This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Office of Financial Management employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 407 multiple job employees (includes 36 duplicates) (2009, 350 employees) (2007, 341 employees) (2005, 286 employees) (2003, 263 employees) (2001, 217 employees) (1999, 204 employees) (1997, 186 employees) (1995, 180 employees)

The Office of Financial Management provides assistance to the Governor, the Legislature and state agencies in several areas including: • Budget planning, policy development and financial administration for executive branch agencies. • Preparing executive budget proposals for presentation to the Legislature. • Monitoring implementation of the adopted budget. • Developing, supervising and maintaining the statewide accounting systems and the central chart of accounts. • Providing accounting services to small agencies. • Providing training to state employees. • Overseeing statewide personal service contracting activities. • Conducting executive policy research and developing legislation to support the Governor’s policy goals. • Providing estimates of state and local population, monitoring changes in the state economy and labor force and conducting research on a variety of issues affecting the state budget and public policy. • Providing a comprehensive risk management program for state agencies. The Agency is responsible for preparing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the federal Statewide Single Audit Report for the state of Washington. The Agency employs approximately 290 people and has an annual operating budget of approximately $17 million. It receives money from state agencies for the use of statewide systems, risk management activities and accounting services.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2011 State of Washington Office of Financial Management List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
AASEBYZ,  ADAM                  OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    73162.79
AGARZ,  BRIAN M                 OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             79660.92
ANDERSONZ,  JENNIFER LEE        SECRETARY                                               15596.84
ANDRUSZ,  KENT                  OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             89714.18
ANTOLINZ,  PETER P              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    101579.9
ANUNDSONZ,  TRACY K             IT SPEC 4                                                  70057
ARESTADZ,  KIRSTAN T            OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    97879.18
ASLAKSONZ,  MELINDA A           OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              55821.5
ASPERINZ,  LYN L                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                         4571.88
AUSTINZ,  GARRY D               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    98064.83
AUSTINZ,  LILLIAN H             OFM EXEC ASSISTANT                                      56211.14
BAKERZ,  ROBERT W               OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    88580.71
BALDWINZ,  MARC                 OFM EXEC MANAGER                                         27915.1
BARBEAUZ,  OWEN R               OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                     78271.46
BARNETTZ,  KEVIN C              IT SPEC 4                                                60967.2
BASHAMZ,  MARCEA                STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                                2325.2
BASHAMZ,  SEAN D                IT SPEC 5                                                  28667
BASLZ,  WILLIAM C               OFM MANAGER                                             94375.88
BAXSTROMZ,  KAY D               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    44016.06
BEAMZ,  DOUGLAS A               OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                     90135.03
BEARDZ,  MELISSA MELEI          OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                     74669.6
BELLOWSZ,  KERRY J              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             98596.46
BERGERONZ,  ROBERT L            INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                 85680.8
BERNSZ,  DENISE M               OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     46640.55
BERNTSENZ,  TERESA              OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      84758.19
BERTHONZ,  CHERIE L             OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    68830.72
BLACKZ,  RYAN M                 OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    71712.57
BODEZ,  DANIEL W                STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                              69515.32
BOGDANOFFZ,  PETER W            OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      93163.36
BRADYZ,  STACY M                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        35750.02
BRIDGESZ,  MATTHEW              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    60407.05
BRODERSENZ,  BRET D             STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75930.95
BROWNZ,  ANDREA L               STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75734.46
BROWNZ,  KATHLEEN L             OFM COMMUNICATIONS COORD                                81233.79
BROWNZ,  LORRIE JO              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    87536.37
BROWNZ,  MARTIN                 DIRECTOR                                               112399.51
BROWNZ,  MARY BETH              OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   24140.46
BROWNZ,  MARY BETH              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                                 3121
BRUNERZ,  V ANN                 OFM MANAGER                                             94258.18
BRUNINKZ,  DIANA                RESEARCH ANALYST 5                                       58627.6
BUIZ,  TRINH T                  STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75718.82
BURGENERZ,  BARBARA             OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   92292.25
BURRELLZ,  KARI                 OFM EXEC MANAGER                                        80174.18
BURRELLZ,  KARI                 OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      34009.66
BUSHNELLZ,  RICHARD JOSEPH      OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             73586.57
BUTCHERZ,  AARON JOHN           OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       101432.75
BUTLERZ,  DANIEL R              IT SPEC 5                                               83118.31
CAMEZ,  DEBRA ANNE              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    69826.23
CAMPBELLZ,  MARY E              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             88733.12
CAMPBELLZ,  MELYNDA L           OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   56280.74
CAMPBELLZ,  ROBIN L             OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   15191.23
CAMPOZ,  JOE                    OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    87560.81
CARHARTZ,  ROBERT               IT SPEC 4                                               63460.31
CARIGNANZ,  RONALD R            INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85440.95
CARLOZ,  KHYLE                  IT SPEC 3                                               25988.71
CASTILLOZ,  LUCILLE             OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   43295.97
CASTROZ,  RICHARD W             STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75326.12
CHILDSZ,  HARVEY C              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    50959.45
CHONZ,  HUI C                   IT SPEC 3                                               64285.69
CLARKZ,  JENNIFER J             OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                       32762.87
CLARKZ,  MICHAEL L              IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
CLEVELANDZ,  KATHY A            OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   39429.44
COILZ,  KENNETH E               IT SPEC 4                                               60909.71
COITZ,  SUZANNE G               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             77219.78
COLEZ,  DANIEL J                OFM MANAGER                                             94616.18
COLEZ,  JENESSA RHIANNON        OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                       6462.5
COLEZ,  LYNN H                  OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    82286.06
CONTRISZ,  MICHAEL J            OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                      90589.1
COOPERZ,  KEITH D               OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   87791.52
CORBINZ,  SARA A                STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        74906.95
CORNELLZ,  BRIAN D              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        37793.47
CRAWFORDZ,  JAMES NOLL          OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    93596.78
CUMMINGSZ,  ALYSON N            OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    59754.01
CUNNINGHAMZ,  JULIE A           IT SPEC 5                                               77400.71
DAVIDSONZ,  PAMELA K            OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                   102532.33
DAVISONZ,  CARL E               IT SPEC 5                                               77560.25
DONEYZ,  SASHA K                OFM FINANCIAL ANALYST                                     1977.5
DONGESZ,  MARK R                INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85440.95
DOYLEZ,  RANDALL T              IT SPEC 5                                               71975.88
DREWZ,  KATHLEEN                OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                       85629.3
DRYERZ,  JOHN E                 OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                    91724.73
DUANEZ,  ANDREA N               OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     15805.64
DUANEZ,  ANDREA N               OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                       19709.66
DUBESZ,  TOBY L                 OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             68799.14
DUNKINZ,  ALICIA M              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    78778.03
DUNNZ,  CONNIE MARIE            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        32999.94
DURANTZ,  KAREN L               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                            104766.96
DUTTON CREGEURZ,  KIMBERLY ELAINOFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   92174.52
EASTMANZ,  PAMELA Y             OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             89773.03
EISENMANNZ,  KAELYN N           OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                      34727
ELLIOTTZ,  NANCY J              GOV CORRESPONDENCE                                      42025.94
ELLISZ,  LORI                   INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                78369.58
ELLISZ,  PATRICIA M             OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     66414.11
ELLISZ,  PATRICIA M             OFM MANAGER                                                 2927
ENGLARZ,  JEFF D                IT SPEC 3                                                   6593
ENGLARZ,  JEFF D                IT SPEC 4                                               48997.29
ESPESETHZ,  CANDACE J           OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       121828.11
ESQUIBELZ,  SHANE W             OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                   102542.71
FEINSTEINZ,  DEBORAH M          OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                     78495.5
FENSTERZ,  MARK D               IT SPEC 3                                                63233.9
FORTIERZ,  MARK                 OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             87635.07
FRISCHZ,  AUDREY G              OFM EXEC ASSISTANT                                       2012.75
FRYEZ,  GLENN                   OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                    97959.15
FUNKZ,  JACK K                  OFM MANAGER                                             96965.32
GALLIVANZ,  TIMOTHY S           OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             64250.71
GALLIVANZ,  TIMOTHY S           STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                                 11626
GARDNERZ,  ERICA L              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    78778.03
GARRETTZ,  BRADEN               OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                   101849.13
GASSZ,  CHARLES MICHAEL         OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    89337.49
GIGSTEADZ,  THOMAS P            INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85229.48
GILLUMZ,  AMBER ELAINE          OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   50867.54
GILLUMZ,  AMBER ELAINE          OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                                26180
GINATTAZ,  ANTONIO M            OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                       40498.8
GLEASONZ,  SHARON E             OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     37811.57
GOLDSTEINZ,  LESLIE             OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      98432.77
GONEDRIDGEZ,  ROSS J            INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85440.95
GORSKYZ,  BRUCE C               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             85264.37
GROEBNERZ,  MARY ANN            OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                      3235.38
GUNTHERZ,  WENDI A              OFM MANAGER                                                 3813
GUNTHERZ,  WENDI A              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             85857.16
GUYERZ,  BENJAMIN M             STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                              61193.38
HAGGARDZ,  KIMBERLY D           OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   49163.62
HAINJEZ,  CHERYL LYNN           OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             77152.73
HALLZ,  LEE ANNE                OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             59463.68
HALSEYZ,  CHARLES               INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85933.95
HAMILTONZ,  LINDA R             OFM COMMUNICATIONS COORD                                60296.02
HAMILTONZ,  ROBERT C            OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      85562.38
HANSENZ,  DWAYNE E              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    84428.57
HARRISZ,  MATHEW N              STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                   31348.74
HARTLEYZ,  GERI D               OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                    41377.6
HARTMANNZ,  JUDITH L            OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                     105226.11
HATTERZ,  GARY T                IT SPEC 5                                               77137.53
HATTONZ,  SHANNON R             OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     25572.19
HAWKINSZ,  SADIE                OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       109480.16
HAYZ,  TAMMY A                  OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              77305.6
HEICHELBECHZ,  THOMAS           INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85440.95
HICKMANZ,  SHARLENE R           STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                              68342.65
HILLZ,  JOHN DAVID              IT SPEC 5                                               42415.67
HOANGZ,  TUAN M                 IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
HOLDERZ,  JERALD B              OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                    93633.75
HOLDERZ,  KIMBERLEE D           IT SPEC 3                                               65118.43
HOLLANDZ,  CAROLE L             OFM MANAGER                                            107430.99
HOPKINSZ,  JOHN MICHAEL         OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              55940.4
HOXITZ,  DEBRA J                OFM MANAGER                                             94258.18
HUGZ,  MARIA                    OFM MANAGER                                                 3813
HUGZ,  MARIA                    OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             85960.03
HUGHESZ,  HEIDI                 OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      92998.56
HUGHESZ,  RACHEL D              OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     44368.55
HULTMANZ,  SHELBY L             OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     44895.72
HUSTONZ,  BILLIE J              IT SPEC 4                                               69989.68
INGIOSIZ,  PAUL M               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    47310.69
ISAKIZ,  LUCY P                 OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       123064.18
JAENICKEZ,  SHANNON LYN         ADMIN ASSIST                                            28643.85
JAMESZ,  VICKI M                OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                     72757.45
JARRETTZ,  WENDY J              OFM MANAGER                                            100182.23
JELINEKZ,  JEAN A               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             52949.59
JENKINSZ,  JIM E                OFM FINANCIAL ANALYST                                   62388.13
JENKINSZ,  MONICA P             OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    61167.27
JENNERZ,  CAROL B               OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    95255.51
JOHNSENZ,  DONALD C             OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             48450.47
JOHNSONZ,  CHRISTINA M          IT SPEC 4                                                  70119
JOHNSONZ,  LAWRENCE L           STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        76413.92
JOHNSONZ,  PAMELA A             FISCAL ANALYST 5                                        68032.81
JOHNSONZ,  PAMELA L             IT SPEC 4                                               60026.38
JONESZ,  CYNTHIA L              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             60037.04
JONESZ,  JUDY L                 IT SPEC 5                                               77400.71
JONESZ,  LORI                   OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                    87943.9
JONESZ,  LORI                   OFM MANAGER                                                 3901
KAMBHAMPATIZ,  UDAYJAGUN SREE   IT SPEC 3                                               61413.38
KAYZ,  ANITA M                  OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    10623.96
KELLERZ,  CHERI S               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    50625.04
KETELSENZ,  STEVEN R            STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                                 62249
KILLMANZ,  BRAD T               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             80635.04
KIMPELZ,  THOMAS J              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    80299.77
KLEINHANSZ,  RUDOLPH F          OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   51405.15
KNIGHTZ,  ANGELA R              OFM EXEC ASSISTANT                                      53823.64
KNIGHTZ,  ANGELA R              OFM MANAGER                                               2387.5
KORTHUIS-SMITHZ,  WENDY A       OFM MANAGER                                             57493.01
KUPERZ,  GLENN G                OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       112174.04
LAMZ,  PHONG T                  IT SPEC 5                                               78320.13
LANCEZ,  RANDY S                INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85803.85
LANDERSZ,  KELLY A              OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                     89701.63
LANEZ,  JOHN E                  OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      86606.27
LANGFORDZ,  MICHAEL DAVID       IT SPEC 5                                               27148.43
LANGVADZ,  CHRISTINE J          IT SPEC 5                                               77400.71
LATHAMZ,  SUSAN D               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             64432.56
LEEZ,  MEI-YUEH                 FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45277.16
LEE-HARVISONZ,  MARGARET        OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                     74163.42
LEFBERGZ,  IRVING F             OFM EXEC MANAGER                                        90834.17
LEHMANZ,  DONALD B              OFM FINANCIAL ANALYST                                   63027.14
LEIGHZ,  DIANE K                OFM EXEC MANAGER                                        130698.7
LEISTERZ,  DAVID R              INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85302.25
LEMONZ,  BRUCE L                OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             81345.71
LEWALLENZ,  DIANN R             OFM SR FINANCIAL ANALYST                                65225.04
LEWANDOWSKIZ,  STEPHEN          OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    68946.37
LIDRENZ,  STEPHANIE A           OFM SR FINANCIAL ANALYST                                 64763.4
LIENZ,  LAURIE                  OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    70831.94
LINZ,  TA-WIN                   OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    88381.21
LINDBERGZ,  JOHN R              IT SPEC 5                                               77400.71
LINDENAUZ,  VIVIAN T            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        32125.34
LIVINGSTONZ,  CAROLINE K        OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                      39207
LOCKZ,  BRIAN                   OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   77589.06
LORENTSONZ,  RONALD G           OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    15812.73
LOVINGERZ,  MARTIN              OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      53221.21
LOYZ,  BETTY M                  OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                      45628.5
LUMSDENZ,  FAITH L              OFM MANAGER                                                93234
LUTESZ,  NICHOLAS A             OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    84334.38
LUTZZ,  DIANE M                 OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                   102265.13
LYZ,  THANH HUY                 IT SPEC 2                                               45802.56
LYZ,  THANH HUY                 IT TECH 2                                                 2023.5
MACKZ,  DENISE R                OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                    63038.9
MACKEYZ,  JOAN E                OFM MANAGER                                               3343.5
MACKEYZ,  JOAN E                OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             75375.68
MANDTZ,  ERIC D                 OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                       42320
MANDTZ,  ERIC D                 OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             16619.89
MANDTZ,  ERIC D                 STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        15826.67
MANKOWSKIZ,  JOHN D             OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      90288.97
MARCUSZ,  ROSELYN               OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       108451.55
MARKSZ,  JACQUELINE E           OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                    90321.29
MARSHALLZ,  RONALD A            OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                    78836.74
MARSHBURNZ,  STAN B             OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       132187.45
MARTINEZZ,  MONIQUE             OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     42414.42
MATSONZ,  BARBARA               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        41236.34
MATSONZ,  BARBARA               FISCAL ANALYST 5                                         4123.54
MATTHEWSZ,  HEATHER L           OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    27773.01
MATTOSZ,  ELIZABETH             CONF. SECRETARY                                         70149.18
MC GUIREZ,  LYNNE A             OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       123255.56
MC MAHANZ,  AMY KATHERINE       OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             88666.49
MCCARTHYZ,  CLINTON JOSEPH      OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    86735.87
MCCONNELLZ,  ERICA R            OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         3243
MCCONNELLZ,  ERICA R            OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   39097.56
MCDANIELZ,  DANIEL L            IT SPEC 5                                               77935.28
MCKINNEYZ,  CHARLES A           OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             70241.23
MCMULLENZ,  JANET S             OFM MANAGER                                                 7440
MCMULLENZ,  JANET S             OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              75918.6
MCNERNEYZ,  JACQUELINE          OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             61005.09
MENEGHINZ,  KENT R              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    13708.33
MIDGETTZ,  INGRID V             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                         5569.38
MITCHELLZ,  ANN G               OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                    89161.33
MOHRMANZ,  MICHAEL S            OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    97554.32
MOONZ,  JEAN E                  IT SPEC 3                                               54507.24
MOOREZ,  JEANINE M              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                                11781
MOOREZ,  PAULA A                OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                       56829
MOOREZ,  VICTOR A               DIRECTOR                                                49276.02
MORLEYZ,  KEVIN C               IT SPEC 3                                               50323.81
MORRISZ,  DONALD G              INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85803.85
MOSEBACHZ,  MARK E              IT SPEC 3                                                17507.9
MOSQUERAZ,  TOMAS A             OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    63271.84
MOULLETZ,  JULIE D              OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     34468.33
MOUNTSZ,  THEA                  OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    98697.51
MULLIKINZ,  JULIE L             IT SPEC 4                                               56133.81
MURRAYZ,  JULIE ANNE            OFM EXEC MANAGER                                       104770.52
MYERSZ,  DANIEL L               OFM EXEC MANAGER                                        94254.95
MYERSZ,  RICKY L                IT SPEC 5                                               79078.23
MYHREZ,  LESLIE W               OFM SR FINANCIAL ANALYST                                52768.65
NAGELZ,  KARL E                 OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                   116035.25
NATIONZ,  TRAVIS J              PROJECT MGR                                             81175.56
NELSONZ,  HAROLD L              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    41762.63
NELSONZ,  HAROLD L              OFM MANAGER                                                 4222
NEWELLZ,  KAYLYNE               OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     38811.42
NGUYZ,  MUOI                    OFM MANAGER                                               4098.5
NGUYZ,  MUOI                    OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             90217.41
NGUYENZ,  MAI-LOAN              IT SPEC 3                                               61026.85
NGUYENZ,  THINH H               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        49876.64
NICHOLSZ,  ROBERT E             OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                     118463.29
NIELSONZ,  STEVEN J             OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             77247.67
NIEMELAZ,  STEFANIE L           STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                              68310.82
NOLTINGZ,  LAURA J              IT SPEC 5                                                77400.7
NYGARDZ,  ANDREA                OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                      6589.14
OAKLEYZ,  JOHNNY MICHAEL        IT SPEC 5                                                77265.4
OLIVERZ,  ALEXIS L              OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      73574.81
OVERMANZ,  ARTHUR C             OFM MANAGER                                                 3813
OVERMANZ,  ARTHUR C             OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             86836.58
OVERMANZ,  EMILY                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                       2610.5
OVERMANZ,  EMILY                OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                        25510.8
PALMZ,  CYNTHIA L               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             53138.68
PANNKUKZ,  PAMELA E             OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   81290.65
PARKMANZ,  HYE KYONG            OFM FINANCIAL ANALYST                                    40456.1
PAULZ,  JOHN P                  INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85440.95
PEMERLZ,  KAREN J               OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                    74410.3
PENDERZ,  NICK A                OFM MANAGER                                            112070.98
PERKINSZ,  BYRON S              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             73645.45
PETERSONZ,  CHRISTINA           OFM LABOR NEGOTIATOR                                   103023.89
PHILLIPSZ,  KEITH E             OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                     106879.44
PHILLIPSZ,  PAMELA J            OFM EXEC ASSISTANT                                      57636.02
PILONZ,  MEGAN M                OFM MANAGER                                               4003.5
PILONZ,  MEGAN M                OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                     90254.68
PITTENGERZ,  DONALD B           OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    19422.94
PRESCOTTZ,  CORAL L             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        44957.16
PRESSELZ,  GREGORY W            OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             64404.45
PURRINGTONZ,  FREDERIC          IT SPEC 5                                               77203.28
QUIMBYZ,  ALETA                 STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75666.92
QUIMBYZ,  BARBARA J             OFM FINANCIAL ANALYST                                   46305.24
QUINN-LOERTSZ,  MEREDITHE       OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              63206.4
RATKOZ,  STEPHANIE LEE          OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             90254.68
REEDZ,  BETTY J                 OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             93742.43
RETTEWZ,  ROBIN R               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    99339.87
RETTEWZ,  ROBIN R               OFM MANAGER                                               4406.5
REYNOLDSZ,  SAMANTHA L          OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     35035.27
RIETMANNZ,  KRISTINA A          OFM COMMUNICATIONS COORD                                66861.32
RILEYZ,  REBECCA R              OFM MANAGER                                             89777.23
RILEYZ,  REBECCA R              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                                 7086
ROBERTSONZ,  RONALD K           OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                      26893.2
RODULFOZ,  NAZMOON N            OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   39358.54
ROWTONZ,  HEATHER               PROGRAM COORD - ORA                                        19635
RUPPZ,  MARK W                  OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   99614.42
RYNNEZ,  JEANNE                 OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    68620.79
SABELZ,  JOHN R                 OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    12748.75
SAELIDZ,  TOM O                 OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                   100099.61
SAELIDZ,  TOM O                 OFM MANAGER                                               4406.5
SAKSONZ,  JANE                  OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                     79166.5
SALINASZ,  MICHELLE G           OFM SR FINANCIAL ANALYST                                60037.04
SALVIZ,  JULIE K                OFM MANAGER                                               4304.5
SAMPSONZ,  KAREN I              OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   40394.48
SAMPSONZ,  KAREN I              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                                25810
SANBORNZ,  PATRICIA ANNE        OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             81203.03
SANDERSZ,  RUTH                 IT SPEC 3                                               56535.43
SANDOZZ,  JOLI A                OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             10574.19
SARNOZ,  NADIA R                OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             46828.89
SATRANZ,  JILL M                OFM MANAGER                                                27999
SCHAFFZ,  RANDALIN K            OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   57388.36
SCHAUBZ,  MICHAEL J             STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75401.55
SCHMIDTZ,  ALLEN M              OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                  103923.93
SCHMIDTZ,  ALLEN M              OFM MANAGER                                                 4620
SCHMIDTZ,  JAMES K              OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    99749.87
SCHMIDTZ,  JAMES K              OFM MANAGER                                               4406.5
SCHMITZZ,  CLAUDIA K            OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             60873.88
SCHUFFENHAUERZ,  DEBRA D        OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   73904.44
SEDILLOZ,  BRANDY R             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                         5433.75
SEIBZ,  JONATHAN E              OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                     101195.52
SELIXZ,  DOUGLAS L              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              87452.1
SEYMOURZ,  MARCHELL L           OFM FINANCIAL ANALYST                                   57720.36
SHIRLEYZ,  ROBERT BRANDON       OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                              5456.44
SHOWMANZ,  JEFFREY W            OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                     79685.6
SHULTZZ,  ROSE M                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        40574.23
SILVERZ,  YVONNE R              IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
SIMMONSZ,  JOHN F               IT SPEC 5                                               76615.06
SKEIZ,  AMY A                   OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                     59421.4
SMITHZ,  ANDREA                 OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      24572.73
SMITHZ,  STEVEN W               OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             82615.68
SORDAHLZ,  NADINE L             OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     42572.42
SORIAZ,  MEGAN ANGELA           OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    57541.39
SPRAGUEZ,  WILLIAM WEBB         OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    67663.81
STANLEYZ,  CHRISTOPHER G        OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    64439.76
STEENHOUTZ,  MICHAEL L          OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    75034.53
STEINMANNZ,  LINDA              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    79316.47
STUBERZ,  SHANNON J             OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   80481.85
STUBERZ,  SHANNON J             OFM MANAGER                                                 3570
SUBRAMANIAMZ,  SANCHINATH       IT SPEC 5                                               77234.62
SWANSONZ,  LINDA L              OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                     64682.1
SYPNICKIZ,  GLORIA M            OFM MANAGER                                                 3813
SYPNICKIZ,  GLORIA M            OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             85960.03
TABLERZ,  DENISE D              STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                         75442.4
TALLONZ,  VONNIE K              INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85830.95
THIBAULTZ,  CURTIS D            IT SPEC 2                                               48231.83
THOMASZ,  DONNA M               OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                     38810.31
THOMASZ,  ERIC MICHAEL          OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             39999.96
THOMPSONZ,  KIMBERLY C          STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75600.12
THORSONZ,  LOUIS DAVID          INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                85440.58
TIMMONSZ,  DIANA M              OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                       31348.74
TODDZ,  LAVERN M                OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   67924.89
TODDZ,  LAVERN M                OFM MANAGER                                                 3013
TODDZ,  RANDALL R               OFM SR FINANCIAL ANALYST                                74822.64
TOLBERTZ,  SARAH L              OFM ADMIN ASSISTANT                                      9513.64
TOLBERTZ,  SARAH L              OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                        2491.67
TOWNSENDZ,  ANDREW              IT SPEC 5                                               77779.71
TOWNSENDZ,  DENISE              IT SPEC 3                                                53848.3
TRANZ,  DONG V                  IT SPEC 4                                               56885.37
TRANZ,  TUAN A                  IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
TRIGGSZ,  SANDI                 OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    82050.62
TRUJILLOZ,  CHRISTINE           OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                      31780
VALENCIAZ,  PAMELA D            STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        75693.75
VAN VERSTZ,  MARY E             OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                   63403.82
VERMILLIONZ,  ALICE             OFM EXEC ASSISTANT                                      60272.48
VESSEYZ,  TIMOTHY               OFM PROJECT MANAGER                                        89679
WANGZ,  JANICE H                IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
WANGZ,  SUQIN                   STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                              68640.45
WEAVER-RANDALLZ,  CATHERINE     OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    15322.79
WEBSTERZ,  MARC E               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                     80599.8
WEEKSZ,  WENDY B                OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             75399.46
WEINTRAUBZ,  IAN K              IT SPEC 5                                               77400.71
WICKERZ,  KELLY A               OFM GOV PROGRAM COORD                                       6356
WICKERZ,  KELLY A               OFM POLICY ADVISOR                                      75845.43
WIELANDZ,  ANITA K              OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             46028.76
WILDERZ,  CLIFFORD A            IT SPEC 4                                               70466.39
WILKSZ,  DIANNA L               OFM SR FINANCIAL ANALYST                                59436.68
WILLIAMSZ,  CONNYA C            OFM PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                   43181.54
WILLIAMSZ,  JAYDA R             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        43291.64
WILLIAMSZ,  ROBIN ARNOLD        OFM EXEC MANAGER                                         62224.6
WILSONZ,  ANWAR J               OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                       32962.03
WILSONZ,  SHAUN P               IT SPEC 4                                               70100.76
WILSONZ,  YOLANDA R             OFM MANAGER                                            100297.19
WINSTONZ,  DIAMATRIS J          OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    15183.52
WISEZ,  TRISTAN M               OFM BUDGET ASSISTANT                                    84331.34
WISSLERZ,  JOHN H               STATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT                               14254.5
WISSLERZ,  JOHN H               STATE FINANCIAL SENIOR CONSULTAN                        56605.38
WITTENBORNZ,  JACK D            IT SPEC 5                                               80276.67
WLODARCZYKZ,  CHRISTINA M       OFM ADMIN SUPPORT                                       32691.58
WOLFHAGENZ,  CARL F             OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    82741.79
WOODZ,  LAURA                   OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             74826.19
WOODALLZ,  JAMES N              PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                        46550.41
YANDLEZ,  BILL D                IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
YENZ,  WEI                      OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    14778.69
YENZ,  WEI                      OFM PROG CONSULTANT/ANALYST                             74319.74
ZAVATSKYZ,  FRANCIS D           OFM MANAGER                                             88466.36
ZHAOZ,  YI                      OFM FORECAST ANALYST                                    99402.51

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