERZ, ELISE                   VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                18333.36
BOZANICHZ, SHARLENE A           ADMIN ASST-BUS PUBLIC ADM                                   41876.75
BRADLEYZ, DARCY H               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52117.02
BRADLEYZ, DARCY H               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13953
BRADYZ, CONNIE J                MGR-BUDGET ADMIN SRVS                                       63218.64
BRANCHZ, JARROD K               FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300163                                   3635.66
BRANCHZ, ROBIN L                FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    23552.19
BRANDKAMPZ, MICHELLE L          SECRETARY SENIOR                                            34361.09
BRANSONZ, BRAD JAY              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                             5964
BRANSONZ, BRAD JAY              PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                        33312.07
BRANTINGHAMZ, NATHANIEL MICHAEL QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
BRAUKMANNZ, JAMES R             PROFESSOR                                                   40161.96
BRAUKMANNZ, JAMES R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5600
BRAUNSTEINZ, GLENN R            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5850
BREEDLOVEZ, LARRY W             SNACK BAR LEAD                                               6120.72
BREENZ, MELINDA E               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         58964.94
BREENZ, MELINDA E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7686
BRELANDZ, ALYSE J               TEACHING ASSISTANT                                            878.13
BRIANDZ, GENEVIEVE              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         36409.32
BRIANDZ, GENEVIEVE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1668.75
BRIDGESZ, LEVI                  TEACHING ASSISTANT                                           4142.48
BRIDWELLZ, VIRGINIA R           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4138.98
BRIGGSZ, LAWRENCE J             ASSOC VP-ENROLLMENT MGMT                                      114240
BRIGGSZ, LYNN C                 DEAN                                                          127500
BRISTOWZ, MEGAN MARIE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5400
BROCKZ, BARBARA JEAN            PROFESSOR                                                   72187.02
BROCKZ, BARBARA JEAN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16270
BRODERSONZ, DANA S              LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 1                                     26123.39
BRODERSONZ, DANA S              LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 6                                        26091
BROOKEZ, ROBERTA A              DIR-MBA PROGRAM                                             74211.12
BROOKEZ, ROBERTA A              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
BROOKRESONZ, NATHANIEL B        ASST STRENGTH COACH                                            23205
BROOKRESONZ, NATHANIEL B        HEAD STRENGTH COACH                                           4462.5
BROOKSZ, JOHN                   RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 2                                    38485.62
BROOKSZ, KERRY R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5500.02
BROOKSZ, LARRY J                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      44521.45
BROWERZ, KARLA                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8835
BROWNZ, AARON DALE              DIR-ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTER                                  64980.8
BROWNZ, ANNA BETH               RETENTION SPECIALIST                                        33590.33
BROWNZ, IDA M                   LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 2                                     35042.21
BROWNZ, JANINE ANN              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            2268.75
BROWNZ, JEANNIE                 CUSTODIAN                                                       3990
BROWNZ, LUANN K                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10127.98
BROWNZ, LUANN K                 SENIOR LECTURER                                             45187.92
BROWNZ, MATTHEW J               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5-PREM P                              96727.47
BROWNZ, MICHAEL J               CUSTODIAN 3                                                  35549.6
BROWNZ, MICHAEL S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8277.98
BROWNZ, NICHOLAS R              GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                               37857
BROWNZ, NICHOLAS R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
BROWNZ, PAMELA H                FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                   6554.26
BROWNZ, REBECCA L               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         41312.64
BROWNZ, REBECCA L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                450
BROWNZ, SEAN P                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      48171.23
BROWNZ, SUSAN K                 CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 2                                       55669.5
BROWNFIELDZ, JULIE C            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3450
BRUMZ, TERESA L                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
BRYANTZ, KEITH ALAN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8509.98
BRZOSKAZ, MARTHA I              DIR-UNDERGRAD ACAD ADVISING                                 30333.11
BRZOSKAZ, MICHAEL A             ASSOC DEAN-SCI, HEALTH & ENG                               153803.92
BUCASASZ, JORDAN MICHEAL        COOK AIDE-300163                                              4366.5
BUCHANANZ, JOHN P               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                                5928
BUCHANANZ, JOHN P               DIRECTOR                                                      789.96
BUCHANANZ, JOHN P               PROFESSOR                                                      65208
BUCHANANZ, JOHN P               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3130
BUCHHOLTZZ, MATTHEW P           COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                1500
BUCKINGHAMZ, POLLY M            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           26084.98
BUCKINGHAMZ, POLLY M            SENIOR LECTURER                                                35487
BUCKLEYZ, MICHAEL J             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8625
BUMPASZ, PAMELA RAE             SECRETARY LEAD                                                 37620
BUNCHZ, CHRISTOPHER P           COOK AIDE-300142                                             6979.67
BUNTINGZ, DAVID C               PROFESSOR                                                   85593.96
BUNTINGZ, DAVID C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12015.41
BURFORDZ, BETHANY A             ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            36316.08
BURGEZ, SALLY J                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3072
BURGESSZ, HELEN LORRAINE        FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2                                          6830.21
BURGESSZ, HELEN LORRAINE        FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2-500545                                   8416.41
BURGISZ, NICHOLAS E             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52117.02
BURGISZ, NICHOLAS E             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              19139
BURIZ, DAVID W                  DIR-GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS                                     97920
BURKLEYZ, ANTOINETTE R          OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                           5786.45
BURKLEYZ, ANTOINETTE R          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         27080.95
BURKS-HERRESZ, LYNN AM          SECRETARY                                                      32688
BURNETTZ, VALERIE A             SECRETARY                                                    30947.4
BURNHAMZ, JODEE L               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              340
BURNHAMZ, JODEE L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           221.25
BURNHAMZ, JODEE L               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     318.75
BURNSZ, CAMERON ROSS            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                              2000
BURNSZ, EDWIN H                 CAMPUS POLICE INVESTIGATOR                                  74539.66
BURROWSZ, ALICE                 CLINIC SUPERVISOR                                             6487.5
BUSCHZ, JACK T                  RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 4                                    15750.82
BUTLERZ, JAMES E                PLUMBR/PIPEFTR/STMFTR SUP                                   57568.97
BUTLERZ, MEGAN L                CASHIER AIDE                                                 7044.34
BUTTONZ, JANE E                 ASST DIR-BUDGET SERVICES                                    24591.28
BUXTONZ, JEFFREY W              LECTURER                                                       23898
BUZBYZ, SAMUEL M                COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 3                                 48315.26
BYINGTONZ, REBEKAH EA           REC & ATHL SPECIALIST 2                                      1985.75
BYLILLYZ, GABRIEL               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
BYRNESZ, EDWARD C               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         65824.92
BYRNESZ, EDWARD C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              20061
CALDERZ, TOM L                  CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                          48306.42
CALLAHANZ, GRACE                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPER 1                                     42758.92
CALLAHANZ, MARGARET             FISCAL ANALYST 3                                            14127.75
CAMERONZ, ALEXANDER BRIAN       ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            18000
CAMERONZ, ALEXANDER BRIAN       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12000
CAMERONZ, ROBERT ALAN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
CAMPZ, BERNARD L                LECTURER                                                    15991.02
CAMPZ, BERNARD L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                270
CAMPBELLZ, MEREDITH JANE        SECRETARY SENIOR                                            35042.21
CAMPBELLZ, ROBERT A             ASSOC DEAN-STUDENT LIFE                                     50884.11
CAMPITELLIZ, DENISE M           MGR-BUDGET ADMIN SRVS                                       55950.96
CAMPITELLIZ, MICHAEL ANTHONY    DIR-CAMPUS RECREATION                                       54737.28
CANADAZ, DANIEL L               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         53472.98
CANADAZ, DANIEL L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                143
CANNONZ, GUADALUPE MARIA        SECRETARY SENIOR - PREM PAY                                    36756
CANTLONZ, ASHLEY MARIE          INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                950
CANTLONZ, FRANCIS MICHAEL       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6999.99
CANTRELLZ, JOSEPH ALLEN         ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                     2209.5
CANTUZ, JOSE A                  OFFICE AIDE 1                                                 205.17
CAPAULZ, THOMAS BRACE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11024
CAPAULZ, THOMAS BRACE           SENIOR LECTURER                                             62634.96
CAPPSZ, KENNETH LIN             INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCH ADV                               14498.02
CAPPSZ, KENNETH LIN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2395.85
CARDINGZ, VICTORIA ELIZABETH    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5175
CAREYZ, RITA M                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5875.02
CARGILLZ, KATHLEEN IRENE        MGR-CATALOGING ACQUISITIONS                                 48404.16
CARLBERGZ, KAREN A              PROFESSOR                                                   71661.06
CARLBERGZ, KAREN A              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2614.32
CARLSONZ, ROBERT D              CONTROL TECHNICIAN SUPER                                       57240
CARMANZ, WILLIAM T              FINANCIAL & PLANNING OFFICER                                 57895.2
CARNEGIEZ, TEENA AM             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56876.94
CARNEGIEZ, TEENA AM             DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            16660.66
CARPENTERZ, MARILYN G           PROFESSOR                                                   62778.66
CARPENTERZ, MARILYN G           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11384
CARPERZ, KANDIS LEE             MAGAZINE EDITOR/WRITER SUP                                  49000.08
CARRZ, SHANNON LOUISE           DIR-ADMISSIONS                                              69372.48
CARROLLZ, JEFFREY B             HEAD STRENGTH COACH                                         39099.34
CARTERZ, PHILIP A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                             3474
CARTLEDGEZ, DANIELLE M          PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                        8863.35
CARTLEDGEZ, DANIELLE M          TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                      5849.28
CASEZ, JEANNE D                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              25500
CASEZ, JUDD A                   DEAN                                                          131580
CASEZ, LEEANN M                 ASSOC VP-BUSINESS AUX SRVS                                 102106.08
CASEYZ, REBEKAH L               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                           1810.5
CASEYZ, REBEKAH L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           4507.5
CASEYZ, REBEKAH L               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     3682.5
CASHONZ, NANCY GAIL             ADMIN MGR-CFOP                                              34271.68
CASTILLOZ, ANDREA R             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46999.98
CASTILLOZ, ANDREA R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11879.98
CEBULAZ, LAWRENCE HAROLD        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            54000
CEBULAZ, LAWRENCE HAROLD        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                265
CHADWICKZ, CYNTHIA ANN          ADMIN MANAGER-SOCIAL WORK                                   44465.43
CHAFFEEZ, RAELYNN M             ASST WOMEN'S BBALL COACH                                       20400
CHAFFEEZ, RAELYNN M             TEMPORARY COACH                                                  963
CHAMBERLAINZ, REBECCA L         PROGRAM DIRECTOR-DIEO                                       58547.76
CHAMBERSZ, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH   CUSTODIAN 1                                                 17425.81
CHANDLERZ, HEATHER R            OFFICE AIDE 2                                                6688.78
CHANDLERZ, JEFF R               ELECTRICIAN LEAD                                            52463.48
CHANTRILLZ, PATRICIA A          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57002.94
CHANTRILLZ, PATRICIA A          DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            10552.36
CHANTRILLZ, PATRICIA A          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13124
CHAPMANZ, SUSAN MARIE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7800
CHARLESZ, LAURIE R              ADVISOR/RECRUITER                                           11819.47
CHARLESZ, LAURIE R              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         22333.33
CHARNESKIZ, LANCE A             PATIENT SERVICES REPR                                       29656.04
CHARTIERZ, RICHARD MAX          INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3-PREM P                              69120.25
CHASEZ, MATTHEW R               PROFESSOR                                                   62375.94
CHASEZ, MATTHEW R               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15828
CHASSEZ, THOMAS JAMES           ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                    55894.04
CHAVESZ, WILLIAM J              DIR-INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS                                 118240
CHILDRESSZ, MICHAEL L           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               72407.64
CHITTIMZ, HEIDI                 LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 1                                     23654.74
CHITTIMZ, HEIDI                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                              596.63
CHOKERZ, DRU                    TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                      5197.54
CHRISTENSENZ, SANDRA L          PROFESSOR                                                   79194.96
CHRISTENSONZ, SUSAN M           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3087.52
CHRISTENSONZ, TROY ALAN         MGR-INTERLIBRARY LOAN                                       38229.89
CHRISTIANSENZ, KATHLEEN A       CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30190.53
CHUANGZ, YA-WEN                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6638.02
CINDRICZ, CHRISTOPHER P         LECTURER                                                    38111.04
CINDRICZ, CHRISTOPHER P         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12779
CLAGHORNZ, GERALD CIRILO        PROGRAM AIDE-EASTERN ADVANTAGE                                  2100
CLAGHORNZ, GERALD CIRILO        RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                           4088.26
CLARKZ, CHRISTINE L             LECTURER                                                    43222.38
CLARKZ, CHRISTINE L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13688
CLARKZ, DENISE                  ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            756.5
CLARKZ, DENISE                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            127.5
CLARKZ, DENISE                  RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     1192.5
CLARKZ, IAN M                   INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 2                                  26537
CLARKZ, KELLY F                 ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      21210
CLARKZ, ROBERT WILLIAM          PROFESSOR                                                   77947.92
CLARKZ, ROBERT WILLIAM          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                750
CLAYTONZ, MELVIN E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5960
CLEANTHOUSZ, CHARALAMBOS C      ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57002.94
CLEANTHOUSZ, CHARALAMBOS C      DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12189.72
CLEANTHOUSZ, CHARALAMBOS C      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13032
CLEARYZ, KIMBERLY K             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         65065.92
CLEARYZ, KIMBERLY K             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              17391
CLEVELANDZ, LESLI H             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         58207.33
CLEVELANDZ, LESLI H             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6743.74
CLOKEZ, FLOYD M                 WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                        34530.71
CLOUTIERZ, JERI L               CUSTODIAN                                                    6110.69
CLUEVERZ, JOSEPH WILLIAM        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
CLUTEZ, MARY A                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         59999.94
CLUTEZ, MARY A                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14833
COBBZ, SANDRA JEAN              MGR-BUDGET ADMIN SRVS ICWRT                                  63397.2
COCKLEYZ, DAVID R               LECTURER                                                    30000.06
COE-LUNDSTROMZ, SUSAN DIANE     QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4696
COELHOZ, ALAN JOSEPH            ASSOC DEAN-ED & HUMAN DEV                                   25208.37
COELHOZ, ALAN JOSEPH            DEAN                                                        69561.96
COELHOZ, ALAN JOSEPH            PROFESSOR                                                   17063.34
COELHOZ, ALAN JOSEPH            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6555.99
COGLEYZ, JOHN P                 DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            16457.64
COGLEYZ, JOHN P                 PROFESSOR                                                   79167.96
COGLEYZ, JOHN P                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           53020.04
COILZ, ARTICE J                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            246.5
COILZ, ARTICE J                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           386.25
COILZ, ARTICE J                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     363.75
COLLINSZ, JEFFREY M             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 31029.01
COLLINSZ, NATHAN A              COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                1050
COLVERZ, MITCHELL CAMERON       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1770
COLVERZ, MITCHELL CAMERON       RETENTION SPECIALIST                                         8345.91
COMBSZ, CARL E                  INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               85063.36
COMPTONZ, NANCY JEAN            LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 2                                     35042.21
CONBOYZ, LARRY E                PHOTOGRAPHER 2                                              32171.95
CONLINZ, MICHAEL F              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57085.92
CONLINZ, MICHAEL F              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           19268.06
CONNELLYZ, M LAURIE FLINN       ASSOCIATE TO THE PRESIDENT                                 105325.81
CONRATHZ, VARA LYN              HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                   43138.69
CONWAYZ, TERESA R               DIR-MARKETING STRATEGIC COMM                                55400.83
COOGAN-GEHRZ, ANNE KIRKWOOD     INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               80430.35
COOGAN-GEHRZ, KELLY R           LECTURER                                                    41999.94
COOGAN-GEHRZ, KELLY R           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9003
COOKZ, DAVID R                  SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR                                 42927.49
COOKZ, KATHLEEN J               ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            37368.72
COOMESZ, JACQUELINE RENE        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         51945.87
COOMESZ, JACQUELINE RENE        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           15301.22
COONEYZ, VANCE                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            91827
COONEYZ, VANCE                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14293.46
COPPENZ, CHRISTOPHER JOHN       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4830.02
CORBINZ, RHONDA M               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                             44269.5
CORCORANZ, SHARLIE ANNA         OFFICE AIDE III                                              1950.75
CORCORANZ, SHARLIE ANNA         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           20425.24
CORDESZ, PATRICIA M             FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                                    36390.1
CORKILLZ, JEFFREY ARTHUR        PROFESSOR                                                   69446.34
CORKILLZ, JEFFREY ARTHUR        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           15707.03
COTEZ, KATHLEEN M               LECTURER                                                    54250.02
COTEZ, KATHLEEN M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10550
COUMBSZ, JUDITH L               RETAIL CLERK 2                                              30921.98
COURAUDZ, THOMAS KEITH           SENIOR LECTURER                                            42391.92
COURAUDZ, THOMAS KEITH          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6680.03
COUTTSZ, ALLISON F              ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      18447
COWENZ, RACHEL L                CUSTODIAN 1                                                  18244.7
COXZ, MATTHEW                   ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      19936
COYZ, JIMMIE LEE                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8440
COYZ, JIMMIE LEE                SENIOR LECTURER                                             35773.02
COYLEZ, BONNIE ANNE             GRANT/BUDGET PROJECT MANAGER                                23933.46
CRABBZ, JUDITH JEAN             ADMIN ASSISTANT 4                                              48168
CRAGOZ, CINDY LYNN              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                          30088.88
CRAPPERZ, DUSTIN TRAVIS         COOK 2-FLOAT                                                33126.31
CRARYZ, GREGORY T               DIR-CUSTOMER SUPPORT SYSTEMS                                   84150
CRAWFORDZ, EMILIE A             SECRETARY                                                   26338.19
CREASMANZ, GRACE                COORD-SW GRAD STUDIES                                       28091.31
CREASMANZ, GRACE                LECTURER                                                    13750.02
CREASMANZ, GRACE                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11958
CRESSZ, LENA A                  INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               43085.45
CREWSZ, KIMBERLY GAIL           ASST DIR-PRE AWARD ADMIN                                       51000
CREWSZ, SHERRELL DEAN           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48859.02
CREWSZ, SHERRELL DEAN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              17484
CRISSONZ, FRED W                ARCHAEOLOGIST III                                           36555.61
CROFOOTZ, THOMAS L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         73796.94
CROFOOTZ, THOMAS L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           18320.04
CRONINZ, BRIAN MICHAEL          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2000
CROSSZ, ALEX W                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          1143.75
CROWLEYZ, LAWRENCE P            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      48283.35
CRUMZ, ROGER D                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
CULLENZ, KELLEY L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50000.04
CULLENZ, KELLEY L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10475
CULLERZ, BARBARA Z              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           28019.94
CULVERZ, JEFFREY NORMAN         LECTURER                                                    37999.98
CULVERZ, JEFFREY NORMAN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4800
CURRYZ, ALLISON A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          37007.7
CURRYZ, PETER DANIEL            FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 2                                      39923.65
CURTISZ, DARLA R                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              476
CURTISZ, MARVIN L               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              476
CUTLERZ, CYNTHIA MCLYNN         PROFESSOR                                                   75911.04
CUTLERZ, CYNTHIA MCLYNN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8433.93
DABERKOWZ, DAVID P              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         15666.66
DABERKOWZ, DAVID P              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5222
DACHYSHYNZ, DARCEY M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         17240.73
DACHYSHYNZ, DARCEY M            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                890
DAHLZ, JENNIFER ANN             CURRICULUM DEV OFFICER                                      27207.05
DAHLSTROMZ, MARJORIE J          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
DALLAZ, RONALD H                V PROV-GRADUATE EDUCATION                                   94272.73
DALLAZ, RONALD H                VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS                                             32000
DALLEYZ, MAHLON B               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         60769.08
DALLEYZ, MAHLON B               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7835.01
DANAZ, BEVERLY M                CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                     55524.42
DANCERZ, BRITNEY                PROGRAM AIDE-EASTERN ADVANTAGE                                   900
DANIELSONZ, ARIELLE G           ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      15976
DANIELSONZ, BART M              CUSTODIAN 1                                                  30139.5
DANIEWICZZ, KASSIA LEIGH        PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       22026.51
DARLINGTONZ, JOANNA L           GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                            40073.51
DARNELLZ, MITCHELL D            ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       6465
DARRZ, LINDA J                  INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  58560
DASOVICHZ, JESSE                PAINTER SUPERVISOR                                             51864
DAVENPORTZ, TIMOTHY G           ACCOUNTING MANAGER                                             75480
DAVEYZ, JESSE L                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5750
DAVIDZ, SUREN E                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
DAVIDSONZ, BRUCE I              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            36000
DAVIDSONZ, BRUCE I              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7000
DAVIDSONZ, JILL                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1999.98
DAVIDSONZ, RICHARD BRIAN        ADVISOR/RECRUITER CSBSSW-GUAA                               34950.24
DAVIDSONZ, ROBERT C             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             439.98
DAVISZ, ANGELA LYNN             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                              6501
DAVISZ, BRADLEY C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9774.94
DAVISZ, DIANE R                 PROFESSOR                                                   67125.96
DAVISZ, DIANE R                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10905
DAVISZ, JANE K                  HEALTH EDUCATION COORDINATOR                                14050.58
DAVISZ, KIMBERLEE L             HR ASSOCIATE                                                41166.73
DAVISZ, KIMBERLEE L             HR CONSULTANT 1                                                 9795
DAVISZ, LARRY N                 PROFESSOR                                                      11949
DAVISZ, LARRY N                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14869.98
DAVISZ, MAXINE M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              29025
DAVISZ, MICHAEL L               CONST PROJECT COORDINATOR 4                                    84984
DAVISZ, NAOMI F                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5175
DAVISZ, THERESA R               RETENTION SPECIALIST                                           30100
DAVISZ, THERESA R               TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                      4820.73
DAYZ, JEWELL                    CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                       55346.15
DAYZ, ROSEANNE                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1380
DEANZ, BOBBY FRANKLIN           MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN 2                                      29646.5
DEANZ, DAVID ELMER              INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               79013.36
DEANZ, ROBERT D                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55096.02
DEANZ, ROBERT D                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6060.99
DEANZ, SIEW KHIAN               CASHIER AIDE                                                 2720.88
DECHENNEZ, JOHN H               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               71521.68
DECHTERZ, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH    INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                67449.7
DECKERZ, KEVIN S                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         50298.96
DECKERZ, KEVIN S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           28651.04
DECORTEZ, ANTHONY G             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3620
DEFRATESZ, BRUCE E              DIR-FIN AID SCHOLARSHIPS                                    86372.64
DEGREGORIOZ, JENI               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            297.5
DEGREGORIOZ, JENI               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            502.5
DEGREGORIOZ, JENI               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        360
DEHAASZ, JOCELYN H              LECTURER                                                    25333.32
DEHAASZ, JOCELYN H              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8435
DELBOSQUEZ, SONIA P             ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              884
DELBOSQUEZ, SONIA P             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                               60
DELBOSQUEZ, SONIA P             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                    3468.75
DELGIUDICEZ, TODD T             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            49005
DELGIUDICEZ, TODD T             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                625
DEMKEZ, JOHN D                  MULTIMEDIA SPECIALIST                                        47368.8
DEMKOWICHZ, DONNA M             FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2                                          9481.81
DEMPSEYZ, GREGORY D             OPERATIONS MGR-BELLEVUE                                     56246.27
DEMPSEYZ, GREGORY DUANE         DIR-CAMPUS SERVICES                                         68770.81
DEMPSEYZ, GREGORY DUANE         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2500
DEMPSEYZ, JESSICA JO            ADVISOR/RECRUITER                                            31329.6
DEMPSEYZ, MICHAEL SHANE         FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                                   42193.07
DEMPSEYZ, ROXANN                DIR-RECORDS MGMT/ASST TO VP                                 72632.16
DENTZ, DENNIS C                 ADVISOR-STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS                               32924.27
DENTONZ, TRAVIS T               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52117.02
DENTONZ, TRAVIS T               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           29320.98
DEORAZ, KENNETH D               ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       8280
DERKEYZ, ROBERT E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                537
DESANTISZ, ROBIN MARIE          COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                      20997.76
DESELMSZ, MURIEL E              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          37267.5
DEVERAZ, ENCARNACION M          CUSTODIAN 1                                                  28839.5
DEVERAZ, MARIANO                CUSTODIAN 1                                                 17251.53
DEVONZ, NICOLE SUZANNE          COORD-ETHNIC PROGRAMS                                       41065.91
DICKENSZ, DENNIS RODNEY         INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               65410.49
DICKERSONZ, DEBRA PORTER        OPERATIONS MGR-PHYS THERAPY                                 47251.68
DICKERSONZ, JOAN R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              54996
DICKERSONZ, RICHARD K           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                  72530
DICKINSONZ, CODY E              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             192.38
DICKSONZ, PAULETTE L            CASHIER AIDE                                                 8751.44
DILWORTHZ, SARAH J              RESPONDER                                                       8800
DIMARCOZ, ARTHUR C              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         27547.92
DIMARCOZ, ARTHUR C              DIR-RIDE                                                       61200
DINNEENZ, JESSICA DOLAN         TUTOR                                                        2912.61
DIRKERSZ, JEROME D              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
DITTUSZ, SUSAN E                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            72.25
DITTUSZ, SUSAN E                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                             1650
DITTUSZ, SUSAN E                RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        870
DIXONZ, CATHERINE M             V PROV-ACADEMIC AFFAIRS                                        98940
DIXONZ, DEBRA LEE               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
DIXONZ, LESLIE K                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  60504
DJATEJZ, ARSEN M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         40000.02
DJATEJZ, ARSEN M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              26400
DJULOVICZ, ADMIR                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                66064.5
DJULOVICZ, AMIRA                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3250.02
DOHRNZ, GREGG R                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
DONAHUEZ, BRIAN T               DIR-GRADUATE STUDIES                                        52589.04
DONALDSONZ, SAMANTHA M          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  57126
DONLEYZ, MARIANN L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           28037.46
DONNERZ, KAYLYNN M              INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                      27263.36
DONNERBERGZ, JEFFREY L          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         66175.92
DONNERBERGZ, JEFFREY L          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14100
DORNBOSZ, BRYAN ALBERT          CAMPUS POLICE CORPORAL                                      66662.99
DORONZ, MICHAEL E               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         97999.92
DORONZ, MICHAEL E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7000
DORWINZ, JOHN T                 SENIOR LECTURER                                             18206.12
DOTSONZ, CHARLES L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9775
DOUDZ, JASON C                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7489.02
DOUGLASZ, KELLY P               STATIONARY ENG 2 - PREM PAY                                 59838.17
DOUGLASZ, MELVIN L              PAINTER                                                        43572
DOWZ, JANICE                    CUSTODIAN 1                                                    30351
DOWDZ, DIANE S                  PROFESSOR                                                      64755
DOWDZ, DIANE S                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11540
DOWDZ, JOE E                    ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         39817.45
DOWDZ, JOE E                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             1462.5
DREISZ, MARILYN DIANE           ADMIN ASSISTANT 3                                            11205.5
DREISZ, MARILYN DIANE           ADMIN ASSISTANT 3-PREM PAY                                  30811.77
DRISCOLLZ, PATRICIA ANN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10299.96
DUBINZ, BARBARA F               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3779.94
DUENASZ, EUGENE ANTHONY         HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                                   36017.58
DUENASZ, KRISTI MARIE           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  62808
DUGENETZ, FREDERIC L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3250.02
DUGGANZ, MELANIE LYNNE          PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                         34469.2
DUKICHZ, CYNTHIA RENE           MCNAIR COUNSELOR/ACAD COORD                                 41001.36
DUMANZ, CARL J                  LECTURER                                                    54250.02
DUMANZ, CARL J                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9050
DUMONTHIERZ, GREG J             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47773.98
DUMONTHIERZ, GREG J             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8457.98
DUNNZ, IZAK J                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8625.06
DUNNZ, JEFFREY S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2750
DUNNZ, MICHAEL J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4600.02
DUPEYZ, JAMES DANIEL            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
DURFEEZ, JASON K                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         70336.06
DURFEEZ, JASON K                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           22407.94
DURKINZ, BRIAN O                ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       7536
DVORACEKZ, CARLENE H            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3200
EAGERZ, WENDY M                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              18992
EAGERZ, WENDY M                 SENIOR LECTURER                                             40406.94
EAGLEZ, DAVID M                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         82470.06
EALYZ, GERALD R                 INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                6527.49
EARLYZ, JACQUELYN H             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                           42588
EARLYZ, JOHN DAVID              DIR-SPORTS REC CENTER                                          71400
EARLYWINEZ, KIRK S              HEAD MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH                                 96969.01
EARLYWINEZ, KIRK S              TEMPORARY COACH                                                 6000
EASTLANDZ, JANELLE M            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         37353.28
EATONZ, SARA JEAN               ADMIN ASSISTANT 2                                            36583.5
EBERTZ, DONALD S                SAFETY OFFICER 3                                               25284
EDGERLYZ, SHAWN WILLIAM         ASST ATHLETIC TRAINER                                          31110
EDLINZ, JONELL I                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                           32110.8
EDMINSTERZ, ERIN C              COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                 750
EDMINSTERZ, NATHAN              INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                300
EDQUISTZ, KRISTIN A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         54613.98
EDQUISTZ, KRISTIN A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12015
EDWARDSZ, DIANE M               CASHIER AIDE                                                 2967.66
EHLERTZ, BLAIR M                ANIMAL TECHNICIAN ASSISTANT                                  3862.84
EHRMINZ, MARY C                 LECTURER                                                    54249.66
EHRMINZ, MARY C                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9050
EL-ALAYLIZ, AMANI G             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         54613.98
EL-ALAYLIZ, AMANI G             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11796
EL-DINZ, DONNA JOY              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4318.18
ELDERZ, DANA C                  DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                               17883
ELDERZ, DANA C                  PROFESSOR                                                   81972.96
ELFERINGZ, MELISSA A            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           13239.94
ELFERINGZ, MELISSA A            SENIOR LECTURER                                             45419.94
ELFERSZ, JUDITH D               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
ELLINGSONZ, JEROLD J            CUSTODIAN 1                                                  2125.88
ELLINGSONZ, PEGGY L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7170
ELLIOTTZ, CLAY G                COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                 300
ELLISZ, VERNE ERIK              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         39116.87
ELLSWORTHZ, JANE E              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47773.98
EMEHISERZ, BERENICE ARLENE      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           28900.02
EMERSONZ, ALICE M               COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                      46450.8
EMERSONZ, MARC C                LAB ASSISTANT                                                 707.25
EMERSONZ, STEPHEN B             PROGRAM DIRECTOR-AHS                                        59779.45
EMLEYZ, MARGARET JANE M         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
EMMINGHAMZ, ROBERT LEWIS        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             439.98
ENGELANDZ, KYLENE RICHELLE      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5168.06
ENGLEMANZ, CANDIA JOY           CUSTODIAN 3                                                  35617.2
ERBECKZ, CAROL A                ADMIN ASSISTANT 3                                           14833.91
ERICKSONZ, JENNIFER AILEEN      INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                      28276.08
ERICKSONZ, JESSE FOSS           SIGN PAINTER                                                   43572
ERIKSONZ, NANCY                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6875
ERIKSONZ, NANCY                 SENIOR ASSOCIATE                                            62497.08
ESLICKZ, SARA MAY               OFFICE AIDE 2                                                5176.47
ESTALILLAZ, JODI MIEKO          REC & ATHL SPECIALIST 2                                      4404.96
ETTERZ, STEPHANIE KAY           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                800
FAGANZ, NANCY ANN               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           23740.22
FAGAN-SHEEHANZ, JESSICA M       ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              408
FAGAN-SHEEHANZ, JESSICA M       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          2609.62
FAIRZ, JOHN H                   ASST DIR-OUTDOOR PROGRAMS                                   45263.52
FALCONERZ, OTTO DALE            GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      32414.78
FARMERZ, JACQUELINE JANE        CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                     35042.21
FARRISSZ, ELIZABETH APPLET      PROGRAM DIRECTOR-KEWU                                       34063.44
FASTZ, MICHAEL JAMES            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      49275.31
FEENEYZ, KENDALL                SENIOR LECTURER                                             17648.46
FELICIJANZ, TAMMY M             BUDGET ANALYST 2                                               46152
FELLER-MARSHALLZ, LYNNE C       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2915
FERGUSONZ, ERIC B               GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 4                                      38168.55
FERGUSONZ, KIRK C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9669.94
FIELDSZ, BAMBY LYNN             DIR-VP INST RESEARCH & DEMO                                 26537.84
FIELDSZ, BAMBY LYNN             RESEARCH ANALYST 4                                          30214.64
FILLMOREZ, BRADLEY J            LECTURER                                                    43000.02
FILLMOREZ, BRADLEY J            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           20940.03
FINNIEZ, SCOTT M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         65343.96
FINNIEZ, SCOTT M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           73589.03
FISCHERZ, CRAIG NATHAN          ASST DIR-HIGH SCHOOL RELATIONS                              49874.16
FISCHERZ, JOSHUA M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2600.01
FISHERZ, ANITA L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2400
FISHERZ, CHRISTY S              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
FISHERZ, DEANNA L               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              204
FITZPATRICKZ, BURKE A           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               33604.68
FLAHERTYZ, LAURIE J             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9499.98
FLETCHERZ, KATHLEEN R           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                100
FLINNZ, ANTHONY M               PROFESSOR                                                   25459.77
FLINNZ, ANTHONY M               SPECIAL ASSIST TO THE PROVOST                               28750.02
FLINNZ, ANTHONY M               V PROV-GRADUATE EDUCATION                                   28750.02
FLODINZ, BROOKE N               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            3975.06
FLORESZ, DYANNA J               SECRETARY                                                      32688
FLOYDZ, CINDY J                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          1016.25
FLOYDZ, CINDY J                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                    1676.25
FLYNNZ, LAURA R                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                         13808.13
FLYNNZ, PATRICIA E              ASST DIR-RECORDS REG                                        41829.36
FLYNNZ, SHANNON LEE ANN         ASSOC DIR-FIN AID/SCHOLARSHIPS                              63102.72
FLYNNZ, STACY D                 RESERVE POLICE OFFICER                                        552.98
FOCKLERZ, DEBRA KAY             DIR-REGISTRATION RECORDS                                    68864.64
FOKESZ, ERNEST C                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                400
FOLSOMZ, MICHAEL M              PROFESSOR                                                   82272.66
FOLSOMZ, MICHAEL M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                725
FORBESZ, KATHY S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8400
FORDHAMZ, KIM MARIE             ASSOC DIR-RES/FTP-SW                                         63397.2
FORSGREENZ, GAIL LYNN           RESPONDER                                                       4134
FORSGREENZ, GAIL LYNN           RETENTION SPECIALIST                                        37832.88
FORSYTHZ, GRANT D               PROFESSOR                                                   64465.92
FORSYTHZ, GRANT D               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7540
FORSYTHZ, VAN A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
FORTUNEZ, GREG A                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               71675.76
FOSTERZ, ERIN M                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                             14556
FOSTERZ, ERIN M                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           41768.05
FOSTERZ, PATRICK A              DIR-LANGUAGE LEARNING CTR                                   39659.46
FOSTERZ, STACEY MORGAN          VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS                                         106636.36
FOURNIERZ, PATRICE R            INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                64546.5
FOUSTZ, SHANNON M               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            348.5
FOUSTZ, SHANNON M               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          2223.75
FOUSTZ, SHANNON M               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                         45
FOXZ, DANIEL BRYAN              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8740
FRANCISCOZ, AMELIA ROMANO       CUSTODIAN 1                                                 28271.24
FRANCKZ, DEANISE M              ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            722.5
FRANCKZ, SUSAN DIANE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                105
FRANKZ, KELVIN                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
FRANKZ, MELISSA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         33853.41
FRANKENFIELDZ, KATHRYN P        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           17449.25
FRANKENFIELDZ, KATHRYN P        SENIOR LECTURER                                              45237.3
FRANKSZ, SKYE R                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
FRANTZICHZ, JENNIFER ERIN       OFFICE AIDE 1                                                 547.12
FRANTZICHZ, KIT LAVERN          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               51504.92
FRANZZ, JANET MARIE             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                            34260
FREDRICKSONZ, DEBRA JEAN        PATIENT SERVICES COORD                                         38556
FREELANDZ, ROED E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
FRENCHZ, DAVID C                INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 2                                   44089.76
FREUENZ, ADRIAN                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3750
FROSTZ, ADELINE MARY            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                600
FRYLINGZ, MARY R                ADMIN ASSISTANT 3                                              30086
FRYLINGZ, MARY R                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          6152.23
FUCHSZ, JAMES P                 GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      33539.98
FUCHSZ, KAREN E                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                 15756.46
FUCHSZ, KAREN E                 CUSTODIAN 3                                                 13287.73
FULLERZ, DANIEL L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9913
FULLERZ, DONALD R               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12361.28
FULLERZ, DONALD R               PROFESSOR                                                      80163
FULLERZ, DONALD R               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9066.89
FULLERZ, REX D                  DEAN                                                        84329.44
FULLERZ, REX D                  EXEC DEAN-RIVERPOINT                                            5100
FULLERZ, REX D                  PROVOST/VP FOR ACAD AFFAIRS                                 77916.74
FULLMERZ, CAROL RAE             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11869.96
GAARDZ, RYAN STEWART            GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                     52159.42
GABRIELZ, PHOENIX C             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             339.26
GALAGANZ, MARY J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
GALEYZ, ERIC R                  MEDIA SPECIALIST                                             52580.4
GALLIMOREZ, COURTNEY L          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46315.08
GALMZ, JERRY R                  DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                                4636
GALMZ, JERRY R                  PROFESSOR                                                   84279.96
GALMZ, JERRY R                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1345
GALMZ, RUTH A                   ADMIN DIR-ACAD GRANTS/CNTRTS                                74550.72
GALOWZ, HOLLY J                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5400
GAMACHEZ, SUSAN KAY             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6440
GAMBILLZ, JACK HENRY            LECTURER                                                    38111.04
GAMBILLZ, JACK HENRY            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11770
GARCIAZ, CHRISTINA T            ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                             28651.8
GARCIAZ, CHRISTINA T            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8625.06
GARCIAZ, JERRY                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         61999.69
GARCIAZ, JERRY                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              20666
GARCIAZ, MARIA ADELINA          OFFICE AIDE 1                                                  523.2
GARCIAZ, MARIA ADELINA          OFFICE AIDE III - 500979                                     6236.72
GARCIAZ, MARTIN MERAZ           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         59999.94
GARCIAZ, MARTIN MERAZ           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6600
GARCIA-SANCHEZZ, JOSE M         PROFESSOR                                                   62717.94
GARCIA-SANCHEZZ, JOSE M         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10607.01
GARDNERZ, JULIE R               COORD-RECT/RETENTION-SW                                     42417.84
GARDNERZ, KERI A                HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                   35884.43
GARDNERZ, PATRICIA SUE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11944
GARRAWAYZ, WILLIAM DALE         ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55909.98
GARRAWAYZ, WILLIAM DALE         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12300
GARZAZ, RAMON R                 FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    31554.42
GASPERZ, JOHN T                 INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               78994.46
GASSELINGZ, GARY D              DEPUTY CHIEF                                                 76316.4
GAVERZ, BRENDA L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1495
GEMMILLZ, GERALD L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4599.96
GENTLEZ, RONALD S               PROFESSOR                                                   69368.94
GENTLEZ, RONALD S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5850
GEORGEZ, RICHARD C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5750.04
GERHEIMZ, SHERRIE M             INFO TECH SPECIALIST                                        14116.19
GERSHZ, MERYL R                 DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             1076.64
GERSHZ, MERYL R                 PROFESSOR                                                   72914.94
GERSHZ, MERYL R                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8021
GESSFORDZ, WAYNE E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             539.98
GEYERZ, TERENCE L.D.            LECTURER                                                    42667.02
GEYERZ, TERENCE L.D.            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              27345
GFELLERZ, JENNIFER J            ADVISOR/PEER MENTOR                                              633
GHIRMAIZ, TADESSE               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3199.98
GIAMMONAZ, CARMINE NICHOLAS     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
GIAMMONAZ, DIANA M              FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                   3981.89
GIANNANDREAZ, PATRICIA A        ELECTION CLERK                                                 98.33
GIBSONZ, FLASH                  PROFESSOR                                                  106036.02
GIBSONZ, FLASH                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                675
GIBSONZ, TAMMY A                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                            45448.79
GILBERTZ, CAROL A               PAINTER                                                        43572
GILLESPIEZ, ELLEN MARIE         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1035
GILLIAMZ, CRAIG A               CUSTODIAN 1                                                 18068.36
GILLIGANZ, MAUREEN S            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
GILMOURZ, ERNEST H              PROFESSOR                                                    85901.7
GILMOURZ, ERNEST H              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11308.02
GLADHART-RIGOSZ, BARBARA JEAN   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6602.98
GLAZEZ, LORETTA K               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                               38966
GLEATONZ, ROBERT S              ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      17712
GLENNZ, TERRY G                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2700
GLUHAKZ, NATASHIA L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           558.75
GLUHAKZ, NATASHIA L             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        555
GODINZ, RAYMOND W               MGR-CUSTODIAL SERVICES                                         52632
GOERINGZ, DAVID K               SENIOR LECTURER                                             47581.92
GOFFZ, CATHERINE G              EXEC SECRETARY-PRESIDENT                                     49474.4
GOFFZ, JOYCE E                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3600
GOFFZ, SARA E                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48315.96
GOLDBERGZ, ADRIENNE L           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
GOLDENZ, YOLANDA C              SECRETARY SENIOR                                               35040
GOLDMANZ, JOHN A                LECTURER                                                    39000.06
GOLDMANZ, JOHN A                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1725.03
GOMEZ GIRALDOZ, NELSON JULIAN   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48000.06
GOMEZ GIRALDOZ, NELSON JULIAN   OVERLOAD FACULTY                                             3550.05
GOMEZ GIRALDOZ, NELSON JULIAN   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             6921.7
GONDERZ, ELIZABETH A            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8100
GOODWINZ, DONALD F              LECTURER                                                    30999.96
GOODWINZ, DONALD F              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8320
GOODWINZ, SANDRA KAY            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5750.02
GORDONZ, LYNWOOD J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
GORTONZ, MERL DAVID             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           25728.94
GORTONZ, MERL DAVID             SENIOR LECTURER                                             43914.96
GOUGHZ, STANLEY CONNELL         DIR-ARCH HISTORICAL SERVICES                                70720.56
GOWERZ, TAMARA J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
GRAHAMZ, JOHN A                 ASSOCIATE FOOTBALL COACH                                    51958.41
GRAHAMZ, MELISSA ELLEN          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16974.98
GRAHAMZ, MELISSA ELLEN          SENIOR LECTURER                                             40002.06
GRAHAMZ, MELODY A               EXEC ASST-UNIV ADVANCEMENT                                   57895.2
GRAHAMZ, MICHAEL CARROLL        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12845.98
GRAHAMZ, MICHAEL CARROLL        SENIOR LECTURER                                             42483.96
GRANDOSZ, PATRICIA L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              35050
GRANTZ, JEROD Q                 SENIOR ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                   24590.25
GRANTZ, JEROD Q                 SR ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                           6154
GRANTZ, MICHELE ANN             SECRETARY SENIOR                                            11671.17
GRAVESZ, JODY C                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         45913.32
GRAVESZ, JODY C                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                180
GRAYZ, PAMELA                   SECRETARY                                                   31796.25
GREENZ, ADAM D                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
GREENZ, CATHY L                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                            35042.21
GREENZ, PAUL J                  PROFESSOR                                                   75722.04
GREENZ, PAUL J                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              18815
GREENZ, SUSAN K                 BAKER 1                                                     37257.91
GREENEZ, JAMES M                LECTURER                                                    20000.04
GREENEZ, LOGAN D                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            49005
GREENEZ, LOGAN D                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5391
GREENEZ, NATHANIEL D            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
GREENEZ, THOMAS P               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4600.02
GREERZ, CHRISTOPHER R           SNACK BAR LEAD-FLOAT                                        29962.01
GREGORYZ, JERRY ROBERT          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10600.06
GREGORYZ, NANCY C               REGIONAL SRV SUPP SPEC                                      33094.76
GREGORYZ, PATRICIA G            COORD-RECT/RETENTION-SW                                      42572.8
GREYZ, GINGER L                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
GRIFFITHZ, HOWARD CURTIS        INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  54504
GRIMEZ, KYMBERLI ANN            DIR-FINANCE UNIV ADV                                           59160
GRIMESZ, TYLER S                TEMPORARY COACH                                               800.01
GRIMESZ, WILLIAM F              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
GRIMMZ, CHERYL B                FISCAL ANALYST 4                                             55225.5
GRINDERZ, BRIAN E               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                        105553.08
GRINDERZ, BRIAN E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           21577.03
GRISHINZ, NADIA T               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                662
GROESBECKZ, MARCIA HUBBARD      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1200
GROGANZ, MARGIE                 CUSTODIAN 3                                                  4246.54
GROSHOFFZ, ERIC MICHAEL         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1200
GROSHONZ, GREGG L               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               77406.43
GROSSZ, CURTIS J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
GRUSSZ, JOHN P                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30125.14
GUERRAZ, DANIEL J               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
GUFFYZ, REBECCA MARIE           SR ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                       14305.93
GUIDRYZ, KENNETH JOHN           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               71614.72
GUILLENZ, DAMIAN P              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
GUILLORYZ, RAPHAEL MARCEAUX     ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55670.04
GUILLORYZ, RAPHAEL MARCEAUX     QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11025
GUINNZ, SHELLEY M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                300
GUMZ, RONALD E                  INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               78956.68
GURNEYZ, PAULA D                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4520
GUTHRIEZ, CAROLYN E             REGIONAL SRV SUPP SPEC                                      32197.82
GUTIERREZ-PARKERZ, LUPITA O     SR ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                          38760
GUTINAZ, MAHILANI P             DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR LEAD                                 31176
GUYZ, RONALD C                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                  7882.22
GUYZ, RONALD C                  CUSTODIAN 3                                                 23524.51
GWINZ, JILL M                   CASHIER AIDE                                                 2585.85
GWINNZ, JAMES NELSON            RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 3                                     39739.8
HABEGGERZ, TONI C               ASSOC VP-CHIEF FINANCIAL OFCR                              125424.72
HAGEAGEZ, GEORGE J              HEAD WOMEN'S SOCCER COACH                                      45024
HAGEAGEZ, GEORGE J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1300
HAGEAGEZ, GEORGE J              TEMPORARY COACH                                                 1000
HAGEAGEZ, TAMARA B              ASST SOCCER COACH                                           43228.08
HAGEAGEZ, TAMARA B              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1300.02
HAGLUNDZ, REX CHARLES           CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30289.25
HAGNEYZ, JOHN BRADFORD          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3600
HAGNEYZ, PATRICIA LOREK         INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                400
HAHNZ, CHARLOTTE                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              476
HAHNZ, JAMIE B                  LECTURER                                                    10000.02
HAHNZ, TRENT O                  MINE SAFETY INSTRUCTOR                                      48113.52
HAKEZ, ERIC R                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            36000
HAKEZ, ERIC R                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5940
HALLZ, ALISSON D                CUSTODIAN 1                                                 13766.94
HALLZ, BILLIE JEAN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
HALLZ, MELISSA                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5472
HALLZ, NATHAN ERIC              CUSTODIAN 1                                                   4493.4
HALLZ, NATHAN ERIC              MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                        5617.46
HALLZ, PAULA ANNE               PROJECT DIRECTOR-BANNER                                        78948
HALLETTZ, JAMES G               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              43202
HALLGARTHZ, NEAL E              RESPONDER                                                       6585
HALLIDAYZ, JESSICA D            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3250.02
HALLORANZ, ANNA                 RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                           7693.11
HALLORANZ, ANNA                 RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                             66.26
HALSEYZ, JOHN R                 PLUMBR/PIPEFTR/STMFTR                                          48168
HAMELZ, RAY O                   PROFESSOR                                                      18000
HAMILTONZ, MATTHEW S            CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30803.45
HAMILTONZ, MICHAEL M            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                537
HAMMERMEISTERZ, JON J           PROFESSOR                                                   20905.98
HAMMONDZ, DANIEL J              LECTURER                                                    26438.04
HAMMONDZ, DANIEL J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2000.01
HANCOCKZ, THOMAS V              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         53635.08
HANCOCKZ, THOMAS V              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7943.08
HANDYZ, KATIE LYNN              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
HANKINZ, MARC                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
HANKSZ, GISELA J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1610
HANNONZ, ROBERT E               STATIONARY ENG 2 - PREM PAY                                 57079.06
HANSENZ, CHRISTIAN K            PROFESSOR                                                   63634.32
HANSENZ, CHRISTIAN K            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12000
HANSENZ, GEORGE F               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      10077.14
HANSENZ, THERESA                DENTAL CLINIC SUPERVISOR 2                                   56423.5
HANSENZ, WILLIAM C              ASST FOOTBALL COACH                                            35700
HARBOLTZ, CAROLYN L             SECRETARY SENIOR                                            31092.03
HARDIEZ, KRISTINA               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
HARDYZ, LINDA C                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1420
HARMONZ, ALAN ROBERT            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2500.02
HARMONZ, HEATHER SUZANNE        SECRETARY                                                   31935.67
HARMONZ, KERWIN E               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               67247.36
HARNERZ, JULIE DAWN             INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                63595.5
HARNOISZ, TIMOTHY ROBERT        CUSTODIAN 4                                                 30716.43
HARNOISZ, TIMOTHY ROBERT        MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                        3643.21
HARRINGTONZ, KELLY              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 1                                         32231.48
HARRINGTONZ, ROY R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6835.02
HARRISZ, DEBBIE JEAN            BAKER 1                                                     37576.27
HARRISZ, JENNIFER SUSAN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16555.94
HARRISZ, PATRICK LOUIS          COORD-ETHNIC PROGRAMS                                          42432
HARRISZ, ROSEMARY               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
HARTIGANZ, FRANCIS XAVIER       COOK 2                                                      27826.18
HARTMANZ, SHANNON S             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      217.5
HARTYZ, LYNN G                  EXEC ASST-PROV VP-ACAD AFF                                  61926.48
HASANZ, SYED M J                PROFESSOR                                                   87249.96
HASANZ, SYED M J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15356
HASKINSZ, TARA LYNN             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            49500
HASKINSZ, TARA LYNN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              34860
HASTINGSZ, JEFFREY TODD         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4887.96
HATHAWAYZ, NANCY L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            47205
HATHAWAYZ, NANCY L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10163
HAUGEZ, RODGER COLEMAN          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10842
HAUGEZ, RODGER COLEMAN          SENIOR LECTURER                                             44551.08
HAUPTZ, HOLLY ANNE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5887
HAWESZ, DAWN                    PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         37220.26
HAWKINSZ, CAROL ANN             LABOR RELATIONS MANAGER                                     75895.44
HAWLEYZ, THOMAS M               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         54613.98
HAWLEYZ, THOMAS M               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             7036.35
HAWLEYZ, THOMAS M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8882
HAWORTHZ, DARREN P              HEAD TENNIS COACH                                              36720
HAWORTHZ, KAREN ELIZABETH       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11050.02
HAYESZ, CHERI A                 FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    25508.32
HAYESZ, IVIE CHRISTINE          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 2                                  33240
HAYSZ, DENNIS S                 TRANSPORTATION SUP - FLOAT SCH                              50751.12
HAYSZ, LAURENE MARIE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38722.19
HAZELBAKERZ, CHADRON B          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48999.96
HAZELBAKERZ, CHADRON B          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11768
HEACOCKZ, MELANIE JANE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
HEADLEYZ, JAMES E               PROFESSOR                                                   62713.98
HEADYZ, MARGARET L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56946.06
HEADYZ, MARGARET L              DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             9224.64
HEADYZ, MARGARET L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                533
HEALYZ, JEFFREY V               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               79976.92
HEATHZ, JAMES RAYMOND           ELEVATOR MECHANIC                                           49010.03
HECHTMANZ, TODD A               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56946.06
HECHTMANZ, TODD A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6414
HECKLERZ, JENNIFER              DIRECTOR                                                        9900
HECKLERZ, JENNIFER              LECTURER                                                       30000
HEGELZ, JENNIFER M              INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                600
HEGNEYZ, COLLEEN A              SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                        40145.28
HEIDELZ, MICHELE L              DENTAL ASSISTANT 2                                          20654.59
HEIDELZ, MICHELE L              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          13126.52
HEIMDALZ, HEIDI L               FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300146                                   1821.95
HELMERICKZ, MICHELLE R          ADMIN ASST-DEAN OF STUDENTS                                    43350
HENDERSONZ, MAUREEN M           OPERATIONS MGR-ELI                                          35360.97
HENDERSONZ, REAGAN E            LECTURER                                                    30000.06
HENNEBERGZ, JEFFREY J           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3200
HENRYZ, JOHN R                  PROJECT MANAGER                                                62424
HENSONZ, PAULA JEANNE           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                            39121
HEPWORTHZ, MATTHEW M            GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                            30941.04
HEREDIAZ, RAFAELA               CUSTODIAN 1                                                  27356.7
HERINGZ, SEVILLE ALQUATHA       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              21756
HERINGZ, SEVILLE ALQUATHA       SENIOR LECTURER                                             34334.32
HERITAGEZ, ALLAN G              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10580.04
HERMANNZ, REID DAVID            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                      16305.73
HERMESZ, JENIFER J              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         43969.37
HERMESZ, JENIFER J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14558
HERNANDEZZ, AUGUSTINE A         SPORTS EQUIPMENT MGR 2-PREM                                 51702.79
HERNANDEZZ, MARC TAKAO          FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    25508.48
HERNANDEZZ, MARTINA             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                           17097.6
HERNANDEZZ, PEDRO LUCIO         ADVISOR/PEER MENTOR                                             2244
HERNANDEZ-PECKZ, MARIA          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         71440.92
HERNANDEZ-PECKZ, MARIA          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           24250.04
HERRZ, CHARLES M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57157.92
HERRZ, CHARLES M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7307
HESTONZ, ROBERT W               PLUMBR/PIPEFTR/STMFTR LEAD                                  53677.26
HEWAZ, ALISON KATHLEEN          ASST WOMEN'S BBALL COACH                                       39270
HEYENZ, NEIL M                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9398
HEYENZ, NEIL M                  SENIOR LECTURER                                             37490.94
HICKSZ, GAIL F                  PROFESSOR                                                   65185.02
HIGLEYZ, LINDA L                COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                        25800
HILLZ, ALAN K                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6900
HILLZ, ALISHA J                 SUB INFANT TDLR TCHR - 500889                                2071.62
HILLZ, ANDREW R                 COUNSELOR                                                       4075
HILLZ, CLARENCE W               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      50411.39
HILLZ, HESTER A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             439.98
HILLZ, JONATHAN M               ASST TRACK  COACH                                              27000
HILLZ, LORRAINE CHARLES         CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                      65373.22
HILLZ, MARGO L                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
HILLZ, ZAK THOMAS               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2600
HILLZ, ZAK THOMAS               TEMPORARY COACH                                             14546.88
HILLSZ, KELLI                   ASST DIR-ANNUAL GIVING                                      35789.76
HILLSZ, KEVIN LAVERN            MGR-DISABILITY SUPPORT SPEC                                  52687.2
HILTSZ, LESLEY LORAINE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                600
HIMESZ, SUSAN R                 INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               64504.88
HINCHZ, VIRGINIA ASTON          ASSOC DIR-CAREER SERVICES                                   18698.64
HINCHZ, VIRGINIA ASTON          DIR-CAREER SERVICES                                         43659.36
HIRSCHZ, STEPHEN M              ADMIN NON STUDENT                                            18748.5
HIRSCHZ, STEPHEN M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3749.98
HOAGLIN COOPERZ, LEEANN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
HODGSONZ, JENNIFER D            OFFICE AIDE III                                               140.59
HOFFMANZ, ROBBYN ROCHELLE       COORD-ETHNIC PROGRAMS                                          42432
HOFFMANZ, ROBBYN ROCHELLE       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             304.02
HOLBERTZ, NITA ANN              SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                        38016.94
HOLLANDZ, JOSEPH E              TRUCK DRIVER 1-FLOAT SCH                                    36116.02
HOLLEMANZ, SUSAN RAY            SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                        38008.22
HOLMESZ, JEFFREY GUY            LECTURER                                                    23657.28
HOLMESZ, JEFFREY GUY            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11497
HOLMESZ, WENDY M                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            61920
HOLMESZ, WENDY M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2700
HOLMGRENZ, MARK A               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         13999.98
HOLMGRENZ, MARK A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3750
HOLWAYZ, PAMELA M               MANAGING EDITOR EWU PRESSS                                  22219.59
HOLZNAGELZ, LORI MICHELLE       PROCURE SUPPLY SPEC 2                                          39765
HOMMELZ, LOUANN MARIE           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               66623.55
HONNZ, LINDA R                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3450
HOOBZ, KYLE J                   COORD-MARKETING PROMOTIONS                                  36243.36
HOOVERZ, KATHLEEN M             FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                                   40587.07
HOPEZ, KEELY J                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         16666.68
HOPKINSZ, LANE D                ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            34604.16
HOPPZ, NADINE J                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                             33468
HOROBIOWSKIZ, RHONDA RAE        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
HOSPENTHALZ, MONICA L           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           13999.92
HOSSAINZ, N M AWLAD             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         57999.96
HOSSAINZ, N M AWLAD             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13975
HOUGHZ, NANCY C COLE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
HOUNDONOUGBOZ, N'VIDA E         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12749.94
HOUNDONOUGBOZ, YAO A            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48999.96
HOUNDONOUGBOZ, YAO A            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14788
HOUSERZ, BRIAN D                DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             8695.68
HOUSERZ, BRIAN D                PROFESSOR                                                   66769.92
HOVATTERZ, HEATHER CHRISTINE    ASSOC DIR-STU FINANCIAL SRVS                                   64260
HOVATTERZ, KAREN LEE            INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                4436.52
HOVEZ, JILL                     ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                           327.25
HOVEZ, JILL                     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           738.75
HOVEZ, JILL                     RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      63.75
HOVRENZ, TAMMY LOUISE           COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                1150
HOWARDZ, DANIEL J               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               73199.46
HOWARDZ, HOLLY ELIZABETH        FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                            32397
HOWARDZ, RICHARD D              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9770
HOWEZ, BRENDA MARIE             HEAD WOMEN'S GOLF COACH                                        36000
HOWELLZ, CHRISTOPHER L          PROFESSOR                                                   71831.94
HOWELLZ, CHRISTOPHER L          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6552.96
HOYZ, GRETCHEN ELIZABETH        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
HOYTZ, STEPHEN V                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         33333.36
HUBBARDZ, JANET M               ONLINE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                                  62075.04
HUBBARDZ, JEFFERY L             TRUCK DRIVER 1-FLOAT SCH                                    39333.97
HUBBLEZ, TAMMY D                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2350
HUCKZ, THEODORE J               CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                          48248.74
HUDNALLZ, CAROLYN M             LECTURER                                                    47145.06
HUDNALLZ, CAROLYN M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14139
HUFFZ, AUDRIAN E                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
HUGHESZ, CARLILA JEAN           FORMS REC ANALYST 2                                            42183
HUGHESZ, MARC J                 ASSOC ATH DIR-DEVELOPMENT                                   58000.08
HUGHSZ, NATALIE J               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4600.02
HUNTZ, CRAIG TERRILL            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6625.02
HUNTERZ, TOREY H                ASST FOOTBALL COACH                                            35700
HURANDZ, FRED ALEXANDER         DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12453.88
HURANDZ, FRED ALEXANDER         PROFESSOR                                                   77227.92
HURLEYZ, NICOLE M               ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       5070
HUSTONZ, JEREMY F               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8625
HUTTENMAIERZ, KATHLEEN GAIL     QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           48454.36
HUTTENMAIERZ, KATHLEEN GAIL     SENIOR ASSOCIATE                                             41311.2
HWANGZ, KRISTINE H              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50000.04
HWANGZ, KRISTINE H              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4400
HYDEZ, JENNY L                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46999.98
HYDEZ, JENNY L                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7755
IBIAZ, STANLEY FRANCIS          RECREATION SPECIALIST 1                                      1579.41
IMAMURAZ, KOSUKE                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         72597.96
IMAMURAZ, KOSUKE                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1745.46
INGALLSZ, KEVIN R               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      43618.95
INNESZ, JOHN S                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12789.96
INOUEZ, ATSUSHI                 PROFESSOR                                                   87106.62
ISLAM-ZWARTZ, KAYLEEN A         DIRECTOR                                                     3000.06
ISLAM-ZWARTZ, KAYLEEN A         PROFESSOR                                                   57018.66
ISLAM-ZWARTZ, KAYLEEN A         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           70480.65
ISLAM-ZWARTZ, MOHAMMAD KHALIL AHQUARTERLY FACULTY                                              30378
IVERSONZ, WILLIAM P             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3199.98
IVESZ, RYAN S                   ARCHAEOLOGIST III                                           40510.99
JACKZ, CONSTANCE J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                             33468
JACKZ, KELLY R                  CARPENTER                                                   43618.95
JACKSONZ, NICK CURTIS           ASSOC DEAN-SOC BEHAV SCI                                    24291.63
JACKSONZ, NICK CURTIS           PROFESSOR                                                   52264.98
JACKSONZ, NICK CURTIS           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11400
JACKSONZ, ROBERTA A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           17719.78
JACKSONZ, ROBERTA A             SENIOR LECTURER                                             56599.92
JACKSONZ, SARAH C               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46688.04
JACKSONZ, SARAH C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             4993.2
JACKSONZ, SHANTELL R            COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                      26661.12
JAMESZ, MICHAEL ANDREW          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           1319.7
JAMESZ, RANDALL SCOTT           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6666.72
JAMISONZ, RONALD B              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                         51864
JANKEZ, KEITH WALTER            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      12255.39
JANKEZ, KEITH WALTER            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                      40948.54
JANSENZ, GOLIEDA G              PROFESSOR                                                   56970.36
JANSENZ, GOLIEDA G              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
JARAYSIZ, JANA M                SR ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                       37000.08
JAYASINGHEZ, ASHA               DIR-COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                     62884.56
JAYNEZ, SHARON L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
JAYNESZ, JOANNE CAROL           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3450.06
JAYNESZ, JOANNE CAROL           SECRETARY LEAD                                               10402.5
JAYNESZ, JOANNE CAROL           SECRETARY SENIOR                                            29676.65
JECKLEZ, WILLIAM A              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1150.02
JEFFRIESZ, GARY LYNN            MGR-CIRCULATION UNIT                                        59574.15
JENNINGSZ, DEBRA C              MGR-BUDGET ADMIN SRVS CBPA                                     58212
JENSENZ, TOM R                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
JERNEGANZ, ELIZABETH A          INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                300
JERNEGANZ, NATALIA SERGE        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11500.02
JESSZ, CAROLYN S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2500.02
JEWELLZ, KARIN D                PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                        40133.41
JOHAMZ, KRISTIN L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3465
JOHANSENZ, RICHARD W            COOK AIDE-300142                                             4128.99
JOHNSONZ, BEVERLY J             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1366
JOHNSONZ, DIANA K               OFFICE AIDE III                                                390.8
JOHNSONZ, DONALD C              MGR-ENV HEALTH SAFETY                                        67238.4
JOHNSONZ, ERIN L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3174.99
JOHNSONZ, GAIL G                CASHIER AIDE                                                10004.11
JOHNSONZ, GAIL G                ELECTION CLERK                                                138.94
JOHNSONZ, ISAAK M               FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300146                                   4653.54
JOHNSONZ, JONATHAN L            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55096.02
JOHNSONZ, JONATHAN L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10000
JOHNSONZ, LISA JANEEN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
JOHNSONZ, MOLLY K               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52000.02
JOHNSONZ, SANDRA S              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6165
JOHNSONZ, WANDA LYNN            CERTIFICATION OFFICER                                       44453.04
JOHNSTONZ, EDITH L              CUSTODIAN 1                                                  27029.1
JOHNSTONZ, MARTHA A             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         65145.96
JONESZ, DINA                    ASST ATHLETIC TRAINER                                          31110
JONESZ, DINA                    TEMPORARY COACH                                                  550
JONESZ, DINA-MARIE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
JONESZ, DONALD P                EXEC DIR-PUBLIC POLICY                                      95414.16
JONESZ, JAMES M                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                         48171
JONESZ, STEVEN G                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
JOSLINZ, FREDERICK L            INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 4                                   38603.43
JOSLYNZ, SHANA                  LECTURER                                                    10000.02
JOSSZ, PETER A                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11800.02
JOYCEZ, MATTHEW L               ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      12690
JUAREZZ, NORMA I                MANAGEMENT ANALYST 2                                           48486
JULYANZ, KATHRYN J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           27799.98
JUMPZ, FRANK E                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2700
JUNGEZ, EVERYLL LYNN            COORD-MARKETING-BOOKSTORE                                    46099.2
KAISERZ, SUSAN RENEE            CUSTODIAN 1                                                 29710.32
KAKOTIZ, SALLY ANNE             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                           3626.91
KAMMERERZ, JENNIFER ANN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14364.98
KAMPZ, BRIAN A                  LECTURER                                                    40179.06
KAMPZ, BRIAN A                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3536
KARIERZ, THOMAS M               PROFESSOR                                                   95383.92
KASSAPZ, BRANDON SHAWN          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             441.16
KASSAPZ, BRANDON SHAWN          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            11625
KASUGAZ, SIDNEY K               PROFESSOR                                                   83057.94
KASUGAZ, SIDNEY K               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           22020.29
KAWAGUCHIZ, JEFFREY K           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         52048.02
KAWAGUCHIZ, JEFFREY K           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12035
KEATINGZ, ERICK FRANK           DIR-INFORMATION SYSTEMS                                        86700
KEATTCHZ, SHAREN ESTELLE        LECTURER                                                    30937.68
KEATTCHZ, SHAREN ESTELLE        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10723.02
KEEBLEZ, JOHN ROBERT            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3750
KEENANZ, KELLY DANIEL           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                              198
KEESZ, KATHLEEN ALINA           ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY TECH                                    15532.5
KEITHLEYZ, JORDAN L             COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                      26658.72
KELLERZ, SARAH A C              PROFESSOR                                                      86229
KELLERZ, SARAH A C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9150
KELLEYZ, KENDRA S               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          33539.5
KELLEYZ, PATRICIA               DEAN                                                         19516.9
KELLEYZ, PATRICIA               LIBRARIAN IV                                                18843.29
KELLEYZ, TERRENCE M             FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                   7923.74
KELLEYZ, WILLIAM J              PROFESSOR                                                   73186.02
KELLEYZ, WILLIAM J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16672.94
KELLYZ, LAUREL LEA              HEALTH EDUCATION COORDINATOR                                33638.77
KENNEDYZ, VICKIE MICHELLE       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2180
KENNETTZ, HELEN LORENE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1950
KENNEYZ, GARRETT C              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         53335.98
KENNEYZ, GARRETT C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           30250.02
KENNEYZ, KIMBERLEY M            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
KENNEYZ, RICHARD H              LECTURER                                                     9898.98
KENTZ, JEFFREY D                INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                700
KENTZ, TWILA E                  RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        120
KENTZ, VICTOR S                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              136
KENTZ, VICTOR S                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        120
KEOGH HOSSZ, MARY ANN           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         63905.94
KEOGH HOSSZ, MARY ANN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16023.98
KERBSZ, JODI L                  LECTURER                                                    30000.06
KERBSZ, JODI L                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16667
KERRZ, STANLEY V                HEAD MEN'S TRACK & FIELD COACH                              52147.92
KESLINGZ, MICHAEL J             LECTURER                                                    30000.06
KIEFERZ, DEAN B                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         96060.06
KIEFERZ, DEAN B                 DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             2458.32
KIEFERZ, DEAN B                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16907
KIEFFERZ, LINDA MARIE           V PROV-ACAD AFF, ADMIN PLN                                    120000
KIESWETTERZ, JAMES K            PROFESSOR                                                   86752.98
KILEZ, NORMA JEAN               CUSTODIAN 3                                                 20315.89
KILEZ, PAUL L                   ASST DIR-DINING SERVICES                                    54210.96
KILLINZ, DONALD E               CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
KIMMETZ, KRISTI L               RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIST 3                                     35845.66
KIMURAZ, TOMOKO                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8062.94
KINCAIDZ, JEFFREY M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
KINGZ, CAROL SUE                ADMIN SPECIALIST-LIBRARY                                    53815.15
KINGZ, COLLEEN R                ASSOC DIR-FIN AID-STD EMPLOYMT                                 53040
KINGZ, EDWARD LEWIS             RETENTION SPECIALIST                                         33331.9
KINGZ, JAMES A                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                 26747.98
KINGZ, LORI ANN                 GRANT/BUDGET PROJECT MANAGER                                31025.39
KINGZ, RANDI N                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                400
KINGZ, SHAWN ERICK              ASSOC VP-FACILITIES                                        107369.28
KINGZ, TERESA M                 FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                            40146
KINNEYZ, HOLLY M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2900
KIPPZ, JENNIFER A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5649.98
KIRBYZ, CHRISTOPHER C           ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46999.98
KIRBYZ, CHRISTOPHER C           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5169.99
KIRBYZ, TROY M                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            37281
KIRLINZ, MICHAEL W              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
KIRSCH-DAGGETTZ, PATRICIA A     OPERATIONS MGR-SOCIAL WORK                                     52632
KISSACKZ, JOHN A                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                74037.5
KISSLINGZ, ELIZABETH A          PROFESSOR                                                   61384.14
KLAUSZ, TAMMY                   ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            365.5
KLAUSSZ, KEITH MCKENNA          ASST DIR-RECORDS MANAGEMENT                                 47553.84
KLIMZ, KEVIN EDWIN              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             866.66
KLIMZ, KEVIN EDWIN              RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 2                                    35432.56
KLINGBACKZ, MILLAYNA L          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
KLINGERZ, PAUL C                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                80838.7
KLYUKANOVZ, IGOR E              PROFESSOR                                                   58991.94
KLYUKANOVZ, IGOR E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           64375.03
KNAPPZ, KEITH D                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           19600.02
KNIGHTZ, ROSE MARIE             MGR-BUDGET ADMIN SRVS LIB                                   48634.92
KNOXZ, BETSY J                  INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                  78900
KNOXZ, JODIE DAWN               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               25250.78
KOBAYASHIZ, RIE                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         19999.98
KOBAYASHIZ, RIE                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10001.01
KOGANZ, NICOLE R                COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                      18513.16
KOHZ, MIN-SUNG                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            77067
KOHZ, MIN-SUNG                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11727.01
KOHLERZ, ELIZABETH S            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         40415.04
KOLSENZ, VALORIE A              ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              918
KOLSENZ, VALORIE A              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                             82.5
KOLSENZ, VALORIE A              RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     2557.5
KOLTSZ, RUSSELL L               PROFESSOR                                                   62661.06
KOLTSZ, RUSSELL L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4578.02
KOMENZ, DANA L                  ARCHAEOLOGIST III                                            44495.2
KORYZ, LORI J                   HR ASSOCIATE                                                   57624
KRAFTZ, ROGER G                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
KRAFTZ, WAYNE B                 PROFESSOR                                                    72772.7
KRAFTZ, WAYNE B                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              21975
KRALZ, ALYSON RAE               ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       2704
KREIDERZ, CARRI S               LECTURER                                                    39999.96
KREIDERZ, CARRI S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6580.02
KREISZ, LEAH N                  INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                      28276.08
KRIEGERZ, KIM MARIE             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7674.99
KROPIDLOWSKIZ, TESHA A          DIR-BUDGET SERVICES                                         89491.44
KRUGZ, GARY J                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55096.02
KRUGZ, GARY J                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           25883.02
KUDAMATSUZ, JOYCE               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38574.47
KUDRYAZ, ANNA                   INFO TECH SPECIALIST                                        12041.78
KUDRYAZ, ANNA                   INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                4340.94
KUEHNZ, LYNN R                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                775
KUHLINGZ, RICHARD               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
KUOZ, CHIN                      DIR-INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY                                72118.56
KUSZZ, NATALIE L                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         54613.62
KYDDZ, MILES DP                 HEAD VOLLEYBALL COACH                                          63200
KYDDZ, MILES DP                 TEMPORARY COACH                                                 3000
KYTLEZ, BRENDA MARIE            LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 1                                        33468
LABISHZ, MATT A                 FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                      3780
LACEYZ, REBECCA ANNE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1575.02
LAKEZ, HAYLEY N                 LECTURER                                                    42675.72
LAKEZ, HAYLEY N                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10980.03
LAMZ, PUI-YAN                   ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55096.02
LAMZ, PUI-YAN                   DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             9351.34
LAMZ, PUI-YAN                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9061.03
LAMBZ, TAMARA L                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              23400
LAMPHEREZ, DALE A               LECTURER                                                    38111.04
LAMPHEREZ, DALE A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           26915.04
LAMPHEREZ, JAMES DALE           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  64740
LANEZ, JANE M                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4659
LANEZ, JANE M                   SENIOR LECTURER                                             42711.96
LANGZ, MELANIE S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7332.93
LANGEZ, DAVID J                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16100.06
LAPIERZ, TANYA K                PROFESSOR                                                   82260.66
LAPIERZ, TANYA K                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           22315.98
LARSONZ, JEAN MARIE             PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       29251.34
LASHERZ, KIMBERLY D             ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            620.5
LASHERZ, KIMBERLY D             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                              180
LASHERZ, KIMBERLY D             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                       52.5
LASZZ, RACHEL M                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         33478.95
LATTIMOREZ, SHERYL ANN          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3812
LATTIMOREZ, SHERYL ANN          SENIOR LECTURER                                             34648.02
LAUGHLINZ, KENNETH O            CUSTODIAN 3                                                  35650.4
LAWRENCEZ, GOLDEN I             SNACK BAR LEAD                                              26331.44
LAWTONZ, LAWRENCE R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7332.93
LAWTONZ, NATHANIEL HENRY        LECTURER                                                    35337.06
LAWTONZ, NATHANIEL HENRY        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5439
LE BARZ, ANN C                  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                          57203.7
LE BARZ, ANN C                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           13244.01
LEACHZ, BETTY JO                CHECKSTAND OPERATOR                                         27323.87
LEEZ, HYUNG SOOK                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50000.04
LEEZ, HYUNG SOOK                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5643
LEEZ, MARY ANN                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         21672.05
LEEZ, ROBERT E                  MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                       25129.56
LEEZ, ROBERT E                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                       9346.91
LEEZ, THERESA LYNN              LECTURER                                                    54250.02
LEEZ, THERESA LYNN              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9050
LEEZ, THERESA V                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3310.98
LEEPZ, ALLISON                  DIR-COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                        56100
LEGANSZ, SHANTAY A              ASST MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH                                    20400
LEGANSZ, SHANTAY A              TEMPORARY COACH                                                 2655
LEJAMEYERZ, DAVID E             DIR-COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                        61710
LEMELINZ, ROBERT J              LECTURER                                                    47566.08
LEMELINZ, ROBERT J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7325
LEMONZ, JOHN MICHAEL            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
LENTIZ, JOSEPH U                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         13999.98
LEONARDZ, BETHANY ANNE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14763.98
LEONARDZ, BETHANY ANNE          SENIOR LECTURER                                                43371
LEONARDZ, JOANNE M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                500
LEONARDZ, W WILLIAM             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3179.98
LEWISZ, GINA L                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2484
LEWISZ, PHILLIP                 PHOTOLITHOGRAPHER 1                                         43857.95
LIBERMANZ, GAIL H               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
LIESTERZ, JANET S               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              136
LIGONZ, SAMUEL W                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         51787.98
LIGONZ, SAMUEL W                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6714
LIMPAPHAYOMZ, WANTHANEE         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         92363.94
LIMPAPHAYOMZ, WANTHANEE         DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             3333.36
LINZ, CHIU-HSIN                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           40088.02
LINCOLNZ, CAREN LYNN            HR SERVICES SUPERVISOR                                      67388.06
LINDEKUGELZ, DALE MICHAEL       PROFESSOR                                                   70873.92
LINDEKUGELZ, DALE MICHAEL       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              26445
LINDEKUGELZ, REBECCA L          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           19688.01
LINDHOLDTZ, PAUL J              PROFESSOR                                                    63146.7
LINDHOLDTZ, PAUL J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           47384.02
LINDSAYZ, MARK C                ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN SUP                                  65696.36
LIPPOLDZ, JAMES ALLEN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
LIUZ, JING-QIU                  PROFESSOR                                                   62512.92
LIUZ, JING-QIU                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              37736
LIWANAGZ, ROMEO G               CUSTODIAN 1                                                 28297.45
LOENDORFZ, WILLIAM R            PROFESSOR                                                   76817.64
LOENDORFZ, WILLIAM R            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9216
LOGANZ, JUDITH K                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55102.98
LOIACONOZ, COLETTE LOU          OPERATIONS MGR-RIDE                                         65778.59
LOKEZ, VERNON T                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         59999.94
LOKEZ, VERNON T                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16138
LOKENZ, NANCY JILL              ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            212.5
LOKENZ, NANCY JILL              RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     686.25
LONDONZ, ROSANNE                PROFESSOR                                                   46688.04
LONGSTRETHZ, JUDY A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             979.96
LONN-O'BRIENZ, AMY              ADVISOR/RECRUITER-CSHE                                      37469.76
LONNINGZ, CHRISTINA MARIE       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          35163.5
LOOZ, OTIS                      FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2-300163                                   11637.6
LOPEZZ, BERNADETTE K            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38169.19
LOPEZZ, M SUSAN                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                            34540.43
LORDANZ, PATRICK TIMOTHY        PRODUCTION SPECIALIST                                       49556.64
LOSTEZ, BARBARA M               LECTURER                                                    32200.02
LOSTEZ, BARBARA M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6700.65
LOUGHERYZ, KYLE C               TEMPORARY COACH                                                  550
LOUIZ, MATT C                   SNACK BAR LEAD                                              29019.18
LOVEZ, DANIEL E                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5999.98
LOVEZ, DANIEL E                 SENIOR LECTURER                                             50757.06
LOVEZ, JENNIFER D               CASH POLICY SPECIALIST                                      39184.32
LUZ, HUEI-TING                  FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                     295.6
LUBINZ, KIM A                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
LUCEIZ, REAMONA                 ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                        216
LUKEZ, CAMILLE M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                600
LUNDZ, ELIZABETH C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                140
LUNDEBYZ, ERICKA-ERIN VILLALTA  COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                       9123.04
LUNDINZ, CELIA R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7800
LUTEYZ, JENNIFER M              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                          35024.5
LUTEYZ, TRENT S                 UNIVERSITY POLICY ADMIN                                      63158.4
LUTONZ, LAWRENCE S              PROFESSOR                                                   72896.04
LUTONZ, LAWRENCE S              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3207
LYLESZ, KENNETH WAYNE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9335
LYNCHZ, JACK H                  FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2-300142                                   5813.45
LYNNZ, KELLY A                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              50050
LYONSZ, JACQUELINE P            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10999.96
LYONSZ, THOMAS MAX              COUNSELOR-SATORI                                                 750
LYTLEZ, CASEY A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8625
MAASZ, PATRICIA E               FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300143                                   1179.81
MAC QUARRIEZ, CAROL ANN         CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27335.27
MACKELPRANGZ, ROMEL W           PROFESSOR                                                   76893.66
MACKELPRANGZ, ROMEL W           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           22962.01
MACMULLANZ, TERRANCE A          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         69113.98
MACMULLANZ, TERRANCE A          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           23565.02
MAHANZ, MATTHEW RYAN            CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                          66316
MAHELONAZ, DAVID K              ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       4900
MAHLEZ, JEANINE A               ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       7824
MAIZ, SABINE                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
MAJNARICHZ, MELISA G            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8443.98
MAJORZ, KRISTINE M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR - 500747                                     612
MALDONADOZ, RACHEL LEONA        ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55245.96
MALEKIZ, SARA NEGAR             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8000.01
MALIAZ, MARY ELIZABETH          LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 3                                        36756
MALLGRENZ, ROBERT A             SIGN PAINTER                                                43282.03
MALPASSZ, CHARLES V             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 16796.55
MALYZ, JOYCE ELLEN              CUSTODIAN 1                                                 21677.17
MALYZ, LOUIS CHARLES            CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27776.56
MANIKOWSKIZ, LAURIE A           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2300.01
MANNZ, DONNA PURTEE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48000.06
MANNZ, DONNA PURTEE             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4224
MANSONZ, JAMIE L                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56617.86
MANSONZ, JAMIE L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           32821.84
MARCHANDZ, SHANNA LYNN          FISCAL ANALYST 3                                            44285.22
MARCHAND-MARTELLAZ, NANCY       PROFESSOR                                                   64292.04
MARCHAND-MARTELLAZ, NANCY       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              14710
MARINUCCIZ, MARY E              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            59388
MARINUCCIZ, MARY E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12848.01
MARKSZ, ROBIN A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5850
MARRZ, JULIE M                  ADVISOR/RECRUITER-GRAD STUDIES                              34752.86
MARSHZ, KAREN LYNN              ASST TO ASSOC VP-ENR MGMT                                    49791.6
MARSHZ, VALERIE J               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           15218.22
MARSHALLZ, JENNIFER M           CUSTODIAN 1                                                    21.92
MARSHALLZ, JOHN S               PROFESSOR                                                   31501.08
MARSHALLZ, JOHN S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                300
MARTELLAZ, RONALD C             PROFESSOR                                                   64292.04
MARTELLAZ, RONALD C             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              18606
MARTINZ, DOLORES T              PROFESSOR                                                   34131.36
MARTINZ, HITOMI                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                           29057.5
MARTINZ, RACHEL MARIE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1150
MARTINZ, THERESA JANE           DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12625.32
MARTINZ, THERESA JANE           PROFESSOR                                                   65098.98
MARTINZ, THERESA JANE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              21150
MARTINEZZ, ERNIE N              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            202.5
MARTINEZZ, ERNIE N              RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     318.75
MARTINEZZ, MELISSA              COORD-CAMP PROJECT                                          43158.24
MASINGALEZ, TRAVIS LEE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
MASONZ, JOHN B                  PROFESSOR                                                   31522.98
MASONZ, JOHN B                  PROVOST/VP FOR ACAD AFFAIRS                                153053.35
MASTELZ, COLLEEN ANN            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPER 1                                        42588
MASTELZ, COLLEEN ANN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4224.99
MASTELZ, JOSHUA MICHAEL         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1300
MATHESONZ, RUSSELL J            INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 3                                   36144.95
MATHEWSZ, SANDRA N              COUNSELOR                                                    1318.75
MATLOCKZ, HELEN LYNN            PROCESS MANAGER OPDEP                                       45130.56
MATNEYZ, MARY E                 LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 6                                     47967.75
MATOSZ, JOANNA J                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46999.98
MATOSZ, JOANNA J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4152
MATOSZ, LUIS F                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           37099.98
MATRESSEZ, CATHY R L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8625.06
MATTHEWSZ, JAMES A              STATIONARY ENG 2 - PREM PAY                                  53777.2
MATTHEWSZ, JAMES A              ASSOC MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH                                45263.52
MATTHEWSZ, JAMES A              TEMPORARY COACH                                                 9600
MATTHEWSZ, JOHN D               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56024.04
MATTHEWSZ, JOHN D               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
MATTHIASZ, LARRY FRANK          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               78947.23
MAURICEZ, EMILEE B              ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       6780
MAXSONZ, STEWART R              FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPER                                      42598.5
MAXVILLZ, BARBARA JANE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          38583.7
MAXWELLZ, TAMMY A               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                               51
MAXWELLZ, TAMMY A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                             82.5
MAXWELLZ, TAMMY A               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                       67.5
MAYZ, DAVID A                   ASSOC DEAN-SOC BEHAV SCI                                    24291.63
MAYZ, DAVID A                   DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             2019.36
MAYZ, DAVID A                   PROFESSOR                                                    52226.7
MAYZ, DAVID A                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           43077.02
MAYNORZ, JAMES L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
MAYSZ, MARY ELLEN               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11954.98
MC DERMOTTZ, PAMELA K           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                              17130
MC NALLYZ, COREY M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              827.8
MCAFEEZ, BARBARA E              FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 3                                       42169.4
MCARTHURZ, STEVEN J             FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300143                                   4759.03
MCARTHURZ, THOMAS LESTER        HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR                                    47781.57
MCBETHZ, JOHN S                 INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                  78900
MCCANNZ, BRIAN DANIEL           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4690.02
MCCLATCHEYZ, GARRY              CUSTODIAN 1                                                    29784
MCCOLLUMZ, KIMBERLY R           RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                                60
MCCOLLUMZ, LINDA B              PROFESSOR                                                      72711
MCCOLLUMZ, LINDA B              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2000
MCCOYZ, ALAN H                  PIANO TECHNICIAN                                               22914
MCCOYZ, CLAUDIA J               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          30919.45
MCCOYZ, RICHARD B               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              48000
MCCRACKENZ, BRIAN JAMES         INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                63864.5
MCCRACKENZ, THOMAS A            CUSTODIAN 3                                                 32123.47
MCCRAYZ, VIORA G                CUSTODIAN 1                                                 29032.15
MCCULLEYZ, LARRY DWAIN          FINANCIAL & PLANNING OFFICER                                70352.88
MCDAVISZ, BRUCE H               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2349.94
MCDONELLZ, CAROLYN E            SECRETARY SENIOR                                            27942.31
MCDOWELLZ, SUSAN L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4502
MCELREATHZ, CRYSTAL A           SUB INFANT TDLR TCHR - 500889                                  151.2
MCGINTYZ, ROBERT L              PROFESSOR                                                   57675.96
MCGONIGLEZ, WILLIAM J           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         70932.96
MCGONIGLEZ, WILLIAM J           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16180
MCGORANZ, ERNEST C              PROFESSOR                                                   65881.98
MCGORANZ, ERNEST C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                720
MCGRATHZ, RITA D                FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2-300142                                   1848.03
MCGRATHZ, VICKIE J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                             33468
MCHENRYZ, TRACEY A              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57488.04
MCHENRYZ, TRACEY A              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1150
MCINTIREZ, EDWARD DALEY         OFFICE SUPP SUPERVISOR 2                                       41508
MCINTIREZ, KATHLEEN             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                            34260
MCKAYZ, DAVID A                 DIR-DINING SERVICES                                         75736.84
MCKAYZ, LINDSAY                 PROCURE SUPPLY SUPP SPEC 3                                   28191.5
MCKEANZ, HEATHER R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10865.45
MCKEANZ, HEATHER R              SENIOR ASSOCIATE                                            56356.02
MCKENNEYZ, PAMELA KAY           ARCHAEOLOGIST II                                            36314.01
MCKEONZ, RODGER                 OFFICE AIDE 1                                                1836.76
MCKINNEYZ, KAREN M              DIR-MCNAIR SCHOLARS PROGRAM                                 51211.04
MCLAUGHLINZ, DONALD R           LECTURER                                                       28284
MCLAUGHLINZ, DONALD R           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1000
MCLAUGHLINZ, LAURI M            GRANT/BUDGET PROJECT MANAGER                                46621.44
MCLELLANZ, HOLLY JANE           RESEARCH ASSOCIATE-BIOLOGY                                  59461.51
MCMILLANZ, JUDY L               GRAPHIC DESIGNER SUPERVISOR                                  53769.5
MCMINNZ, DEAN R                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5-PREM P                              93896.91
MCMUNNZ, NORMA A                CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30008.66
MCNALLZ, KENNETH M              CUSTODIAN 3                                                 17646.71
MCNARIEZ, MARJORIE A            ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            484.5
MCNARIEZ, MARJORIE A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           3382.3
MCNARIEZ, MARJORIE A            RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     881.25
MCNEALZ, JENI RAE               PROFESSOR                                                   57321.66
MCNEALZ, JENI RAE               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13203
MCNEELYZ, FRANCES CAMILLE       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47773.98
MCNEELYZ, FRANCES CAMILLE       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
MCNINCHZ, JACOB L               INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                300
MCRAEZ, ROBIN                   DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            11506.02
MCRAEZ, ROBIN                   PROFESSOR                                                   63500.94
MCRAEZ, ROBIN                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12125.01
MEANYZ, DAVID J                 MEDIA CAMPAIGN SPECIALIST                                   54297.36
MECKLENBURGZ, MARCIA J          HEAD WOMEN'S TRACK & FLD COACH                              52147.92
MEGAARDZ, SUSAN L               PROFESSOR                                                   76876.02
MEGAARDZ, SUSAN L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9999.96
MEHLERTZ, VIRGINIA LOUISE       LECTURER                                                    38111.04
MEHLERTZ, VIRGINIA LOUISE       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9954.01
MELVILLEZ, DONALD SCOTT         PROFESSOR                                                   62992.68
MELVILLEZ, DONALD SCOTT         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15261
MELVILLEZ, MINDY LEE            ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            30001.65
MELVINZ, CANDACE H              OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                       35042.21
MELVINZ, LADDIE RAY             RESPONDER                                                    15395.5
MENDELLZ, DANIEL                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           12362.92
MENGELZ, KENDRA RAWSON          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            2818.74
MERCHANTZ, PAUL RONALD          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  59040
MERRILLZ, MISTY A               PATIENT SERVICES REPR                                        24548.4
METZLERZ, ALLISON R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3737.98
MEUSERZ, SUZI M                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            348.5
MEUSERZ, SUZI M                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            847.5
MEUSERZ, SUZI M                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      457.5
MEVERDENZ, SUE E                FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                                   40540.75
MEWHINNEYZ, KAARINA K           ASST DIR-CDSUA                                                 51000
MEYERZ, NADEAN JANET            LIBRARIAN II                                                   50814
MEYER-QUIROZZ, SABRINA FAYE     ADVISOR/RECRUITER CSBSSW-GUAA                               11447.94
MEYER-QUIROZZ, SABRINA FAYE     ASST DIR-TRANSFER RELATIONS                                 27802.14
MICKLICHZ, CHANDELLE MARIE      OFFICE AIDE 2                                                 1955.2
MIDDLETONZ, JONATHAN N          PROFESSOR                                                   57018.66
MIDDLETONZ, JONATHAN N          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3390
MIHAILOVICHZ, SARA R            BUDGET ANALYST 1                                            38382.41
MILLANEZ, ANNE MARIE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8739.99
MILLERZ, BARBARA S              PROFESSOR                                                   81509.94
MILLERZ, GAYLE M                COORD-UNDERGRAD STUDENT SRVS                                41941.75
MILLERZ, IELLEEN R              LIBRARIAN II                                                   52480
MILLERZ, JAY D                  CUSTODIAN 1                                                 29514.04
MILLERZ, JENNIFER LEE           ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY TECH                                   11271.86
MILLERZ, JENNIFER LEE           HR CONSULTANT 1                                             28255.23
MILLERZ, JOLENE ROSE            FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300143                                   1745.18
MILLERZ, JULIE L                ASSOC DEAN-LIBRARIES                                           26376
MILLERZ, JULIE L                DEAN                                                        64666.72
MILLERZ, KARA K                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1000
MILLERZ, LORI J                 VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                16666.68
MILLERZ, MARGARET QUIST         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7500
MILLERZ, MONIQUE                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            110.5
MILLERZ, MONIQUE                RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     2992.5
MILLERZ, NANCY RAE              DIR-POST AWARD                                              65726.88
MILLERZ, SETH WAYNE             ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                             30600
MILLERZ, SHERRY                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         42911.42
MILLERZ, TRUDY LEE              TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                        12624
MILLETZ, MICHELE D              DIR-COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                        56100
MILLHAMZ, MICHAEL B             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           15354.96
MILLIKENZ, WILLIAM A            RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 2                                     40324.1
MILLSAPZ, CHERYL ANNE           INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                350
MILTONZ, SUZANNE                LIBRARIAN IV                                                77828.88
MINDRUPZ, BARBARA J             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 25287.62
MINNIERZ, TRENT P               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      10077.14
MISHLERZ, WAYLON A              FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300146                                   1445.25
MITCHELLZ, BRUCE                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
MITCHELLZ, DIANE M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
MIXZ, JOHN A                    INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               72566.01
MOELLERZ, CATHIE L              FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                         37620
MOELLERZ, JAMES KIRK            SR PROJECT MANAGER                                          75857.04
MONEYMAKERZ, BRENDA K           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1005
MONEYMAKERZ, JAMES D            BUSINESS MANAGER-FAC PLAN                                      63240
MONEYPENNYZ, HOLLY SUE          ACCOUNTING AIDE 2                                           32432.22
MONROEZ, SARAH L                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48315.96
MONROEZ, SARAH L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10000
MONTAGNEZ, CRAIG J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                200
MONTGOMERYZ, MICHAEL D          OFFICE AIDE 2                                                 132.53
MOONEYZ, CECELIA T. C.          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                750
MOOREZ, KANDYCE M               RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                             32680
MOOREZ, KANDYCE M               RESEARCH ASSISTANT - 500784                                     1280
MOOREZ, MARION E                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57002.94
MOOREZ, MARION E                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              26790
MOOREZ, RACHEL DIANNE           OFFICE AIDE 2                                                2723.95
MORADIZ, DEBBIE LEE             SECRETARY SENIOR                                             9158.18
MORADIZ, DEBBIE LEE             SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                        29768.37
MORADIZ, NOSRATOLLAH            CUSTODIAN 1                                                 31342.64
MORGANZ, BENJAMIN LEE           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  67671
MORGANZ, BRIAN L                CUSTODIAN                                                   11417.48
MORGANZ, DEBRA DENISE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              37296
MORGANZ, DEBRA DENISE           SENIOR LECTURER                                             42985.98
MORGANZ, ERIN K                 REGISTRAR                                                      81600
MORGANZ, JERI L                 FISCAL ANALYST 4                                            55876.11
MORGANZ, RICHARD A              STATIONARY ENG 2 - PREM PAY                                 59716.99
MORGANZ, ROSE                   SECRETARY LEAD                                                 37620
MORITZZ, SANDRA J               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 2                                  58656
MORLEYZ, KAREN ANN              ACAD COORD/ADVISOR                                           41114.7
MORLEYZ, LAUREEN V              ASSOC DEAN-ED & HUMAN DEV                                    29803.2
MORLEYZ, LAUREEN V              PROFESSOR                                                   41812.02
MORLEYZ, LAUREEN V              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6493
MORRISZ, ERICA C                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5750.04
MORRISZ, ERICA C                RESPONDER                                                       2610
MORRISZ, LYNNE C                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         73096.92
MORRISZ, LYNNE C                DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             9645.36
MORRISZ, LYNNE C                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9767
MORRISZ, NELY ALOJADO           CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27508.74
MORRISZ, ROBERT H               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                           31956
MORRISONZ, TERI W               CLINIC SUPERVISOR                                              24610
MORRISSEYZ, MICHAEL J           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                         43449
MORRISSEYZ, SALLY L             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          31355.17
MORTENSENZ, ARLENE M            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
MORTIERZ, STEVEN G              LECTURER                                                    17601.96
MORTIERZ, STEVEN G              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12220.02
MOSESZ, TARA JEAN               FISCAL ANALYST 4                                               55836
MOSSZ, JOSHUA A                 ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      12568
MOTTZ, DEBORAH J                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
MOULTONZ, FRANCIS ANTHONY       LIBRARY ASSOCIATE                                           32042.96
MOUNTZ, WILLIAM A               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      48606.32
MOWZ, LEAH J                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3750
MOWATTZ, LESLIE LOUISE          COORD-PRESIDENTIAL EVENTS                                   46294.32
MOWATTZ, SHERRY ANN             ADMIN SPECIALIST - CSHE                                     53000.16
MUCHNIK-IZONZ, GERMAN           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         12666.66
MUENCHZ, GENEVIEVE L            ELECTION CLERK                                                131.16
MULLASSERILZ, PAUL M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50000.04
MULLASSERILZ, PAUL M            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                225
MULLINZ, THOMAS W               PROFESSOR                                                   65248.02
MULLINZ, THOMAS W               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10047
MULVANYZ, MEGAN NANCY           SENIOR LECTURER                                             62531.04
MUNNSZ, DEANN                   ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              544
MUNNSZ, DEANN                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                               30
MUNNSZ, DEANN                   RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     101.25
MUNSONZ, DORIS M                LIBRARIAN III                                                  64368
MUNSONZ, DOROTHY E              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         49944.96
MUNSONZ, DOROTHY E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9891
MURCHZ, R. CAROL                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3270.02
MURFFZ, ELIZABETH T             DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            15522.72
MURFFZ, ELIZABETH T             PROFESSOR                                                   82100.66
MURFFZ, ELIZABETH T             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3800
MURGUIAZ, AURELIA G             SECRETARY - PREM PAY                                           33897
MURNEYZ, SHELLY L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                378
MURPHYZ, MICHAEL CHARLES        CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
MURPHYZ, N SUE                  OPERATIONS MGR-BIOLOGY                                      24320.17
MURPHYZ, N SUE                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             975.06
MURPHYZ, PATRICK RYAN           REC & ATHL SPECIALIST 2                                       1082.3
MURPHYZ, REBECCA L              CASHIER 1                                                   22316.42
MURRAYZ, ROSEMARY ELLEN         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38666.79
MURRAYZ, RYAN J                 ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      13064
MUSAZ, COLLEEN J                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          4030.11
MUTSCHLERZ, CHARLES VINCENT     LIBRARIAN III                                               55096.92
MUZATKOZ, BERGEN D              INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               11998.92
MYALLZ, CAROLYNNE               LIBRARIAN IV                                                   79242
MYERSZ, MARY EDIE               COOK AIDE-300142                                             7885.61
MYHREZ, MARY FRANCES            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2500
NANNYZ, ROBERT W                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           17659.96
NAPIERZ, DEBORAH S              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              25426
NAPPAZ, ELISA E                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55096.02
NAPPAZ, ELISA E                 DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             8851.66
NEACEZ, JOHN L                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3311.22
NEACEZ, JOHN L                  SR DIRECTOR & ITDS CHAIR                                       79266
NEELYZ, JAMIE LYNNE             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            54288
NELSONZ, AVERY GRANT            FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                   6190.23
NELSONZ, IRENE ELAINE           LEAD INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                  32014.8
NELSONZ, MICHAEL B              SENIOR LIBRARY ASSOCIATE                                    33639.55
NELSONZ, MICHAEL TERRY          LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 3                                      36880.8
NELSONZ, PATRICIA R             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         19999.98
NELSONZ, PATRICIA R             LECTURER                                                    35333.28
NELSONZ, PATRICIA R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15885
NELSONZ, REBECCA SUE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                179
NEMETZ-MILLSZ, PATRICIA L       PROFESSOR                                                  102038.94
NEMETZ-MILLSZ, PATRICIA L       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13819
NESTEGARDZ, JEFF S              GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      30532.83
NETTOZ, JENNIFER M              COORD-QUALITY SERVICE                                          41820
NEUBAUERZ, ROBERT LEONARD       RESPONDER                                                   11221.01
NEUMANNZ, ALEXANDER EDGAR       ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                    24204.5
NEWBERG-ANDERSONZ, LUANN M      CASHIER AIDE                                                 4916.76
NEZATZ, CARMEN A                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         53785.08
NEZATZ, CARMEN A                DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                                1494
NEZATZ, CARMEN A                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             394.98
NICHOLASZ, DOREEN A             DIRECTOR                                                     8155.98
NICHOLASZ, DOREEN A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7177.04
NICHOLASZ, DOREEN A             SENIOR LECTURER                                             48938.94
NICHOLASZ, WESLEY A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             439.98
NICHOLLSZ, ROD G                TRUCK DRIVER 1-FLOAT SCH                                    39538.79
NICHOLSONZ, RIGO D              FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                   4153.17
NICKERSONZ, AMANDA L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5270.85
NICKERSONZ, ARDEAN ROSE         PROFESSOR                                                   72626.94
NIELSONZ, MARK A                COOK AIDE-300142                                             9923.41
NIEVERGELTZ, YVES               PROFESSOR                                                    68511.3
NIEVERGELTZ, YVES               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10000
NOBLEZ, KAREN L                 PROFESSOR                                                   77551.92
NOONANZ, JANE M                 OPERATIONS MGR-EWU PRESS                                    29223.84
NORDZ, JANET                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9409.61
NORDZ, JANET                    SENIOR LECTURER                                             47615.04
NORELLZ, DIANE M                LECTURER                                                    27766.98
NORELLZ, DIANE M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5390.04
NORGAARDZ, GINGER LEIGH         CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27297.81
NORGAARDZ, RONALD L             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 29178.51
NORGAARDZ, RONALD L             MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                        2310.91
NORMANDEAUZ, CAROL A            FISCAL ANALYST 3                                             6012.13
NORMANDEAUZ, CAROL A            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                           5263.2
NORTONZ, BRIAN L                HEAD ATHLETIC TRAINER                                       46392.72
NOVOZ, MICHAEL JOSEPH           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               55172.89
NOVOCHEKHOVZ, PETER             CUSTODIAN 1                                                  30191.5
NUNEZZ, JENNIFER J              COORD-ETHNIC PROGRAMS                                       38562.48
NUNEZZ, JENNIFER J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2250
NYATHIZ, JABULANI               LECTURER                                                    64000.08
NYATHIZ, JABULANI               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
NYGREENZ, NANCY C               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
O'CONNELLZ, MARGARET A          DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            13077.68
O'CONNELLZ, MARGARET A          PROFESSOR                                                   67555.98
O'CONNELLZ, MARGARET A          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             9100.8
O'DELLZ, KIMBERLY               PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       12708.72
O'DELLZ, KIMBERLY               TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                     15818.76
O'DOHERTYZ, AMBER R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                 95
O'NEILLZ, DENNIS H              CUSTODIAN 3                                                   8897.8
O'NEILLZ, DENNIS H              CUSTODIAN 4                                                 28687.64
O'QUINNZ, ROBIN L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46688.04
O'QUINNZ, ROBIN L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8854
OAKSHOTTZ, SCOTT B              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5904.96
OFFENBACKZ, VINCENT H           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6450
OGLESBEEZ, BRETT L              COLLEGE FINANCIAL OFFICER                                      57000
OLSENZ, DELMAR DUANE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1610
OLSENZ, STEPHANIE MICHELLE      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          33408.5
OLSONZ, BRENDA MICHELE          PROCURE SUPPLY SPEC 2                                          42282
OLSONZ, DUSTY R                 FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    27170.32
OLSONZ, LISA D                  PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR                                     34023.34
OLSONZ, STACY ALINE             ASSOC DIR-ALUMNI RELATIONS                                  56993.64
OPSALZ, CRAIG H                 MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST 4                                    65336.85
OPSALZ, MICHELE LYNN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38835.29
ORHEIMZ, MOLLY D                RETENTION SPECIALIST                                        32748.75
ORMSBYZ, COLIN A                DIR-VP INST RESEARCH & DEMO                                 50333.38
ORNDORFFZ, RICHARD L            DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            10811.34
ORNDORFFZ, RICHARD L            PROFESSOR                                                   74624.94
ORNDORFFZ, RICHARD L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13861
ORRZ, LORI L                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1265
ORSIZ, ANNE K                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
ORTIZZ, PAULA E                 RETENTION SPECIALIST                                        40289.04
OSBORNEZ, ABIGAIL               LIFEGUARD                                                      56.49
OSBORNEZ, DONELLE LYNN          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
OSBORNEZ, STEPHEN GERALD        RESERVE POLICE OFFICER                                       2418.04
OSSELLOZ, KATHLEEN D            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6674.96
OSTZ, LORI ANN S                ADMIN ASSISTANT 3                                           29794.62
OTTZ, MELVIN L                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3499.98
OTTENBREITZ, CHRISTINA G        OPERATIONS MGR-EDUCATION                                    51662.88
OTTLEYZ, SALLY T                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                           191.25
OTTOZ, JUSTIN L                 LIBRARIAN II                                                   56460
OTTOZ, THEOPHIL M               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             3499.92
OTTOZ, THEOPHIL M               LIBRARIAN IV                                                84343.92
OUELLETTEZ, AMY PATRICIA        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         19463.68
OVERLANDZ, DONNA L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              22365
OVERLIEZ, EARL JOHN             TUTOR                                                        5234.36
OVNICEKZ, MELINDA RUTH          PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR                                        41820
OWENSZ, KARMIA LEA              PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       27122.18
PAGEZ, MICHAEL ALLAN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7199.96
PALUCHZ, MARK C                 RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                             17629
PALUMBOZ, PATRICIA E            ELECTION CLERK                                                  85.5
PAPKEZ, BARBARA L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           20545.69
PARDOZ, DAVID A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3199.98
PARISEZ, LISA C                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              23173
PARISEZ, LISA C                 SENIOR LECTURER                                             77932.98
PARISOTZ, SUSAN M               LECTURER                                                    54444.06
PARISOTZ, SUSAN M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16082
PARKZ, DAVID J                  CUSTODIAN                                                    8210.25
PARKERZ, CYNTHIA W              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          37844.5
PARKERZ, MARY ELLEN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           40513.65
PARKERZ, VONICE D               CASHIER AIDE                                                 1119.83
PARKSZ, PAMELA A                ASSOC ATH DIR/SNR WMS ADMIN                                 72824.46
PARSONSZ, TYLER DONALD          RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                               865
PASCALZ, VINCENT J              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         90012.06
PASCALZ, VINCENT J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15842
PASCUALZ, THERESA M             ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              102
PASCUALZ, THERESA M             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      517.5
PATRICKZ, MICHAEL D             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
PATTERSONZ, AMY CHRISTINA       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             631.29
PATTERSONZ, DIANA C             DIR-CWTAP CENTER                                            72833.41
PATTERSONZ, DIANA C             LECTURER                                                     3013.89
PATTERSONZ, DIANA C             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              602.7
PATTERSONZ, STEPHEN R           BROADCAST TECHNICIAN 3                                         48168
PAULEYZ, JOSEPH L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
PAULINZ, ANNE L                 ASST TO VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS                                   30653.9
PAYTONZ, GEORGIA I              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                          46951.25
PEAKZ, JEREMY J                 GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      32989.07
PEAKEZ, SAMANTHA L              ART MODEL                                                      246.2
PEARSONZ, MICHAEL O             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1150.02
PEASEZ, KERRY DALE              ASSOC DIR-SPORTS & REC CENTER                               55951.92
PEBLESZ, DARIN ANTHONY          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  62040
PECCHIAZ, GREGORY A             INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 2                               59783.15
PECHAZ, TOM W                   MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                      48537.11
PEINZ, KARA MARIE               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                             2724
PELZZ, CHRISTIE A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8739.98
PENDLETONZ, JAMES E             LOCKSMITH                                                   45426.64
PENICKZ, TAWNIA LYNN            OFFICE AIDE III                                              4018.86
PEREGOYZ, BARBARA M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             839.99
PEREGOYZ, BARBARA M             SENIOR LECTURER                                             53679.96
PEREZZ, SANTIAGO J              DEAN                                                         90640.4
PEREZ-FRAYNEZ, CARMEN R         ASST DIR-ACADEMIC SUPP CENTER                               44407.41
PERRYZ, DAVIN JOHN              COORD-ATHLETIC MEDIA                                           32640
PERRYZ, MICHAEL L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
PETERSZ, CHRIS FRANK            LECTURER                                                    47741.94
PETERSZ, CHRIS FRANK            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7252
PETERSENZ, KRISTY L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           684.13
PETERSENZ, KRISTY L             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                      712.5
PETERSONZ, ELIZABETH E          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           25974.57
PETERSONZ, ELIZABETH E          SENIOR LECTURER                                             41079.06
PETERSONZ, JAMES L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
PETERSONZ, LUCINDA J            PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       28905.78
PETERSONZ, MARCIA E             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
PETRIEZ, EMILY LEE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6374.96
PETRIEZ, GINA MIKEL             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            20496
PETRIEZ, GINA MIKEL             ASSOC DEAN-ARTS LETTERS                                     61750.05
PETRIEZ, GINA MIKEL             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9101
PEWZ, HENRIETTA G               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5925.99
PEWZ, HENRIETTA G               SENIOR LIBRARY ASSOCIATE                                    30234.55
PHARAOHZ, KELLY ALICIA          ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              544
PHARAOHZ, KELLY ALICIA          RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     108.75
PHARRZ, CASSANDRA M             RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                              4224
PHILBINZ, SANDRA B              COORD-EMPLOYER RELATIONS                                    26021.83
PHILLIPSZ, CYNTHIA J            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
PHILLIPSZ, JEANNETTE MARIE      PROGRAM DIRECTOR-DIEO                                       63852.77
PHILLIPSZ, LAURA L              PROFESSOR                                                   63046.08
PHILLIPSZ, LAURA L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7160.01
PHILLIPSZ, RICHARD D            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56796.66
PHILLIPSZ, RICHARD D            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                750
PHILMONZ, KENDRA L              TUTOR                                                        2066.64
PHOZ, LAN Q                     INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               62083.19
PICKERINGZ, ROBIN K             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            49005
PICKERINGZ, ROBIN K             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           13195.83
PICKETTZ, RICKIE LEE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7325
PICKETTZ, RICKIE LEE            SENIOR LECTURER                                             48136.08
PIERCEZ, SANDRA K               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                             1411
PIERCEZ, SANDRA K               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          3656.25
PIERCEZ, SANDRA K               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                    2703.75
PIERSONZ, FREDERICK S           ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      18272
PIERSONZ, SYDNEY B              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3485.98
PILANTZ, MELISSA M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6900
PILANTZ, MELISSA M              TUTOR                                                         902.64
PIMENTELZ, JANE T               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         51844.44
PINGREEZ, MICHELLE A            DIR-HEALTH WELLNESS PREV                                    52589.04
PINKERTONZ, JACQUELINE V        INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                       6854.87
PIPERZ, TRICIA M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
PIRCHZ, KEVIN A                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50359.02
PIRCHZ, KEVIN A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              18456
PIRNIEZ, LORRIE ANNE            EHS CENTER SERVICES MANAGER                                 41028.48
PISCITELLOZ, PETER JOHN         FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                         22594.21
PITTSZ, MICHAEL J               ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      14288
PJOSEKZ, ALBERT CHARLES         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            31726.2
PLAMONDONZ, ANDREW A            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                835
PLAMONDONZ, ANDREW A            SENIOR LECTURER                                             36516.96
PLASCENCIA-JANESZ, MARGARITA    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
PLATOZ, KRYSTA MAE              ASST DIR-EAGLE ATHLETIC ASSN                                38562.24
PLEWNARZZ, LAURA I              CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
PLEWNARZZ, STEVEN M             CUSTODIAN 3                                                 35821.99
PLEWNIAKZ, KIM                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6499.98
PLOEGERZ, KRISTINA M            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            46827
PLOEGERZ, KRISTINA M            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2250
PLUMLEEZ, KELLIE MARIE          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10350
PLUMMERZ, CATHERINE J           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         20066.49
POLIAKOVAZ, ANASTASIA V         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4024.98
PONTIERZ, CATHY R               PARKING GUIDE                                               33772.52
POPLAWSKIZ, LISA MICHELLE       DIR-ALUMNI ADVANCEMENT                                      70474.08
PORTERZ, PETER S                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         50287.98
PORTERZ, PETER S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5391
PORTNERZ, LESTER SCOTT          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           36570.04
PORTNERZ, LESTER SCOTT          TEMPORARY ASSOC DEAN                                         9566.69
POTTERZ, ANGELA J               GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      32698.26
POTTERZ, CHARLIE RAE            LECTURER                                                    10000.02
POTTERZ, GAIL J                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
POTTERZ, JONATHAN D             LIBRARIAN III                                               55735.95
POTTERZ, JONATHAN D             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                600
POTTERZ, ROGER B                GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 6                                      24673.24
POTTERZ, ROGER B                HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SUP                                29248.34
POTTERZ, SUSAN K                FISCAL ANALYST 4                                             44446.5
POUNDSZ, RUSSELL WILLIAM        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         39070.71
POWELLZ, EMILY                  INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                300
POWERSZ, BONNIE JEAN            CLINIC SUPERVISOR                                               3240
POWERSZ, KYMBERLI K             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1096
PRATTZ, GARY L                  CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER                                   142106.4
PRATTZ, SAMANTHA JANE           PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       28590.93
PREISIGZ, FLORIAN               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         54613.98
PREISIGZ, FLORIAN               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3100
PRESCOTTZ, ELLEN JEAN           FISCAL ANALYST 3                                               53148
PREUSSZ, CARA L                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                585
PRIANOZ, STACY S                LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 5                                        43572
PRINTZZ, ROXANNE M              DIR-CWTAP CENTER                                            79260.24
PROFFZ, KAREN I                 SECRETARY                                                   14538.81
PRZYCHODZIN-HAVISZ, ANGELA MARIEQUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11969.02
PRZYCHODZIN-HAVISZ, ANGELA MARIESENIOR LECTURER                                                43371
PULSIPHERZ, JOHN C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
PURCELLZ, CHIKA ISHIMINE        OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                             29392
PURTZERZ, MARK B                COOK 2                                                      31612.58
PUTNAMZ, JEFFREY B              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         45832.68
PUTNAMZ, JEFFREY B              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3729
PYATTZ, KEVIN A                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         49944.96
PYATTZ, KEVIN A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           36341.01
QUACKENBUSHZ, ROBERT L          DIR-COUNSELING SERVICES                                     79455.13
QUINNZ, DESTINY                 INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               28462.87
QUINNZ, ROBERT R                PROFESSOR                                                   82369.98
QUINNZ, ROBERT R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14646.99
RADEBAUGHZ, DOROTHY M           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                648
RAHNZ, JEFFREY A                PROFESSOR                                                   67694.04
RAHNZ, JEFFREY A                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12659.01
RAINWATERZ, TERRY I             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         49944.96
RAINWATERZ, TERRY I             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4823.99
RALSTONZ, ROGER                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           20085.96
RALSTONZ, ROGER                 TEACHING ASSISTANT                                           1934.64
RAMIREZZ, ELIZABETH             ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            841.5
RAMSAYZ, GRANT MENTOR           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               80488.01
RAMSHAWZ, WILLIAM S             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5299.98
RASTZ, PATRICK C                ELECTRICIAN                                                    48168
RATHBUNZ, LEWIS E               INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               62347.16
RATLIFFZ, JEANNE N              SENIOR LECTURER                                                18000
RATZLAFFZ, LEAH L               ATHLETIC COMPLIANCE ADMIN                                   37712.15
RAUKZ, REVA P                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1129
RAUPACHZ, GRETCHEN K            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2400
RAUSCHZ, RONALD PHILLIP         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                      62352.57
RAVERZ, TIMOTHY S               CONST PROJECT COORDINATOR 2                                    60764
RAYZ, BRITTANY N                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             574.98
RAYZ, JESSICA L                 COSTUME SHOP SUPERVISOR                                        23028
RAYZ, MICHAEL JAMES             INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               72060.47
RAYMONDZ, KENNETH WILLIAM       PROFESSOR                                                      72711
RAYMONDZ, KENNETH WILLIAM       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                180
REDHAWKZ, JENNA J               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                              33405
REECEZ, STACEY LEE              DIR-OFF STUDENT RIGHTS RESP                                 50709.36
REEDYZ, AMANDA R                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         19999.98
REEDYZ, AMANDA R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10001.01
REEDYZ, TRENT D                 RESPONDER                                                        295
REESEZ, JOEL HARDY              RESERVE POLICE OFFICER                                       2139.01
REEVESZ, LAVONA L               PROFESSOR                                                   72164.94
REEVESZ, LAVONA L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              17996
REGALADOZ, CHARLES L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                350
REGANZ, MICHAEL DOUGLAS         ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       9856
REIBERZ, REBECCA J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                          17405.72
REICHZ, JASON A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3500
REIDZ, MICHAEL BRADRICK         COORD-STUDENT SERVICES                                      35935.25
REIDZ, MICHAEL BRADRICK         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5750.04
REIDZ, MICHELLE RAE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         34530.85
REIDZ, NATHAN LAWRENCE          COOK 2                                                      27686.49
REIDZ, RYAN TYREL               SPORTS EQUIPMENT MANAGER 1                                  32529.54
REIDTZ, KENNETH D               CUSTODIAN 4                                                 38640.55
REIDTZ, MICHAEL D               CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27879.69
REIMANZ, LORI ANNE              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           12994.66
REITERZ, JO ANNE                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1420
REMPEZ, REBEKAH S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6589.98
RENSHAWZ, EVELYN B              DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                                6000
RENSHAWZ, EVELYN B              SENIOR LECTURER                                                53670
REPOVICHZ, WENDY E S            ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         57747.06
REPOVICHZ, WENDY E S            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              25464
RETTMANNZ, MAUREEN LOUISE       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3550
REYZ, DAVID L                   WRITER/EDITOR                                               46000.08
REYESZ, LESLIE A                ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      15216
REYNAZ, MARIA TERESA            ASSOC DIR-EASTERN ADVANTAGE                                 54060.24
REYNOLDSZ, NELLIE M             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 29058.46
REYNOLDSZ, SARAH J              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           404.64
REYNOLDSZ, SARAH J              RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                          19530.38
RICHZ, ROBERT                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5567
RICHARDZ, MARCIA                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1500
RICHARDSONZ, CLAUDINE ELISA     ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                          21955.99
RICHTERZ, CATHERINE A           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                         26613.72
RICHTERZ, DONALD C              PROFESSOR                                                   78078.06
RICHTERZ, DONALD C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10771.05
RIDLONZ, LYNNE H                CLINIC SUPERVISOR                                               8505
RIDLONZ, LYNNE H                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           16319.47
RIECKERSZ, RAYMOND CHARLES      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5168.04
RIGBYZ, DAVID GENE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5750.04
RIGGSZ, MICHAEL D               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6000
RILEYZ, ELIZABETH               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           27324.98
RIMMEYZ, STEVEN TIMOTHY         INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  64740
RINARDZ, ROBERT E               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              119
RINEHARTZ, ANNA B               CUSTODIAN                                                        711
RINEHARTZ, VICENTINA S S        CUSTODIAN 1                                                  28292.1
RIPLEYZ, KENNETH J              PROCURE SUPPLY SPEC 2                                       46198.61
RIVASZ, CARLOS                  CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                       49596.23
RIVERSZ, VERONICA L             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30268.07
ROBERTSZ, DOREEN L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38985.32
ROBERTSZ, KATY LYNN             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             230.63
ROBERTSZ, MAX J                 FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2                                          1018.52
ROBERTSZ, RAYMOND ARLAN         COMM INFO/PARENT INVOLV COORD                               35009.37
ROBERTSZ, VICTORIA V            OFFICE AIDE 1                                                1812.34
ROBERTSONZ, TIMOTHY LOUIS       ADVISOR/RECRUITER-CSHE                                         38556
ROBINSONZ, HEATHER C            LECTURER                                                    30488.94
ROBINSONZ, HEATHER C            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5409
ROBINSONZ, ROBERTA SUE          MGR-BUDGET ADMIN SRVS CALE                                  64536.72
ROBISONZ, IAN DAVID             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    20447.54
ROCKWELLZ, PATRICIA NOREEN      ASST DIR-UNDERGRAD ACAD ADV                                 42471.84
RODEZ, DODI K                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             914.78
RODGERSZ, SHYLA A               PATIENT SERVICES SUPER                                         57240
RODMANZ, PAUL K                 LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 6                                        45000
RODRIGUEZZ, VICTOR H            TRANSITION SPECIALIST                                        42595.2
RODRIGUEZ-MAREKZ, ESTEBAN       ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         64615.32
RODRIGUEZ-MAREKZ, ESTEBAN       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              19000
ROEZ, TIMOTHY M                 LECTURER                                                    30000.06
ROEZ, TIMOTHY M                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4050.02
ROGERSZ, JOLYNN PATRICIA        DIR-HUMAN RES, RIGHTS RISK                                 103608.24
ROGERSZ, MARGARET GWENLLIAN     ADMIN ASSISTANT 3                                            38390.9
ROIGZ, VICTORIA S               SECRETARY SENIOR                                            26287.41
ROLEYZ, JONEEL REAY             LECTURER                                                    32000.04
ROLEYZ, JONEEL REAY             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12215
ROLFEZ, TIMOTHY J               PROFESSOR                                                    64658.4
ROLLANDZ, RICHARD ALAN          DIR-NW/AK TRIBAL TTAP                                        85302.9
ROMEROZ, ANN LUCILLE            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                         18864.02
ROPERZ, CHARLES F               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                               53148
ROSEZ, JAMES RANDALL            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              26225
ROSEZ, PENNY RAE                OPERATIONS MGR-PEHR                                         47895.12
ROSE-KOCIELAZ, CHERILYN C       CLINIC SUPERVISOR                                             7597.5
ROSE-KOCIELAZ, CHERILYN C       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2813
ROSSZ, DONALD C                 ASSOC ATH DIR-CHIEF OP OFCR                                    62220
ROSSZ, JASON CHARLES            CASHIER AIDE                                                 5583.69
ROSSZ, KEITH W                  RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 3                                    42586.86
ROSS-DUERRZ, TORI LYNN          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1187
ROTH PITNERZ, GABRIELLE C       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2875.02
ROWEZ, SHERRI LYNN              CASHIER AIDE                                                  481.79
ROYZ, MELODY C                  PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                        9468.61
ROYZ, ZARA L                    INFANT TODDLER TEACHER                                      12424.34
ROYZ, ZARA L                    PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                             335.69
ROYZ, ZARA L                    TEMPORARY ADMINISTRATOR                                     10492.16
ROYSTERZ, AMY J                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
RUBYZ, SUSAN F                  ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            49005
RUBYZ, SUSAN F                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           13549.02
RUEPPELZ, RANDY LEE             TRUCK DRIVER 1-FLOAT                                        39309.09
RUIZ-RUBIOZ, NATALIA            ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47333.31
RUIZ-RUBIOZ, NATALIA            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5000
RUMNEYZ, JOHN DAVID             PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR                                        41028
RUOTSALAINENZ, ROBERT W         PROFESSOR                                                   71398.08
RUOTSALAINENZ, ROBERT W         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11854
RUSSELLZ, BYRON E               ASSOC DEAN-SCI, HEALTH & ENG                                50779.08
RUSSELLZ, BYRON E               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         34034.94
RUSSELLZ, BYRON E               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             9734.28
RUSSELLZ, BYRON E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           22999.98
RUSSELLZ, MICHAEL R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           29726.01
RUSSELLZ, PAMELA SUE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         33705.84
RUSSELLZ, PATRICK S             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                     28298.1
RUSSELLZ, ROBERTA L             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52896.06
RUSSELLZ, ROBERTA L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11637
RUSSOZ, JOHN P                  FOOD SERVICE AIDE 2-300143                                  16366.28
RUXZ, ERIC B                    INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               53795.45
RYANZ, MICHAEL T                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11181.96
SAADZ, HANI S                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         57999.96
SAADZ, HANI S                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5075
SADOWSKIZ, KERRI L              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                             30330
SAINZ, AMY KATHLEEN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          33277.5
SAINZ, RYAN CHRISTOPHER         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50000.04
SAINZ, RYAN CHRISTOPHER         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15900
SALERNOZ, JULIA D               LECTURER                                                    34000.38
SALERNOZ, JULIA D               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                760
SALISBURY-GEHRESZ, BILLIE R     QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
SALSBURYZ, ROBERT EMORY         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10361.04
SANCHEZZ, LAURA L               ADMISSIONS ADVISOR                                             30600
SANDERSZ, GREGORY J             MAIL PROCESSING DRV - PREM PAY                              37554.69
SANDERSZ, JEFFREY A             LECTURER                                                    32000.04
SANDERSZ, JEFFREY A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1725
SANDERSONZ, CARLA J             ACCOUNTING AIDE 2                                           12040.14
SANDERSONZ, RODNEY ROYAL        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                         51864
SANTIAGOZ, BILL                 PROCURE SUPPLY SPEC 4                                          54174
SARSOZOZ, JOCELYN L             CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27713.97
SAUDERZ, MELINDA MORRISON       PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       28834.67
SAUDERSZ, ROBERT R              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         59117.02
SAUDERSZ, ROBERT R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10955
SAUTHERZ, JANE M                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                               2445
SAVAGEZ, NICK R                 CUSTODIAN                                                    4129.69
SAWTELLSZ, KATHRYN R            CONTROLLER                                                  87290.03
SAWYERZ, RYAN                   ASST FOOTBALL COACH                                            35700
SCAMMONZ, SANDRA FAWN CONKLIN   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                100
SCARCELLOZ, JAMES EUGENE        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           19075.02
SCHAEFERZ, JOSEPH D             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9775.02
SCHALLOCKZ, KRISTINA F          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1607
SCHEELZ, JEROMY M               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                    8276.25
SCHEERZ, MELODY LYNNE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13500
SCHERMERHORNZ, MARY A           ELECTION CLERK                                                172.45
SCHERMERHORNZ, ROBERT S         ELECTION CLERK                                                   171
SCHIERMANZ, DANIEL LEE          TRUCK DRIVER 1-FLOAT SCH                                    39606.37
SCHILLINGERZ, VALERIE A         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           11947.36
SCHIMPFZ, PAUL H                DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            17203.62
SCHIMPFZ, PAUL H                PROFESSOR                                                   92006.94
SCHIMPFZ, PAUL H                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1350
SCHLINGERZ, CARA C              ASST SPORTS INFORMATION DIR                                 16695.34
SCHMEDDINGZ, JEFFREY D          ASST FOOTBALL COACH                                            35700
SCHMIDTZ, ALICIA M              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4883.01
SCHMIDTZ, CANDACE A             COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST                                     43043.71
SCHMIDTZ, DOLLIE L              PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                        40652.18
SCHMIDTZ, DOLLIE L              SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                         1886.73
SCHMIDTZ, L GREGORY             RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 4                                        8028
SCHMITTERZ, ROBERT J            RESERVE POLICE OFFICER                                       9613.89
SCHNEIDERZ, BRENT LORIN         INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               64030.13
SCHOCKZ, TERESA MARIE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9200.04
SCHOEFFZ, BETHANY M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2240
SCHOLTENZ, GLENDA LEE           RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                           32083.03
SCHOLZZ, ALLAN T                PROFESSOR                                                   75733.92
SCHOLZZ, ALLAN T                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           30499.98
SCHRADERZ, TAMMIE JEAN          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                125
SCHULLERZ, WENDY M              HEAD WOMEN'S BASKETBALL COACH                               82236.88
SCHULTZZ, MICHELLE L            COORD-RESIDENTIAL LIFE                                      16757.45
SCHWABZ, SUZANNE MARIE          PROFESSOR                                                   71661.06
SCHWALBEZ, STEPHEN R            PRODUCTION SPECIALIST                                        31883.7
SCHWARTZZ, RON                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
SCHWENDIMANZ, ANGELA RENEE      LECTURER                                                    45455.04
SCOTTZ, GERALDINE L             DIR-STUDENT SERVICES SPOKANE                                   46500
SCOTTZ, JACK LEWIS              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
SCOTTZ, JAMES BRUCE             WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 4                                           36756
SCOTTZ, JASON M                 COOK AIDE-300142                                            10642.06
SCOTTZ, JENNIFER LYNN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8625
SCOTTZ, RICHARD L               RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 2                                       30660
SEABURGZ, JAIME G               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15850
SEDLERZ, MICHAEL DEAN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15120
SEDORZ, TIMOTHY                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           38800.02
SEEDORFZ, MARTIN F              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           13000.02
SEGROVESZ, ANGELA L             CASHIER AIDE                                                  615.49
SEIFERTZ, ALICE S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3666.65
SEIVERZ, JILLENE G              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8277.96
SELLEZ, KENDRA LYNN             ASSOC DIR-CAREER SERVICES                                   35866.72
SELLEZ, KENDRA LYNN             COORD-CAREER PLANNING                                          14620
SELMANOVICZ, AMIR               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5750.04
SEMBZ, DUSTIN GREGORY           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2058.98
SEMBZ, DUSTIN GREGORY           RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 2                                       40097
SEMLERZ, JOANNA STOREY          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                240
SEMLERZ, JOANNA STOREY          RESPONDER                                                     9573.5
SENZ, ACHIN                     PROFESSOR                                                   73760.04
SENZ, ACHIN                     QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                120
SESEKZ, FRANK A                 PROJ MGR-INF/EARLY CHILDHOOD                                41458.39
SEXTON-JOHNSONZ, SARA A         PROGRAM DIRECTOR-DIEO                                       67134.96
SHAFFERZ, ALEXANDER H           INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 2                                   23438.06
SHAFFERZ, DONNA JUNE            INFORMATION TECH TECHNICIAN 1                                11854.8
SHAFFERZ, DONNA JUNE            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                           23427.6
SHAFFERZ, THOMAS JAMES          FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                                    42328.9
SHANNAHANZ, JENNIFER L          ADVISOR/PEER MENTOR                                             2628
SHARIFIZ, MAJID K               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48999.96
SHARPZ, ANNE                    PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          1098.75
SHARPZ, ANNE                    RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     566.25
SHAWZ, ROBERT R                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6000.02
SHAWZ, STEPHANIE LYNN           ADMIN ASST-POLICE SERVICES                                  37615.31
SHAWZ, WILLIAM HOWARD           FISCAL ANALYST 3                                            13226.58
SHAWZ, WILLIAM HOWARD           FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                          21000.5
SHEARERZ, NATHAN D              INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                64462.9
SHEFFLERZ, BARB                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            297.5
SHEFFLERZ, BARB                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            78.75
SHEFFLERZ, BARB                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                         90
SHELDONZ, MARISA S              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2555
SHELTONZ, LINDA R               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             1736.5
SHEPARDZ, ALICIA                CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
SHEPARDZ, BROCK D               CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27735.25
SHEPHERDZ, KIMBERLEY FAYE       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         23274.01
SHERVAISZ, STEPHEN              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                            89253
SHERWOODZ, DANIELLE NICOLE      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
SHERWOODZ, FRANCES R            PROFESSOR                                                   62771.04
SHERWOODZ, FRANCES R            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           24284.99
SHIELDSZ, BARBARA J             SECRETARY LEAD                                              37281.56
SHIELDSZ, JOHN P                INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 3                                   49337.38
SHIELDSZ, KARMEL J              LECTURER                                                    25431.96
SHIELDSZ, PETER G               PROFESSOR                                                   83926.08
SHIELDSZ, PETER G               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           20074.01
SHIELDSZ, VICKIE R              DEAN                                                       140263.44
SHIMABUKUZ, SCOTT M             STATIONARY ENG 2 - PREM PAY                                 60245.81
SHIVELYZ, JOHN Q                ELECTRICIAN                                                 50657.75
SHOWALTERZ, ROBIN L             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPER 1                                     41417.11
SHROLLZ, DARREN M               SNACK BAR LEAD                                              22554.76
SI JOHNZ, CYNTHIA BEA           CASHIER AIDE                                                 5461.45
SI JOHNZ, CYNTHIA BEA           CASHIER AIDE SUPERVISOR                                       2207.1
SIEDENBURGZ, MICHELE G          PROGRAM SPECIALIST-TTAP                                     40591.92
SIEGLOCKZ, JOETTA L             DIS SUPPORT SERVICES ADVISOR                                   48960
SIGLERZ, GARY ROGER             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
SILHAZ, CARLAN D                ASSOC WOMEN'S TENNIS COACH                                  14999.94
SILHAZ, CARLAN D                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
SILVERSZ, WILLIAM M             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         38796.64
SILVERSZ, WILLIAM M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9286
SILVISZ, STEVEN D               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
SIMMELINKZ, DANA N              INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  56898
SIMMONSZ, KAREN M               SECRETARY                                                   29781.19
SIMMONSZ, STEVEN M              PROFESSOR                                                      70479
SIMONSENZ, FLINT L              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         40143.36
SIMONSENZ, FLINT L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11544.99
SIMONSENZ, GARRIC R             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3750
SIMONSENZ, LOWELL C             RETAIL CLERK 2                                                 33468
SIMONSENZ, MINA R               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                           8240.23
SIMONSENZ, MINA R               SECRETARY LEAD                                               28357.5
SIMONSONZ, JOSHUA D             INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                300
SIMSZ, DONALD C                 ASSOC ATHLETIC TRAINER                                         35700
SIMSZ, DONALD C                 TEMPORARY COACH                                                  550
SIMSZ, KRISTIN MARIE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2349.98
SIMSZ, MARY M                   INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 2                               58698.14
SINEKOPOVAZ, GALINA V           ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         52853.94
SINEKOPOVAZ, GALINA V           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           36490.03
SIPESZ, JANE T                  RETAIL CLERK 2                                              31724.88
SIRCARZ, PARTHASARATHI          PROFESSOR                                                      77544
SISSONZ, DAN                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              38450
SKAERZ, ANNETTE M               EXEC ASSOC-ACAD RES PLAN                                    74097.84
SKRILETZZ, KACEY M              ASST ATHLETIC TRAINER                                          31110
SKRILETZZ, KACEY M              TEMPORARY COACH                                                  550
SLACKZ, EDWARD R                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         55096.02
SLACKZ, EDWARD R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12121
SLAVICEKZ, JAMES C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6750
SLEDGEZ, JAMES                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           20333.04
SLIGERZ, KATHLEEN VANESSA       EHS CONTENT MANAGER                                            41028
SLOANZ, SCOTT H                 FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    29180.98
SLYTERZ, MARLENE J              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         47515.26
SLYTERZ, MARLENE J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14143.75
SLYUSAREVAZ, OLGA V             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           30850.01
SMALLZ, RENE F                  ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                      14124
SMEDLEYZ, STEVEN L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              24750
SMITHZ, ADAM WILLIAM            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2299.98
SMITHZ, CATHY M                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30265.41
SMITHZ, DALE H                  CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                     39740.73
SMITHZ, DENISE L                RETENTION SPECIALIST                                        31981.44
SMITHZ, FREDERICK M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           10299.98
SMITHZ, GARY J                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2649.98
SMITHZ, GRANT W                 PROFESSOR                                                   83885.16
SMITHZ, GRANT W                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9375
SMITHZ, HEIDI SUE               ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            37762.88
SMITHZ, JACK M                  ELECTION CLERK                                                179.56
SMITHZ, JOANNE E                ELECTION CLERK                                                179.56
SMITHZ, JULIA E                 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                          51413.7
SMITHZ, JULIA E                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14884.55
SMITHZ, KATIE BROOKE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         20068.84
SMITHZ, MARK ALLEN              CUSTODIAN 1                                                 20890.17
SMITHZ, MARK ALLEN              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      11513.25
SMITHZ, MARVIN E                DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12650.36
SMITHZ, MARVIN E                PROFESSOR                                                   87634.08
SMITHZ, MARVIN E                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           18733.92
SMITHZ, PAMELA JEAN             CUSTODIAN 1                                                  7846.38
SMITHZ, REDGY N                 TUTOR                                                        2871.57
SMITHZ, ROBERT J                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                      30209.76
SMITHZ, SAUNDRA L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            6519.93
SMITHZ, TIMOTHY JAMES           ARCHAEOLOGIST II                                            25245.68
SMITHZ, VICKI D                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         33785.95
SMOKEZ, DANIEL T                STATIONARY ENG 2 - PREM PAY                                 59139.46
SNELLZ, JEFFREY W               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             980.02
SNELLZ, RICHARD M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4999.98
SOFIEZ, THOMAS G                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                100
SOLAZ, CAROLYN DIANE            DIR-EARLY HEAD START                                        62146.32
SOLAZ, RICHARD MARK             ASSOC DIR-PARENT INVOLVEMENT                                61736.16
SOMERDAYZ, DIANE MARIE          COORD-SW UNDERGRAD STUDIES                                   51861.6
SORENSONZ, CHERYL E             ASST WOMEN'S BBALL COACH                                       35700
SORENSONZ, CHERYL E             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1300
SORENSONZ, CHERYL E             TEMPORARY COACH                                                  877
SPANJERZ, PATRICIA A            ASSOC DIR-ANNUAL GIVING                                        52632
SPATZZ, GREGORY M               PROFESSOR                                                      59811
SPATZZ, GREGORY M               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6368
SPEERZ, LORIE ANN               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7789.48
SPINKZ, TOMSON J                CONTRACT SPECIALIST                                          67221.6
SPRAGGZ, LAURA M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                138
SPRAGUEZ, DONNA M               CUSTODIAN 4                                                 11906.73
SPRINGBERRYZ, GAR               ADVISOR/RECRUITER-CSHE                                      38947.68
SPRINGBERRYZ, TRACY LG          ASSOC DIR-GRANTS DEV/COMM                                   32500.08
SPURGEONZ, PAUL EVERETT         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              17685
ST GEORGEZ, JOHN T              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              15300
ST JEANZ, JOSEPH C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             439.98
STAFFORDZ, DEBRA HAMILTON       COORD-LIVING LEARNING COMM                                  43000.08
STAFFORDZ, JEFFREY L            ASSOC DEAN-SOC BEHAV SCI                                       98664
STAFFORDZ, JEFFREY L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14953.79
STAMPERZ, RANDALL L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2400
STANDISHZ, TODD C               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
STANFORDZ, BARBARA JEAN         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1860.04
STANLEYZ, ROBERT M              ARCHAELOGICAL TECH/CREW CHIEF                                   8823
STANLEYZ, ROBERT M              ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       3200
STANLEY-WEIGANDZ, PAMELA A      PROFESSOR                                                   37623.36
STANLEY-WEIGANDZ, PAMELA A      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1000
STANSBURYZ, KIM L               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         62974.08
STANSBURYZ, KIM L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           24011.03
STANTUSZ, MARK E                ELECTRICIAN                                                 49402.17
STANZAKZ, MARGO LORETTA         OPERATIONS MGR-COMPUTER SCI                                 51705.84
STCHERBININEZ, SEAN M           ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       6012
STEARNSZ, SUSAN ANNETTE         PROFESSOR                                                   66769.92
STEARNSZ, SUSAN ANNETTE         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                150
STEELEZ, ERIC JURGEN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                             8840
STEELEZ, PHYLLIS ANN            SECRETARY SENIOR                                            35042.21
STEENZ, THOMAS FREDERICK        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                         53137
STEENHUISZ, HARM-JAN            DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            16071.28
STEENHUISZ, HARM-JAN            PROFESSOR                                                    97982.7
STEENHUISZ, HARM-JAN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              21133
STEIGLEDERZ, CLAIRE M           LIBRARY ASSOCIATE                                           18109.08
STEINERZ, HENRY-YORK            PROFESSOR                                                   93441.96
STEINERZ, STUART GLEN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10148
STEINERZ, STUART GLEN           SENIOR LECTURER                                             51253.92
STEINERZ, WES E                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         48999.96
STEINERZ, WES E                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           17474.98
STELLWAGENZ, KURT KEITH         ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            49005
STELLWAGENZ, KURT KEITH         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           19386.06
STERLINGZ, RAYETTE S            LIBRARIAN II                                                   56000
STERNZ, LEONARD DAVID           PROFESSOR                                                      72711
STERNZ, LEONARD DAVID           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13848
STEVENSZ, REBECCA A             ARCHAEOLOGIST III                                           32289.92
STEWARTZ, CHRIS M               FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                            33534
STEWARTZ, DAMON T               CUSTODIAN 1                                                 26082.95
STEWARTZ, MONARAE               CUSTODIAN 1                                                    19856
STEWARTZ, MONARAE               CUSTODIAN 3                                                  10849.6
STEWARTZ, PAUL DAVID            INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               49511.16
STEWARTZ, STEVEN DALE           LECTURER                                                    30488.94
STEWARTZ, STEVEN DALE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12087.04
STEWART-STROBELTZ, JODY R       QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            8019.35
STEWART-STROBELTZ, JODY R       SENIOR LECTURER                                             35485.92
STIMSONZ, WILLIAM L             PROFESSOR                                                   71015.04
STIMSONZ, WILLIAM L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11448
STIRLINGZ, ROBERT W             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9295
STIRLINGZ, ROBERT W             SENIOR LECTURER                                             55960.02
STOLBERGZ, REBECCA L            DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            20574.52
STOLBERGZ, REBECCA L            PROFESSOR                                                   60710.64
STOLBERGZ, REBECCA L            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                150
STONEZ, JENNIFER ANN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2498
STORIEZ, SANDI E                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                            36756
STORYZ, MARK E                  INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                               51926.39
STORYZ, TERESA RENE             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
STRADLINGZ, TEIKO KUBOTA        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            3283.35
STRADLINGZ, TEIKO KUBOTA        SENIOR LECTURER                                             35382.29
STRAGIERZ, DEANNA MARIE         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                         31177.85
STRAGIERZ, SAMANTHA J           FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    29275.48
STRANGZ, ERIC M                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31073.6
STRANGEZ, FREDERICK S           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              18750
STRAYERZ, ROBYN A               PROJECT DIRECTOR-GEAR UP                                    52636.32
STRAYERZ, ROBYN A               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7366.61
STRECKERZ, DOUGLAS M            ELECTION CLERK                                                 96.19
STREITZ, CHARLOTTE G            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2599.98
STRITEZ, LORNE C                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1-PROJECT                              12182.62
STRONGZ, CARL DOUGLAS           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2100
STROTEZ, JODI LYNNE             ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            38695.92
STROUDZ, DANA HAYCOX PARENT     RESEARCH ASSOCIATE-BIOLOGY                                  43463.52
STROUTZ, CHARLES R              INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 3                                   45799.43
STROUTZ, CHARLES R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              22688
STUARTZ, DIANA K                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           31759.98
STUARTZ, RAYMOND P              CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31652.3
STUARTZ, TIRZAH C               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              340
STUARTZ, TIRZAH C               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                              690
STUARTZ, TIRZAH C               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        135
STUCKERZ, JENNIFER RUTH         PROFESSOR                                                   71429.94
STUCKERZ, JENNIFER RUTH         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11678.96
SULLIVANZ, DANIEL P             FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300143                                   2116.13
SULLIVANZ, HUGH D               PROFESSOR                                                   92946.96
SUMEYZ, FLOYD LEE               CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30240.08
SUMMERSZ, JILL MARIE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         37635.01
SUNDHEIMZ, SHARON C             EHS CENTER SERVICES MANAGER                                    38562
SUNDSTROMZ, DAVID W             CUSTODIAN 1                                                    29786
SUNSHINEZ, JANELLE RENEE        SUB INFANT TDLR TCHR - 500889                                 305.06
SUTLER-COHENZ, SARA C           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4138.98
SUTTONZ, LOLITA J               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7784.98
SWAIMZ, KEVIN R                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3900
SWANKZ, CINDY KUTAS             OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                       31117.83
SWANNACKZ, LESLIE M             ADMIN ASSISTANT 4                                              41814
SWANSONZ, TIMOTHY W             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         18222.09
SWANSONZ, TIMOTHY W             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1299.96
SWINYARDZ, JOSEPH G             DIR-FACILITIES MAINTENANCE                                     71400
SYTHZ, RON L                    INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                79750.2
SZYMANOWSKIZ, TIMOTHY L         DIR-DEVELOPMENT                                                81600
TAFTZ, TERESA                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
TALARICOZ, CLAUDIO              ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         76586.04
TALARICOZ, CLAUDIO              DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            16527.02
TALARICOZ, CLAUDIO              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           17574.03
TAPPERZ, ROBERT D               PROFESSOR                                                   57018.66
TAPPERZ, ROBERT D               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10848
TAUDIN CHABOTZ, ROBYN L         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           20700.02
TAUDIN CHABOTZ, SEAN K          ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         52793.34
TAUDIN CHABOTZ, SEAN K          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                489
TAYLORZ, CAROL S                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         70574.94
TAYLORZ, CAROL S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2045.46
TAYLORZ, TONI                   DIR-UNIVERSITY HOUSING                                      62632.08
TAYLORZ, TREVOR ANDREW          FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300146                                   2374.11
TEACHMANZ, DANNY M              PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                           40610
TEAGUEZ, BRUCE T                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         92289.96
TEAGUEZ, BRUCE T                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16243
TEAGUE-WHITEZ, DIANA M          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            38556
TEDESCOEZ, JOE E                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           31590.98
TEDESCOEZ, JOE E                VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                33392.64
TEETERSZ, KANDI MARIE           ASSOC DIR-FIN AID/SCHOLARSHIPS                                 60180
TERPSTRAZ, DAVID E              PROFESSOR                                                      91278
TERPSTRAZ, DAVID E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              16065
TERRELLZ, PATRICIA ELISE        CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                     35797.38
TESSANDORIZ, ANTHONY S          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4138.98
TESTA-SMITHZ, MARY              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9000
THADENZ, LYSSA L                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2875
THAYERZ, JULIE L                EXEC ASST-BOT                                               46923.49
THEWZ, DIANA LYNN               LECTURER                                                    40289.04
THEWZ, DIANA LYNN               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9290
THOMASZ, GARY A                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            620.5
THOMASZ, MELANIE R              ACAD COORD/ADVISOR                                          36700.08
THOMASZ, MELANIE R              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3900
THOMASZ, NANCY ELISE            PROJECT DIRECTOR-GEAR UP                                    53994.16
THOMPSONZ, ALFRED S             DEAN-STUDENTS/AVP-STU LIFE                                 107696.64
THOMPSONZ, DELBERT L            INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                                  78900
THOMPSONZ, LYNN MARIE           FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                            36756
THOMPSONZ, SHAWNA M             OFFICE AIDE 2                                                1258.21
THOMPSONZ, SUSAN KAY            COORD-SW STUDENT SERVICES                                   42126.72
THOMSONZ, JENNIFER A            PROFESSOR                                                   66737.08
THOMSONZ, JENNIFER A            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2890
THORESONZ, MELLISSA A           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           21288.74
THORNEZ, DONALD E               RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 4                                    28830.52
THORNTONZ, JEFFREY W            WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                           34260
THROOPZ, DARCIA K               REGIONAL SRV SUPP SPEC                                      32266.82
THUNDERZ, SPENCER K             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1859.98
TIETJENZ, MARK R                INSTRUCTOR-SATORI                                                400
TILLMANZ, KARI SUE              CHECKSTAND OPERATOR                                         23324.14
TIMMZ, DOREEN MARION            ADMIN ASST-EXEC VICE PROVOST                                53707.92
TINKERZ, DEVON LAVERN           ASST DIR-OPERATIONS BOOKSTORE                                46099.2
TISHZ, BARBARA JEAN             LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 2                                      34693.8
TOBLERZ, MARVIN W               CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31141.2
TOMPKINSZ, CARRIE MARIE         ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            36316.08
TOMSONZ, SCOTT A                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                       6954.22
TONEVAZ, ELENA T                ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                          60698.7
TONEVAZ, ELENA T                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              13354
TONGEZ, KENNETH W               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              204
TONGEZ, KENNETH W               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            127.5
TONGEZ, KENNETH W               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     581.25
TONGEZ, REBECCA                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              918
TONGEZ, REBECCA                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            412.5
TONGEZ, REBECCA                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                    1391.25
TOORZ, RACHEL                   ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                            48327
TOORZ, RACHEL                   QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10000
TORGERSONZ, BETH E              ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         46688.04
TORGERSONZ, BETH E              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                500
TORRESZ, BRENDA L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                           333.75
TORRESZ, BRENDA L               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     408.75
TOULOUZ, JEFF IVER              GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      32581.23
TRAPPZ, JENNIFER L              FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                    14697.88
TRAVERZ, KIM C                  DIR-CONSTRUCTION PLANNING                                      89148
TRAYNORZ, JOELLE J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4498
TRIALZ, DEREK LOUIS             INST CLASSROOM SUP TECH 2                                   30526.77
TRIERZ, ANIKKE MELODIE          RESPONDER                                                       3320
TRUDEZ, TED A                   PLUMBR/PIPEFTR/STMFTR                                       48738.96
TRULOVEZ, WILLIAM T             DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12440.96
TRULOVEZ, WILLIAM T             PROFESSOR                                                   86119.92
TSEGAYZ, GOITOM TESFOM          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         92363.94
TSEGAYZ, GOITOM TESFOM          DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             1666.68
TURBEVILLEZ, DANIEL E           PROFESSOR                                                   65746.98
TURBEVILLEZ, DANIEL E           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12321
TURLINGTONZ, WILLIAM EDWARD     INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               72471.86
TURNBULLZ, COLIN JAMES          INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               70637.87
TYLER-WATSONZ, CAROL JANE       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                            37131
TYLLIAZ, CHRISTOPHER E          PROFESSOR                                                   10000.02
TYLLIAZ, CHRISTOPHER E          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14375.01
UNDERCOFFLERZ, JOHN M           GROUNDS NURSERY SPEC 2                                      29072.97
UPPINGHOUSEZ, JERRY B           MGR-RESEARCH/PROSPECT DEV                                   47879.23
URBANIAKZ, JAMES LEE            INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               79410.12
VALDESZ, PATRICIA               COORD-SW GRAD STUDIES                                       40908.32
VALEOZ, CHRISTINA A             ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         53548.02
VALEOZ, CHRISTINA A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12243
VAN BEMMELZ, MARY JO            SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                        42596.37
VAN CARAZ, DARNELL LOUIS        TRUCK DRIVER 1-FLOAT SCH                                    39592.85
VAN GEMERTZ, JOHN A             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            7149.99
VAN MATREZ, JAMES M             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5769.96
VAN STEENWYKZ, MATTHEW I        CUSTODIAN                                                   12785.35
VAN STEENWYKZ, MATTHEW I        CUSTODIAN 1                                                  4543.16
VAN STONEZ, MILLER S            FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                    1241.9
VANDER LINDENZ, DARL W          PROFESSOR                                                      89316
VANDER LINDENZ, DARL W          QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           15053.58
VANDERPOOLZ, HEATHER L CLEMANS  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4888
VANDERWILDEZ, BRENDA LEA        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4024.98
VANMEERZ, KATHERINE JEAN        CUSTODIAN 1                                                 27504.05
VANMETERZ, DENISE L             ADMIN ASSISTANT 3                                              40524
VANNOYZ, DAVID JORDAN           CUSTODIAN 1                                                  27059.7
VANSTEENWYKZ, JENNIFER A        CUSTODIAN 4                                                  7902.58
VASQUEZZ, JUAN FRANCISCO        CAMP OUTREACH/RET SPECIALIST                                   40290
VEENSTRAZ, MICHAEL R            FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300142                                   4430.71
VELAZ, KATHY A                  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            2166.65
VERMILLIONZ, JOYCE I            LIBRARY ARCHIVES PARA 5                                     32548.28
VERNERZ, KAREN S                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                320
VICTORZ, CHRISTINA R            FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300163                                   2738.05
VICTORZ, PAUL E                 LIBRARIAN II                                                58667.04
VINESZ, CAROL M                 MGR-WOMEN'S STUDIES CENTER                                  53134.89
VISOZ, NICOLE A                 ADMIN NON STUDENT                                            2088.34
VON MARBODZ, TERESA             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2600
VOVESZ, MARY E                  VP-BUSINESS & FINANCE                                      173957.04
WADDLEZ, LONNY WAYNE            INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  55986
WAGARZ, JUSTIN                  ASST SOCCER COACH                                              83.23
WAGNERZ, JAMES R                ADVISOR STUDENT LEADERSHIP EDU                              34136.66
WAGNERZ, JILL                   ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            37265.52
WAGNERZ, MARK R                 POLICY ANALYST                                              58183.44
WAGNERZ, RANDEL R               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         53149.68
WAGNERZ, RANDEL R               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1433
WAINWRIGHTZ, NANCY A            SENIOR LECTURER                                              40326.6
WAITEZ, JANET K                 CASHIER AIDE                                                 5353.29
WALDRIPZ, JERRY CECIL           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                         51864
WALDRON-SOLERZ, KATHLEEN MARIE  ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         56946.06
WALDRON-SOLERZ, KATHLEEN MARIE  QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11012
WALDROPZ, MICHAEL V             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52333.02
WALKERZ, CARRIE ANN             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3870
WALKERZ, CARRIE ANN             SECRETARY SENIOR                                            35042.21
WALKERZ, CRAIG D                LOCKSMITH                                                   43649.26
WALKERZ, GEORGE C               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            4138.98
WALKERZ, KELLY D                ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              408
WALKERZ, LANCE L                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                                  71496
WALKERZ, WESLEY B               ASST VOLLEYBALL COACH                                          27540
WALKERZ, WESLEY B               TEMPORARY COACH                                                 1750
WALLACEZ, BRENDA L              FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                          40822.1
WALSHZ, CRYSTAL L               ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                             59.5
WALSHZ, CRYSTAL L               RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                        315
WALSHZ, THOMAS R                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         22666.68
WALSHZ, THOMAS R                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              12000
WALSTEADZ, BRENDA K             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           17899.92
WALSTEADZ, MICHAEL G            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              11625
WALTERZ, KAREN LEE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2500
WALTERSZ, DAVID OWEN            CONST PROJECT COORDINATOR 2                                  58303.5
WALTERSZ, SARAH L               COOK AIDE-300142                                             4186.46
WALTERSZ, TIMOTHY L             DIR-PUBLIC SAFETY/POLICE CHIEF                                 99450
WANJICOZ, KAREN L               VIOLENCE PREVENTION ADVOCATE                                38947.68
WARDZ, DANIELLE ALICIA          GET LIT PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR                                  39270
WARNERZ, LISA A                 LECTURER                                                    40028.94
WARNERZ, LISA A                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              19288
WARRENZ, KATHLEEN A             SECRETARY                                                    31895.5
WARRENZ, STACY M                DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                             6544.16
WARRENZ, STACY M                PROFESSOR                                                   64920.06
WARRENZ, STACY M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4550
WASHBURNZ, SASHA MARIE          OFFICE AIDE III                                               7881.7
WASHBURNZ, VERLINDA A           ASST DIR-ACADEMIC SUPP CENTER                                44594.4
WATERMANZ, JAMES DOUGLAS        FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                            38481
WATKINSZ, PHILIP C              PROFESSOR                                                      64989
WATKINSZ, PHILIP C              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           25269.02
WATSONZ, ROBERT V               CONTROL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                     52261.44
WATSONZ, ROMEAL J               COORD-INTERNSHIP PROGRAM                                    29431.82
WAVADAZ, CHRISTI A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           27977.51
WAVADAZ, CHRISTOPHER A          WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                         34469.2
WEAVERZ, DAVID M                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              27312
WEAVER-BURDETTZ, CASEY C        FOOD SERVICE AIDE 1-300143                                   3769.25
WEBERZ, DIANA J                 SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                        41898.13
WEBSTERZ, MARGEE                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1150.02
WEILERZ, JILL MARIE             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
WEIRICHZ, LISA M                INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 3                                  64740
WEISEZ, DAVID M                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            9000.03
WEISERZ, MARTIN W               ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         21666.66
WEISERZ, MARTIN W               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7222
WELLERZ, PHILIP J               PROFESSOR                                                   80353.08
WELLSZ, MICHELLE V              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2070
WENGZ, MING HUA                 ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                            37292.46
WERCKLEZ, ROBERT CHARLES        QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               9922
WERCKLEZ, ROBERT CHARLES        SENIOR LECTURER                                             39873.96
WERNERZ, JULIE ANN              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                      6523.91
WESTFALLZ, MICHAEL J            VP-ADVANCEMENT                                              152632.8
WESTLAKEZ, FELISA M             ASST VOLLEYBALL COACH                                          36720
WESTLAKEZ, FELISA M             TEMPORARY COACH                                                 1250
WETMOREZ, ANN O                 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         50000.04
WETMOREZ, ANN O                 DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                                1500
WETMOREZ, ANN O                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2505
WHEATONZ, PATRICIA J            PARENT/CHILD EDUCATOR                                       29880.46
WHEELERZ, DEAN H                CUSTODIAN 1                                                 30126.34
WHELANZ, JOHN F                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
WHITEZ, KATHLEEN LEEANN         PROCURE SUPPLY SUPP SPEC 2                                  35042.21
WHITEZ, LAURA P                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6849.98
WHITEHALLZ, SHARON J            SECRETARY                                                    32291.5
WHITEMANZ, BRIAN S              FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 1                                   32414.65
WICHMANZ, KAREN S               DIR-FACILITIES SERVICES                                     67706.16
WICHMANZ, NANETTE L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11013.02
WICHMANZ, NANETTE L             SENIOR LECTURER                                             38491.98
WIDMERZ, TIMOTHY L              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3250
WIECKZ, JEFFREY DONALD          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                          35441.5
WIEDERSPOHNZ, KARL D            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                             980.02
WILFONGZ, RALPH E               RESERVE POLICE OFFICER                                        864.13
WILKENSZ, NANCY R               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6400
WILLIAMSZ, AMANDA K             ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                           276.25
WILLIAMSZ, AMANDA K             RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                         45
WILLIAMSZ, DELILAH              ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                              476
WILLIAMSZ, DELILAH              RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                     498.75
WILLIAMSZ, JENNIFER L           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               7500
WILLIAMSZ, LINDSAY A            CLINIC SUPERVISOR                                              19900
WILLIAMSZ, LINDSAY A            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           14374.97
WILLIAMSZ, LISA GAYE            SECRETARY SENIOR                                            34981.93
WILLIAMSZ, SANDRA RENIKA        LGBTQA ADV/PRIDE CENTER COORD                               19122.59
WILLIAMSZ, STEVEN J             ELECTRICIAN                                                 37590.72
WILLIAMSZ, WILLIAM CHARLES      PROFESSOR                                                   80674.92
WILLIAMSZ, WILLIAM CHARLES      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           27444.04
WILLISZ, JOHN TIMOTHY           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 4                               73701.14
WILSEYZ, TODD W                 FAC OP MAINT SPECIALIST                                     50604.33
WILSONZ, DENNIS P               DIR-STUDENT FINANCIAL SRVS                                  75790.08
WILSONZ, GERALD L               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           25275.02
WILSONZ, JEANNETTE S            OFFICE AIDE 2                                                6574.36
WILSONZ, JENNIFER KEELING       ARCHAEOLOGIST III                                           45016.89
WILSONZ, JOHN P                 RETAIL CLERK 2                                                 32373
WILSONZ, KORY J                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               4150
WILSONZ, MICHAEL EUGENE         RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 4                                    23401.76
WILSONZ, MICHAEL EUGENE         RECREATION ATHL SPEC 2                                      17054.68
WILSONZ, MICHAEL EUGENE         STAGE TECHNICIAN 2                                           3801.13
WILSONZ, REBECCA L              MAIL PROCESSING DRV - PREM PAY                                 37008
WILSONZ, RICHARD A              DEAN                                                        33600.02
WILSONZ, ROBERT B               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           19000.01
WILSONZ, THOMAS E               CUSTODIAN 1                                                  31115.2
WILSONZ, TROY MATTHEW           ARCHAEOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN                                       9344
WILSONZ, TROY MATTHEW           ARCHAEOLOGIST II                                             2862.07
WILSON-FOWLERZ, ELIZABETH B     ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         23111.12
WIMSATTZ, MAUREEN ANN           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6949.98
WINCHELLZ, DICK G               PROFESSOR                                                   76606.08
WINCHELLZ, DICK G               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           11533.98
WINDHAMZ, SUSAN E               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           18565.02
WINKLEZ, SALLY ANNE             DIRECTOR                                                    54165.96
WINKLEZ, SALLY ANNE             PROFESSOR                                                   22893.12
WINSLOWZ, MELISSA K             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                            3800.01
WINTERZ, JULIE M                RESPONDER                                                       1000
WINTERSZ, GARY LYNN             PHOTOLITHOGRAPHER 1                                         43773.51
WINTERSZ, GARY MARSHALL         MAIL PROCESSING MGR - PREM PAY                                 42629
WINTERSZ, LORENE                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                         38304.59
WINTERSZ, PATRICK G             DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            12890.96
WINTERSZ, PATRICK G             PROFESSOR                                                   75758.94
WINTERSZ, PATRICK G             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               6093
WINTZZ, GREGORY S               ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR                                         68317.92
WINTZZ, GREGORY S               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            10468.66
WINTZZ, GREGORY S               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               8131
WITHEYZ, KENNETH LANE           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               3000
WOLFFZ, BRIAN JAY               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               2300
WOODARDZ, KRISTI ANN            LECTURER                                                    36166.68
WOODARDZ, KRISTI ANN            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               5930
WOODRUFFZ, CHRISTINE L          HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                                    23839.4
WOODSZ, JAMIE NICOLE            QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            6888.98
WORTHAMZ, RACHI SHAMON          ASST MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH                                 31578.96
WORTHAMZ, RACHI SHAMON          TEMPORARY COACH                                                 2655
WRIGHTZ, GAYLA D                DIR-EO/AA/ADA COMPLIANCE                                       78500
WRIGHTZ, NICOLE L               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPER 2                                        45828
WRIGHTZ, SUE MARIE              DIRECTOR                                                        6713
WRIGHTZ, SUE MARIE              PROFESSOR                                                   61025.04
WRIGHTZ, SUE MARIE              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           12252.01
WUCHERPFENNIGZ, CHRISTINA L     COUNSELOR                                                        750
YARWOODZ, EDMUND J              ASSOC DEAN/EXEC DIR-ELI                                     53411.76
YARWOODZ, EDMUND J              QUARTERLY FACULTY                                                300
YOSHIDAZ, AKIRA                 QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1495
YOUNGZ, JUSTIN A                ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         13333.35
YOUNGZ, JUSTIN A                LECTURER                                                     2666.67
YOUNGZ, JUSTIN A                QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10560
YOUNGERZ, LESLI KAREN           INFORMATION TECH SPECIALIST 5                               77330.23
YOUNGSZ, JOHN W T               DEPARTMENT CHAIR                                            13830.32
YOUNGSZ, JOHN W T               PROFESSOR                                                   83444.04
YOUNGSZ, JOHN W T               QUARTERLY FACULTY                                              10679
ZAMORAZ, MARIA ESTHER           QUARTERLY FACULTY                                               1750
ZEFFZ, AIDA                     CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 3                                       40524
ZEISLER-VRALSTEDZ, DOROTHY      VP-STUDENT AFFAIRS                                          30757.82
ZELLERZ, CHRISTOPHER DAVID      HEAD CROSS COUNTRY COACH                                    30198.96
ZELLERZ, CHRISTOPHER DAVID      QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            1150.02
ZHOUZ, DUANNING                 PROFESSOR                                                   95313.72
ZHUZ, LIPING                    PROFESSOR                                                   62512.92
ZHUZ, LIPING                    QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           20294.38
ZIMMERMANZ, NIEL T              DEAN                                                        66458.37
ZIMMERMANZ, NIEL T              SPECIAL ASST TO DEAN-CPBA                                      37611
ZINKEZ, ROBERT CLIFFORD         PROFESSOR                                                   72588.06
ZINKEZ, ROBERT CLIFFORD         QUARTERLY FACULTY                                           21428.98
ZOVANYIZ, GABOR MATTHEW         PROFESSOR                                                   75733.92
ZUKOSKYZ, MICHAEL L             ASSISTANT PROFESSOR                                         52117.32
ZUKOSKYZ, MICHAEL L             QUARTERLY FACULTY                                            5732.01
ZYSKZ, MARGARET                 ASSOC TRAINER-ICWRT                                            739.5
ZYSKZ, MARGARET                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                              210
ZYSKZ, MARGARET                 RPM MENTOR TRAINER-ICWRTC                                       1575

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