This is a list of the Jan. 2001 State of Washington Law Library employees and their job title and salaries.(2011, 15 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2007, 14 employees) (2005, 12 employees) (2003, 16 employees) (2001, 16 employees) (1999, 15 employees) (1997, 17 employees) (1995, 15 employees)

The Library was originally a part of the State Library. In 1907, the State Law Library Committee was charged with appointing the State Law Librarian, who would also be the Deputy State Librarian. The State Law Library has occupied the Main Reading Room in the Temple of Justice since the building was opened in 1913. In 1958, under the Revised Code of Washington 27.20, the State Law Library was made a part of the Supreme Court. It serves employees of all three branches of state government and provides some services to local governments. It is also open to the public. With over 53,000 titles and over 340,000 volumes, the collection is one of the largest legal collections in the western United States. It is the only law library in the Pacific Northwest to have primary materials from all 50 states, including published official reports and statutes. The collection includes a comprehensive set of primary federal materials. The Library has one of the largest collections of legal periodicals published in English. The Library also has a full set of printed briefs for the Washington Reports, first and second series, and for the Washington Appellate Reports. In addition, it carries early Washington territorial laws and reports. The collection has copies of early Washington State codes and statutes.
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2001 State of Washington Law Library List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

January 31, 2001 Personnel Detail
046 State Law Library
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                                                                                      2001 Personnel Detail
046  State Law Library   

BISHOP, KAREN L             BUSINESS MGR        2 - M    100%    3,682.00
BOGUE-LATHAM, BERNIT        LIBRARY TECH 3      2 - M    100%    2,494.00
CATE, SHANI L               LIB TECHNICIAN 2    2 - M    50%     1,085.00
CHRISTENSEN, LESLIE         LIBRARY TECH 2      2 - M    100%    1,980.00
CORCORAN, RENEE L           LIBRARY TECH 3      2 - M    100%    2,551.00
DYER, SANDRA Y              ASSTLAWLIBRARIAN    2 - M    100%    3,776.00
EKLUND, CORA MORLEY         ASSTLAWLIBRARIAN    2 - M    100%    4,378.00
FULLER, SHAUN E             LIBRARY TECH 2      2 - M    100%    2,169.00
LAINE, JENNIFER M.          LIBRARY TECH 1      2 - M    100%    1,980.00
MANBECK, SYLVIA             LIBRARY TECH 3      2 - M    100%    2,221.00
MAUCERI, KAREN JO           LIBRARY TECH 1      2 - H    100%        9.91
MCVEIGH, DAWN KENDRI        ASSTLAWLIBRARIAN    2 - M    100%    4,378.00
NORWOOD, DEBORAH A          DIRECTOR            2 - M    100%    8,382.00
PASQUALONE, PATRICE         ADMIN CO-ORD        2 - M    100%    2,740.00
SHRIVER, PATRICIA L.        FISCAL TECH         2 - M    75%     1,827.00
SUSHAK, KAREN J             LIBRARY TECH 1      2 - M    100%    2,169.00
                 16 Employees in agency 046

Jan 31, 2001                                                                 B - 1            Agency: 046


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