This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Convention and Trade Center employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 247 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 233 employees) (2007, 204 employees) (2005, 197 employees) (2003, 199 employees) (2001, 189 employees) (1999, 173 employees) (1997, 186 employees) (1995, 173 employees)

In 1982, the state Legislature authorized construction of a state convention and trade center in the city of Seattle. General obligation bonds of the state were used to fund the public portion of the public/private development. The principal and interest on these bonds is being repaid by a special hotel/motel tax on hotel rooms in Seattle and King County. The original project was completed in June 1988. In 1995, the state Legislature authorized a major expansion of the Convention Center. This was a public/private undertaking. The public portion of the project is funded by long-term certificates of participation. This project was completed in August 2001. The Convention Center is governed by a nine-member, volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the Governor. The annual operating budget was approximately $18 million in fiscal year 2005 and $17 million in fiscal year 2004. The Convention Center employs more than 240 full-time, part-time and on-call event staff. In addition to a full-service convention and trade center with meeting, banquet and exhibition facilities, the Convention Center operates two parking garages and leases building space to various retail tenants.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Convention and Trade Center List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/25/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABIRAHAZ,  AREGAWI A            PARKING - OC                                            21866.31
ADILIAZ,  ELENA                 HR ASSISTANT                                            38271.22
AFRASSAZ,  ZENEBECH             PARKING - PT                                            25648.13
AHMEDZ,  HASSAN M               FMP                                                       5794.5
AKALUZ,  SOLOMON R              FMP                                                     21933.29
ALEMUZ,  ABEBA T                CUSTODIAN - FT                                          32538.08
AMPOANZ,  LIZA C                AA                                                      13491.98
ANDREASZ,  ANTHONY DAN          CONSTRUCTION MGR                                       208821.17
ANNZ,  ALIEU                    SECURITY - FT                                           41851.27
ANTERZ,  RICHARD                FMP                                                     16591.19
ARMONTROUTZ,  CHARLES           TA                                                      11431.18
ASRATZ,  SELAS T                FMP                                                     26165.62
AYBUZ,  ELSA S                  CUSTODIAN - FT                                            7609.3
BABICHZ,  JOHN P                TA                                                       2231.89
BAILEYZ,  CHARLES               AA                                                      25634.11
BAKERZ,  KARL                   FMP                                                     21855.44
BANKSTONZ,  RICK                SECURITY - FT                                           40044.26
BARBARENOZ,  VICTORIAN          CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34772.72
BARNESZ,  EDWARD J              ASSISTANT GEN MGR                                      105416.59
BATESZ,  ADAM M                 SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        34554.55
BAUMZ,  BRIAN                   PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST                             65374.45
BAXTERZ,  BRIAN B               CARPENTER FOREMAN                                        66730.2
BEHRENSZ,  ANNE                 TA                                                      17229.86
BENDERZ,  RICK S                BOARD MEMBER                                                1300
BERHANEZ,  MULU WORKU           FMP                                                     17643.12
BERHANEZ,  TENSAYE K            FMP                                                      2097.12
BIBAKABADIZ,  AKBAR             FMP                                                     22628.35
BLOSSZ,  CHRISTOPHER            AA                                                       7106.91
BROWN-ARCHIEZ,  DERYL           BOARD MEMBER                                                1700
BRUCKERZ,  JOHN A               SET UP SERVICES MANAGER                                 53666.59
BRYANTZ,  FLOYD                 SECURITY - FT                                           43034.32
BURGESSZ,  CARLTON              TA                                                        927.23
BUSCHZ,  VERNA D                TA                                                         14444
CALLAHANZ,  NADYA C             OPERATIONS ADMIN ASST                                   39855.55
CAMPANANOZ,  JANUARIO NAVARRO   CUSTODIAN - FT                                          35497.06
CARRIGANZ,  TIM                 SECURITY - FT                                           41931.06
CATOZ,  BARRON S                TA                                                       6593.79
CHEUNGZ,  STEVE                 ONE STOP MANAGER                                        11123.36
CHRISTISONZ,  JOHN              PRESIDENT/GEN MGR                                      196188.36
CLOTFELTERZ,  MAX E             AA                                                        615.43
COLLINGSZ,  CONNIE K            SETUP SUPERVISOR                                         5848.05
CONONETZZ,  DAVID V             PLANT FACILITY MGR                                      73200.49
CORBETTZ,  SUSAN                AA                                                       1120.92
COUHIGZ,  JAMES K               AA                                                        9264.2
CRANEZ,  BETH A                 BUSINESS ANALYST                                        36288.99
CRANEZ,  DOREEN                 AA                                                      20913.06
CROSSZ,  DIANA RENE             OFFICE ASST/PROJECTS                                    30295.37
CRUZZ,  SHIRLEY ELIZABETH       OFFICE ASSISTANT                                        28652.25
CURTINZ,  JOHN M                A/P CLERK                                                4049.35
DZ,  PAT                        SECURITY - FT                                           42489.39
DAVISZ,  CHERRI L               AA                                                       6796.66
DECOSTERZ,  TARA B              AA                                                        342.17
DEE BACHZ,  EDITH M             FMP                                                     31965.04
DELMARZ,  JIMMY C               TA                                                       3701.85
DENNISZ,  JOSHUA S              NETWORK TECHNICIAN                                      40808.67
DICKERHOOFZ,  KATHIE            DISPATCH SUPV                                           43318.43
DOMINGOZ,  JUAN A               SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        29941.15
DOMOZEZ,  MESGANAW T            FMP                                                       1558.5
DRAGSETZ,  DEAN                 LOADING DOCK LEAD                                       32464.76
DYESZ,  ADAM D                  SALES MANAGER                                           52730.49
EASTMANZ,  MEREDITH             AA                                                      21282.04
ESTIFANOSZ,  SOLOMON T          CUSTODIAN - FT                                           7875.04
EVERAGEZ,  GWENDOLYN M          CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34337.66
FAHEYZ,  JENNIFER H             EVENT MANAGER                                           45474.98
FAKEZ,  JOHN F                  TA                                                        758.45
FERDONZ,  BARBARA JEAN          RECEPTIONIST                                             4754.59
FESAHAZ,  NEGASI                CUSTODIAN - FT                                          33945.16
FESEHAZ,  LIKYELESH             FMP                                                      6584.16
FIELDZ,  PAUL                   SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        33573.11
FINNERANZ,  FRANK               CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD                                       3000
FIRTHZ,  CHARLES                DIRECTOR - FINANCE & ADMIN                              94670.61
FLOWERSZ,  ROBERT J             BOARD MEMBER                                                3900
FORTEZ,  STEVE L                SECURITY - FT                                           41294.49
FOSTERZ,  BARNEY W              AA                                                       2300.08
FRANKSZ,  MICHAEL               TA                                                      24250.49
FRENCHZ,  MICK                  LANDSCAPER FOREMAN                                      48052.05
FRITZEZ,  MARVIN E              SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        34026.97
GAGNEZ,  PENNY MAE              FMP                                                      4108.26
GANNONZ,  JEAN M                ACCOUNTANT                                              45097.25
GAPASINZ,  KATHY A              SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        33458.22
GEBRE-SELASSIEZ,  NEGASH        PARKING - FT                                            33746.81
GEBREAMLAKZ,  HANNA             FMP                                                     30822.22
GENIFEZ,  CHUCHU N              AA                                                       1372.84
GERENSEZ,  GAIM                 FMP                                                     23953.67
GHEBREKIROSZ,  OGBAY            FMP                                                     14657.11
GILLISZ,  IAN M                 CARPENTER FT                                            62275.97
GONZALEZ-MURILLOZ,  SUSANA      BOARD MEMBER                                                1300
GRANTZ,  BRENT                  ONE STOP MANAGER                                        51092.15
GRANTZ,  MILTON                 FMP                                                       596.01
GRAVIETTZ,  RODNEY              SECURITY - FT                                           41111.23
GROVEZ,  JOSEPH A               BOE FT                                                  65105.86
GUSTINZ,  TEAGH G               FMP                                                      4590.06
GUTIERREZZ,  JOSE               PARKING - FT                                            33910.63
GYGERZ,  BRUCE R                EVENT MANAGER                                           48574.16
HABTEMICAELZ,  MISGINA          FMP                                                     32034.36
HAFFEYZ,  CONNOR M              EVENT MANAGER                                           40729.09
HALLZ,  ELIZABETH               PAYROLL CLERK                                           42500.56
HANDZ,  PATRICK J               TA                                                      17974.71
HARRISONZ,  DARRELL             SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        33882.17
HARVEYZ,  ED                    SECURITY - FT                                           41617.84
HASSANOVZ,  ULUGHBEK            SET-UP CREW CHIEF                                       43910.18
HERNANDEZZ,  RICHARD A          CUST CREW CHIEF                                         42701.74
HILLZ,  TOM P                   PAINTER FT                                              58168.48
HILLISZ,  JEROME                BOARD MEMBER                                                1500
HONZAKIZ,  GARY                 AA                                                       9387.85
HOUSERZ,  BRENDA                SET-UP CREW CHIEF                                       43594.51
HOYTZ,  EMILY ANNE              ONE STOP MANAGER                                        56491.22
HUTCHINSONZ,  MATT T            FMP                                                      4925.44
IRWINZ,  LISA                   BUYER                                                   48576.49
JACKSONZ,  BARBARA JEAN         TA                                                        5845.2
JAMAZ,  FARHIYO                 FMP                                                     14850.72
JARDINEROZ,  RAMON              CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34800.68
JOHNSONZ,  DANIEL               MANAGER - ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE                        77765.12
JOHNSONZ,  DOUGLAS              CUST CREW CHIEF                                            23525
JOHNSONZ,  LOIS                 AA                                                      26715.83
JONESZ,  BARBARA A              AA                                                       3615.21
JORGENSENZ,  JOSHUA R           SET-UP ATTENDANT                                         33363.2
KASSAZ,  TEGEGNE M              FMP                                                     22484.27
KERSTENZ,  MARY CLARE           AA                                                      19830.26
KESSEYZ,  DANIEL R              LAN ADMINISTRATOR                                       39617.04
KHUNZ,  ROM                     SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        34110.78
KIDANEZ,  ABEBA                 CUSTODIAN - FT                                           34644.4
KIDANEMARIAMZ,  ERMIAS M        CUSTODIAN - FT                                          31008.55
KIFLUZ,  LETEKIDAN              CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34789.04
KIMZ,  SAM                      CUST CREW CHIEF                                          9795.93
KINGZ,  DONALD G                TA                                                        5175.3
KINGZ,  JUDY                    AA                                                       3421.81
KINSELLAZ,  SHIRLEY             DEFAULT JOB 2 PAY GRADE HOURLY                           1095.73
KLINKNETTZ,  ROBERT             CUSTODIAN - FT                                          32097.01
LACKEYZ,  PAULA JEAN            CUSTODIAN - PT                                          26373.35
LAMZ,  TRAVIS D                 FMP                                                     16350.92
LAVENIAZ,  CATHY                EVENT MANAGER                                           59572.71
LAWSONZ,  DONALD R              TA                                                      23216.68
LEZ,  MINH                      FMP                                                      8517.62
LEWISZ,  GARY A                 AA                                                       3351.63
LEYVAZ,  ROSALIE                PARKING - OC                                            33081.14
LOOMISZ,  DAVID R               SECURITY - FT                                           40693.37
LUNDGRENZ,  OSCAR               TA                                                       2126.34
MAHTABZ,  PERVEZ                FMP                                                      2970.66
MAILEOIZ,  FAALIGA              SECURITY - FT                                           39611.05
MARKEWICZZ,  ROBERT E           BOE FT                                                  66367.27
MARTINZ,  KIRK                  FMP                                                       395.38
MASSAZ,  PAUL                   TA                                                       5292.69
MC QUADEZ,  MICHAEL T           DIRECTOR - SALES & MKT                                  93569.75
MCCLARINZ,  HELEN E             SECURITY - FT                                           40980.49
MCCULLOCHZ,  JAMES I            ELECTRICIAN FOREMAN                                     79093.94
MCDOUGALLZ,  RANDY J            TA                                                       6638.66
MCLAUGHLINZ,  J TERRY           BOARD MEMBER                                                1600
MEDINAZ,  JAVIER                SECURITY - FT                                           45367.58
MELKAZ,  MESFIN M               PARKING - OC                                              993.19
MENENBERGZ,  LOUIS D            FMP                                                     18777.87
MERESAZ,  EYASU                 PARKING - FT                                            34044.24
MESHESHAZ,  SHASHE A            FMP                                                      9098.88
MILAMZ,  IVY H                  SECURITY - FT                                            1978.18
MINAGLIAZ,  FRANK G             TA                                                      18383.27
MITIKUZ,  GENET KASSA           CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34859.81
MORALESZ,  JAIME                FMP                                                     10410.88
MORDYZ,  THOMAS R               FMP                                                       3176.5
MURPHYZ,  SUSAN                 SALES ADMIN ASST                                        39822.25
NEUMANZ,  BARBARA A             AA                                                       1100.62
NEUMEISTERZ,  MARY K            AA                                                       1410.18
NEWCOMBZ,  SUSAN                ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE                                       56877.39
NORVELLZ,  DAVID B              AA                                                       8100.56
ODAZ,  DORIS H                  AA                                                       3006.41
OJEDAZ,  DAVID                  AA                                                        4858.5
OLSEN-DANIELZ,  KRISTA M        DIRECTOR - EVENT SVCS                                      71875
OLSONZ,  STEVEN C               AA                                                        629.56
OSHIROZ,  NEAL                  INFO SYSTEMS MGR                                        78810.91
PATRONZ,  RUDOLFO               SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        29860.73
PAULYZ,  MARY                   HR MANAGER                                              77165.92
PEPLOWZ,  ETTA MARIE            AA                                                      12152.07
PEREZZ,  ARLENE A               A/R CLERK                                               30746.63
PEREZZ,  STALIN D               LANDSCAPER FT                                           42362.06
PETERSENZ,  LINDA K             AA                                                        537.53
PINESZ,  NIKITA K               CUSTODIAN - FT                                           34460.3
POWERSZ,  THOMAS P              FMP                                                     16149.76
PURDYZ,  LLOYD B                TA                                                       4786.99
RABBOZ,  FUAD                   SETUP SUPERVISOR                                        51041.83
RAGOZ,  ANTHONY                 SECURITY - FT                                           40225.66
RAPKOCHZ,  CHRISTOPHER          SECURITY - FT                                           41962.39
REAZ,  THOMAS P                 PARKING - OC                                            14075.89
REEDZ,  MICHAEL V               TA                                                        408.61
REVELESZ,  GREGORIO             ELECTRICIAN FT                                          71607.69
RICHZ,  FRANKLIN J              AA                                                       2288.26
RICHARDSONZ,  PATRICK           FMP                                                      6627.83
RILEYZ,  DANIEL                 TA                                                      21132.78
ROBINSONZ,  DAVID               BOE FOREMAN                                             65499.08
ROGERSZ,  MARY K                AA                                                       2701.17
ROSSIRE JAMIESONZ,  DORIS JEANNESECURITY - FT                                           20730.54
RUIZZ,  RAYMOND A               SECURITY - FT                                           40556.12
RYANZ,  CATHERINE L             AA                                                       5279.27
SAIDZ,  JEMAL                   CUSTODIAN - FT                                          15692.11
SCHUPPERTZ,  ROBERT S           AA                                                       1959.04
SCOTTZ,  JEFF                   PAINTER FOREMAN                                         64041.83
SEFEROSZ,  LINDA L              AA                                                      15287.67
SEKORZ,  DAVID                  TA                                                       5226.38
SENIORZ,  ANTOINE L             FMP                                                        332.1
SESTAKZ,  JANENE M              AA                                                       3890.77
SHELLEYZ,  ROBIN                AA                                                      23651.46
SHOLANDZ,  LINDA                ADMIN ASSISTANT                                         35508.09
SLADICHZ,  HARRY G              BOARD MEMBER                                                1100
SMITHZ,  HENRY S                AA                                                      17383.52
SMITHZ,  KATHLEEN A             OFFICE SVCS SUPER                                       45168.21
SOARESZ,  ALEXANDER T           SECURITY - OC                                           12383.27
SORTAISZ,  STEVE                SECURITY - FT                                           40701.86
ST JOHNZ,  MARIA G G            HR BENEFITS COORD                                       45350.94
STARKWEATHERZ,  LORRAINE E      ASSISTANT TO PRES                                       42596.92
STEPHENSZ,  EDWARD A            TA                                                       5547.32
STILESZ,  MARILYN               AA                                                      15625.53
STUBBSZ,  STEWART               CUSTODIAL SUPER                                          7509.95
TADELEZ,  DANIEL GIZAW          FMP                                                     19540.97
TANAKAZ,  HIDEAKI               SR ACCOUNTING CLERK                                     37950.81
TANGONANZ,  PEDRO               CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34758.17
TATUMZ,  JAMES DWIGHT           SET-UP CREW CHIEF                                       42556.99
TAYLORZ,  EARL J                SPECIAL SERVICES MANAGER                                 60345.7
TESFAYZ,  ALMAZ H               CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34817.46
TESFAYEZ,  SUSNIOS              PARKING MANAGER                                          63831.9
THOMASZ,  CHARLES               SECURITY - FT                                           42498.78
THOMASZ,  TIMOTHY J             SECURITY MANAGER                                        52730.49
VALDEZZ,  FRANK R               SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        31645.44
VENAZ,  LYNN                    AA                                                        500.45
VIKENZ,  RICHARD                FMP                                                     32728.99
VONGSOUTHEPZ,  KHAMSA           CUSTODIAN - FT                                          34605.62
VONGSOUTHEPZ,  PAUL             CUSTODIAN - FT                                           7812.38
VOWELSZ,  MICHAEL R             AA                                                       3539.41
WELDEMICHAELZ,  AKLILU MEZEMER  PARKING - OC                                             1170.31
WELDEMICHAELZ,  NUGUSE          FMP                                                     25404.58
WELLSZ,  PARRY R                ELECTRICIAN FT                                          70751.12
WESTZ,  SUSAN D                 TA                                                      15991.78
WEYRICKZ,  JESSE D              FMP                                                       412.95
WILKERSONZ,  BRIAN              FMP                                                     22939.05
WILLANGERZ,  LINDA KAY          ASSISTANT GEN MGR                                      106680.96
WILLIAMSZ,  TAVI E              SET-UP ATTENDANT                                        31365.46
WILTZZ,  PATRICK                BOE FT                                                  64790.89
WINNZ,  MARY B                  AA                                                       7609.24
WOLDEZ,  ALMAZ K                FMP                                                      6252.01
WOLDEMARIAMZ,  TESHOME DESTA    FMP                                                      7418.34
WOLDEYESZ,  SOLOMON             PARKING - FT                                            33543.72
WONGZ,  HIN YOUNG               CUST CREW CHIEF                                         43902.24
WONGZ,  KAREN G C               BOARD MEMBER                                                1100
WONGZ,  NORMAN W                EVENT CONTROL SUP                                       52957.01
WYERZ,  MALCOLM E               ACCOUNTING MANAGER                                      77674.68
YEN-ROYZ,  PEI-HUA              BOOKING ADMIN                                           36350.35
YORITAZ,  RONALD                DIRECTOR - OPERATIONS                                   93996.78
ZEROMZ,  MERAF                  CUSTODIAN - FT                                          33167.99
ZIMMERMANZ,  TRAVIS J           SECURITY - OC                                           10385.85
ZIRKLEZ,  JERRY D               CONSULTANT                                              111782.4

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