This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Senate employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 442 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 420 employees) (2007, 446 employees) (2005, 262 employees)(2003, 412 employees) (2001, 384 employees)(1999, 427 employees) (1997, 456 employees) (1995, 378 employees)

The Washington State Senate is half of the bicameral body of the Washington State Legislature and is made up of 49 members, elected to serve four-year terms, and represent 49 districts. The Agency’s primary functions are to represent and provide leadership for the people of the state of Washington, to enact laws and oversee their administration, and to provide for the public wellbeing while protecting and maintaining the rights of the individual. The Agency has 185 permanent employees and hires additional staff of approximately 200 employees during session. The Agency has an annual budget of approximately $23 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Senate List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/25/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ACKROYDZ,  ROBERT W             INFO SYSTEMS ANALYST                                    47446.76
ALBRIGHTZ,  PATRICIA H.         SR INFO OFFICER                                          55745.1
ALDRICHZ,  LANAE                COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
ALTHAUSERZ,  MICHAEL E          INFO OFFICER                                             3590.47
AMANDESZ,  MARGARET             AST PRD SERV MG                                         73682.47
ANDERSONZ,  CHASE               COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
ANDERSONZ,  CHRISTOPHER         ASST SRGT AT ARMS                                       34563.37
ANDERSONZ,  JOSEPH E            SECURITY-SESSION                                         5520.12
ARMSTRONGZ,  JACK C             COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
ARONICAZ,  ANTHONY S            SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         5555.54
ASHLIE-VINKEZ,  ERIK            SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6126.43
ATKINSONZ,  JOSEPH R            INTERN                                                   2272.73
ATKINSONZ,  MEGAN M             SR FISCAL ANALYST                                          91246
AVALOSZ,  PAULETTE              SR STAFF COUNSEL                                         89510.9
AYERSZ,  TED D                  PROD SERV MANG                                          76336.05
BAGCHIZ,  KOUSTUBH J            SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6131.25
BAILEYZ,  MELISSA R             LA                                                       4738.13
BALANGUEZ,  JANICE E            SESSION AIDE-SRC                                           10915
BALDERSTONZ,  KODY RICHARD      PROD SERV ASST - SESSION                                 4262.68
BALDWINZ,  MARKETTA PAULOS      EXEC ASST                                               58742.62
BALDWINZ,  RICHARD K            SR INFO OFFICER                                         77780.46
BANNISTERZ,  SARAH C            SR EXEC ASST                                            48839.02
BARNAZ,  AARON T                PHOTOGRAPHER-SESSION                                     9199.45
BAUERZ,  SHANI L                STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         78963.07
BAUMGARDTZ,  JANICE D           SR FISCAL ANALYST                                       79377.89
BAZANZ,  ALLYSON                INTERN-SCS                                               5264.21
BECKERZ,  RANDI L               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
BELLZ,  LAURA                   SR LA                                                   60414.44
BENTONZ,  DONALD M              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
BERKEYZ,  JACOB TROY            COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 5340.12
BERKEYZ,  JEAN L                STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
BESTZ,  JUDITH A                CIVIC ED/INTERN                                         63937.67
BEZANSONZ,  MICHAEL C           FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        73170.87
BIERERZ,  WILLIAM               DEFAULT JOB 4 PAY SCALE MONTHLY                           201.09
BIGELOWZ,  BRIAN K              SECURITY-SESSION                                          5176.8
BIRKZ,  AMY S                   INTERN                                                   2272.73
BISHOPZ,  CHARLES K             SECURITY-SESSION                                          6226.3
BITTNERZ,  DANIEL               ASSOC LA                                                17993.91
BLACKZ,  KEVIN                  STAFF COUNSEL 2                                          75631.4
BLAISDELLZ,  WAYNE              SECURITY-SESSION                                         5788.31
BLOWERSZ,  COURTNEY S           CAFE-SESSION                                              5839.4
BOADZ,  KENNETH E               SECURITY/READERS-SESSION                                13620.89
BODINEZ,  TINA M                LA                                                      45070.82
BOEKEZ,  WYATT J                INTERN                                                   2272.73
BOWMANZ,  NICHOLAS J            RESEARCH  ANALYST 1                                     34816.08
BRADFORDZ,  DELANO K            SECURITY-SESSION                                         6181.19
BRANDLANDZ,  DALE E             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
BRIDGESZ,  LORI                 PAGE STAFF                                               5078.11
BRIDGESZ,  WILLIAM K            SR STAFF COUNSEL                                        99083.44
BRIGGSZ,  ROSS D                CUSTODIAN                                                 5620.4
BROWNZ,  LISA J                 STATE SENATOR                                              50106
BROWNZ,  MAXWELL                COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
BRUMMELZ,  JACK L               STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                    100129.73
BRUSTKERNZ,  DANICA J           INTERN                                                   2272.73
BRYANTZ,  ELWANDA L             PAGE STAFF                                              10190.01
BUCHHOLZZ,  KEITH               SR SENATE COUNSL                                       118992.54
BUCHLIZ,  KATHLEEN E            SR STAFF COUNSEL                                        85428.49
BULLZ,  GINA K                  LA                                                      48529.15
BUMANNZ,  BARBARA J             LA                                                      49383.58
BURKLANDZ,  ANNE                INFO OFFICER                                            38126.12
BURLEIGHZ,  KYLE M              SR LA                                                     2802.5
BURNLEYZ,  BEVERLY              SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5687.18
BURTZ,  MICHAEL R               SECURITY-SESSION                                        15293.48
BURTONZ,  BRETT M               COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 4129.95
BUSCHZ,  CAROLYN A              SR STAFF DIRECTOR                                      122560.65
BUTIGANZ,  ANNE E               LA                                                      48825.82
CADENAZ,  LYSET                 RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      44873.27
CAMPBELLZ,  ERIC J              SR INFO OFFICER                                         74757.45
CAMPBELLZ,  KAREN               ANALYST/COUNSEL-SCS (SESSION)                           18256.91
CAMPOSZ,  PABLO                 STAFF COORD                                            107738.06
CARLENZ,  DIANA                 STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         82134.38
CARLSONZ,  DEAN E               SR FISCAL ANALYST                                       96588.23
CARRELLZ,  MICHAEL J            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
CARRINGTONZ,  PETER             ASSOC LA                                                14994.98
CEARNSZ,  SKYLER                COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
CEARNSZ,  SPENCER REED          COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
CECILZ,  AMANDA GALE            ASSOC FISCAL ANALYST                                    61746.59
CHAMPAGNEZ,  ZOE                GIFT CENTER COORDINATOR                                    51084
CHIOSSIZ,  LOUISE AMORETTE      COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 4129.95
CLEEVESZ,  BRITTINI             CAFE-SESSION                                              5685.6
CLEEVESZ,  CALVIN J             CAFE-SESSION                                              5839.4
CLIFTHORNEZ,  EVAN              LA                                                      16463.76
COLEZ,  KRISTA                  RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      72932.76
COLEMANZ,  DORINE               SR EXEC ASST                                             55344.3
COLLEYZ,  CATHY                 SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6426.51
COOPERZ,  ADAM                  ASSOC LA                                                46699.31
COOPERZ,  SUZETTE M             SR LA                                                   47045.07
COTTONZ,  SAMANTHA G            INTERN                                                   2272.73
CRISWELLZ,  DIANNE M            FISCAL COUNSEL 2                                        77971.56
CROSIERZ,  RAQUEL D             COMM ASST-SESSION                                       12705.25
CUSHINGZ,  KIMBERLY C           STAFF COUNSEL I                                         66438.61
CUSICKZ,  KIMBERLEE             SR LA                                                   58913.81
DAVISZ,  SEAN MICHAEL VINCENT   ANALYST/COUNSEL-SRC (SESSION)                           10965.33
DAYZ,  ADAM V                   SESSION AIDE-SRC                                        34909.15
DELVINZ,  JEROME L              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
DEMPSEY-HALLZ,  ALISON          INFO OFFICER                                            44949.03
DESCHAMPSZ,  ELAINE A           SR FISCAL ANALYST                                       65965.95
DESKINSZ,  LEONARD L            SECURITY-SESSION                                         6679.42
DIAZZ,  OLGY S                  SESSION AIDE-SDC                                        35481.48
DIEDRICKZ,  PETER M             SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6117.43
DIZONZ,  JESSICA                DEFAULT JOB 4 PAY SCALE MONTHLY                           201.09
DODDSZ,  PETER F                EXEC ASST                                               61923.92
DONGZ,  JEFFREY                 SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6225.38
DONKINZ,  RHODA                 STAFF COORD/ANALYST                                     99438.61
DOUDTZ,  JASON P                INTERN                                                   2272.73
DROSTZ,  PENNY                  SR INFO OFFICER                                         89077.11
DUVALLZ,  DAVID L               SR LA                                                   46348.66
EBELZ,  ERICH R                 SR INFO OFFICER                                         56883.11
ECCLESZ,  CODY G                STAFF COUNSEL 1                                         54535.45
EDMONDSZ,  KENNETH J            SECURITY/READERS-SESSION                                 7445.96
EIDEZ,  TRACEY J                STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
ELDERZ,  JOHN T                 LA                                                      50064.21
EPPSZ,  KAREN NICOLE            STAFF COUNSEL 1                                         71453.06
ESTROFFZ,  JENNIFER E           SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
FAIRLEYZ,  DARLENE              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
FEELEYZ,  PATSY LEE             SR LA                                                   35401.67
FILLIPSZ,  ALONNA R             LA-SDC (SESSION)                                         7325.83
FISCHZ,  LISA A                 SR LA                                                    61742.6
FISHERZ,  JEANNE                SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         5581.86
FITZSIMMONSZ,  BRENDA           EXEC ASST                                               62156.45
FOLLETTZ,  DOUGLAS B            SR SERVICE SPECIALIST                                   54181.17
FONOKALAFI-MCMULLENZ,  ANA K    ASSOC LA                                                36035.03
FORRESTERZ,  SYDNEY B           STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         10070.21
FORSYTHZ,  ASHLEY               INFO OFFICER                                            44437.08
FRANKLINZ,  ROSA L G            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
FRASERZ,  KAREN R               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
FRAZIERZ,  KATHRYN M            INTERN                                                   2272.73
FREEBURGZ,  JAMES               LA                                                      25217.24
FRESHLEYZ,  LAWRENCE E          SECURITY-SESSION                                         6542.03
GALBRAITHZ,  MEGAN E            INTERN                                                   2272.73
GALLAGHERZ,  CHASE A            INFO OFFICER                                            16467.34
GAMBLEZ,  HAYLEY E              SR FISCAL ANALYST                                        79931.7
GATTMANZ,  NOVA                 EXEC ASST                                               46970.66
GAVIGANZ,  CHARLES              STAFF COORDINATOR/COUNSEL                               81708.54
GAYZ,  DIANE K                  PAYROLL ANALYST                                         43710.52
GAYZ,  RACHEL                   WORKROOM CLERK-SESSION                                   6396.31
GAYTONZ,  DEVIN T               INTERN                                                   2272.73
GEORGEZ,  AMBER E               COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 4129.95
GERSTZ,  VALERIE                SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6870.19
GLOREZ,  LYNNE D                SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5687.18
GODWINZ,  CHRISTOPHER R         ANALYST/COUNSEL-SCS (SESSION)                            8255.59
GOFFZ,  THOMAS                  RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      27835.53
GORDONZ,  CAITLIN               COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
GORDONZ,  RANDOLPH I            STATE SENATOR                                           38118.76
GORRELLZ,  JEANINE M            SR LDERSHIP COUNSEL                                     84209.61
GRAHAMZ,  SEAN                  ASSOC LA                                                38037.78
GRAYZ,  JOHN M                  SECURITY-SESSION                                         6104.65
GREEFZ,  ELISE SMITH            SR FISCAL ANALYST                                          97641
GREENLEEZ,  JENNY               FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        70185.03
GREGOIREZ,  MICHELLE            DEFAULT JOB 4 PAY SCALE MONTHLY                          1731.19
GREGORYZ,  LOREN E              SECURITY-SESSION                                         6622.25
HAAGZ,  JANET KAY               SR LA                                                   61338.75
HAMILLZ,  JAMES W               SECURITY-SESSION                                         5273.51
HAMILTONZ,  KARA JEAN           COMM ASST-SESSION                                        9267.01
HAMLINZ,  MARNIE A              DIR ACTG & HR                                           76582.16
HAMREZ,  JUANITA                SECURITY-SESSION                                         6481.37
HANIGZ,  DAVID A                SR RSCH ANALYST                                         91447.62
HARGROVEZ,  JAMES E             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
HATCHETTZ,  MICHAEL F           ASSOC LA                                                17859.81
HATFIELDZ,  BRIAN A             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
HAUGENZ,  MARY MARGARET         STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
HAUSER-CROWEZ,  JOAN E          COMM ASST-SESSION                                        5810.18
HAWKINSZ,  MAYA J               SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
HECKZ,  JASON                   LA                                                       15678.2
HENDENZ,  PAUL J                SECURITY-SESSION                                         6542.03
HENDERSONZ,  BONITA M           PAGE STAFF                                               7626.27
HENDERSONZ,  HOLLY A            SESSION AIDE-SRC                                        33864.09
HENDRICKSONZ,  BRAD             DPTY SEC OF SEN                                           133271
HERRINGZ,  JAMI N               ASSOC LA                                                12441.05
HESSELHOLTZ,  CLAIRE W          SR FISCAL COUNSEL                                      102619.82
HEWITTZ,  MIKE                  STATE SENATOR                                           46106.16
HIGGINSZ,  BETTY J              COMM ASST-SESSION                                        8377.02
HILLZ,  KIMBERLEE D             LA                                                      45346.05
HOBBSZ,  STEVEN R               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
HOEMANNZ,  THOMAS C             SEC OF SENATE                                          143691.18
HOLMQUISTZ,  JANEA              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
HOLTZ,  GARY                    SR WORKROOM CLERK                                       46048.91
HOMANZ,  FAITH                  SESSION AIDE-SDC                                        33538.95
HONEYFORDZ,  JAMES D            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
HOOPERZ,  GRETCHEN              SR LA                                                   67255.81
HOOPERZ,  JODI L                SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6702.44
HOOVERZ,  ALAN E                SECURITY-SESSION                                         6081.94
HOOVERZ,  MICHAEL               SR SENATE COUNSL                                        120702.1
HOUGHTONZ,  ANN BRYN            SR LA                                                   44048.63
HOUSSEINYZ,  RITA M             INTERN                                                   2272.73
HOVDEZ,  MARIA C                FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        60320.56
HUFFZ,  DIXIE L                 SR COMM ASST                                            61062.54
HUGHESZ,  D LEE                 INTERN                                                   2272.73
HULTENZ,  KEVIN T               ASSOC LA                                                40133.22
HUMBOCKZ,  GARY W               SECURITY-SESSION                                         7403.97
HUMMELZ,  ELIZABETH J           SR LA                                                       4438
HUNTERZ,  MATTHEW C             INTERN                                                   2272.73
HURSONZ,  LAURA KATHLEEN        COMM ASST-SESSION                                           6713
HURSTZ,  DONALD F               NOT ASSIGNED                                            24813.45
INGRAMZ,  NATHALIE              COMM ASST-SESSION                                           6713
JACKMANZ,  THOMAS HOWARD        COMM ASST-SESSION                                        6739.64
JACOBSENZ,  KEN G               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
JANSSONZ,  LINDA L              SR JOURNAL CLK                                          66972.58
JAPHETZ,  REBECCA A             COMM DIRECTOR                                           91243.06
JARENZ,  CAROL ANN              SR LA                                                   65162.16
JOHNSONZ,  CASSANDRA E          ASSOC LA                                                 5529.07
JOHNSONZ,  KIMBERLY R           STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         86852.04
JOHNSONZ,  NATHAN               ASSOC RSRCH ANALYST                                     48534.51
JOHNSTONZ,  SANDRA              SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6225.38
JONESZ,  COURTNEY JM            ASSOC LA                                                 4572.51
JONESZ,  STEPHEN L              SR FISCAL CONSL                                        107421.66
JORGENSEN HALEYZ,  KORBIE       ASST CIVIC ED/INTERN                                     4107.41
JURICKZ,  SARAH                 COMM ASST-SESSION                                           6987
KAMPLINGZ,  TERRENCE EUGUENE    SECURITY-SESSION                                         5983.02
KAPPHAHNZ,  MICHAEL D           SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         5581.86
KARGOPOLTSEVAZ,  MARIYA         SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         7056.32
KASTAMAZ,  JAMES M              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KAUFFMANZ,  CLAUDIA G           STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KEISERZ,  KAREN L               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KEITHZ,  CAROLINE L             PROD SERV ASST - SESSION                                 4328.28
KELLEYZ,  KALYN                 COMM ASST-SESSION                                        6975.58
KELLEY-JONESZ,  MARY SHANNON    COMM ASST-SESSION                                           6028
KELLYZ,  ROBERT E               SECURITY-SESSION                                          7724.4
KELLYZ,  TRACI M                INTERN                                                   2272.73
KENNA-SCHENKZ,  REBECCA E       INFO OFFICER                                             4164.51
KERNEYZ,  CHARLOTTE             LA                                                      46865.14
KERR-CHASTEKZ,  COLLEEN E       DEPUTY STAFF DIRECTOR                                   47144.51
KILMERZ,  DEREK C               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KIMZ,  JEONG HYUN               INTERN                                                   2272.73
KINGZ,  CURTIS                  STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KINNEZ,  ALICIA M               ANALYST/COUNSEL-SCS (SESSION)                           10873.64
KLINEZ,  DANIEL ADAM            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KNIESZ,  DAVID F                DEFAULT JOB 4 PAY SCALE MONTHLY                           178.23
KOHL-WELLESZ,  JEANNE           STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
KOHLWESZ,  CURT R               INTERN                                                   2272.73
KREISZ,  ROGER E                SECURITY-SESSION                                         6286.65
KULLEZ,  JENNIFER J             COMM ASST-SESSION                                            137
KUMARAZ,  YOSHI S               SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
LACEYZ,  ELIZABETH C            PAGE STAFF                                               5684.94
LACEYZ,  LORIN J                SECURITY-SESSION                                         7263.16
LAINGZ,  ROGER                  SECURITY-SESSION                                         6243.45
LANGEZ,  MARGIE                 SR LA                                                   63849.02
LARAZ,  ASHLEY P                SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6225.38
LARSONZ,  ANN L                 LA                                                      11410.29
LARSONZ,  DONNA                 SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
LASHERZ,  LINDSEY               COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
LAWRENCEZ,  JAYANIKA L          INTERN                                                   2272.73
LAWRENCEZ,  KATHLEEN            STAFF COORD                                             98248.32
LEEZ,  ROBERT D                 STAFF COORD/ANALYST                                    107188.76
LEWISZ,  DENNIS R               DIR OF SECURITY                                         49937.34
LEWISZ,  MICHELLE L             SR LA                                                   56251.92
LEWISZ,  REBECCA S              COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 4129.95
LEWIS-LECHNERZ,  HEATH          SR LEADSHIP CNSL                                        86797.33
LINTSZ,  LIONEL                 COMM ASST-SESSION                                            137
LITZOWZ,  STEPHEN R             STATE SENATOR                                            3030.36
LOCKEZ,  SYDNEY                 SR LA                                                   60224.65
LOCKENZ,  CARRIE E              INTERN                                                   2272.73
LOEBZ,  ROBERT A                INTERN                                                   2136.36
LOFTUSZ,  MARGARET              PROD SERV ASST - SESSION                                 4236.19
LOHRZ,  BRIAN M                 ASSOC LA                                                18670.81
LOPEZZ,  SAMANTHA M             SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5687.18
LOVINGERZ,  MARTIN              SR SENATE COUNSL                                        24067.63
LUGARZ,  RONALD M               CUSTODIAN                                                 5090.4
LUTZZ,  MANDIE                  COMM ASST-SESSION                                        5525.67
MADSENZ,  ELIYAH                LA-SRC (SESSION)                                         9126.59
MALKINZ,  WENDY LEILA JANIS     ANALYST/COUNSEL-SCS (SESSION)                           12007.64
MALMSTROMZ,  STEPHEN            DRAFTING TECHNICIAN 2                                    33914.2
MANUGIANZ,  RICHARD             INFO OFFICER                                            62046.85
MARPLEZ,  ALEX                  COMM ASST-SESSION                                        7979.92
MARRZ,  CHRISTOPHER J           STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
MARSHALLZ,  CHERYL              SESSION AIDE-SRC                                        26564.03
MARSHALLZ,  RICHARD             ASSOC LA                                                 4650.01
MARTINZ,  MICHAEL GEOFFREY      SESSION AIDE-SDC                                        10208.18
MAYZ,  JERI J                   SR LA                                                    57561.1
MAYESZ,  SEAN                   COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
MCAULIFFEZ,  ROSEMARY           STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
MCCASLINZ,  ROBERT L            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
MCCLIMENTZ,  MICHAEL            SR LA                                                   52767.05
MCCLINTONZ,  BARBARA            SECURITY-SESSION                                         7645.63
MCCLINTONZ,  RONALD S           ASST SGT ARMS                                           20449.61
MCCLUREZ,  CHARLES I            SECURITY-SESSION                                         6037.71
MCCLUREZ,  TRACIE               DEFAULT JOB 4 PAY SCALE MONTHLY                           201.09
MCCONNELLZ,  HALEY R            INTERN                                                   2272.73
MCCRARYZ,  SHERYL L             INTERN                                                   2272.73
MCDERMOTTZ,  JAMES              STATE SENATOR                                           38916.23
MCGARITYZ,  LEE ANN             SR GRAPH DESIGN                                         63545.07
MCGRADYZ,  LARRY D              SECURITY-SESSION                                         7561.85
MCKAYZ,  MARIAH R               SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         2026.72
MCKISSICKZ,  CRAIG              SERVICE SPECIALIST                                      35116.37
MCKISSICKZ,  LARRY L            SECURITY-SESSION                                         7427.03
MCNAMARAZ,  ERIN                SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
MCNAMARAZ,  SHERRY K            DEPUTY STAFF DIRECTOR                                   116800.8
MCREYNOLDSZ,  DIXON T           SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5586.65
MCWAINZ,  PENELOPE M            LA                                                      48263.31
MELCHIORIZ,  ALDO               STAFF COORDINATOR/COUNSEL                               94353.86
MENDIOLA-HAMILTONZ,  ALISON D   STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         81956.82
MIELKEZ,  ALISON J              LA                                                      47424.92
MIELKEZ,  SUSAN M                SR STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                109052.53
MILBURNZ,  NATHAN               SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6073.35
MILESZ,  ROXANNE E              COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 3746.29
MILLERZ,  AMANDA C              INTERN                                                   2272.73
MILLERZ,  M OLGA                SR LA                                                    47088.1
MONSONZ,  BRYCE A               INTERN                                                   2272.73
MONTERMINIZ,  JUSTIN L          COMM ASST-SESSION                                        6880.05
MOOREZ,  BRYON W                FISCAL COORD - OPERATING                               107029.43
MOOREZ,  RYAN D                 SR STAFF COUNSEL                                        92026.79
MORGANZ,  LAUREEN E             SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6073.35
MORGANZ,  SHANA R               COMM ASST                                               42400.47
MORIZ,  LIDIA L                 STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                     95359.91
MORRISZ,  RASHAD J              STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         32782.02
MORTONZ,  HARRY R               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
MULICKZ,  CHRISTOPHER B         SR INFO OFFICER                                         63481.12
MUNGIAZ,  INGRID S              STAFF COUNSEL 2                                          65828.5
MURRAYZ,  EDWARD B              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
NEEDHAMZ,  MICH L P             RESEARCH ANALYST II                                     91959.45
NELSONZ,  BENJAMIN C            INTERN                                                   2272.73
NELSONZ,  RICHARD C             SECURITY-SESSION                                         6352.47
NELSONZ,  SHARON K              STATE SENATOR                                            3508.84
NICHOLSZ,  DEVON                COMMITTEE ASST                                          46101.41
NICHOLSONZ,  MICHAEL A          STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                     89549.16
NICOLAIZ,  CATHERINE M          ASSOCIATE COMMITTEE ASSISTANT                           37228.46
NIXONZ,  LORI                   DEPUTY COMM DIRECTOR                                     65166.8
NOSKIZ,  JONATHAN F             ASSOC LA                                                42375.17
O'NEILLZ,  SHAWN                ASSOC LA                                                26769.21
OATESZ,  JENNA                  SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5829.55
ODANOZ,  JAN                    STAFF COORD/ANALYST                                     94710.31
OEMIGZ,  ERIC W                 STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
OLSONZ,  EMILY A                INTERN                                                   2749.81
OSLUNDZ,  JEREMY                LA                                                      11409.85
PARLETTEZ,  LINDA               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
PARMERZ,  WILLIAM W             SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
PARTENZ,  STEVE P               SR GRAPH DESIGN                                         55611.09
PATTENZ,  GERARD JOSEPH         SECURITY-SESSION                                         5740.03
PEDERSONZ,  BRADLEY             SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6225.38
PEDERSONZ,  KATIE M             INTERN                                                   2272.73
PERSCHBACHERZ,  BEAU JASPER     ASSOC LA                                                34809.75
PETERSZ,  JULIE M               SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         6124.09
PETERSONZ,  RUTH A              SESSION AIDE-SRC                                        18057.97
PFLUGZ,  CHERYL A               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
PIERCEZ,  KEVIN A               STAFF COORD                                            104072.64
PLUSQUELLECZ,  KENNETH          EXEC ASST                                               24344.01
PRENTICEZ,  MARGARITA           STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
PRIDEMOREZ,  CRAIG A            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
PRYCEZ,  BARRETT                LA                                                      38898.77
RAFANELLIZ,  LAUREN             COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
RAMSEYZ,  RICHARD J             SR FISCAL ANALYST                                       86888.54
RANDICHZ,  CHERI L              SYS ANALYST/BILL RPT COORD                              68222.08
RANKERZ,  KEVIN M               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
READINGZ,  JEFF                 COMM DIRECTOR                                           84913.09
REDMONDZ,  EDWARD L             ASSOC RSRCH ANALYST                                     58179.89
REGALAZ,  DIANE E               STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
RICCELLIZ,  MARCUS              LA                                                      10814.45
RICEZ,  EDITH M                 SR STAFF COUNSEL                                        92912.94
ROACHZ,  PAM                    STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
ROCKEFELLERZ,  W P              STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
RODGERZ,  RICHARD G             SR STAFF DIR                                            130139.6
ROEZ,  JEANNINE C               SR EXEC ASST                                            67555.78
ROEZ,  JULIANA                  STAFF COUNSEL 1                                         63529.16
ROGERS-LAVIGNEZ,  JUDY          EXEC ASST                                               55804.53
ROSMONDZ,  POLLY L              SR EXEC ASST                                            83389.24
ROSSZ,  MARY ANNE               SR EXEC ASST                                            62598.58
RUBLEZ,  BARBARA J              SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6554.64
RUBLEZ,  JAMES W                SECURITY-SESSION                                         9030.18
RUSZ,  JUDY A                   SR EXEC ASST                                            46542.58
RUSSELLZ,  TEAL L               PROD SERV ASST - SESSION                                 4033.36
RYANZ,  BERNARD                 ANALYST/COUNSEL-SDC (SESSION)                            7466.36
RYANZ,  KEVIN G                 SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5581.86
SALMONDZ,  CHANDRA A            INTERN                                                   2181.83
SASSZ,  ILANA                   VIDEOGRAPHER-SESSION                                     6887.45
SAUNDERSZ,  HERBERT G           SECURITY-SESSION                                         6854.87
SAVIDGE WILKINSZ,  GALEN G      SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
SCHAEFERZ,  CAROLYN L           LA                                                      40010.56
SCHAFFZ,  JAY R                 ASSOC GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                  39550.69
SCHAUERZ,  SHILOH               EXEC ASST                                               48442.13
SCHLEYZ,  TAMRA J               SR SERVICE SPECIALIST                                   40871.49
SCHOESLERZ,  MARK G             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
SCHUMACHERZ,  DAVID             SR STAFF COORD                                          48288.07
SCOTTZ,  STEPHEN E              SECURITY-SESSION                                         6478.94
SEALEYZ,  STEPHEN M             INTERN                                                   2272.73
SEIDLZ,  ALEXA L                INTERN                                                   2272.73
SEVIERZ,  TAMARA                INTERN                                                   2272.73
SHEAZ,  MICHELLE                INTERN                                                   6178.67
SHELDONZ,  TIMOTHY M            STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
SHERMANZ,  MARY L               SR LA                                                   56786.34
SHINZ,  PAULL H                 STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
SIMONZ,  KERRI L                CAFE-SESSION                                             6656.91
SIMPSONZ,  KELLY D              STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                     96790.97
SIMSZ,  BRIAN A                 FISCAL COORD - CAPITAL                                 107934.39
SINGLAZ,  SUMEER                STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                      92171.9
SMAILESZ,  CHRISTINA A          SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         5687.18
SMITHZ,  DIANE V                STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                     97363.41
SMITHZ,  DONALD L               SECURITY-SESSION                                         6608.98
SMITHZ,  KESS E                 SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5441.44
SOUTHWICKZ,  DAVID              SECURITY-SESSION                                         4977.57
STALLWORTHZ,  BOOKER T          SR INFO OFFICER                                         70030.48
STAUBITZZ,  ANDREW              DIR OF SECURITY                                            21240
STEPELTONZ,  ANDRE              FACILITIES MGR                                          91917.44
STEVENSZ,  ROBERT F             INTERN                                                   2272.73
STEVENSZ,  VALERA A             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
STEWART-GERLAZ,  BLAIRE         COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
STOUTENBURGZ,  MATTHEW V        COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
STRUSZ,  JENNIFER A             SR STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                 108621.01
SUNDZ,  ERIK K                  SR FISCAL ANALYST                                       83025.74
SUNDSTROMZ,  STEVEN W           SR PROD SER ASST                                        52697.27
SWANSONZ,  SHARON               STAFF COORD/COUNSEL                                     82915.07
SWECKERZ,  DANIEL P             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
SWEENYZ,  ABBY G                COMM ASST-SESSION                                         388.17
SWILLIEZ,  ANNETTE M            SR LA                                                   61825.58
TAYLORZ,  JACK E                WAREHOUSE COORD                                         48217.35
TAYLORZ,  KATHERINE             ANALYST/COUNSEL-SCS (SESSION)                            4574.13
THOMASZ,  ANGELINE              INTERN-SCS                                               6131.25
THOMASZ,  BRIANNA K             INTERN                                                   2272.73
THOMPSONZ,  COLLEEN ANN         LA                                                       38779.4
THOMPSONZ,  ROBERT G            PROD SERV ASST                                          43983.67
THOMPSONZ,  SAMUEL              STAFF COUNSEL 2                                         79385.87
TIMMZ,  MOLLIE                  SR LA                                                   70160.21
TOMZ,  RODNEY S                 STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
TRENTZ,  ALEX                   DEFAULT JOB 4 PAY SCALE MONTHLY                           201.09
TROYERZ,  JAMES D               SR STAFF DIRECTOR                                      116998.53
TURNERZ,  LUCRETIA F            LA                                                      45650.62
WALTERSZ,  EMILY                ANALYST/COUNSEL-SDC (SESSION)                               4771
WARDZ,  DAVID B                 FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        97721.21
WASSERZ,  AARON                 INFO OFFICER-SDC (SESSION)                               9292.19
WEEKLEYZ,  DAKIN ANDREWS        INTERN                                                   2272.73
WELSHZ,  PAIGE C                COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                  272.13
WESTZ,  NATALIE R               INTERN                                                   2272.73
WHITMOREZ,  DAVE P              VIDEO SERVICES SUPERVISOR                               73123.45
WHITNEYZ,  LEONARD V            SECURITY-SESSION                                         7388.99
WIBBELSZ,  SANDRA               COMM ASST                                                45881.4
WILBURNZ,  GARY W               SR STAFF COUNSEL                                       101386.23
WILLSZ,  MICHAEL M              SR STAFF COORD                                         120705.86
WILSONZ,  LINDA I               SR SUPPLY MGR                                           55780.65
WINTERSZ,  KRISTA M             EXEC ASST                                               51318.45
WINTERSZ,  VICKIE J             SR LA                                                   61696.49
WIXSONZ,  JESSICA               SESSION AIDE-SRC                                         5863.72
WOLFEZ,  JASMINE J              INTERN                                                   2272.73
WOLLEZ,  KRISTIN M              SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         5361.74
WRIGHTZ,  MEADOW A              SESSION AIDE-SDC                                         6073.35
WRIGHTZ,  SARAH A               ASSOC LA                                                 10028.7
WULFFZ,  DERRICK M              HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT                               44819.11
YBARRAZ,  URIEL A               EXEC ASST                                               27418.49
YOUNGZ,  CATHERINE              FACILITIES COORD                                        53117.83
YOWELLZ,  TIM P                 SR FISCAL ANALYST                                      101018.12
YUNKERZ,  BRITTANY              COMM CLERK-SCS (SESSION)                                 5340.12
ZARELLIZ,  JOSEPH P             STATE SENATOR                                           42106.08
ZIMMERZ,  RUTHIE                SR EXEC ASST                                            60305.32
ZIMMERMANZ,  NANCY              SECURITY-SESSION                                         5204.39

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