This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Peninsula Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 396 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 673 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 668 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 404 employees) (2003, 430 employees) (2001, 446 employees) (1999, 407 employees) (1997, 375 employees) (1995, 331 employees)

Peninsula College serves a student population of approximately 10,000 in Clallam and Jefferson counties. It has a central campus in Port Angeles and extension sites in Port Townsend and Forks. The College was founded in 1961 and is one of 34 community and technical colleges in the statewide system. Its annual operating budget is approximately $12.8 million. The College has approximately 400 employees and a five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, which is responsible for oversight of College operations. Dr. Thomas Keegan has served as College President since July 2001.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Peninsula Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/25/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ, DANNY K                 FACULTY                                                  9617.85
ADAMSZ, PHILLIP                 FACULTY                                                  9171.91
ALDRICHZ, MERRITT JAMES         FACULTY                                                   736.16
ALEXANDERZ, ISHA R              PERF INSTITUTE CONSULTANT                                  66329
AMESTOYZ, ROBIN E               FACULTY                                                    16715
ANDERSONZ, KANYON               FACULTY                                                 28927.33
ANDERSONZ, LESLIE K             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                   45106
ANDERSONZ, RACHEL D             FACULTY                                                     7130
ANDERSONZ, RANDAL D             FACULTY                                                 98130.92
ANSORGZ, EDMUND C               FACULTY                                                  61435.8
ARMSTRONGZ, JUDITH M            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           38070
ATHAIRZ, SCOT B                 FACULTY                                                     2108
ATKINSZ, BRIAN G                FACULTY                                                    10695
BABIKOFFZ, LORIE M              FACULTY                                                    440.2
BARRETOZ, REINA                 FACULTY                                                 52942.26
BARRYZ, DWIGHT Q                FACULTY                                                 85220.88
BASSETTZ, DENMAN J              FACULTY                                                    812.5
BASSETTZ, MAGDALENA T           FACULTY                                                    787.5
BAXTERZ, STEVEN J               DIR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                 91051
BECKERZ, PENNY S                FACULTY                                                     3565
BELLZ, STACIE L                 FACULTY                                                 36902.04
BEMBNOWSKIZ, JOE H              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  43041.31
BERRYZ, JANE A                  FACULTY                                                  11051.5
BETTSZ, BRIAN P                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST 4                                    48168
BETTSZ, CHRISTINA M             PROGRAM COORD-STUDENT SVCE                               30754.8
BEUKEZ, MARY BETH               FACULTY                                                      280
BIERYZ, SHERRI MICHELLE         FACULTY                                                  49963.8
BLACKIEZ, BARBARA A             FACULTY                                                 20620.33
BLISSZ, HOLLY                   FACULTY                                                  11467.6
BLIVENZ, SUSAN D                FACULTY                                                      196
BOGUESZ, LEON KEITH             FACULTY                                                     5952
BORCHERSZ, KRISTINA L           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BOSTERZ, MIA M                  FACULTY                                                 65852.04
BOULAYZ, NANCY J                FACULTY                                                    33645
BOWERSZ, BRIAN J                FACULTY                                                      651
BOWMANZ, MARK D                 FACULTY                                                      750
BOYDZ, M. EVELYN                PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 2                                    47077
BRADERZ, DAVID G                FACULTY                                                     3850
BRAUNZ, PETER J                 PERF. INST CURRICULUM SPEC                              40827.12
BRAUNINGERZ, RICHARD            FACULTY                                                  1968.99
BRITTONZ, JAMES S               FACULTY                                                     1798
BROCK-RICHMONDZ, RENNE E        FACULTY                                                  22169.1
BROGDENZ, LAURA E               PROGRAM COORD-ACADEMICS                                 51825.77
BROWNZ, NICOLE J                PLANT COMMUNICATIONS CRD                                   50598
BUCHMANNZ, DEANNA V             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38571
BURTZ, DONNA F                  FACULTY                                                 11404.26
BUSHZ, DANIEL A                 FACULTY                                                     7130
CAMPZ, STEPHEN C                FACULTY                                                    24943
CAMPBELLZ, ROBERT J             FACULTY                                                 11906.47
CARRIVEAUZ, DIANE J             FACULTY                                                  9317.68
CARVERZ, ANNA M                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32898.32
CASARESZ, NICOLE A              BUDGET & CONTRACT MANAGER                                  63158
CASSELLA-BLACKBURNZ, MICHAEL D  FACULTY                                                 77312.92
CASSIDYZ, BONNIE R              FACULTY                                                     2139
CAUFFMANZ, BONNIE H             DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCE                                 91000
CAYOTZ, MICHELE JAN             FACULTY                                                    51477
CECILZ, WESLEY D                FACULTY                                                    34814
CHAPMANZ, ANDREW B              FACULTY                                                 59560.09
CHAPMANZ, TERRI L               FACULTY                                                    15513
CHENEYZ, JAMES F                FACULTY                                                    11716
CHOMICAZ, TRISA H               FACULTY                                                       72
CHRISTIANSONZ, SUSAN E          INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 55621.12
CHRISTOPHERZ, THERESA A         FACULTY                                                  18171.8
CLAMPETTZ, BARBARA              FACULTY                                                  4164.93
CLIFFORDZ, ELIZABETH B          FACULTY                                                      713
CLINEZ, THOMAS E                INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                  34974.5
CLINEZ, YVETTE D                FACULTY                                                 49775.08
COCHRANZ, BRUCE D               FACULTY                                                    10695
COLEMANZ, LARRY W               FACULTY                                                     1190
CONROYZ, VALERIE C              FACULTY                                                  30598.4
COOPERZ, CAROLYN E              FACULTY                                                     3350
COSTELLOZ, LAURA J              FACULTY                                                     6014
COZZOLINOZ, WILLIAM             PERF INSTITUTE CONSULTANT                                  66405
CRABBZ, DENNIS C                FACULTY                                                  68191.4
CRAVENZ, KATHLEEN O             FACULTY                                                    50574
CRAWFORDZ, JOHN W               PAYROLL & BENEFITS COORD                                44085.51
CROOTZ, RICHARD E               DIRECTOR, PHYSICAL PLANT                                   71000
CRUMBZ, ALISON A                ED PLANNER/WMS BBALL COACH                              41303.24
CULPZ, PRISCILLA C              FACULTY                                                  18829.4
DANIELZ, JAMES M                FACULTY                                                 51239.08
DANIELSZ, BOBBIE E              FACULTY                                                       75
DARSTZ, DOLORES L               FACULTY                                                   7316.6
DAVIESZ, KATHY L                FACULTY                                                 21547.71
DAVIESZ, MARCA                  DIRECTOR OF NURSING                                        55244
DAVISZ, HARRIET A               FACULTY                                                    400.5
DECOUZ, ROBERT M                FACULTY                                                     1191
DELIKATZ, MELISSA ANN           PROGRAM COORD-STUDENT SVCE                              48032.89
DELOREYZ, VICKI ANN             DIRECTOR, BACH APPL SCI                                100487.05
DEWEYZ, LAURENCE A              FACULTY                                                 30301.93
DODSONZ, FRANCES L              PROGRAM COORD-ACADEMICS                                 30585.64
DOHERTYZ, EOIN T                FACULTY                                                  47697.3
DOHERTYZ, PAULA                 VP, INSITUT. EFFECTIVENESS                                 95000
DONNELLYZ, CAITLIN M            TITLE III DIRECTOR                                      60965.52
DRAINZ, DOROTHY M               PROGRAM COORD-ACADEMICS                                     1800
DUENASZ, VICKY                  FACULTY                                                 31104.96
EASTZ, NANCY H                  PROGRAM SPECIALIST 3                                    30501.44
EATONZ, CHRISTINA M             FACULTY                                                    14260
EBERTZ, DAVID L                 FACULTY                                                 26511.32
EDINGZ, MAXIME J                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        29057.5
EDMISTONZ, CARIE L              DIRECTOR,BUSINESS SERVICES                                 73065
EDWARDSZ, MICHAEL C             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  43915.63
ELIASZ, JORAN M                 FACULTY                                                    18166
ELLEFSONZ, DAVID R              FACULTY                                                   4477.5
ELYZ, ADRIENNE                  FACULTY                                                 26810.19
ESTERLZ, DAVID J                FACULTY                                                    16025
FALCIONIZ, MELANIE              FACULTY                                                  21768.2
FETROWZ, ELIZABETH A            FACULTY                                                 33925.16
FISHERZ, JAMES R                FACULTY                                                 13999.98
FLOODZ, PATRICIA A              FACULTY                                                      132
FLOYDZ, ELEANOR M               FACULTY                                                     6138
FORSBECKZ, KARLA J              FACULTY                                                      105
FRANCISZ, KRISTA A              DIR FINA AID & ENROLL. SVC                                 72056
FRANKZ, DEIRDRE A               FACULTY                                                 39111.25
FRAZIERZ, CHARLOTTE L           FACULTY                                                   5802.5
FRAZIERZ, DEBORAH J             VP, ADMIN SERVICES                                        106000
FREDRICKSONZ, KAYLEE            FACULTY                                                     8153
FRICKZ, GAIL S                  FACULTY                                                     4950
GANZHORNZ, JACKSON J            FACULTY                                                 54609.86
GARDNERZ, JANICE A              FACULTY                                                 75171.13
GARDNERZ, PAMELA D              EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                     33511
GENTILEZ, CRAIG G               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  72567.85
GERMAINZ, CARMEN                FACULTY                                                    50447
GIBBSZ, LETA E                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      18575.14
GIRALDOZ, MARIA B               FACULTY                                                   5900.5
GLUCKMANZ, DAVID                FACULTY                                                      232
GOLDBERGZ, WENDY B              FACULTY                                                     4247
GOLDIEZ, DOUGLAS A              FACULTY                                                     2638
GOMEZZ, SEAN S                  FACULTY                                                 51189.64
GORDEUKZ, RODNEY L              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    46205
GOSCHENZ, CHARITY A             FACULTY                                                 31888.07
GOUGEZ, JENNY T                 FACULTY                                                 55317.04
GREENZ, ANNA M                  PROGRAM COORD-STUDENT SVCE                              38190.85
GREENOZ, DARREN C               FACULTY                                                    33580
GRIMESZ, THOMAS R               FACULTY                                                    57650
GUOANZ, CINDY ANN               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST 3                                 40596.78
GUSTASONZ, GERILEE              FACULTY                                                     1905
HAGGERTYZ, TRISHA L             PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    40832.15
HANLEYZ, THOMAS F               FACULTY                                                 50855.34
HANSENZ, MICHAEL S              FACULTY                                                 40500.88
HARTZ, KAREN                    FACULTY                                                    70959
HARTTZ, JORDAN W                FACULTY                                                    15261
HATFIELDZ, RUTHANNE             FACULTY                                                      264
HATTENDORFZ, BRUCE J            FACULTY                                                 50021.92
HATTONZ, KARL T                 FACULTY                                                    883.5
HAUGEZ, JAMES B                 FACULTY                                                    57483
HAYNESZ, PRISCILLA B            PERF. INST CURRICULUM SPEC                               7199.25
HERBERTZ, SUSAN J               EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                   37757.7
HERBOLDZ, NORMA I               FACULTY                                                    29055
HERSCHELMANZ, TINA E            EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                        55000
HESINGTONZ, BUNNIE SHARON       FACULTY                                                 19271.42
HIDAYZ, ROBERTA F               FACULTY                                                   9095.4
HILLZ, DENNIS W                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 75534.88
HINSHAWZ, MARGARET ANN          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         26925
HOPIEZ, LINTY M                 DIR, STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                                   55028
HOPPERZ, SUSAN D                FACULTY                                                   2994.6
HOTTZ, BEVERLY                  FACULTY                                                    65234
HOVDEZ, LYNN M                  FACULTY                                                  11391.4
HOVERZ, LISBETH L               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      26911.52
HUCKSTEPZ, ANGELA M             PROGRAM COORD-ACADEMICS                                 23038.54
HULSZ, JACK R                   VP, STUDENT SERVICES                                       99032
HUNCHBERGERZ, MARY K            EXEC DIR, COLLEGE ADVANCE                                  93000
ILIAKISZ, SOPHIA MARIA          DIR,INTER STUDENT RECRUIT                                67641.5
ISETTZ, JANET K                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST 3                                 40960.68
JANSSENZ, EMMA J                WEB MANAGER                                                72074
JANSSENZ, ESTHER WILMA          RETAIL CLERK 2                                          28605.54
JARAMILLOZ, EDUARDO             FACULTY                                                102950.94
JARDINE-MOOREZ, JACKIE T        DEAN OF CONTINUING EDUCAT                                  86000
JOHNSONZ, ALVIN V               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31453.66
JOHNSONZ, DEBORAH BELEZOS       PROGRAM COORDINATOR-HRLY                                    4300
JOHNSONZ, JEREMY J              WEB PROG/DATABASE ADMIN                                    54555
JOHNSONZ, KEITH                 MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN 2                                  34203.7
JOHNSONZ, MARY LEE              FACULTY                                                    10850
JOHNSONZ, MERRILL L             FACULTY                                                    35372
JOHNSON-NAPIONTEKZ, TAMMY       UPW BND ACADEMIC SPECIALIS                                 36720
JONESZ, DAVID P                 FACULTY                                                    54243
JULIOZ, HELEN E                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  35200.57
KAMPHAUSZ, MICHAEL E            FACULTY                                                 15478.99
KEEGANZ, THOMAS A               PRESIDENT                                              204434.32
KENDIGZ, SUSAN L                FACULTY                                                    33980
KENTZ, DAVID L                  FACULTY                                                 62058.94
KIMZ, TOMMY K                   FACULTY                                                    48470
KINGZ, DAVID O                  FACULTY                                                     6324
KLINEZ, SHARON S                DIRECTOR OF GRANTS                                      49742.25
KNAPPZ, ROBERT L                FACULTY                                                     3906
KNIFSENDZ, DONNA L              FACULTY                                                    11036
KNIGHTZ, TANYA A                FACULTY                                                    10501
KRAUSEZ, JON C                  FACULTY                                                     9636
LANGONEZ, DARCIE ANN            FACULTY                                                     7130
LANSDONZ, MIRIAM                FACULTY                                                     1379
LAPINZ, ALLEN C                 FACULTY                                                  26086.5
LARSENZ, LINDA L                FACULTY                                                     2594
LASTOVICAZ, HELEN M             FACULTY                                                  27740.6
LATHAMZ, SUSAN P                FACULTY                                                    13129
LAUBNER IIIZ, WILLIAM           GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 4                                38908.02
LAUDERBACKZ, CYNTHIA J          COORD HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS                                 51000
LAUERZ, RITU S                  FACULTY                                                 50751.77
LAWZ, LISA K                    FACULTY                                                  26093.4
LAWLEYZ, KATHY L                FACULTY                                                      260
LAWRENCE-MARKARIANZ, ROBERT W   DIR WORKFORCE ED/BUS TRAIN                                 64588
LAWSONZ, ALEILAH P              FACULTY                                                 47818.96
LEDBETTERZ, GARY L              FACULTY                                                    55697
LEMAYZ, SUSAN F                 FACULTY                                                 36619.47
LIDSTERZ, TAMARA L              PROGRAM COORD-STUDENT SVCE                                 30799
LIGHTZ, CAROL M                 FACULTY                                                      400
LIOUZ, AILEEN                   FACULTY                                                   287.49
LIUZ, FANG                      FACULTY                                                     3000
LIUZ, GE-YAO                    INTERNATIONAL PRG DIRECTOR                              58329.43
LOFTINZ, LISA A                 FACULTY                                                 27357.34
LONGZ, SAMUEL K                 BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         37933.84
LOVEJOYZ, SARAH B               PROGRAM COORD-STUDENT SVCE                                 30799
LUCASZ, JANET M                 FACULTY                                                 59255.68
LYONSZ, CHARLES F               FACULTY                                                    37430
LYONSZ, MATTHEW J               DIR HIGHER ED, JEFF COUNTY                              67232.45
MACCARTNEYZ, KEVIN H            FACULTY                                                   888.01
MACDONALDZ, JANICE              FACULTY                                                    567.5
MACHENHEIMERZ, JERRY D          INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 71597.56
MAGISOSZ, AMI J                 EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     22276.29
MAILLIARDZ, GEORGE L            FACULTY                                                  12072.2
MARKLIZ, LISA V                 FACULTY                                                     1426
MARSHALLZ, DONALD L             FACULTY                                                  16887.5
MARTINZ, JONATHAN T             FACULTY                                                  43190.4
MARTINZ, MELISSA R              FACULTY                                                 14941.06
MARTINZ, SHEILA D               CRD, WORKFIRS STU SERVICES                                 50266
MARTINEZZ, MARTY W              CAMPUS SAFETY OPERAT MGR                                   56277
MARVINZ, PAULINE K              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                  35631.3
MAUGERZ, JEFFREY E              FACULTY                                                 64358.34
MAURIDESZ, PAMELA A             FACULTY                                                  31807.5
MAYZ, ANDREW T                  FACULTY                                                     2354
MCCALLUMZ, JAMES D              FACULTY                                                 19795.78
MCCLAINZ, AMY H                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34158.88
MCCLURKENZ, BECKY L             FACULTY                                                    27141
MCCORMICKZ, GAYLE LEE           FACULTY                                                     6150
MCCRAY-ROBERTSZ, PATTY K        DIRECTOR OF AUX SERVICES                                   68340
MCCURDYZ, CHERYL G              FACULTY                                                    53630
MCENERNEYZ, DANIEL J            FACULTY                                                    20553
MCINTYREZ, AMY MAY              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      15062.29
MCINTYREZ, DEBRA K              FACULTY                                                    10274
MCIRVINZ, KIM M                 FACULTY                                                     5301
MCKEENZ, DANIEL K               FACULTY                                                     4557
MCLAUGHLINZ, VICI               FACULTY                                                 71617.96
MCNEILZ, MICHELANNE             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT 1                                46403.08
MEEKSZ, J CLAIREE               FACULTY                                                      534
MELENDYZ, GARY F                FACULTY                                                 41500.17
MELLYZ, MARY L                  DIR, E. CHILDHOOD CENTERS                                  53033
MENICHINIZ, DEBI L              FACULTY                                                    19933
MERRILLZ, GEORGE E              FACULTY                                                    61009
MEYERZ, BARBARA UHL             FACULTY                                                     2139
MICHZ, CATHERINE J              FACULTY                                                     1600
MILICIZ, SARAH J                FACULTY                                                  6832.92
MILLERZ, MICHAEL P              FACULTY                                                 49486.96
MILLSZ, MICHAEL CALVIN          FACULTY                                                 34913.66
MOZ, JIANPING                   SPECIAL CONTRACTS                                           3000
MOROZZ, JAMES                   FACULTY                                                   7811.5
MOTYKAZ, ANDREA L               FACULTY                                                    54627
MURILLOZ, ALONSO                FACULTY                                                     7471
MURPHYZ, ERIN KATE              FACULTY                                                    47652
MURPHY-CAREYZ, KATHLEEN         FACULTY                                                    60647
NELSONZ, DEAN E                 FACULTY                                                     4000
NELSONZ, TODD JEFFREY           FACULTY                                                     3348
NEPSUNDZ, JASON L               FACULTY                                                 16319.96
NEWDAYZ, ROSEMARY A             FACULTY                                                     4296
NEWELLZ, MATTHEW D              FACULTY                                                     3720
NICHOLLSZ, ROBERT A             FACULTY                                                   4742.9
NICKERSONZ, PATRICK G           FACULTY                                                    23397
NOACHZ, BRIANNA                 FACULTY                                                     5642
NOELZ, THEODORE W               FACULTY                                                  59018.4
NOWICKIZ, TERRENCE L            SIGN LANG INTERP/STU SPEC                                31640.4
NUMAZ, SHAREN M                 FACULTY                                                   5331.5
NUTTERZ, LINDA M                FACULTY                                                    15243
NYGAARDZ, AARON V               UPWARD BOUND DIRECTOR                                      51000
O'DELLZ, JERAMIE LYN            FACULTY                                                 50574.05
O'NEIL-GARRETTZ, MARY D         VICE PRES OF INSTRUCTION                                  107000
OJAZ, JANET L                   FACULTY                                                    16785
OVSYANNIKOVAZ, NADEZHDA N       FACULTY                                                   1173.4
PALUMBO-GATESZ, JUDITH A        FACULTY                                                  3654.88
PANKEYZ, JOEL R                 FACULTY                                                 30980.86
PASCOZ, JUDITH G                FACULTY                                                    628.8
PEETZ, GAIL G                   FACULTY                                                  59553.4
PENAZ, MARIA J                  DEAN,STU SERV/ASST- PRES                                81087.54
PETERSONZ, GARY L               FACULTY                                                  9892.09
PETERSONZ, MARTHA J             FACULTY                                                     1426
PFAFFZ, DIANE R                 FACULTY                                                     2292
PHILLIPSZ, KEVIN J              FACULTY                                                    30503
PHIPPSZ, JANET L                FACULTY                                                    52307
PITTSZ, NINA CATHLEEN           LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARAP 5                              33003.62
PLUMLEYZ, WILLIAM L             FACULTY                                                      267
PLUTEZ, TRISHA                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
PORTERZ, JANEEN M               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIST 3                                  35580.5
POULSENZ, CONSTANCE C           FACULTY                                                     7600
POULSENZ, SOEREN T              FACULTY                                                    25413
PRICEZ, LAURA S                 PROGRAM COORD-ADMIN SERV                                   55033
PUFFZ, LAUREN R                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       9059.69
PULSIPHERZ, RAYMOND O           FACULTY                                                     6890
QUIGLEYZ, KRISTIN S             FACULTY                                                     2108
RANDALLZ, DEBORAH C             FACULTY                                                     3720
RAPACH-HENRYZ, SHARON L         FACULTY                                                     4247
RATHODZ, BONNIE L               FACULTY                                                    56005
REAVEYZ, CATHERINE A            FACULTY                                                 36747.11
REEDZ, NEDRA P                  FACULTY                                                     5766
RISKIZ, RICHARD J               FACULTY                                                 38799.08
ROBBINSZ, TRUDY FAY             CHALLENGE COURSE FACILITAT                              43236.88
ROBERTSZ, JENNIFER K            FACULTY                                                  39074.5
ROGERSZ, GETTA L                SPEC COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                27484.71
ROHRINGZ, TERRY S               FACULTY                                                  7564.02
ROSSZ, AMY C                    FACULTY                                                 28921.32
ROSSZ, RICK S                   DIR.ATHLETICS & STU PRGS.                               69080.78
ROYALTEYZ, HAROLD H             RESEARCH ANALYST                                           55080
RUTTENZ, DANETTA J              FACULTY                                                     2139
SALAZARZ, RAFAEL                FACULTY                                                     1674
SANFORDZ, DENNIS A              MEDIA ENGINEER A                                         54892.5
SANFORDZ, GINGER C              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                        36756
SANFORDZ, JACK W                FACULTY                                                     3200
SANWALDZ, WALTER                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  41852.58
SCANNELLZ, DEBORAH M            PROGRAM COORD-ADMIN SERV                                36718.21
SCHAADZ, GLYNDA L               INST & CLASS SUP TECH 2                                 68112.44
SCHMIDTZ, WILLIAM T             FACULTY                                                     6580
SCHULTZZ, SANDRA J              FACULTY                                                  1987.95
SCHUMANNZ, ROLF A               FACULTY                                                     3720
SCOTTZ, LESLIE J                PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       68119.79
SELBYZ, JEFFERY LOUIS           FACULTY                                                 10522.18
SHEAZ, WENDY                    PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
SHELDONZ, ROBERT B              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  43747.78
SHINDLERZ, LISA MARY            FACULTY                                                   2337.4
SHIPOVAZ, MARINA V              FACULTY                                                  21563.5
SHORTZ, EVELYN M                DEAN OF BASIC SKILLS                                    86000.24
SIEFERZ, KAREN L                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                   49000
SIEVERTZ, VICKI L               PROGRAM COORD-ADMIN SERV                                   38796
SILVERIAZ, JULIE D              FACULTY                                                  8404.99
SKOGENZ, JUDITH L               FACULTY                                                    15903
SLOTAZ, FREDERICK C             FACULTY                                                     2139
SMASALZ, DONA J                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                   47000
SMITHZ, ALEXANDER C             FACULTY                                                    855.5
SMITHZ, CHERYL L                FACULTY                                                   6986.2
SMITHZ, JAY D                   CUSTODIAN 3                                             35898.97
SMITHZ, LAWRENCE W              FACULTY                                                    64345
SMITHZ, TERRY W                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                        34260
SNYDERZ, JILL M                 FACULTY                                                 94384.33
SNYDERZ, STEVEN                 FACULTY                                                    66741
SPARROWKZ, SHERRY R             FACULTY                                                   100290
SPREINEZ, LINDA MARIE           FACULTY                                                     3565
SPRINGZ, WILLIAM G              FACULTY                                                    53609
STANIFORTHZ, ROSEMARY           FACULTY                                                 12420.83
STARCEVICHZ, LARA               FACULTY                                                 52576.01
STEIGERWALDZ, ALLAN M           INST & CLASS SUP TECH 1                                 29564.72
STENGELZ, DANIEL B              FACULTY                                                 64337.74
STEPHENSZ, RICHARD C            FACULTY                                                       60
STEWARTZ, PETER                 ATHLETIC DEV/MENS BB COACH                              27969.13
STICKELMEYERZ, JAKE N           FACULTY                                                    53379
SUNDINZ, ERIK K                 FACULTY                                                   688.33
SUNRIVERZ, APA                  P.I. INFO MGMENT SPECIALIS                                 46410
SUPKOZ, STEPHANIE MARIE         DIR, BUS & POLICY ANALYSIS                               57144.8
SWEETSERZ, DAN R                FACULTY                                                      400
TEOREYZ, MATTHEW N              FACULTY                                                    58689
THOMASZ, WILLIAM H              FACULTY                                                      400
THOMPSONZ, FREDERICK            FACULTY                                                105714.75
THOMPSONZ, NATE A               SECURITY GUARD 1                                        36741.15
THOMPSONZ, RANDOLPH M           FACULTY                                                    28962
TOMARASZ, RANDALL G             FACULTY                                                     1400
TYLERZ, LETITIA A               FACULTY                                                 28270.54
UNDERWOODZ, DANIEL A            FACULTY                                                    63543
VALENTINEZ, MARK E              FACULTY                                                  7834.76
VAN HOLLANDZ, PHYLLIS L         DIR, PUBLIC INFORMATION                                    66000
VAN OSZ, PETER                  SUPPLY & INV CNTRL SPEC 4                                47624.1
VANNAUSDLEZ, NANCY J            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       30361.19
VON VOGTZ, CHARLYLE L           FACULTY                                                     2139
VON VOGTZ, LANCE G              ATHLETIC DEV/MENS BB COACH                              23274.71
WALKERZ, MARK L                 FACULTY                                                    49348
WALLENDAHLZ, ANNIKA S           FACULTY                                                    489.5
WALLISZ, EVE M                  FACULTY                                                 23357.65
WALSHZ, BRIAN J                 DIRECTOR, CORRECTIONS ED                                   76635
WALSHZ, LISA A                  FACULTY                                                   8360.8
WARDZ, AMY S                    FACULTY                                                    11036
WASOUSZ, CHERIE L               FACULTY                                                     3169
WASSMERZ, DIETER                FACULTY                                                  21148.8
WATERKOTTEZ, ERIC W             WEB INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER                                 60023
WATSONZ, JESSE J                FACULTY                                                      890
WEBBZ, GARY L                   FACULTY                                                    18197
WEDRICKZ, CHARLOTTE L           FACULTY                                                  3513.33
WEGENERZ, DAVID P               CONSTRUCTION PROJ. ADMIN.                                  58821
WESTLUNDZ, DOROTHY A            FACULTY                                                 18369.21
WHEELERZ, CHARLES L             FACULTY                                                     8463
WHITTAKERZ, SHELLIE G           PROGRAM COORD-ACADEMICS                                    51212
WILLIAMSZ, JAMES R              FACULTY                                                     4050
WILLIAMSONZ, AMY M              ASSIST FINANCIAL AID DIR                                   50110
WISSMANNZ, CAROL R              FACULTY                                                    526.5
WOLFZ, B ZORINA                 FACULTY                                                   1512.8
WRIGHTZ, JOHN W                 FACULTY                                                     5208
WUTTKENZ, GAVIN B               FACULTY                                                     2480
WYANTZ, ROBERT L                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31297.8
YANCEYZ, VIRGINIA S             FACULTY                                                    57879
YESIKIZ, ANCHER                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              31509.6
YOUNGZ, CHERYL B                PERF INST. PRG. DIRECTOR                                   96926
YOUNGZ, PHILIP A                PERF INST CONTRACTS ADM                                    97155
ZALOKARZ, SUZANNE               FACULTY                                                  14031.2
ZAMBERLINZ, NANCY J             FACULTY                                                    21305
ZBARASCHUKZ, JENNIFER L         FACULTY                                                   1849.6

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