This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Public Printer employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 138 multiple job employees (includes 16 duplicates) (2009, 130 employees) (2007, 131 employees) (2005, 130 employees) (2003, 132 employees) (2001, 141 employees) (1999, 118 employees) (1997, 90 employees) (1995, 118 employees)

The Department of Printing is a full-service provider of printing services and supplies. Originally, the Agency's primary mission was to provide economical printing to Olympia-based state agencies. Over the years, that mission has expanded to include the provision of printing supplies, digital pre-press and image-setting, binding, mailing and shipping, color digital, mounting and laminating, promotional items, envelopes, form contracts, graphic design and order processing, as well as specialty printing and a copy center. The Agency employs 132 people and generates over $31 million in revenue. While revenue decreased approximately 3.4 percent in fiscal year 2006, the Agency also decreased expenses by nearly the same amount. The Agency is anticipating revenues to exceed expenses in fiscal year 2007 by $350,000. The excess or profit is attributed to increased revenue in print management, envelopes and fulfillment while, at the same time, decreasing equipment expenses through recently negotiated contracts.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Public Printer List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ANDERSON,  ALEA M               PRT DPO                                                  2531.07
APPADURAI,  JEYAKUMAR           BBIII                                                   27185.78
BARLOW,  CHARLES A              PROD SPEC 3                                             44147.36
BARNDT,  JANINE KELLY           PRT COLOR DIGITAL PRESS OPERATOR                        45186.45
BEAR,  STARLIT DAWN             GRAPHIC DSN MGR                                         62214.77
BIPPERT,  JASON A               PRT CUSTOMER AND PRODUCTION SERV                         60711.2
BLAKE,  CHAD M                  CUST SVCS REP 2                                         35342.54
BOWLSBY,  GLENN P               PRT VARIABLE/MAILING SPEC 2                             45162.58
BROWN,  ANTHONY D               EMPLOYEE SRV MGR                                        67040.45
BURT,  CAROL J                  SHIP/REC LEAD                                           40127.46
CAIRY,  ROBERT A                PRT ENVELOPE ADJUSTER                                   55060.18
CHARLES,  CRUZ M                BBI                                                     31930.41
CHARLES,  CRUZ M                BBI APPRENTICE                                          23088.81
CHASE,  MICHAEL C               PRESSROOM LEAD                                          60502.38
CHRISTOPHER,  MICHAEL           INFO TCH APP SP4                                        68687.39
CLARK,  LYNLEY IRENE            PRT HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                             1863
CLAUSEN,  JON J                 BBI                                                     51935.98
COTTRELL,  JUSTIN O             BBI                                                     49913.12
DALEY,  RANDALL                 PRT IT PROJECT MANAGER                                  75810.71
DARRAGH,  LINDA S               ELEC P-PRESS SP                                         60309.43
DARRAH,  DAVID L                PRT DPO LEAD                                            37440.35
DEAN,  NORMAN E                 DPO2                                                     3115.95
DERKACHT,  PAMELA SUSAN         ASST DIRECTOR                                           32199.52
DEVIS,  JEAN-LUC M              PUBLIC PRINTER                                          99598.23
DIAZ,  MICHAEL                  FIN ANALYST 2                                           41884.01
DIONNE,  JAMES M                UP-22" PRESS OP                                         43834.21
DOCTOR,  ARTHUR LEE             PRT DPO LEAD                                             3595.72
ELLISON,  JOAN L                FISCAL TECH                                             31436.84
ESTERGARD,  JULIE D             PRT BINDERY MANAGER                                     67040.45
FAUGHT,  JOSHUA PAUL            PRESS ASSISTANT                                         32751.39
FEEZELL,  KATHLEEN A            DPO- COLOR TECH                                          3303.98
FLAISIG,  EDWARD C              PRT COLOR DIGITAL PRESS OPERATOR                        43609.17
FORBES,  KATHLEEN J             PRT EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                 17618.99
FORTE,  JENNIFER L              PRT FULFILLMENT/DATA CENTER MANA                        67040.45
FREER,  ROBERT JOSEPH           BBIII                                                   28563.87
FREYMOND,  ERICA L              IT APP SPEC 3                                           62214.77
FREYMOND,  STEVEN M             PRT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAG                        82307.97
GISI,  PAUL                     ASST PREPRES SUP                                        64125.21
GOEKE,  RALPH E                 ELEC P-PRESS SP                                         10253.68
GORGAS,  DANIEL W               BBI                                                     51339.36
HALL,  ANTHONY                  PRT FULFILLMENT/DATA CENTER MANA                         38770.5
HALL,  ANTHONY                  PRT PRODUCTION NIGHT MANAGER                             19200.8
HALL,  BRANDON LEE              IT APP SPEC 2                                           49838.47
HANSEN,  MARC T                 OVR 22" PRS OP6C                                        58057.01
HANSON,  MARY J                 DIGITAL PRINT OP                                         3851.25
HARDING,  EDWIN S               UP-22" PRESS OP                                         42965.49
HART,  CRYSTAL K                PRT PERFORMANCE MGMT ANALYST                            65358.51
HATFIELD,  WAYNE A              PRESS ASSISTANT                                         34484.32
HAUNREITER,  KEITH D            BBI                                                      1145.28
HAYES,  DIXIE J                 OV 22" PRS OPR4C                                        53807.36
HENDERSON,  RONALD S            PRINTING BUYER                                          39889.24
HOANG,  TAI A                   BBIII                                                    26973.7
HOWARD,  JASON K                BBI APPRENTICE                                          36744.71
HOWARD,  JASON K                BBII APPRENTICE                                          7271.68
HOWARD,  JEREMY SCOTT           BBIII                                                   25388.46
HURD,  OLIVER B                 PURCHASING MGR                                          59803.76
HUSTED,  BRIAN LEE              BBII                                                    21435.54
HUSTED,  BRIAN LEE              BBII APPRENTICE                                         16081.68
JAUKEN,  LANCE D                UP-22" PR OP LD                                         50704.38
JOHNSON,  LAURA                 PRT CUSTOMER RELATIONS MGR                              56000.42
KESSELER,  JEFFERY W            PROD SCHEDULER                                          49850.74
LANTZY,  WILLIAM A              BBI-LEAD SWING                                          55186.53
LE,  THUAN V                    BBIII                                                    1856.73
LITTLEJOHN,  KELLY J            CUST SERV REP 1                                         33693.53
LITTLEJOHN,  KELLY J            PRINTING BUYER                                           1485.41
LOFGREN,  CARL N                PRT DIGITAL PREPRESS TECH                               49885.55
LOFGREN,  PAUL D                BBI                                                     30558.84
LOFGREN,  PAUL D                BBI APPRENTICE                                          21673.92
LONG,  ERIC F                   DPO - AREA COORD                                         3075.62
LUGAR,  MARLEA E                PRT ACCOUNTING SUPERVISOR                               12231.27
LUND,  JON                      OVR 22" PRS OP6C                                        58367.14
MAHONEY,  MICHAEL S             PRINTING BUYER                                          41884.01
MALLOY,  CHRISTOPHER            PRESSROOM LEAD                                          60291.72
MANSUY,  SCOTT CHRISTOPHER      BBIII                                                   27563.99
MAPU,  FAAMANUIA                PRT ENVELOPE OPERATOR                                   29850.57
MAPU,  TULELEI LEI              DIGITAL PRINT OP                                         5971.21
MARTINEZ,  MARIA R              PRT DPO                                                 33803.52
MAYGRA,  DANIEL J               PRT PRE-PRESS MANAGER                                   67040.45
MC KEOWN,  DENISE A             BBI-MAIL ASST                                           29753.16
MCKINLAY,  MICHAEL LEE          PRT PLANT MANAGER                                       81664.09
MCMILLAN,  JONATHAN V           PRESS ASSISTANT                                         34479.34
MOLENDA,  DEBORAH A             FIN ANALYST 1                                           39889.24
MOONEY,  JUDY A                 PROD SPEC 3                                             36278.78
NGUYEN,  THANH THE              DPO- COLOR TECH                                         16291.55
NGUYEN,  THANH THE              PRT DPO                                                 24616.39
ORTIZ,  GARY R                  DPO- COLOR TECH                                          5318.69
PADILLA,  MICHAEL               BBIII                                                    5733.29
PADILLA,  MICHAEL               PRT ENVELOPE OPERATOR                                   23075.62
PATERSON,  KATHY L              CUST SERV REP 3                                         38408.19
PETERSON,  JEFFREY D            PRNT/CNRCT MGR                                           52368.3
PHILPOT,  PATRICIA              CUST SERV REP 1                                          4910.92
PHILPOT,  PATRICIA              CUST SVCS REP 2                                         26251.68
PICKARD,  THOMAS                CUST SVCS REP 2                                          3736.09
PRITCHARD,  TAMMIE J            BBIII                                                   13391.35
PRUETT,  DARRELL A              GRAPHIC DESIGN 2                                        34580.78
RAPACZ,  BRIAN P                PROD SPEC 3                                             43845.74
ROWLEY,  SEIBERT L              PRT VARIABLE PRINT/MAILING SPECI                        49838.47
RUPP,  JOSEPH R                 OVR 22" PRS OP2C                                         6090.52
SCANNELL,  CORNELIUS            DPO- COLOR TECH                                         14474.97
SCANNELL,  CORNELIUS            PRT DPO                                                 20709.18
SCHAEFFER,  ERIN R              BBIII                                                   27663.02
SCHOELLER,  PAUL                BBIII                                                    9891.51
SCHOEN,  ANDREW C               DOC CENT MGR                                            62214.77
SCHULTZ,  CYNTHIA L             CUST SERV REP 3                                         10334.91
SEDLACEK,  STANLEY              PRINTING BUYER                                            6266.2
SHRIVER,  AMOS                  BBIII                                                    2125.43
SHRIVER,  TRAVIS D              BBIII                                                   28488.78
SILVA,  JANICE M                DPO- COLOR TECH                                         14474.96
SILVA,  JANICE M                PRT DPO                                                 20502.18
SIMPSON,  JEANNIE L             PRINTING BUYER                                          40928.51
SIMPSON,  JEANNIE L             PRT FARMOUT SUPERVISOR                                      2007
SKINNER,  KARA LEE              FIN ANALYST 2                                           44017.16
SMITH,  JESSE A                 PRT ENVELOPE ADJUSTER                                   45973.62
SMITH,  JESSE A                 PRT ENVELOPE OPERATOR                                     2180.7
SMITH,  JOHN G                  ELEC PRE-PRESS                                          49148.16
SMITH,  MARY ELLEN              FIN ANALYST 2                                            5383.18
STANSBURY,  MARY J              SHIP/REC LEAD                                           40906.48
STAVEE,  ANTOINETTE M           BBII                                                    33046.81
STRAND,  KIRSTIN E              BBI                                                     50266.51
SWANDA,  JOLAINE J              SALES REP                                               44856.75
SWISHER,  DANIEL H              ASST DIRECTOR                                           85185.16
THARALDSON,  DAVID A            DPO- COLOR TECH                                         14474.97
THARALDSON,  DAVID A            PRT DPO                                                  20502.2
THOMAS,  MARY SUSAN             CUST SVCS REP 2                                         16952.03
THOMPSON,  TSUNEKO              PRT BUSINESS MANAGER                                     7628.02
TRAN,  KENNY THIEN              DPO- COLOR TECH                                         16557.06
TRAN,  KENNY THIEN              PRT DPO                                                 26054.29
TRAN,  PHUONG C                 FIN ANALYST 3                                           47449.88
TUCKETT,  DAVID L               PRT BUSINESS MANAGER                                    62661.01
TYLER,  TERRY A                 PURCHASING ASST                                          3208.91
VANBRUNT,  CLARICE N            BBII                                                    35464.33
VASQUEZ,  KATHERINE IYALL       PRT CONTRACT PROGRAM MANAGER                                2568
WALKER,  JOEL A                 PRESS ASSISTANT                                         33599.92
WILLIAMS,  GERALD D             CUST SVCS REP 2                                         38358.66
WILSON,  JAMES ANTHONY          BBII APPRENTICE                                         22390.28
WILSON,  JAMES ANTHONY          BBIII                                                    6670.11
WRIGHT,  DAVID S                BBI                                                     52107.88
ZIMMERMAN,  MICHAEL P           PRT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS DEVELOPER                        75810.71

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