This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Grays Harbor College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 337 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 428 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 401 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 238 employees) (2003, 288 employees) (2001, 302 employees)(1999, 278 employees) (1997, 313 employees) (1995, 274 employees)

Grays Harbor College became part of the state higher education system on July 1, 1967. In addition to the main campus and Whiteside Education Center in Aberdeen, the College has Education Centers in Elma, Raymond and Ilwaco. According to the College’s mission statement, it is a student-centered institution that inspires academic achievement, prepares an excellent workforce and fosters personal growth by providing outstanding educational and cultural opportunities for improving lives in a global community. The College and its nearly 300 employees carry out this mission by providing programs in: • Academic transfer courses • Basic education, literacy and academic skill development • Occupational, technical and professional preparation and training • Services and activities designed to facilitate student success • Cultural enrichment, intellectual inquiry and information services The College operates on an annual budget of approximately $11.7 million and is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Grays Harbor College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/26/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ, KARI J                  FACULTY                                                   642.06
ADAMSKIZ, GREGORY JOHNATHAN     FACULTY                                                  61150.2
AHOZ, PAMELA A                  FACULTY                                                 24223.56
AIKENZ, SARAH R                 FACULTY                                                 50362.18
ALBERTZ, SHANON MARIE           FACULTY                                                 18508.93
ALESHIREZ, MARY J               FISH HATCHERY SPECIALIST 2                              16733.16
ALEXANDERZ, BRUCE ROBERT        FACULTY                                                   3367.8
ALEXANDERZ, KIMBERLY JOAN       FACULTY                                                  1684.52
ALLENZ, MICHAELANN MARIE        FACULTY                                                  1497.42
ALVAREZZ, SARAH A               INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                 33932.5
ANDRADEZ, ZHANDRA M             DATA COMPILER 2                                            31491
ARKINZ, PHILLIP                 FACULTY                                                  8767.44
ARNOLDZ, STEVEN G               FACULTY                                                  8767.44
ARTHURZ, GARY W                 FACULTY                                                 94170.04
BALEZ, RANDY                    FACULTY                                                  59424.6
BARBERZ, JENNIFER MAREE         FACULTY                                                 54489.68
BARKERZ, KATHRYN A              FACULTY                                                 57033.73
BARKERZ, SAM ERIC               FACULTY                                                  7306.95
BARNESZ, MELISSA KATHERINE      DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING                                     61902
BATESZ, TODD R                  FACULTY                                                 58893.24
BENNETTZ, JONI LEE              FACULTY                                                  4719.14
BENSONZ, SHELLEY LYNN           FACULTY                                                 63559.26
BENTONZ, DONNITA LYNN           FACULTY                                                  16993.1
BERRYZ, DIANA                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33801.93
BETTSZ, DONALD F                FACULTY                                                    57165
BEUSZ, BENJAMIN PAUL            DIRECTOR FINANCIAL AID/VET                                 61902
BEVINGTONZ, CONNIE L            FACULTY                                                   581.12
BIRCHZ, ANN E                   FACULTY                                                 49755.56
BISBEEZ, ALICE L                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  40529.91
BJORDALZ, GREGORY D             FACULTY                                                  2435.65
BLAKELYZ, DENNIS C              CUSTODIAN 2                                             28335.07
BLANKENSHIPZ, SCOTT THOMAS      FACULTY                                                 54973.69
BLAUVELTZ, LINDA M              FACILITATOR                                             30729.32
BLUMBERGZ, JACKIE M             PROC & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                       45170
BLUMBERGZ, STEPHANIE J          FACULTY                                                    224.4
BOERNERZ, PAULA M               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      28444.31
BOGGSZ, CHASE H                 FACULTY                                                       72
BOMHOFFZ, HEIDI RAE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33247.01
BONNEVILLEZ, VICKIE L           FACULTY                                                 18998.07
BRADBURYZ, FREDERICK R          FACULTY                                                 60389.89
BRAKEZ, ROBERT J                FACULTY                                                  3897.04
BRAVENECZ, TERESA F             CUSTODIAN 4                                              34765.7
BREWSTERZ, EDWARD J             PRESIDENT                                                 149000
BROWNZ, CHRISTINA F             FACULTY                                                  8546.92
BUCKZ, ALISABETH MONICA         FACULTY                                                  2435.65
BUISMANZ, BRION A               FACULTY                                                 58291.17
BUSCHZ, VALERIE A               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                 40136.27
BUSHZ, DANIEL ALAN              FACULTY                                                  7306.95
CADYZ, ETHAN ALLEN              COACH                                                        990
CARDELLIZ, HEATHER RANAE        COACH                                                    3100.94
CARLEZ, COLEMAN W               FACULTY                                                  2550.79
CARLISLE JRZ, DEWEY M           COORD WORKFIRST & CAREER D                              60610.26
CARRIGANZ, KATHLEEN A           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     41869.68
CARTERZ, DIANE C                FACULTY                                                 85230.59
CAVINZ, DARBY C                 FACULTY                                                 77519.72
CECILZ, CYNTHIA L               FACULTY                                                  5095.82
CECILZ, KRISTEN ANN             FACULTY                                                  1948.52
CHAFFEEZ, REBECCA L             FACULTY                                                  1015.41
CHERRYZ, RICHARD L              FACULTY                                                  7643.66
CHESTERMANZ, JONATHAN R         CUSTODIAN 2                                             33316.15
CHESTERMANZ, LAURIE A           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      34117.15
CHRISTIANSENZ, JOHN KARL        FACULTY                                                 16382.96
CHURCHZ, KIRK CHANDLER          INST&CLASSRM SUPPT TECH 2                                52551.1
CLARYZ, JOHN M                  FACULTY                                                    60515
CLARYZ, LAURIE K                VP/INSTRUCTION                                             96253
CLEARWATERZ, SHAWN DANIEL       FACULTY                                                 14798.51
COLWELLZ, DENNIS R              FACULTY                                                  1015.41
CONDERZ, KENNEDY CARL           FACULTY                                                  2620.69
CORDOVAZ, DANETTA C             FACULTY                                                  2922.78
CRAIGZ, LETA L                  FACULTY                                                  3231.36
CROLLARDZ, KEVIN MATTHEW        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48407.47
D'HAENEZ, GEORGE P              FACULTY                                                  1615.68
DARRINZ, PHILIP L               INST&CLASSRM SUPPT TECH 2                               30594.41
DAWSONZ, GABRIELA O             FACULTY                                                      150
DEATONZ, RONALD D               FACULTY                                                 41282.32
DEBOERZ, ALLISON M              FACULTY                                                 47306.26
DELLZ, BRENDA J                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
DENHOLMZ, RICHARD C             FACULTY                                                  2685.46
DEVERSEZ, NANCY R               ASSOC DEAN ADMISS./RECORDS                              73553.26
DIEHMZ, KAREN S                 OFFICE SUPP SUPERVISOR 1                                44690.22
DILLARDZ, CALVIN E              CUSTODIAN 2                                             32551.65
DILLEY-LINTONZ, ERIN ANN        FACULTY                                                 20142.85
DOZ, TAYA LOUISE                FACULTY                                                 65155.77
DODSONZ, TERI R                 EDUCATION CENTER MANAGER                                 43357.9
DORSCHZ, IAN G                  FACULTY                                                  5563.95
DORSCHZ, JOY ELIZABETH          FACULTY                                                  4503.68
DOWNESZ, MATTHEW BENJAMIN       FACULTY                                                   807.84
DRAGOOZ, JUDITH DIANE           FACULTY                                                  2485.65
DRESSLERZ, JAMES BONIFACE       FACULTY                                                  8395.56
DRURY-LERYCHZ, LYNNE D          FACULTY                                                109032.66
DUFFYZ, BRAD                    FACULTY                                                 89479.48
DYKESZ, JEFF M                  FACULTY                                                 12178.25
EARNESTZ, PAMELA LOUDON         FACULTY                                                  4543.51
EDDYZ, ALEXANDER JAMES          FACULTY                                                   581.12
EDGCOMB-SKOKANZ, JULIE A        FACILITATOR                                             48736.32
ELWAYZ, ROB                     MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47453.33
ERWIN SVOBODAZ, CAL J           COORD STUDENT ACT & LEAD                                43081.67
ESPEDALZ, LISA MARGARET         HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT 1                                   47016
ESPEDALZ, MAUREEN               ASSISTANT TO VICE PRES                                     46510
ESTERGARDZ, NANCY               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                  54258.89
FARNAMZ, JEFFERY E              FACULTY                                                 60305.28
FENTONZ, GLORIA                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      38977.5
FICKESZ, DAVID R                FACULTY                                                  3433.26
FITZGERALDZ, PAMELA             FACULTY                                                   430.85
FORSMANZ, JEFFREY               CUSTODIAN 2                                             33210.98
FOSHAUGZ, PATRICIA WALTRAUD     HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  39599
FOSTERZ, KEITH A                VICE PRES. ADMIN. SERVICES                              97519.48
FRANKEZ, PAULETTE M             FACULTY                                                  32391.3
FRASIERZ, ERIN MARIE            COORDINATOR, NON-TEACHING                                  56806
FREDERICKSONZ, CLIFFORD M       FACULTY                                                  14613.9
FUHRERZ, ALETA                  FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        41662.06
FUNKZ, CHARLES                  CUSTODIAN 2                                             32720.17
GANAZ, RACHEL DONN              FACULTY                                                  1463.09
GASTONZ, TYLER WILLIAM          DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS                                   51115.21
GERACIZ, PAULINE MARIE          FACULTY                                                 61519.26
GIBBYZ, ROBERTA LYNN            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
GIBSONZ, CARRIE LYNN            FACULTY                                                 10947.14
GILLIESZ, JENNIFER J            STUDENT SUPPORT SPECIALIST                              45516.96
GLENNZ, ERIN A                  FACULTY                                                 12857.36
GOINGSZ, MIKE K                 FACULTY                                                 24181.07
GOLDBERGZ, JANE F               DIRECTOR PUBLIC RELATIONS                                  30951
GREGORYZ, MARYLOU               FACULTY                                                  7056.15
GRIGSBYZ, DIANA L               MISCEL. NONTEACH. ASSGNMT                               70704.37
GUARISCOZ, KIM A                FACULTY                                                  2221.56
HAERLINGZ, GAYLE L              FACULTY                                                  9034.05
HALLOCKZ, DONNA PAE             FACULTY                                                  1722.66
HALVERSTADTZ, DAVID EDWARD      CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCE OFF.                                  87000
HAMESZ, PATRICIA L              FACULTY                                                   974.26
HAMMONDSZ, CARMEN M             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        33699
HANSONZ, BARRY A                FACULTY                                                  6487.02
HARDYZ, NICOLAS WADE            COACH                                                    2601.04
HASBROUCKZ, KARI K              FACULTY                                                   4051.2
HATHAWAYZ, KATHLEEN DENISE      FACULTY                                                  1698.24
HAYESZ, ARIANE SAMANTHA         FACULTY                                                    374.2
HENNESSYZ, TERRI A              FACULTY                                                 13318.91
HENNIGEZ, FRED AUDELL           FACULTY                                                  60159.3
HIBBSZ, GLORIA P                SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    55396.79
HILLZ, CHRISTINE M              FACULTY                                                  4213.12
HILLIERZ, JOHN                  FACULTY                                                 61766.94
HITTZ, ROBERT J                 FACULTY                                                   269.28
HOGABOOMZ, RALPH EDWARD         INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 68818.26
HOLMZ, MARK A                   INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 45059.32
HOODZ, MARGO M                  ASSISTANT TO VICE PRES                                     46510
HORTONZ, STANLEY W              ASST DEAN LIBR/MEDIA SERV                               69818.72
HOUSTONZ, NATASHA M             FACULTY                                                  6382.69
HUFFZ, JESSICA JEAN             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       21650.52
HYDEZ, STEVEN A                 COACH                                                       3101
IBRAHIMZ, MOHAMMAD              FACULTY                                                 85010.45
ISAACZ, MARVIN DERICK           COACH                                                     931.84
JAMESZ, JEANNIE L               CASHIER 1                                               31728.24
JAMESZ, PENNY ANGELINE          ASSISTANT TO VICE PRES                                     46510
JASPERZ, CINDY                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34381.09
JENKINSZ, VICTORIA M            RETAIL CLERK 2                                             32271
JOHNSONZ, GEORGE E              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    58656
JOHNSONZ, SANDRA L              FACULTY                                                 20406.32
JOHNSONZ, VICKY L               FACULTY                                                   1943.7
JOLLYZ, LISA K                  OUTREACH SPECIALIST                                     32974.73
JONESZ, DOUGLAS E               FACULTY                                                 68312.65
JONESZ, RUSSELL                 FACULTY                                                 65089.71
KAHLZ, LARRY W                  FACULTY                                                  1461.39
KARNATHZ, RANDY L               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                   48696.5
KARPIELZ, FRANK                 FACULTY                                                      100
KATAINENZ, KATHERINE            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
KAYLORZ, VIVIAN L               FACULTY                                                 55054.32
KELLYZ, MICHAEL G               DEAN FOR WORK FORCE ED.                                  95314.9
KERRZ, CHRISTOPHER JON          FACULTY                                                   290.56
KEYESZ, CYNTHIA LOUISE          FACULTY                                                   538.56
KHANDROZ, LINDA M               FACULTY                                                  2435.65
KIMZ, LINDA A                   FACULTY                                                 73179.56
KOSKELAZ, JEFFREY M             FACULTY                                                  48207.6
KRAUSEZ, CRISTINA E             FACULTY                                                   588.56
KRAUSEZ, ELIZABETH JOHANNA      HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42273
KUESTERZ, THOMAS A              FACULTY                                                 52001.71
LAMOREAUXZ, JODI LYNN           FACULTY                                                   4871.3
LAVALLEEZ, PATRICIA A           FACULTY                                                 13372.56
LAWSONZ, CALEB D                FACULTY                                                 32092.33
LEADZ, LEON P                   COORDINATOR, NON-TEACHING                               13446.76
LEEZ, RAYMON SCOTT              FACULTY                                                   9742.6
LEISKEZ, DONN                   FACULTY                                                  2435.65
LEISKEZ, KATHLEEN ANNE          FACULTY                                                  9792.59
LERYCHZ, JACEK D                FACULTY                                                  69108.4
LIVINGSTONZ, JANELL R           CUSTODIAN 2                                             30866.75
LLOYDZ, SANDRA J                CHIEF INFORMATION SERVICES                              93332.69
MACCORMACKZ, JAMES FLOYD        FACULTY                                                 20245.57
MADDENZ, EDWARD GERALD          FACULTY                                                   9884.3
MARCHANTZ, LORENA MARIE         OUTREACH SPECIALIST                                     24086.47
MARTINEZZ, MARISELA LINARES     FACULTY                                                  11059.4
MASONZ, WARREN L                FACULTY                                                  3341.44
MATLOCK-HIGHTOWERZ, CORRIE      FACULTY                                                  55935.9
MAYZ, COLLIN EDWARD             COACH                                                    1691.46
MCCULLOUGHZ, BARBARA JEAN       ASST DEAN, FINANCIAL SERV                                69354.8
MCDONALDZ, RODERICK S           FACULTY                                                107934.05
MCDOUGALLZ, JAMES B             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48396.07
MCDOUGALLZ, TARA                ASSIST FINANCE AID DIRECTR                              48900.28
MCINTOSHZ, PATRICIA MARY        FACILITATOR, I-BEST                                     49097.31
MCRAEZ, CHRISTINE J             ASSOC DEAN STAFFORD CREEK                               31686.98
MICHAELZ, THOMAS P              FACULTY                                                  9792.59
MILLZ, KAREN MARIE              FACULTY                                                 12354.12
MILLER STARKSZ, CHANDRA ELAINE  FACULTY                                                 17823.35
MILLERZ, CAMERON S              FACULTY                                                  9852.86
MILLERZ, CRAIG A                DIRECTOR OF CAMPUS OPERATI                                 61902
MILLERZ, DARRELYN K             FACULTY                                                 92395.28
MILLERZ, JULIE A                FACULTY                                                 18223.73
MILLERZ, MARY ELLEN             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        38647
MONROEZ, TERRENCE L             FACULTY                                                       50
MORELLAZ, SUZIE ANN             FACULTY                                                 23152.63
MORRISZ, ROLAND LEE             FACULTY                                                  6052.64
MUIRZ, DIANE M                  FACULTY                                                 31535.77
MURPHYZ, AMY L                  FACULTY                                                   1943.7
MURPHYZ, JAMES P                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 26482.63
MURRELLZ, GARY L                FACULTY                                                 67464.25
NEISINGERZ, ROBERT L            FACULTY                                                  1598.08
NEIWORTHZ, JAMES J              FACULTY                                                 61986.86
NELSONZ, JULIE S                FACULTY                                                 58667.38
NOBLEZ, GWENDOLLYN KAROLE       FACULTY                                                  2435.65
O'NEALZ, CAROL E                FACULTY                                                  58795.4
OBRIENZ, LESLIE M               FACULTY                                                  1016.96
OESTREICHZ, ARTHUR L            CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                 46254.95
OLSENZ, ELAINE L                FACULTY                                                 15482.99
OLSENZ, PEGGY J                 FACULTY                                                   9742.6
OSTRANDERZ, REBEKAH L           FACULTY                                                  4250.88
PARKERZ, BARBARA E              FACULTY                                                  1324.04
PARKERZ, JANET S                GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 4                                   38606
PARKERZ, LINDA F                FACULTY                                                  1506.99
PENDERGASTZ, ROSEMARY K         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        3116.91
PENNINGTONZ, FLORENCE I         FACULTY                                                  10627.2
PETERSONZ, JAYME L              FACULTY                                                    59367
PETERSONZ, WESLEY M             DIR GHC FOUND/COLLEGE DEV                                  61902
PETHERAMZ, PHILIP H             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                  59098.8
PIEFFERZ, PHYLLIS I             FACULTY                                                  15450.3
PORTMANNZ, CHRISTOPHER A        FACULTY                                                106926.04
PORTMANNZ, DONNA LOUISE         FACULTY                                                  2435.65
POTTERZ, ERIN BETH              FACULTY                                                  9112.83
POTTSZ, ERIC M                  ASST.DIR.SCHOOL-COLLEGE RE                                 56806
PRATTZ, ADAM R                  FACULTY                                                 53092.57
PRINGLEZ, DERRICK ALVIN         COACH                                                    6321.26
RAJCICHZ, JOHN J                LIAISON DIS.VOC. STDT SERV                                 51698
RAMONZ, MARK D                  OUTREACH SPECIALIST                                     31900.36
RAMSEYZ, ANNE                   FACULTY                                                  4384.17
RAPAPORTZ, MOSHE                FACULTY                                                   4871.3
RATCLIFFZ, LAURA M              COORDINATOR, NON-TEACHING                               59979.21
REIGLEZ, ROSEMARY REGINA        FACULTY                                                   9742.6
REINERTSENZ, SHEILA S           FACULTY                                                 16048.71
REISMANZ, MARK                  DEAN FOR INST RESEARCH                                  82965.38
REYNVAANZ, DEBORAH              COORDINATOR, NON-TEACHING                                61314.2
RICHARDSZ, HEATHER A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35073.81
RICHARDSONZ, BRENDA L           STUDENT SUPPORT SPECIALIST                              34886.15
RICHARDSONZ, ROBERT CLARENCE    FACULTY                                                 59305.28
RICHESONZ, ROBBI JOAN           FACULTY                                                 28258.39
RICHTERSZ, DEBBIE J             COORD.RETRAINING & WORKFOR                                 51698
RIEDLEZ, MARNIE ALLISON         FACULTY                                                 36168.56
ROBISONZ, LARRY DEAN            FACULTY                                                   430.85
ROGERSZ, JAMES R                CUSTODIAN 2                                             32667.27
ROLFE-MALONEYZ, BRENDA L        FACULTY                                                 61088.24
ROOSZ, MICHELLE D               CASHIER 1                                               32738.88
ROUSHZ, ADRIENNE JULIUS         FACULTY                                                  50662.4
RUMBLESZ, PAUL J                FACULTY                                                       72
RUSSELLZ, DANIELLE              FACULTY                                                  2908.22
RUSSELLZ, KENDRA VALENTINE      FACULTY                                                  2908.22
RUSTZ, RANDOLPH J               FACULTY                                                  1107.72
RUXZ, COREY A                   FACULTY                                                   6199.2
SAMPSONZ, BARBARA G             FACULTY                                                   911.69
SAMSONZ, DENIS MICHEL           FACULTY                                                 51702.25
SANDGRENZ, ERIK N               FACULTY                                                 57014.51
SAULZ, JANINE M                 FACULTY                                                 15139.34
SCHMIDTZ, JENNIFER J            FACULTY                                                  8720.71
SCHOTTZ, ENRIQUE B              FACULTY                                                   538.56
SCHREIBERZ, SHON A              COACH                                                    8003.58
SCOFIELDZ, KELLY J              FACULTY                                                    55844
SCOTTZ, ANGELA N                FACULTY                                                  7306.95
SCOTTZ, LADONNA MARTHA          FACULTY                                                 88220.43
SECORZ, MARY                    CASHIER 1                                               30014.86
SETAZ, KENJI                    FACULTY                                                 30172.44
SETHNE-BRAKEZ, JANICE L         FACULTY                                                   4871.3
SHARPZ, FAWN RENA               FACULTY                                                   369.24
SHAW GREENZ, JEANNETTE          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      31757.9
SHOOKZ, BRIAN J                 FACULTY                                                 47384.73
SIEDENSTRANGZ, LYNN M           FACULTY                                                    49887
SIMONEZ, ANTHONY J              DIRECTOR OF SAFETY & SECUR                                 61902
SIMPSONZ, JAMIE NEWTON          FACULTY                                                   1943.7
SJOLUNDZ, MARILYN               FACULTY                                                 13549.68
SLAGLEZ, CATHERINE MARY         FACULTY                                                 23538.92
SLIVAZ, JOSEPH HENRY            COACH                                                    2601.04
SLOVERZ, GUY G                  FACULTY                                                    59634
SMITHZ, DAVID H                 FACULTY                                                      100
SMITHZ, DIANE L                 DIRECTOR, TITLE III GRANT                               64824.68
SMITHZ, LINDA                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33226.82
SMITHZ, NICOLE MARIE            RETAIL CLERK 1                                          20128.56
SMITHZ, STANLEY WALTER          FACULTY                                                  2435.65
SORENSENZ, JAMES                PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       37581
SOUTHERLANDZ, SORENA M          FACULTY                                                  3431.93
SPAULDINGZ, JANEL M             COORDINATOR, WATERSHED                                     48554
SPIESMANZ, PATRICIA MARIE       FACULTY                                                  1638.42
ST LOUISZ, ROBERT W             FACULTY                                                  1948.52
STACY-HORTONZ, LINDELL L        FACULTY                                                   435.84
STALLOZ, CATHERINE              COOK 2                                                  37281.18
STARICKAZ, ABEL J               FACULTY                                                    561.3
STARICKAZ, CAROL                EDUCATION CENTER MANAGER                                44876.78
STEVENSONZ, CARA BETH           LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40524
STEWARDZ, DALE D                FACULTY                                                  3409.91
STORKZ, VICTORIA L              FACULTY                                                   871.68
STURGILLZ, DEBORAH M            FACULTY                                                    63836
SUTERAZ, THOMAS JAMES           FACULTY                                                 17830.48
TAYAKEZ, MAYUMI                 FACULTY                                                   5597.7
THOMASZ, JEFFREY MANSFIELD      FACULTY                                                 28673.47
THORNTONZ, JEB STUART           DIR STDNT SUPP SVCS TRIO G                                 61902
TODDZ, MONICA M                 FACULTY                                                 55189.08
TORGERSONZ, ARLENE A            VP FOR STUDENT SERVICES                                 96714.74
TOWNSENDZ, ROSLYN DENISE        FACULTY                                                  1195.68
TURLEYZ, HANSEL D               FACULTY                                                   538.56
TURNERZ, PAUL F                 FACULTY                                                 37575.16
UNWINZ, JAMES NORMAN            FACULTY                                                  2855.81
VAUGHANZ, JUDITH                FACULTY                                                  2435.65
VININGZ, LLOYDYNE B             FACULTY                                                  6624.35
WALTONZ, ROBERT COLLINS         FACULTY                                                   974.26
WALTONZ, SALLY D                FACULTY                                                  1948.52
WARDLOWZ, ROSA LEE              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       28239.9
WAREZ, BRENDAN MICHAEL          COACH                                                     931.84
WARFIELDZ, CAROL LOUISE         FACULTY                                                  1107.72
WASBERGZ, DENNIS ANDREW         FACULTY                                                  8774.23
WATKINSZ, CHARLES H             FACULTY                                                 53921.07
WAUGHZ, EMILY TRAVERSE          FACULTY                                                 16651.73
WEBERZ, DEBORAH MARIE           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      18004.54
WENKEZ, RICHARD                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 59151.12
WHITEZ, ERIC TODD               FACULTY                                                   875.44
WILSONZ, CYNTHIA ANN            DEAN FOR TRANS PRGMS & EXT                                 82649
WILSONZ, JANE KATHERINE         FACULTY                                                  58781.4
WINKELMANZ, DIANA               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      38694.5
WINKELMANZ, JENNIFER Y          FACULTY                                                   9792.6
WINSORZ, SHILOH                 FACULTY                                                 78596.15
WINTRIPZ, JEREMY JOHN           COACH                                                        990
WOODZ, HEIDI LEE                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       21092.24
WOODRUFFZ, PENELOPE             DIRECTOR OF NURSING                                     73183.69
WRIGHTZ, DAVID R                FACULTY                                                   4871.3
ZEILERZ, MINDY SUE              WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                    34459.27
ZELASKOZ, SANDRA E              ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT                                     48153
ZERRZ, MARK                     FACULTY                                                 73945.19

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