This is a list of the Jan. 2001 State of Washington Board of Accountancy employees and their job title and salaries.(2011, 21 multiple job employees (includes 2 duplicates) (2009, 11 employees) (2007, 8 employees)(2005, 8 employees) (2003, 14 employees) (2001, 7 employees) (1999, 12 employees) (1997, 6 employees) (1995, 6 employees)

The State Board of Accountancy regulates certified public accountants (CPA), CPA inactive certificate holders, CPA firms and the practice of public accountancy in Washington State. The Board's mission is to promote the dependability of information used for guidance in financial transactions or for accounting for or assessing the status or performance of commercial and noncommercial enterprises, whether public, private or governmental and to protect the public interest. The Board has nine members, each appointed by the Governor. Six Board Members are Certified Public Accountants, licensed and practicing in Washington State continuously for the previous 10 years. Three of the Board Members are public members who are qualified to judge whether the qualifications, activities and professional practice of those regulated by the Board conform to standards to protect the public interest. At least one of the public members must represent the interests of clients of individuals and firms licensed under the Public Accountancy Act. Licensing fees are the Board's main source of revenue. The Board employs nine people and had an annual budget of approximately $950,000.
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2001 State of Washington Board of Accountancy List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

January 31, 2001 Personnel Detail
165 State Board of Accountancy
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                                                                                      2001 Personnel Detail
165  State Board of Accountancy   

CURTISS, MELODY A            WMS BAND 2         1 - M    100%    5,585.00
HOEFER, TIMOTHY R            WMS BAND 1         1 - M    100%    3,362.00
JESSIE, TANYA A              OFFICE TRAINEE     1 - M    100%    1,888.00
MCINTURFF, DANA M.           EXEC. DIRECTOR     2 - M    100%    5,837.00
PAULSEN, MICHELLE S.         OFFICE ASST SR     1 - M    100%    2,169.00
SEXTON, CHERYL MAE           CONF. SECRETARY    2 - M    100%    4,750.00
SHOEMAKER, SANDRA K          WMS BAND 2         1 - M    100%    5,670.00
                   7 Employees in agency 165

Jan 31, 2001                                                                 C - 1            Agency: 165


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