This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Treasurer employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 71 multiple job employees (includes 6 duplicates) (2009, 69 employees) (2007, 64 employees) (2005, 69 employees) (2003, 72 employees) (2001, 75 employees) (1999, 69 employees) (1997, 72 employees) (1995, 68 employees)

As the state’s chief fiscal officer, the State Treasurer is responsible for keeping the books and managing taxpayers’ money from the time it is collected until it is spent on programs funded by the Legislature. The Agency provides banking, investment, debt issuance and accounting services for state government and plays a major role in providing financial services to local governments. During fiscal year 2006, the average daily investment balance of state funds under the control of the Agency was $3.9 billion with an additional $4.7 billion invested on behalf of local governments. Outstanding bond debt backed by the full faith and credit of the state reached $10.6 billion during the year under audit. The Agency is responsible for calculating the state’s debt limit in accordance with state law. The Agency employs approximately 70 people with a 2005-07 budget of $14.2 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Treasurer List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ,  NANCY A                PDPC ADMINISTRATOR                                      75701.52
BERLINZ,  JEROME L              INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                   87096
BISSZ,  JACQUELINE M            CSH MGMT DIV MGR                                       117733.28
BOHLIGZ,  PATRICK J             TECH SERV'S MGR                                            90408
BRASETHZ,  SVEIN O              DIRECTOR, BOND PROG                                     92663.27
BUCKZ,  WILLIAM D               IT SPEC 2                                               59243.12
CONNOLLYZ,  JOSEPH M            IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
CROCKERZ,  NOAH D               PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                                   70529.04
DEFIESTAZ,  WILSON              IT SPEC 3                                               59835.45
DESHAYEZ,  MARIA E              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        41262.17
DIETZZ,  MEGAN L.               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        39390.91
DOUGHTYZ,  CINDY E              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           52613
EVANSZ,  ELLEN LOUISE           DEPUTY TREAS                                           122938.56
EXTINEZ,  DOUGLAS               DEPUTY TREAS                                           123224.56
FELIXZ,  PAUL M                 IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
FREESEZ,  JOSHUA J              PORTFOLIO ADMINISTRATOR                                 65408.64
GALLAGHERZ,  JAMES C            FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           41508
GRAVATTZ,  JILL                 INVESTMENT OFFICER                                         85722
GROTHAUSZ,  BRAD W              IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
HARRODZ,  VICKI R               IT SPEC 3                                                  64740
JENSENZ,  DAN DARREL            ACCOUNTING SERVICES MANAGER                            112316.64
JOHNSONZ,  MARY ANN             WARRANT SERVICES MANAGER                                 66078.9
JOHNSONZ,  PAMELA A             DEBT FINANCE ADMINISTRATOR                              69500.16
JOKELAZ,  SHIRLEY M             FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           56278
JONESZ,  RICHARD T              HR MANAGER                                                 81000
KANARZ,  VALLERY R              IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
KANCIANICHZ,  WENDY A.          DEBT PROGRAM SPECIALIST                                 59478.11
KELLYZ,  JUDITH A               IT SPEC 3                                                  64740
KENTFIELDZ,  MARLA M            IS DIRECTOR                                             97450.01
LAFAIREZ,  TONI R               FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           24213
LAFAIREZ,  TONI R               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           18155
LE RICHEZ,  EDWARD C            FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        41310.32
LOTTONZ,  DONELLE R.            FISCAL ANALYST 1                                         21369.5
LOTTONZ,  DONELLE R.            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           16065
LUNDZ,  LINDA D                 FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
MASONZ,  DANIEL P               BUDGET & FISCAL DIRECTOR                                97035.56
MCGANNZ,  CHRIS FRANCIS         COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                                    90000
MCINTIREZ,  JAMES               TREASURER                                              116950.08
MELVINZ,  SUSAN C               DEBT FINANCE ADMINISTRATOR                              70890.24
MOOREZ,  DEANNA C               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
MYERSZ,  SHAWNEE D              BANKING SERVICES MANAGER                                34918.55
NORRISZ,  JOYCE E               HR CONSULTANT                                           64765.92
OPITZZ,  WOLFGANG               ASST ST TREAS                                          141173.29
PASCUALZ,  FERDINAND P          SR. PORTFOLIO MANAGER                                  104047.42
PENLEYZ,  SUSAN B               FINANCE OFFICER                                            69504
PERRYZ,  AMY J                  FISCAL ANALYST 4                                        53935.58
PHEASANTZ,  MARY A              ADMIN ASST TO DEPUTY TREASURER                          59237.92
PIEPGRASZ,  TREENA M            BANK DEPOSIT SPECIALIST                                  53509.5
PIEPGRASZ,  TREENA M            FISCAL ANALYST 4                                          2326.5
PIERSONZ,  STACY L              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                           43012
PITROFFZ,  RYAN C               OUTREACH COORD.                                            67872
PORTERZ,  JAMES R.              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
PRUITTZ,  SHAD L                DEPUTY TREAS                                           122938.56
QUINLANZ,  ALBERTA              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
RISNERZ,  TAMMY LEE             COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                                24084
RISNERZ,  TAMMY LEE             COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 3                                25929
SAMPLEZ,  KARI                  INVESTMENT PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR                        56384.04
SELLICKZ,  JEFFREY R            IT SPEC 4                                               72317.79
SHARPZ,  JEFF G                 APPLICATIONS MGR                                           90788
SHAVEZ,  CINDY A                FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
SMITHZ,  ANDREW J               CONF. SECRETARY                                            42664
SMITHZ,  ANDREW J               EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                        16000
SNELL-AULTMANZ,  NONA M         POLICY DIRECTOR                                            39375
STARKZ,  REGINA                 CONF. SECRETARY                                         22032.95
STARKZ,  REGINA                 DIRECTOR, COMMUNITY & EXTERNAL A                           48000
STEDMANZ,  ROBBI M              LGIP ADMINISTRATOR                                      65060.64
SUTMILLERZ,  CHARLES B          COURIER                                                 45855.84
SWEENEYZ,  MICHELLE A           DEBT PROGRAM ASSOCIATE                                  61497.84
WILLIAMSZ,  LESA A              ACH  & DEPOSITS MANAGER                                    71736
WOLGAMOTZ,  KRISTIN L           TEST SPECIALIST                                         34428.79
ZEHNERZ,  MICHAEL               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           45858

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