This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Human Rights Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 37 multiple job employees (includes 2 duplicates) (2007, 39 employees) (2005, 42 employees) (2003, 48 employees) (2001, 43 employees) (1999, 40 employees) (1997, 53 employees) (1995, 49 employees)

The Washington State Human Rights Commission has jurisdiction over discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, creed, sexual orientation and gender identity, HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C, maternity and pregnancy discrimination, use of a service animal and whistleblower retaliation. The Commission provides civil rights enforcement of Washington law against discrimination which prohibits discrimination in employment (employers with eight or more employees), housing, places of public accommodation and credit and insurance transactions. In addition, the Commission provides education, training, prevention, partnerships, outreach, intergroup relations, policy development and studies. As of July 21, 2007, the Commission will have jurisdiction over veterans and military status nondiscrimination. The Commission investigates about 1,000 complaints a year and responds to about 12,000 inquiries. Founded in 1949, the Commission is the fourth oldest civil rights agency in the nation. In each of the last two Legislative sessions, its jurisdiction has been expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity as well as veterans and military status. The Commission is composed of five commissioners appointed by the Governor, who select an Executive Director. The operating budget is approximately $7 million per biennium. Sources of revenue include state allotments and federal contracts with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Housing and Urban Development. The Commission employs approximately 40 people in the Olympia headquarters office as well as field offices in Seattle, Spokane, Yakima and Vancouver. The Commission plans to open a Tri-Cities office in fiscal year 2008 or 2009.
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2011 State of Washington Human Rights Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
AASEBYZ,  NICHOLAS W            FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        33834.31
ALLARDZ,  AMANDA                CUST SVS SPEC 2                                             2724
ALLARDZ,  AMANDA                INVESTIGATOR 1                                          31834.28
ALVAREZZ,  J RAMON              INVESTIGATOR 2                                          51227.46
CALAHANZ,  TANYA Y              BOARD SEC HRC                                           62832.89
CARTAGENAZ,  WILMA              INVESTIGATOR 2                                           48607.1
CHAMBERS-ARMSTRONGZ,  ANDRETA MAINVESTIGATOR 2                                          37912.47
GRANBOISZ,  ANDREW              INVESTIGATOR 2                                          48837.22
HAMILTONZ,  WM DAVID            INVESTIGATOR 3                                           61991.2
HIGGINSZ,  CHRISTINA            INVESTIGATOR 4                                          65157.86
HIRSTZ,  R DEAN                 INVESTIGATOR 3                                          59574.91
HOOKZ,  REGINA A                ENFORCEMENT MANAGER (WMS3)                              29066.92
LEEZ,  DEBORAH                  COMMISSIONER                                                 550
LEWISZ,  GARY                   INVESTIGATOR 2                                          50824.44
LINDSTRANDZ,  LAURA R           INVESTIGATOR 4                                          73543.78
LOPEZ-MORTONZ,  YVONNE          CHAIR-COMMISSIONER                                           700
LYZ,  MAI KIM                   INVESTIGATOR 2                                           53468.3
MOOREZ,  REBECCA D              INVESTIGATOR 2                                          47771.76
ORTIZZ,  SHARON K               EXEC. SECRETARY                                         93194.68
PIERCEZ,  KIMBERLY ANN          INVESTIGATOR 2                                          50878.47
PLOUGHZ,  AVIS I                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   33176.34
RALPHZ,  DEBORAH L              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        41778.72
RAMOSZ,  TONY                   INVESTIGATOR 2                                          53248.32
RAMSAUERZ,  SUSAN H             INVESTIGATOR 3                                           61991.2
RASMUSSENZ,  LAURIE R           INVESTIGATOR 2                                          50876.22
REDDINGZ,  BRUCE                OPERATIONS MGR                                          70608.26
RETAZ,  IDOLINA                 INVESTIGATOR 4                                          66960.13
RIOSZ,  KENIA                   CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         36995.64
SILVERZ,  HEIDI                 INVESTIGATOR 3                                          64081.84
SKINNERZ,  LAURA J              CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         33068.68
SMITHZ,  LESLIE                 DATA COMPILER 3                                         12901.14
SMITHZ,  LESLIE                 IT SPEC 2                                               43303.24
STROBERTZ,  CHERYL G            DEPUTY DIRECTOR                                          20147.4
STRONGZ,  CHARLENE              COMMISSIONER                                                 650
TORRESZ,  TERESITA C            INVESTIGATOR 2                                          53468.31
WHITMANZ,  JANICE               INVESTIGATOR 4                                          64888.86
WINKLERZ,  ELEANOR W            INVESTIGATOR 2                                          50842.45

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