The Olympia Washington Kiwanis members and their friends have cost the Washington State taxpayers over $50 million dollars (so far), because of their willful ignorance of long term, merciless and well known, child abuse that occurred at the Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch.

October 2006 note: This Olympia Kiwanis stuff is old news. I've left this information on the web, because I like the thought that someone will say to one of these Kiwanis friends or members: "Grandma, (Grandpa), are you still friends with those Olympia Kiwanians?"

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Here's a link to the Wa St Patrol Olympia Kiwanis member lists of 1987, 1990, 1994

Present and Date Became
Former Olympia Olympia Kiwanis Years Being
Kiwanis Members Member OKBR Board Member

Abelein, Dell(Shelton Kiw Pres)
Adams, Larry(Dentist) 12/21/87
Adams, Roy J. 2/04/85
Adamson, Doug(Kgy anchor/reporter) after 93
Agnesani, Jon after 93
Allen, Richard(Oly Principal) after 93
Alexander, Gary(Wa St Rep) 2/03/86
Anderson, Bruce C. 10/07/85
Anderson, Franklin C.(Wa St Manager) 1/01/8-
Anderson, Teresa 7/07/87
Aragon, Teresa A. 7/07/87
Ashay, Robert B. 10/06/86
Bahn, Michael L. 1/11/88
Bainto, Judy(St Sen Candidate 96) after 93
Bakker, Cornelis H.(Insur agent)  6/20/86
Ball, Thomas M.(Thur Co Probation Dir) 4/01/87
Bantz, Jim 92?
Barkley, Carolyn(Dept Info Serv) after 93
Barney, Jerry(web site designer) after 93
Barron, Charles after 93
Barron, Robert M.(fmr Fed Employ) 5/17/65 1980 OK Homes for Youth
Bass, Marla M.(Wa St Treas employee) 12/11/89
Bates, Charles E.(Ph D & dieting author)3/20/89
Beals, Crowell A.(retired DSHS) 5/15/75
Benedict, Kathleen D.(lawyer) after 93
Benjamins, Anthonius 12/11/8-
Bishop, Wayne A. 1/07/80 4/16/85-9/20/89
Bjorgen, Thomas R.(lawyer) 2/08/88
Bloomfield, Gary J.(Supt Pub Instr emp) 8/26/82 4/16/85-11/19/86
Boulac, Harold L.(WSP & DSHS emp) 7/08/69
Bowen, Sharon(banker) 93?
Bowen, Walter(fmr Thur Co Demo Chair)  11/04/85
Boyd, Lesli K. 6/23/87
Briggs, Vernon R. 5/30/8- 9/20/89-2/19/92
Britt, Jan after 93
Broadous, Bernardean(Thur Pros 95-99) after 93
Brown, George M. V.(DSHS administrator) 1/01/51
Brown, Maggie 2/26/90
Brown, Warren A. 1/12/81
Bullock. Gary 3/22/90
Burdorff, Richard  H.(Oly Drug) 3/12/84
Burgett, Brian(KMAS radio) 12/19/88
Burgher, Joseph G. 5/02/83
Burns, Robert O. 10/19/81
Burwell, Trane(retired navy & realtor) 5/01/59
Butler, Cathie after 93
Cambell, Doug(Ben Bridge Jwlr) 2/26/90
Canorro, Anthony B.(Ind Ins App Judge) 7/24/89
Cantu, Enrique(Wa St Patrol Captain) before4/94
Carlson, Lucille M.(dep Thur Co Asses) 8/24/87
Carlson, Ronald O. J.(insur agent) 11/01/82
Carnahan, David J.(Dept Correction emp) 8/06/73 1980 OK Homes for Youth
Cavalier, Barbara A.(insur agt) 2/26/90
Cavalier, Jim 90?
Childs, Harvey C.(architect) 8/17/87 4/16/85-2/24/86
Christenson, Gary L.(Employ Secur emp) 6/04/84
Christine, Miller C.(retired army) 11/24/84
Clarkson, Virgil(ran for Lacey Council)10/27/80 4/16/85-1/01/93
Cleeves, Edward(Elks Lodge Exal ruler) 4/16/90
Cole, Robert E.(Pharmacist) 2/26/90
Conner, Arley R.(pres Oly Elec Co) 6/20/77
Cooper, Robert D.(realtor) 8/20/84
Corsi, Dr Scott(chiropractor) after 93
Couch, Anthony B 92?
Crawford, Edward T. 9/28/88
Curnow, Brian(Mills Funeral Manager) after 93
Davis, Ed(disab insur DSHS) 3/91
Davis, Karon L.(trav agt) 3/14/88
Davis, Merle E.(realtor) 9/17/84
Darkenwald, George(lawyer) 93?
De Bolt, Richard(Oly/Thurs Chamb Com) 12/11/89
De Forest, Douglas(Oly Master Builders) 3/14/88
Denning, Robert J.(RJD Assoc emp) 4/16/90 12/18/91-1/01/93
Derr, Rex E.(fmr Oly Mayor) 7/27/81
Dever, Ralph F. 9/24/56
Dillaway, Winthrop C. 6/02/82
Dohrn, Marci W.(Thur Co personnel dir) 7/07/87
Dolmam, Gary G.(Thur Co Pio Title) 3/14/88
Dowdy, F. Mark(pastor) 5/09/88
Drebick, John D.(realtor) 10/19/81
Dubuisson, Susan A.(judge) 7/07/87 10/28/87-1/01/93
Eager John E. before92
Earl, 1980 OKBR Board
Edwards, Gary P.(Thur Co Sheriff) 5/18/87
Eikenberry, Kenneth O.(fmr Att. Gen.) 9/29/83
Eisentrout, George M. 12/17/79
Eldridge, Lester W.(fmr Thur Commis) 1/09/84
Elgin, Sam (Kiw Lt Gov)
Ernst, Donald D.(eng Dept Trans) 2/07/83 10/09/85-2/19/92 (7/93)
Estes, William E. Jr. 5/05/86
Evans, ---hael D. 89?
Everett, Sandra(Port Oly emp) 92?
Fairchild, Robert E.(missing $ and CPA) 4/11/88
Field, Jane(Oly Sch Brd Candidate 93) after 93
Fields, James R. 91?
Fischnaller, Bryan L.(lawyer) 1/--/84 4/16/85-1/01/93
Fisher, George(Hoodsport Kiw Pres)
Flanagan, Warren  1/--/84
Floyd, Pamela(Thur Co Auditor Employee)after 93
Foote, James L.(Intercity Transit) 89?
Ford, Julie A. 93?
Forrester, H. Eugene(agri edu st) 11/06/72 1980 OKBR Board
Foss, James M.(insur agt) 7/01/85
Freeman, Judith(entomology PhD) 7/07/87
Freestad, Robert C. 11/06/72
Gabrielse, James S.(architect?) 4/23/84
Gadbaw,Holly(fmr Oly Mayor) before90
Ganders, Stanton H.(fmr Wa St Sen) 2/08/88
Giovaninni, Roberta 7/07/87 10/28/87-3/15/89
Gould, Betty J.(Thur Co Clerk) 91?
Gonzalez, Hector X.(Hispanic Commis) before87
Goulding, Harry G. before 87
Greenlee, Gene after 93
Gregory, Jay after 93
Griffith, Griffith I.(realtor) before87
Groeschell, Robert
Gruen, Wayne T.(St Trans Planner) 3/12/84 9/17/86-9/20/89
Gubser, Gary L. 91?
Gustafson, Roger C.(Nat Plan Coord Wa) 80? 1980 OKBR Board
Hall, Steven R.(Oly Assit Manag) 91?
Halverstadt, David E.(St Dept Vet Aff) 80? 4/16/85-10/09/85
Halvorson, Jon W.(fmr Lacey Mayor) 1/21/85
Hamilton, Daniel R. before 87
Hamblen, Tamara after 93
Hanes 80? 1980 OKBR Board
Hannigan, Helen(lawyer) 9/28/87
Hanson 80? 1980 OKBR Board
Hanson, Nels(forester) 92?
Harding, -une before90
Harmon, Maurice A.(ran for Oly council) 5/09/88
Hastings, Allan P. 5/09/88
Hauth, Robert F.(lawyer) 2/07/83
Havens, Jack L.(Veterinarian) 2/01/82 11/19/86-11/18/87
Hedges, Darrell B. 3/05/79 4/16/85-1/01/93
Henry, Hewitt A.(judge) before85
Herron, Dale A.(Oly principal) 3/08/82
Hicks, Richard C. 92?
Hicks, Robert before 87
Hitchcock, Walter A. 12/16/85
Hodge, Donald E.(banker) before 87
Hoglund, John A.(lawyer) 7/07/75 Pre-1980 OKBR Board Chairman
Holden, Donald P.(Dept Voc Rehab) 2/21/59
Hoover, Martin E.(car dealer) before87
Hopkes, Kay F. 10/31/88
Houck, LouAnne(ran for Wa St Rep) 88?
Huffine, Sherman R. 7/01/42
Hunt, Sam(ran for Thur Commis) 3/14/88
Hunter, Richard S.(Oly School Chief) before87
Hutchinson, James B.(dentist) 10/06/86
Hyatt, Ford
Ingham, Genevieve(Shelton Pioneer Com Kiw Pres)
Ingram, Paul(Thur deputy sheriff) 5/18/87 11/18/87-3/15/89
Jackson, Bruce E. 91?
Jacob, Dianne(Intelco Networks emp) kiwkom87
Jaussi, Andrew K. before 87
Jekel, Ryan after 93
Johnson, Graham E.(Pub Disc Com) 8/15/83
Johnson, Mark(legislative aide) 93?
Johnson, Melissa after 93
Johnson, Patricia(judge) 4/24/89 9/20/89-9/30/91
Jones, Bob 91?
Jones, Harrison J. II before 87
Jones, Mike after 93
Jones, Sandra J. 8/08/88 6/21/89-12/31/92
Jones, Thomas A. 1/01/82 
Jordan, Kathy 92?
Jordan, Teresa L.(judge) 91?
Kalmbach, Jack R(Centralia Col Dean) after 93
Kelley, Jacquie(realtor) 7/07/8-
Kentfield, Charles R. 5/18/87
Kentfield, Marla M.(Wa St Treas emp) 12/11/89
Kerr, Joseph W.(ran for Wa St Rep) before90
Kerslake, Ralph W.(Oly planner) 1/15/68 1981 OKBR Board
Keto, August I. 11/12/84
Kirk, Dave(Dept Lic & Thur Co Councils)after 93
Koehler, Herman R.(Soc Sec Aud & baker) 1/01/47
Kruse, Dave B.(banker) 92?
Kuula, John E. 5/07/84
Lane, Jeffery O. C.(lawyer) 8/14/83 12/18/91-1/01/93
Law, Donald L.(lawyer) 10/04/76 1980 OKBR Board
Leaf, Don(dir Thur Health Dept) after 91
Levine, Susan after 93
Lien, Bob(So Sound Dinner Club) after 93
Lien, Carol after 93
Lindquist, Kathleen(Thur transit vp) 91?
Liska Collum C.(St Voc Edu Comm) 12/21/87
Loe, Teresa L.(teacher) 12/21/87
Loobey, Keith R. before89
Lowry, William M.(lawyer) 7/09/62
Loyle, Harold E.(Thur Co Bailiff) 3/07/77
Loyle, Linda C. 6/20/88
Lundberg, Ellen after 93
Lynn, Robert C.(Dept of Corrections) 1/07/85
Mackey, Jim(recycler) after91
Macy, Marshall after 93
Malone, Timothy R.(Sen. Fraser husb) before91
Marshall, Anne before92
Marshall, G. Eldon(Oly Supervisor) 5/01/65
Martin, Richard A.(Dept Info Serv) after 93
Maruyama, Karen 92?
Maxwell, Henry M. 6/21/71 4/16/85-2/19/92
McDonald, Patrick J.(politician) 9/28/87
McKay, Robert W. 1/01/45
McKillip, Judith M. 7/07/87
Meed, Art 88?
Meehan, Chris J. 1/03/84
Mesojednik, Jo Ann M.(realtor) 7/18/88
Merchant, David(lawyer & Kiwanis?) after 93
Merchant, Richard I.(Dept Personnel) 9/07/82
Metzger, Leslie W.(Oly Principal) 10/09/67
Miles, Don(lawyer) 3/19/53
Millar, Elizabeth 90?
Millar, Richard M.(fin planner) 7/01/85 10/22/86-1/01/93
Millsap, Max E. 1/01/51 1980 OK Homes for Youth
Mitchell, Ken 93?
Moore, Arvilla(banker realtor) 90?
Moore, Darrell after 93
Morris, Greg(fin planner) after 93
Murphy, Malachy R.(lawyer) before87
Murphy, Michael J.(Wash St Treas) 9/28/87
Neary, Walter(Olympian Tech Editor) after 93
Nelson, Ted F.
Ness, Joseph R.(realtor) before87
Newschwander, Charles(car dealer) 90?
Nueffer 80? 1980 OKBR Board
O'Neil, Kathy J. 91?
Olson, Jack A.(Dept Gen Adm) 1/01/87
Olson, Robert T.(Wa St Emp Cred Union) 1/01/61 4/16/85-4/20/88
Olson, Lester(Thur Co Rd Director) after 93
Olson, Sandra J. 7/07/87
Olson, Terry(banker) before92
Overton, David W. 6/15/87
Padget, R. Alvin 8/29/50
Padget, Lauretta J. 7/07/87 11/18/87-4/17/91
Parker, Sharon(Waterfront Kiw Pres)
Paulsrude, Philip M. 1/30/84
Pearson, Vernon R.(Supr. Crt. Judge) 7/11/83
Penberthy, Michele(med claims proc) 91?
Perry, Diane(Cred Union Board) 90?
Perry, R. Marcus(CPA) after 89
Phillips, Corrina after 93
Pinson, Cora(fmr Oly Councilwoman) 2/21/89
Plummer, Fred A. 3/08/85
Powell, Donald F. M. 1/01/87
Pouw, T. Hian(Doctor) 93?
Price, Erik(lawyer) after93
Pust, --von R.(prog dir KGY) 3/20/89
Quistorff, Wallace W. 10/21/63
Rainey, Thomas B.(Evgrn Col prof) 12/04/89
Rambo, Jimmy A.(chf Oly Fire Dept) 7/18/88
Rants, Ron(fin. planner & pol) before90?
Reading, F Whitmore(car lot owner) 1/12/53
Redman, Michael C.(lawyer) before87
Reed, Sam S.(Thur Co Auditor) 6/02/82
Reilly, John after 93
--id, Ralph 5/18/87
Reynolds, Randy(Tumwater Kiw Pres)
Roberts, Roger L. 12/22/80
Robinson 80? 1980 OKBR Board
Rogers, Larry(lawyer) 91?
Romero, Sandra S.(Wa St Rep) 90?
Roerden, 10/09/85-?
Roosendaal, Marvin A. 1/01/87
Rose, Dick(Yelm Prairie Kiw Pres)
Ryan, ---shea 4/24/89
Ryan, Brenda(sued about xmas lights) after 93
Ryan, Larry(sued about xmas lights) after 93
Schaefermeyer, Mike 80? 1980 OKBR Board
Schaffert, David 92?
Schaller, Edward F. Jr.(lawyer)
Schurke, Marvin(St Pub Emp Rel Comm & lawyer)92?
Schwilk, Ken 92?
Shaw, James H. 8/12/81
Shelan, Charles(Com Youth Ser) 7/31/81
Sherman, Keith before87
Simon, Jerry K. 90?
Sinclair, Frank A. before91
Skinner, Jane(travel agent) 88? 12/18/91-1/01/93
Skinner, Cortland A.(fmr Oly Port Com) 8/20/58 1980 OK Homes for Youth
Skramstad, David(fmr Oly Mayor) 92?
Smith, ----rah L. 5/22/89
Sorenson, Kim after 93
Spaulding, Christine M.(Dept Lic emp) 4/24/89
Spice, Richard D.(Battelle NW & Sup Pub Inst emp)
St Louis, Donald W.(realtor) 2/20/87
Stegmuller, John 93?
Stevens, Bob(OKBR architect) before68
Stewart, Michael L.(Sinclair Kolter emp)4/23/84 10/09/85-4/20/88
Stientjes, Harlan C.(lawyer) 12/07/89
Stikker, William A.(fin planner) 3/05/84 10/22/86-12/31/92
Stilz, Clifford L. Jr.(judge) 12/30/80
Stookey, Carson L. before87
Stormans, Kenneth R.(grocery owner) 12/07/65 
Stormans, Ralph(grocery owner) 1/15/45
Summerfield, Al(Salv Army major) 92?
Sullivan, Chris before93
Sutherland, Patrick D.(Thur Pros 74-95) 9/23/89
Tabosa, Jacalyn after 93
Tennis, John C.(news KGY & TCTV) 1/01/87
This, James L.(Wa St Emp Cred Un) 8/15/83 1980 OKBR Board
Thompson, Storme L.(dist court emp) 5/06/85 /89-?
Thunberg, Fred G.(Turn Key Devl Co) 3/05/68
Tolman, Glen H.(fin planner) 1/01/56
Tribe, Tony(Sfgd Bus Sys emp) 10/04/82
Tripp, Warren A.(lawyer) before87
Tupper, Al(Kristmas Town Shelton Kiw Pres)
Valley, Derek R.(Musuem Dir) 10/08/84
Van Etten, Leigh C.(Char Wright Acad) 93?
Van Schoorl, Robert A.(Oly Port Com) 6/22/87
Van Woerden, Tom(OKBR head) 11/16/70 -/--/70-12/30/92
Vanderburg, Paul W.(Vand Adv) before87
Vest, Donald L.(realtor)  6/20/77
Walker, Pete 1/01/86
Washburn Scott S.(dir Oly YMCA) 5/18/87
Watson, Arthur(Salv Army Capt) 9/25/89
Watson, Lyle T.(fmr Oly mayor) 8/29/83
Weeks, Bill after 93
Well, Alanson(Tumwater Senior Citizens Kiw Pres)
White, Sue(Oly Court Manager) 90?
Williams, John(North Thurston Kiw Pres)
Williams, Kelsey before88
Winner, Haines 7/18/88
Winthrop, George(retired weather empl) 2/91
Wofford, Lynn(banker) 8/08/88
Wolf, Bob(spouse Yelm Mayor C. Wolf) before80 1980 OKBR Board
Wolfe, Harold T. Sr.(banker) 2/27/64 1980 OKBR Board
Wolfe, Catherine M.(Dept Revenue empl) 91?
Yamamoto, Sharon 12/21/87
Yantis, George F. Jr.(Yts Recd Serv) 1/01/61 1980 OK Homes for Youth
Yarbrough, Lewis L.(Pug So Pow & Lt emp)1/18/71 4/16/85-2/24/86
Ziegler, Carole L 9/28/88
Ziegler, William A. Jr.(professor) 1/13/80 1981 OKBR Board
Zittell, Edward A.(CPA) before87 4/16/85-2/24/86

By clicking on the rainbow colored square icon, you can see information about the people who look at this page. There are are also statistic reports on my 1999 Wa. St. Employees list, and my 1997 Wa St Employees list, and the Wash. St. Patrol documents page. These statistics report meters are free to anybody.

There were many obvious and long-term warnings about the 1970-94 child abusing Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch.

  • DSHS knew since at least 1977.
  • The OKBR staff certainly knew.
  • The abused kids told staff, schools, counselors, police, caseworkers, therapists, ect.., about their abuse at the OKBR, but nobody investigated.
  • Olympia Police Chief Wurner came to an Olympia Kiwanis meeting in 1986 and told the Kiwanis about the troubles at the OKBR. Chief Wurner was ignored. Maybe he should have done more, but he probably wanted to keep his job.
  • It was well know by the Thurston County courts. These kids were constantly in and out of the Thurston County legal system.
  • The OKBR was written about in the Kiwanis Komments newsletters, and the Kiwanis Board Ranch minutes.
  • All the OKBR Board Members had a legal oversight of the OKBR.
  • Were all Olympia Kiwanis Attorneys & Judges and/or Politicians uninformed?
  • It's amazing how blissfully ignorant some people were about the OKBR. You can read about their guiltlessness in some of their Washington State Patrol and Office of Special Investigation statements.
  • Here's Wa St Patrol Olympia Kiwanis member lists of 1987, 1990, 1994
  • Here is a 49 page index of 5,223 pages of documents that the WSP collected about the OKBR. Anybody can order any of those public documents by following the instructions on that page.
  • The OKBR sent kids for weekend visits to child abusers who donated land to the Kiwanis. The Kiwanians sold the land in 1993 for $125,000.
  • Can the Olympian Newspaper claim ignorance?