This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 471 multiple job employees (includes 22 duplicates) (2009, 407 employees) (2007, 384 employees) (2005, 365 employees) (2003, 353 employees) (2001, 331 employees) (1999, 291 employees) (1997, 296 employees) (1995, 283 employees)

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction receives and distributes federal and state education funding, supervises school district budgeting, accounting and reporting, administers teacher certification, and carries out educational reforms as directed by the Legislature and Congress. The Superintendent of Public Instruction is a statewide elected official who serves a four-year term. The Agency works closely with a number of other agencies in the administration of the state’s K-12 education system. These agencies include the 21-member Professional Educator Standards Board, which the Agency is a member of and is responsible for the preparation and certification of educators, nine regional educational service districts that provide cooperative and information services such as accounting and grants management to local school districts, and the state’s 296 school districts that deliver educational services to approximately one million students. The Agency is also one of 16 members of the Washington State Board of Education, which establishes rules and guidelines in areas ranging from school system accountability and graduation requirements to school construction and school accreditation. The Agency provides accounting services for both the Professional Educator Standards Board and the state Board of Education. The Agency has 340 employees and an annual state operating budget of approximately $5.71 billion, most of which is passed on to the state’s school districts and regional educational service districts.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBOTTZ,  PAMELA J              ADMIN ASST                                                 220.8
ABELZ,  VITTRICE                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        17854.65
ACKELSONZ,  DANISE              PROG SUP, OUTREACH COORDINATOR                          17152.91
ADOLFSONZ,  TERRI LEE           ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        58081.32
ALVARADOZ,  JASON MICHAEL       IT SPEC 5                                               30190.91
AMMONSZ,  SHEILA                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPEC ED EARLY                        68762.55
ANDERSONZ,  DAVID W             RESEARCH ANALYST                                        68762.55
ANDERSONZ,  NICHOLE RENEE       OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         15588
ANDERSONZ,  NICHOLE RENEE       SECRETARY SENIOR                                        16220.18
ANDERSONZ,  TIMOTHY L           ADMIN ASST                                                 19725
ANDREWSZ,  BRADLEY G            IT SPEC 5                                               62133.75
ANDREWSZ,  MARK D               ADMIN ASST                                                  1818
ANTENEZ,  CANDACE SUSAN         CONF. SECRETARY                                         56784.09
AOKIZ,  MICHELE A               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR WORLD LANGUAG                         51985.5
ARNOLDZ,  VALERIE J             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL EDUCA                        67935.75
BACAZ,  BERNAL C                SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
BAHRENBURGZ,  KIMBERLEY         SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    16430.25
BAKERZ,  ESTHER                 ADMIN ASST                                              70443.07
BAKERZ,  TERRI J                PROG SPEC 3                                             55487.76
BALLENTINEZ,  KYLA              CONTRACTS ASSISTANT                                     17000.23
BALLENTINEZ,  KYLA              SECRETARY SENIOR                                           16344
BANKERZ,  JOAN K                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         56092.5
BANKSZ,  ANNE E                 PROGRAM MANAGER LEARNING & TEACH                        72618.04
BARADAZ,  MICHAELA              SEC SENIOR                                              17388.56
BARKERZ,  RONALD W              CUST SVS SPEC 2                                          30029.4
BARKLEYZ,  WENDY L              ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                           26235
BARNESZ,  ROCHELLE M            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   40366.46
BARRONZ,  CHRISTOPHER T         ADMIN ASST                                              69216.82
BEAUCHAINEZ,  SUSANNE           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR EQUITY                               68762.55
BECKZ,  GORDON E                DIRECTOR SCHOOL FACILITIES & ORG                           89683
BECKZ,  GREG W                  ADMIN ASST                                              93754.37
BECKMANZ,  MARIA T              SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    49007.16
BENEDETTIZ,  SANDY L            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
BENNETTZ,  KELLI A              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                 19614.83
BENNETTZ,  KELLI A              TEACHER CREDENTIALS TECHNICIAN 2                           19758
BERGEZ,  JOLYNN N               DIRECTOR FINANCIAL SERVICES                                89683
BERTSCHIZ,  RUDI                ADMIN ASST                                              84674.05
BILLINGHURSTZ,  BARBARA         ADMIN ASST                                              25340.95
BISSONNETTEZ,  ALEX             ADMIN ASST                                               5681.82
BLACKZ,  SCOTT A                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
BLACKLEDGEZ,  ANN M             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      68762.55
BLEVINSZ,  MAGEN E TRONSON      ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                     823.25
BOHANONZ,  KELLI A              ADMIN ASST                                                 19250
BOMMARITOZ,  KRISTEN K          SEC SR                                                  21702.84
BOOTHZ,  JEFFREY M              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR BUDGET CHILD                         71691.41
BORNEMANNZ,  GRETA              ASST ADMIN                                              81290.91
BOUCHERZ,  JAYME                SECRETARY SENIOR                                         12550.5
BRAGDONZ,  AMY E                SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
BRANDISZ,  BETTE T              ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         2979.76
BRATTZ,  PETER S                ADMIN ASST                                                5236.5
BRENNAZ,  DAVID CHARLES         ADMIN ASST                                               79397.9
BRENNAZ,  MARTHA M              BUDGET ANALYST                                          70555.73
BRESKOZ,  JOHN R                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL ED OP                        68762.55
BRODIEZ,  CALVIN W              ADMIN ASST                                             112575.95
BROOKSZ,  STACI E               DIRECTOR GRANTS                                         74345.32
BROOMZ,  MAURICE                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      47598.23
BROWNZ,  EMILY                  IT SPEC 3                                               50532.09
BROWNELLZ,  ALISA FAYE          CUST SVS SPEC 2                                         36616.77
BROWNELLZ,  ANTHONY L           IT SPEC 4                                               71225.18
BRUMMONDZ,  NICOLE              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40255.7
BUCKZ,  ROBYN                   PROGRAM SUPERVISOR HEALTH AND HU                        52680.49
BUECHELZ,  MELANIE S            CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATOR                                    20010
BUERGELZ,  NANCY S              ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         4537.73
BULLZ,  LINDA Y                 IT SPEC 5                                               78601.14
BUNDAZ,  ROSAURO                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SCH DIST PERS                        68762.55
BURKEZ,  ALAN                   ADMIN ASST                                             120537.68
BURNHAMZ,  BRADFORD HINCKLEY    ADMIN ASST                                                 55200
BURTZ,  JANET L                 PROG SPEC 3                                             50278.95
BUTLERZ,  JAMES A               IT SPEC 5                                               78601.14
BUTTSZ,  ROBERT C               ADMIN ASST                                               96915.5
CALHOUNZ,  DEBRA A              ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
CANADYZ,  SUZETTE LAGENE        ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      12587
CANLETTZ,  TARA A               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        38181.46
CARROUGHERZ,  JENNIFER          DIRECTOR                                                   82582
CARVERZ,  THOMAS                REGIONAL COORDINATOR NW WASHINGT                        48275.95
CERVANTESZ,  CHERYL             CONF. SECRETARY                                         52946.68
CHACEZ,  JULIE MARIE            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   23140.16
CHACONZ,  ALMA                  WMS BAND 2                                               72193.5
CHAISSON-CARDENASZ,  JOHN PAUL  ADMIN ASST                                              58896.89
CHANDLERZ,  SAMMY               ADMIN ASST                                              55109.49
CLINTONZ,  NATHAN               ADMIN ASST                                              79835.86
COBBZ,  ANDREA                  ADMIN ASST                                                 60746
COLEZ,  JESSICA                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                   17387.27
COLEZ,  JESSICA                 ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   16463.63
COLEZ,  JESSICA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        1394.5
COLLINSZ,  KRISTIN A            HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 4                             58560.27
CONLEYZ,  BREANNE M             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   39185.62
CONWAYZ,  ALISA                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        30999.91
CONWAYZ,  KAREN B               CONF. SECRETARY                                         47889.91
COOKZ,  PAMELA                  CONF. SECRETARY                                            51548
CORNETTZ,  SHERRIE              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34204.25
CORRIGANZ,  DAMON               ADMIN ASST                                                  9405
CORRIGANZ,  DAMON               IT SPEC 5                                               68738.64
COSTANZOZ,  JARED               SBE MEMBER                                                   900
CRAWFORDZ,  DEBRA A             CONF. SECRETARY                                         66634.64
CULIKZ,  JANET                  CONF. SECRETARY                                         48846.27
CULWELLZ,  DEBORAH B            ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
DACUAGZ,  JONATHAN              ADMIN ASST                                               2763.32
DAL PORTOZ,  STEVEN J.          SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
DANIELSZ,  KEVIN M              INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                86766.09
DAVISZ,  KATIE E                ADMIN ASST                                               65728.4
DAVISZ,  SARAH                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      33087.68
DECKERZ,  JUDY M                CONF. SECRETARY                                         56784.09
DECKERZ,  MICHAEL T             ADMIN ASST                                              18122.39
DEROUSIEZ,  KIMBERLY A          ADMIN ASST                                              68164.82
DILLONZ,  REBECCA L             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   40785.83
DITTRICHZ,  BARBARA J           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR ADVANCED PLAC                        68762.55
DOOLEYZ,  MICHAEL J             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR APPORTIONMENT                        67594.17
DOPSONZ,  ELONA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      18126.77
DOPSONZ,  ELONA                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                            8760
DORNZ,  RANDOLPH ISSAC          SUPTD OF PUB INS                                       121157.41
DOWLINGZ,  MATTHEW              IT SPEC 5                                               86377.78
DUBUQUEZ,  CARRIE L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     19698.77
DUBUQUEZ,  CARRIE L             SECRETARY SENIOR                                         15968.4
DUNSTERZ,  SHERALYN             ADMIN ASST                                                 76270
DYERZ,  MELINDA                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR EDUCATION OF                         68762.55
EBERTZ,  ELLEN                  ASST ADMIN                                              17273.59
ECKLERZ,  LORI A                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45654.41
ECKROTHZ,  MERCEDES R           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        17453.64
ECKROTHZ,  SUSAN C              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        52946.68
EDWARDSZ,  SHANNON M            ADMIN ASST                                               82935.6
EICHZ,  LYNDA L                 ADMIN ASST                                              59080.35
EIRISHZ,  PATRICIA J            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL PROGR                        69093.12
ELLIOTT-SCHUMANZ,  NIKKI        ADMIN ASST                                              79712.91
ELLISONZ,  MICAH JEROME         IT SPEC 3                                               39659.68
EPPERSONZ,  LOIS T              ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         61926.7
ERICKSONZ,  SALLY M             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        18847.27
ERSKINEZ,  MARILEE S            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        4183.5
ERSKINEZ,  MARILEE S            SECRETARY SENIOR                                        20572.74
FALLONZ,  JULIA                 ADMIN ASST                                              64240.74
FAZZARIZ,  LARRY W              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      68762.55
FERRELLZ,  LOUIS P              IT SPEC 2                                                55176.5
FITCHZ,  DENISE L               WMS BAND 2                                              40612.47
FLETCHERZ,  CONSTANCE E         SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
FLORESZ,  MARIA ROSEANNA        ADMIN ASST                                              52496.18
FOSTERZ,  LINDA A               ADMIN ASST                                              73400.91
FRANKZ,  ALAN D                 IT SPEC 5                                               55053.64
FRANKZ,  PHYLLIS                SBE MEMBER                                                  1000
FREUNDZ,  WILLIAM L             ADMIN ASST                                               1763.84
FULTONZ,  BARBARA               SEC SUPV                                                18019.84
GARNERZ,  RAMONA                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR, SCH DIST/ESD                           48750
GILLZ,  DOUGLAS H               DIRECTOR SPECIAL EDUCATION                              92189.98
GILMANZ,  H WAYNE               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR AGRICULTURE                          68762.55
GLASSEZ,  SANDRA                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        12634.13
GLEASONZ,  MOLLY                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        64028.64
GODATZ,  TRACY J                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        24428.67
GOETZZ,  ADAM B                 IT SPEC 5                                               13428.03
GOODINGZ,  LAURA Z              ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
GORLANDZ,  GARY R               ADMIN ASST                                              13920.45
GORTONZ,  GLENN                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR PUPIL TRANS &                        68762.55
GOUDYZ,  MEGGAN FRANCES         CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 2                                  52346.25
GRIFFINZ,  KATHY M              INVESTIGATOR 3                                          61421.95
GRIFFINZ,  WANDA E              PROG SPEC 3                                             41658.48
GRIFFITHZ,  CAROL L             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR CHILD/ADULT C                        51782.23
GRUMMICKZ,  SANDRA K            WMS DATA MANAGEMENT PROG SUPERVI                        68762.55
GRUNENFELDERZ,  DIXIE           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR PREVENTION/IN                        68824.37
GUINNZ,  ELENA                  ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         9963.28
HADLEYZ,  MAILE                 ADMIN ASST                                              42229.45
HANCZRIKZ,  CHRISTOPHER         ASST ADMIN                                              94369.18
HANSENZ,  TISHA MARIE           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
HANSMANZ,  JACQUELINE           CONF. SECRETARY                                         52934.73
HANSONZ,  DONNA M               CONF. SECRETARY                                         48846.27
HARDINGZ,  EDITH W              ST BD SECRETARY                                           115008
HARKINSZ,  ROBERT               ADMIN ASST                                              54026.83
HARMANZ,  SHAUN W               INVESTIGATOR 3                                          62957.96
HARMONZ,  ROBERT H              ADMIN ASST                                             107543.09
HARPERZ,  CHERYL L              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45654.41
HARRISZ,  ASHLEY MARIE          ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      34129
HAWKINSZ,  DEBRA                ASST ADMIN                                              94369.18
HAWKINSZ,  DONNITA              ADMIN ASST                                              52160.54
HAYESZ,  KIMBERLY ANNE          ASST ADMIN                                              64171.51
HEARDZ,  STELLA M               SECRETARY SENIOR                                        31915.13
HEIMANZ,  SYDNEY THERESE        ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   30316.28
HENNESSEYZ,  KRISTIN K          ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                           59627
HENSLEYZ,  KENDRA LYNN          ADMIN ASST                                              77247.86
HERNANDEZZ,  CHERYL             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        31166.73
HERTZ,  CARRIE A                ADMIN ASST                                                 17595
HERTZ,  CARRIE A                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   24547.82
HERTELZ,  RONALD                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR READINESS TO                         68989.65
HESSZ,  JODY                    ARRA PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                 66177.06
HETLANDZ,  BRENDA S             ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
HIDDEZ,  SUZANNE M.             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR HEALTH AND SE                        68762.55
HILLZ,  HOLLY K                 FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        52951.15
HILLZ,  SUSAN E                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        26142.33
HOBBSZ,  LINDA L                CUST SVS SPEC 3                                          40370.5
HOFFZ,  JULIE                   ADMIN ASST                                              63502.55
HOLLINGBERYZ,  GEORGE           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR, COLLEGE SUCC                            9168
HOLMBERGZ,  MARY S              ADMIN ASST                                              75122.36
HONGZ,  GLORIA H                ADMIN ASST                                                 30600
HORANZ,  AMBER J                FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        10141.28
HUBERTZ,  ROBERT                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR NAVIGATION 10                        68762.55
HUENNEKENSZ,  WILLIAM           ADMIN ASST                                              89659.09
HUGHESZ,  ROBERT VERNON         SBE MEMBER                                                  1100
HUMEZ,  KATHERINE P             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        17453.64
HURTADOZ,  DENNY S              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      68762.55
IRELANDZ,  LISA A               IT SPEC 4                                               71225.18
IYALLZ,  MARGARET J             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      20303
JACKSONZ,  ANTON F              ASST ADMIN                                              74337.06
JATCZAKZ,  PATRICIA E           ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
JENKINSZ,  REBECCA              ASST ADMIN                                              51083.33
JOHNSONZ,  MARY J               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      79665.09
JOHNSONZ,  MONA M               DIRECTOR LEARNING & TEACHING SUP                        14905.76
JOHNSONZ,  SUSAN J              ADMIN ASST                                              23641.09
JOHNSONZ,  TAMI J               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   40514.44
JOHNSTONEZ,  KRISTINA           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR ADVANCED PLAC                        27712.58
JONESZ,  ALLAN J                DIRECTOR PUPIL TRANSPORTATION                           78394.52
JONESZ,  ERIN                   ADMIN ASST                                               91655.5
JONESZ,  ROBERT L               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR TROOPS TO TEA                        68762.55
JORGENSENZ,  CHERYL             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                  14734.3
JORGENSENZ,  CHERYL             TEACHER CREDENTIALS TECHNICIAN 2                        24354.48
JOSEPHZ,  ANNRENE               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR THE ARTS                              72193.5
JUTTEZ,  SARAH ELIZABETH        ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   28805.11
JUTTEZ,  SARAH ELIZABETH        SECRETARY SENIOR                                            8760
KANIKEBERGZ,  KENNETH           A/SUPT PUB/INSTR                                       137477.27
KASTAMAZ,  ANNA L               SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
KATIMSZ,  JEFFREY               ASST ADMIN                                                 53260
KELCHERZ,  NIQUETTE             ADMIN ASST                                              64757.77
KELLYZ,  BETH A                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      44753.23
KELLYZ,  JANICE                 ADMIN ASST                                              47088.95
KELLYZ,  THOMAS J               ASSOCIATE DIRECT                                        67303.96
KENNEDYZ,  CELIA                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        69479.82
KESSELZ,  TRACI M               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40206.5
KIMZ,  EUNSONG                  ADMIN ASST                                               5342.16
KIMBLERZ,  KIM M                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66808.75
KINNUNENZ,  DAVID E             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      76708.25
KIRBYZ,  REBECCA M              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      40370.5
KIRKLANDZ,  BARBARA             PRINTING STOCKROOM SUPERVISOR                           32143.29
KISERZ,  LISA MARIE             ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                            9540
KLATTENHOFFZ,  BETTY            DIRECTOR CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUC                        86730.23
KLEINZ,  TROY A                 BUDGET ANALYST                                          70555.73
KLENKZ,  LESLEY                 ASST ADMIN                                              80812.73
KNISELYZ,  CYNTHIA              ADMIN ASST                                                 24336
KOPELZ,  WALTER H               PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                        54297.55
KOSKIZ,  JOSEPH JAMES           ADMIN ASST                                                 69360
KRAFTZ,  JUDITH ANN             ASST ADMIN                                              77489.36
KROUSEZ,  CAITLIN               ADMIN ASST                                              10056.82
KUEHNZ,  TOM                    REGIONAL COORDINATOR                                    70472.05
LAPLANTZ,  LINSEY C             ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        63976.77
LARRIVAZ,  PATRICIA ANNE        ADMIN ASST                                                  6000
LARSENZ,  JUDY                  ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
LARSONZ,  KARA D                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
LASHWAYZ,  LARRY C              PROGRAM SPECIALIST PROF ED                              73121.82
LAWZ,  SILAS E                  MAIL PROCESSING MANAGER                                 41350.77
LAWSONZ,  PHYLLIS M             ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
LEZ,  DONG-THINH                SECRETARY SENIOR                                          6068.1
LEDESMAZ,  GUADALUPE            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR MIGRANT AND B                        72205.46
LEEZ,  JOSEPH R                 HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANT 4                             64494.77
LEVINEZ,  JOSHUA DAVID          ADMIN ASST                                               2716.88
LEWISZ,  JESS KIEFER            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR EDUCATION OF                         33979.63
LEWISZ,  SHAWN M                ADMIN ASST                                              78885.23
LEWIS-LEEZ,  ELIZABETH J        IT SPEC 3                                               61928.64
LIUZ,  ERIC                     SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
LOPPZ,  KATHLEEN                ADMIN ASST                                              94644.14
LOPPZ,  THOMAS                  ADMIN ASST                                              94644.14
LORANZ,  EDWARD M               INFO TECH SYS/APP SPEC 6                                86746.22
LOYAZ,  MARY FREITAS            ASST ADMIN                                                 24170
LOYAZ,  MARY FREITAS            IT SPEC 4                                               30159.83
LUCASZ,  ALBERT W               PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY SUPPORT SPE                        34907.27
LUNDZ,  KARI                    ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        59120.76
LUNGHOFERZ,  DANIEL             SD AND ESD ACCT, PRG SUPERVISOR                         59796.64
MAGERZ,  CHRISTINE              OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                      10621.49
MAHREZ,  PAMELA                 ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
MALAGONZ,  L HELEN              DIRECTOR MIGRANT & BILINGUAL                            83514.45
MANGIANTINIZ,  ANGELA D         ADMIN ASST                                              71296.91
MANNSZ,  DOMINIQUE              CUST SVS SPEC 2                                          5653.64
MARCOTTZ,  JAMI MARIE           FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45654.41
MARGRATH-HUGEZ,  JUDY           ADMIN ASST                                              61228.23
MARTINZ,  DIANE B               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
MARTINZ,  KELLY                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      64922.44
MASONZ,  COLLETTE MARIE         ADMIN ASST 3                                             9249.41
MASONZ,  WILLIAM D              ADMIN ASST                                              86622.64
MAYZ,  ANTHONY D                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
MAYERZ,  KRISTINA               SBE MEMBER                                                  1100
MCCOLDZ,  PAUL                  ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
MCCOLMZ,  LOY A                 CONF. SECRETARY                                            54288
MCCONNONZ,  JULIA E             FINANCIAL SERVICES ACCOUNTING MA                        73185.87
MCCORMACKZ,  MARYANN            PROG SPEC 4                                             58044.45
MCCROYZ,  CYNTHIA A             IT SPEC 5                                               78607.78
MCCULLOCHZ,  SHERRY L           AUDIT SPECIALIST                                        68768.36
MCKINNEYZ,  FELECIA             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   34869.46
MCLEANZ,  BECKY                 PROGRAM SUPEVISOR ENROLLMENT & I                        66742.23
MCNEELYZ,  TIMOTHY T            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR METHODS OF AD                        64805.59
MCPARTLANDZ,  PAMELA            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      79736.82
MELDZ,  ANDREA                  ADMIN ASST                                              68164.82
MENA ASHLEYZ,  PENELOPE         ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                   37232.79
MERRITTZ,  BRENDA G             ADMIN ASST                                              50924.09
MERRITTZ,  BRENDA G             CONF. SECRETARY                                             6642
MIDDLETONZ,  MICHAEL W          ASST ADMIN                                                 90998
MIDDLINGZ,  TONYA               ADMIN ASST                                              86359.64
MILLERZ,  GARY C                REGIONAL COORDINATOR                                    71285.15
MILLERZ,  HELEN A.              IT SPEC 5                                                  13150
MILLERZ,  MELINDA A             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   20185.25
MILLERZ,  MICHAELA              ASST ADMIN                                              40490.91
MILLIKENZ,  DENNIS              STEM COORDINATOR                                        68762.55
MITCHELLZ,  JENNIFER L          ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
MONROEZ,  KARA                  ADMIN ASST                                              70256.86
MONTOYAZ,  ANTHONY G            CONF. SECRETARY                                         68571.27
MOOREZ,  LAURA J                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   40478.45
MOOREZ,  MONICA A               ADMIN ASST                                                 73680
MORRILLZ,  DAVID F              ADMIN ASST                                              40331.22
MORRISSEYZ,  CORLL              ADMIN ASST                                              71454.54
MOSBYZ,  JUDITH L               ADMIN ASST                                              79712.91
MOUZ,  HAISHENG                 IT SPEC 5                                               78601.14
MOUNTZ,  AMANDA S               ASST ADMIN                                              46890.82
MUELLERZ,  MARTIN T             ADMIN ASST                                              97503.11
MULLINSZ,  MICHELLE L           ADMIN ASST                                              48846.27
MUNGALPARAZ,  HARITKUMAR VALLABHIT SPEC 5                                               48560.89
MUNOZ-COLONZ,  JENNETTE ISABEL  ADMIN ASST                                              81195.27
MUNSONZ,  ROBIN                 ADMIN ASST                                              94369.18
NAGELZ,  MARY                   PROG SUPV FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIE                        68762.55
NAMKUNGZ,  IRENE                ADMIN ASST                                              49719.89
NANKEZ,  LAUREL                 ASST ADMIN                                              42677.73
NELSONZ,  KARL                  ADMIN ASST                                              89406.91
NETZERZ,  DANIEL                ADMIN ASST                                                5908.5
NEWELLZ,  DANIEL                ADMIN ASST                                             109587.32
NEWMANZ,  JANELL S              ADMIN ASST                                              77875.91
OBRIENZ,  PAMELA                ADMIN ASST                                              76556.91
ODONNELLZ,  AMBER A             FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        33869.98
OESTREICHZ,  LARK A             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   39229.95
OKELLYZ,  ALAN                  IT SPEC 5                                               78601.14
OLSONZ,  DESIREE MICHELLE       DIR TR PRG JRA                                            3011.2
OLSONZ,  NATHAN                 ADMIN ASST                                              67017.18
OTTOZ,  TERESE K                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   36708.41
PARKHURSTZ,  KIVA M             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                     4451.5
PARRIOTTZ,  DEBORAH             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR TITLE 2                              68762.55
PARRISHZ,  MARY ELLEN           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SAFETY NET SP                        79736.82
PARSONSZ,  DONNA R              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SCHOOL & SUMM                        73974.73
PARTONZ,  CINDA K               ADMIN ASST                                              94369.18
PATTERSONZ,  CHERIE M           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR COMPLIANCE MO                        53506.49
PAULEYZ,  GAYLE D               DIRECTOR TITLE 1/LAP/CPR                                91225.14
PAULSONZ,  WILLIAM              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR ADVANCED PLAC                        14371.18
PAZARZ,  MARGARET S             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   41350.78
PENNZ,  JAMILYN Y               PROGRAM SUPEVISOR TITLE 1 PART A                        68762.55
PENNINGTONZ,  ROEN              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        52946.68
PEPPERSZ,  PAMELA               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR, SCH DIST/ESD                         35564.3
PERRINEZ,  DIANNA M             ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         7171.55
PETERSONZ,  JAMI MARIE          CONF. SECRETARY                                         42717.27
PETERSONZ,  JAMI MARIE          SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                      5188.5
PICCININIZ,  ALEXANDER          WMS FINANCIAL CACFP AUDITOR                             69312.45
PILBROZ,  JILL                  SECRETARY SENIOR                                        32833.43
PINKNEYZ,  BRITTANY             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34907.27
PLATOZ,  KATHLEEN C             RESOURCE & GRANTS DEVELOPMENT MA                        66867.47
POLOVITCHZ,  LUCY               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   37163.45
POPEZ,  JOHN R                  PROGRAM SUPERVISOR TITLE1/LAP/SP                        72253.27
PORTERFIELDZ,  RUTH A           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
POTTERZ,  GLENN A               FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        52946.68
PRIDDYZ,  JENNIFER              ADMIN ASST                                              38108.08
PUTAANSUUZ,  COLEEN             PROGRAM SPECIALIST PROF ED & CER                        68544.67
PYPERZ,  LESLIE                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL EDUCA                        73568.27
QUATTROCCIOCHIZ,  SUSAN         ADMIN ASST                                                 12717
QUICKZ,  AUSTIANNA              SBE MEMBER                                                   400
QUIMBYZ,  KRISTINA D            ASST ADMIN                                              54806.51
RAKOZZ,  LISA A                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR HEALTH AND FI                         72193.5
REBITZERZ,  LINDA D             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
REEDZ,  VALKYRIE                IT SPEC 2                                               58433.82
REIDZ,  REGINALD                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      68762.55
RENSCHLERZ,  ANNE M             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR CFP/SPECIAL P                        68762.55
REYNA-PENDLETONZ,  SYLVIA       PROGRAM SUPERVISOR TITLE 1/MIGRA                        72205.47
RICEVUTOZ,  CHERYL              ADMIN ASST                                                 20132
RICHZ,  SARAH                   ADMIN ASST                                                 76800
RICHERSONZ,  TARA               ADMIN ASST                                              71129.55
RICHTERZ,  DOROTHY              ADMIN ASST                                                 67065
ROBERTSZ,  ADELE                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        70201.47
RODRIGUEZZ,  JUAN               IT SPEC 2                                               52355.42
ROMEROZ,  ZOE T                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34907.27
ROSSKOPFZ,  CHERYL L            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
ROSSOWZ,  JACOB                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      28882.95
ROSSOWZ,  JACOB                 PRINTING STOCKROOM WORKER                               14857.28
RUIZZ,  ANGELA M                ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                           66174
RUSSELLZ,  LAURA J              FORMS/REC AN 3                                           29924.6
RUSSELLZ,  LAURA J              IT SPEC 2                                                  19823
RYANZ,  MARY JEAN               SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
RYANSZ,  YVONNE                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                         76694
RYNNEZ,  JEANNE                 REGIONAL COORDINATOR NW WASHINGT                           11790
SABINZ,  MICHELLE R             ADMIN ASST                                               3190.16
SALAHUDDINZ,  FATIMA ABDULHAKIM SECRETARY SENIOR                                        31120.91
SANCHEZ-NILSENZ,  LUISA         ADMIN ASST                                              42329.55
SANDEZ,  KATHLEEN M             INSTITUTIONAL SCHOOLS PROGRAM SU                        68762.55
SARTAINZ,  MICHELLE A           FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        52946.68
SAUNDERSZ,  KEVAN B             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   23925.92
SAVAGEZ,  PENNY                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       16702.3
SCHMIDTZ,  ANTHONY JOSEPH       ADMIN ASST                                              10593.47
SCHRECKZ,  CHARLES C            DIRECTOR OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL                         27138.24
SCHUSTERZ,  JOHN C              SBE MEMBER                                                  1300
SCHWENTZ,  TANI L               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40793.6
SCOTTZ,  CAROLYN K              IT SPEC 5                                               78601.14
SCOTTZ,  MICHELE L              CUST SVS SPEC 3                                          40373.9
SECHRISTZ,  CALANDRA            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR EQUITY                               62299.14
SEIDELZ,  HILARY                ADMIN ASST                                              26933.59
SESNAZ,  SHAWN H                IT SPEC 5                                                78604.5
SEYMOURZ,  SHAYLAH R            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      18810
SEYMOURZ,  SHAYLAH R            CONF. SECRETARY                                         23282.27
SHAWZ,  CHRISTINE L             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   32803.95
SHAWZ,  CHRISTINE L             SECRETARY SENIOR                                            5840
SHENZ,  JIAN                    IT SPEC 5                                                52278.4
SHEPHARDZ,  THERESA             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   33970.03
SHERRARD-HANNONZ,  VIDA         FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        41350.77
SHISHZ,  STEVEN M               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR APPORTIONMENT                        68762.55
SIMMONDSZ,  JENNIFER            INVESTIGATOR 3                                          49766.61
SIMMONSZ,  MEGAN M              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   27165.02
SIMPSONZ,  ELIZABETH            ADMIN ASST                                              71105.82
SIXIENGMAY HAMILTONZ,  PHOUANG  PROGRAM SUPERVISOR CTE                                  66943.45
SKINNERZ,  RICHARD              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR CHILD NUTRITI                        74659.32
SLAGLEZ,  CATHERINE             DIRECTOR OFFICE OF PROFESSIONAL                         60192.37
SMALLZ,  DENNIS                 ADMIN ASST                                              95439.76
SMESSAERTZ,  ERIN               CONF. SECRETARY                                         33544.45
SMITHZ,  DAVID W                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34130.23
SMITHZ,  JAMES L                RESEARCH ANALYST 3                                      47290.99
SMITHZ,  JUDITH A               ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        60288.48
SMITHZ,  KRISTEN                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45468.41
SMITHZ,  TRAVIS                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      66048.86
SMITHZ,  WARREN T               SBE MEMBER                                                   800
SMITHSONZ,  PAT                 WMS TEACHER AND PRINCIPAL QUALIT                        68762.55
SNELLERZ,  GEORGE               DIRECTOR CHILD NUTRITION                                91225.14
SNIDERZ,  LUCAS                 ADMIN ASST                                              45647.59
SODERZ,  JEFF R                 PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SAFE & DRUG F                        68762.55
SONNIERZ,  CHARISSE L           SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34989.41
SPAULDINGZ,  DEBORAH P          ADMIN ASST                                              87076.91
ST. PIERREZ,  LESLIE            ADMIN ASST                                              65031.86
STEPHENSZ,  PATRICIA A          ADMIN ASST                                              33496.39
STEVENSZ,  DEBORAH A            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    40370.5
STEWARTZ,  KAREN L              FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        42957.68
STICKLANDZ,  SUSAN              SECRETARY SENIOR                                        33071.71
STOCKWELLZ,  BOBBI M            IT SPEC 2                                               30265.77
STOCKWELLZ,  BOBBI M            IT SPEC 3                                               20002.22
STODDARDZ,  PETREA E            PROGRAM SUPERVISOR TITLE 1/LAP                          68762.55
STOLZZ,  DEIFILIA L             SECRETARY SUPERVISOR                                    33646.63
STORYZ,  JENNIFER C             PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL EDUCA                        68768.36
STOWERSZ,  JAMIE                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        18540.27
STROMZ,  MICHELLE R             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        29067.27
SUZ,  HOA K                     FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        52934.56
SULLIVANZ,  REBECCA S           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      40217
TAMAYOZ,  PETER D               ADMIN ASST                                             112801.43
TAYLORZ,  KATHE ELIZABETH       ADMIN ASST                                                 89484
TEASLEYZ,  VIOLA D              IT SPEC 5                                               59453.87
THOMPSONZ,  MEAGHAN A           ADMIN ASST                                              42553.64
THOMPSONZ,  MEAGHAN A           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                     1688.5
THRONSONZ,  BARBARA G           PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                      73974.73
TODDZ,  RYAN W                  ADMIN ASST                                              45647.59
TORNOWZ,  JANICE                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL EDUCA                        68762.55
TRANZ,  GIA T                   ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
TRIPLETTZ,  LINDA J             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        45654.41
TUININGAZ,  NATHAN              ADMINISTRATIVE INTERN 1                                  2814.61
TURCOTTEZ,  JUDITH M            ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        12821.34
TURNERZ,  MARGARET G            ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         6570.48
TURNERZ,  SHERYL LEE            CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATOR WMS BAND                        46845.58
UNGERZ,  HEATHER                PROGRAM SUPEVISOR SPECIAL EDUCAT                        73974.73
VANCEZ,  CHRIS                  ADMIN ASST                                              23909.09
VANT'HULZ,  NANCY A             ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                        66168.41
VAVRUSZ,  JESSICA S             ADMIN ASST                                              90436.14
VERONEZ,  ADRIENN LOUISE        CUST SVS SPEC 1                                          31980.9
VESEYZ,  KELSEY                 INVESTIGATOR 1                                          42252.84
VINCENTZ,  DONNA L              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   39284.97
VOGELZ,  KERRY E                PRINTING STOCKROOM WORKER                               45685.91
VOGELERZ,  TYSON J              PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SCHOOL SAFETY                        44593.61
VUZ,  QUYNH-NHU T               BUDGET ANALYST                                          70532.54
WAGNERZ,  JULIE A               ASST ADMIN                                              72731.45
WALKERZ,  CATHY L               IT SPEC 5                                                  28963
WALKERZ,  ELIZABETH             FISCAL ANALYST 4                                        56266.29
WALKERZ,  GERALDINE             ADMIN ASST                                              50513.04
WALKERZ,  GERALDINE             IT SPEC 3                                                5790.32
WALLACEZ,  DENNIS               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR                                         28760
WALLACEZ,  JENNIFER             ADMIN ASST                                             104963.42
WARRENZ,  LINDA S               IT SPEC 4                                               71225.18
WESTALLZ,  ALYSSA MAY           COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                             49454.71
WHEELERZ,  GILDA                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR EDUCATION FOR                        64448.55
WHITEZ,  SARAH E                PROGRAM SUPERVISOR SPECIAL EDUCA                        73974.73
WHITTALLZ,  DENICE Y            ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM SPECIALIS                         4912.98
WICKZ,  JAMES R                 FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        52946.68
WILCOXZ,  KATHLEEN E            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   40372.22
WILLHOFTZ,  JOSEPH L            ADMIN ASST                                             109957.91
WILLIAMSZ,  TROI                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    32296.4
WILLIAMSONZ,  GREG D            PROG SUP COORDINATED SCHOOL HEAL                        74086.55
WILLISZ,  VENETIA               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR BUSINESS MARK                        68762.55
WILSONZ,  SUSAN                 CONF. SECRETARY                                         48846.27
WIRKKALAZ,  ANGIE C             BUSINESS MANAGER SCHOOL FACILITI                        72564.09
WOODZ,  ELAINE                  ADMIN ASST                                              42888.68
WOODSZ,  MICHAEL B              BUDGET ANALYST                                          79736.82
WRIGHTZ,  JULIE A               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR TITLE 2 PART                         68762.55
WYATTZ,  AARON WESTWOOD         ADMIN ASST                                                 63663
WYATTZ,  JACQUELINE             ADMIN ASST                                              65202.63
YAPZ,  ENRICO G                 ADMIN ASST                                              82462.45
YARBROUGHZ,  STACY V            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   37019.04
YOUNGZ,  CHERYL A               ADMIN ASST                                              78158.82
YOUNGZ,  MARA                   OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         4101.87
ZIEMBAZ,  DANA                  ASST ADMIN                                              77704.55
ZIERZ,  RONALD FRED             SCH FACILITIES PRG ADMINISTRATOR                         13567.5
ZUMETAZ,  REBECCA               PROGRAM SUPERVISOR INTERAGENCY                          28928.39

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