This is a list of the 2009 State of Washington Governor employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 78 multiple job employees (includes 5 duplicates) (2009, 69 employees) (2007, 81 employees) (2005, 73 employees) (2003, 79 employees) (2001, 80 employees) (1999, 76 employees) (1997, 69 employees) (1995, 43 employees)

The Office of the Governor engages in eight separate activities. Executive Operations for the Governorís Office The Governor is the chief executive officer of the state, responsible for the overall administration of the affairs of the state of Washington. The Office of the Governor includes staff members who assist the Governor with administrative support, communicating with the public, and representing the Governorís policy recommendations to the Legislature. Economic Development The Governor, with the recommendation of the Director of Community, Trade and Economic Development and the Economic Development Commission uses the Economic Development Strategic Reserve to invest in public infrastructure or technical assistance to prevent business closure or relocation outside the state, or to recruit business to the state. Education Ombudsman The Education Ombudsman was created to provide information and investigative services to parents, students, and others regarding their rights and responsibilities with respect to the stateís public elementary and secondary education system, and advocating on behalf of elementary and secondary students. Maintenance of the Governorís Mansion The Executive Mansion is provided by the state for the Governorís residential use and to fulfill ceremonial responsibilities. The Governorís personal expenses are the responsibility of the Governor and are not included in the mansion budget. Office of the Family and Childrenís Ombudsman The Office of the Family and Childrenís Ombudsman is responsible for investigating complaints against state agencies involving the protection of the children from abuse and neglect, and/or the provision of child welfare services. The Office researches issues facing child protective/welfare system and recommends changes for improvements. Oil Spill Advisory Council The Oil Spill Advisory Council was created for the purpose of maintaining the Stateís vigilance in oil spill prevention and improving preparedness and response. Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team The Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team coordinates the activities of state and local agencies to protect and restore the biological heath and diversity of Puget Sound for the enjoyment of, and use by, Washington citizens. The Team establishes two-year work plans and budgets that delineate state and local actions, coordinates monitoring and research programs, identifies and resolves policy or rule conflicts, provides technical assistance to local governments, promotes extensive public participation, disseminates information about Puget Sound and assesses and reports on the successes and opportunities for improvements of each two-year work plan. Salmon Recovery Office The Governorís Salmon Recovery Office was established by the Legislature through the Salmon Recovery Planning Act. The Salmon Officeís role is to coordinate and produce a statewide salmon strategy, assist in the development of regional salmon recovery plans, secure current and future funding for local, regional and state recovery efforts and provide the biennial State of Salmon report to the Legislature. The Governorís headquarters is in Olympia. The Governor also has offices in Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane and Washington D.C. During 2006, the Agency had 77 employees. The appropriation for the Agency was approximately $12.6 million for the biennium.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2009 State of Washington Governor List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

ET is Employee Type: 6 is faculty, 7 is non-faculty, 1 is classified by state merit rules, 2 is exempt from state merit rules
PU is Pay Unit: M is monthly, H is hourly, C is contracted, D is daily,
MP is months paid
%FT is percent of full-time

Name                        Job Title                               ET-PU   MP  %FT     Salary
BALLOU, STEPHANIE R         CORRESP EDITOR                            2M     0  100       3570
BROWN, MARTIN               LEGISLATIVE DIR                           2M     0  100      11918
CALVERT, JOSHUA D           PROG ASSISTANT                            2M     0  100    3158.08
CAREY, PATRICIA B           COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST                 2M     0   80     3833.6
CERVANTES, JEWEL A          EXEC RECPTIONIST                          2M     0  100       2668
CLARK, DENNIS B             EXEC POL ADV                              2M     0  100       4670
DELANEY, MICHIKO            ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
DUANE, ANDREA N             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                  2H     0  100      15.71
DUBOIS, PHILIP P            EXECUTIVE CORRESPONDENCE ANALYST          2M     0  100       3366
EDWARDS, RALPH P            COMM DIRECTOR                             2M     0  100      10485
EIDENBERG-NOPPE, DANIELLE J EDUCATION OMBUDSMAN                       2M     0   80       4028
FARLEY, L M                 CORRESP EDITOR                            2M     0  100       4146
FIDLER, ALICE J             ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
FLORES, MARIA R             EDUCATION OMBUDSMAN                       2M     0  100       5289
FRANK, LESLIE A             ADM SVCS MGR                              2M     0   80     4008.8
FREDERICKS, LINDA S         EXEC ASSISTANT                            2M     0  100       5608
GOBEILLE, KRISTA L          CORRESP ANALYST                           2M     0  100       3789
GREEN-SISTRUNK, CARO        CORRESPOND ANAL                           2M     0  100    3307.76
GRIFFIN, JEANNE M           ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
HAGLUND, LINDA E            ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
HANNAH, JENNIE              ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
HARRIS, JENNIFER A          LEGAL OMBUDSMAN                           2M     0  100       5841
HEINEMANN, BRENT A          DIR INT REL/PRO                           2M     0  100       7736
HINTON, COLLEEN             OMBUDSMAN                                 2M     0   80     4386.4
HOSS, SCHUYLER F            PUB LIAS OFFICER                          2M     0  100       4250
JENSON, MARIAN J            ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
JOHNSON, AMY                INFO. REF. SPECIALIST /OFFICE ADMIN.      2M     0  100       3188
JOHNSON, KARI               ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
JUDD, RON G                 DIR EXT AFFAIRS                           2M     0  100      10485
KIRCHMEIER, COLLEEN K       ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
LAFOYA, NORMA J             ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
LAMB, CATHLEEN M            ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
LANDINO, ELLEN M            EXEC ASST TO GOV                          2M     0  100       6151
LARSEN, REBECCA A           EXEC RECEPTIONST                          2M     0  100       3678
LOCKARD, LAURA S            PRESS SECRETARY                           2M     0  100       5950
LOESCH, MARTIN C            LEGAL COUNSEL                             2M     0  100   11583.34
MARCHISIO, LEE R            PUB LIAS OFFICER                          2M     0  100       5951
MASON WILGIS, LINDA         OMBUDSMAN                                 2M     0  100       6515
MEINIG, MARY B              ACT DIRECTOR OMB                          2M     0  100       7407
MORRISON, IAN S             PUB LIAS OFFICER                          2M     0  100       4386
NAFZIGER, TESS M            SPC ASST BDS/COM                          2H     0  100      12.31
NELSON, GERI M              EXEC ASSISTANT                            2M     0  100       5608
O GRADY-GREGOIRE, CHRISTINE GOVERNOR                                  2M     0  100   13907.58
OLSON, TERESA M             MANSION COORD                             2M     0  100       5742
OWEN, MEGAN                 PUB LIAS OFFICER                          2M     0  100       4812
PALCHAK, MEGAN G            OMBUDSMAN                                 2M     0  100       4930
PEYCHEFF, ANTOANETA         SENIOR OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR               2M     0  100       3311
PIDONE, JANICE A            ASSISTANT                                 2H     0  100      16.04
PIGOTT, RACHEL A            SPECIAL PROJECTS/DATA COORDINATOR         2M     0  100       4295
RYAN, KYM M                 EXEC ASST                                 2M     0  100       6035
SCHAEFER, TRACIE M          EXECUTIVE RECEPT                          2M     0  100       3158
SHAGREN, KARINA L           DEP PRESS SECRTY                          2M     0  100       5100
SHEA-BROWN, COLLEEN E       OMBUDSMAN                                 2M     0  100       5270
SIMMONS, ADA M              EDUCATION OMBUDSMAN                       2M     0  100       6880
SMITH, SHAWNEE G            COMM COORDINATOR                          2M     0  100       4080
SPENCER, HAROLD B           SPEECHWRITER                              2M     0  100       5458
TANAKA, KIM A               EXECUTIVE ANALYST BOARDS & COMMISSIONS    2M     0  100       4770
THIETJE, CHERYL R           CONSTNT REL MGR                           2M     0  100       3468
TICHENOR, STACEY L          EXEC APPT ANLYST                          2M     0  100       4770
TURNER, JOYCE G             DEPUTY C O S                              2M     0  100      10923
VO, HAI T                   MANSION COOK                              2H     0  100      31.27
WEGELEBEN, WILLIAM H        DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF                     2M     0  100       9699
WINKLER, BARBARA L          EXEC SCHEDULER                            2M     0  100       4864
WOLFSON, STEVEN N           OMBUDSMAN                                 2M     0   70     3734.5
WOOD, COREY F               OMBUDSMAN                                 2M     0  100       5100
ZEHNDER, CYNTHIA G          CHIEF OF STAFF                            2M     0  100      13588
ZUBER, STEVEN C             EDUCATION OMBUDSMAN                       2M     0   80     3929.6

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