This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Investment Board employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 103 multiple job employees (includes 12 duplicates) (2007, 69 employees) (2005, 62 employees) (2003, 63 employees) (2001, 60 employees) (1999, 52 employees) (1997, 43 employees) (1995, 42 employees)

The Washington State Investment Board was created in 1981 to “. . . exercise all the powers and perform all duties prescribed by law with respect to the investment of public trust and retirement funds.” The Board’s mandate is to establish investment policies and procedures designed to maximize return at a prudent level of risk. Its mission is to invest with integrity, prudence and skill to meet or exceed the financial objectives of those they serve. Pursuant to state law (RCW 43.33A.160), the Board is funded from the earnings of the funds it manages, proportional to the value of the assets of each fund, subject to a two-year appropriation from the Legislature. The Board’s 2005-07 operating budget was approximately $16 million. At the end of fiscal year 2006, the Board had approximately 63 employees stationed in Olympia. The Board manages investments for 14 separate retirement funds for public employees, teachers, school employees, law enforcement officers, firefighters and judges. They also manage investments for 19 other public funds that support or benefit industrial insurance, colleges and universities, developmental disabilities and wildlife protection. The total value of assets under management is approximately $70.3 billion. The Board has 15 members: 10 voting members and five non-voting members. Members of the Board are fiduciaries whose mission is to manage investments for retirement and public trust funds “with the highest standard of professional conduct for the exclusive benefit of fund beneficiaries.” With the exception of the legislative and ex-officio members of the Board, Board Members serve three-year terms. The Board has four committees to analyze investment issues: Administrative Committee This Committee is responsible for organizational, personnel, budget, legal and legislative issues, as well as strategic asset allocation matters. Audit Committee This Committee oversees audit activities and operations, and nominates candidates for the nonvoting positions on the Board. This committee also develops and monitors the Code of Conduct for the Board, reviews performance reporting requirements, and addresses corporate governance policies and issues. Private Markets Committee This Committee is responsible for development of policy and structure for private market investments (real estate, venture capital, leveraged buyouts, and so forth). It also reviews real estate and private equity investments for recommendation to the Board. Public Markets Committee This Committee is responsible for the development of policy and structure for public market investments (fixed income, domestic equity, international equity) and reviews individual equity managers for recommendation to the Board.
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2011 State of Washington Investment Board List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
BARADAZ,  ALYSSA A.             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         17794
BARADAZ,  ALYSSA A.             SECRETARY SENIOR                                           13441
BOSWORTHZ,  THOMAS E            A/SR INVEST OFF                                           135036
BOWENZ,  DANA A                 CUST SVS SPEC 2                                            15315
BOWENZ,  DANA A                 OFF ASST LEAD                                              20440
BROMLEYZ,  KRISTI K             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 5                                 53148
BRUEBAKERZ,  GARY               CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER                               303581.79
BUCHANANZ,  LINDA R             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      40524
CHRISTOFFERZ,  BRADLY           IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
CLARKZ,  TAMERA L               FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
COLEMANZ,  JACK D               FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
CZUBZ,  DOROTA E                INVEST OFFICER                                             88548
DAVISZ,  PATRICIA B             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 5                                 31003
DAYZ,  TISH MF                  ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                      48168
DIETRICHZ,  MARGARET V          HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                            7098
DONNELLYZ,  ANDREA D            FISCAL ANALYST 5                                        33150.55
DONOVANZ,  MICHAEL A            BUDGET AND ACCTG MANAGER                                 67102.7
DRAPERZ,  STEVEN M              SEN INV OFFICER                                           220764
EDWARDSZ,  JENNIFER L           INVEST OFFICER                                          21666.69
EDWARDSZ,  THOMAS H             IT SPEC 5                                                79806.9
FOWLERZ,  ISABELLE I            INVEST OFFICER                                            107460
FUGEREZ,  GARY                  CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER                                   61632
FULLERZ,  JENNY C               INVEST OFFICER                                             84336
GANTTZ,  WILLIAM D              A/SR INVEST OFF                                         35146.72
GANTTZ,  WILLIAM D              INVEST OFFICER                                           77596.5
GIGSTEADZ,  VIKKI S             FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
GRAVESZ,  JOHN J                INVEST OFFICER                                         118071.12
GREENZ,  CHRISTOPHER GEORGE     ASST INVEST OFF                                            44982
GREENZ,  CHRISTOPHER GEORGE     INVEST OFFICER                                           35343.3
GRIGGZ,  LISA M                 INVEST OFFICER                                         100045.87
HAGERZ,  SHELLEY                HR DIRECTOR                                             55923.87
HAINESZ,  KRISTI L              CONF. SECRETARY                                            71556
HAUNZ,  NELLY M                 FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
HOLCOMBZ,  RICK LEE             CUST SVS SPEC 3                                         34721.23
HOLTZ,  GARY R                  INVEST OFFICER                                            109548
KENNETTZ,  WILLIAM P            SEN INV OFFICER                                           220764
KILLMANZ,  SHAWNA L             INTERNAL AUDIT DIRECTOR                                 74514.34
KIMZ,  SANG-HOON                IT SPEC 5                                                  78900
KRUZELZ,  JANET                 A/SR INVEST OFF                                         25583.35
KRUZELZ,  JANET                 INVEST OFFICER                                          89308.84
LERCHZ,  STEPHEN C              A/SR INVEST OFF                                        135900.98
LOGANZ,  KRISTINA M             INVESTMENT ACCTG CONTROLLER                               126480
LONGBRAKEZ,  WILLIAM            BOARD MEMBER                                                 750
LYNCHZ,  JOHN S                 CONTRACTS  MANAGER                                      86096.04
MACHADOZ,  SANDRA J             INVESTMENT ACCTG SUPERVISOR                                84648
MACKISONZ,  JAMES M             DATA SYS MG SIB                                           114597
MAGSAYOZ,  HEATHER ALEXANDRA    FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        34314.53
MARKOFFZ,  ALICIA M             INVEST OFFICER                                            108696
MASTENZ,  GEORGE D              BOARD MEMBER                                                1250
MATSUMOTOZ,  CARMEN N           INVEST OFFICER                                          92975.52
MENDIZABALZ,  ELIZABETH         A/D ADMIN SERVS                                           126480
MEREDITHZ,  MATTHEW M           INVEST OFFICER                                         118071.12
MOOERSZ,  MORIAN C              INVEST OFFICER                                            109548
MOOREZ,  VICTOR A               SEN INV OFFICER                                        140604.11
MUHLEBACHZ,  RICHARD            BOARD MEMBER                                                 900
NAKAHARAZ,  ROBERT S            BOARD MEMBER                                                1000
NATALEZ,  FABRIZIO              A/SR INVEST OFF                                         32500.02
NGUYENZ,  VU THAI               IT SPEC 3                                               52609.55
NIERENBERGZ,  DAVID             BOARD MEMBER                                                1100
ONGZ,  DONNA MAY TAN            A/SR INVEST OFF                                           140184
PAROIANZ,  PHILIP               SEN INV OFFICER                                           220764
QIZ,  YUAN                      CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 3                                     44826
RAGANZ,  MICHAEL P              BOARD MEMBER                                                 700
REEDZ,  CLIFFORD R              ADM ASST 3                                                1531.5
REEDZ,  CLIFFORD R              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                    7982.36
REEDZ,  CLIFFORD R              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   21538.43
REPCIKZ,  ROSALIE M             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      30393
REPCIKZ,  ROSALIE M             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                      11562
REYNOLDSZ,  RODNEY K            FINANCIAL EXAMINER 4                                       82896
RICHTERZ,  JULIE A.             CUST SVS SPEC 1                                            14275
RICHTERZ,  JULIE A.             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      19352.38
RIFEZ,  KARINA J                FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
RIPPLEZ,  RALPH                 INVEST OFFICER                                         109862.79
ROBERTSZ,  BRIAN K              INVESTMENT OFFICER PRIVATE EQUIT                        76059.18
ROSSZ,  REGINALD ARMOND         INVEST OFFICER                                          89659.09
RUGGELSZ,  THOMAS E             SEN INV OFFICER                                           220764
SANDBOEZ,  KATHLEEN MARIE       INVEST OFFICER                                             94884
SCHMIDTZ,  KAE A                FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
SCHOENTHALZ,  BARBARA           FISCAL ANALYST 4                                        58784.21
SCOTTZ,  SHELLEY M              INVEST OFFICER                                            109548
SEELYZ,  JEFF                   BOARD MEMBER                                                 700
SHRADERZ,  BRIAN K              ASST INVEST OFF                                         42163.36
SHRADERZ,  BRIAN K              INVEST OFFICER                                             28112
SILVERZ,  PAUL A                INVEST OFFICER                                         118975.88
SINKSZ,  JAMES E                IT SPEC 5                                                  78900
THATCHERZ,  DAVID               INVEST OFFICER                                             96564
TOSTESON ROSENZ,  MARIA         A/SR INVEST OFF                                           144096
TUCKERZ,  ALLYSON RAE           A/SR INVEST OFF                                        139999.92
UHLMEYERZ,  GERALDINE           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                   12906.52
UWADIALEZ,  MELISSA C           RESEARCH ANALYST 1                                      16624.56
VANDEHEYZ,  BETH                A/SR INVEST OFF                                         28591.71
VANDEHEYZ,  BETH                INVEST OFFICER                                           63124.4
VERMEZ,  CELINA H               FINANCE & ADMIN SERVICES DIRECTO                       105053.04
VIDALLONZ,  ERWIN B             INVEST OFFICER                                          108161.1
WALKERZ,  CERI ANGELA           A/SR INVEST OFF                                         35982.31
WALKERZ,  CERI ANGELA           INVEST OFFICER                                             79441
WHITMARSHZ,  THERESA J          EXEC. DIRECTOR                                         256000.08
WILLZ,  DIANA                   SEN INV OFFICER                                         195822.7
WOLDENZ,  MATTHEW WARREN        INVEST OFFICER                                          53677.32
WOLFEZ,  CARRIE L               INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                 87432.2
YIPZ,  MICHAEL L                INVEST OFFICER                                             84336
ZAHRINGERZ,  MEGAN JO           ADM ASST 4                                              13641.24

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