This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Conservation Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 31 multiple job employees (includes 4 duplicates) (2009, 24 employees) (2007, 15 employees) (2005, 18 employees) (2003, 14 employees) (2001, 16 employees) (1999, 11 employees) (1997, 8 employees) (1995, 14 employees)

The mission of the 10 members of the Commission is to: ∑ Assist the stateís local conservation districts in their resource conservation activities. ∑ Distribute funds from various sources to those districts. ∑ Issue regulations regarding the use of those funds. ∑ Disseminate information regarding district activities throughout the state. The Commission operates with a staff of 11. The Commissionís 1997-99 biennium operating budget was $5,169,935, while its capital budget was $16,392,368. The state of Washington was the main source of these funds, most of which were distributed to the local conservation districts.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Conservation Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
BAHRYCHZ,  LYNN                 CHAIR                                                       7400
BECKERZ,  DEBORAH A             WMS2                                                    77412.47
BILDERBACKZ,  MARY HANNAH       FISCAL ANALYST 2                                            8699
BILDERBACKZ,  MARY HANNAH       FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        43442.05
BREWERZ,  LARRY R               WMS BAND 2                                              56920.55
BROWNZ,  LYNN A                 MEMBER                                                      1600
CLARKZ,  MARK A                 EXEC. DIRECTOR                                          94356.12
COLVINZ,  FRED                  MEMBER                                                      1300
CULPZ,  JON K                   WMS2                                                    60996.03
ELLERZ,  WILLIAM LEO            WMS2                                                     52832.6
ERIKSENZ,  TRACY L              MEMBER                                                      1500
FINKENBINDERZ,  MEGAN E         CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 1                                     13959
FINKENBINDERZ,  MEGAN E         PROG SPEC 3                                             29210.81
GIUNTOLIZ,  JOSHUA N            WMS BAND 2                                              48029.65
GONZALEZZ,  LORI A              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 5                              36636.55
GONZALEZZ,  LORI A              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    15394.5
HEINITZZ,  KARLA S              CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 1                                      9306
HEINITZZ,  KARLA S              CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 2                                  45349.24
HERRONZ,  CHRISTOPHER JAY       MEMBER                                                       800
KOPPZ,  ERIC JOEL               NE REGIONAL MGR                                         39189.25
LEDGERWOODZ,  PAUL R            CONF. SECRETARY                                         76174.05
MILLSZ,  EDWARD KENNETH         WMS2                                                    46263.83
MYRICKZ,  JACK                  IRRIGATION EFFICIENCIES - INTER                         54692.58
OGDENZ,  BERNARD L              SW REGIONAL MANAGER                                     59255.63
PETERSZ,  JAMES L               MEMBER                                                      1400
SALZERZ,  THOMAS A              TECHNICAL SERVICES MANAGER                              64989.67
SHULTZZ,  RON                   POLICY DIRECTOR                                         80987.33
SKOGENZ,  DEBORAH J             NOT ASSIGNED                                             3182.65
SMITHZ,  CAROL J                HABITAT AND MONITORING PROGRAM M                        71251.92
SPRADLINGZ,  COURTNEY R         CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 1                                  46688.16
TREFRYZ,  STUART A              REGIONAL MANAGER COORDINATOR                             78319.5

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