This is a list of the 2009 State of Washington Indeterminate Sentence Review Board employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 22 multiple job employees (includes 3 duplicates) (2009, 19 employees) (2007, 16 employees) (2005, 9 employees) (2003, 9 employees) (2001, 9 employees) (1999, 10 employees) (1997, 12 employees) (1995, 14 employees)

In 1986, the Legislature created the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board as the successor agency to the Board of Prison Terms and Paroles. The Indeterminate Sentence Review Board has two distinct caseloads: 1. Indeterminate sentences for offenders who committed their crimes prior to July 1, 1984, and sentenced to prison. 2. Determinate plus sentences for offenders who committed a specific sex or sexually motivated crime on or after September 1, 2001. The Board conducts hearings with offenders sentenced prior to July 1, 1984. The law states that the Board shall not release a prisoner until his or her maximum term expires unless, in the Board’s opinion, his or her rehabilitation has been complete and he or she is a fit subject for release. The Board conducts hearings with offenders with determinate plus sentences to determine whether it is more likely than not that the offender will engage in sex offenses if released under the conditions set by the Board. The Board holds hearings within a Department of Corrections’ facility or institution. For safety reasons and to reduce costs, the hearings are most often held in the facility in which the offender is housed. The Board is composed of a full-time Chair and two part-time members. All members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. Board staff includes an Executive Director, a Data, Planning and Research Administrator, a Confidential Secretary, a Victim Liaison, three Hearings Investigators, three Correctional Records Specialists, an Information Technology Specialist 3 and an Office Assistant 3. The Board’s operating budget is appropriated by the Legislature. It collects no revenue. The fiscal year 2006 budget was $1.1 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2009 State of Washington Indeterminate Sentence Review Board List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

ET is Employee Type: 6 is faculty, 7 is non-faculty, 1 is classified by state merit rules, 2 is exempt from state merit rules
PU is Pay Unit: M is monthly, H is hourly, C is contracted, D is daily,
MP is months paid
%FT is percent of full-time

Name                       Job Title                                ET-PU   MP  %FT    Salary
COSTA, JERALITA P          CHAIR                                      2M     0  100    7177.5
DOPITA, MICHELLE L         OFF ASST 3                                 1M     0  100      2266
EBY, MARGARET M            EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                         1M     0  100      6815
GRUPP, MONIKA J            INVESTIGATOR 3                             1M     0  100      4542
HANEGAN-CRUSE, ELLEN R     PROG SPEC 5                                1M     0  100      5535
HOLLINGSWORTH, BETSY R     MEMBER                                     2M     0  100   6825.84
LA ROSA, RICHARD P         HEARINGS EXAMINER 3                        1M     0  100      6575
MC MANN, JANICE M          CORRECTIONAL RECORDS TECHNICIAN 2          1H     0  100      26.1
MINSHALL, JILL K           INVESTIGATOR 3                             1M     0  100      4653
RILEY, ROBIN L             CONF. SECRETARY                            2M     0  100      3929
RUCKMAN, MANDY C           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                 1M     0  100      2542
SAHLBERG, THOMAS N         MEMBER                                     2M     0  100   6825.84
SEIFERT, IRENE             CORRECTIONAL RECORDS TECHNICIAN 2          1M     0  100      3819
SMITH, R P                 DATA, PLANNING & RESEARCH ADMINISTRATOR    1M     0  100   6570.34
SNELSON, RUSSELL L         IT SPEC 3                                  1M     0  100      5395
SWAILS, JODY               CORRRECTIONAL RECORDS TECHNICIAN 1         1M     0  100      3459
THAUT, DENNIS              MEMBER                                     2M     0   60    4095.5

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