This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington House of Representatives employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 509 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 497 employees) (2007, 388 employees) (2005, 311 employees) (2003, 249 employees)(2001, 395 employees)(1999, 372 employees) (1997, 234 employees) (1995, 368 employees)

The House of Representatives is half the bicameral body of the Washington State Legislature and is made up of 98 members elected to serve two-year terms, representing 49 districts. The purpose of the Agency is to initiate legislation affecting public policy, act on legislation proposed in the Senate, provide for the levying and collecting of taxes and other revenue to support state government and to assist local governments and appropriate funds for these purposes. Every year the Legislature meets to engage in the process of public decision making. The objective is to reach consensus on a wide range of issues affecting every citizen and the future prosperity of Washington State. The Agency is located in Olympia and comprises of approximately 400 full- and part-time staff and house members. To achieve its mission, the members of the Agency are elected into Committees, which represent certain matters. Examples of such committees include but are not limited to Agriculture and Natural Resources, Capital Budget, Education, Housing, Human Services, Local Government, Select Committee on Puget Sound and Transportation. The Agency’s operating budget during the audit period, represented in millions, was approximately $27.6 in 2002, $55.8 in 2003-2005 and $30.4 in 2006. The main funding source is from the state’s general fund.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington House of Representatives List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ,  EDITH A                SENIOR COUNSEL                                          97522.93
ALEXANDERZ,  GARY C             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ALLENZ,  MEAGAN D               LA NEALEY                                               36860.66
ALLENZ,  ROBERT L               SESSION STAFF                                            4955.68
ANDERSONZ,  ADAM                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
ANDERSONZ,  EDWIN G             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ANGELZ,  JANICE                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ANGELINIZ,  VICTORIA M          LA HINKLE                                               40254.37
APPLETONZ,  SHERRY              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ARCHERZ,  JOHN S                FISCAL STAFF COORDINATOR                               111755.75
ARMSTRONGZ,  MICHAEL D          REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ARNDTZ,  MEAGAN A               SR LA HUNT                                              46318.97
ARONSONZ,  ELLEN M              COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT                          8324.88
ASAYZ,  KATRINA                 REPRESENTATIVE                                           3189.85
ATKINSONZ,  JOSEPH R            LA ASAY                                                  2872.45
AUDETTEZ,  ALBERT T             JOURNAL CLERK                                            38202.5
AULWURMZ,  JEREMIAH D           SUPERVISOR, VIDEO SERVICES                              54823.08
AUSTINZ,  DEBBIE                LA ANGEL                                                38868.42
AVERY JRZ,  DARHL               HPS STAFF COORDINATOR                                   73923.15
BADILLAZ,  JAMIE M              COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                               45200.94
BAILEYZ,  BARBARA F             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
BAILEYZ,  CAMERON M             SR LA PEARSON                                           42008.92
BAILEYZ,  MELISSA R             SR LA MORRIS                                            43319.71
BAKERZ,  BARBARA                CHIEF CLERK                                             123681.6
BAKERZ,  STACEY J               SR POLICY ANALYST                                       78402.45
BALASBASZ,  JAY M               ASSISTANT POLICY DIRECTOR                               71080.42
BALDWINZ,  JACQUELINE E         SESSION STAFF                                            5524.05
BALUKOFFZ,  LOUIE               SESSION STAFF                                              11478
BARANZ,  RUSTICA                INFORMATION SPECIALIST I                                40772.75
BARNESZ,  COURTNEY              COUNSEL I                                               61096.36
BARNFATHERZ,  LINDA             EXEC LA VAN DE WEGE                                      44780.9
BARONZ,  SYDNIE L               SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      8553.73
BARRERAZ,  SAMANTHA N           CIVIC EDUCATION COORDINATOR                             55940.03
BAURZ,  ALISON MARTA            LA KELLEY                                               24786.68
BAUSCHZ,  MIRIAM L              LA BILLIG                                               25979.05
BECERRA NUNEZZ,  MARCO U        SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
BEDELLZ,  STEVEN C              SESSION STAFF                                            5377.23
BENEDETTIZ,  CARON A            SR LA MORRIS                                            21273.55
BERGZ,  RYAN M                  VIDEOGRAPHER/EDITOR                                        41846
BERGSTROMZ,  E N                SENIOR INFORMATION OFFICER                              63914.66
BEYERZ,  JANE D                 SENIOR COUNSEL                                         103218.94
BEZONZ,  DONNA J                SR LA APPLETON                                           43926.4
BISENIUSZ,  JACOB J             SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6446.48
BISSELLZ,  BRYAN T              LA CARLYLE                                               39130.9
BLAKEZ,  BRIAN E                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
BLAKEZ,  CHRISTOPHER P          COUNSEL II                                              74692.22
BLEGENZ,  PEGGY                 SALES STAFF                                                 3045
BOITERZ,  KARI L                EXEC LA DICKERSON                                       22728.64
BOYERZ,  PATRICE A              ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR                                    58740.07
BOYESZ,  ROBIN                  SENIOR INFORMATION OFFICER                               77346.4
BROSEYZ,  WANDA A               SR LA ARMSTRONG                                         55023.44
BRUNINGZ,  WILSON L             SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4604.55
BUCKZ,  KATHERINE               LA PEDERSEN                                             37299.44
BUCKALLEWZ,  FORREST            MAILROOM OPERATOR                                       52442.63
BUNDYZ,  KEITH D                LA RIVERS                                               40586.66
BURKHARTZ,  SHERRY L            EXECUTIVE LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT                         65214.98
BURKHARTZ,  TRISTA R            SALES STAFF                                              5001.75
BURNESZ,  LAUREN                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       657.29
BUTLERZ,  MICHELLE S            SR LA GREEN                                             45061.29
CAINZ,  STEVE D                 LA ASAY                                                 43794.49
CALDERONZ,  JUDITH              SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      6491.85
CALLAHANZ,  JASON               SR COUNSEL                                               85460.5
CAMPBELLZ,  THOMAS J            REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CANNZ,  SYLVESTER               LA FROCKT                                                7446.42
CANOZ,  ORLANDO C               COMMUNITY LIAISON/SENIOR POLICY                         79853.32
CARLILEZ,  CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM  SENIOR STAFF COORDINATOR                                91058.77
CARLSTROMZ,  HELEN              SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      7362.55
CARLYLEZ,  REUVEN               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CARTERZ,  TANYA I               RESEARCH ANALYST I                                      63859.92
CASEZ,  DONNA                   SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
CASNEZ,  SAMANTHA               LA THARINGER                                            37935.71
CASTILLOZ,  MATTHEW J           SESSION STAFF                                            5128.95
CHANDLERZ,  BRUCE Q             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CHAPMANZ,  JOANN C              SR LA SELLS                                             46526.21
CHARBAZ,  JOHN                  SR POLICY ANALYST                                       74357.08
CHASEZ,  MARALYN M              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CHAVEZZ,  MARISSA A             LA HASEGAWA                                             39685.16
CHOPPZ,  FRANK V                SPEAKER                                                    50106
CHRISMANZ,  GORDON              INFORMATION SPECIALIST I                                 28738.5
CLARKZ,  LARRY L                SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
CLEGGZ,  JOSEPH                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4604.55
CLIBBORNZ,  JUDY R              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CLINGERZ,  REBEKAH              MSW PRACTICUM                                             602.27
CLYNCHZ,  CECILIA M             COUNSEL II                                              78427.66
COATESZ,  LEMOYNE               SUPERVISOR, PHOTO SERVICES                              69582.67
COATESZ,  SETH                  SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                            27018.64
COBBZ,  CINDY A                 SENIOR COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASS                        50860.86
CODYZ,  EILEEN L                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
COLEZ,  JOSHUA ARTHUR GOLDSTINE SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      8072.47
CONDOTTAZ,  CARY L              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CONTEZ,  KENAN R                STAFF DIRECTOR                                         127257.32
CONWAYZ,  STEVEN E              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
COOPERZ,  KATE L                LA RODNE                                                34288.89
CORDESZ,  CHRISTINE M           ASSISTANT STAFF DIRECTOR                               117092.54
CORNELLIERZ,  ERIK A            FISCAL ANALYST II                                       71839.17
COSTELLOZ,  CODY                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      7600.68
COUNTRYMANZ,  TERI J            LA HOPE                                                 36931.94
COXZ,  EMILY P                  SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      8072.47
CRAWFORDZ,  TAWNEY A            SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      9435.36
CROUSEZ,  LARRY W               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
CROWZ,  GAIL I                  SESSION STAFF                                            9052.11
CRUVERZ,  AMY A                 LA MCCUNE                                               42827.98
CUSSINSZ,  BOBBI L              INFORMATION OFFICER                                     65312.89
DAMMEIERZ,  BRUCE               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
DARNEILLEZ,  JEANNE L           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
DAVIESZ,  KATHERINE M           LA ANDERSON                                             16052.05
DAVISONZ,  LIBBY A              SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4720.45
DE SAM LAZAROZ,  RICHARD B      SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      39375.2
DEANZ,  BERNARD C               DEPUTY CHIEF CLERK                                     127402.99
DEBOLTZ,  RICHARD C             MINORITY LEADER                                         46106.16
DECHAMBEAUZ,  NOEL P            LA LIIAS                                                 36039.5
DEHEZ,  MOIRYA A                ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR                                    54723.24
DEL MORALZ,  SARA MARIE         BUDGET FELLOW                                           51527.96
DEMOISEZ,  MELINDA K            LA CHANDLER                                             39164.92
DENGERZ,  KIRBY D               SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6296.49
DICKERSONZ,  MARY LOU           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
DICKINSONZ,  APRIL A            EXEC LA PETTIGREW                                       35505.57
DOIRONZ,  DEANNA C              SESSION HOURLY - LIC                                        2636
DONAHUEZ,  STACY A              SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
DRESSELZ,  LUCAS A              COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                               48344.12
DRISCOLLZ,  JOHN                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
DRIVERZ,  DEBORAH E             FISCAL ANALYST I                                        71996.61
DUNSHEEZ,  HANS M               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
DURBINZ,  KARA K                COUNSEL II                                              73261.72
DURHAMZ,  LONTIA M              LA SANTOS                                               36258.23
DUVALLZ,  LUCINDA L             COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT                         41052.39
DZIEDZICZ,  ANDREW J            COMMUNICATIONS SEPCIALIST                               54624.89
EDDYZ,  DEBORAH H               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
EIKUMZ,  CONNIE M               SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      7672.95
ELGEEZ,  JOAN K                 SENIOR COUNSEL                                          88182.67
EMERYZ,  HEATHER W              COUNSEL II                                              15831.56
ENGELHARDTZ,  WILLIAM           BROADCAST COORDINATOR                                   90406.88
ERCOLIANIZ,  SCOTT              SESSION STAFF                                            7601.46
ERICKSZ,  MARK L                REPRESENTATIVE                                          28868.18
ERICKSENZ,  DOUGLAS             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
FAGANZ,  SUSAN K                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
FAKKEMAZ,  NIAN G               CAUCUS ADMINISTRATOR                                    66711.56
FALLOWSZ,  LYNN D               SR LA FAGAN                                               743.72
FENTONZ,  LISA R                COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                                 95918.54
FERGUSONZ,  GUY W               SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
FINLEYZ,  RONALD D              SUPERVISOR                                              79049.07
FINNZ,  FREDERICK               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
FISHERZ,  JON R                 SESSION STAFF                                            13566.5
FITZGIBBONZ,  JOSEPH C          REPRESENTATIVE                                          14879.41
FLANNIGANZ,  DENNIS P           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
FORBESZ,  BRADLEY R             LA JINKINS                                                 37068
FORDZ,  JACLYN I                COUNSEL I                                                60553.8
FORNEYZ,  RYAN M                SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
FORRESTERZ,  SYDNEY B           COUNSEL II                                              66124.62
FOSTERZ,  LYNDA M               SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      8072.47
FRANCISZ,  PAUL T               POLICY ANALYST I                                        65100.01
FRANSZ,  SUSAN                  FINANCIAL ANALYST 4                                     57631.39
FRASERZ,  KRISTEN L             SENIOR COUNSEL/LITIGATION & RECO                       102719.29
FRIZZELLZ,  DAN P               SENIOR INFORMATION OFFICER                              86639.11
FUTRELLZ,  ORIANA L             LA SEAQUIST                                              23684.2
FUTTERZ,  RAY J                 SESSION STAFF                                            5479.41
GALLEGOSZ,  MAUREEN K           EXEC LA MOELLER                                         48770.06
GAVIGANZ,  CHARLES              SENIOR STAFF COORDINATOR                               117998.38
GLENNZ,  BRENDA                 EXEC LA KRISTIANSEN                                     58004.14
GLOVERZ,  PHILIP W              SECURITY FACILITIES SPECIALIST 3                        53579.85
GODINAZ,  LISA M                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      9116.49
GOODMANZ,  ROGER E              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
GOTOVACZ,  LINDA K              SESSION STAFF - LIC                                     10424.41
GOWERZ,  JOHN W                 SENIOR COUNSEL                                         112119.15
GOYCHAYEVZ,  RUSTAM             LA KENNEY                                               14632.38
GREENZ,  TAMARA J               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
GRIFFINZ,  HAROLD R             SESSION STAFF                                            4626.04
GRUMMICKZ,  KEVIN L             SENIOR PRESS/COPYOPERATOR                               52530.75
GURTLERZ,  DEBRA J              SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST                                 99232.86
HAGENZ,  DANIEL T               SR LA ROBERTS                                           38941.26
HAIGHZ,  KATHRYN M              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HALERZ,  LAWRENCE E             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HALLZ,  VALIREE                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
HAMMONDZ,  KURT O               LA CONDOTTA                                             47215.77
HANDYZ,  JOHN D                 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR COMMUNICATION                         75765.9
HARDTKEZ,  BRIAN J              LA DAMMEIER                                             33101.46
HARPERZ,  LACEY R               LA MCCOY                                                39971.17
HARRISZ,  CINDY                 SESSION STAFF - HRC                                     10515.23
HASEGAWAZ,  ROBERT A            REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HATFIELD WINGENDERZ,  LYNN MARIESESSION STAFF - LIC                                      5351.92
HAWKINSZ,  MARYLYN W            LA RYU                                                  43266.52
HAYWARDZ,  ALLEN W              SENIOR LEADERSHIP COUNSEL                              124714.45
HEDEGARDZ,  JON E               SENIOR COUNSEL                                           84591.3
HELLBERGZ,  ALISON R            COUNSEL I                                               66720.34
HERRERAZ,  JAIME L              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HINKLEZ,  WILLIAM R             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HISAWZ,  MELANIE G              LA FAGAN                                                37166.94
HODERZ,  THERESA L              SESSION STAFF                                            9400.42
HODGESZ,  DAVID M               LA WALLACE                                               1729.96
HODGINSZ,  ALEXANDER D          SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
HOLMZ,  ANN E                   EXEC LA DUNSHEE                                         40996.27
HOPEZ,  MICHAEL S               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HOPKINSZ,  NICHOLAS S           GRAPHICS DESIGNER                                       40597.08
HOPSONZ,  DARRELL R             WORKROOM CLERK                                          31902.35
HORNZ,  LEANNE                  LA MILOSCIA                                             40197.79
HOWELLZ,  PARKER A              LEGAL INTERN                                             6616.89
HOWSONZ,  SUSAN D               SENIOR STAFF COORDINATOR                               103353.84
HOYEZ,  TERRENCE                SESSION STAFF                                             4341.5
HUDGINSZ,  ZACHARY L            REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HUMMELZ,  ELIZABETH J           EXEC LA HUDGINS                                         42122.13
HUNTZ,  SAMUEL W                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HUNTERZ,  ROSS A                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
HUPPERTZ,  ANNMARIE E           SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      5571.82
HURZ,  ALEXANDER                EXEC LA CHOPP                                           17586.57
HURSTZ,  CHRISTOPHER A          REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
IRISHZ,  BRIDGET J              SESSION STAFF                                           11664.51
JACKS IIZ,  JAMES F             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
JOHNSONZ,  DAVID L              STAFF COORDINATOR                                      112578.61
JOHNSONZ,  HANNAH K             SESSION STAFF - HDC                                      11947.5
JOHNSONZ,  NORMAN               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
JONESZ,  MICHAEL R              SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6190.62
JORDANZ,  SONG                  SESSION INTERN - ADMIN                                   2363.64
JUSTICEZ,  AMELIA               SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      2606.05
JUSTICEZ,  KIMBERLY A           POLICY ANALYST I                                        64609.36
KAGIZ,  RUTH L                  REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KAISERZ,  CYNTHIA A             SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      5409.88
KELLEYZ,  TROY X                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KENFIELDZ,  MARY C              POLICY ANALYST                                          68399.97
KENNA-SCHENKZ,  REBECCA E       SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             9835.88
KENNEYZ,  PHYLLIS G             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KENTNERZ,  PAMELA D             SR LA SCHMICK                                           66280.49
KERSULZ,  SAMANTHA D            SESSION STAFF - HDC                                      8096.92
KESSLERZ,  LYNN E               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KIMZ,  JULIE                    SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       657.29
KIRBYZ,  STEVEN T               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KLIPPERTZ,  BRADLEY             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KNOLLZ,  ROBERT                 LA MAXWELL                                              35434.77
KNUTSONZ,  DAVID E              SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                   85058.97
KOCHANIEWICZZ,  SEAN            SENIOR WORKROOM CLERK                                    57377.2
KREILINGZ,  MATTHEW             PAGE TEACHER                                                8650
KRETZZ,  JOEL A                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KRISTIANSENZ,  DANIEL P         REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
KRUTSINGERZ,  ALLISON R         LA KAGI                                                 20472.55
KWONZ,  JULIA L                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      7875.75
LAMBZ,  SARAH L                 INFORMATION OFFICER                                     44539.46
LAMBERTZ,  SARAH                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      5166.93
LARDZ,  GAYLE L                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4720.45
LAUGHLINZ,  RONALD J            SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6318.52
LE VEZUZ,  ALICIA M             LA HARRIS                                                24407.4
LEATHERSZ,  KATHRYN M           COUNSEL II                                              44226.87
LEDUCZ,  DINAH L                SENIOR COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASS                        49545.76
LEIGHTONZ,  JUSTIN              SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
LELLIZ,  KIMBERLIE L            LA LADENBURG                                            43152.63
LENZIZ,  JAMES R                SESSION STAFF                                            6332.18
LESKINENZ,  MIRANDA L           PUBLIC AFFAIRS INTERN                                    7569.55
LEWISZ,  ALEXANDRIA             EXEC LA PETTIGREW                                        4365.38
LEWISZ,  ANN G                  EXEC LA CLIBBORN                                        58855.91
LEWISZ,  PATRICK M              SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      7600.68
LEWISZ,  TAMMI LINN             LA DAHLQUIST                                            65972.83
LIIASZ,  MARKO S                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
LINVILLEZ,  KELLI J             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
LOBEZ,  RODNEY                  SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6188.24
LONGZ,  JERALD F                SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                  100399.65
LORENZZ,  BRANDON M             SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
LUCEZ,  ROBIN                   SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       673.75
LUNDZ,  JAMI L                  SR POLICY ANALYST                                       71921.25
LYNCHZ,  KYLE                   LA WARNICK                                              43185.97
LYTLEZ,  JAMES W                PRESS/COPY OPERATOR                                     48632.08
MACBAINZ,  ALEXANDER S          FISCAL ANALYST II                                       85094.87
MACKEYZ,  MARY F                WORKROOM COORDINATOR                                    87900.07
MADSONZ,  PAMELA K              SENIOR COUNSEL                                         100520.78
MAKOWSKIZ,  YONA                SENIOR FISCAL COORDINATOR                              104468.47
MALKINZ,  WENDY LEILA JANIS     COUNSEL I                                               12692.02
MANGINOZ,  DAVID A              SECURITY FACILITIES SPECIALIST 3                        42209.01
MANLEYZ,  AARON                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
MANNINGZ,  CORY                 SESSION STAFF                                            4626.04
MANNINGZ,  GRAYDON              SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
MARZANZ,  JEANNEIL L            LA STANFORD                                             38003.99
MASONZ,  JOHN A                 WEB SITE MANAGER/GRAPHICS                               65051.64
MASON-GILLESPIEZ,  CHR          SR LA KIRBY                                              45692.8
MASSEZ,  STEVEN L               SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                    83554.2
MATLOCKZ,  JOSEPH A             SESSION STAFF                                            7888.64
MATTESONZ,  MARK                ASSISTANT STAFF COORDINATOR                             92140.08
MATTI-JACKSONZ,  CARMA L        SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                   89369.99
MAXWELLZ,  HEATHER C            LA MOSCOSO                                              39151.37
MAXWELLZ,  MARCIE               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MAYCUMBERZ,  JACQUELIN          LA SHORT                                                36852.89
MAYNARDZ,  CATHERINE L          SPEAKER'S ATTORNEY                                     105017.02
MCCANNZ,  JANE                  LA FINN                                                 59153.43
MCCARTHYZ,  JESSICA J           EXEC LA KRETZ                                           38822.29
MCCOLLUMZ,  LISA C              LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT                                    43616.4
MCCOYZ,  JOHN R                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MCCRADYZ,  DAVID L              SESSION STAFF                                            4955.68
MCCRADYZ,  MELINDA E            COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                                104974.72
MCCROWZ,  SAMUEL ADAM           LA BAILEY                                                40210.7
MCCUNEZ,  JAMES G               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MCDONALDZ,  SHELLY R            LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT LIAISON                           63050.88
MCINROEZ,  CARROLL              SESSION STAFF - HDC                                       8419.1
MCKUSKERZ,  JERRY               SESSION STAFF                                            4697.23
MCLAINZ,  BARBARA               SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST                                100538.92
MCNULTYZ,  CAITLIN S            SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
MENDENHALLZ,  AMELIA J          SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
MERELLEZ,  LINDA J              COUNSEL II                                              76709.57
MERRICKZ,  ELIZABETH M          LA WILCOX                                               47242.47
MEYERZ,  MARGARET A             SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      6414.58
MILLERZ,  RACHELLE L            SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      8232.54
MILLERZ,  SARAH C               LA ROLFES                                               42056.39
MILOSCIAZ,  MARK A              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MITCHELLZ,  JEFFREY L           COUNSEL II                                              75500.47
MOELLERZ,  JAMES C              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MOOREZ,  PATRICIA A             SENIOR OFFICE COORDINATOR                               79530.73
MOORESZ,  KIMBERLY              EXEC LA HAIGH                                           47256.49
MORENOZ,  ETHAN                 RESEARCH ANALYST II                                     81087.58
MORISHIMAZ,  JAMES K            SENIOR COUNSEL                                          92053.76
MORRELLZ,  LAVONNA D            REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MORRISZ,  JEFFREY R             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
MORRISZ,  WENDELL D             SESSION STAFF                                            4955.68
MORTLOCKZ,  HOLLY               LA CODY                                                 48863.91
MOSCOSOZ,  LUIS                 REPRESENTATIVE                                           3189.85
MOUNTAINZ,  DANIEL E            SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                            25642.73
MUELLERZ,  MAUREEN B            WORKROOM COORDINATOR                                    52712.36
MUHMZ,  JEFFREY M               POLICY ANALYST                                          65245.11
MUNNECKEZ,  DAVID V             COUNSEL I                                               71065.26
NEALEYZ,  TERRY R               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
NELSONZ,  SHARON K              REPRESENTATIVE                                          38597.24
NELSONZ,  STEPHAN S             SESSION STAFF                                            5926.11
NICHOLSZ,  TROY T               DIRECTOR POLICY DEVELOPMENT                             97409.79
NIXONZ,  MARGARET A             SALES STAFF                                               1300.5
O BRIENZ,  ALLISTER H           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
O CONNELLZ,  MIKE               LEGAL COUNSEL                                          134409.91
O'BRIENZ,  TRACEY T             SR COUNSEL                                              18713.86
O'LOONEYZ,  KATE E              COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT                         34458.75
OAKLEYZ,  BENJAMIN              LA PARKER                                               35257.82
OBERTZ,  SCOTT B                SECURITY FACILITIES SPECIALIST 3                         42080.8
OHLDE PFUNDHELLERZ,  KELLY      RESEARCH ANALYST I                                          5262
OLEARYZ,  LEO                   PAGE TEACHER                                              288.33
OLSENZ,  JEFFREY T              SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                   18757.08
OLSENZ,  PHILIP J               SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6446.42
ORCUTTZ,  EDMUND T              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ORMSBYZ,  TIMM S                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ORRZ,  JUDITH K                 PAGE TEACHER                                             14678.2
ORTEGAZ,  NATALIE               MSW PRACTICUM                                             602.27
ORWALLZ,  TINA                  REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
OSBORNZ,  THAMAS                SENIOR COUNSEL                                          86222.32
OVERMILLERZ,  KYLE E            TECHNOLOGY & FACILITIES DIRECTOR                        89156.06
PALMZ,  PEGGY A                 SESSION STAFF                                             6845.2
PALMERZ,  MELISSA S             FISCAL ANALYST II                                       61216.31
PARDOZ,  MARIA GLORIA           SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      4604.55
PARIBELLOZ,  JAMES J            CAUCUS PROJECTS COORDINATOR                             68545.12
PARKERZ,  CHRISTIE D            FISCAL ANALYST I                                        73146.91
PARKERZ,  CICELY B              SALES STAFF                                               3792.5
PARKERZ,  KEVIN                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
PARSONSZ,  NANCY A              LA ZEIGER                                                  48240
PATASHNIKZ,  MAXIMA             LA GOODMAN                                              34920.16
PAYNEZ,  GREGORY                OFFICE COORDINATOR                                      71917.72
PEARLZ,  PHILLIP J              SESSION STAFF - HRC                                      8859.05
PEARSONZ,  KIRK J               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
PEDERSENZ,  JAMIE D             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
PEDERSENZ,  MARILYN W           EXEC LA HUNTER                                          48429.09
PETERSZ,  BARBARA               SR LA ALEXANDER                                         58742.94
PETERSONZ,  RICHARD D           STAFF COORDINATOR                                      108001.14
PETERSONZ,  RITA K              SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      5684.32
PETTIGREWZ,  ERIC               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
PILCHZ,  CHRISTOPHER R          SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
PINZ,  MICHELE                  LA MOSCOSO                                               2590.36
PISHUEZ,  STEPHANIE             LA TAYLOR                                               35069.83
PITTSZ,  THERESA                INFORMATION SPECIALIST II                               33748.98
PLANTZ,  JANE LOU               COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT                         40485.08
PLUMAGEZ,  MARGARET A           SR LA WALSH                                             54816.75
POLZINZ,  WENDY M               FISCAL ANALYST 1                                         59460.6
POWELLZ,  MORGAN L              LEGAL INTERN                                             7569.55
PRICEZ,  TERRY J                COUNSEL II                                              79253.45
PRIESTZ,  MAHLON S              REPRESENTATIVE                                          38756.73
PRINGLEZ,  DAVID                SENIOR COUNSEL                                          92524.06
PROBSTZ,  TIMOTHY               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
QUALLZ,  DAVID S                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
QUAMZ,  DANA C                  COUNSEL I                                               65111.85
QUINNZ,  MEGHAN                 LA AHERN                                                34695.34
RARICKZ,  BENJAMIN D            SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                   96977.72
RASHZ,  JORDAN M                LA KELLEY                                                5195.14
REDFIELDZ,  ELIZABETH           SENIOR STAFF COORINATOR                                  94737.6
REHWALDTZ,  PAULA M             LA EDDY                                                  43251.4
REILLYZ,  MARSHA                SR RESEARCH ANALYST                                     77447.79
REINMUTHZ,  JILL H              SENIOR COUNSEL                                          96731.82
RESSELZ,  RICHARD S             SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
REYNAZ,  FLORINE L              FINANCIAL ANALYST 4                                     60524.78
RHOADSZ,  GAYLE K               SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4720.45
RHOADSZ,  NORMAN T              SESSION STAFF                                            4955.68
RICEZ,  HALEY A                 SESSION STAFF                                            6867.82
RICHARDSZ,  GLEN S              SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST                                 87272.96
RICHARDSZ,  JAMES S             DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF                                   81248.25
RIDERZ,  KELLY A                LA SPRINGER                                             40316.29
RIDGEWAYZ,  KARRI A             SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
RILEYZ,  PATRICIA               SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             5591.24
RINGWOODZ,  SUSAN               SENIOR INFORMATION SPECIALIST                           30350.02
RIPPZ,  WENDY                   EXEC LA HUDGINS                                          3453.82
ROACHZ,  DANIEL N               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ROBBINSZ,  CLINT                SENIOR INFORMATION OFFICER                              73692.28
ROBERTSZ,  JAMILA B             POLICY ANALYST                                         104473.94
ROBERTSZ,  LESLEY               EXEC LA P SULLIVAN                                      39238.12
ROBERTSZ,  MARY H               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ROBINSONZ,  JAMES               LA SHEA                                                    38350
ROBINSONZ,  WELLINGTON H        SESSION STAFF                                            4626.04
RODNEZ,  JAY R                  REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ROGERSZ,  JEANNE D              DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS ASSISTANT                             51120.24
ROGOSKIZ,  PHILLIP P            SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                                6873
ROLFESZ,  CHRISTINE N           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ROSEZ,  TERRA N                 LA SEAQUIST                                             35895.86
ROSENBLUMZ,  JILL A             ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR                                    59848.23
ROSSZ,  BRANDI L                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      7066.72
ROSSZ,  CHARLES                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
ROSSZ,  GARY M                  SESSION STAFF - LIC                                      6640.73
ROTHLINZ,  JOHN P               CHIEF OF STAFF                                         121596.92
ROWEZ,  OWEN B                  FISCAL ANALYST I                                        66587.78
RUBLEZ,  AMY                    LEGISLATIVE OPERATIONS MANAGER                             81396
RUDICILZ,  JON                  LA FROCKT                                               22764.07
RUFFZ,  SANDRA L                LA OVERSTREET                                            65245.1
RYANZ,  NANCY                   LA DARNEILLE                                            40431.45
RYHERDZ,  MAJKEN K              CHIEF OF STAFF                                          90898.58
SALICKZ,  ANNA R                SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
SANTOSZ,  SHARON T              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SATTGASTZ,  JOHN M              PRODUCT COORDINATOR                                     81876.19
SCHIEWEZ,  KASEY A              LA REYKDAL                                               9392.28
SCHIEWETZZ,  KATIE G            LA ANDERSON                                             23066.02
SCHMICKZ,  JOE S                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SCHROEDERZ,  CARL L             POLICY ANALYST I                                        51819.12
SCHUBERTZ,  BILLIE J            BILL REPORT COORDINATOR                                 44133.22
SEAQUISTZ,  LARRY R             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SEKERAKZ,  TIMOTHY G            HOUSE COUNSEL                                          109563.73
SELLSZ,  MICHAEL S              REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SELOGYZ,  JOHN W                SESSION STAFF                                            4626.04
SHAKOTKOZ,  VERONICA            COUNSEL I                                               66752.43
SHARPZ,  MEAGAN J               LA HARRIS                                                9816.62
SHEAZ,  MATTHEW                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SHEEHANZ,  GERALD W             STAFF COORDINATOR                                        75225.6
SHERMANZ,  BRADLEY              LA SMITH                                                34610.97
SHOOPZ,  RAYMOND D              SECURITY FACILITIES SPECIALIST 3                        42347.02
SHORTZ,  SHELLY A               REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SILVERZ,  ALEXA                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                     63002.54
SIMPSONZ,  GEOFFREY H           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SIVERTSENZ,  JENNIFER A         SESSION HOURLY - LIC                                     6482.21
SKEIZ,  AMY A                   SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST                                   25433.67
SMITHZ,  ANDREA                 RESEARCH ANALYST II                                     57270.36
SMITHZ,  JAIME M                COMMUNICATIONS AND POLICY ANALYS                        55515.69
SMITHZ,  JEANNE M               LA JOHNSON                                              47859.27
SMITHZ,  NORMA C                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SMITHZ,  RACHEL R               SR LA UPTHEGROVE                                        47326.36
SMITHZ,  STEVE J                FISCAL ANALYST II                                       49281.69
SMITHZ,  TAWNYA S               SR LA ROSS                                               66894.9
SNELL-AULTMANZ,  NONA M         STAFF COORDINATOR                                       57541.82
SODERLINDZ,  MARY A             LA ORWALL                                               42072.34
SOUTHWICKZ,  KATHRYN            SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      8257.97
SPARKSZ,  STEVEN                LA PROBST                                               19758.73
SPENCEZ,  PAUL W                SESSION STAFF                                            6453.96
SPILLERZ,  JOANNE               SESSION HOURLY - LIC                                     3268.64
SPRINGERZ,  LAWRENCE S          REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
STALEYZ,  SCOTT M               SR LA CROUSE                                            53430.51
STERNZ,  LOREN                  POLICY ANALYST                                          19758.92
STERRZ,  PETER L                LA PROBST                                               21399.21
STETSONZ,  SERAH                FISCAL ANALYST I                                        40180.15
STEWARTZ,  FANETTE              LA BILLIG                                               31476.36
STRAITZ,  MCKINZIE              LA KAGI                                                     2603
STROPHYZ,  BARBARA J            SENIOR COMMITTEE LEGISLATIVE ASS                        33973.98
STUARTZ,  ADRIENNE D            LA BUYS                                                 11635.02
SULLIVANZ,  PATRICK J           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
SULLIVANZ,  RITA L              SR LA MORRIS                                            58249.11
SUMITANIZ,  ANDREW K            SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       7234.5
SUTTLEZ,  DARCI L               SR LA TAKKO                                             53736.79
SWAIMZ,  DRU E                  LA HURST                                                37395.65
SWEENYZ,  ABBY G                SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
SWENSONZ,  JANICE M             SR LA HALER                                             70374.59
TAKKOZ,  DEAN A                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
TANGAZ,  ADAM K                 SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
TANGOZ,  TRUDES                 SENIOR COUNSEL                                          91390.16
TAYLORZ,  DAVID                 REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
THIESSENZ,  KATRINA H           LA REYKDAL                                              12742.25
THOMPSONZ,  ALBERT H            SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             9525.97
THOMPSONZ,  MADELEINE A         RESEARCH ANALYST II                                         6415
THORNTONZ,  JENNIFER H          SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST                                  14022.4
TJERSLANDZ,  PATRICIA           SALES STAFF                                              6799.32
TOULONZ,  ANDREW S              FISCAL ANALYST II                                          14514
TSEGGAZ,  ABEL M                SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
TUGGLEZ,  BRANDON T             SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                              5569.6
TURNERZ,  COLIN                 SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       657.29
TURNERZ,  JESSIE                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      8274.43
UPTHEGROVEZ,  DAVID             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
URBANZ,  REID                   SESSION STAFF                                            6098.18
VAN DE WEGEZ,  KEVIN W          REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
VANSCHOORLZ,  MARGARET N        SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST                                 91761.98
WAECHTERZ,  SHANNON K           LA ORMSBY                                               57369.68
WALDREFZ,  JENNIFER A           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                               48999.11
WALIKONISZ,  CHRISTA L          SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                       2250
WALKERZ,  YVONNE                SENIOR RESEARCH ANALYST                                 87587.54
WALLACEZ,  DEBBIE D             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
WALLACEZ,  NORMA A              LA HARGROVE                                             56961.67
WALLINZ,  MICHAEL K             LA KLIPPERT                                              37423.2
WALSHZ,  MAUREEN                REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
WALSHZ,  MEGAN M                LA JACK                                                 71788.64
WALSHZ,  MICHEAL G              SESSION STAFF - ADMIN HOURLY                             6295.31
WALTONZ,  SHARI L               SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
WAREZ,  ELLEN                   SESSION STAFF - HDC                                     35589.35
WARNICKZ,  JUDITH M             REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
WARNKEZ,  DAVID F               SESSION STAFF                                            4955.68
WERTZZ,  SUSAN G                SESSION STAFF - LIC                                       5461.4
WESTRICKZ,  BARBARA SUE         LA BLAKE                                                28320.98
WHEELERZ,  CYNTHIA M            SESSION STAFF                                               7476
WHITEZ,  DIANE                  SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       725.63
WILKESZ,  GLENN P               SESSION STAFF                                            4955.68
WILLIAMSZ,  BRENDAN W           REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
WOLDZ,  BRENDON                 SR INFORMATION OFFICER                                  59722.91
WOODZ,  ALEX W                  REPRESENTATIVE                                          42106.08
WORDZ,  CATHERINE               EXEC LA DEBOLT                                          49471.08
WRIGHTZ,  ALEXIS                SESSION STAFF - OPR                                      4493.18
WRIGHTZ,  CHERI A               FINANCIAL ANALYST 4                                     56375.39
WRIGHTZ,  H                     SESSION INTERNS - OPR                                    2272.73
YORKZ,  AMBER D                 SR LA ORCUTT                                            39526.31
ZITZELMANZ,  PHILIP R           SESSION STAFF - OPR                                       690.63
ZUGEL-BENSELZ,  TRISTA ANN      FISCAL ANALYST II                                       77838.72

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