This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Renton Technical College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 551 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 809 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 881 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 453 employees) (2003, 399 employees) (2001, 408 employees) (1999, 387 employees) (1997, 401 employees) (1995, 367 employees)

Renton Technical College was founded in 1942. Located in Renton, the College is one of 34 community and technical colleges in the state. Over 19,000 students attend the College in more than 80 program areas including training programs, continuing education, community education, apprenticeships, basic studies and general education. The 2004-05 operating budget was approximately $28.8 million, of which state appropriation was approximately $14.2 million. The 2005-06 operating budget was approximately $29.4 million, of which state appropriation was approximately $14.9 million. The College has approximately 86 full-time faculty members, 162 part-time faculty members and 176 staff members (51 exempt and 125 classified). A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of College operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Renton Technical College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                             Job Title                        2010 Gross Earnings
ACARZ, ELIF BARCIN               FACULTY                                                   18688.39
ACHARYAZ, SOM N                  FACULTY                                                     317.99
ACKERSONZ, RONALD D              CATERING HELPER                                             1605.3
ACKERSONZ, SHAA C                REGISTRATION CLERK                                           14805
ADAMSZ, RANDY S                  PART-TIME FACULTY (RFT)                                   31083.72
AGHABEGIANZ, DIANA E             FACULTY                                                     6486.3
AHRENSZ, JAYNE E                 LIBRARY CLERK                                              3630.12
AJIBOYEZ, OLUWASAYO A            FACULTY                                                    7164.02
ALANISZ, PABLO A                 CATERING LEAD COOK                                        12099.16
ALIZ, NASIR M                    FACULTY                                                    4152.51
ALLENZ, SALLY J                  HUMAN RESOURCE ASST DIR                                   58496.16
ALMAZANZ, MARISHA J              CATERING HELPER                                            4323.35
ANTHONYZ, VALERIE A              WORKFST REPORT COORDINATOR                                35201.68
ARAGONZ, DANIEL C                FACULTY                                                   61060.61
ARNDTZ, COLLEEN Y                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST III                                   29798.16
ARNDTZ, EDWARD M                 AUTOMOTIVE CUST SERV SPEC                                 25401.27
ARTHURZ, MARCIA M                FACULTY                                                   74591.97
AWSZ, MARY A                     CASHIER/GREETER                                            2556.22
AYERSZ, LORRAINE M               STOREROOM CLERK                                           25238.12
BABELZ, SHWETA                   FACULTY                                                   39591.02
BAEDERZ, PAUL S                  FACULTY                                                   75414.71
BAGNELLZ, GARY P                 TOOL ROOM ATTENDANT                                       22490.63
BAILEYZ, DWAYNE S                CATERING LEAD COOK                                        20168.76
BAILEYZ, STARLA K                FACULTY                                                    9034.76
BAINBRIDGEZ, DANIEL J            FACULTY                                                    52405.4
BAKERZ, BARRY A                  DIRECTOR PLANT OPERATIONS                                    76008
BANKSZ, VICTOR J                 FACULTY                                                     299.28
BATESZ, JOANNE E                 FACULTY                                                    2805.75
BAUMANZ, SUSAN J                 FACULTY                                                    1181.09
BAXTERZ, MARY L                  CASHIER/GREETER                                            9244.05
BEALZ, LOUISA                    FACULTY                                                   13415.22
BEERSZ, DIANA J                  EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT/PRES                                   23686.1
BELLZ, DORTHETTA M               FACULTY                                                   15094.95
BELLZ, JOHNNY                    FACULTY                                                   20202.11
BENNZ, THOMAS E                  COOK HELPER                                               20517.49
BENNEDSENZ, ELIZABETH A          FACULTY                                                    1776.41
BENSHOOFZ, KELLY A               FACULTY                                                     4713.6
BENSONZ, PHILIP H                FACULTY                                                   13129.71
BERGHAMMERZ, STACY M             HEALTH CARE ED PROG COORD                                    49248
BERGSTROMZ, GREGG S              FACULTY                                                     1870.5
BERKSHIREZ, LETA R               FACULTY                                                   28918.44
BERRYSMITHZ, CONNIE L            FACULTY                                                    66330.1
BIELLZ, MICHAEL E                FACULTY                                                   63866.31
BIGELOWZ, DONOVAN R              FACULTY                                                   49863.97
BIGONYZ, MARC W                  FACULTY                                                   65570.33
BILDERBACKZ, ABIGAIL L           CATERING HELPER                                             844.53
BINGAMANZ, ANN M                 HELP DESK COORDINATOR                                     50332.96
BISSETTZ, ELIZABETH A            FACULTY                                                   36801.71
BISYAKZ, SHERYL L                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST V                                     37812.16
BJORKZ, JEREMY J                 CATERING LEAD COOK                                        10761.85
BOATWRIGHTZ, JASON M             FACULTY                                                   94373.85
BOFUZ, NAKAI K                   CATERING HELPER                                             881.04
BOHRENZ, FRITZ L                 BOOKSTORE INVENTORY CLERK                                  4920.19
BOONZ, CELVA L                   OPPORTUNITY GRANT CASE MGR                                46000.08
BOOTHZ, BRET E                   FACULTY                                                     523.74
BOVARDZ, LARRY A                 FACULTY                                                   66139.82
BRADFORDZ, RUTH B                WORKSOURCE SPECIALIST                                      20753.3
BRADSHAWZ, MIA A                 GRAPHIC ARTIST                                            35301.68
BRASFIELDZ, NANCY J              CASHIER                                                   11882.73
BRAUNSTEIN-POSTZ, KAREN L        FACULTY                                                   73168.68
BRESSLERZ, DONALD E              RTC PRESIDENT                                            143952.55
BRINKZ, HOWARD W                 FACILITIES SPECIALIST                                      49462.5
BROCKZ, MICHAEL A                SEASONAL GROUNDS WORKER                                    3694.68
BROTHERSZ, RONALD A              FACULTY                                                     2244.6
BROWNZ, DIANA MARIE L            BOOKSTORE CLERK                                           22409.55
BROWNZ, PATRICIA D               FACULTY                                                    3062.88
BROWNZ, RACHELL L                ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I                                  428.76
BRUAZ, STACIE L                  FACULTY                                                   24896.36
BRYANTZ, JEANMARIE               SUBSTITUTE SECRETARY                                          3770
BUIZ, HOANG H                    CUSTODIAN I                                                34180.8
BURKEZ, RICHARD C                FACULTY                                                      374.1
BURNETTEZ, JOHN C                FACULTY                                                   23512.68
BURNHAMZ, SUSAN J                FACULTY                                                     374.11
BURRELLZ, DE ETTA                FACULTY                                                   78530.21
BUTLER WILLSZ, SARAH             FACULTY                                                    9792.31
BUZARZ, SANDRA L                 FACULTY                                                   15571.92
CAHOONZ, PENNY L                 STUDENT INTAKE SPECIALIST                                 15187.76
CAINZ, JULIE A                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I                                  964.71
CALHOUNZ, CLAYTON H              FACULTY                                                    4208.63
CALLOWAYZ, ELAINE                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST IV                                    30891.12
CALNANZ, TERRI A                 FACULTY                                                   17781.72
CAMERONZ, PHILIP M               FACULTY                                                   40080.08
CAMPBELLZ, CATHERINE M           DENTAL CLINIC COORDINATOR                                 46408.72
CAMPBELLZ, HOWARD J              FACULTY                                                   71684.51
CANTUZ, TERRAH                   CHILD CARE LEAD II                                        34566.02
CANZANOZ, MICHELLE L             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST III                                   26981.36
CARRZ, HSOU YOE                  BAKER HELPER                                              16680.55
CARROLLZ, CORNELIUS T            FACULTY                                                      15652
CARROLLZ, PATRICIA A             CATERING HELPER                                            2172.83
CASEZ, JAMES R                   FACULTY                                                    3638.13
CATOZ, MADALYN A                 FACULTY                                                     112.23
CAVANAGHZ, BRYAN J               CATERING HELPER                                             259.45
CAVANAGHZ, SEAN M                CATERING HELPER                                             320.25
CHADWICKZ, JOHN L                DEAN/BASIC STUDIES                                        65574.61
CHAKRAVARTYZ, PATRICIA L         RESEARCH ANALYST                                          28626.08
CHAMBERLINZ, MARTHA J            FACULTY                                                   74792.66
CHANGZ, LY HOUN                  REGISTRATION COORDINATOR                                  45912.58
CHAPINZ, TERENCE J               FACULTY                                                     1496.4
CHAVERSZ, KATHY L                PUBLIC INFORMATION SPEC                                   54600.36
CHENZ, YUEH-LIN                  LIBRARY SPECIALIST                                        26758.76
CHOIZ, DONMEE                    FACULTY                                                   68540.22
CHOUZ, DEBBIE S                  BASIC STUDIES ASSISTANT I                                 25285.07
CHRISTMANZ, NANCY                COPY CENTER MAILROOM CLERK                                29882.16
CIOBANUZ, LUDMILA I              FACULTY                                                    5761.14
CLAARZ, AARON J                  FACULTY                                                     2696.4
COANZ, JAMES A                   FACULTY                                                     255.24
COGGINZ, ROBERT A                CUSTODIAN I                                               34379.39
COLEZ, STEPHEN J                 FACULTY                                                   17064.15
COLEMANZ, BARTHENIA M            FACULTY                                                   22147.31
COLLIN-CLAUSENZ, CYNTHIA C       FACULTY                                                   40403.27
COLLINSZ, TONYA J                CATERING HELPER                                            2986.27
CONRADZ, CHARLENE A              FACULTY                                                    1225.18
COOKSEYZ, MARTIN P               FACULTY                                                   86548.62
CORBETTZ, TIMOTHY J              FACULTY                                                   68867.91
CORDEROZ, JULIA B                CONST CTR OF EXCELLENC DIR                                25242.67
CORRZ, SEAN D                    FACULTY                                                    3235.97
CORTEZZ, EVERETT F               DISHWASHER                                                16316.75
CRUMBZ, DEBRA A                  FACULTY                                                   74398.23
CRUSEZ, ANDREA R                 CASHIER/GREETER                                              772.8
CSISEKZ, JULIE R                 FACULTY                                                   63616.31
CULLERZ, BARBARA Z               FACULTY                                                   64859.66
CULLERZ, TIMOTHY A               FACULTY                                                   66001.11
CULWELLZ, CHERYL A               ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK                                       35908
CULWELLZ, PERRY N                PURCHASING AGENT                                          57341.48
CUSICKZ, NANCY L                 FACULTY                                                   60065.03
CUTLERZ, JAMES R                 FACULTY                                                   19960.92
DAHLGRENZ, SHEILA M              FACULTY                                                   32205.34
DALMARZ, OMAR                    CUSTODIAN I                                               29866.35
DAMANZ, PATRICIA M               FACULTY                                                   29123.39
DANIELSZ, MARK E                 CUSTODIAN V                                               43477.18
DARNALLZ, MONTI L                FACULTY                                                    6125.91
DAVISZ, ROBERT E                 COMPUTER SYSTEM TECHNICIAN                                56564.64
DAVISZ, TODD B                   BOOKSTORE BUYER                                           38254.08
DAWALDZ, KYE L                   FACULTY                                                   32831.93
DEBRUYNZ, KAREN A                EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT/PRES                                  47625.36
DEDMONZ, CHERYL A                FACULTY                                                    73890.4
DEL REYZ, STERLING K             FACULTY                                                    3703.59
DELEUWZ, ANDY D                  FACULTY                                                    1795.68
DEMINGZ, JONATHAN M              FACULTY                                                   18018.54
DEVINEZ, JOHN H                  FACULTY                                                   75806.68
DEWITTZ, SUSAN M                 REGISTRATION CLERK                                        14066.43
DICKSONZ, DAVID K                FACULTY                                                   65394.47
DIENIZ, TONI L                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASST V                                     35001.12
DILLEYZ, ROY A                   FACULTY                                                     645.32
DOMBROWSKIZ, ALEXANDER           FACULTY                                                    11756.1
DOUTHITZ, MARTIN E               FACULTY                                                   69166.23
DOWNEYZ, DONALD P                FACULTY                                                    5779.86
DRINKWINEZ, JAMES E              FACULTY                                                   65911.76
DUFFYZ, PAUL S                   FACULTY                                                     2122.3
DUGANZ, GAIL L                   FACULTY                                                    72826.9
DUNCANZ, DONNA M                 REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   36349.92
DUNCANZ, JEFFREY D               FACULTY                                                     1139.6
DURBINZ, AUBREY L                FINANCIAL AID CLERK                                        8266.64
EAKINS-PLEDGERZ, JENNIFER A      SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN                                       1185.03
EDWARDSZ, COURTNEY R             CATERING HELPER                                             116.21
EDWARDSZ, MATTHEW B              FACULTY                                                    31617.6
EGBEJIMBAZ, LILIAN N             FACULTY                                                   43360.59
ELLINGSENZ, BARBARA E            FACULTY                                                     149.64
EMMERTZ, SIYEN A                 FACULTY                                                    7548.95
EMRYESZ, PAMELA A                FACULTY                                                   57434.07
ENGZ, NAHID M                    FACULTY                                                   41502.26
ENNIS-CANTWELLZ, ROBIN A         FACULTY                                                     215.11
ERVINZ, SHAWN L                  FACULTY                                                   63637.76
EVERETTZ, NATALIE J              FACULTY                                                    6883.44
EYLERZ, LAURA L                  FACULTY                                                   12813.87
FALCONERZ, ELIZABETH D           PART-TIME FACULTY (RFT)                                   79889.21
FALCONERZ, JOHN O                FACULTY                                                   39061.95
FASOLIZ, BRENT L                 CUSTODIAN III                                              37280.2
FASSETTZ, KOREY R                CATERING LEAD COOK                                        13761.96
FENNERZ, KAREN L                 FACULTY                                                     4838.8
FERNANDEZZ, SALVADOR             FACULTY                                                    3703.59
FIELDZ, DEAN R                   CATERING LEAD COOK                                         9028.25
FILMOREZ, ALKENNY N              FACULTY                                                    1047.48
FINNZ, WILLIAM H                 FACULTY                                                    2310.08
FISHERZ, JOHN R                  FACULTY                                                   72460.43
FISHERZ, LINDA L                 AUTOMOTIVE SHOP MANAGER                                   36932.04
FOBESZ, KINSEY K                 FACULTY                                                    6295.92
FOBESZ, MICHAEL J                FACULTY                                                   59405.01
FOLEYZ, KATHLEEN S               FACULTY                                                   27489.04
FOLTZZ, NEIL T                   FACULTY                                                   67818.17
FORBESZ, KARMA L                 FACULTY                                                   76951.43
FORDZ, JAMES W                   CUSTODIAN I                                               30815.46
FORESTZ, JAYNE                   FACULTY                                                   63194.61
FOWERSZ, RODNEY E                FACULTY                                                   21955.28
FRACASZ, LYELL J                 FACULTY                                                    2199.68
FREEMANZ, DAVID A                FACULTY                                                   64861.94
FUESZ, GRETCHEN L                FACULTY                                                     277.62
FULLERZ, BARBARA J               FACULTY                                                   23388.12
GALEZ, DEBRA E                   COMPUTER SYSTEM TECHNICIAN                                53768.26
GAPONZ, ANNA P                   FACULTY                                                   36678.61
GARCIAZ, ANTONIO                 CUSTODIAN I                                               27788.16
GARCIAZ, MARY J                  CUSTODIAN I                                               18345.46
GARDNERZ, CLIFFORD W             CUSTODIAN II                                               30808.4
GEISTZ, KENNETH R                FACULTY                                                   73172.76
GENTRYZ, KEENA C                 CATERING HELPER                                             556.72
GERGENZ, GLENN J                 FACULTY                                                    1571.22
GHARIBYANZ, LUSINE               ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SPEC                                  30757.87
GIBEAUZ, GREGG S                 FACULTY                                                    14585.4
GILBRAITHZ, KAREN E              FACULTY                                                   19060.41
GOLDSTEINZ, JASON P              FACULTY                                                       8838
GRACIEZ, REGINALD S              FACULTY                                                   21825.54
GRAHAMZ, EUNICE L                FACULTY                                                   20052.44
GRANTZ, DAVID C                  OUTREACH COORDINATOR                                      45121.24
GREENZ, BONNIE L                 FACULTY                                                    5312.36
GREENLEEZ, SUSAN M               FACULTY                                                    3920.85
GREERZ, GERI                     FACULTY                                                   12570.57
GUESSZ, EUGENE B                 CUSTODIAN I                                               15259.12
GUTIERREZZ, BARBARA E            FACULTY                                                   43683.57
HAECKLZ, ANTHONY N               FACULTY                                                     2992.8
HALLZ, SHELLEY A                 CHILD CARE MANAGER                                        20193.78
HANDZ, LESLIE K                  TESTING CENTER COORDINATOR                                 43335.2
HANKEZ, SVETLANA V               FACULTY                                                   43388.59
HANSONZ, GLENDA R                FACULTY                                                   75783.51
HANSONZ, STEVEN J                RTC PRESIDENT                                            173958.41
HANSONZ, TIMOTHY G               SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN                                        5095.5
HARDERZ, RUEL T                  FACULTY                                                     3403.2
HARPERZ, RACHEL L                EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT/INSTR                                 47459.04
HARRISONZ, SUSAN K               BOOKSTORE CLERK                                           20357.86
HARTZ, LINDA L                   FACULTY                                                   54210.29
HATCHERZ, EUGENE M               SEASONAL GROUNDS WORKER                                    7947.72
HEALEY-PIANELLIZ, MARY A         FACULTY                                                    2431.69
HEARN ZANGZ, KATHERINE           FACULTY                                                        410
HEDALZ, LAURA M                  CLIENT SERVICES MANAGER                                    55128.2
HEILSTEDTZ, MARTIN R             VICE PRES INSTRUCTION                                    106499.04
HENKEZ, BENJIE R                 REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   35164.96
HIBBITTZ, ROBERT Y               CUSTODIAN I                                                12817.8
HICKMANZ, DARYL L                FACULTY                                                    8578.09
HIGGINSZ, KATHLEEN M             FACULTY                                                   61560.51
HILLZ, DOMINIC P                 COMPUTER SYSTEM TECHNICIAN                                56745.13
HOZ, LOAN N                      CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                   9632.65
HOCKETTZ, CHRISTOPHER A          FACULTY                                                     149.64
HOFFMANZ, LINDSEY L              CASHIER/GREETER                                           10192.57
HOLMANZ, CURTIS M                FACULTY                                                   62513.29
HOLMES JRZ, JOHN R               FACULTY                                                     2356.8
HOLMESZ, SHERRIE L               FACULTY                                                   57842.88
HOUSEZ, JANET D                  FACULTY                                                   13738.18
HTETZ, THAN                      FACULTY                                                    3105.04
HUANGZ, DAMING                   FACULTY                                                    3591.36
HUDDLESTONZ, BENNY J             FACULTY                                                   56230.87
HUFTY-DAVISZ, ELIZABETH L        REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   29017.91
HUMPHREYZ, JOSHUA A              CATERING HELPER                                            1683.66
HUNTZ, DANA A                    SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN                                       6879.74
HURLEYZ, STEVEN D                FACULTY                                                    6135.41
HUYNHZ, MINH-DU V                DATA CLERK                                                32565.12
HYLANDZ, ANGELA L                FACULTY                                                     2992.8
IKOZ, MICHELLE J                 WORKER RETRAIN PLACE COORD                                40997.12
IRONSZ, CHRISTOPHER E            FACULTY                                                   11855.68
IZUTSUZ, MARGARET S              FINANCIAL AID SPECIALIST                                  31275.36
JAMESZ, ARLEN E                  FACULTY                                                   30147.77
JANDAZ, RUTH A                   CATERING HELPER                                             659.41
JANDERSZ, KRAMER S               CATERING HELPER                                             1370.2
JANSONZ, SCOTT A                 CATERING HELPER                                              81.08
JANUARYZ, VERDA L                REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   30891.12
JARAMILLOZ, MANDI D              CATERING HELPER                                            2609.31
JENKINSZ, KERRY W                CATERING HELPER                                             991.83
JENNERZ, CATHERINE A             UDL PROJECT COORDINATOR                                   48562.56
JINEZ, JULIE A                   ACCOMMODATION SUPPORT COOR                                 1675.96
JOHNSONZ, CHRISTOPHER M          DIR OF RESEARCH & DEVELOP                                    79588
JOHNSONZ, J RENEE                FACULTY                                                   37875.79
JOHNSONZ, KENNETH L              FACULTY                                                   11971.52
JOHNSONZ, MADELINE A             FINANCIAL AID SPECIALIST                                  31788.78
JOHNSONZ, MARK E                 AST DIR FINANCIAL SERVICES                                58821.12
JONESZ, LEWIS H                  FACULTY                                                    8729.98
JORDANZ, DENISE R                FACULTY                                                   73543.98
JOYCEZ, DAVID A                  SECURITY OFFICER                                          46947.11
KANZ, AKEMI                      FACULTY                                                    1309.35
KANGZ, BYEONG J                  CUSTODIAN II                                               19293.2
KANGASZ, MARY G                  FACULTY                                                   24410.01
KAPULEZ, RENDELL                 FACILITIES SPECIALIST                                      49104.2
KAPULEZ, RODNEY D                FACILITIES SPECIALIST                                     47742.95
KARSHEZ, HAWA D                  CUSTODIAN I                                               28964.86
KIDWELLZ, RHONDA R               SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN                                       1737.45
KIESLINGZ, GAY L                 DEAN/T&I & APPRENTICESHIP                                 82430.16
KIRKMANZ, EMILY A                FACULTY                                                     4944.6
KLUTHZ, KYLE A                   CATERING HELPER                                            6584.68
KNAFFZ, DOLORES C                FOOD SERVER                                               10792.95
KNUTSENZ, CHRISTOPHER            FACULTY                                                     2992.8
KOUSHIKZ, RASHMI M               FACULTY                                                   30272.08
KRAMERZ, SHARON E                SECURITY OFFICER                                          48624.35
KRIVANKAZ, NANCY L               FACULTY                                                     216.04
KRZYCKIZ, DENISE M               CATERING HELPER                                            1640.44
KUCHERNYUKZ, VIKTOR A            CUSTODIAN II                                               25763.5
KURLEZ, JEFFERY D                FACULTY                                                    15029.4
LAZ, VAN T                       CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                  28018.65
LABAREZ, STEVIE E                CATERING HELPER                                              83.78
LAFOUNTAINEZ, DENISE D           FACULTY                                                   31203.19
LALUMZ, KATHARYN E               CATERING LEAD COOK                                          192.48
LAMBDINZ, NANCI M                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST V                                     36250.92
LAMBERTYZ, DEBORAH L             FACULTY                                                     448.92
LANDESZ, GERRY L                 FACULTY                                                   70522.58
LAUNGZ, ANDREW                   CATERING LEAD COOK                                         2162.23
LAURIEZ, JAIRIS E                COMPUTER SYSTEM TECHNICIAN                                53200.51
LEZ, CUU V                       SEASONAL GROUNDS WORKER                                    5037.12
LEEZ, JAE H                      FACULTY                                                   55377.53
LEEZ, KENG YING S                FACULTY                                                    35008.3
LEEZ, THERESA V                  FACULTY                                                    5240.06
LEGGETTZ, CINDY M                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST V                                     37112.16
LEHNHOFFZ, LESLIE K              FACULTY                                                   36542.77
LEHNISZ, JULIE A                 FACULTY                                                    2180.04
LEMENAGERZ, MAGGIE A             FACULTY                                                   63218.09
LENTSCHZ, CYNTHIA A              FACULTY                                                     5955.6
LEONZ, DANTE J                   DEAN/TECHNOLOGY                                           82430.16
LEONTEZ, MAGDALENA               CATERING HELPER                                             283.76
LEONTEZ, MARIUS                  CATERING HELPER                                             808.07
LEPESKAZ, ALEXANDER B            FACULTY                                                   15794.95
LESMEISTERZ, MICHELE B           FACULTY                                                   92372.31
LEVIASZ, JOETTE                  CUSTODIAN I                                               34560.58
LEVITONZ, KATHY A                FACULTY                                                   72419.68
LEWISZ, GARY S                   FACULTY                                                     916.55
LOIZ, LAI IO                     CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                   8141.81
LOREENZ, KIMBERLY C              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST III                                   29798.16
LOSCHKYZ, HEATHER B              FACULTY                                                    1168.58
LOSOYAZ, ENRIQUE                 HEAD START LEAD TEACHER                                   23156.09
LOTTZ, MICHELLE L                CATERING HELPER                                             466.19
LYONSZ, CHRISTINA K              FACULTY                                                    1982.73
MADISONZ, JULIE A                CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                  30222.15
MAHERZ, DONNA L                  FACULTY                                                   72872.14
MAHONEYZ, DANIEL E               NETWORK SERVICES MANAGER                                  58496.16
MANTZZ, VALERIE A                FACULTY                                                   14196.59
MARCINZ, JACK C                  COOK                                                      31114.36
MARKHAMZ, SARAH M                CATERING HELPER                                             140.53
MARSHALLZ, DAVID                 FACULTY                                                    8008.07
MARSHALLZ, JOHN L                FACULTY                                                   53419.69
MARTINZ, CHRISTINE               FACULTY                                                     8311.2
MARTINEZZ, FRANCISCO             FACULTY                                                   81202.74
MARUSHIAZ, SEAN M                FACULTY                                                   11593.17
MASCORELLAZ, JOHN H              FACULTY                                                    2338.14
MAUERZ, CHARLES F                FACULTY                                                   16026.26
MAURERZ, ERIC L                  SECURITY OFFICER                                          37540.97
MAY-FARLEYZ, SHEILA M            FACULTY                                                   83640.55
MAZZONEZ, ANNA MARIE             FACULTY                                                      56.12
MCBRIDEZ, MICHAEL S              FACULTY                                                   69516.59
MCCLAINZ, MINETH E               DIRECTOR,SAFETY & SECURITY                                64169.04
MCCLENDONZ, JAMES F              CUSTODIAN I                                                6632.39
MCEWENZ, MICHAEL E               FACULTY                                                   65016.11
MCMURRICKZ, LISA R               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST II                                    17874.55
MEAKINZ, AL JR                   FACULTY                                                    8978.64
MEDBURYZ, DOUGLAS A              ASC DEAN CUL,DIR FOOD SVC                                 76663.24
MEDBURYZ, NANCY W                CONFIDENTIAL HR ASSISTANT                                 40836.96
MEGARGLEZ, SCOTT F               FACULTY                                                     448.92
MELINZ, CASSIE M                 CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                   6322.93
MELLONZ, JAMES A                 FACULTY                                                   74481.79
MERKENSZ, STEPHANIE V            FACULTY                                                      74.82
MERRELLZ, MELINDA M              VP ADMIN/FINANCE                                         106499.04
MICHENERZ, VERA V                FACULTY                                                   12448.82
MILLAREZ, REMEDIOS E             FACULTY                                                      25446
MILLSZ, HAROLD J                 FACULTY                                                     448.92
MOEZ, MARGARET S                 DEAN/BUSINESS OCC & GEN ED                                82430.16
MOHEBZ, PARVIZ                   FACULTY                                                    27894.2
MOIZ, LEAH A                     CASHIER/GREETER                                             1304.1
MOISESZ, MANUEL D                FACULTY                                                   40308.22
MONTEITHZ, JUSTIN T              GROUNDS WORKER LEAD                                       12612.26
MONTGOMERYZ, LOU E               FACULTY                                                    1999.38
MOOREZ, WILLIAM A                FACULTY                                                   17643.07
MOREENZ, MELISSA W               CATERING HELPER                                             259.44
MORROWZ, ROBERT                  CUSTODIAL/NIGHT MANAGER                                   55439.04
MULLERZ, BARBARA A               FACULTY                                                   33918.28
MULLINS-SUSSEXZ, KATHLEEN A      FACULTY                                                    1895.26
MULLOWNEYZ, GLENDA K             HUMAN RESOURCE DEV DIRECTO                                88835.04
MUNDYZ, JOHN W                   FACULTY                                                   68412.82
NAEGELEZ, JOSEPH B               GROUNDS WORKER LEAD                                       26405.57
NAKAZAWA-HEWITTZ, MOTOKO         FACULTY                                                   47140.92
NAPOLIZ, MICHELE M               CATERING HELPER                                              97.29
NEILLZ, GARY C                   FACULTY                                                   70277.55
NELSONZ, ALLYN E                 FACULTY                                                   14494.32
NELSONZ, RICHARD C               FACULTY                                                    2132.37
NELSONZ, SAMANTHA A              FACULTY                                                   45803.92
NEWCOMEZ, JOHN M                 FACULTY                                                   65950.36
NGUYENZ, HA                      FACULTY                                                   60979.41
NICHOLLSZ, RICHARD C             FACULTY                                                   69545.48
NICHOLSZ, COLLEEN M              MGR OF CATERING EVENTS                                       47382
NIEMERZ, ARDENE E                FACULTY                                                   62362.47
NIKOLAYEVAZ, IRENA               FACULTY                                                    49853.4
NOBLEZ, KAREN J                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASST V                                     37112.16
NOLANZ, CHRISTINA M              HEAD START SPECIALIST                                     34667.33
NORDQUISTZ, MARVIN L             CATERING HELPER                                            4060.55
NOVOTNYZ, JODI E                 DEAN/BASIC STUDIES                                        74200.63
O'BRIENZ, JULIE K                FACULTY                                                     224.46
O'CONNORZ, SHEILA M              FACULTY                                                   15032.95
OGANESOVAZ, ANNA G               FACULTY                                                    5798.55
OGANESOVAZ, RENA G               FACULTY                                                   30063.85
OLIVOZ, JENNIFER G               FACULTY                                                      785.6
OLSENZ, REBECCA L                FACULTY                                                    3254.67
OMELINAZ, EVGENIYA               FACULTY                                                    21898.6
ONISHCHENKOZ, GALINA V           COOK                                                      31086.01
ONISHCHENKOZ, MIKHAIL A          SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN                                       6623.51
ONISHCHENKOZ, NIKOLAY A          CATERING HELPER                                             159.45
ONISHCHENKOZ, SOFIA A            CATERING HELPER                                            3198.43
OZUNAZ, BOBBI D                  CASHIER/PURCH COORDINATOR                                 35098.79
PADRIGAZ, MARIE T                FACULTY                                                   11312.63
PALMERZ, LESLEE A                FACULTY                                                   12691.31
PALOZ, ERIC E                    LIBRARY DIRECTOR                                          76881.65
PALTEPZ, FRANKIE C               CUSTODIAN I                                                34180.8
PAQUETTEZ, MARTIN D              FACULTY                                                   63801.02
PARKERZ, DAVID W                 FACULTY                                                   90007.98
PARTAINZ, WILLIAM D              FACULTY                                                    3217.26
PEDREGONZ, AMY E                 FACULTY                                                     3142.4
PERDOMOZ, JOSE A                 BOOKSTORE MANAGER                                          55438.8
PERGAMOZ, IRENE B                FACULTY                                                     8304.4
PESCHEKZ, SHANA L                CONST CTR OF EXCELLENC DIR                                43090.12
PHAMZ, LOC                       FACULTY                                                     897.84
PHANZ, CUONG Q                   GROUNDS WORKER                                            38295.84
PHANZ, THOMAS T                  FINANCIAL AID CLERK                                        6176.93
PHILLIPSZ, DAVID A               FACULTY                                                      65.47
PHILLIPSZ, JACOB A               CATERING HELPER                                             156.75
PHILLIPSZ, STEPHEN H JR          FACULTY                                                    1496.44
PHILPOTTZ, MITZI A               FACULTY                                                   29491.84
PITZERZ, JACKIE W                FACULTY                                                   27238.53
PLETTZ, TERRINA J                CASHIER/GREETER                                           11200.95
POLLARDZ, ANDREA F               FACULTY                                                     224.46
POLLOCKZ, JENNA M                ASOC DEAN BASIC STUDIES                                   54906.69
POZEGAZ, JON A                   VP STUDENT SERVICES                                      107289.62
PRICEZ, BETTY J                  TESTING ASSISTANT                                          15103.2
PUENTEZ, SUZETTE Y               FACULTY                                                     4489.2
PUGHZ, MEGAN R                   FACULTY                                                     897.84
PULLISZ, KERRI A                 CASHIER/GREETER                                           17574.64
PUSCASZ, DANIELA V               CATERING HELPER                                             1513.4
QUAILSZ, PETER D                 MULTI MEDIA/WEB SPECIALIST                                47403.44
QURESHIZ, SHAMS A                GENERAL MAINTAINANCE                                       6831.43
RABLEZ, TAMI M                   ASC DEAN ALLIED HEALTH                                       70812
RAMOSZ, HECTOR F                 FACULTY                                                    3254.67
RATHERZ, SUSAN R                 GRANT & CONTRACT COOR                                     45060.68
REARDONZ, LIA R                  FACULTY                                                   46394.84
REDDZ, SARAH M                   FACULTY                                                   10510.05
REDMONDZ, MATEAA M               CHILD CARE AID                                              490.05
REDMOND-WARDZ, TERI R            CHILD CARE LEAD II                                        31023.83
RICHARDSONZ, STEPHANIE R         REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   30698.36
RIPLEYZ, M DARLENE               FACULTY                                                   28281.98
RIVERMANZ, BECKY M               ADMISSIONS/REGISTRATION DI                                   69588
ROBERTSZ, PAULA K                FACULTY                                                     112.23
ROGERSZ, KARRAH L                FACULTY                                                   33581.15
ROTHZ, ALAN A                    FACULTY                                                    6422.04
ROUSHZ, ROGE R                   FACULTY                                                   19758.33
RUNDLEZ, DEBRA A                 FACULTY                                                   66356.16
RUNDLEZ, STEVEN W                FACILITIES PAINTER                                        48709.36
RUTHERFORDZ, KAY A               FACULTY                                                     3535.2
SAIKIZ, KEVIN Y                  CATERING HELPER                                            2560.64
SANDERSZ, HOLLIE A               CHILD CARE MANAGER                                        34799.73
SANDERSONZ, WILLIAM W            FACULTY                                                   77240.27
SCHIEBERZ, DAVID O               SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR                                      58160.13
SCHMIDTZ, PRINCESITA S           CASHIER                                                   27524.08
SCHWARZZ, THEODORE M             FACULTY                                                   74952.05
SEGEBERGZ, RICHARD E             FACULTY                                                   72780.19
SERBAZ, ANNEJEANNETTE M          FACULTY                                                   25869.04
SHAMPAINZ, HELEN                 FACULTY                                                   24613.46
SHARPEZ, SHANNON E               FACULTY                                                   72876.84
SHENZ, EUGENE K                  FACULTY                                                    61682.2
SHIPUNOVAZ, SVETLANA I           FACULTY                                                   47759.98
SILBERNAGELZ, LAURA T            FACULTY                                                    2020.14
SIMPSONZ, CRAIG L                FACULTY                                                     336.69
SIMPSONZ, RUTH M                 CATERING LEAD COOK                                          602.56
SKOCZENZ, ZEFIRE MK              FACULTY                                                   56343.88
SLAUGHTERZ, SONJA L              CHILD CARE LEAD I                                          1448.82
SLAYTONZ, WILLIAM B              FACULTY                                                   63616.31
SMITHZ, KIMBERLY L               FACULTY                                                   73269.37
SMITHZ, MELISSA L                CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR                                     34387.96
SMITHZ, SANDY L                  CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                  34070.38
SMITHZ, SUZANNE F                FACULTY                                                     4695.6
SOKOLSKIYZ, MARK                 FACULTY                                                   40178.35
SOLOMONZ, DEBBIE S               FINANCIAL AID DIRECTOR                                    66494.16
SPENCEZ, RICHELLE E              FACULTY                                                     7154.6
STALEYZ, LAURA A                 FACULTY                                                   68814.67
STALNAKERZ, CHARLES B            FACULTY                                                    4296.78
STARKENBURGZ, LINDA K            FACULTY                                                     446.67
STENSLIEZ, KYRA M                FACULTY                                                     224.46
STEPHEN-SELBYZ, HEATHER M        DEAN/HEALTH                                               82430.16
STEVENS-THEIZENZ, SANDRA J       FACULTY                                                   69583.75
STOCKMANNZ, MAUREEN M            FACULTY                                                    10456.1
STOOPSZ, EKATERINA L             FACULTY                                                   38041.42
STOVERZ, CHERYL L                FACULTY                                                   46280.95
STRAUBZ, CELINE M                FACULTY                                                     2244.6
SUTTHOFFZ, MARGARET              DIRECTOR WORKFORCE DEV                                       69588
SYDNESZ, JONATHAN J              CATERING HELPER                                            1124.25
SYKESZ, KIMBERLEY K              PAYROLL OFFICER                                           52018.04
SZABOZ, DANIELLE                 FACULTY                                                    9349.23
TATEZ, OBIE                      SUBSTITUTE CUSTODIAN                                        249.48
TERRELLZ, ALMA S                 FACULTY                                                   57854.75
TESSIERZ, KATHLEEN D             SUBSTITUTE SECRETARY                                      12275.04
THOMASZ, EDWIN H                 FACULTY                                                     149.64
THOMASZ, JILL T                  FACULTY                                                     3292.7
THOMPSONZ, JACQUELINE R          CATERING LEAD COOK                                         8780.49
THOMPSONZ, NANCY J               REG TRANSCRIPTION CLERK                                   30990.96
THOMPSONZ, NICOLE M              CASHIER/GREETER                                              400.2
THOMSONZ, JANYCE K               FACULTY                                                    6795.44
THURSTONZ, ROSEMARY E            FACULTY                                                   43078.49
TOLENTINOZ, ANTHONY A            FACULTY                                                     336.69
TRANZ, CONNIE S                  FACULTY                                                   55857.81
TRANZ, PHUONG T                  CASHIER/GREETER                                            10685.5
TRUONGZ, YEUMIE H                ASST FINANCIAL AID DIRECT                                 55439.04
TURNERZ, ANDREA L                HEAD START FAMILY ADVOCATE                                29401.37
TURNIDGEZ, WILLIAM L             FACULTY                                                     972.66
TUTSCHZ, ULRICH K                FACULTY                                                     235.68
TYLERZ, SAMUEL F                 FACULTY                                                   16682.04
UCHISONZ, THOMAS J               FACULTY                                                    5536.68
UNGZ, SENG                       FACULTY                                                    7982.51
VALENTINEZ, SHERRON J            CHILD CARE ASSISTANT III                                  26729.35
VALLENZ, BETSY                   CHILD CARE LEAD II                                        33699.84
VALOVAZ, TATIANA V               FACULTY                                                   38803.03
VAN HALDERZ, AUDREY M            FACULTY                                                   12098.24
VELANDOZ, NANCY E                FACULTY                                                    2805.75
VELASTEGUIZ, MERY M              FACULTY                                                    2712.24
VENSELZ, IAN A                   CATERING HELPER                                             837.79
VIKHNOVSKIYZ, OLEG I             GENERAL MAINTAINANCE                                      36524.93
VILCAZ, JOSE L                   FACULTY                                                   11472.71
VIOLANTEZ, NANCY M               FINANCIAL SERVICES DIRECTO                                   76008
VOLCKEZ, ERHARD H                FACULTY                                                    4296.54
VOLOSTNOVZ, PAVEL A              CUSTODIAN I                                                7996.28
VOZNYUKZ, DAVID V                CATERING HELPER                                            2141.74
VULKOVA-KARDASHEVAZ, EKATERINA   FACULTY                                                   21679.76
WALKERZ, DARYL R                 FACULTY                                                   73138.97
WALKERZ, GRANT A                 FACULTY                                                     299.28
WALKERZ, MATTHEW S               BOOKSTORE ASSISTANT                                        2883.46
WALKERZ, SANDFORD B              FACULTY                                                   32173.26
WALLZ, BRETT F                   SECURITY OFFICER                                          19274.36
WALLZ, SCOTT D                   FACULTY                                                   37701.09
WANGZ, VICTORIA                  FACULTY                                                   67790.37
WARFIELDZ, MICHELLE A            FACULTY                                                   10595.56
WARRENZ, WILLIAM G               CUSTODIAN I                                               33596.19
WATKINSZ, ELIZABETH A            FINANCIAL AID PROG COORD                                  35670.12
WEGNERZ, MARY K                  DIRECTOR OF INFO SERVICES                                 75693.05
WENTWORTHZ, KATHLEEN A           LIBRARY SPECIALIST                                        32736.64
WERNERZ, AIMEE E                 CATERING HELPER                                            1016.15
WESSONZ, JINNY L                 LIBRARY COORDINATOR                                       45221.24
WESTZ, GARY E                    FACULTY                                                   46362.86
WILDRICKZ, ROBERT O              FACULTY                                                     1496.4
WILESZ, LUANNE                   MANAGER OF CATERING OPER                                  45049.25
WILLIAMSZ, JAMIE L               COLL RELAT/FOUNDATION COOR                                54932.59
WILLIAMSZ, STEPHEN T             CATERING LEAD COOK                                          107.12
WILLIAMS-BUTTERFIELDZ, PAMELA L  FACULTY                                                   36521.37
WILLSONZ, STACY                  REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   21150.22
WINBAUERZ, ROBERT J              FACULTY                                                     448.92
WINCHESTERZ, SHANNON M           FACULTY                                                   60003.61
WINKLERZ, JANE L                 FACULTY                                                   64216.35
WOLFFZ, GARY A                   FACULTY                                                    20208.2
WOLTZZ, PAUL R                   FACULTY                                                     448.92
WONGZ, ANNA K                    WORKSOURCE SPECIALIST                                     16020.71
WONGZ, CAM DO                    FACULTY                                                    6284.79
WONGZ, YIN H                     WORKSOURCE SPECIALIST                                     22214.01
WOODSZ, STEVE D                  FACULTY                                                     710.79
WRIGHTZ, JOANNE                  REGISTRATION SPECIALIST                                   32418.96
WYCKOFFZ, LINDA L                BOOKSTORE BUYER                                           40139.28
WYMANZ, PATRICIA M               FACULTY                                                    2044.42
YANGZ, ZHENG                     FACULTY                                                    7777.35
YARMOSHIKZ, KVITOSLAVA N         CATERING HELPER                                              714.8
YOUNGZ, RAYMOND I                FACULTY                                                    3436.12
YUENZ, ADAM M                    CASHIER/GREETER                                           13097.31
ZAVODOVZ, IULIA A                ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK                                    26746.86
ZERROUKIZ, LHOUCINE              FACULTY                                                   74481.79
ZIEGLERZ, WILLIAM E              FACULTY                                                    5256.11
ZIEMERZ, LISA L                  HUMAN RESOURCES REP                                       55025.36
ZITTLAUZ, RAYMOND                FACULTY                                                    2693.52

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