This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Public Disclosure Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 28 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2007, 23 employees) (2005, 26 employees) (2003, 27 employees) (2001, 28 employees) (1999, 20 employees) (1997, 20 employees) (1995, 23 employees)

All 50 states have a campaign finance disclosure agency or program which is responsible for receiving, processing and auditing filings of political campaigns. Some states also have programs concerning disclosure of lobbying and the financial affairs of elected officials and candidates. In Washington State, the Public Disclosure Commissionís comprehensive jurisdiction includes the aforementioned duties. The Commission also provides access to those filings and ensures compliance with disclosure provisions, contribution limits, campaign practices and other campaign finance laws. The disclosure law in Washington State can be traced to the efforts of concerned citizens who came together in the early 1970ís to place Initiative 276 on the ballot, which was approved by 72 percent of the voters and became law on January 1, 1973. In 1992, voters again supported campaign finance reform and approved Initiative 134, setting contribution limits and other campaign restrictions. The Commissionís mission is to provide timely and meaningful public access to information about the financing of political campaigns, lobbyist expenditures and the financial affairs of public officials and candidates, and to ensure compliance with disclosure provisions, contribution limits, campaign practices and other campaign finance laws. The public disclosure statute contains five main areas of jurisdiction concerning campaign finance, contribution limits, political advertising, lobbyist reporting and the disclosure of Personal Financial Affairs of elected officials and candidates. Together, these sections of Chapter 42.17 RCW constitute one of the most exhaustive disclosure laws in the country. Initiative 276 created the five-member, bi-partisan citizen Commission to ensure that the provisions of the disclosure law are fully met. Commission Members are appointed by the Governor for one, five-year term and are confirmed by the state Senate. Each Commissioner serves a staggered term of five years and no more than three members can be affiliated with the same political party. In fiscal year 2006, the Commission employed 22 staff and operated on a $1,999,000 budget.
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2011 State of Washington Public Disclosure Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
AMMONSZ,  JONATHAN              CUST SVS SPEC 1                                         29343.43
ANDERSONZ,  LORI L              COMM&TRN OFFICER                                        60761.66
BEATTYZ,  ANTHONY J             POLITICAL FINANCE SPECIALIST 2                          48803.88
BENNETTZ,  ROBERT               IT SPEC 5                                               77680.43
CLEMENTSZ,  JAMES A             COMMISSIONER                                                2150
ELLISZ,  DOUGLAS J              ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - OPERATIONS                         95224.64
FUQUAY-HENSONZ,  LADELLE F      OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      29356.05
GREERZ,  JANA Y                 CONF. SECRETARY                                         30354.23
HALEYZ,  SCOTT E                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33085.57
HANSENZ,  JENNIFER I            POLITICAL FINANCE SPECIALIST 2                          48546.28
JOLYZ,  JENNIFER                COMMISSIONER                                                1400
KINGZ,  WILLIAM A               IT SPEC 4                                               67290.91
KRIERZ,  NANCY J                GENERAL LEGAL COUNSEL                                  108790.43
LINCEZ,  TONI L                 OFF ASST LEAD                                           31091.37
MURPHYZ,  KRISTIN MH            POLITICAL FINANCE SPECIALIST 2                          38792.05
NOLANDZ,  WILMA                 COMMISSIONER                                                1100
PERKINSZ,  ANTHONY E            POLITICAL FINANCE SPECIALIST 4                          52540.69
RIPPIEZ,  VICKI L               DIRECTOR                                                48710.74
SEABROOKZ,  DAVID               COMMISSIONER                                                1600
SEHLINZ,  DONALD BARRY          COMMISSIONER                                                1250
SMITHZ,  MICHAEL T              CHIEF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OFF                        94713.22
STAUFFERZ,  NICOLE M            CONF. SECRETARY                                          6997.11
STUTZMANZ,  PHILIP E            DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE                                   70465.5
TROBAUGHZ,  SUEMARY             ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER                                  63490.13
UNRUHZ,  RANDALL                POLITICAL FINANCE SPECIALIST 2                           44861.3
WENDLERZ,  BRUCE W              IT SPEC 5                                               77998.43
WORKMANZ,  NICHOLAS             POLITICAL FINANCE SPECIALIST 1                           34117.6
YOUNGZ,  WILLIAM K              REG ANALYST 3                                           68928.17

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In Nov 2002, the Wa St Court of Appeals, ruled that government employees names cannot be kept secret.
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