This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Lake Washington Technical College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 551 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 562 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 541 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 412 employees) (2003, 403 employees) (2001, 398 employees) (1999, 373 employees) (1997, 331 employees) (1995, 275 employees)

Lake Washington Technical College was founded in 1949. Located in Kirkland, the College is one of 34 community and technical colleges in the state of Washington. It has been part of the state system of community and technical colleges since 1991. Previously, it was part of the Lake Washington School District. Most of its programs are operated out of the main campus. In late 2003, the College demolished its old Redmond campus building, Marymoor Annex, and built a new structure called the Redmond Campus Corporate Learning Center, which opened in time for fall quarter 2005. The College expanded its Kirkland campus to include a Technology Center, which opened in fall quarter 2004. Approximately 3,000 full- and part-time students attend classes at the College, which employs approximately 196 full-time and 179 part-time faculty and staff. The College’s fiscal year 2004 and 2005 operating budgets were approximately $21.6 million and $22.7 million. A five-member Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor is responsible for oversight of College operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Lake Washington Technical College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBEYZ, VIVIAN L                FOOD SERVICE TECH VI                                    25892.41
ACTONZ, GREGORY S               FACULTY                                                 63123.37
ADAMSZ, REGINE N                DIRECTOR, MARKETING                                        61584
ADAMS-LEEZ, KATHRYN H           FACULTY                                                 11977.68
AKSELRUDZ, LARYSA V             PROGRAM ASSISTANT III                                      35033
ALANIZZ, CARLOS V               FACULTY                                                 23224.24
ALLENZ, KOLBY D                 FACULTY                                                  5988.84
AMUNDSENZ, KATHLEEN M           FACULTY                                                 28526.37
ANDERSONZ, BARBARA A            FACULTY                                                 36712.11
ANDERSONZ, CHRISTINE M          FACULTY                                                  7107.25
ANDERSONZ, JAMES T              FACULTY                                                  5428.62
ANDERSONZ, JANET L              FACULTY                                                 41068.56
ANDERSONZ, KRISTINE A           FACULTY                                                    38020
ANDERSONZ, MARY J               FACULTY                                                  11174.3
ANDERSONZ, PAULA M              FACULTY                                                 14778.23
ANDERSONZ, SALLY N              FACULTY                                                 22458.15
ANDERSON-MURRAYZ, MARJA L       FACULTY                                                      140
ANDREOTTIZ, LINDSAY             FACULTY                                                  3699.75
APPLEZ, ELIZABETH J             DIR,TITLE III ACTVTY II                                    53244
ARELZ, CANDACE D                FACULTY                                                   9981.4
ARMSTRONGZ, PATRICIA I          FACULTY                                                 32874.95
ARNOLDZ, ROBERTA L              ADMIN ASSISTANT IV                                         41304
ARONZ, LEONARD E                FACULTY                                                  24357.9
ATERZ, STEVEN K                 FACULTY                                                  58180.3
AUSTINZ, RON J                  FACULTY                                                   9068.4
AUTRYZ, JULIE L                 HUMAN RESOURCES TECHNICIAN                              44087.78
AXINTEZ, DANIELA                FACULTY                                                  3419.75
AXTELLZ, PAUL W                 DEAN OF INSTRUCTION                                        91008
BAKERZ, DEBORAH A               FACULTY                                                 26770.56
BALDAUFZ, MIKAELA A             ADMIN ASSISTANT I                                       18978.59
BARKERZ, TINA M                 FACULTY                                                 23068.75
BARLOWZ, DANIEL P               FACULTY                                                 17607.45
BARNESZ, LETITIA M              FACULTY                                                 66475.88
BARSCEWSKIZ, LYNN M             FACULTY                                                      120
BASHINSKIZ, BRIAN M             COOR,WORKER RETRAINING                                   45770.1
BATEMANZ, LISA A                FACULTY                                                  3083.52
BAUMANZ, LAURIE A               FACULTY                                                  2994.42
BEARSONZ, VIRGINIA L            FACULTY                                                  1421.64
BEATTYZ, CATHERINE              FACULTY                                                  52936.4
BEHANZ, MICHELLE S              FACULTY                                                  18699.6
BERGZ, BREANNE N                FACULTY                                                  8396.05
BERNACKIZ, JAMES M              FACULTY                                                 63323.64
BERRYZ, MICHELLE L              FACULTY                                                 60875.47
BERRY-CHEEZ, HANNAH C           FACULTY                                                     1422
BIANCOZ, THOMAS J               FACULTY                                                 66690.34
BIANCO-SMITHZ, KIMBERLY A       FACULTY                                                  9930.95
BIROSZ, DEMETRA I               DIR,WRKFRC&DEVLOPMNT SERVI                              58968.72
BISSETTZ, ELIZABETH A           FACULTY                                                  2140.64
BLACKZ, ELAINE D                FACULTY                                                 28377.08
BLACKBIRDZ, MARK S              FACULTY                                                 14274.89
BLOOMZ, DONALD L                DIR,FACILITIES &OPERATIONS                                 79992
BOARDMANZ, JENNIFER L           TECHNICAL AID                                           42834.97
BONNINGTONZ, CHERIE A           COOR,FINANCIAL AID                                         48348
BOSTICKZ, JESSIE M              FACULTY                                                      810
BOUMAZ, LAURA L                 FACULTY                                                  2028.74
BRANDZ, JONI A                  FACULTY                                                  16819.2
BRESLOFFZ, MICHAEL B            LIBRARY TECHNICIAN II                                   26508.15
BRICKENZ, JULIA D               FACULTY                                                  2775.35
BRICKENZ, WILLIAM M             FACULTY                                                 79545.56
BRITTINGHAMZ, KAY M             DIRECTOR,OCCUPATION THERAP                                 86700
BROWNZ, DONALD M                CUSTODIAN - THIRD                                       38740.54
BROWNZ, KENNETH R               FACULTY                                                 78566.83
BRUHNZ, CHRISTIAN N             FACULTY                                                 65285.58
BUIZ, TU-UYEN T                 FACULTY                                                 15380.68
BURAGOZ, ANNA                   FACULTY                                                  6338.84
BURNSZ, JAMES A                 FACULTY                                                   9757.6
BURNSZ, SARA L                  VP,INSTRUCTION                                            105960
BUROWZ, DUANE F                 FACULTY                                                  8310.49
BUTLERZ, BARBARA J              FACULTY                                                  2775.35
BUTLERZ, ROBERTA C              FACULTY                                                  58678.2
BYINGTONZ, TERRY A              EXEC DIR,NEW INITIATIVES                                44987.28
CAINZ, JESSICA D                CAREER SPECIALIST                                        6678.68
CALESZ, DIANA M                 FACULTY                                                 24184.78
CALLAHANZ, ADIA M               FACULTY                                                     1000
CALZADILLASZ, HERMAN            DIR,RECRUITMENT & OUTREACH                              41979.85
CAMPBELLZ, ELPHEGE L            FACULTY                                                  38567.1
CAMPBELLZ, PATRICIA             FACULTY                                                   9313.4
CANNAVANZ, DALE                 FACULTY                                                 13736.25
CAPOUILLIEZZ, SIDNEY            FACULTY                                                   5640.7
CAREYZ, LYNN M                  FACULTY                                                  1419.62
CARLSONZ, VICTORIA F            EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                41712.28
CARROLLZ, SUSAN K               FACULTY                                                 49915.47
CARTERZ, STEPHANIE R            FACULTY                                                  8974.19
CASSATTZ, ALEXANDER M           FACULTY                                                  1028.82
CATERZ, ELINORA JANE            FACULTY                                                 27497.45
CAVANAUGHZ, REBECCA L           FACULTY                                                 56696.88
CHANZ, ESTRELLA S               FACULTY                                                     1225
CHANEYZ, WILLIAM P              DIRECTOR,FINANCIAL AID                                     69540
CHANGZ, DENNIS K                FACULTY                                                  13747.1
CHAPPELLZ, STACIE A             FACULTY                                                 54614.97
CHENZ, HAILAN                   INSTRUCTIONAL TECH SPECIAL                               36403.2
CHENZ, SHIH-SHUN                FACULTY                                                 21617.38
CHENGZ, BOPHARUTH               PROGRAM SPECIALIST                                         40392
CHRISTENSENZ, CAROLYN K         FACULTY                                                 60799.65
CLARKZ, NANCY C                 FACULTY                                                  2600.35
CLARKZ, SHARON A                ADMIN ASSISTANT II                                         36972
CLIFTONZ, MICHAEL D             FACULTY                                                 67160.25
CLIPPARDZ, WILLIAM R            FACULTY                                                  1393.59
COANZ, DAVID R                  FACULTY                                                 53524.02
COLAVITOZ, DANIEL A             FACULTY                                                  2994.42
CONANTZ, KATHERINE I            CAREER SPECIALIST                                          41004
CONNELLYZ, MARGARET E           FACULTY                                                  22005.6
CONTRERASZ, RICARDO             FACULTY                                                  2635.35
CONWELLZ, BETTY L               MANAGER,PURCHASING SRVCS                                   59904
CORCORANZ, MARY R               FACULTY                                                   9477.6
COSTARELLAZ, LINDA A            FACULTY                                                 33670.68
COTUTIUZ, ALEXANDRU             CUSTODIAN - SECOND SHFT                                 32535.59
CRAMZ, AMY R                    FACULTY                                                  37702.6
CROSSZ, LYNNE E                 TECHNICAL AID                                           41129.38
CUCCIZ, BRENDA L                FACULTY                                                  12973.6
CUMLEYZ, SHELLEY LEE            FACULTY                                                 31191.94
CURNUTTZ, JAMES R               FACULTY                                                  6967.95
D'HONDTZ, KARRIN L              FACULTY                                                   2569.6
DALEZ, DONALD A                 FACULTY                                                 65106.46
DALGARNZ, SUZANNE M             FACULTY                                                 79877.42
DALICHZ, GEORGE M               FACULTY                                                 63850.14
DAMONZ, JEANNIE M               ADMIN ASSISTANT V                                       32816.64
DARRAHZ, MARCIA J               ADMIN ASSISTANT III                                        38340
DAVIDOVZ, VASILIY M             CUSTODIAN - SECOND SHFT                                    33768
DAVIDOW-LUCASZ, KATHERINE L     FACULTY                                                 27307.56
DAVIDYUKZ, VERA N               PAYROLL TECHNICIAN                                      47704.08
DAVISZ, ANNETTE L               LIBRARY TECH II/MEDIA TECH                              41635.44
DAVISZ, BETH M                  FACULTY                                                 61803.39
DAVISZ, HEATHER C D             FACULTY                                                 61988.55
DEANZ, TERESA M                 FACULTY                                                  13788.2
DEBEAUCHAMPZ, DEBORAH A         FINANCIAL ANALYST                                       50435.06
DEGRAWZ, HEATHER A              EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                      48654.5
DELEONZ, EMILY J                FACULTY                                                 15667.83
DEMOSZ, SARAH E                 CAREER SPECIALIST                                        3572.32
DEPUEZ, DENNIS D                TECHNICAL AID                                           40848.11
DEVERZ, MARY W                  FACULTY                                                  9918.28
DI CRISTOZ, PATRICIA            PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                                     30549.14
DICKZ, NANCY C                  DEAN OF INSTRUCTION                                        91008
DIMEOZ, MATTHEW D               FACULTY                                                 66926.72
DIMOCKZ, LAURENCE G             FACULTY                                                      117
DIONZ, DAVID L                  FACULTY                                                 37520.05
DIONALDOZ, CHRISTINE H.         EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                20632.56
DISKOZ, GALINA                  FOOD SERVICE TECH V                                     23784.63
DOZ, TIEN V                     CAREER SPECIALIST                                          41004
DOPPELZ, THERESA H              FACULTY                                                 13984.21
DRESSLERZ, JAMES B              FACULTY                                                  23457.5
DUDAROVZ, VALERIY A             BLDG EQUIPMENT MECHANIC                                 55894.77
DUGGANZ, JOSEPH A               DATA ANALYST                                             12397.5
DUNNINGZ, FRANCIS S             FACULTY                                                  2994.42
DUPONTZ, NOAH B                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT II                                    18204.06
EASTERNZ, MARYELLEN D           FACULTY                                                  32376.8
EBYZ, MARGARET A                ACCOUNTING MANAGER                                         57864
EGENESZ, KAREN D                FACULTY                                                  12894.4
EINFELDZ, MARK B                FACULTY                                                 12756.75
EKELUNDZ, PATRICIA J            FACULTY                                                     1050
EMORYZ, DOUGLAS J               DEAN OF INSTRUCTION                                        92496
ENGLANDZ, CATHERINE G           FACULTY                                                 36898.78
EPPLEYZ, MARK                   FACULTY                                                 31082.34
ERCHULZ, THOMAS J               FACULTY                                                  2843.28
EVANSZ, LESLIE I                FACULTY                                                   6568.1
EVERESTZ, MARVIN L              FACULTY                                                 57755.65
EVORAZ, LETICIA A               MANAGER,PAYROLL SRVCS                                      57156
FAHEYZ, PAMELA F                FACULTY                                                   6829.4
FAIRBANKSZ, CHAD H              APPLICATION DEVELOP/PROGRA                                 62004
FATHERAZIZ, SAHBA               FACULTY                                                 24485.16
FECHNERZ, ANDREA M              COOR,ADMISSIONS                                          43044.5
FELDMANZ, MYRIAM A              FACULTY                                                 17134.31
FENTONZ, PAMELA S               FACULTY                                                     7872
FIALAZ, BRIAN G                 TECHNICAL AID                                            9415.32
FIKEZ, CAROL J                  EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                  6855.76
FISCHERZ, MELISSA A             EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                  23051.1
FISHERZ, DOREEN W               FACULTY                                                   7108.2
FITZPATRICKZ, JOSEPH M          FACULTY                                                     5215
FOISIEZ, STEPHEN M              FACULTY                                                   4878.8
FORRESTERZ, CLYDE F             TECHNICAL AID                                            9101.32
FOXZ, DEBBIE M                  FACULTY                                                 13474.89
FRECKLETONZ, TRACY L            FACULTY                                                 21252.25
FRIEDMANZ, SUZANNE C            INSTRUCTIONAL TECH SPECIAL                               9307.64
FROSTZ, MONTA L                 FACULTY                                                 77724.84
FUHRERZ, AUDREY A               EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                25709.34
FUNESZ, CYNTHIA M               TECHNICAL AID                                             4964.8
GABRIELZ, JOHN D                FACULTY                                                 63328.36
GALLAGHERZ, JILLANE K           FACULTY                                                  4036.14
GALLAGHERZ, MARLA T             FACULTY                                                 12082.14
GALLENTINEZ, KATHLEEN           CAREER SPECIALIST                                          41004
GARRELSZ, MARTI C               FACULTY                                                 61328.38
GAYEZ, MAMADOU M                CUSTODIAN - THIRD                                       34083.38
GEERZ, KIMBERLY K               FINANCIAL AID SPECIALIST                                18137.31
GEHRTSZ, FRANCES J              FACULTY                                                 19567.45
GILBERTZ, KAREN L               FACULTY                                                  19437.5
GILBERTZ, ROBBY G               FACULTY                                                 11478.61
GLENDENNINGZ, SHELLEY A         DIR,FOUNDATION&COLLEG EVNT                              37519.31
GOLDSMITHZ, JACQUELYNN L        FACULTY                                                    14592
GOMILLIONZ, BERATTA JO          FACULTY                                                  2495.35
GOODBOYZ, JAMES C               FACULTY                                                  5489.77
GRANTZ, SHELLEY K               FACULTY                                                   6848.1
GRAYZ, KATHERINE A              CONFIDENTIAL ADMIN ASST                                 42043.64
GREENZ, ERIN O                  FACULTY                                                  2994.42
GREGOREKZ, DEBORAH L            PROJECT SPECIALIST                                       29767.5
GREGORYZ, COURTNEY M            FACULTY                                                 35565.84
GRIFFITHZ, THOMAS N             FACULTY                                                   861.96
GRONBERGZ, KAREN R              FACULTY                                                  14214.5
GRYNIUKZ, JOSEPH J              FACULTY                                                 62236.46
GUGATZ, ANN M                   FACULTY                                                 21111.75
GUILFORDZ, WILLIAM E            FACULTY                                                 34047.51
HAASZ, ELLEN T                  FACULTY                                                  2495.35
HARRELZ, CATHRYN M              FACULTY                                                  7486.05
HARTERZ, CHRISTINA M            DIRECTOR,TITLE III ACTIV I                                 53244
HAYDENZ, RUBY A                 DIR,STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                                    63744
HAYESZ, MICHAEL T               FACULTY                                                 74247.49
HENDERSONZ, NICOLLE V           EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                19683.78
HEWESZ, COLLEEN J               DIRECTOR,NURSING PROGRAMS                                  86700
HEYDEZ, JAYNE W                 CAREER SPECIALIST                                        47712.5
HILBERZ, MCKELLE D              FACULTY                                                   7108.2
HINDMANZ, BIRGIT                FACULTY                                                     5178
HOZ, CHUNHSING                  FACULTY                                                 58502.45
HOAGLANZ, PHYLLIS J             FACULTY                                                     7802
HOLENZ, EVA M                   FACULTY                                                     7140
HOLLINZ, CLARA L                FACULTY                                                      840
HOLMANZ, SHANIE L               FACULTY                                                  2495.35
HOLTZ, JANA M                   FACULTY                                                 52826.48
HOLUMZ, KAREN E                 FACULTY                                                   947.76
HOOVERZ, JAN K                  FACULTY                                                  64181.2
HOUSTONZ, MICHAEL J             FACULTY                                                  11106.5
HOWEZ, JAMES J                  FACULTY                                                  67328.4
HOWLANDZ, JOY C                 ASSOC DEAN,RESOURCE DEV&IE                                 71045
HUANGZ, LOUANNE T               APPLICATIONS SPECIALIST                                 44777.87
HUBBARDZ, CHRISTOPHER P         FACULTY                                                  14972.1
HUEBNERZ, CASEY L               CUSTODIAL SRVCS SUPERVISOR                                 48000
HUMPHREYZ, FRANCES I            CONFIDENTIAL ADMIN ASST                                    47232
HUNTERZ, PATRICIA A             ASSOC DEAN, TRIO PROGRAMS                               67614.38
HUSSAINZ, NIMIRA                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                 8307.86
INFINGERZ, KIM M                PRINCIPAL/DEAN HS PROGRAMS                                 92496
INGECZ, FERHAN                  EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                  2584.58
IYERUSALIMETSZ, VERA I          FOOD SERVICE TECH II                                    18776.72
JACALLENZ, DANA R               FACULTY                                                 63949.49
JACKSONZ, FERRAL WALT           FACULTY                                                     2400
JACOBSENZ, REX M                FACULTY                                                    49771
JACOBSENZ, SUSAN P              ADMIN ASSISTANT III                                      31670.5
JAINZ, SEEMA                    FACULTY                                                 65406.52
JAMESZ, ELIZABETH K             FACULTY                                                 12667.05
JANKHAHZ, MOHAMMAD M            FACULTY                                                 21863.95
JEFFERSONZ, ANITA K             FACULTY                                                 26216.63
JOAZ, KANY                      FACULTY                                                   9907.5
JOHNSONZ, CATHERINE J           FACULTY                                                  22845.9
JOHNSONZ, JANET R               FACULTY                                                  21983.5
JOHNSONZ, KATHY J               SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES TEC                               47252.4
JONESZ, GWYNETH                 FACULTY                                                  3694.42
JONESZ, HEIDI S                 FACULTY                                                   2814.9
JONESZ, MERRI L                 FACULTY                                                   5018.8
JORGENSENZ, SUSAN K             ADMIN ASSISTANT III                                        38148
JULAG-AYZ, BARBARA S            FACULTY                                                 50723.61
KALEYZ, NANCY C                 FACULTY                                                 33300.75
KANGZ, HEE J                    FACULTY                                                   4990.7
KAPPZ, CAROLINE L               FACULTY                                                 53711.46
KASHINSKAYAZ, GALINA M          FACULTY                                                  26483.4
KEENANZ, NEIL G                 FACULTY                                                  8358.44
KELLERZ, DREW R                 FACULTY                                                   3302.8
KENDRICKZ, SCARLET E            FACULTY                                                 75353.14
KENNEDYZ, JULIE S               FACULTY                                                  14216.4
KERRZ, CRAIG B                  CAREER SPECIALIST                                        3572.32
KHODORCHUKZ, SERGEY V           CUSTODIAN                                               20119.74
KILLZ, MAUREEN A                FACULTY                                                 49551.95
KIMZ, CHONG I                   EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                 7969.33
KIMZ, GRACE                     FACULTY                                                  4763.86
KIMMELZ, BECKY G                FACULTY                                                  8983.26
KINAMONZ, ELLEN C               LIBRARY TECHNICIAN II                                    25270.4
KIRKLANDZ, LINDA F              ADMIN ASSISTANT IV                                      41341.92
KNIGGEZ, HANS                   FACULTY                                                 65740.62
KNYGNYTSKA-JOHNSONZ, MARIA I    FACULTY                                                 78679.18
KOZ, CINDY L                    FACULTY                                                 33699.55
KOLODICHZ, IRINA F              ADMIN ASSISTANT V                                       19444.57
KORESKIZ, NOLAN F               FACULTY                                                 78273.73
KORSUNSKAYAZ, VIKTORIYA A       ADMIN ASSISTANT I                                       19213.23
KOVALEVAZ, ALLA N               FINANCIAL AID TECH II                                   47732.44
KOZUZ, DAWN P                   ADMIN ASSISTANT V                                       16898.31
KREBSZ, CHARLES B               FACULTY                                                      480
KREIDEL-REIMERZ, KIMBERLY S     FACULTY                                                  19118.5
KREZ-CHALMERSZ, CINDY M         PROJECT SPECIALIST                                         30510
KROCHMALNYZ, VIRGINIA R         FACULTY                                                  2495.35
KUESTNERZ, SUSAN E              FACULTY                                                 59313.95
KUHLMANZ, EMILY J               FACULTY                                                 15268.72
KWONGZ, CHRISTINA Y             FISCAL TECHNICIAN II                                    30110.49
LAKEZ, MICHAEL H                FACULTY                                                 61542.86
LALLEYZ, BETH A                 FACULTY                                                 29019.33
LANUMZ, AMY E                   FACULTY                                                  8826.07
LARRABEEZ, KATRINA B            MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                    37242.5
LARSENZ, CYNTHIA M              FACULTY                                                   9184.6
LARSONZ, BRENDA JEAN P          CAREER SPECIALIST                                       40932.46
LARSONZ, BRENDA M               EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                 10864.02
LARSONZ, PATRICIA A             FACULTY                                                  40656.2
LASKERZ, GRACE A                FACULTY                                                 60748.21
LASKERZ, RICHARD E              FACULTY                                                  16585.8
LAURSENZ, CANDACE D             FACULTY                                                   7708.8
LAWRENCEZ, SUSANN M             FACULTY                                                  2495.35
LEARYZ, MICHAEL M               ADMIN ASSISTANT III                                      2039.73
LEEZ, GLYNNA R                  CAREER SPECIALIST                                       28699.01
LEINONENZ, CAPRICE E            FACULTY                                                  2259.52
LEVINEZ, ALLEN A                FACULTY                                                   8200.8
LEWISZ, GARY E                  FACULTY                                                 12476.75
LINZ, I-FAN                     FACULTY                                                  27378.6
LINDQUISTZ, CLAUDETTE L         EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC III                                 8596.01
LINNZ, DONNA L                  FACULTY                                                 19163.38
LINNERTZZ, SARA BETH            FACULTY                                                 58998.69
LITVINOVAZ, IRINA I             TECHNICAL AID                                           42172.78
LOCKERZ, DAVID J                FACULTY                                                  2994.42
LOMENZ, JAMES A                 FACULTY                                                  21560.2
LOMENZ, JULIE L                 FACULTY                                                   4351.6
LONGZ, DENNIS B                 VP,STUDENT SERVICES                                       105960
LOOMISZ, LISA L                 FACULTY                                                  7486.05
LUDWIG-WOODCOCKZ, SHANNON H     FACULTY                                                 54604.56
LYCANZ, ROBERT J                FACULTY                                                     3670
MACCOYZ, JASON A                FACULTY                                                 17899.67
MACEDOZ, MARIA A                DEAN OF INSTRUCTION                                        91008
MADSENZ, PAULA S                FACULTY                                                  5988.84
MAHLUMZ, SHIRLEY A              ADMIN ASSISTANT IV                                      41885.76
MALHAMZ, CHRISTOPHER C          DIR,FOOD SERVICE OPERATION                              60655.15
MALLERYZ, MICHAEL G             CUSTODIAN - SECOND SHFT                                 34224.68
MALONEYZ, COLLEEN A             EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                 27448.05
MALSHUKZ, LISA R                FACULTY                                                  3083.52
MANDYZ, ROBERT D                FACULTY                                                 62236.46
MANGINIZ, RENEE A               FACULTY                                                 21479.96
MANOLAZ, SAM J                  FACULTY                                                 31222.34
MANSZ, JACOBUS F                FACULTY                                                 21244.16
MANTOOTHZ, WESLEY I             FACULTY                                                 56038.63
MARKSZ, MARY A                  FACULTY                                                   9477.6
MARSHALLZ, DONALD W             FACULTY                                                 70395.11
MARTORELLIZ, JOSEPH P           FACULTY                                                 60680.74
MARVIN-CROWZ, TERRI A           FACULTY                                                 12929.83
MASHBURNZ, JILL R               FACULTY                                                 14569.35
MASINOZ, AMANDA M               FACULTY                                                 22866.48
MASONZ, PAUL A                  FACULTY                                                  2994.42
MASONZ, PEGGY J                 FOOD SERVICE TECH VI                                    24184.38
MATAYOSHIZ, STANLEY R           FACULTY                                                    938.3
MATHEWSZ, JEFFREY D             FACULTY                                                  2322.65
MATTSONZ, JUDY A                TECHNICAL AID                                            7776.86
MCCARTHYZ, CHRISTOPHER D        FACULTY                                                  28654.3
MCCARTYZ, STEPHEN L             FACULTY                                                     1260
MCDOWELLZ, ROBERT B             FACULTY                                                      600
MCELROYZ, RHONDA L              SUPERVISOR,CLINICAL                                        46455
MCGARYZ, CHARLOTTE Y            FACULTY                                                 12975.82
MCGAVICKZ, SHARON M             PRESIDENT                                              183066.46
MCKAINZ, CHARLES W              FACULTY                                                  32812.6
MCKINNEYZ, RONALD R             ASST DIR,IT SERVICES                                       69960
MCLAUGHLINZ, DAVID H            FACULTY                                                      600
MCLEANZ, GAIL S                 FACULTY                                                  4387.74
MCPHERSONZ, MARIA A             PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                                      31707.5
MCPHERSONZ, PATRICIA J          FACULTY                                                 78054.35
MCVAYZ, SHAWN M                 FACULTY                                                 38398.08
MEADEZ, KYMBERLY J              FACULTY                                                  7107.95
MEHTAZ, NEERA                   FACULTY                                                 59359.21
MEIKLEZ, ELLY R                 TECHNICAL AID                                           41177.32
METCALFZ, SHIRLEY IMADA         VP,COL ADVANC&EXTEND LEARN                                105960
MEYERSZ, DAVID G                FACULTY                                                 12476.75
MICHALAKZ, LOURDES              FACULTY                                                 16420.25
MICHAUDZ, YVONNE M              FOOD SERVICE TECH II                                    10500.62
MICLEAZ, STEFAN                 BLDG EQUIPMENT MECHANIC                                 21626.22
MIDDLETONZ, SHARALYNNE H        ADMIN ASSISTANT IV                                      10577.46
MIKHAYLOVZ, ANATOLIY M          CUSTODIAN                                               34535.88
MIKKELSONZ, AMY H               FACULTY                                                  5574.36
MILLERZ, KLEE                   FACULTY                                                  5988.84
MILLERZ, SHAWN M                DIRECTOR,ENROLLMENT SERVIC                                 63744
MINCHUKZ, RAISA P               FISCAL TECHNICIAN III                                      40843
MINKSZ, ANN K                   FACULTY                                                 56540.63
MINKSZ, JUDY K                  FACULTY                                                    17633
MISHKOVAZ, LUDMILA N            FINANCIAL AID SPECIALIST                                48390.57
MOLLERZ, SUSAN AARON            MANAGER,EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM                                 55572
MOLONEYZ, GERALDINE M           FACULTY                                                 52325.08
MONROIGZ, ROBERT A              FACULTY                                                 95874.46
MONTAGUEZ, TERRY R              FACULTY                                                  5113.94
MOOREZ, DAVID R                 CUSTODIAN                                                14632.6
MORGANZ, RICHARD J              FACULTY                                                  9943.81
MUIRHEADZ, RICHARD J            FACULTY                                                  8484.19
NELSONZ, JO ANN                 FACULTY                                                 73725.24
NESBITZ, JOSHUA ROBERT          CMPUTR/NETWRK MAINT TECH                                   46764
NEUBERTZ, DAVID B               COMMUNICATIONS SPEC (WEB)                                  50400
NEWTONZ, VICKI L                EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     48189.55
NGZ, MICHELE Y                  COMPUTER LAB TECHNICIAN                                 40373.44
NICHOLSZ, YURIKO D              CONFIDENTIAL ADMIN ASST                                 50016.86
NIELSONZ, SHARON R              FACULTY                                                  28917.6
NORTONZ, LISA D                 FACULTY                                                  1259.52
NORVELLZ, JACK S                FACULTY                                                 56503.34
NYLANDZ, ROBERT S               FACULTY                                                 58471.55
OLASONZ, ROXANNE M              FACULTY                                                   4846.1
OLCZYKZ, MARK                   NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR                                      56976
OLIVERAZ, MARIA F               FACULTY                                                   1292.4
OLSONZ, ANDREA I                EXEC DIR,NEW INITIATIVES                                71391.15
OLSONZ, ELEANORE A              FACULTY                                                   3372.8
OLSONZ, PAT ELAINE              EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                 22569.04
OMLIZ, DESA J                   FACULTY                                                     5040
OPPERMANNZ, RUDOLF F            TECHNICAL AID                                           34139.53
ORMANZ, TARA M                  FACULTY                                                  7985.12
ORZELZ, DOROTHY C               FACULTY                                                     3150
OSORIOZ, ALMA V                 ASST DIR,STUDENT DEVLOPMNT                                 51000
OTTERHOLTZ, LEIF E              CMPUTR/NETWRK MAINT TECH                                   46764
OVITTZ, MARTHA A                FACULTY                                                 27021.18
OYLERZ, NANCY W                 FACULTY                                                      280
PANDEYZ, ARLENE L               FACULTY                                                 14160.36
PARKZ, MYUNG L                  EXEC DIR,RESEARCH&DEVELOPM                              93534.48
PARKZ, SOO KYUNG                ADMIN ASSISTANT III                                      31670.5
PARSONSZ, MYA F                 EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                  7192.26
PATRICKZ, MEGAN N               EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                  9917.64
PAWLAK-TABACZYNSKAZ, BOZENA B   PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                                     36965.17
PEARSEZ, PAUL K                 FACULTY                                                    33663
PEDERSONZ, MARGARET E           ASST DIR,FINANCIAL AID                                  57583.12
PERGAKISZ, ANDREW M             FACULTY                                                  5574.36
PETERSZ, JAMEY M                TECHNICAL AID                                           21824.56
PETERSENZ, ADAM R               FACULTY                                                 10343.52
PETERSONZ, JERALD A             FACULTY                                                 75572.84
PETERSONZ, KENNA R              EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC II                                  5864.19
POLISHCHUKZ, PETER A            CUSTODIAN - SECOND SHFT                                 33289.56
POPEZ, DEBORAH R                FACULTY                                                 19527.25
POPESCU-COSMAZ, MIHAELA A       FACULTY                                                 71411.95
POTTERZ, MICHAEL L              DEAN-INFORMATION TECHNOLGY                              93437.78
PRICEZ, JOHNANNA                ADMIN ASSISTANT II                                      17140.64
PRIGGZ, RILEY D                 FACULTY                                                  14565.9
PUREWAL-GILLZ, NINDERJIT K      FACULTY                                                 25599.95
QUINLANZ, TERESA L              FACULTY                                                 33129.18
RAMIREZZ, CELIA V               FACULTY                                                 78910.07
RASSAIANZ, MARYAM               FACULTY                                                  3087.82
RAYMONDZ, LINDA D               FACULTY                                                  35564.9
REEDZ, DAVID K                  FACULTY                                                  5629.77
REGESTERZ, WILLIAM D            FACULTY                                                  50207.5
REYNOLDSZ, IRENE M              COOR,WORKFIRST ED PROGRAMS                                 50472
RICHARDSZ, KELLY D              FACULTY                                                  7037.25
RICHARDSONZ, JAMIE I            FACULTY                                                  5105.52
RICHARDSONZ, SUSAN J            FACULTY                                                  3807.65
RICHEYZ, QUINN N                FACULTY                                                    15184
RICHMONDZ, MICHAEL S            FACULTY                                                 83063.31
RINDZ, SHERRY A                 FACULTY                                                 18517.45
RISTIGZ, DONALD A               MAIL SERVICES TECHNICIAN                                   36396
ROBBZ, MARY T                   FACULTY                                                  2994.42
ROBERTSZ, GREGORY W             EXEC DIR,HUMAN RESOURCES                                93528.91
ROBINSONZ, SUSAN E              FACULTY                                                  9672.74
ROBISONZ, MARILYN D             FACULTY                                                      600
RODUINZ, CHEYENNE M             FACULTY                                                 61988.55
ROESCHZ, LYNN A                 FACULTY                                                 21870.94
ROLLINGERZ, BARBARA E           FACULTY                                                   4491.6
ROOKAIRDZ, DAVID W              FACULTY                                                     2940
ROOTZ, PAUL L                   FACULTY                                                 72429.68
SABINEZ, MARYBETH               FACULTY                                                 55425.58
SADRENASSIRIZ, MAHNAZ           FACULTY                                                 45658.75
SAKAIZ, ERIC K                  MANAGER,FOOD SERVICES                                       8400
SANDSTROMZ, MARY D              FACULTY                                                 10335.05
SARGENTZ, EDWARD W              ASSOC DEAN,LIBRARY&E-LEARN                                 73680
SAUERZ, MARTIN H                FACULTY                                                  2345.75
SAUNDERSZ, SELMA F              FACULTY                                                 10793.26
SAWYERZ, CORRINE GEMMA          FACULTY                                                  19967.3
SCARRZ, FAWN R                  ADMIN ASSISTANT IV                                      23178.67
SCHARFENBERGZ, DANA R           FACULTY                                                   6824.1
SCHIMPFZ, CHARITY L             FACULTY                                                  6098.32
SCHLEERZ, JORGEN E              FACULTY                                                  7906.05
SCHRAMZ, ROBERT A               FACULTY                                                   2814.9
SCHWARZZ, ANNE K                FACULTY                                                 20560.39
SENGUPTAZ, MRITUNJOY            FACULTY                                                    10814
SENGUPTAZ, NUPUR                FISCAL TECHNICIAN III                                   42149.52
SHAFFERZ, JANET L               FACULTY                                                 57558.72
SHAUGHNESSYZ, KATHLEEN A        FACULTY                                                 51458.26
SHEBILSKEZ, LYNN M              FACULTY                                                 13148.75
SHEPHERDZ, HEIDI F              FACULTY                                                 80832.12
SHERMANZ, LINDA L               FACULTY                                                  10278.4
SHOLOMZ, GALINA M               ADMIN ASSISTANT I                                       35314.56
SIMSZ, DOROTHY L                FACULTY                                                      720
SINCLAIRZ, PAMELA J             FACULTY                                                      450
SISCOZ, BOB G                   FACULTY                                                 11148.72
SITKOZ, HANK                    FACULTY                                                   4990.7
SJOLUNDZ, HILLARY T             FACULTY                                                  7897.01
SKOBYAKZ, MARIYA Y              FISCAL TECHNICIAN II                                       38076
SKOCZYLASZ, AGNIESZKA A         FISCAL TECHNICIAN II                                       35990
SKRINNIKZ, ELENA I              FACULTY                                                  2485.75
SLOANZ, TONI A                  FACULTY                                                  34066.4
SMITHZ, CHRISTOPHER K           FACULTY                                                 55528.07
SMITHZ, ERIN R                  COOR, TRIO STUDENT SUPPORT                              33735.07
SMITHZ, GARY S                  FACULTY                                                  86119.7
SNEEDZ, ADRIA K                 CAREER SPECIALIST                                       40072.08
SNIDERZ, PHILIP RAYMOND         FACULTY                                                 67928.73
SOBOTTKAZ, JASON T              FACULTY                                                 53036.46
SPRAGUEZ, BRINTON               SPECIAL ASST TO PRESIDENT                               52980.96
SPRINGZ, ROXANNE G              FACULTY                                                 24911.62
STAUCHZ, RICHELLE R             CLINIC ASST II-DENTAL                                      45036
STEINBACHERZ, MIKAL L           FACULTY                                                 41772.52
STERNOFFZ, DIANE M              FACULTY                                                     1750
STEVENSZ, LAURA M               FISCAL TECHNICIAN III                                      41688
STEWARTZ, DOUGLAS H             FACULTY                                                  31082.2
STICKNEYZ, JO S                 PART TIME FACULTY                                       35524.84
STOCKMANNZ, MAUREEN M           FACULTY                                                 14557.93
STROTHERZ, JENNIFER O           CONTROLLER                                                 71400
STURGILLZ, PATRICK E            MANAGER,SAFETY & SECURITY                               51340.92
SUHLERZ, MARY A                 ACCOUNTANT                                                 47796
SUNZ, SHAOHUA H                 CMPUTR/NETWRK MAINT TECH                                47032.76
SUTHERLANDZ, DONALD B           FACULTY                                                 59557.86
SWANGSTUZ, ERIC P               FACULTY                                                  2495.35
SWITZERZ, CHRISTINE M           PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                                        30502
SZIELZ, KAREN D                 FACULTY                                                  1556.94
SZYMANSKIZ, LYNNEMARIE          CAREER SPECIALIST                                          41004
TATUMZ, BARBARA A               CAREER SPECIALIST                                          41004
TAYLORZ, JULENE C               CAREER SPECIALIST                                          41004
TAYLORZ, SEAN D                 FACULTY                                                  2368.31
TEALZ, KAREN K                  FACULTY                                                   2569.6
TERRYZ, TONI L                  PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                         45048
TETREAULTZ, KENNETH J           FACULTY                                                 22158.71
THARPZ, EDWARD W                FACULTY                                                  14972.1
THOMASZ, WILLIAM F              VP,ADMIN SERVICES                                      106556.28
THORNZ, CHRISTOPHER J           FACULTY                                                 19050.15
THORSON-MADORZ, JANET L         FACULTY                                                 37555.84
TIMOSHENKOZ, YURIY P            BLDG EQUIPMENT MECHANIC                                 56349.86
TOMASZEWSKIZ, LULANI M          PROGRAM SPECIALIST                                      33522.59
TONERZ, MARGO A                 FACULTY                                                 74417.93
TOUSSAINTZ, LAURA L             FACULTY                                                 62501.51
TRIMBOLIZ, LUCY R               FACULTY                                                  9361.68
TROSSETZ, MARILYN R             HEAD CUSTODIAN-2ND SHIFT                                33141.91
TSUBERZ, YELENA N               PROGRAM ASSISTANT I                                        36979
TUCCIZ, JENNIFER J              FACULTY                                                   5018.8
ULVINZ, JANET L                 ADMIN ASSISTANT I                                         6934.7
URICKZ, KAREN R                 FACULTY                                                 31530.65
USMANIZ, MONAZZAH               FACULTY                                                 21378.44
VAHALIKZ, DEBBIE U              FACULTY                                                  1541.76
VALENZUELAZ, HECTOR R           FACULTY                                                 14703.18
VALIBEIGIZ, ALI                 FACULTY                                                 23093.15
VAN ENGENZ, REBECCA L           ADMIN ASSISTANT III                                        32934
VANICAZ, ALINA I                FACULTY                                                 53885.21
VASCHILLOZ, ALEXANDRA           FACULTY                                                  34914.2
VENKATRAMANZ, SRIVIDHYA         FACULTY                                                  2495.35
VERNONZ, LYNDA R                TECHNICAL AID                                           27434.96
VERSCHUYLZ, MOLLY P             DIR,PHYSICAL THERAPY ASST                               73990.58
VOZ, ANH VAN                    HEAD CUSTODIAN-THIRD SHIFT                               40378.2
WADDELLZ, DEBRA K               FACULTY                                                   5235.7
WADDINGTONZ, MARK M             FACULTY                                                 75169.77
WALDOWZ, JASON L                FACULTY                                                   5130.7
WALKERZ, ELIZABETH G            FACULTY                                                  1421.64
WALLZ, SCOTT D                  FACULTY                                                   8793.4
WALLACEZ, LARGLENDAL            FACULTY                                                 34886.35
WALTERSZ, JAMES A               HEAD SHIPPING/RECEV TECH                                   39972
WALTONZ, SHEILA A               MANAGER,STUDENT PROGRAMS                                   49668
WARDZ, CANDICE A                FACULTY                                                  16585.8
WEBERZ, JILL L                  FACULTY                                                   7108.2
WELTYZ, PETER J                 FACULTY                                                 70328.81
WEYERZ, PAUL GREG               FACULTY                                                 44929.97
WHEELERZ, LESLEY J              FACULTY                                                 28752.97
WHEELERZ, MICHAEL I             FACULTY                                                   7108.2
WHEELERZ, TIMOTHY W             MANAGER,BUILDING & OPERATI                                 62808
WILCOXZ, ERIN L                 FACULTY                                                 26796.24
WILLSEYZ, E. MARIE              FACULTY                                                  78861.4
WILLSEYZ, RYAN W                FACULTY                                                 21901.96
WILSONZ, SUSAN L                FACULTY                                                  30683.4
WINCHESTERZ, GARY A             CAREER SPECIALIST                                       37641.75
WYSOCKIZ, AMANDA L              DATA ANALYST                                            26871.14
XUZ, JIANCONG                   FACULTY                                                   680.55
YIUZ, PUI SHAN                  PROGRAM SPECIALIST                                         31977
YOKOBEZ, MINAKO                 FACULTY                                                      600
YUZ, SYLVIA S                   FACULTY                                                  16791.1
ZAPPLERZ, LIESL M               HEAD GROUNDSKEEPER                                      25045.71
ZASYPKINAZ, TATYANA N           ADMIN ASSISTANT V                                          44940
ZHANZ, HONGYU                   ADMIN ASSISTANT IV                                       34152.5
ZHOUZ, LIN                      ASSOC DEAN,EXTENDED LEARNI                               73803.5
ZWARZ, BEVERLY J                CASHIER                                                 20889.01

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