This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Lottery Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 181 multiple job employees (includes 20 duplicates) (2009, 140 employees) (2007, 145 employees) (2005, 152 employees) (2003, 154 employees) (2001, 148 employees) (1999, 154 employees) (1997, 158 employees) (1995, 152 employees)

Washington’s Lottery was created by the state Legislature in July 1982. The Commission’s mission, as set in the law, is to generate the maximum amount of net revenues for the state, using strategies consistent with the dignity of the state and the general welfare of its people. To accomplish this mission, the Commission sells tickets of chance to the general public. These include instant tickets, referred to as “scratch tickets”, and games for which weekly drawings are held at specified intervals. The net revenues earned by the Commission are contributed to the Education Construction Account, King County (in support of Safeco Field), the Stadium and Exhibition Center Account (in support of Qwest Field and Exhibition Center), the Economic Development Account and to the Problem Gambling Account in accordance with legislative mandates. Total ticket sales in fiscal year 2006 were approximately $487 million and operating expenses (prize payouts, retail commissions, vendor expense and administrative expenses in support of operations) were approximately $360 million. Contributions to the beneficiaries of Lottery proceeds totaled approximately $122 million for the fiscal year. The Commission works with the Office of the Governor to create a two-year budget proposal to support administrative costs. This proposal is subject to legislative approval. The 2005-07 operating budget was approximately $24 million. The Commission receives no General Fund contributions. At the end of fiscal year 2006, the Commission has approximately 150 employees working out of six locations: Seattle, Everett, Vancouver, Yakima, Spokane and Olympia, which also serves as the agency headquarters. The Commission is the rule-making body for Lottery operations. The five-member Commission is appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. The Commission advises and makes recommendations to the Director for the operation and administration of the Lottery.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Lottery Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ACEVEDO-PEREZZ,  CARMEN         CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         44218.32
ANDERSONZ,  LANCE J             SALES OPERATIONS MANAGER (LOTTER                        75198.16
ANDERSON-BUCSKOZ,  KATHERINE    CUST SVS SPEC 2                                          1858.18
ARMSTRONGZ,  RUSSELL L          HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 2                             25148.73
ARMSTRONGZ,  RUSSELL L          HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                            6126
ARMSTRONGZ,  RUSSELL L          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       1519.04
ARMSTRONGZ,  RUSSELL L          WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                     8506.89
BAKERZ,  JOLENE K               IT SPEC 4                                                73379.2
BARTLEYZ,  DONNA J              LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                        17338.58
BELLZ,  BRIAN W                 LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                        41066.72
BERGERZ,  SUSAN J               CUST SVS SPEC 2                                             3063
BERGERZ,  SUSAN J               LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        44365.61
BOGARTZ,  RONALD D              IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
BORSOZ,  JOHN ALEXANDER         IT SPEC 4                                               55925.31
BOUDIAZ,  DAVID                 CUST SVS SPEC 4                                            44712
BRUDVIKZ,  LEONARD L            DIRECTOR OF SECURITY (LOTTERY)                             76344
BRUNETTIZ,  ANGELA JEANINE      FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     33127.58
BRUNETTIZ,  ANGELA JEANINE      FORMS/REC AN 1                                           4953.24
BUCKNERZ,  DEBRA L              SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
BUNTTINGZ,  LEROY R             LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        47205.45
BUTLERZ,  TERRI GEDDE           MARKETING/SALES COORDINATOR (LOT                           56124
CARRZ,  PATRICIA ANN            CUST SVS SPEC 2                                            36756
CARYZ,  JENI LEE                CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         31037.72
CHOZ,  YOUNG                    LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                        41678.04
CHONGZ,  IN-HWAN                IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
CHUAZ,  ANTONIO I               LOTTERY SECURITY SPECIALIST                              55148.8
COEZ,  JACQUELINE A             DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS (LOTT                        37575.09
COEZ,  JACQUELINE A             NOT ASSIGNED                                             1472.69
COFFEEZ,  MARI L                LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        46575.41
COMSTOCKZ,  BRIAN L             COMMISSIONER                                                 500
COUGHLINZ,  WILLIAM O           FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        46526.51
CRAIGHILLZ,  JOHN               INTERNAL AUDIT MANAGER, LOTTERY                         68761.38
CRAMZ,  THOMAS E                LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         49439.7
DANFORTHZ,  THERESA A           DIR. MARKETING                                          46765.59
DARROWZ,  KEVIN M               CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST 2                             367.74
DAVISZ,  SUE ANN                SECRETARY LEAD                                             37620
DEANZ,  DAVID C                 LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        48009.24
DENISONZ,  LESLIE A             LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                        68991.25
DOWNSZ,  ANNETTE L              LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        52783.23
EARSLEYZ,  CHERYL L             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                    49794.4
EISENTROUTZ,  BRUCE M           ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES MANAGER,                           62220
ERICKSONZ,  LORI ANN            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         49737.6
FEIGNERZ,  REBECCA A            CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         26837.71
FICEKZ,  KIMBERLY KAY           LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                           39516
FISCHERZ,  CRYSTAL L            INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                   53928
FISCHERZ,  CRYSTAL L            IT SPEC 5                                                  25353
FLAIGZ,  SUSAN L                IT SPEC 2                                                  58656
FLEENERZ,  CYNTHIA A            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         50631.3
FLYNNZ,  JEAN A                 MARKETING & MERCHANDISING MGR (L                        23863.64
FOSTERZ,  REBECCA JANE          DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND ADMINIST                           88416
FRADYZ,  RICHARD P              INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                88055.26
FREESEZ,  COLLEEN R             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   38453.09
FRENCHZ,  MATTHEW I             WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 4                                    40511.21
FUNKZ,  WILLIAM C               INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                88234.97
GATTERMANZ,  SCOTT M            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        50300.05
GEISREITERZ,  KURT BRADLEY      DIRECTOR OF SALES (LOTTERY)                                90000
GERARDZ,  CHERYL L              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                         53758.9
GOFORTHZ,  LESA A               LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        37836.45
GOFORTHZ,  LESA A               LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                           11900
GRAYZ,  GAYLENE                 LOTTERY PRODUCT MANAGER                                  75429.6
GUDMUNDSONZ,  K FIL             LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                           68280
GUSTAFSONZ,  BRADLEY W          LICENSING SPECIALIST 2                                  43808.28
HAMMZ,  RONALD                  LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         51047.9
HANSENZ,  TERESA L S            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        10169.01
HANSONZ,  HAROLD W              COMMISSIONER                                                 200
HANSONZ,  HAROLD W              DIRECTOR                                                71875.05
HARRISZ,  ARLEN E               LEGISLATIVE LIAISON (LOTTERY)                              75000
HARRISZ,  EVELYN R              SECRETARY LEAD                                          36533.12
HEPTINGZ,  JANET L              CUST SVS SPEC 2                                            37056
HERRZ,  SUSAN M                 LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                        46189.37
HIBBARDZ,  MICHAEL J            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         50929.2
HILLZ,  GWENDOLYN MARIE         LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        46027.55
HOVELSONZ,  STEVEN J            GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                    49368
IYALLZ,  JONATHAN W             MGMT ANALYST 3                                          55259.27
JACOBSZ,  LORAINE               LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         48843.9
JACOBSENZ,  M LYLE              COMMISSIONER                                                1000
JANSENZ,  JEROME C              FORMS/REC AN 2                                          29524.39
JENSENZ,  JAMES J               INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                   87096
JOHNSONZ,  JAY E                LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        47205.45
JOHNSONZ,  JENNIFER C           PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                           47016
JONESZ,  JANA L                 DIRECTOR OF LEGAL SERVICES (LOTT                        97865.66
KILLIONZ,  TERRI L              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   27381.82
KILLIONZ,  TERRI L              LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                            9879
KIMZ,  SEUNGKU THOMAS           LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        46349.01
KINNEYZ,  SCOTT A               DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS (LOTT                        20909.07
KIRZ,  YOUNG H                  LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        53794.81
KNUTSONZ,  BRANDT               LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         48248.1
LAMBERTZ,  DARRELL W            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         49350.2
LAMBERTZ,  MARGARET ROSE        WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                       34260
LEACHZ,  VALERIE S              LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        11956.42
LEDESMAZ,  REBECCA J            FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45999.44
LEEZ,  ANNETTA L                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    4576.97
LEEZ,  DESIREE N                HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 1                             18802.76
LEEZ,  DESIREE N                HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT ASSIST                        25047.19
LEEZ,  SEHYUN                   ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                     1688.5
LEEZ,  SEHYUN                   CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         36390.93
LINDSTROMZ,  BRIAN A            WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                     5347.61
LINNZ,  VERNON J                LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         49439.7
LIUZ,  CHRISTOPHER              DIRECTOR                                                45217.17
LOVELANDZ,  VALORIA H           COMMISSIONER                                                 500
MARTINZ,  JULIE A               DEPUTY DIRECTOR, WASHINGTON'S LO                          112392
MASONZ,  AARON D                LOTTERY INFORMATION SECURITY SPE                        53899.92
MASSOTHZ,  TERANCE A            LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                        17559.49
MASSOTHZ,  TERANCE A            WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                     1504.31
MATHISENZ,  HEATHER A           LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                           48546
MAZZARELLIZ,  TANYA J           FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        51693.59
MCDANIELZ,  JENNIFER L          ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                    46173.9
MCDANIELZ,  JENNIFER L          LOTTERY SECURITY SPECIALIST                                 1936
MCDERMOTTZ,  GENE J             LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        26023.52
MERWINZ,  MILES L               LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         49737.6
METZENERZ,  WILLIAM M           IT SPEC 4                                               64783.68
MEYERZ,  DEBORAH R              CONF. SECRETARY                                            63000
MILLERZ,  JOYLENE E             MGR, FINANCIAL REPORTING & ANALY                        39331.14
MITCHELLZ,  DENISE R            MARKETING/SALES COORDINATOR (LOT                           48960
MORGANZ,  LINDA A               DIST SALES REP                                          33051.78
MORRISONZ,  MARLON D            IT SPEC 3                                                  65202
NAPPERZ,  CARLA I               MGMT ANALYST 2                                             14399
NAPPERZ,  CARLA I               RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                      28646.06
OCONNORZ,  MICHAEL G            WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                       34260
OHERNZ,  MICHAEL P              IT SPEC 3                                                  64740
PALMA NAVAZ,  SERGIO            INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                 6268.27
PARQUEZ,  LINDA                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST, SECURITY (L                        39621.92
PATNODEZ,  KATHI L              MGMT ANALYST 3                                          50436.36
PIERCEZ,  MARIE VICTORIA        CUST SVS SPEC 2                                          2874.84
POPPEZ,  DEREK A                LOTTERY SECURITY SPECIALIST                             24285.78
PRICEZ,  AUDREY SARAH           LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                           39516
PRINCEZ,  BRENDA K              LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        50407.45
RABERZ,  WILLIAM ALBERT         LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                        67240.08
RENECKERZ,  SHELLY A            FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           52292
RENFROWZ,  SHARON M             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
RENNERZ,  ROBERT DEAN           LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                           58500
REUELLZ,  SHANE D               WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 3                                       37620
RICHARDSZ,  GERTRUDE J          CUST SVS SPEC 2                                            36756
ROBINSONZ,  DEBORAH K           DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES                             74111.59
RUDEENZ,  TERRY K               DIR OF INFORMATION SERVICES (LOT                           95900
RUTHFORDZ,  MARY KATHRYN        CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         33599.05
RYHERDZ,  ANN E                 COMMISSIONER                                                 100
SAVAGEZ,  MARCI L               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                      44358
SCARBROUGHZ,  ROBERT STEVEN     COMMISSIONER                                                 400
SEELEYZ,  DAVID                 WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 1                                    32239.86
SEIGLEZ,  DARLENE               CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         34520.27
SEVERSONZ,  ANDREA A            LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                        44545.39
SEXTONZ,  LOIS J                LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                          2489.3
SHELDONZ,  SHELBY D             HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 3                             60444.86
SHOPEZ,  LORI J                 LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                        24180.94
SHOPEZ,  LORI J                 WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                      272.52
SIMPSONZ,  THERESA J            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         49690.5
SKUBEZ,  MARY                   FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
SMERERZ,  RONALD J.             LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                        64000.08
SMITHZ,  CHARLES L              FISCAL ANALYST 5                                         1933.56
SOBELZ,  MARA LYNN              LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        50184.45
SORENSONZ,  STEVEN SHANE        FINANCIAL REPORTING MANAGER (LOT                        19460.25
SUNDZ,  STACY LEE               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                      48168
TARTERZ,  DIONNE PETULA         FINANCIAL REPORTING MANAGER (LOT                           71490
TAYLORZ,  BARBARA               LICENSING SPECIALIST 2                                  30394.97
THOMASZ,  KATHLEEN A            LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                           48546
THOMENZ,  KAREN                 SECRETARY LEAD                                          37725.41
TRANZ,  DAO N                   IT SPEC 4                                               77405.83
TRANDUMZ,  GERALD L             LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                           48546
TRIPLETZ,  JAMES C              CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALIST 2                             299.64
TRIPLETZ,  JUDY L               LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        48646.01
VAUGHNZ,  STEPHEN L             MGMT ANALYST 3                                             50218
VAUGHNZ,  STEPHEN L             RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                          4214
VESSEYZ,  VALERIE J             LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        48397.05
WADEZ,  STEPHEN E               RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT MGR (LO                        82210.44
WARICKZ,  JAMES A               DIRECTOR OF MARKETING (LOTTERY)                          54225.6
WARICKZ,  JAMES A               MARKETING & MERCHANDISING MGR (L                         24097.5
WARICKZ,  RANDY LEE             LOTTERY REGIONAL/PROGRAM MANAGER                         63245.4
WEBERZ,  JACK                   LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                        49290.75
WHITESIDEZ,  JENNIFER M         ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                       6754
WILLBURNZ,  MEGAN C             GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                 40787.33
WILSONZ,  SAMUEL E              LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                         5050.59
WILSONZ,  SAMUEL E              LOTTERY TELEMARKETING REPRESENTA                         11305.5
WITMANZ,  JEINA A               CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         14263.61
WOODZ,  TERESA L                FISCAL ANALYST 5                                           55500
YAMAMOTOZ,  YASUSHI             LOTTERY DISTRICT SALES REPRESENT                           48546
YOSHIDAZ,  SHARON Y             IT SPEC 3                                               67691.49
ZOLLERZ,  KATHIE J              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       6078.43

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