This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Pierce Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 969 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 1,410 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 1,319 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 894 employees) (2003, 924 employees) (2001, 895 employees)(1999, 867 employees) (1997, 873 employees) (1995, 813 employees)

Pierce College was founded in 1967 and has two campuses: Pierce College Fort Steilacoom and Pierce College Puyallup. The College serves over 25,000 individuals per year, which equates to approximately 7,000 full- and part-time students. Tuition and fees generated by these students provides the largest revenue source for the College. The College provides classes to students at the Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup campuses, as well as at McChord and Fort Lewis military bases. The College provides traditional classes, arranged classes and online classes for all types of students. EArmy-U online classes, available worldwide, are provided for military personnel. The College has approximately 2,000 employees. A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of College operations. The College has a Chancellor, who oversees the College, and a President at each of the main campuses. The College’s operating budget was $29.9 million for 2004-05 and $32.6 million for 2005-06.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Pierce Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/21/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMSZ, JAMES IRA               TRANSITION SERVICES MGR                                    23484
ADAMSZ, MONTY                   GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                29898.41
ALECKSONZ, DEBORAH L            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                              45684.52
ALEXANDERZ, LESIA A             FACULTY                                                 31082.32
ALMARIOZ, DEBORAH JODI IDA      FACULTY                                                    10054
ALTHAUSZ, WARREN R              FACULTY                                                115176.69
ALWARDZ, LORI LEA               FACULTY                                                   5885.4
AMESZ, SUZANNE                  VP FOR ADVANCEMENT/EX DIR                                 107040
ANDERSONZ, JULIE A              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                     45856
ANDERSONZ, ROBERT B             SAFETY OFFICER 3                                        34036.15
ANDREWSZ, MATTHEW L             PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       41320.79
ANDROSKOZ, MARSHA               COORDINATOR, SPEC FUNDED                                18308.23
ANGVIKZ, JOHN                   CUSTODIAN 1                                             30551.93
ANSLEYZ, LEONA M                FACULTY                                                 42496.05
ANTONZ, MARINA                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30150
ARNOLDZ, ASHLYN DENISE          FACULTY                                                 40675.71
ARNOLDZ, BARBARA                FACULTY                                                   9919.2
ARNOLDZ, DENISE LORAINE         FACULTY                                                 65711.26
ARONZ, BRENDA                   FACULTY                                                     3462
BABINECZ, LISA                  FACULTY                                                     6924
BACHMANNZ, EDWARD A             DIR, DISTANCE EDUCATION                                 70258.45
BAENENZ, SHIRLEY ELIZABETH      PART TIME FACULTY                                           2621
BAGLEYZ, LAURA KATHRYN          PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                  46321.83
BAIDAZ, MARITZA ELIZABETH       FACULTY                                                 54307.89
BAILEY-NMAHZ, YUVONNE Y         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39848.82
BAINZ, ALLISON JEAN             CUSTODIAN 1                                              5370.19
BAIOCCHIZ, IRIS                 FACULTY                                                 14944.13
BALAZ, MAUREEN                  FACULTY                                                 10441.45
BALARAJUZ, PANJINI M            FACULTY                                                  16617.6
BALDWINZ, MICHAEL               FACULTY                                                  81407.3
BANDERZ, VINCENT T              FACULTY                                                    24534
BAOZ, STEPHEN S                 FACULTY                                                   2077.2
BARDZ, ERIC J                   FACULTY                                                  30572.8
BARIAZ, JOANN W                 DEAN, WORKFORCE EDUC                                       88000
BARKERZ, NANCY W                FACULTY                                                     5193
BARNESZ, MICHELLE M             FACULTY                                                 31726.77
BARTUSCHZ, ROBERT J             FACULTY                                                     3462
BASSAGEZ, CINDY L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32397.07
BASSETTZ, KATHY B               FACULTY                                                 85913.58
BATALAOZ, DELIA M               FACULTY                                                  23687.5
BATESZ, ANTOINETTE L            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     29918.52
BATESZ, JOANNE ELAINE           FACULTY                                                 60722.01
BATH-BALOGHZ, MARY              FACULTY                                                 71315.19
BATSCHIZ, CHERYL                EXECUTIVE ASST TO VP                                    49520.75
BEATTYZ, CAROL EILEEN           EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       30104.91
BEAUMONTZ, KATHLEEN             CE PROGRAM DEVELOPER/MGR                                59931.24
BEHRZ, STEVEN                   PART TIME FACULTY                                           2250
BEHRENSZ, DAVID WILLIAM         FACULTY                                                  23079.6
BELLZ, REGINA VICTORIA          FACULTY                                                  11078.4
BELLAMYZ, JOHN                  CUSTODIAN 1                                              4336.77
BENEDETTIZ, BRIAN B             DIR OF MARKETING & COMM                                    83040
BENNETTZ, CAMILLE               FACULTY                                                100160.98
BENSONZ, KELLY K                ASST DIR MILITARY PROGRAMS                               3274.75
BERGSTROMZ, TEAH CORINNE        FACULTY                                                 66058.35
BERRYZ, RONALD A                CUSTODIAN 1                                              35617.2
BERRYMANZ, CHRIS LEE            PART TIME FACULTY                                         1003.8
BESAWZ, JOHN HENRY              PART TIME FACULTY                                         4500.6
BETHELZ, MARGRET I              BOOKSTORE MANAGER ASSIST                                   45828
BILJANZ, BARBARA C              FACULTY                                                  15842.2
BIRGEZ, HEATHER L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        31358
BISHOPZ, SHIRLEY A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BLACKZ, GERALD D                FACULTY                                                 81604.53
BLANCHARDZ, JOHN W              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  53768.84
BLANCHETTEZ, FLORENCE E         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34432.28
BLEGENZ, KRISTEN T              FACULTY                                                  30665.6
BLENMANZ, KWICHA                CUSTODIAN 1                                              30386.6
BLISSZ, MEGAN ELIZABETH         FACULTY                                                  3331.24
BLOOMERZ, CIARAN PETER          FACULTY                                                 87467.89
BLUMZ, DALE E                   FACULTY                                                 60813.48
BLYTHEZ, JAUCHIA WU             FACULTY                                                 22418.79
BOERSZ, AMY ELIZABETH           FACULTY                                                   6194.9
BOGGESSZ, MICHAEL S             FACULTY                                                    32656
BONFADINIZ, LORETTA             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38631
BONIFIELDZ, SANDRA              FACULTY                                                   2327.2
BONNEAUZ, LYNN M                SECRETARY SENIOR                                         34877.5
BOSSZ, MELANIE A                BUDGET MANAGER                                          53175.08
BOUSHEYZ, BETTY L               PART TIME FACULTY                                         8404.4
BOYCEZ, CLIFFORD A              PART TIME FACULTY                                            270
BOZEZ, MICHAEL JAMES            CUSTODIAN 1                                             30052.45
BRADLEYZ, GEORGE ANTHONY        CUSTODIAN 1                                             30014.25
BRAEDTZ, SANDRA MARIE           EXECUTIVE ASST TO VP                                    47379.87
BRAFFITHZ, FELIX PEDRO          FACULTY                                                   6381.6
BRANDONZ, MARINA LUANN          FACULTY                                                     3462
BRANDTZ, NANCY L                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 58245.52
BRANSFORDZ, DEBORAH             FACULTY                                                 44907.46
BRASILEZ, FRANK                 FACULTY                                                 55329.63
BRAZELLZ, GREGORY C             FACULTY                                                 76786.54
BRENNANZ, BARBARA A             EXEC. ASST TO PRESIDENT                                  46800.1
BREWERZ, IRENE C                FACULTY                                                  52843.4
BREWERZ, STEPHANIE L            FACULTY                                                   4670.4
BRIEJERZ, NICHOLAS J            FACULTY                                                    13848
BRIGANCEZ, IRYNA MIKHAYLOVNA    FACULTY                                                  17067.6
BRINEZZ, KATHY L                FACULTY                                                 96996.25
BRITOZ, ANTONIO RIVERA          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
BRITTENZ, ROBERT ISAAC          PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       33251.37
BROBERGZ, LORI R                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                  36421.5
BROGANZ, LYNNETTE R             CE PROGRAM DEVELOPER/MGR                                10699.54
BROOKZ, SEAN E                  CUSTODIAN 4                                             12994.25
BROOKSZ, EVELYN M L             COORDINATOR, SPEC FUNDED                                49581.08
BROOKSZ, KELLY DEBRO            FACULTY                                                 75927.65
BROWNZ, CONNIE J                FACULTY                                                 61905.31
BROWNZ, WILLIAM H               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 29985.71
BROXSONZ, THOMAS A              FACULTY                                                 56905.05
BROZEKZ, PEGGY A                EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       30880.33
BRUNNEMERZ, KRISTIN CAROL       FACULTY                                                  49232.4
BRYANTZ, JOHN M                 FACULTY                                                  7662.56
BUCHOLZZ, JANET E               VICE PRES HUMAN RESOURCES                                 105000
BUCKLEYZ, RICHARD EDWARD        FACULTY                                                   4670.4
BUESCHERZ, BARLOW J             FACULTY                                                111223.75
BURDICKZ, MARJO                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     42588
BURGHAGENZ, SABINE B            FACULTY                                                  20995.1
BURKHOLDERZ, BRET G             FACULTY                                                 48048.76
BURKSZ, DOUN                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             31163.58
BURKSZ, GEORGE E                CUSTODIAN 1                                              2221.06
BURMANZ, REBECCA RAY            FACULTY                                                 10673.56
BURNSZ, BERTILA                 EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                        27954.3
BUSHZ, THOMAS A                 FACULTY                                                 59377.01
BUTLERZ, JAMES                  MEDIA ENGINEER A                                         45392.5
BUTTONZ, JAMI L                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
BUZBEEZ, LINDA L                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              40538.56
CABLEZ, SUSAN A                 DIR, WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT                                 64637
CALDWELLZ, PAMELIA CULBREATH    FACULTY                                                103959.44
CALDWELLZ, WILLIAM WAYNE        FACULTY                                                   2077.2
CALLAGANZ, VICKI R              FACULTY                                                 58732.83
CAMILON-PRICEZ, MARIA C         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
CAMNERZ, SHARON M               FACULTY                                                  57966.7
CAMPBELLZ, CHERI M              FACULTY                                                  2606.36
CAMPBELLZ, MICHAEL A            DIR HOMELAND SECURITY/CE                                 68982.4
CANNELLAZ, CYNTHIA K            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
CARGILLZ, JULIE RAE             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              42867.53
CARLEYZ, BRUCE H                FACULTY                                                 77465.02
CARLMANZ, DEBRA S               PART TIME FACULTY                                         2769.6
CARLOZ, TERESA A                FACULTY                                                 51367.66
CARLSONZ, DOUGLAS L             PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                   49898.7
CARLSONZ, LINDA K               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                  49368
CARVERZ, ROBERT C               FACULTY                                                   5194.4
CASEYZ, DIANA L                 FACULTY                                                 61858.62
CASTELLZ, CAROL ANNE            FACULTY                                                  26311.2
CASTELLANOZ, ANNETTE            PART TIME FACULTY                                            408
CATES-CARNEYZ, JOSEPH PAUL      FACULTY                                                 55929.35
CAUSEYZ, THOMAS KEN             FACULTY                                                  23538.5
CAUTERZ, JAMES MARTIN           FACULTY                                                     6924
CAVENDISHZ, PATRICK             DIR. INTERNATIONAL EDUC.                                   71000
CAZELZ, STEVEN E                FACULTY                                                 97762.87
CERESAZ, JENNIFER LEYLA         FACULTY                                                   2531.7
CERNYZ, CHRISTINE ANNE          FACULTY                                                 31919.57
CHAFFEEZ, ROBERT ALAN           FACULTY                                                 27246.18
CHARBONEAUZ, KEVIN RENE         FACULTY                                                 22290.76
CHASEZ, ELAINE                  FACULTY                                                 31533.28
CHASTAGNERZ, CANDACE            FACULTY                                                     7324
CHAVEZZ, JESSE                  FACULTY                                                 54251.01
CHENEYZ, MICHAEL L              DIRECTOR OF FINANCE                                      75643.2
CHILDERSZ, MICHAEL A            FACULTY                                                 50470.77
CHRISTIANZ, BONNIE K            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                               39815.1
CHRISTOPHERZ, THERESA A         FACULTY                                                  2662.75
CHURCHILLZ, FLOYD V             FACULTY                                                 24434.04
CLAPPZ, NANCY M                 FACULTY                                                    20772
CLAUDIOZ, DORIS E               FACULTY                                                    26542
CLOVISZ, LISA M                 PART TIME FACULTY                                           2784
COLBERTZ, DAVID M               FACULTY                                                    14178
COLEZ, SUSAN B                  FACULTY                                                 24761.25
COLEMANZ, LAWRENCE WALTER       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      34746.5
COLEMANZ, LINDA E               FACULTY                                                 56295.45
COLLINSZ, DEBORAH LYNN          PART TIME FACULTY                                           1036
CONNIEZ, MEREDITH A             FACULTY                                                    12278
CONTRISZ, MARKIVA V             FACULTY                                                 50253.31
COOKEZ, HANNAH KAY              EC PROGRAM SPEC 3                                       33890.04
COOKEZ, JENNIFER                RETEN/TRANS SUCCESS MGR                                 45041.63
COOKEZ, ROSEMARY A              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 23716.19
COOPERZ, COLLEEN D              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     36260.75
COPEZ, KIRSTEN E                FACULTY                                                 43814.93
COREYZ, DANA DWIGHT             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  41184.5
CORLZ, ROBERT WILLIAM           PART TIME FACULTY                                           2621
CORNISHZ, RICHARD STUART        FACULTY                                                    13923
COSIOZ, CHRISTINA R             FACULTY                                                     8078
COVINGTONZ, CHARIS              PART TIME FACULTY                                          662.5
COWAN-GREWEZ, CYNTHIA           FACULTY                                                    24734
COXZ, CAMERON                   DIR OF STUDENT PROGRAMS                                 16121.34
COXZ, CHRISTINA LYNN            FACULTY                                                 46783.14
COZINEZ, CHRISTINE DORETTA      PART TIME FACULTY                                           4045
CRAIGZ, NANCY LOU-ANNE          FACULTY                                                     6924
CRAINZ, R STEVEN                FACULTY                                                 86968.66
CRAMZ, MIDOLI SHARRA            RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                          32373
CRAMERZ, PHILIP B               FACULTY                                                  4154.84
CRANDALLZ, CHRISTINE I          INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               28522.11
CRANEZ, ROBERT M                MAIL PROCESSING-DRIVER                                     32523
CRANEZ, SARAH ANNE              HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 2                                  42588
CREAMERZ, BRYAN CHRISTOPHER     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35369.98
CRISSZ, ELLA MAUREEN            CUSTODIAN 1                                             12715.16
CRONKZ, CHRISTINE L             FACULTY                                                  23595.2
CROSWAITEZ, SANDRA J            FACULTY                                                 66500.97
CRUMPTONZ, GABRIEL              FACULTY                                                 29380.04
CRUZZ, ERLINDA C                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      33408.5
CUMMINGSZ, ELIZABETH G          PART TIME FACULTY                                           6555
CUMMINGSZ, KIMBERLY PEARCE      FACULTY                                                 70236.16
CUMMINGSZ, KRIS YURGIN          INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCHER                                   61000
CURIAZ, KATHLEEN ANN            BOOKSTORE MANAGER C                                      60519.5
CUTLERZ, WILLARD ROY            FACULTY                                                   4154.4
DANIELSZ, MARTIN C              DIR OF FINANCIAL AID                                       69234
DANNERZ, ELIZABETH A            FISCAL SPECIALIST 2                                        44712
DANNERZ, KAREN ELIZABETH        FACULTY                                                    35696
DANSEREAUZ, HILTRUDE M          CUSTODIAN 1                                              9115.38
DARCHERZ, MICHAEL J             DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                       78462
DARKSZ, GWENDOLYN KAY           FACULTY                                                 57273.11
DAUGHERTYZ, HENRY P             FACULTY                                                  57362.5
DAVIDSONZ, HEIDI ANNELI         FACULTY                                                   6053.8
DAVIESZ, JO                     FACULTY                                                  1591.81
DAVISZ, ALLAN K                 PART TIME FACULTY                                           1500
DAVISZ, ERIC CARLETON           FACULTY                                                    11636
DAVISZ, MARK SCOTT              FACULTY                                                  16311.6
DAVISZ, MARY JANE               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     42588
DAVISZ, MELINDA JANE            FACULTY                                                  35316.2
DAVISZ, MICHAEL T               FACULTY                                                    13848
DAVISZ, ROBERT H                FACULTY                                                 10555.71
DAVOLIOZ, DEBORAH DEVIN         FACULTY                                                 53261.93
DAWSONZ, DONNA J                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
DAWSONZ, JUSTIN STUART          CUSTODIAN 4                                             36762.77
DE JARDINZ, JUDITH K            DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                       77000
DE YOUNGZ, JENNIFER MARIE       PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       14907.55
DEATONZ, LAURA ELLEN            FACULTY                                                  27522.9
DEJARDINZ, ROBERT ANTOINE       FACULTY                                                 13010.04
DELLZ, PATRICIA E               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                     45828
DEMINGZ, ELS E E                DIR, ENROLLMENT SERVICES                                   64710
DERRICKZ, SYLVIA DEAN           FISCAL ANALYST 4                                        44717.95
DIAMANTZ, HIRSH                 FACULTY                                                 41295.87
DOBNERZ, MICHAEL R              FACULTY                                                     7924
DOSANJHZ, HARJIT KAUR           FACULTY                                                    29427
DOSSZ, RANDY                    FACULTY                                                      240
DOYLEZ, JANICE E                PART TIME FACULTY                                         2077.2
DRAGHIZ, SHERRI L               CUSTODIAN 1                                             35668.37
DRAKEZ, LINDA ANN               TECH PREP/SP PROJ MGR PCCC                              59916.96
DRAKEZ, TRACI LEE               FACULTY                                                    20772
DUCKWORTHZ, WILLIS D            CUSTODIAN 1                                             31230.68
DUDLEYZ, NORA MABEL             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     26481.91
DUNAWAYZ, SUSAN M               PART TIME FACULTY                                         5539.2
DUNKELBERGERZ, JAMES W          FACULTY                                                 81912.38
DUNKELBERGERZ, STEVEN WALTER    FACULTY                                                 27667.06
DUNLAPZ, RICHARD DENNIS         FACULTY                                                  6731.14
DWYERZ, BARBARA PARKER          FACULTY                                                 26839.15
EAGANZ, SCOTT C                 FACULTY                                                  9278.16
EAGLESONZ, WESLEY P             FACULTY                                                    20772
EASTMANZ, KATHLEEN A            FACULTY                                                 74178.99
ECKHARTZ, GLENN D               FACULTY                                                 91258.32
EDELMANZ, PAULA C               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
EDISONZ, DOUGLAS PAUL           FACULTY                                                  51973.2
EDMAN-SURINAZ, CARLA J          FACULTY                                                  7477.92
EDWARDSZ, BOBBI J               FACULTY                                                      150
EHLERZ, CHERYL JEAN             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      27691.8
EIDENMULLERZ, ANNE E            FACULTY                                                 62267.13
ELLIOTTZ, JOSEPH D              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    71496
ELLISZ, EDWARD ROBERT           FACULTY                                                      526
ELLSWORTHZ, KERRIE              PART TIME FACULTY                                         1003.8
EMERSONZ, ROXANNE W             FACULTY                                                    31158
ERICKSONZ, KIMBERLY ANN         PART TIME FACULTY                                         2079.5
EUGLEYZ, TIMOTHY ALLEN          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                   35214.2
EVERETTZ, KIMBERLY A            FACULTY                                                    24234
FALCIONIZ, DEBORAH              FACULTY                                                 64962.49
FARIASZ, ALISSA GRACE           FACULTY                                                   4179.4
FARRELLZ, THOMAS N              COORDINATOR, SPEC FUNDED                                78532.11
FENGLERZ, JULIET LOUISE         FACULTY                                                  21856.1
FERGUSONZ, THOMAS ROLAND        FACULTY                                                     3462
FERREIRAZ, KAREN YVONNE         FACULTY                                                   6000.8
FEUKZ, SHAWNA MARIE             FACULTY                                                   5470.4
FIFERZ, THOMAS L                FACULTY                                                 29067.84
FIGURACIONZ, CHERI R            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
FIKARZ, PHYLLIS SUSAN           FACULTY                                                 47757.86
FINCHZ, JAMES EDWARD S          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          30282
FINNEYZ, DERRYL L               FACULTY                                                     6924
FISHERZ, JOAN ELIZABETH         PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                      5300.97
FISHERZ, KATHRYN JANE           FACULTY                                                     3462
FITZGERALDZ, JAMIE C            FACULTY                                                 55732.55
FLEMINGZ, VIRGINIA D            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       16911.22
FLETCHER-PETRICHZ, L SUZANNE    FACULTY                                                 67491.98
FLORESZ, LOUIS K                FACULTY                                                 23495.72
FLYNNZ, CHRISTIE J              FACULTY                                                 69901.08
FORBESZ, KATHRYN SUSAN          FACULTY                                                  18457.1
FORDZ, EDWIN F                  FACULTY                                                    20772
FORDZ, GARY L                   PART TIME FACULTY                                          10000
FORDZ, KRISTY L                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              32334.56
FORSBERGZ, RICHARD ANDREW       INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                   5377.3
FORSYTHZ, FREDERICK ANTHON      FACULTY                                                  10718.7
FORSYTHEZ, DEENA D              HR EMPLOY/TRAINING MANAGER                                 52530
FORTSONZ, LISA E                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39560.09
FORTTZ, HALLIE C                FACULTY                                                  21813.4
FOSTERZ, AMY MARION             GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         35441.5
FOSTERZ, THONGDEE DEE           CUSTODIAN 1                                             31343.04
FOSTER-GRAHLERZ, ROBERTA DAWN   FACULTY                                                 79495.27
FRANSENZ, TAMMY K               FACULTY                                                 10235.75
FRASERZ, KRISTIN A              FACULTY                                                     3462
FREEBORNZ, VIVIAN S             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              33721.31
FREEDZ, CHARLES BENJAMIN        CUSTODIAN 1                                             12524.74
FRENCHZ, DANIEL W               FACULTY                                                 73926.99
FREYZ, DEANNA M                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                           31365
FREYZ, VALERIE JANE             RUNNING START MANAGER                                      49500
FRISELLZ, PETER W               FACULTY                                                  35662.4
FRITTSZ, MYRON A                CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 50442.72
FRYEZ, SARAH MARIE              FACULTY                                                 51538.46
FYFEZ, ANDREW T                 FACULTY                                                 21116.82
GABBEZ, DAVID A                 PART TIME FACULTY                                           3310
GALAGANZ, MARY J                FACULTY                                                 63805.71
GAMEZZ, PAUL SCOTT              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        9834.43
GARDENZ, AMBER BERNIECE         FACULTY                                                   5425.2
GARRISONZ, SANDRA LEA           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     39747.06
GAULZ, ROBERT J                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    58656
GELEGONYAZ, CAROLINE C S        INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                19645.74
GEORGEZ, GLEN ALAN              PART TIME FACULTY                                           3462
GEORGEZ, LAURIE                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    61540
GEORGEZ, PAM IRENE H            FACULTY                                                   1525.4
GEPPERTZ, JOHNNY T              FACULTY                                                  13533.2
GERHARDTZ, PAUL                 FACULTY                                                110284.48
GERONZ, JO ANNE                 FACULTY                                                 71565.83
GILBERTZ, KATHRYN A             LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARA 5                                  39105
GILCHRISTZ, DEBRA L             DEAN LIBRARY & MEDIA SVS                                   93000
GILMURZ, DEANNE R               DIRECTOR, WSH, SPEC FUNDED                              63027.75
GINTZZ, MARY ELLEN              FACULTY                                                 37799.98
GLASSZ, ANDREW                  WEB MANAGER                                                45900
GLOWENZ, MICHELLE MARIE         FACULTY                                                    10386
GOFFZ, CHERYL J                 FACULTY                                                 49657.33
GOMESZ, BENJAMIN J              CAMPUS SECURITY SERGEANT                                 48934.9
GONZALEZZ, JOSHUA               MEDIA TECHNICIAN                                         25999.5
GORDONZ, PATRICIA M             FACULTY                                                 84299.55
GORMANZ, ANNA ELIZABETH         FACULTY                                                  35086.8
GOSSZ, THOMAS L                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 3                                   35040
GOULDENZ, MARGIE M              FACULTY                                                     6924
GRACEZ, ANTHONY J               RETENTION SPEC/CAMPUS MGR                                  43000
GRAHAMZ, JUDITH A               FACULTY                                                   5539.2
GRANATAZ, AMANDA                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
GRANATAZ, ANTHONY T             FACULTY                                                 58622.68
GREENZ, CAROL LYNN              VP LEARNING/STUDENT SUCCES                                110313
GREENZ, TERRENCE D              FACULTY                                                 59889.84
GREKETIS-DUNNZ, CARLA           FACULTY                                                   2077.2
GRIFFINZ, LORI A                DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                       75000
GRISHAMZ, DANNY S               FACULTY                                                101594.06
GROTEZ, JON KENNETH             FACULTY                                                 57807.18
GROVES DE CASTILLOZ, CHANDA KAREFACULTY                                                    20772
GRUVERZ, JENNIFER S             PROGRAM SPEC 2                                          34002.18
GUIMBELLOTZ, EDWARD G           FACULTY                                                  12501.9
GULBRANSENZ, LINDA YUKISH       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32625
GUTHRIEZ, NANCY J               FACULTY                                                 53647.94
HAGERMANZ, KARA A               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               22449.53
HAHNZ, DAVID G                  FACULTY                                                 20460.42
HAINESZ, AMANDA C               COMMUNICATION CONSULT 2                                    43666
HALLOWELLZ, DARRELYNN LEE       FACULTY                                                    20772
HALSTEADZ, MARCIA J             FACULTY                                                 16068.66
HAMILTONZ, KATHERINE YAMAOKA    PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  42701.28
HAMILTONZ, WILLIAM W            FACULTY                                                 26195.76
HAMMONZ, JAMIE C                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        5247.01
HAMPSONZ, LINA B                FACULTY                                                  17106.6
HANFORDZ, LANA ELAINE           FACULTY                                                 18118.75
HANSENZ, JOHN E                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    58656
HANSONZ, LYNETTE L              FACULTY                                                  38626.6
HARDINZ, SHARON LEA             BUDGET MANAGER                                          53609.19
HARDINGZ, KAREN E               FACULTY                                                  65941.6
HAROLDSONZ, SANDRA S            FACULTY                                                   4154.4
HARRELZ, MELISSA RAE            FACULTY                                                     6924
HARRISZ, MARIE L                EXEC ASST TO CHANCELLOR                                 56088.01
HARRISONZ, CYNTHIA T            FACULTY                                                 11567.03
HARTLEYZ, DENISE J              FACULTY                                                 92613.48
HARVEYZ, FAITH E                SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
HASARTZ, TANA LOU               CAMPUS PRESIDENT                                       132481.41
HATCHZ, ALLIE L                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
HATCHETTZ, RUTH A               ASST DIR OF DEVELOPMENT                                 54384.31
HATHAWAYZ, NATHAN               PROC & SUPPLY SUPT SPEC 1                                   2266
HEATHZ, TERRY A                 FACULTY                                                  9566.64
HEGGEZ, PATRICK                 FACULTY                                                   5824.2
HENDERSONZ, MARGARET E          FACULTY                                                  24647.2
HENDRICKSZ, BEVERLY F           FACULTY                                                    28146
HENDRICKSZ, JAMES C             FACULTY                                                 58316.78
HENDRICKSZ, REBECCA ALTA        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       18610.51
HENRIKSENZ, MAUREEN V L         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
HENRYZ, MORGANN                 FACULTY                                                     1386
HENSLEYZ, KATHERINE P           FACULTY                                                 63658.58
HERNDONZ, DENISE L              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 4                              47796.75
HERRERAZ, CONNIE D              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     50341.92
HERRINGZ, ANN ELIZABETH         PART TIME FACULTY                                            480
HESSZ, MEGAN C                  FACULTY                                                 34614.36
HIGDONZ, BRUCE A                FACULTY                                                 22578.22
HILLZ, CAROL E                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        27961.7
HILLZ, CAROL ELAINE             OPPORTUNITY GRANT PROG MGR                              49040.49
HILLZ, RICHARD A                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 25569.61
HINDSZ, PAUL B                  FACULTY                                                 15045.05
HOAGLINZ, SARAH E A             PROGRAM SPEC 2                                           36703.5
HOAGLUNDZ, CAROL L              FACULTY                                                   6977.6
HOELSCHERZ, MICHAEL L           INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  70104.5
HOGANZ, PATRICK L               FACULTY                                                 84546.07
HORNUNGZ, JANINE H              FACULTY                                                 96116.69
HORRIGANZ, BEBHINN              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31766.89
HORRYZ, OK SUN                  CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
HORSTZ, RUDOLPH                 PART TIME FACULTY                                           1090
HOSPENTHALZ, MONICA L           FACULTY                                                 67156.01
HOUCKZ, NANCY J                 DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SUCCES                              74309.24
HOWARDZ, BARBARA                EXEC. ASST TO PRESIDENT                                 50118.87
HOWARDZ, KAZUKO                 FACULTY                                                    15348
HOWELL-WILLIAMSZ, VICKI JOYCE   FACULTY                                                 45630.29
HUNTZ, KAREN                    ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 39726
HURTADOZ, SALVADOR G            FACULTY                                                 66309.16
HUTTARZ, ERIC STEVEN            FACULTY                                                  29773.2
ICOZ, LYDIA M                   FACULTY                                                 65406.67
IGNACIOZ, MARLENE D             FACULTY                                                 77083.96
IMZ, NANETTE MARIE              FACULTY                                                     3462
INGLISZ, DAVID DOUGLAS          FACULTY                                                 28429.39
JACKSONZ, WILLIAM L             FACULTY                                                102370.85
JACOBSENZ, ROBERTA J            FACULTY                                                   2372.2
JACOBSENZ, SHERI                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 40524
JACOBSONZ, JO ANN               DIRECTOR PCCC                                           50209.58
JACOBSONZ, MARVIN T             FACULTY                                                    22880
JAECHZ, KATHRINA L              FACULTY                                                   3787.2
JAECHZ, STEPHEN S               FACULTY                                                 84081.69
JAFFEZ, STEWART N               FACULTY                                                 54082.91
JAMISONZ, JENNIFER E            FACULTY                                                 70008.18
JASINSKIZ, MARK HEBER           FACULTY                                                  3189.44
JAUNALZ, JACK W                 FACULTY                                                  8493.44
JAYZ, JOHN K                    MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  44192.09
JAYNE-WERLEYZ, LUCINDA L        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32499
JEFFERYZ, ANDREW VALLADAO       FACULTY                                                    17310
JENNINGSZ, JOHN                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40278
JENSENZ, DOUGLAS V              FACULTY                                                 78646.44
JENSENZ, MARIA A                FACULTY                                                  64839.4
JEPSENZ, DAVID JOHN             FACULTY                                                    17310
JESCHKEZ, DAVID A               FACULTY                                                  11489.8
JOHNSONZ, BETTY F               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               48759.29
JOHNSONZ, DAVID D               FACULTY                                                 15936.02
JOHNSONZ, ILENE W               FACULTY                                                 54789.66
JOHNSONZ, JAMES M               SPEC ASST PROG MGR/COORD                               103700.95
JOHNSONZ, MARILEE L             PART TIME FACULTY                                           1320
JOHNSONZ, MATTHEW S             FACULTY                                                   6940.8
JOHNSONZ, MICHELE L             CHANCELLOR                                             186612.06
JOHNSONZ, MICHELLE E            EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       27917.78
JOHNSONZ, NICOLE YVONNE         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       28403.5
JOHNSONZ, PERRY                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              31079.5
JOHNSONZ, ROBERT D              FACULTY                                                 96583.32
JOHNSONZ, SVETLANA V            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     21326.03
JOHNSONZ, THOMAS ANTHONY        FACULTY                                                  12906.3
JOHNSONZ, TWILA K               FACULTY                                                 36700.74
JOHNSTUNZ, KASE D               FACULTY                                                    24234
JOHNSTUNZ, MARY                 FACULTY                                                     3462
JONESZ, ANNIS ELIZABETH         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     33906.14
JONESZ, JACQUELYN ANNETTE       FACULTY                                                 26101.07
JONESZ, PETER D                 FACULTY                                                 16360.32
JONESZ, STEPHEN L               FACULTY                                                  60110.4
JORDANZ, TAMARA N               LIBRARY & ARCHIVES PARA 5                                7740.41
JOSEPHZ, THERESA                FACULTY                                                 42190.24
JOSTENZ, TERESA A               FACULTY                                                    29625
JOYZ, STEPHANIE LYNN            FACULTY                                                  28583.6
JUDDZ, TERESA M                 FACULTY                                                 30823.32
JUDKINSZ, JENNIFER A            FACULTY                                                     4639
JUHNKEZ, LARRY L                FACULTY                                                   1384.8
KAECHZ, ERIN T                  INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                46315.5
KAIZ, PETER J                   FACULTY                                                106323.74
KAINUZ, ARNOLD A                PART TIME FACULTY                                           6264
KALACZ, RACHEL DESIRE           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        29212
KANDIZ, KAREEM ALI              FACULTY                                                     8937
KANGZ, EMILY CLARK              FACULTY                                                     3462
KARAVITISZ, GEORGE S            FACULTY                                                    10386
KASJANZ, EUSTANIA Z             PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          47702
KASLIKZ, PETER J                FACULTY                                                 55365.91
KAVEHZ, REZA                    FACULTY                                                     3462
KEELERZ, ALEX MARK              SECURITY GUARD 1                                         6629.11
KEITHZ, KATHRYN E               FACULTY                                                 61807.67
KELLERSBERGERZ, NANCY           FACULTY                                                     7074
KELLEYZ, DOLORES ANN            FACULTY                                                 12723.36
KEMPZ, ALAN R                   FACULTY                                                 77923.48
KENNEDYZ, BRITTON S             FACULTY                                                 87010.93
KENTZ, ARTHUR MATTEO            FACULTY                                                    20772
KETCHESONZ, LINDA E             FACULTY                                                 48534.11
KHALSAZ, LEON G                 FACULTY                                                 94725.38
KHANDROZ, LINDA M               FACULTY                                                   3821.6
KIMZ, KRIS K                    MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  38517.43
KIMZ, KRISTINE MARIE            FACULTY                                                 63458.97
KIM-SIODAZ, SYLVIA DONG YONG    FACULTY                                                 23167.01
KINGZ, JENNIFER L               FACULTY                                                 25990.91
KINGZ, TARA MICHELLE            FACULTY                                                    24534
KIRSTZ, SON O                   FACULTY                                                  19474.7
KLEINZ, K WILLIAM               FACULTY                                                 48001.16
KNUDTSENZ, JERE W               FACULTY                                                 81907.65
KOCHZ, ROBERT W                 FACULTY                                                 61692.84
KOCHZ, ROBERTA J                BOOKSTORE MANAGER ASSIST                                46225.81
KOETJEZ, MICHAEL L              DIR, DIST CHILD DEV CTRS                                63878.12
KOHLERZ, BARBARA J              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35906.82
KOMNICKZ, NORMAN L              FACULTY                                                 27543.01
KOPP CASILLASZ, SUSAN LEE       PART TIME FACULTY                                           1750
KORPALZ, ROWENA J               FACULTY                                                  19039.2
KOTTZ, JORDAN R                 FACULTY                                                     6924
KOUMBASSAZ, JULIA MARIE         MANAGER, CHILD DEV CENTER                               61952.68
KOVACEVICHZ, BRIAN              PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     41126
KRANTZ, NAOMI LOIS              FACULTY                                                    24584
KREITZMANNZ, AUBREY             FACULTY                                                 12120.25
KRONLUNDZ, GREGORY ALLEN        STUDENT HELP                                               435.5
KRUGERZ, MARI L                 DIR STU SUPP SVS/STU LIF                                69867.58
KUCUKZ, AYSE                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             30567.93
KULBACKIZ, EMILY                FACULTY                                                 79140.28
KULIBABAZ, ANATOLIY M           TRADES HELPER                                           34965.28
KURASZ, RICHARD                 PART TIME FACULTY                                          692.4
KURASZ, ROBIN D                 FACULTY                                                 11467.05
KURRUSZ, KRIS CASEY             FACULTY                                                  28619.2
KWOKZ, KOON W                   FACULTY                                                 84347.05
KWONZ, OHKOON                   FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        46355.13
KYLLOZ, AUGA MARIE              FACULTY                                                 51233.07
LAFONTAINEZ, L MICHELE          INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                               50579.25
LAIZ, MOSES                     FACULTY                                                    10411
LALZ, RAJESH                    FACULTY                                                  46790.7
LAMBZ, JESSICA L                FACULTY                                                    17310
LAMBERTZ, EVIN R                FACULTY                                                  43446.8
LARKEYZ, LANDON STUART          FACULTY                                                    20772
LARSONZ, MICHAEL E              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
LASATERZ, LUCINDA M             FACULTY                                                     5285
LAVAGNINOZ, DEBRA ANN           FACULTY                                                  25817.5
LAWLERZ, SUSAN E M              FACULTY                                                 31238.76
LAWLISZ, MARK C                 FACULTY                                                121105.14
LAWRYZ, JANICE A                PART TIME FACULTY                                            782
LAWSONZ, ANGELA MARIE           FACULTY                                                  37858.6
LEBER-GOTTBERGZ, REBECCA        FACULTY                                                 32102.43
LEEZ, CURTIS W                  PROC & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                     47510.2
LEEZ, MAUREEN FRANCES           EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       30389.01
LEICHMANZ, HOWARD B             FACULTY                                                 34804.64
LEIFSONZ, RANDY W               FACULTY                                                 76563.42
LEITICHZ, KEITH A               FACULTY                                                     3462
LESSORZ, LUTHER R               FACULTY                                                     3462
LEWISZ, SANDRA G                FACULTY                                                    10386
LIBBYZ, LISA M                  FACULTY                                                  16617.6
LIGHTBOURNZ, SONJI ROTELLIE     FACULTY                                                   7995.2
LINDBERGZ, LAURI L              FACULTY                                                 65651.06
LINKZ, THOMAS G                 FACULTY                                                 62381.73
LIPPMAN SCHNEIDERZ, LEAH NIOBE  FACULTY                                                 34952.42
LIPPMANZ, DAVID R               FACULTY                                                 76305.25
LITCHZ, RANDY A                 FACULTY                                                   8335.1
LITZZ, VALERIE KIM              FACULTY                                                    20772
LLANOSZ, RONNY                  PART TIME FACULTY                                           2520
LLAVOREZ, MARIFE DANAS          OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      23857.99
LOBDELLZ, ROBERT M              FACULTY                                                 98224.13
LOHRENGELZ, ANGELA JUNE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     27214.29
LOMAXZ, HOLLY L                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29410.96
LORDZ, JEROME M                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  42519.67
LOUIEZ, MEYER A                 FACULTY                                                 15786.72
LOVEZ, PAT R                    COORDINATOR                                             60006.96
LUCASZ, PETER JOHN              FACULTY                                                 59581.93
LUKEZ, CAMILLE M                FACULTY                                                  27757.2
LUUZ, JOHN TIEN CONG            PART TIME FACULTY                                         2077.2
LYMANZ, JOANN MARIE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     36559.66
LYNCHZ, MEREDITH ANNE LINK      FACULTY                                                    24234
LYNCHZ, STEPHEN LEIGH           FACULTY                                                 41077.06
MACKERSIEZ, CHRISTOPHER H       DIRECTOR SAFETY & SECURITY                              77229.96
MACKERSIEZ, CYNTHIA M           FACULTY                                                 18846.34
MACLACHLANZ, JAMES              FACULTY                                                  42191.8
MAEDA-LEEZ, SUZANNE M           RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                       53958.8
MAGNERZ, KATHLEEN A             FACULTY                                                  5324.95
MALLAMZ, KEITH                  GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 4                                36231.71
MALONEZ, CHARLES L              FACULTY                                                 55915.06
MANGUMZ, BRYAN L                FACULTY                                                 21579.48
MANNERINGZ, SCOTT A             COORDINATOR, SPEC FUNDED                                62251.35
MARCHLEWSKIZ, MARK ALFRED       FACULTY                                                 32798.99
MARCOEZ, JOANNE                 FACULTY                                                   2077.2
MARKERZ, CYNTHIA ANN            CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 1                               21317.54
MARKOVITSZ, SARAH BARRATT       PART TIME FACULTY                                         3206.5
MARLINZ, VELVET ELIZABETH       LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                  6067.09
MARPLEZ, JEWELEE L              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
MARSCHALLZ, HORST               EXEC DIR MILITARY PROGRAMS                              79020.42
MARSHALLZ, DANNY K              WF JOB CONNECTIONS MGR                                  56672.99
MARSHALLZ, FLOYD L              FACULTY                                                   3655.2
MARTINZ, BRIAN J                FACULTY                                                 84338.47
MARTINZ, DINAH D                FACULTY                                                   2177.2
MARTINZ, SHELLEY ANN            FACULTY                                                  51388.4
MARTINEZZ, MARION I             CASHIER 2                                               37863.23
MARTONIKZ, KARIENA S            BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         32301.19
MASONZ, NORMA L                 FACULTY                                                 35862.12
MASURAZ, JULIE E                FACULTY                                                    20772
MATZZ, FRANCES STELLA           OPPORTUNITY GRANT PROG MGR                                 46410
MAULEZ, TIFFANIE D              FACULTY                                                    10386
MAXFIELDZ, BRIAN LEWIS          FACULTY                                                  7323.28
MAYZ, RONALD H                  DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                     90810.2
MAYNORZ, JAMES L                FACULTY                                                 28581.52
MAYOZ, CARY                     TRADES HELPER                                           29760.69
MAYORGAZ, VICTORIA              FACULTY                                                 55449.87
MBUJAZ, ELYSIA AURORA MWERO     FACULTY                                                  26907.6
MC ARTHURZ, SANDY L             FACULTY                                                    10386
MC BRIDEZ, SHARON A             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        31995
MC CLINTONZ, J DUNCAN           FACULTY                                                 74457.07
MC CLUREZ, HELEN Z              FACULTY                                                 19551.34
MC COLLOWZ, THOMAS J            FACULTY                                                 81149.49
MC GONAGILLZ, CAROL L           FACULTY                                                 88353.47
MC LEANZ, TROY D                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
MC MAHANZ, NANCY L              FACULTY                                                 53365.57
MC MEEKINZ, WILLIAM GLENN       EXEC VP EXTENDED LEARNING                              116382.32
MC MULLENZ, MAX M               FACULTY                                                 24335.23
MC RAEZ, CHRISTINE J            DIR. MCNEIL EDUC. PROGRAM                               44220.38
MCCLELLANZ, LATANYA Y           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MCCLUREZ, GREG T                FACULTY                                                  15925.2
MCCOLLOWZ, KENDRA F             FACULTY                                                 28388.73
MCDONALDZ, TRACY ANN            FACULTY                                                  16617.6
MCENTIREZ, ALLISON P            FACULTY                                                    17310
MCINTOSHZ, KEAVIN G             FACULTY                                                 19957.63
MCINTOSHZ, RHONDA LYNN          FACULTY                                                     2367
MCKERROWZ, ZANDRA R             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      25585.86
MCKINNEYZ, BRENDA JEANNE        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MCNEILZ, PAUL JOHN              FACULTY                                                 13294.08
MCPARTLONZ, ROBERT T            FACULTY                                                   5491.2
MCPHEEZ, SUSAN JO               COORDINATOR                                                52020
MELLINZ, ARLENE I               PART TIME FACULTY                                           1410
METCALFEZ, AMY B                DIR INTEGRATED BASIC SKILL                               63433.2
METHVENZ, LILY S                FACULTY                                                 34296.88
METTLERZ, DIANE A               PART TIME FACULTY                                           1400
METZGERZ, FREDERICK G           FACULTY                                                104448.34
MEULBLOKZ, MARY C               MANAGER, INTL STUDENT SVS                               50691.45
MEZAZ, FELICIANO R              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 41209.93
MICHAELZ, LESLIE                FACULTY                                                 76899.38
MICHAELZ, THOMAS P              FACULTY                                                     6924
MICHENERZ, ANTHONY              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
MIELLZ, SHELLEY LORRAINE        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      3807.61
MILLERZ, SAMUEL L               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                   63291.2
MILLERZ, TAMARA SUZANNE         INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                1432.26
MILLHEIMZ, GISELA H             EC PROGRAM SPEC 3                                       36201.74
MILTNERZ, LAURA EWING           FACULTY                                                  10473.5
MINNISZ, JOSHUA B               PART TIME FACULTY                                           8307
MINTONZ, CLAUDIA                FACULTY                                                 79786.58
MIRANDEZ, THERESE M             FACULTY                                                  67870.3
MIRZAEIZ, FARSHID               FACULTY                                                 59294.37
MITCHELLZ, GEORGE T             FACULTY                                                 90284.99
MITCHELLZ, TERRI LYNN           FISCAL SPECIALIST SUPER                                  42853.5
MITCHELLZ, TODD J               PART TIME FACULTY                                           3462
MIZNERZ, RICHARD L              PART TIME FACULTY                                         2077.2
MOBLEYZ, LINDA R                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
MOELHMANZ, JOHN L               FACULTY                                                   4154.4
MOGGZ, HAROLD                   FACULTY                                                  4465.17
MOHRBACHERZ, ROBERT CHARLES     DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                     48123.7
MOOREZ, ALMA JUNIOR             SECURITY GUARD 1                                         3476.21
MORALESZ, ERICKA DEL ROSARIO    RETENTION SPEC/CAMPUS MGR                                  43000
MORASCHZ, RALPH A               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                71232.2
MORELANDZ, JOHN P               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5                                    78741
MORGANZ, SONJA CRAIG            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      34450.5
MORRISZ, RYAN DAVID             FACULTY                                                138440.95
MORTONZ, FRANCES A              FACULTY                                                    27696
MOUAT-RICHZ, NANCY L            FACULTY                                                 36714.83
MOULDERZ, WILLIAM R             FACULTY                                                 42915.04
MURPHYZ, DEBBIE LYNN            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     42758
MURPHYZ, JEAN L                 FACULTY                                                    17310
MURPHYZ, KENNETH                GRAPHIC DESIGNER SUPERVISR                                 54504
MURPHYZ, KERRIE S               FACULTY                                                   830.88
MURRAYZ, LISA MARIE             FACULTY                                                 72423.95
MURRELLZ, PATRICK               COORDINATOR                                                52020
MUSTEIKIS-RANKISZ, DANUTE       FACULTY                                                  59332.6
MYERSZ, RICHARD KENNETH         FACULTY                                                 17494.64
MYRICKZ, DIANE                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                                 41124
NAGLEZ, HEATHER K               FACULTY                                                  8862.72
NELSONZ, HAROLD                 FACULTY                                                 25686.93
NELSONZ, KANDEE D               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               43595.47
NELSONZ, LAWRENCE E             INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               19174.77
NELSONZ, MURIEL J               FACULTY                                                    24234
NELSONZ, PATRICIA               DIR OF STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                              68709.24
NEORRZ, CYNTHIA LEE             FACULTY                                                     3462
NEWMANZ, WILLIS C               FACULTY                                                110049.45
NGUYENZ, LUC VAN                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
NIELSENZ, CARMELLEE A           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
NIEVESZ, JOSE L                 CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 49621.81
NOLLZ, MITCHELL E               FACULTY                                                     6924
NOLLZ, TERESA LC                FACULTY                                                  20129.6
NORMANZ, ELIZABETH S            FACULTY                                                 59069.47
NORTONZ, AMY CLAYTON            FACULTY                                                    10386
NORTONZ, SHEILA KENSMOE         FACULTY                                                 63047.81
NUCCIARONEZ, MONICA A           FACULTY                                                 74291.13
NUESSMANNZ, CINDY E             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34746.08
OAKESZ, DARLENE MAE             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34335
OLSEN-TIGLAOZ, KATHERINE A      FACULTY                                                 70356.89
OLSON RUDENKOZ, JENNIFER S      FACULTY                                                  18783.4
OLSONZ, SANDRA K                FACULTY                                                     6974
OLSONZ, SHARON KAY              PART TIME FACULTY                                            450
ORRANGEZ, WILLIAM R             FACULTY                                                    66540
OSBORNZ, ELIZABETH LOUISE       PART TIME FACULTY                                            600
OSTROMZ, MARK L                 FACULTY                                                121223.77
OVALLEZ, JO ANN                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         31869
OWENZ, KENNETH L                FACULTY                                                 54315.43
OWENSZ, ROY LEE                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             30562.92
PAILLETTEZ, BEVERLY I           FACULTY                                                 29263.88
PALEKZ, MARJORIE ELAINE         FACULTY                                                    24234
PALMERZ, VICKY L                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     38153.33
PALOMOZ, ARLYN T                PROGRAM SPEC 2                                             42588
PANZ, ROSALIE                   FACULTY                                                 71606.03
PARHOMSKIZ, KATHRYN LEE         EXECUTIVE ASST TO DEAN                                     48168
PARKZ, KEITH K                  FACULTY                                                  29580.8
PARKSZ, MICHAEL W               FACULTY                                                 69305.06
PASINATOZ, MISHELLE R           FACULTY                                                 53931.33
PAULSONZ, DORENE ELIZABETH      FACULTY                                                    13848
PAYNTERZ, STEVEN MICHAEL        IT DATA PROCESSOR 2                                      9220.93
PEDERSENZ, MORRIS R             PART TIME FACULTY                                            238
PERKINSZ, BARBARA J             LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                 40946.13
PERRYMANZ, JANET C              FACULTY                                                  7293.28
PESHTAZZ, EDREASE ASIFY         PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  35397.55
PETERSENZ, PATRICIA J           RECRUIT/HR OPERATIONS MGR                                  57000
PETERSONZ, JOE V                FACULTY                                                    45006
PETERSONZ, KEITH H              BLDG AND GROUNDS SUPV C                                    69756
PHELPSZ, THOMAS D               FACULTY                                                 82905.48
PHILLIPSZ, MARGARET ELAINE      CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 1                               19271.63
PHOMMAVONGSAYZ, OULAY           CUSTODIAN 1                                             30640.76
PICKENSZ, BETHEL VIANA          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     46264.74
PICKERINGZ, PATRICIA A          FACULTY                                                  9231.76
PICKERINGZ, THOMAS J            FACULTY                                                 73953.85
PINKISZ, SUSAN J                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                 31985.35
PIPERZ, REBECCA LYNN            FACULTY                                                 60721.52
PISETZNERZ, JEFFREY             FACULTY                                                 66540.72
PLANNZ, SANDRA J                INTN'L MARKETING MANAGER                                 55156.5
PLOURDEZ, DAWN M                FACULTY                                                 13305.62
POLLARD JOHNSONZ, LORI J        FACULTY                                                    24234
POLLARDZ, ANDREA F              PART TIME FACULTY                                           5055
POPPEN-EAGANZ, NIKKI MICHELLE   FACULTY                                                 69723.85
POTSUBAYZ, RICHARD TAYLOR       FACULTY                                                 22563.24
POTTERZ, RENEE GLENN            FACULTY                                                  19144.8
POWELLZ, BRYAN R                GRANTS & RES DEVEL MGR                                   53580.6
POWELLZ, MARTA BROWN            FACULTY                                                    10386
POWERZ, SUSAN M                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
PRETTYZ, JOELLE L               DIRECTOR, TRIO SSS PROGRAM                                 57000
PREVOZ, BETH ANNE               FACULTY                                                 13446.38
PRIESTZ, MICHAEL R              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
PRIGGEZ, ARTHUR J               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    49386
PRITCHETTZ, ELVIRA M            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        33146.5
PURUGGANANZ, BRIAN              FACULTY                                                   6609.5
PUTMANZ, B FOLSOM               FACULTY                                                 53566.55
QUINTINSKIEZ, JOHN JOSEPH       FACULTY                                                  12177.5
RADCLIFFEZ, KATHERINE A         FACULTY                                                   761.64
RAINEYZ, RICHARD L              FACULTY                                                    10386
RALSTINZ, KENDRA M              FACULTY                                                 15592.52
RAMIREZZ, DAVID M               FACULTY                                                  5204.28
RAMIREZZ, DEBORAH EILEEN        FACULTY                                                 57273.38
RAMMELZ, PATSY LYN              BENEFITS MANAGER                                           47802
RAPPEZ, MARIE CHRISTINE         PAINTER LEAD                                            45860.55
RASMUSSENZ, MELONIE             FACULTY                                                 54604.43
REASONERZ, TIMOTHY              FACULTY                                                 23610.84
REAVESZ, DEIRDRE LIANA          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       29399.61
REDWINEZ, TOMMIE JO             FACULTY                                                    17310
REECEZ, DEBORAH SUE             FACULTY                                                  19156.4
REEDZ, DANIEL V                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
REEVESZ, LISA ANN               DIRECTOR OF CONTINUING ED.                              67433.81
REINKEZ, DEBRA R                FACULTY                                                 27783.21
REUBELZ, ANDREA L               FACULTY                                                  2215.68
RICCAZ, DONNA JEAN              FACULTY                                                  6366.41
RICHARDSZ, MARY M               ASST FINANCIAL AID DIRECTR                                 48168
RICHTIGZ, CHRISTINE D           OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      24759.47
RICKERTSENZ, MAUREEN F          CAMPUS SECURITY SERGEANT                                56094.65
RIGGSZ, ELIZABETH B             FACULTY                                                 18519.87
RILEYZ, DARREL JAMES            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                   4869.26
RINKZ, CHRISTINA L              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32007.92
RITCHEYZ, ANN E                 INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                25971.73
RIVEIRAZ, ANGELIA NICOLE        PROGRAM SPEC 2                                           39960.5
ROBERTONZ, CAROLYN D            FACULTY                                                 59573.49
ROBERTSZ, JOAN E                FACULTY                                                 38377.99
ROBERTSZ, RANDY F               FACULTY                                                   2077.2
ROBERTSONZ, MARK ENOCH          FACULTY                                                   8308.8
ROBINETTZ, KATHY LYNN           FACULTY                                                   5049.6
ROBINSONZ, KAMI KEIKO           EXECUTIVE ASST TO VP                                    47107.71
ROBINSONZ, RORY P               EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       29472.73
ROBSONZ, LINDA C                FACULTY                                                 14493.32
ROGERSZ, CONNIE M               BUDGET MANAGER                                             48000
ROGGENKAMPZ, AUDREY S           FACULTY                                                     4887
ROHANZ, JENNIFER M              FACULTY                                                  22247.3
ROHOLTZ, JAMES DAVID            FACULTY                                                 51088.27
ROMEROZ, RAQUEL                 FACULTY                                                    999.4
ROMEROZ, VICKI SUSAN            FACULTY                                                 23782.25
ROSE-SCHWANZ, MARGOT            FACULTY                                                    28896
ROSEBERRYZ, JORENE              FACULTY                                                  26978.1
ROSENTHALZ, JOHN DAVID          FACULTY                                                    26032
ROSSIZ, CARMEN EUGENE           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  21662.09
ROUSSEAUZ, CHARLES              FACULTY                                                 20356.44
ROYALZ, EVELYN NORI             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
ROZZ, MARIA M                   EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR                                     88996.38
RUCKERZ, CAROLE L               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              37310.99
RUGARBERZ, NORMA G              FACULTY                                                 49989.72
RUSSELLZ, D. SHARON             FACULTY                                                    56674
RUSSELLZ, MARY A                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40574.95
RUSSELLZ, MARY LOUISE           FACULTY                                                 53882.07
RUTLEDGEZ, MARILYN R            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         27972
RYANZ, KRISTY MARIE             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       24112.97
SAARELAZ, LINDA A               FACULTY                                                 25663.66
SABETIZ, ROYA R                 DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                       75000
SAGERZ, ROBERT J                FACULTY                                                 83144.94
SALAKZ, ANN M                   DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                   102550.15
SALISBURYZ, R BRUCE             FACULTY                                                     6924
SALLADEZ, EARL                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38756.04
SAMMONSZ, GEOFFREY B            PART TIME FACULTY                                            600
SAMPLEZ, KURTIS F               COMPUTER CLUBHOUSE COORD                                50757.97
SAMUELSONZ, KRISTI              DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                                  29112
SANDENOZ, JULIA D               FACULTY                                                 36704.51
SANDERSZ, CONNIE MARIE          FACULTY                                                 86330.72
SANDINZ, JOHN W                 FACULTY                                                    10386
SANFORDZ, DONALD C              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
SARATSISZ, JULIANNE MARIE       PART TIME FACULTY                                           3600
SATTERLA-BREWERZ, CHRISTINA ROSEPROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       22633.11
SAUVAGEAUZ, ELIZABETH JULIA     FACULTY                                                    20772
SCANNELLZ, VICKI L              FACULTY                                                 63461.82
SCHEERZ, MELISSA D              FACULTY                                                     3762
SCHINDLERZ, RUTH B              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
SCHMITTZ, PATRICK E             CAMPUS PRESIDENT                                        77935.52
SCHOTTELKORBZ, MONTY G          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
SCHREIBER-GLODOWSKIZ, KRISTINA MFISCAL ANALYST 2                                           41879
SCHROEDERZ, KENNETH F           FACULTY                                                 45960.26
SCHUSTERZ, ANN K                FACULTY                                                  47067.4
SCHWARTZZ, RON                  FACULTY                                                 26399.75
SCOTTZ, ELIZABETH A             FACULTY                                                 46413.11
SCOTTZ, KAREN THOMAS            DIVISION CHAIRPERSON                                    89373.87
SCOTTZ, SAMUEL T                FACULTY                                                 46559.41
SCOTTZ, SHANNON M               CUSTOMER SVC SPECIALIST 3                               29743.36
SEAVYZ, BARBARA FAYE            FACULTY                                                   4181.2
SEEBERGERZ, CAROLYN FRANCES     PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        5284.27
SEGESSERZ, MARGARET MARIKO      PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                  40355.44
SEIVERZ, JILLENE G              FACULTY                                                 28895.41
SELSTEADZ, MARY C               FACULTY                                                    502.5
SERRANOZ, ALICIA M              SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
SERRANOZ, JUAN D D              STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                   31267.54
SHANNONZ, MARGUERITE V          FACULTY                                                   6867.3
SHAWZ, ROBERT DEAN              FACULTY                                                    17910
SHAWZ, STANLEY WENDELL          FACULTY                                                     3462
SHELDONZ, MICHAEL O             PART TIME FACULTY                                         1384.8
SHELTONZ, SURTIDA BHANDARI      PART TIME FACULTY                                         2077.2
SHERIDANZ, PHILIP               SPEC ASSIST PROG MGR TECH                                65757.6
SHERRELLZ, WILLIAM W            FACULTY                                                 71431.35
SHINZ, ASHLEY RYAN              FACULTY                                                  4950.66
SHUSTERZ, LAURIE M              FACULTY                                                 57134.61
SIMPSONZ, JOHN M                FACULTY                                                 83340.99
SIROTEKZ, SHELLEY RENAE         ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              45721.27
SLAUGHTERZ, ANN CHRISTINE       EC PROGRAM SPEC 3                                       35629.27
SLUPIANEKZ, JOYCE LEE ANN       SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33252.48
SMITHZ, ARNOLD K                FACULTY                                                    20070
SMITHZ, GARRET C                FACULTY                                                     1932
SMITHZ, GLENN                   FACULTY                                                  8749.25
SMITHZ, GREGORY H               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  12051.47
SMITHZ, JILLIAN ROSE            EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       25410.91
SMITHZ, JOAN RENEE              PAYROLL COORDINATOR                                     42806.64
SMITHZ, THOMAS M                FACULTY                                                  12463.2
SMITHZ, TRACY ANNE              FACULTY                                                   6231.6
SNAREZ, PAUL FINK               PART TIME FACULTY                                           1920
SOMMERSZ, WALT BLAIR            DIR OF STUDENT PROGRAMS                                 64328.15
SOREMZ, BLAKE D                 FACULTY                                                 59094.44
SPADONIZ, MARGARET M            FACULTY                                                 19649.89
SPAINZ, LOUIS A                 PROGRAM SPEC 2                                             37131
SPANOZ, CYNTHIA ANN             FACULTY                                                 15710.88
SPENCERZ, JENNIFER R A          FACULTY                                                  28978.2
SPRAYZ, JANNETTE MARIE          FACULTY                                                    20772
STANEFFZ, JOHN                  FACULTY                                                 35744.21
STARRZ, JANINA L                FACULTY                                                 59017.97
STATZERZ, SHYLOWE D             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              41182.22
STEELEZ, JOELLE                 PART TIME FACULTY                                           1365
STEPHENSZ, HILLARY DIANNE       FACULTY                                                 13275.82
STEPHENSZ, TIMOTHY P            GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 1                                29581.56
STEPHENSONZ, DIANA L            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45559.56
STETTINZ, RENE LORENE           FACULTY                                                 40877.16
STEVENSZ, HEATHER JEAN          FACULTY                                                   5589.2
STEVENSZ, MARTHA ELIZABETH      FACULTY                                                 73460.93
STEVENSZ, SANDRA W              FACULTY                                                  50399.3
STEVENSONZ, DUNCAN K            DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS                                   67436.96
STEVENSONZ, SABRINA MAY         PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       46881.64
STEVESONZ, JACQUELINE A         PART TIME FACULTY                                            120
STEWARDZ, AGNES BARRON          DIR OF STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                                 68709
STEWARTZ, GAIL A                FACULTY                                                    10386
STEWARTZ, SHARON L              FACULTY                                                   2077.2
STIGENZ, DIANE                  CUSTODIAN 2                                              30839.8
STOCKEZ, MICHAEL F              DEAN OF INSTITUTIONAL TECH                             115947.73
STODDARDZ, VICTORIA V           FACULTY                                                     3462
STOLZZ, ANN ELIZABETH           FACULTY                                                    20772
STORYZ, STEPHEN A               PART TIME FACULTY                                        2967.43
STOYLESZ, LORRI B               PART TIME FACULTY                                            200
STRIDEZ, OLGA G                 FACULTY                                                 26388.75
STRIPLINGZ, CARROL M            FACULTY                                                 21974.28
STRUCKZ, STEVEN B               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  50023.62
SUMERALLZ, JULIE N              EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       27664.49
SUNZ, KEY                       PART TIME FACULTY                                            312
SURBERZ, NANCIE RAE             FACULTY                                                 10867.05
SURINAZ, BLAKE JOSEPH           FACULTY                                                   9315.3
SWANZ, LAURIE                   FACULTY                                                    277.2
SWARTZ, KATHLEEN A              FACULTY                                                 53703.46
SWEETZ, MERRILL HENRY           FACULTY                                                 56618.95
SYDOWZ, DANELLA SARINA          FACULTY                                                  24008.4
TAKAYOSHIZ, JENNA NICOLE        EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       30856.29
TANNERZ, DEBRA A                INSTRUCTIONAL SUPP COORD                                25962.52
TARINZ, KRISTINE M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
TAYLORZ, JAMES T                DIR FACILITIES & CONST MGT                                 88000
TAYLORZ, MICHAEL H              IT PROJECT MANAGER                                      29592.96
TAYLORZ, PATRICIA               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                     37581
TAYLORZ, SWHANTA VERONIQUE      EC PROGRAM SPEC 3                                       35572.53
TEMPLE-THURSTONZ, PETER J       FACULTY                                                  17849.4
THISSENZ, ROBERT W              INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                  49368
THOMASZ, KENNETH W              CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
THOMASZ, ROBERT NORMAN          FACULTY                                                    228.5
THOMPSONZ, BENNIE CHARLES       FACULTY                                                 70532.48
THOMPSONZ, SYLVIE               PART TIME FACULTY                                            500
THOMSZ, BETH                    FACULTY                                                  37057.8
THORNZ, SELLAS                  PROGRAM SPEC 2                                          51477.68
TIBBITTSZ, RUSSELL BERNTSON     FACULTY                                                 55726.57
TIMBSZ, ANNE LOUISE             FACULTY                                                  14590.4
TINAYZ, PEETA MARIE             PART TIME FACULTY                                            400
TODDZ, KAREN S                  PART TIME FACULTY                                          126.5
TOMATICHZ, TERI LYN             FACULTY                                                     6924
TORELLZ, BRYAN N                PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     42588
TREANTONZ, LEONARD PAUL         FACULTY                                                  8910.05
TROCCOLIZ, VINCENT P            FACULTY                                                 26172.72
TURNERZ, ARTHUR                 FACULTY                                                 17263.84
TURPINZ, MARK A                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 4                                38656.41
UGLICKZ, LYNN                   FACULTY                                                     3462
UHRICHZ, LESLIE W               FACULTY                                                 86339.97
VALDES CRESPOZ, PEDRO M         FACULTY                                                 27868.41
VAN ALSTYNEZ, ELLEN MICHELLE    FACULTY                                                 13011.89
VANDENBOSZ, GARY WILLIAM        FACULTY                                                   7283.6
VANDEPUTTEZ, STACIE L           FACULTY                                                    17310
VANDUYNZ, DONNA J               PART TIME FACULTY                                            841
VANNESONZ, CHRISTOPHER T        FACULTY                                                 98645.97
VERKUYLZ, JENNIFER RENEE        FACULTY                                                   727.02
VIHLENZ, ENROTH                 FACULTY                                                    10386
VOIRINZ, ANDREA                 PART TIME FACULTY                                            900
VON HASSELNZ, WILLIAM P         BUDGET DIRECTOR                                         68005.13
VONDERSCHEERZ, ANDREA M         MIL PROG STU SUPPORT MGR                                   51000
VONEHRENKROOKZ, SUSAN IOLA      PART TIME FACULTY                                           3255
VONGERICHTENZ, JOAN M           PART TIME FACULTY                                            309
WALSHZ, LINDA L                 FACULTY                                                   8529.1
WALSHZ, TAMERA K                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
WALSHZ, WENDY LYNNE             FACULTY                                                 26235.35
WALTONZ, MARIA LYNN             PROGRAM SPEC 2                                           37364.5
WARDZ, LISA MICHELLE            FACULTY                                                      526
WARMANZ, WENDY NATALIE          PART TIME FACULTY                                            100
WARMINGTONZ, CURTIS W           FACULTY                                                 70333.94
WARNERZ, ROBERT PATRICK         CUSTODIAN 2                                              10286.5
WARRENZ, AMY V                  FACULTY                                                 73207.23
WATKINSZ, ARTHUR L              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5                                    78900
WATTSZ, LESLIE G                FACULTY                                                 17864.28
WATTSZ, VICTORIA MICHELLE       CUSTODIAN 1                                             31712.32
WEBSTERZ, STEPHANIE A           PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       38151.68
WEIGELTZ, GLEN LEE              FACULTY                                                   5564.2
WERBELZ, JULIE SABRA            FACULTY                                                     6949
WESTZ, CARLTON BRYAN            FACULTY                                                     6924
WEST-DAUGHERTYZ, MARIA T        PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        35094
WHITEZ, CHARLOTTE A             DIR, ENROLL SVS/REGISTRAR                               69234.54
WHITLINGZ, CLAUDIA L            PART TIME FACULTY                                            630
WHITNEYZ, AILEEN K              FACULTY                                                     3712
WICHMANZ, JANET                 PROGRAM SPEC 2                                             42588
WIDMANNZ, MELISSA ANNE          FACULTY                                                     3656
WILETZKYZ, LESLIE E             PART TIME FACULTY                                        8621.82
WILLDENZ, KURTIS S              FACULTY                                                 28076.82
WILLETTZ, CHRISTOPHER B         FACULTY                                                 62485.77
WILLIAMSZ, KENNETH ROY          EC PROGRAM SPEC 2                                       30884.16
WILLIAMSZ, SHIRLEY JO BARR      FACULTY                                                     3462
WILSONZ, JANET L                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               58788.17
WILSONZ, NATHANIEL W            FACULTY                                                     3462
WIRTHZ, CHAD C                  FACULTY                                                     3537
WISEMANZ, LAWRENCE F            FACULTY                                                 73941.35
WISZMANNZ, JOANN E              VP OF ADMINISTRATIVE SVCS                                 110313
WOLCOTTZ, MICHELLE MARIE        FACULTY                                                    34820
WOLDENZ, LUANN                  FACULTY                                                 58546.31
WOLFEZ, BETHEL G                FACULTY                                                 54303.58
WOLVERTONZ, JENNIFER K          FACULTY                                                 22122.18
WONGZ, DEBRA ML                 PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 2                                  33483.86
WOODZ, EMILY                    FACULTY                                                  58328.6
WOODZ, THEODORE J               FACULTY                                                  83271.5
WOODLIEFZ, ANN R                PAYROLL & BENEFITS COORD                                45475.47
WOODSZ, DONALD EUGENE           FACULTY                                                 76909.82
WORTHINGTONZ, GLENN RICHARD     PART TIME FACULTY                                           6000
WRIGHTZ, ELLEN MARIA            FACULTY                                                 52768.48
WRIGHTZ, FRANK C                FACULTY                                                    20772
WRIGHTZ, MIKE ANDREW            FACULTY                                                   6110.6
WULFESTIEGZ, ELLEN LOUISE       FACULTY                                                    14448
WUSCHERZ, MATTHEW A             MEDIA TECHNICIAN SUPERVISR                                 29874
WYCOFFZ, CORRINA M              FACULTY                                                 85439.64
XUZ, SHUREN                     FACULTY                                                101489.99
YAMASAKIZ, MIA C                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               42564.14
YANESZ, CARLOS                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    53074
YOCHUMZ, DENISE R               CAMPUS PRESIDENT                                        148223.9
YOUNGZ, KRISTINA KAREN          FACULTY                                                 32837.51
YOUNGZ, SUNNY JEAN              FACULTY                                                    16226
ZAGRODNIKZ, KAREN V             FACULTY                                                 29450.52
ZBARASCHUKZ, JENNIFER LYNN      FACULTY                                                  6777.15
ZEHRUNGZ, JENNIFER DRESSLER     FACULTY                                                 39299.14
ZELLERSZ, NANCY MARIE           FACULTY                                                    10386
ZENORZ, JANET ANN               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      25177.13
ZIMBLEMANZ, DANA MAE            FACULTY                                                 45063.06

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