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This is a 29 minute audio that starts out with a Seattle King 5 TV news report from 1992 about the Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch, and then has portions of 13 OKBR kids giving videotape depositions in 1996 about their treatment at the OKBR. These kids were abused by other kids, and by the staff. They complained to the staff, the police, DSHS, Thurston county detention officials, judges, school people, friends, ect... They were punished for complaining. Their abuse was long-term and sadistic, and many people could have stopped it. These kids allegations of fact are frightening.

  • This deposition was in 1996, but these boys were abused in the early to mid 1980's
  • 00:04 1992 KING TV report about the OKBR
  • 01:30 Boy 1, molested by staffwoman
  • 01:50 Attorney Connelly says that the depositions were conducted by an attorney for the Boys Ranch (Don Law)
  • 03:13 Boy 1, molested by staffwoman
  • 03:55 Boy 2, had to fight other kids
  • 04:41 Boy 3, beat up by big kids
  • 05:26 Boy 4, beat up, no staff help, used cocaine & marijuana at ranch
  • 06:45 Boy 5, forced to play "truth or dare", and forced to play "games" with other kids or get beat up
  • 08:15 Boy 6, molested by staffwoman and raped by staffmember
  • 11:56 Boy 7, beat up by staff, and told to break another kids leg or get beat up by staffmember
  • 13:46 Boy 8, gets beat up often, got broken bones and used drugs at the ranch
  • 15:26 Boy 9, Abused by staffpeople, hit with stick by staffwoman, hit in head with brick by resident, almost drowned, ran away 100 times
  • 18:11 Boy 10, sexually molested by resident, but told by staff to "deal with it". He called the Olympia Police, they came and took a report and left. He told Thurston County detention people that he was being raped and beat up, but was ignored
  • 20:30 Boy 11, was sexually assualted by resident and then was humiliated by staff, told it was his fault. He was called a faggot at school
  • 23:00 Boy 12, raped by ranch councilor
  • 24:46 Boy 13, molested often by staffwoman

    There were many obvious and long-term warnings about the 1970-94 OKBR.

  • DSHS knew since at least 1977.
  • The OKBR staff certainly knew.
  • The abused kids told staff, schools, counselors, police, caseworkers, therapists, ect.., about their abuse at the OKBR, but nobody investigated.
  • Olympia Police Chief Wurner came to an Olympia Kiwanis meeting in 1986 and told the Kiwanis about the troubles at the OKBR. Chief Wurner was ignored. Maybe he should have done more, but he probably wanted to keep his job.
  • It was well know by the Thurston County courts. These kids were constantly in and out of the Thurston County legal system.
  • The OKBR was written about in the Kiwanis Komments newsletters, and the Kiwanis Board Ranch minutes.
  • All the OKBR Board Members had a legal oversight of the OKBR.
  • Were all Olympia Kiwanis Attorneys & Judges and/or Politicians uninformed?
  • It's amazing how blissfully ignorant some people were about the OKBR. You can read about their guiltlessness in some of their Washington State Patrol and Office of Special Investigation statements.
  • Here's Wa St Patrol Olympia Kiwanis member lists of 1987, 1990, 1994
  • Here is a 49 page index of 5,223 pages of documents that the WSP collected about the OKBR. Anybody can order any of those public documents by following the instructions on that page.
  • The OKBR sent kids for weekend visits to child abusers who donated land to the Kiwanis. The Kiwanians sold the land in 1993 for $125,000.
  • Can the Olympian Newspaper claim ignorance?