This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Olympic College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 782 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 1,049 employees) (2007, 996 employees) (2005, 731 employees) (2003, 693 employees) (2001, 665 employees) (1999, 690 employees) (1997, 628 employees) (1995, 607 employees)

Olympic College offers degrees and certificates in academic and professional/technical programs, as well as courses in continuing education and developmental education. The College was founded in 1946 and serves a community of 285,000 people in Kitsap and Mason counties. A satellite campus provides services to students in Shelton, a rural community 35 miles to the south, while another satellite campus serves students in the Poulsbo area 22 miles to the north. The College serves more than 11,847 full- and part-time students. The 2003-04 operating budget was approximately $28.5 million and the 2004-05 operating budget was approximately $30.7 million. The College employs approximately 104 full-time faculty members, 333 adjunct faculty, 510 staff members and 240 student employees. A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate, is responsible for operating the College. The Board appoints a College President to oversee dayto- day operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Olympic College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBAYZ, MARA L                  IT SPECIALIST 2                                         44305.59
ABELZ, ROBERT W                 FACULTY                                                 64776.81
ADAMSZ, BONNIE LEE              FACULTY                                                 31234.29
ADAMSZ, SCOTT A                 FACULTY                                                 22569.93
ADAMS-NOWLINZ, SARAH C          FACULTY                                                 47470.35
ADAMSONZ, LAURIE                FACULTY                                                 55604.94
AHMEDZ, SHAHID                  FACULTY                                                  9849.31
AHRENSZ, THERESA G              FACULTY                                                     3135
AKERSZ, LARRY B                 DIR OF READINESS RESPONSE                               65679.26
ALBROZ, BRADLEY E               FACULTY                                                  6508.08
ALLASONZ, MARY ELIZABETH        FACULTY                                                 16095.32
ALMACENZ, LORI A                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40889.18
ALVAREZZ, CANDACE KAY           SPACE ANALYST 1                                            45546
ANDERSONZ, KRISTY L             ASSC DEAN PLAN, ASSES, RES                              39791.59
ANDERSONZ, LORI LEE             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          39950
ANDERSONZ, MARK                 FACULTY                                                     1750
ANDUIZAZ, MOURINE J             FACULTY                                                   8982.3
ARANYOSIZ, EDWARD F             FACULTY                                                 24927.04
ARMSTRONGZ, MARY LYNNE          FACULTY                                                  1362.68
ARPSZ, LORA L                   CUSTODIAN 1                                             25114.71
ASHLEYZ, HEATHER DAWN           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
ATWATERZ, CHERYL A              RETAIL CLERK 2                                          27595.07
BABBOZ, GERIANNE MARY           ASSOC DEAN NURSING                                      79331.94
BABBOZ, JOHN MICHAEL            FACULTY                                                 96004.94
BAGGSZ, KISHA HELENA            FACULTY                                                    817.5
BAILEYZ, LINDA M                FACULTY                                                  3959.08
BAILEYZ, WILLIAM E              FACULTY                                                 37471.34
BAKERZ, BRIANNE LYNN            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      33605.4
BAKERZ, LINDA B                 FACULTY                                                  4369.72
BALDWINZ, KATHLEEN E            FACULTY                                                 22352.41
BALDWINZ, THEODORE C            FACULTY                                                 65179.05
BANDESZ, WILLARD J              FACULTY                                                 16263.05
BARBEEZ, ROD W                  FACULTY                                                      520
BARBERZ, JOY E                  FACULTY                                                  6681.14
BARKERZ, CHARLES M              FACULTY                                                106356.63
BARRONZ, DAWN                   FACULTY                                                  3609.99
BARTLETTZ, LYNDON R             FACULTY                                                 82853.27
BARTOLDUSZ, MONIQUE A           FACULTY                                                   904.58
BATESZ, AKIKO KOBAYASHI         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     34121.18
BEALZ, ROGER TIMOTHY            FACULTY                                                  14662.4
BECKERZ, SARNA RAE              FACULTY                                                 22067.16
BEGERTZ, SONIA APGAR            FACULTY                                                 62980.65
BELDENZ, WENDY L                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24458.47
BERGMANZ, DONALD J              FACULTY                                                 66329.39
BERMEAZ, NANCY M                FACULTY                                                 99414.33
BERNARDZ, DENISE L              FACULTY                                                 10370.84
BESTZ, JOY                      FACULTY                                                  3115.88
BILDERBACKZ, DEBORAH J          FACULTY                                                 21811.16
BILDERBACKZ, HOWARD RUSSELL     FACULTY                                                 13480.04
BILODEAUZ, PAMELA M             FACULTY                                                 69666.55
BITTLINGMAIERZ, BERNDT F        FACULTY                                                  9762.12
BLACKMANZ, MARY JANE G          ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FIN AID                                 49793
BLACKWELLZ, KEVIN A             FACULTY                                                 93310.54
BLACKWOODZ, WILLIAM C           FACULTY                                                   8135.1
BLAINZ, LAWRENCE W              FACULTY                                                    19132
BLANKENSHIPZ, KENNETH R         CAPITAL PROJ COORDINATOR                                   49062
BOENINGZ, DEAN W                FACULTY                                                  3115.88
BOLESZ, DENNE LOUISE            FACULTY                                                 15410.98
BOLTONZ, KAREN JOY              FACULTY                                                 79959.29
BOOTHEZ, RHONDA J               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              35818.05
BOSLEYZ, ERIC D                 FACULTY                                                 12463.52
BOTKINZ, TIMOTHY F              FACULTY                                                 13097.52
BOUCHERZ, EDWARD A              FACULTY                                                     4212
BOURMATNOVZ, LAURA A            FACULTY                                                 18695.28
BRACKEBUSCHZ, ANN L             FACULTY                                                  81503.2
BRENNANZ, ELLEN E               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       26929.5
BRENNANZ, MICHAEL WA            FACULTY                                                 22560.63
BRIGGSZ, ELISABETH ANNA         FACULTY                                                 57340.48
BRIGHTZ, KATHLEEN R             FACULTY                                                 63000.49
BRITTAINZ, DARRELL A            FACULTY                                                     9030
BROWNZ, HOLLIE CHRISTINE        FACULTY                                                     4425
BROWNZ, JEFFREY J               FACULTY                                                 70634.18
BROWNZ, JUDITH ANN              DEAN OF MESH                                               78607
BROWNZ, KENNETH N               FACULTY                                                  9317.51
BROWNZ, ROGER W                 FACULTY                                                  19885.8
BRYANTZ, ELAINE M WILLIAMS      ASSOC DEAN ADULT EDUCATION                                 70527
BUCHANANZ, MICHAELA M           CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                  34812.5
BUCKZ, NANCY LEE                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  42664.49
BURTONZ, MICHAEL G              FACULTY                                                  23456.2
BUSTETTERZ, WILLIAM J           FACULTY                                                 32618.98
BYRNE BARRANTESZ, KATHLEEN A    DIRECTOR OF GRANTS                                      44657.65
CABATOZ, JESSICA AMBER          FACULTY                                                  9105.34
CAINZ, JOHN C                   FACULTY                                                      400
CALLAHANZ, PETER D              FACULTY                                                   7535.6
CALOGEROZ, MARK V               FACULTY                                                  2750.69
CAMERONZ, THOMAS D              FACULTY                                                 35787.44
CAMPBELL FREDERICKZ, KATIE KYUNGFACULTY                                                  9635.86
CAMPBELLZ, DEBRA J              IT SPECIALIST 2                                            58656
CAMPBELLZ, THOMAS R             FACULTY                                                  4221.21
CARLESONZ, MARTHA ELLEN         FACULTY                                                   5164.6
CARLINZ, PATRICIA A             PROCURE/SUPPLY SUPP SPEC 1                                 32688
CARLTONZ, PAULINE J             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22059.08
CARSONZ, ANTHONY R              FACULTY                                                 55642.47
CARTERZ, ELIZABETH ROSE         FACULTY                                                 19878.56
CARVAJALZ, CHRISTIAN F          FACULTY                                                 12338.25
CASTROZ, CAROL ANN              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                    38181
CAWLEYZ, COLLEEN MARIE          FACULTY                                                  9752.98
CELESTINEZ, RONALD EDWARD       FACULTY                                                 11452.41
CHACONZ, DANIEL R               VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT SVC                              31989.14
CHALKZ, DYLAN                   FACULTY                                                      480
CHEVALIERZ, MAHALA ROBERTSON    CUSTODIAN 1                                             33130.76
CHRISTENSENZ, PAUL M            FACULTY                                                  2703.81
CLEMENZ, LAURA LEE              FACULTY                                                  9983.92
COBBZ, STEVEN W                 FACULTY                                                 15682.52
COHENZ, MIRELLE                 FACULTY                                                150911.48
COHENZ, SARAH ANN               FACULTY                                                  6019.98
COLLINSZ, DAVID JAMES           IT TECHNICIAN 1                                         15340.36
COLLINSZ, JODIE L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      32024.5
COLOMBOZ, LESLIE                FACULTY                                                   1279.9
COLONZ, ERICA LEIGH             FACULTY                                                  3145.06
CONFARZ, MARY ANN               FACULTY                                                  7922.37
CONNZ, STEPHEN M                IT SPECIALIST 3                                         50098.59
COOKZ, SARAH A                  FACULTY                                                 44444.88
COOKZ, SUZANNE E                FACULTY                                                 64137.73
COOLEYZ, MATTHEW A              MEDIA TECHNICIAN                                        32710.16
COOPERZ, PHILLIP E              FACULTY                                                  3489.63
COPPZ, KELLY M                  WF DEVELP COORD (SHELTON)                                  46656
CORNELLZ, MARY E                FACULTY                                                  9665.18
COSGROVEZ, ALECIA NEY           FACULTY                                                 61496.11
COVINGTONZ, COLETTE MARIE       FACULTY                                                 20443.36
COXZ, MEREDITH ANNE             BUDGET ANALYST 1                                        54832.19
CRESWELLZ, LINDA LEE            FACULTY                                                 13528.34
CROMIEZ, NATALIE VIRGINIA       BOOKSTORE BUYER                                            32625
CROSSZ, SANDRA J                FACULTY                                                  4924.25
CULBERTSONZ, JOLENE M           FACULTY                                                 67873.71
CULLENZ, TIMOTHY EDWARD         FACULTY                                                 15810.37
CULLIGANZ, JAMES ALLEN          FACULTY                                                      225
CUMMINGSZ, DUSTIN G             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  44175.63
CUNEOZ, CHRISTINE M             FACULTY                                                   996.12
CUNNEENZ, JUDITH A              FACULTY                                                  3579.37
CUNNINGHAMZ, ESTHER J           FACULTY                                                  8487.63
CURRYZ, JACQUIE                 HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                                54809.2
CUYKENDALLZ, LAUREN R           FACULTY                                                      699
DAILEYZ, JOHN R                 FACULTY                                                 25941.97
DAILEYZ, KURT ANDREW            FACULTY                                                   958.13
DALEYZ, ARGENTINA PEARL         FACULTY                                                  3115.88
DALTONZ, DIANE M                FACULTY                                                      875
DAMRILL-LEIBZ, MISTE DAWN       EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR                                        44583
DANESHZ, KAVEH K                FACULTY                                                 39058.57
DAUGHERTYZ, DANIEL THOMAS       FACULTY                                                     6200
DAVENPORTZ, MARTHA H            FACULTY                                                  9376.82
DAVIDSONZ, CAROL A              FACULTY                                                  1021.41
DAVISZ, ANNIE M                 HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                                  49251
DAVISZ, MATTHEW H               FACULTY                                                  6019.98
DAWSONZ, TIFFANY M              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27832.96
DEANZ, JOHN ALAN                FACULTY                                                     4173
DEETERZ, JERALD D               FACULTY                                                  2169.36
DEITCHMANZ, ELAINE              FACULTY                                                  56388.9
DELAYZ, JOANNE                  FACULTY                                                 59193.25
DELLZ, CRAIG A                  FACULTY                                                     2500
DELMOREZ, EDWARD J              FACULTY                                                  1562.62
DEMMERTZ, WADE C                FACULTY                                                     2350
DEMPSKIZ, ANTHONY SCOTT         FACULTY                                                  1468.59
DEWIREZ, ELINOR ALINE           FACULTY                                                 17531.46
DIGBYZ, SUSAN ANN               FACULTY                                                 70199.83
DILLINGZ, GAYLE J               FACULTY                                                 81662.23
DILLINGERZ, STACEY E            IT SPECIALIST 3                                         69902.51
DILLINGERZ, SUSAN GAIL          EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 3                                  41585.9
DODGEZ, MATTHEW ALLAN           FACULTY                                                 76506.02
DODGEZ, MICHAEL L               FACULTY                                                 61108.24
DOMINYZ, MARNIE LAATZ           FACULTY                                                   5614.2
DONNELLYZ, ELIZABETH MARIE      ACTIVITY ADVISOR/COACH                                  17199.36
DORSEYZ, ANGELA                 FACULTY                                                    44583
DOWNARDZ, NORA MARIE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36604.69
DUFFYZ, DEIRDRE M               FACULTY                                                 17731.51
DUNLAPZ, DANIEL ELVIN           FACULTY                                                 21811.16
DURBANZ, ALVIN C                FACULTY                                                  5531.88
DURRZ, RICHARD D                FACULTY                                                 10998.44
DYKSTRAZ, TAMARA LIN            FACULTY                                                 18774.39
EDGARZ, ROLAND P                FACULTY                                                  8677.44
EIDENMULLERZ, ANNE ELIZABETH    FACULTY                                                 11521.06
ELAURIAZ, ANGELA DELA CRUZ      FACULTY                                                 70999.33
ELLIOTTZ, COLLEEN P             FISCAL TECHNICIAN SUPER                                    40524
ELLIOTTZ, MARIL H               FACULTY                                                 51990.41
ENGELZ, ROBERT H                FACULTY                                                  9179.89
ERFEZ, KATHERINE C              EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR                                     51144.15
ERHARDTZ, MICHAEL ANTHONY       ADJ FACULTY-CONTRACT-REG                                14272.11
ERICKSON JONESZ, SERENA L       FACULTY                                                 18069.39
ERICKSONZ, CRISTI L             FACULTY                                                 25065.66
ERICKSONZ, KEN W                FACULTY                                                  17354.8
ERICKSONZ, MEGAN M              FACULTY                                                  5560.28
ERIZZ, EDMOND ROBERT            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  45815.64
EVANSZ, ETSUKO                  FACULTY                                                  4950.21
EVANSZ, STEVEN CHARLES          IT TECHNICIAN 2                                          20700.4
EVENSTADZ, JULIE R              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      37955.8
EVERETTZ, KIMBERLY A            FACULTY                                                  15579.4
FELDBUSHZ, DENISE LYN           FACULTY                                                  9653.64
FERGUSONZ, DEANNA               FACULTY                                                 67561.19
FERGUSONZ, ROGER L              FACULTY                                                 15154.38
FERGUSONZ, SARAH                FACULTY                                                  3115.88
FERNANDEZZ, ROBERT A            FACULTY                                                 30420.06
FERRIZ, ROSE MARIE              EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR                                     44582.99
FILMOREZ, ALKENNY NIMROD        FACULTY                                                     2970
FISHZ, DIANE FRANCES            FACULTY                                                  9926.42
FITZPATRICKZ, SHIOBHAN C        FACULTY                                                 13368.76
FJAERESTADZ, IRENE H            FACULTY                                                 46986.12
FLANAGANZ, JOSEPH S             MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   20804.74
FLEMINGZ, GAIL A                FACULTY                                                   1262.4
FLOWERSZ, BILLY H               FACULTY                                                 74717.45
FLOWERSZ, EDWARD H              FACULTY                                                  3009.99
FOLEYZ, CARMA L                 OPPRT GRANT PRG & CASE MGR                              32015.32
FONGZ, DAVID KEN                FACULTY                                                 38751.63
FORBESZ, DONNA M                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 3                                 35382.06
FORDZ, HEATHER SCOTT            FACULTY                                                  3259.99
FORRESTERZ, DOYLE MADISON       FACULTY                                                   5423.4
FORSYTHE SCOGGINSZ, KAREN J     PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33153
FORTUNEZ, BRENDA V              FACULTY                                                  8453.02
FRANKZ, NANCY L                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     34309.22
FRASERZ, TERESA L               FACULTY                                                 67255.05
FREDERICKZ, CHRISTOPHER AUSTIN  FACULTY                                                 63187.26
FREDERICKZ, CYNTHIA J           FACULTY                                                  3164.42
FREDERICKSONZ, KRAIG A          FACULTY                                                  4369.72
FREEMANZ, JOHN R                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
FREEMANZ, WENDY L               FACULTY                                                 41937.42
FRIANEZA-GARINZ, PREICY V       FACULTY                                                  3303.02
FRIEDMANZ, JAMES R              DIRECTOR OF WORKFIRST                                      48632
FUSCOZ, KAREN A                 DIR ACCESS SERVICES                                        47844
FYLLINGNESSZ, JENNIFER L        DIR OUTREACH & ADMISSIONS                                  50842
GABAGATZ, ELDA-CATHERINE AMAGNA EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 2                                 25957.73
GAGEZ, RHODA HELEN              FACULTY                                                   2188.5
GALANOZ, DONNA M                EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 4                                    51864
GALBREATHZ, CHRISTY LYNN        FACULTY                                                 18695.28
GALLAGHERZ, CHRISTOPHER M       FACULTY                                                 82160.27
GALLEARZ, SANDRA L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     40307.95
GARCIAZ, JOSE                   CUSTODIAN 1                                             26518.63
GARDNERZ, JEANNE J              PROCURE/SUPPLY SUPP SPEC 2                               34552.5
GARGUILEZ, MARY J               VICE PRESIDENT INSTRUCTION                                100653
GARRETTZ, GWENDOLYN A           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      37903.3
GEBHARDTZ, AMANDA L             MANAGER RESEARCH&EFFECTVNS                                 49250
GEIGERZ, RANDY FREDERICK        BLDG AND GROUNDS SUPV C                                    60764
GEORGEZ, LAURIE A               FACULTY                                                 15681.74
GEORGEZ, MARGARET R             CUSTODIAN 1                                             31662.51
GEYERZ, CAMEON S ADAMS          FACULTY                                                 51362.74
GIBSONZ, WILLIAM MICHAEL        FACULTY                                                  15579.4
GILLZ, ELIZABETH ANN            DIR OF NURSE ASST PROGRAM                               39295.72
GIOVANNIZ, KATHERINE M          SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    37441.98
GIOVANNIZ, NICK                 FACULTY                                                 57239.05
GLOWENZ, MICHELLE M             FACULTY                                                  3115.88
GOADZ, CAROLYN WALDECK          FACULTY                                                  7589.11
GOLEZ, MARY J                   RETAIL CLERK 2                                          28016.79
GOODMANZ, CRAIG L               FACULTY                                                  18523.6
GOODWINZ, CODY T                FACULTY                                                     5967
GOREZ, DENNIS M                 FACULTY                                                  2904.37
GOVENDERZ, JENNIFER CAROL       FACULTY                                                  6301.54
GRAHNZ, VALERIE ANN             FACULTY                                                  9920.65
GRAYZ, KAY V                    FACULTY                                                  10610.8
GRAYZ, ROSE MARIE               FACULTY                                                  16414.8
GREENEZ, LINDA KAY              FACULTY                                                 29186.69
GREGORZ, POLLY SUE              FACULTY                                                  9154.97
GREGORYZ, CHRISTI J             SECRETARY SENIOR                                         33015.5
GREIGZ, PAMELA BETH             FACULTY                                                 51432.87
GRIFFITHZ, SUZANNE G            FACULTY                                                 13562.34
GRINDINGERZ, KERRY L            HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                               32850.38
GRISWOLDZ, KRELLA-LUDESH M      FACULTY                                                  2169.36
GROSSZ, LYNNE CULBERTSON        FACULTY                                                  2455.53
GRYMESZ, MARIO L                CUSTODIAN 1                                             26547.46
GUNDERSONZ, KENNETH W           FACULTY                                                 19656.56
HAARSTICKZ, KAREN R             FACULTY                                                  9347.64
HAGANZ, TIMOTHY R               FACULTY                                                 85411.55
HAINESZ, DONALD N               FACULTY                                                 73980.12
HAINESZ, MARTIN FRIEDERICH      FACULTY                                                 85111.05
HALLZ, KEITH E                  FACULTY                                                  3009.99
HALLZ, WILLIAM F                FACULTY                                                  7728.36
HAMILTONZ, MARCIA ISABEL        FACULTY                                                  1698.26
HANDYZ, KRYSTAL LANEE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     27172.86
HANSONZ, DONDI R                FACULTY                                                 87710.79
HANSONZ, JACK E                 DIR DATABASE ADMINISRATION                                 77012
HANSONZ, KAREN                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       28294.51
HANTENZ, JOAN B                 EXEC DIR INSTIT ADVM/FOUND                                 85103
HARDZ, ALOYSIA F                FACULTY                                                 45364.76
HARDINZ, CAROL A                FACULTY                                                 12379.71
HARRISZ, LINDA A                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     34493.81
HARRISZ, REBECCA SUE            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        30736.5
HARRISONZ, THERESA DELANO       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34187
HARTNESSZ, CAROLYN LOUISE       FACULTY                                                      750
HARTSEZ, CAROLINE M             FACULTY                                                 71700.21
HARTSFIELDZ, ANTOINETTE S       DIR STU PROG & LEAD DEVELP                                 56100
HASSETTZ, JOHN CHARLES          CUSTODIAN 1                                             30723.27
HASSETTZ, LESLIE CAROL          FACULTY                                                 30957.01
HATFIELDZ, AMY C                DEAN, WORKFORCE &BASC STUD                                 78607
HAWKINSZ, H. JAY                FACULTY                                                 44900.57
HAWKSZ, SHARON L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     25648.55
HAYESZ, JENNIFER L              DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS                                 63121
HAYSZ, NAYDENE R                STUDY CENTER DIRECTOR                                      50135
HEALYZ, MAGGIE L                EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 2                                  7088.27
HEDSTROMZ, ALLEN E              FACULTY                                                   324.43
HEINZEZ, JASON P                FACULTY                                                 69342.14
HELLERZ, JUTTA BENEKEN          FACULTY                                                   3742.8
HELWIGZ, TAMMY L                FACULTY                                                  5047.99
HEMMERLYZ, KAREN ANN            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                  44599.43
HENDRICKSONZ, KIMBERLY A        FACULTY                                                  3009.99
HENDRICKSONZ, MARK J            FACULTY                                                   5614.2
HERMANZ, AMY L                  FACULTY                                                 55319.03
HERNANDEZZ, EVELYN P            TECHNICAL SERVICES MANAGER                                 69500
HERNDONZ, SANDRA L              FACULTY                                                  9347.64
HERRERAZ, HOLLI T               FACULTY                                                  8118.94
HERTELZ, GERI L                 FACULTY                                                 12052.63
HESSZ, LINNEA R                 FACULTY                                                 62608.75
HESSONZ, MICHAEL PAUL           LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                 33594.43
HEWITTZ, TIMOTHY S              CAMPUS SECURITY SERGEANT                                56866.27
HIGGINSZ, ATHENA M              EXEC ASST TO VP INSTRUCTN                                  44437
HIGGINSZ, JACKIE R              FACULTY                                                 12272.41
HIGLEYZ, RUSSELL G              FACULTY                                                  3115.88
HILLZ, ERIC L                   SECURITY GUARD 1                                        37652.15
HILLZ, LORRIE L                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  39322.58
HILTZ, MICHAEL ALLEN            FACULTY                                                 23637.25
HOBSONZ, CHRIS A                FACULTY                                                 73967.19
HOBSONZ, CHRISTOPHER A F        FACULTY                                                 13472.82
HODUNZ, MARGARET S              BUDGET ANALYST 2                                           45576
HOELLZ, LOIS ELIZABETH          FACULTY                                                  5592.55
HOENEZ, KATHRYN P               FACULTY                                                  76932.3
HOFFMANZ, DEBORAH A             FACULTY                                                  8492.34
HOLBROOKZ, TERRY H              FACULTY                                                 17789.79
HOLKZ, MINERVA RATLIFF          FACULTY                                                 59644.23
HOLLEYZ, SUZANNE M              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33888.76
HONGZ, NATHANIEL J              FACULTY                                                 57172.38
HOOKERZ, TRACEY D               FACULTY                                                  3750.91
HOOVERZ, CARMEN G               FACULTY                                                 60782.77
HOSTETLERZ, CLYDENE JO          FACULTY                                                 29274.06
HOVDEZ, LYNN MARIE              FACULTY                                                 26994.81
HOVEZ, TERESA BROWN             FACULTY                                                 21432.35
HOWARDZ, KATHERINE J            FACULTY                                                 22257.11
HOWELLZ, JAMES                  FACULTY                                                 78401.74
HUBBARDZ, GREG R                FACULTY                                                  1562.62
HUDSONZ, TIA MINNETTE           FACULTY                                                 68592.19
HULSEBOSCHZ, KAREN L            FACULTY                                                  60760.3
HUMMZ, JULIE SEIDEL             FACULTY                                                  3009.99
HUSTONZ, LUGENE                 DEAN, HUMANITIES&SOC SCI                                   78607
HUTSELLZ, DAVID D               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               45668.87
IHLENZ, MICHELLE JONETTE        NON-FACULTY SUPPORT SVCS                                    2675
ISAACZ, FRANK                   FACULTY                                                      150
IVESTERZ, MARK D                FACULTY                                                     2150
IZZIZ, KATHERINE LEE            FACULTY                                                  15701.3
JACOBSZ, SARAH A                REGULAR STUDENT EMPLOYEE                                 8034.89
JACOBSZ, THOMAS CRAIG           CUSTOMER SUPPORT CTR MGR                                   58752
JACOBSONZ, LORETTA A            FACULTY                                                 22672.02
JAHNKEZ, BARBARA A              FACULTY                                                  6810.18
JAKEZ, DAWN M                   FACULTY                                                      360
JAMESZ, RAYMOND L               FACULTY                                                  7728.36
JAMESZ, SHARON M                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     23323.63
JANUSCHZ, BARRY R               ACTIVITY ADVISOR/COACH                                  66596.07
JEWETTZ, PAULA K                FACULTY                                                 18989.05
JIMENEZ-EDWARDSZ, STEPHANIE J   PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        2873.73
JOHNSONZ, HELLA ILONA           FACULTY                                                 75815.63
JOHNSONZ, JANIS RENE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36280.5
JOHNSONZ, KELLI A               FACULTY                                                 12830.47
JOHNSONZ, SANDRA L              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        30992.05
JOKHIZ, DINSHAW                 FACULTY                                                 60586.44
JONESZ, DETRICK K               FACULTY                                                     8815
JONESZ, TERESA C                FACULTY                                                 72947.34
JONESONZ, GUNNAR K              GRNDS/NURSERY SPEC 1                                    10934.16
JORDANZ, LISA MARIE             REGULAR STUDENT EMPLOYEE                                 7970.74
JORSTADZ, HAYLEY E              FACULTY                                                  8948.61
JOSEZ, JUDITH R                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40553.11
JUNGZ, EUNHA                    FACULTY                                                 53339.37
JUNKZ, JESSICA M                EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 2                                 17698.64
KAGANZ, MARIEL S                FACULTY                                                   1807.8
KARLSONZ, CATHERINE ANN         FACULTY                                                 60970.52
KASTENZ, RICHARD B              FACULTY                                                  4808.76
KATSIKAPESZ, ANN E              FACULTY                                                 14604.67
KEELINGZ, RONALD H              FACULTY                                                 17309.68
KEITHZ, CRAIG LYNN              FACULTY                                                      400
KELSOZ, MARY ANN                FACULTY                                                 67762.74
KERDUSZ, MARY B                 FACULTY                                                   1066.6
KIEBURTZZ, ROBERT D             FACULTY                                                    43661
KINGZ, DANIEL S                 FACULTY                                                  5440.43
KINGZ, SHARON F                 FACULTY                                                  82711.1
KIRBYZ, REGINA ANN              FOOD SERVICE SUPERVISOR 2                               26586.48
KIRKPATRICKZ, SHARON ANN        FACULTY                                                  3141.44
KITCHENSZ, ALFRED P             FACULTY                                                 73463.99
KITTSZ, LYNN A                  PAYROLL SUPERVISOR                                       50553.6
KLINEZ, SHARON STORY            DIRECTOR OF GRANTS                                       20078.8
KLUGEZ, BARBARA PINE            FACULTY                                                 12679.33
KNOOPZ, TRACY V                 FACULTY                                                     5250
KOEBELINZ, PAMELA D             DATA COMPILER 3                                            28637
KOROMAZ, JOSEPH TAMBA           ASSOC DN STUDENT FIN SVCS                               73536.99
KOTTZ, JORDAN R                 FACULTY                                                  6261.97
KRAFTZ, KIMBERLY ELLEN          FACULTY                                                 16067.76
KRALLZ, MAGDA B                 FACULTY                                                  9234.72
KRANCUSZ, GARY A                FACULTY                                                  23025.8
KROEZEZ, CARLA M                FACULTY                                                     2820
KRYSTALZ, BARBARA JUDITH        FACULTY                                                 10073.04
KUHLMANNZ, DAVID WILLIAM        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                  57623.79
KULISHZ, MICHAEL W              FACULTY                                                  7357.75
KUNZZ, RAINER ALFRED            FACULTY                                                  9347.64
KUPIETZZ, DEANNE                FISCAL TECHNICIAN SUPER                                 44330.36
KYESZ, STEPHANIE DAWN           FACULTY                                                 71666.62
LAATSCHZ, JEFFREY C             FACULTY                                                  3817.63
LAGMANZ, ELEANOR D              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
LAKEZ, DIANA MARIE              DIR PROCUREMENT SERVICES                                64696.96
LAMBZ, DEBORAH K                FACULTY                                                 63023.16
LAMBZ, JENNIFER K               FACULTY                                                 16126.81
LAMMERSZ, STEVEN TED            FACULTY                                                 59563.78
LANDZ, CYNTHIA                  FACULTY                                                  6837.04
LANDRAMZ, WILLIAM B             FACULTY                                                  2751.36
LANG-ANDERSONZ, ISOBEL M        FACULTY                                                  4338.72
LANGDONZ, THOMAS W              FACULTY                                                 22552.34
LANOUEZ, HOLLY L                EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 3                                 41427.96
LANTRIPZ, DALE                  FACULTY                                                  1929.83
LARSENZ, DIANNA L               DEAN, ENROLLMENT SERVICES                               79537.44
LARSONZ, LAUREEN R              IT DATA PROCESSOR 3                                     40538.18
LARSONZ, TIMOTHY J              FACULTY                                                  9029.97
LAUZ, DIANA L                   FACULTY                                                   108.47
LAWZ, ROBERT BYRON              FACULTY                                                  5885.87
LAWRENCEZ, AMY PAULSON          FACULTY                                                  6993.04
LEDGERWOODZ, AMY J              FACULTY                                                 28586.33
LEETHAMZ, COLIN RICHARD         FACULTY                                                  22421.7
LEURQUINZ, GAIL A               FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                22989.47
LEWISZ, SHIRLEY A               CUSTODIAN 1                                              31298.6
LEWISZ, TIMOTHY DALE            CUSTODIAN 3                                             36891.18
LEWISZ, WILLIAM MICHAEL         FACULTY                                                      100
LIZ, YI                         FACULTY                                                  3115.88
LICARIZ, MICHELLE MCOMBER       INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                41101.5
LIENZ, DAVID J                  FACULTY                                                 17431.07
LIESEKEZ, CONSTANCE L           FACULTY                                                 72309.72
LJUNGGRENZ, SHERRY LYNN         FACULTY                                                 27231.46
LOCKEZ, LAUREN J                FACULTY                                                  8630.74
LOCKWOODZ, RHODES G             DIR CHILD DEV & FAMILY CTR                              52352.73
LOGANZ, KAREN GUNN              FACULTY                                                  2090.03
LONGMATEZ, JOHN W               FACULTY                                                 21886.16
LOPEZZ, SANDRA LORENE           FACULTY                                                  5190.28
LORENZZ, JACLYN ANNE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37893
LOSEYZ, DAVID M                 FACULTY                                                 11416.96
LOUIEZ, MEYER A                 FACULTY                                                  3009.99
LOWRYZ, RICHARD D               FACULTY                                                  4662.75
LUCENAZ, CHARITY MARIE S        FACULTY                                                  2169.36
LUNDZ, JAMES R                  FACULTY                                                  3009.99
LUNDBERGZ, JENNIFER JILL WILSON FACULTY                                                   655.61
LUNSFORDZ, CARA J               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38790.44
LUNSFORDZ, DESSIE               IT SPECIALIST 2                                            51136
LYNAMZ, DAVID D                 FACULTY                                                    162.7
LYNCHZ, MELISSA M               FACULTY                                                    854.2
LYNDZ, TERESA MARIE             FACULTY                                                 13605.08
LYONSZ, PATRICIA E              FACULTY                                                  14624.9
MACIASZ, STEVE E                FACULTY                                                  77654.9
MACKABENZ, KANDACE K            FACULTY                                                 57665.82
MACKALLZ, CHARLES L             FACULTY                                                 21055.37
MACKENZIEZ, MICHAEL D           FACULTY                                                 90630.55
MACKENZIEZ, VICTORIA D          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35050.31
MACKIEZ, MISTY LEE              FACULTY                                                 20437.42
MACLENNANZ, RICHARD L           VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT SVC                              62124.32
MADDUXZ, CAROLYN L              FACULTY                                                      700
MADEAZ, ANITA R                 FACULTY                                                   3915.5
MADSENZ, SANDRA YVONNE          RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       33233.89
MAJORZ, TERRI LYN               FACULTY                                                 61979.12
MAKAIWIZ, KAELEA NOELANI        FACULTY                                                   416.67
MALLEYZ, CHARLES T              FACULTY                                                 10230.14
MANGOLDZ, SUSAN M               FACULTY                                                  3917.22
MANIXZ, PAMELA M                FACULTY                                                 25112.38
MANOSZ, DEBRA                   FACULTY                                                  5788.28
MARAPODIZ, CARLOS D             FACULTY                                                  9090.39
MARIELLAZ, ANNE M               FACULTY                                                  67625.6
MARSHALLZ, ANITA                OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   48174.04
MARTINZ, BARBARA M              VICE PRESIDENT ADMIN SVCS                                 106843
MARTINZ, GLORIA HOPE            DIR INSTRUCT SUPPORT SERV                                  49410
MARVINZ, LUDEAN C               FACULTY                                                  3115.88
MASONZ, CORAL ANN               IT DATA PROCESSOR 3                                     49075.65
MASON-TODDZ, MEGAN KATHLEEN     FACULTY                                                 16141.54
MASTZ, CAROLYN T                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     34897.84
MASTERSZ, THOMAS EARL           FACULTY                                                 22742.15
MATHENYZ, DARYL W               FACULTY                                                     1150
MATHEWZ, PHILIP                 FACULTY                                                 21884.44
MAUDENZ, BETHANY H              OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR1                              31485.63
MCALLISTERZ, ROBERT C           FACULTY                                                 18059.94
MCBAINZ, RACHEL R               FACULTY                                                 26070.72
MCBRIDEZ, AMY P                 OFFICE ASSISTANT LEAD                                   34797.35
MCCAMBRIDGEZ, MARY L            FACULTY                                                      100
MCCLELLANZ, HEATHER LYNN        FACULTY                                                  4682.57
MCDERMOTTZ, TERESA              DIR WORKR RETR WORK INTEGR                              50350.46
MCDOUGALLZ, JAMES W             FACULTY                                                 23185.84
MCFADDENZ, WENDY B              PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    49141.29
MCFARLANDZ, LYNN MARIE          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                  55090.11
MCLEODZ, SHARON A               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34653.79
MCMANNONZ, GARY C               FACULTY                                                 45832.39
MCMULLENZ, STERNE H             FACULTY                                                 49881.51
MCNABBZ, DAVID EARL             FACULTY                                                  9219.78
MCNAMARAZ, KIM H                DEAN, STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                                  78445
MCWHORTERZ, CHARLES R           DIR INSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY                               66960.9
MEADORZ, KIRSTEN C              FACULTY                                                 45692.77
MELLOZ, CHARMAINE               BOOKSTORE MANAGER ASSIST                                 46925.4
MEPPELINKZ, AYNA A              FACULTY                                                  4966.97
MERCERZ, KENT W                 FACULTY                                                    35230
MEREDITHZ, BEN PAUL             FACULTY                                                 54172.98
METCALFZ, CYNTHIA               ADULT EDU COORDINATOR                                   47945.24
MEYERSZ, JUDITH MARIE           FACULTY                                                 97125.78
MILESZ, WENDY                   DIR, MILITARY/CONTINUE EDU                                 71655
MILLERZ, LARRY S                FACULTY                                                 59794.88
MILLERZ, RICHMOND E             FACULTY                                                     2400
MISLANZ, JASON-ROBIN P          IT SPECIALIST 1                                         15315.63
MITCHELLZ, AUSTIN K             FACULTY                                                  2819.18
MITCHELLZ, DANIEL BRET          FACULTY                                                       75
MITCHELLZ, DAVID C              PRESIDENT                                               180842.3
MITCHELLZ, WILLIE JAMES         FACULTY                                                  1509.51
MOGAZ, ELIZABETH A              FACULTY                                                  15579.4
MONTEZZ, DEBRA A                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39224.15
MOOREZ, DIANNE I                FACULTY                                                 71076.75
MOOREZ, FREDERICK JAMES         FACULTY                                                 11402.36
MOOREZ, IMELDA PACATTE          FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
MOOREZ, LARRY C                 CUSTODIAN 3                                             35571.78
MORGANZ, DIANE                  FACULTY                                                      175
MORRISONZ, DAVID A              FACULTY                                                      160
MORRISONZ, DEENA DIANE          PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                  3670.82
MORSEZ, MARGARET ANN            FACULTY                                                 43555.08
MULLIGANZ, ANNE M               FACULTY                                                 74551.61
MURPHEYZ, PAUL W                FACULTY                                                 12463.52
MURPHYZ, PAMELA A               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      26263.84
MURRAYZ, CRAIG H                FACULTY                                                 10283.34
MURRAYZ, KEISHA R               FACULTY                                                 27896.64
MYERSZ, SANDFORD SMITH          CUSTODIAN 1                                             30505.62
NACKEZ, JENNIFER L              FACULTY                                                  3629.18
NAFFZ, TED K                    FACULTY                                                  2277.83
NAKHLAZ, PAUL G                 FACULTY                                                    10750
NAUDZ, JASON M                  FACULTY                                                 19229.94
NAUDZ, KEVIN J                  FACULTY                                                  6477.26
NEFOSZ, DAVID R                 FACULTY                                                  2630.86
NELSENZ, HANNAH S               FACULTY                                                  1305.74
NEPUTEZ, MERCEDES M             FACULTY                                                      300
NEWCOMERZ, ROBIN                FACULTY                                                 21811.16
NEWMANZ, GRANT                  FACULTY                                                 70482.77
NICKZ, ROGER JAMES              MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                 38133.48
NOPPZ, DONALD EUGENE            FACULTY                                                  11072.8
NORMANDEAUZ, PAT E              FACULTY                                                 26521.37
NOTARZ, DARCI LYNN              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30422.18
O'DONNELLZ, ELIZABETH A         FACULTY                                                      600
O'GRADYZ, KELLY STEVEN          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       32533.41
O'NEILZ, ELIZABETH K            FACULTY                                                 43344.92
OBRIEN-TOUCHIEZ, CHRISTINE      FACULTY                                                 25138.41
OEHLERZ, HOLLY ELIZABETH        RETAIL CLERK 2                                           28121.2
OGOZ, ODESSA                    FACULTY                                                 23390.03
OHLSZ, RAYMOND L                FACULTY                                                     6400
OLDMANZ, WILLIAM G              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                  53426.08
OLESONZ, ANDREW EUGENE          FACULTY                                                  5784.96
OLIVERZ, THOMAS H               EXEC ASST TO ADMIN SVCS                                    44437
OLLOSZ, BONITA L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32290.65
OLMSTEADZ, KATHLEEN A           ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
OLSONZ, AMY LOU                 FACULTY                                                 19133.69
OLSONZ, LINDA K                 FACULTY                                                  1253.84
ORANDOZ, LAWRENCE A             FACULTY                                                  1272.55
OSTRANDERZ, TRACI A             EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 2                                 34841.95
OTTOZ, W LAWRENCE               FACULTY                                                 20015.04
PAGAARDZ, STEPHEN A             FACULTY                                                  6231.76
PALMERZ, PATRICIA L             FACULTY                                                  6174.85
PALUCKZ, JEANINE A              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40760.87
PARKERZ, BARBARA E              FACULTY                                                 79183.89
PARKERZ, BENJAMIN W             FACULTY                                                  6019.98
PARKERZ, RYAN J                 FACULTY                                                 24305.56
PATRICKZ, CHRISTINA L           FACULTY                                                 30345.61
PATRICKZ, RICHARD P             FACULTY                                                  1202.19
PAVLIKZ, JULIE S                FACULTY                                                  3365.88
PAVYZ, JONATHAN                 FACULTY                                                      760
PAXSONZ, JOYCE M                FACULTY                                                    11550
PAYNEZ, DAVID R                 FACULTY                                                  8471.52
PEARCYZ, KENT A                 MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN                                   32946.31
PEARSONZ, JOANIE D              CREATIVE DESIGN MANAGER                                    49410
PEDERSENZ, DONNA M              FACULTY                                                 16932.84
PELLOCKZ, JOHN D                FACULTY                                                  53433.4
PENTZZ, GEOFF M                 FACULTY                                                  3254.04
PERRONEZ, CHERYL C              CLINICAL PLACE LIAISON                                  45631.28
PETERSZ, MICHAEL A              FACULTY                                                     1800
PETZZ, MICHAEL H                FACULTY                                                   1807.8
PHAYREZ, ALLISON BRANCH         FACULTY                                                 20106.28
PHILLIPSZ, CHERYL J             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39193.08
PHILLIPSZ, SUSAN E              FACULTY                                                      750
PITROFFZ, MARY L                FACULTY                                                  1733.57
PITTMANZ, LINDA M               FACULTY                                                  35328.7
PLAGEOLESZ, PHILIPPE JM         GRNDS/NURSERY SPECIALIST 3                              36351.09
PLEMMONSZ, CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON  FACULTY                                                 60147.66
PLEMMONSZ, SUZANNE MARIE        FACULTY                                                   2807.8
PLEVINZ, ARLENE M               FACULTY                                                    64726
POLENSKYZ, MARY R               FACULTY                                                 42264.66
POLLARDZ, ANDREA F              FACULTY                                                     2000
PONDZ, JAMES ROBERT             FACULTY                                                 13178.86
POOLEZ, JOYCE A                 FACULTY                                                 21164.86
POPPOZ, KRISTIN R               DIRECTOR EXTENDED LEARNING                                 75000
PORTERZ, NADINE E               FACULTY                                                  2268.68
POTTERZ, SHANNON N              FACULTY                                                 33511.34
POWELLZ, ANNA MARIE             FACULTY                                                 50065.48
POWERSZ, RONALD E               FACULTY                                                  4338.72
POWERSZ, SAMANTHA R             ADMIN SERVICES MANAGER B                                 48070.5
PRENTISSZ, TINA M               FACULTY                                                 73081.71
PRICEZ, GLORIA J                FACULTY                                                   748.56
PRINCEZ, MICHAEL SHELTON        FACULTY                                                  89092.2
PURLZ, CHARLOTTE J              TELCOM/ADMIN PROCESSES MGR                                 52939
PUSKARCIKZ, RUSSELL P           FACULTY                                                   9650.9
QUINDAG-RAFFELSZ, JEAN          FACULTY                                                  3363.44
QUINNZ, STEPHEN L               FACULTY                                                  60991.9
RABEZ, ROBERT F                 FACULTY                                                  9104.97
RAMIREZZ, IGNACIO SANCHEZ       FACULTY                                                  6231.76
RANDALLZ, STEVEN ALAN           FACULTY                                                 13219.25
RAPACH-HENRYZ, SHARON LOUISE    FACULTY                                                 14344.68
RASBANDZ, JILL LOUISE           FISCAL SPECIALIST SPRVISOR                               44965.1
RATYZ, RONALD J                 FACULTY                                                  68640.3
REDDZ, JON CHARLES              FACULTY                                                  16917.6
REIDERZ, SANDRA L               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 3                                 33587.34
REINHARDTZ, ROBERT M            FACULTY                                                  9241.75
REYNOLDSZ, ROBERT E             FACULTY                                                 25198.19
RHODESZ, JANE E                 FACULTY                                                  24460.4
RHYNEZ, BARBARA WALTERS         FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                     15190.11
RICHZ, JAMES JOSEPH             FAC OPERATIONS MAINT SPECT                              50713.31
RICKETTSZ, JOHN J               FACULTY                                                      300
RIDDLEZ, SUSAN T                EXEC ASST TO VP OF STU SVC                              42222.48
ROACHZ, CANDY M                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       42001.96
ROBERTSONZ, DONALD              FACULTY                                                 79028.05
ROBINSONZ, DEBORAH ANN          FACULTY                                                  4706.16
ROBINSONZ, JONATHAN W           FACULTY                                                  4221.21
ROBLESZ, CAROL ANN              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              41890.45
RODRIGUEZZ, JULIA M             EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 3                                 37979.13
ROGERSZ, EVAN W                 ERLY CHLDHD PRG SPEC 2                                   11790.4
ROHRZ, AMANDA E                 FACULTY                                                     1080
ROHRBACHERZ, WENDY J            FACULTY                                                  43694.6
ROMANOZ, ANDREA A               FACULTY                                                 22398.93
ROMWALLZ, LISA CONSTANCE        FACULTY                                                 11399.46
ROSEZ, BONNIE JEAN              FACULTY                                                   9870.6
ROSEZ, JAMES G                  FACULTY                                                 11063.72
ROSSZ, GYASI J                  FACULTY                                                      600
ROSSZ, RUTH MARIE               DEAN OF LIBRARY                                            78607
ROSSZ, TAMMY LEE                FACULTY                                                  3254.04
ROWEZ, KAREN M                  FACULTY                                                 33769.15
RUBINZ, TOVA                    FACULTY                                                 22443.85
RUSSELLZ, CAROL ANN             FACULTY                                                 26401.96
RYKERZ, PAMELA R                FACULTY                                                     1000
SABERZ, SAEED SHARIFI           FACULTY                                                   1807.8
SACKETTZ, VIRGINIA L            FACULTY                                                 19745.03
SALASZ, JOANNE LS               FACULTY                                                109981.89
SALIMZ, VICKI G                 FACULTY                                                  3115.88
SAN FILIPPOZ, ANTHONY JAMES     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31114.51
SANCHEZZ, PETER J               FACULTY                                                 71832.78
SANDERSZ, RAMONA A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33001.09
SANDLERZ, JACK                  FACULTY                                                 91422.37
SANFORDZ, MARY D                FACULTY                                                 82968.57
SATHERZ, GRANT L                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  43444.32
SAUNDERSZ, NAOMI D              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                               33932.5
SCHAEFFERZ, PHILIP              FACULTY                                                 83572.41
SCHMECHELZ, CHRISTOPHER A       DIRECTOR OF WEB SERVICES                                   76500
SCOTTZ, SUSAN Q                 FACULTY                                                  7490.49
SCRIBNERZ, SARA ANNE            FACULTY                                                  16568.6
SEAVYZ, DONALD KEITH            FACULTY                                                  69917.8
SEGURZ, LINDA M                 FACULTY                                                  3120.73
SHANNONZ, RENEE L               FACULTY                                                  4459.55
SHEETSZ, KATHLEEN ANN SCOTT     FACULTY                                                 24215.48
SHERMANZ, IAN S                 FACULTY                                                 62514.04
SHRIVERZ, JAMES EUGENE          IT SPECIALIST 3                                          55145.4
SHUMAKERZ, PATRICIA ANNE        FACULTY                                                  4257.37
SHUMWAYZ, CHRISTINE L           FACULTY                                                 18816.12
SIGMANZ, SCOTT WESLEY           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29866.46
SILERZ, JACALYN WALTON          FACULTY                                                   3742.8
SILVERTHORNZ, JANN JOSEPH       FACULTY                                                 74134.84
SIMMONSZ, RONALD L              CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                    48168
SIMONZ, THOMAS ANTHONY          CUSTODIAN 1                                              25603.5
SIMONSZ, MAURINE S              FACULTY                                                  5508.15
SINDELZ, LISA SHANNON           FACULTY                                                  30817.6
SLUSARSKIZ, LESLIE K            FACULTY                                                  1278.63
SMITHZ, ALLISON E               EXEC ASST TO PRESIDENT                                  52472.39
SMITHZ, BOBBY LOYD              FACULTY                                                     1200
SMITHZ, HERMAN D                CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 48790.14
SMITHZ, JOSEPH A                FACULTY                                                 28951.86
SMITHZ, SANDRA L                IT DATA PROCESSOR 3                                     41192.15
SNAPPZ, RICHARD W               FACULTY                                                 103000.9
SNELLZ, KEVIN B                 FACULTY                                                 64076.25
SNYDERZ, DENIS L                DIR OF AUXILIARY SERVICES                                  68422
SODERLANDZ, NOYURI ISHDA        FACULTY                                                  9642.33
SORENSENZ, BRIAN K              FACULTY                                                  1703.46
SPANGZ, RACHEL LYNN             FACULTY                                                 20587.62
STARKZ, SPENCER J               RECREATION & ATHL SPEC 2                                32473.36
STEFOZ, KATHRYN ELAINE          FACULTY                                                  4032.87
STEWARTZ, RHONDA RAQUEL         RETAIL CLERK 2                                             28496
STINSONZ, CATHERINE E           EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR                                        44583
STINSONZ, MYONG HEE             FACULTY                                                 63650.43
STOICANZ, JON M                 FACULTY                                                 18533.88
STOKKEZ, CHRISTOPHER A          FACULTY                                                 76831.88
STRANDZ, DICK N                 DEAN BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY                                 78607
STUARTZ, JAMES P                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49015.79
SULLIVANZ, PAUL R               FACULTY                                                     1100
SUPEKZ, GIM SAIJ                PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                     37564.79
SWANSONZ, THEA L                FACULTY                                                  6169.16
SWEETZ, LOWELL A                FACULTY                                                  2214.56
SWIFTZ, CHRIS R                 FACULTY                                                  14404.7
SYDOWZ, DANELLA SARINA          FACULTY                                                 12463.52
SZYMKEWICZZ, MICHAEL            FACULTY                                                 77367.32
TARVERZ, DAVE L                 FACULTY                                                   3008.7
TAYLORZ, CATHY                  GRNDS/NURSERY SPECIALIST 4                              43479.48
TAYLORZ, WENDY D                OFFICE SUPPORT SUPERVISOR1                               12596.7
TEZAKZ, JANET LEE               FACULTY                                                 53459.79
THATCHERZ, MICHAEL S            FACULTY                                                 12039.96
THIELEZ, AMY L                  FACULTY                                                 18695.28
THOMASZ, PATRICIA J             SING PROGRAM MANAGER                                    38205.24
THOMASSONZ, GARY D              FACULTY                                                 43721.74
THOMPSONZ, BRIAN DAVID          SECURITY GUARD 1                                        36150.34
THOMPSONZ, GWENDOLYN C          CUSTODIAN 1                                             33523.73
THOMPSONZ, JESSICA KELLEY       FACULTY                                                 26099.77
THOMPSONZ, LORINDA M            FACULTY                                                  9347.64
THOMPSONZ, STEPHANIE M          DIR WEST SOUND ED CONSORT                               56976.86
THOMPSONZ, TERESA E             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              49170.24
THOMPSONZ, WANDA GALE           FACULTY                                                  2593.55
THUNELLZ, SANDRA L              FACULTY                                                  6065.54
TINDERZ, MICHAEL E              READI RESP INST LD TRAINER                                 51450
TOLLEFSONZ, SUSAN J             DIR RUNNING START                                       48744.91
TORENZ, DAVID A                 FACULTY                                                109174.39
TORIANZ, BRUCE                  FACULTY                                                  1992.24
TORRENSZ, VALERIE A             FACULTY                                                 23125.61
TOSLANDZ, BARBARA A             PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                 20431.27
TOWNEZ, TONY C                  FACULTY                                                  4933.77
TRAINERZ, ROBERT F              FACULTY                                                 25147.64
TRAINERZ, SUSAN                 FACULTY                                                 20079.18
TREMBLEYZ, TODD N               FACULTY                                                  3115.88
TRIGGSZ, PATRICIA               DIR CAREER SERVICES                                     49257.91
TRIPLETTZ, SHAWN M              FACULTY                                                 69025.19
TRUEMPERZ, WILLIAM G            FACULTY                                                  1257.92
TUCKERZ, DANIELLE QUAST         FACULTY                                                   1512.5
TUCKERZ, LEON S                 MAIL PROCESSING-DRIVER                                   30685.5
TURNQUISTZ, TRUMAN DALE         FACULTY                                                  14096.8
UNDERWOODZ, CONSTANCE O         FACULTY                                                 33912.22
URLACHERZ, CARRIE ANN           OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      13509.24
URRUTIAZ, ELAINE GAYLE          IT DATA PROCESSOR LEAD                                  43595.48
USHERZ, LAURIE E                FACULTY                                                 21234.32
VAN BERKOMZ, DAPHNE LYNN        ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2                                 31239
VAN BERKOMZ, MICHELLE A         FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                     44738.46
VAN COURTZ, MARI E              FACULTY                                                 15960.13
VAN DE PUTTEZ, SANDRA L         FACULTY                                                     2700
VAN WYKZ, STEVEN J              FACULTY                                                  3508.88
VANCLEAVEZ, MICHAEL LEE         INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               40986.04
VANFOSSENZ, AMY S               FACULTY                                                 23698.58
VENEGONIZ, JENNIFER L           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  45990.52
VINCENTZ, MARY E                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       31578.4
VISHERZ, PEGGY VISHER           FACULTY                                                 31734.55
VITTORIZ, STEPHEN W             FACULTY                                                   1807.8
VOKOLEKZ, WILLIAM R             FACULTY                                                 12552.41
VOTROUBEKZ, RODELINA T          FACULTY                                                  7689.86
VYBIRALZ, LUKE F                FACULTY                                                     82.5
WADEZ, ARLENE MARIE             FACULTY                                                 14459.92
WAISMANZ, ANA B                 FACULTY                                                    59409
WALBERGZ, JAN C                 FACULTY                                                 20414.82
WALLZ, MIRIAM ELIZABETH         LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 3                                 16235.57
WALLACEZ, ANNE H                FACULTY                                                   6862.7
WALLACEZ, ROCKY L               CAMPUS SECURITY/SAFETY SUP                                 63192
WALTERZ, JANALYN E              FACULTY                                                     1800
WALTERSZ, KATHERINE T           FACULTY                                                 14231.91
WARDZ, ALAN M                   FACULTY                                                 69919.72
WARNERZ, DARREL GEORGE          CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 42410.66
WASZAKZ, COLLENNE M             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     42489.25
WATSONZ, MARVIN LEE             FACULTY                                                  8112.52
WATSONZ, YELENA V               FACULTY                                                 41431.64
WAYLANDZ, TED S                 FACULTY                                                 31357.79
WEAVERZ, DONNA LEE              FACULTY                                                  15579.4
WEICHMANZ, MARIE L              FACULTY                                                 55200.84
WEITZEILZ, CHARLENE             FACULTY                                                 18059.94
WELLEZ, TALMAN JAMISON          FACULTY                                                 20461.36
WELLMANZ, RACHEL R              DIR MULTICULTURAL SERVICES                             103279.63
WELLSZ, LINDA K                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      37818.7
WESTZ, LINDA L                  FACULTY                                                  3327.05
WESTENFELDERZ, SHERYL LEE       EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 2                                  12564.7
WESTERZ, MICHAEL D              CUSTODIAN 1                                             25075.17
WESTLUNDZ, MARK                 FACULTY                                                 88539.27
WHITEZ, GEORGE RICHARD          FACULTY                                                    71802
WHITEZ, IRENE J                 FACULTY                                                  18723.5
WHITEZ, JOSEPH T                FACULTY                                                 56877.41
WHITELEYZ, JANELL L             DIRECTOR BUSINESS SERVICES                              80465.74
WHITSONZ, ANNE M                FACULTY                                                  3115.88
WILESZ, ELIZABETH A             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34800.24
WILEYZ, DALE W                  FACULTY                                                     2400
WILFORDZ, SHIRLEE R             BOOKSTORE MANAGER C                                        60120
WILKIEZ, WILLIAM L              DIR CAP PROJ & FACILITIES                                  77537
WILLIAMSZ, JULIANNE M           FACULTY                                                     62.5
WILLIAMSZ, MARGARET JOANN       DIRECTOR ACCOUNTING SVCS                                 71263.5
WILLIAMSZ, ROBIN LYNN           FACULTY                                                  1880.76
WILSONZ, RICK T                 FACULTY                                                  9505.79
WINNZ, JONATHAN C               FACULTY                                                 23278.64
WUZ, INA ZHIQING                FACULTY                                                 67335.37
WYLIEZ, DARRELL B               FACULTY                                                  4808.76
WYMANZ, CINDY O                 DIR PROG DEV&WRKR RETRAIN                                  49410
YBARRAZ, LISA MARIE             EARLY CHILD PROG SPEC 2                                  27435.5
YEREGUIZ, MARIA AMAYA           FACULTY                                                 12622.59
YERGERZ, LINDA F                EXEC DIR HUMAN RES SERVICE                              85140.42
YERGLERZ, JEFFREY DAN           FACULTY                                                106340.18
YOUNGZ, MOLLY MARIE             FACULTY                                                  7996.66
ZADWORNYZ, KAREN S              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        37737
ZADWORNYZ, MARK                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32625
ZAPPZ, CONSTANCE M              FACULTY                                                    903.9
ZARNECKAZ, ANNA B               FACULTY                                                 22582.53
ZECHZ, ADAM                     IT SPECIALIST 1                                         35919.15
ZEGERSZ, DIANA C                FACULTY                                                  1988.58
ZINNZ, KRISTIN MARIE            FACULTY                                                   598.84

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