This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 27 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2007, 23 employees) (2005, 19 employees) (2003, 15 employees) (2001, 19 employees)(1999, 19 employees) (1997, 17 employees) (1995, 17 employees)

The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee performs oversight, review and evaluation of state-funded programs and activities on behalf of the Legislature and the citizens of Washington State. This joint, bipartisan Committee consists of eight senators and eight representatives, equally divided between the two major political parties. Its statutory authority is established in Chapter 44.28 RCW. The Legislative Auditor, staff and consultants carry out the Committee’s independent performance audits, program evaluations, sunset reviews and other policy and fiscal studies on behalf of the Legislature and the citizens of Washington State. These studies assess the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs and policies by looking at: • Achievement of results; • Cost and efficiency and effectiveness; and • Accountability to the Legislature and taxpayers. The Committee issues findings and recommendations and reviews how recommended changes are being implemented. Its work is formally incorporated into the legislative process, with recommendations often enacted into law, budgets and policy. The Committee follows nationally recognized audit standards promulgated by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. The Committee has conducted over 170 audits and reviews since 1990, yielding approximately $536 million in one-time and ongoing savings. The Committee sunset reviews, since 1977, have recommended termination or modification of over 80 state programs. The Committee’s work spans all areas of state government. The Committee’s 2005-07 budget is approximately $5.2 million. The Committee has a staff of approximately 25 full- and part-time employees operating from its office in Olympia.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ,  JOY E                  RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                        2504.5
BENSONZ,  GARY L                TEMPORARY PROJECT ANALYST                               45730.79
BOWDENZ,  JOHN D                RESEARCH ANALYST II                                     87988.16
BYERSZ,  LINDA                  RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    57867.92
DAUNZ,  FARA                    RESEARCH ANALYST II                                        83654
DEANZ,  DAVID J.                RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    98421.16
DONNERZ,  ELISABETH T           RESEARCH ANALYST II                                     75999.23
FANNINGZ,  RUTA                 LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR                                    147544.61
FLEMINGZ,  MARK                 RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    87499.75
FORLANDZ,  CYNTHIA L            RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    81128.59
FRENCHZ,  NATASHA               COMPUTER/ADMIN TECH                                     53696.88
GILZ,  SYLVIA ROSE              RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      41393.12
HEINECCIUSZ,  PETER A           RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      66733.22
HENNESSYZ,  LISA M              ADMINTECH/COMMITTEE SEC                                 43823.86
HOFFMAN-SACKSZ,  STEPHANIE JILL RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    33432.83
HOLLARZ,  STACIA ELIZABETH      RESEARCH ANALYST II                                     79833.41
KELLYZ,  SUZANNE C              PROJECT MGMT & RESEARCH ASSISTAN                        63992.38
KONOPASKIZ,  KEENAN L           AUDITOR COORDINATOR                                    111293.85
LABARZ,  PRUDENCE M             ACCOUNTANT                                              56294.19
LYNNZ,  DANA M                  RESEARCH ANALYST - TAX PREFERENC                        77511.54
NEFFZ,  BARBARA A               ADMINISTRATIVE TECHNICIAN                               51075.44
OMANZ,  NINA J                  RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    87598.33
PLACEZ,  DIANE LYNNE            ADMINTECH/COMMITTEE SEC                                 49824.16
ROGERSZ,  CURTIS H              ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR                              92104.13
THOMASZ,  ERIC MICHAEL          RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    41207.89
WELSHZ,  MARY E                 ECONOMIST & RESEARCH ANALYST                            89512.72
WOOLLEYZ,  JOHN H               RESEARCH ANALYST III                                    68548.44

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