This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington South Puget Sound Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 625 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 1,001 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 880 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 363 employees) (2003, 525 employees) (2001, 500 employees) (1999, 434 employees) (1997, 420 employees) (1995, 395 employees)

The South Puget Sound Community College was founded in 1962 as Olympia Vocational Technical Institute. The College is committed to providing quality educational opportunities to meet the intellectual, vocational, career, personal and developmental education needs of its students and members of the community. With more than 6,000 full- and part-time students per quarter, it is the largest college in the South Puget Sound area. The main campus is minutes away from the State Capitol in Olympia and classes are offered at the Hawks Prairie Center in Lacey and in Yelm. The College has 753 full- and part-time employees. During fiscal years 2004 and 2005, the operating budget was $19,717,537 and $20,030,200, respectively. Tuition and fees comprise approximately 33 percent of revenues each year. A five-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate, is responsible for operating the College under the administrative direction of a President. Four Vice Presidents, a Dean and an Executive Director support the President.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington South Puget Sound Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABBOTT IIIZ, JESSE W            FACULTY                                                 76862.64
ABDALLAZ, KHALID                FACULTY                                                 69389.44
ABPLANALPZ, BART SOLOMON        FACULTY                                                 10171.08
ACKLESZ, MELINDA A              FACULTY                                                  6294.32
ADAIRZ, MARILYN LOUISE          FACULTY                                                  81465.3
ADAMSZ, ROBERT LOUIS            FACULTY                                                  10131.3
AGAR-JACOBSENZ, ROBERTA         FACULTY                                                 28983.59
AITKENZ, ANTHONY L              FACULTY                                                  31519.8
ALDCROFTZ, JULIE                FACULTY                                                 20342.16
ALEXANDERZ, MARIA C             ASSOC DEAN/DIR TECHNOLOGY                               72785.04
ALFORDEZ, NICHOLAS E            FACULTY                                                  59105.2
ALLEBAUGH-SPRICKZ, DALENE LYNN  FACULTY                                                    13650
ALLINDERZ, BROOKE L             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      28952.54
ALMANZ, KAREN CHAMPAGNIE        FACULTY                                                 34883.12
ANDERSONZ, KAREN C              FACULTY                                                 23241.76
ANDERSONZ, LOIS H               FACULTY                                                 62505.04
ANGELZ, JONATHAN                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
ARMSTRONGZ, KIMO CASS           REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  55045.04
ARMSTRONGZ, MAURA G             EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     60860.45
ARNOLDZ, CINDY THERESA          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      48309.31
ASHLEYZ, CRYSTAL DAWN           FACULTY                                                 57345.77
ASMANZ, KEVIN GEORGE            FACULTY                                                 63336.13
ASTROPZ, LAWRENCE E             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                  52701.2
AUBREYZ, KATHLEEN A             CASHIER 3                                                  35928
AUSTINZ, EVA MAE                FACULTY                                                   9735.1
BACONZ, CHAD R                  FACULTY                                                 15042.02
BAILEYZ, FRANCES E              FACULTY                                                     2000
BAKERZ, ALAN L                  FACULTY                                                  55273.1
BAKERZ, LINDA B                 FACULTY                                                 11397.72
BALDWIN IIZ, CHESTER L          INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 59121.27
BALDWINZ, LISA A                FACULTY                                                  2456.08
BALLZ, GLENN E                  FACULTY                                                    187.5
BARANZ, MICHAEL J               FACULTY                                                 96916.57
BARCELONAZ, SAMANTHA G          MAIL PROC. - DRIVER LEAD                                31080.42
BARIEKMANZ, MICHAEL J           FACULTY                                                  3499.92
BARNESZ, BRIAN M                FACULTY                                                  1899.62
BARNETTZ, DONNA P               FACULTY                                                 12512.34
BARNHARTZ, ROSEMARY K           FACULTY                                                     1600
BATEHZ, RAYMOND J               FACULTY                                                  66259.6
BATESZ, EILEEN K                CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 19158.78
BATESZ, JILLIAN LAMONT          FACULTY                                                  49251.5
BATTZ, JOSEPH E                 FACULTY                                                 64067.76
BAUMANNZ, JUDITH A              FACULTY                                                  3415.48
BAUMGARTENZ, CHARLES A          FACULTY                                                 22921.44
BEANZ, JILLAINE MARGO           SECRETARY SENIOR                                           29616
BENSONZ, HUGH B                 FACULTY                                                  6896.76
BERGZ, MARCELLE ALAINE          FACULTY                                                 53965.27
BERNEYZ, JENNIFER LYNN          FACULTY                                                 44488.68
BIDOTZ, CARY L                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 71598.72
BIGELOWZ, TALITA FERNANDA       FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 3                                  39386.37
BILLINGSZ, KATHY ANN            FACULTY                                                 17998.54
BIRKYZ, POLLY K                 FACULTY                                                 22996.98
BOARDMANZ, KARMA D              FACULTY                                                   1713.5
BOLINGERZ, KAREN L              FACULTY                                                      356
BOLLINGERZ, CANDYCE BEA         FACULTY                                                 30819.21
BOWDENZ, ELIZABETH B            FACULTY                                                 18655.83
BOWKERZ, STEVEN K               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 73442.72
BOWRONZ, HARRY                  FACULTY                                                  1937.66
BOYCEZ, LORRAINE M              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
BOYERZ, FLOYD PRESTON           REFRIGERATION MECHANIC                                  45473.08
BRACEYZ, DANIEL B               FACULTY                                                  1899.62
BRANDZ, CHRISTOPHER W           FACULTY                                                  3166.03
BRATHOVDZ, BRANDON              CUSTODIAN 1                                              27941.9
BRAVERZ, SETH P                 FACULTY                                                 13860.32
BREWSTERZ, ANCHESTANEQUE S      FACULTY                                                   666.65
BRIGDENZ, CINDI                 FACULTY                                                 11743.24
BRIGGSZ, PATRICIA A             FACULTY                                                   3502.2
BROSSARTZ, TERRY L              FACULTY                                                     6000
BROWNZ, CAROL KOETJE            FACULTY                                                 20312.76
BROWNZ, DAN MARTIN              INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               27056.68
BROWNZ, TIFFANY N               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      12689.16
BUBEMYREZ, GLORIA J             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28496
BUENDELZ, SHERRIE L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     26507.36
BULLPITTZ, DORNA E              VICE PRES - INSTRUCTION                                104873.04
BUNCEZ, SHAWN M                 FACULTY                                                  1899.62
BURKZ, ELAINE                   FACULTY                                                  4492.63
BURLINGZ, HELEN STRAUB          FACULTY                                                 35501.46
BUTLERZ, PATRICK M              FACULTY                                                 10171.08
BYERSZ, STEVEN M                FACULTY                                                      700
BYRDZ, KATHLEEN L               FACULTY                                                    51810
CALDERONZ, DEBORAH A            FACULTY                                                     34.5
CALKINS-KASSLERZ, AMY LYNN      FACULTY                                                  30059.3
CALLEROZ, MARCUS A              FACULTY                                                     1750
CAPSELZ, WILLIAM M              FACULTY                                                  6332.03
CARLSENZ, KITTY G               FACULTY                                                    62948
CARMICHAEL JONESZ, SONYA L      FACULTY                                                    637.5
CARRZ, STEPHEN A                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    71496
CHAMBERLAINZ, DAVID A           FACULTY                                                 21671.55
CHAMPAGNEZ, VALERIE J           FACULTY                                                    28405
CHAPMANZ, BRENT M               DEAN OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY                               80766.2
CHAPMANZ, CATHERINE A           FACULTY                                                  4631.49
CHAPMANZ, NORMAN                FACULTY                                                 88607.71
CHAPMANZ, PATRICK M             FACULTY                                                 52321.81
CHAPPELLZ, JOAN E               FACULTY                                                  3693.66
CHAPUTZ, KERRI D                DIR OF STUDENT GRANTS                                   55999.92
CHARPENTIERZ, JEFFREY A         CUSTODIAN 1                                             31499.14
CHARPENTIERZ, PAMELA J          DIR OF ATHLETICS                                        54620.69
CHASEZ, ERIC TYLER              FACULTY                                                    52533
CHENZ, JAMES YUN JONG           FACULTY                                                  55744.2
CHERRYZ, ROBERT BING            FACULTY                                                 47017.47
CHICKERINGZ, LEON CHARLES       FACULTY                                                  1999.62
CHINGZ, DONNA F                 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     46999.92
CLANCYZ, KATHRYN M              FACULTY                                                 62131.87
CLARKZ, WILLIAM L               FACULTY                                                 11373.19
CLUKEYZ, COLLEEN L              FACULTY                                                 49767.59
COATSZ, RHONDA Q                VICE PRES - STUDENT SVS                                104873.04
COLLINSZ, CHRISTINA R           FACULTY                                                  3588.17
COLVINZ, CYNTHIA                FACULTY                                                 23653.12
COLVINZ, DORIS JEAN             FACULTY                                                  1804.96
COOKZ, ARLENE M                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38715.27
COOKZ, THOMAS A                 FACULTY                                                   850.01
COOPERZ, KATHRYN I              FACULTY                                                 71559.11
CORDELLZ, NANCY N               FACULTY                                                  15516.4
CORLZ, ROBERT WILLIAM           FACULTY                                                    15275
CORLISSZ, LYNN ANN              FACULTY                                                 27542.48
COSTELLOZ, DANA C               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               41673.54
COUCOULESZ, MARY L              FACULTY                                                   1899.6
COWSERTZ, RL S                  FACULTY                                                  3999.98
COXZ, MELINDA A                 FACULTY                                                 10169.68
CRAIGZ, LARRY D                 CAMPUS SECURITY SERGEANT                                 55861.2
CROESZ, DALE R                  FACULTY                                                 73263.82
CROWDERZ, TRACI LYN             FACULTY                                                      500
CROWEZ, CHRISTOPHER M           FACULTY                                                     1000
CURRYZ, TOMMY                   FACULTY                                                   874.98
DAFFERNZ, CORINNE MARIE         DIRECTOR OF CAREER SVS                                  57899.52
DANNERZ, ROBERT                 FACULTY                                                 12978.49
DARKENWALDZ, GEORGE O           FACULTY                                                    57102
DAVISZ, BRIAN G                 FACULTY                                                     6000
DAVISZ, MARY ELIZABETH          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
DAVISZ, MORGAN C                FACULTY                                                    57290
DEARBORNZ, HEIDI MARIE          EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     40993.44
DEBRUYNEZ, JOSEPH R             FACULTY                                                  1020.81
DELISLEZ, JACQUELINE M          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      34194.5
DELONG JR.Z, ELDO K             DIR THURSTON FIRE & RESCUE                               72428.2
DEPOEZ, DAREN G                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                25436.96
DEVZ, BHASKAR RAJ               FACULTY                                                 35957.18
DICKERSONZ, STEPHEN R           FACULTY                                                 79462.33
DICKSONZ, ROBERT WESLEY         EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     29184.04
DIECKMEIERZ, FAYE ANN           FACULTY                                                  8338.88
DIGERLANDOZ, NICOLE D           FACULTY                                                 53797.53
DIGNANZ, LYNN MARIE             EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     46999.92
DISETHZ, BARRY M                FACULTY                                                 23759.87
DIXONZ, ERICA D                 FACULTY                                                 67908.65
DIXONZ, PATRICK S               FACULTY                                                  3704.98
DOHRMANNZ, DEBORAH J            FACULTY                                                 37723.34
DOLMANSZ, YME GERARD            FACULTY                                                 55962.15
DONGZ, XIAOPING                 FACULTY                                                   518.13
DONORZ, PETER E                 FACULTY                                                     1000
DOOLEYZ, RAY E                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 1                                 67050.82
DORWINZ, PAUL ROBERT            FACULTY                                                  1999.96
DOSSZ, DIANE S                  FACULTY                                                 60119.02
DOUGLASZ, TERESA M              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     51075.18
DRAGOOZ, JUDITH DIANE           FACULTY                                                 21055.66
DUMPITZ, MARCELINO J            FACULTY                                                  1431.81
DUNSMOREZ, PATRICIA BERARD      FACULTY                                                    55828
DUTTONZ, CHRISTINE A            FACULTY                                                 66237.16
DZIEDZICZ, PAUL G               FACULTY                                                 36227.02
EAMONZ, PATRICIA A              FACULTY                                                  6332.06
EDWARDSZ, LORRAINE L            PROC & SUPPLY SUPT SPEC 1                               29945.77
EL EBIARYZ, HUSSEIN FOUAD       FACULTY                                                 34404.17
ELLERBROEKZ, FRANK GEORGE       FACULTY                                                 14853.81
ELLIOTTZ, CLAIRE E              FACULTY                                                    35022
EMERYZ, SHEILA D                CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCE OFFIC                              84421.59
ENSENATZ, KATHLEEN ANNE         FACULTY                                                 58408.45
EWINGZ, ROBIN D                 INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               38524.61
FARROWZ, SHAWN A                FACULTY                                                  2166.71
FENNZ, JENNIFER N               EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     41794.08
FILLMOREZ, KIP W                CAMPUS SECURITY LIEUTENANT                              53729.86
FISHZ, YVONNE A                 FACULTY                                                 27106.52
FITZGERALDZ, ANNAMARY J         FACULTY                                                 49481.88
FLORES SKYDANCERZ, LOURDES DE MAFACULTY                                                  35311.2
FLOYDZ, MARGARET E              FACULTY                                                  6303.96
FOGLIAZ, DEBORAH ANN            INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               44473.18
FOWLERZ, RYAN A                 FACULTY                                                 17507.68
FOXZ, PETER BYRON               FACULTY                                                 14948.43
FOYZ, CLAUDIA M                 FACULTY                                                   590.07
FOYZ, MICHELLE R                FACULTY                                                     2938
FRALEYZ, JANA S                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                         33408.5
FRANKSZ, NOI S                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33405
FRASERZ, MARSHA LOUISE          FACULTY                                                     2400
FREDETTEZ, MICHAEL JAMES        FACULTY                                                 15177.73
FREEMANZ, JANE P                SECRETARY SENIOR                                           26280
FUDGEZ, HEATHER L               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       49984.95
FULTONZ, KATHRYN A              FACULTY                                                 28424.96
GALLAGHERZ, COLLEEN M           FACULTY                                                  25098.1
GANNSZ, RICHARD C               FACULTY                                                 81329.57
GAOZ, ZHIQI                     FACULTY                                                      385
GARCIAZ, JANELLE JOAN           FACULTY                                                 18017.69
GARRISONZ, EILEEN               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                           7416
GARRISONZ, SHERYL LYNN          FACULTY                                                  4181.17
GEHRZ, ALANNA L                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 64644.18
GLENDENNINGZ, GERALD ROBERT     FACULTY                                                   3502.2
GODFREYZ, CRAIG A               CUSTODIAN 1                                             28768.65
GOEBELZ, STEPHANIE DANIELLE     INSTR BUDGET & DB COORD                                 51120.96
GOEBELZ, TIMOTHY A              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      33539.5
GOEKEZ, KEINE CRISTINA          CUSTODIAN 1                                             27414.28
GOLDZ, JOY PATRICE              FACULTY                                                 32977.86
GOODWINZ, WILLIAM R             CUSTODIAN 1                                             26022.41
GOSSZ, JOHN DEAN                FACULTY                                                 61285.09
GOUIRANDZ, ALEXANDRA JANET      FACULTY                                                 25889.61
GREERZ, PAUL E                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 71547.36
GREERZ, YVONNE M                PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    42077.23
GREIFFZ, ERIC J                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 64466.12
GROBINSZ, ANDRIS                FACULTY                                                   1057.5
GROESCHELLZ, STACI E            FACULTY                                                 76521.88
HAGLUNDZ, LINDA E               FACULTY                                                 31027.35
HALEYZ, BRIAN R                 FACULTY                                                    997.8
HALLZ, DANIEL MAX               FACULTY                                                  8023.25
HALPERNZ, KAREN D               FACULTY                                                  71012.8
HALSEYZ, NICHOLAS B             FACULTY                                                  6370.44
HALSTEADZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH       FACULTY                                                  1899.62
HALVORSONZ, CHRISTINE MOON      FACULTY                                                 62928.76
HANNUMZ, CAROL B                FACULTY                                                  7585.36
HAROLDZ, JOHN S                 FACULTY                                                  69175.3
HARRIGANZ, KATHLEEN M           FACULTY                                                 49734.32
HARRISZ, CINDY L                SECRETARY SENIOR                                          8794.4
HASBROOKZ, DEBRA K              FACULTY                                                  1726.92
HATMANZ, LONNIE J               DIRECTOR OF SECURITY                                    63099.12
HAWKINSZ, EVELYN K              FACULTY                                                   4012.5
HEINZEZ, DONALD S               FACULTY                                                  8664.54
HEITKEMPERZ, ANN L              FACULTY                                                 59402.24
HELSPERZ, JANET LEIGH           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      11565.46
HENSLEYZ, KAREN L               CASHIER 2                                               28056.34
HERMANNZ, JENNIFER MARIE        FACULTY                                                 29597.39
HEUERZ, MYCHAEL A               FACULTY                                                     2750
HIBBERDZ, KELLIE J              FACULTY                                                 22414.08
HIGHLANZ, TRACIE ANNE           PLANT COMMUNICATIONS COORD                              50658.82
HILLZ, LYNETTE M                FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
HILL-MILLERZ, MARION J          FACULTY                                                  6332.08
HITCHZ, DOUGLAS H               FACULTY                                                 11877.99
HOAGLANDZ, KAYANA L SCHAPS      FACULTY                                                    55828
HOAGLANDZ, RICHARD A            FACULTY                                                 59301.04
HOLCOMBZ, DEBRA L               FISCAL ANALYST 1                                        41739.54
HOLLEYZ, ANGELA MAE             FACULTY                                                 33748.31
HOLMZ, LISA M                   FACULTY                                                      375
HOLMESZ, CATHY A                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29168
HOLMESZ, MICHAEL P              FACULTY                                                 25443.32
HOLMESZ, THEADORE               CUSTODIAN 1                                             29504.23
HONGZ, GLORIA H                 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     12830.51
HOODZ, BRENT JAMES              FACULTY                                                  19890.1
HOPPERZ, KAREN M                FACULTY                                                     1600
HORTONZ, DENISE MARIE           FACULTY                                                     3250
HOWARDZ, ROBERT N               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  41774.31
HOYERZ, MARGARET A              ASSOC. DEAN OF PROF/PERSON                              73447.34
HUFFZ, FORREST B                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                8237.38
HUFFINESZ, TONYA J              PARTIC/OUTREACH COORDINATO                              35260.51
HUNTERZ, ANITA L                FACULTY                                                   7004.4
HUNTTINGZ, MARY                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             29816.09
HUTTARZ, ERIC S                 FACULTY                                                  1899.62
HUYNHZ, SONG V                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             31185.94
HYDEZ, DAVID A                  FACULTY                                                 59751.25
IBRAHIMZ, MOHAMMAD              FACULTY                                                 12664.09
IDOHLZ, DEANN K                 PATIENT SERVICES SUPERVISO                               42325.4
IDOHL-CORWINZ, CARLA L          DEAN OF STU FINANCIAL SVS                               79000.08
INGMANZ, SUSAN                  FACULTY                                                 10764.51
JACKSONZ, CAMERON K             FACULTY                                                  3457.92
JACQUETZ, LISA H                FACULTY                                                  6332.04
JAMESONZ, MICHAEL               FACULTY                                                 65918.25
JANSENZ, JULIE A                FACULTY                                                     3355
JENKINSZ, AMANDA E              FACULTY                                                  6332.06
JENKINSZ, BONNIE A              FACULTY                                                 20150.35
JENNINGSZ, SHERRY S             FACULTY                                                     1000
JENNINGSZ, SUE A                FACULTY                                                      650
JETHAZ, NIMIRA                  FACULTY                                                 33695.54
JOHNSONZ, CHRISTIE A            FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      34329.5
JOHNSONZ, DONOVAN D             FACULTY                                                 83126.58
JOHNSONZ, KIRSTEN ANN           FACULTY                                                  2955.03
JOHNSONZ, NANCY A               CUSTODIAN 5                                              42865.2
JOHNSONZ, REBECCA R             FACULTY                                                  41313.7
JOHNSONZ, TAMARA H              FACULTY                                                  10506.6
JOLEZ, DOUGLAS M                FACULTY                                                 15830.12
JONESZ, BONNIE J                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                    44154
JONESZ, KYLE VINCENT            ASST. FACILITIES DESIGNER                               47666.02
JONESZ, ROBERT M                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49154.22
JUAREZ-PARKERZ, ALICIA ELENA    FACULTY                                                  2849.72
JUDDZ, VIRGINIA A               PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  17240.68
JUNGZ, ISAAC HANSOO             FACULTY                                                  1899.62
KAIKKONENZ, DARBY A             DIRECTOR OF INST. RESEARCH                              65800.58
KAIPZ, SARAH M                  FACULTY                                                 51666.34
KANNITZERZ, DANIELLE L          CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 14715.95
KASTAMAZ, JAMES MATTHEW         FACULTY                                                      450
KATESZ, BARBRA A                FACULTY                                                    19220
KAYNERZ, DAVID R                FACULTY                                                  1609.98
KELLEYZ, MARY - JO ANNE         SECRETARY SENIOR                                        23570.15
KELLY-GLASOEZ, ANNE L           FACULTY                                                    51960
KEMPZ, PAUL MARTIN              FACULTY                                                 38923.66
KENNEYZ, MARK M                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
KENTZ, REBECCA J                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
KERANSZ, CYNTHIA J              FACULTY                                                    19619
KERMOADEZ, SHERYL E             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                    39516
KERNZ, D'ETTA A                 FACULTY                                                 83194.22
KILEZ, CORRY D                  FACULTY                                                 10975.58
KINDRICKZ, APRIL T              FACULTY                                                 61350.57
KINGZ, MARK A                   FACULTY                                                  1899.62
KING-BELZZ, JUDITH              FACULTY                                                 10655.45
KIRKENDALLZ, ANGELA M           FACULTY                                                 14016.12
KLASELLZ, SHANNON C             FACULTY                                                 18941.48
KNOBLACHZ, DAVID ALAN           FACULTY                                                 54590.92
KOALZ, PENNY LOU                DEAN OF FAC. PLAN & OPERAT                              70833.32
KOCH-JODZIEWICZZ, INGRID L      FACULTY                                                  9666.02
KOHLERZ, DAVID D                DEAN OF FINANCIAL SERVICES                              85000.08
KOLLMANSBERGERZ, STEVEN J       FACULTY                                                 68743.53
KORPALZ, ROWENA J               FACULTY                                                  7598.44
KOZLOWSKI-MILLERZ, SANDRA L     FACULTY                                                     3655
KRAMERZ, CHARLES D              FACULTY                                                 26709.73
KRAUSEZ, PATRICIA M             INSTR & CLASS SUPP TECH1                                   39376
KUEHNERZ, RENEE KRISTINE        FACULTY                                                      150
KUNZZ, JULIE A                  FACULTY                                                   4797.5
LABARZ, BRUCE E                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 5                                   42588
LANEZ, MARY K                   FACULTY                                                 10975.59
LANGENBERGZ, MAIA HEATHER       FACULTY                                                    47621
LARAZ, CARLOS G                 FACULTY                                                 72763.39
LARSONZ, GORDON S               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       33175.5
LARSONZ, JOE R                  FACULTY                                                  6303.96
LARSONZ, SARA MAY               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24320.29
LAURITZENZ, JOHN MALCOLM        FACULTY                                                 55294.04
LEEZ, HELEN                     ASST. DIR. DIVERSITY & EQU                               3446.37
LEEZ, HYUN J                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             30820.98
LEEZ, JOANNE G                  FACULTY                                                 42481.25
LEIGHZ, MICHAEL JASON           FACULTY                                                 26230.96
LEIRENZ, ANDREW R               FACULTY                                                  4724.76
LEWISZ, STAN                    FACULTY                                                      840
LEWISZ, VICKIE MARIE            ASST. DIR. OF EVENT MANAGE                              42316.08
LIZ, YI                         FACULTY                                                  3166.03
LINNZ, KRISTI L                 FACULTY                                                  11051.5
LOGANZ, JEAN M                  FACULTY                                                 78031.94
LONBORGZ, DEBRA E               FACULTY                                                     1675
LONEYZ, BARBARA A               DIRECTOR OF BASIC ED/WRK F                              26379.34
LONGZ, ANDREA J                 FACULTY                                                 36388.45
LOPARDIZ, COREY DON             FACULTY                                                   3377.1
LOUIEZ, MEYER A                 FACULTY                                                  4643.04
LOVELESSZ, CECELIA EILEEN       EXEC DIR - COLLEGE FOUND.                                  81000
LUCCHINIZ, NAPOLEON J           FACULTY                                                 77361.25
LUKASHINZ, HEATHER FRANCES      DIR INTL STUDENT SERV                                      54000
MACHADOZ, YOLANDA J             FACULTY                                                    54973
MADDOXZ, DANIEL T               FACULTY                                                  9498.09
MALLECKZ, REBECCA LYN           RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                        28839.5
MANAGHANZ, AARON A              COMMUNICATION CONSULT 1                                    32247
MANNING-BEAGLEZ, DEBORAH J      FACULTY                                                  3513.66
MARSHZ, DOUGLAS S               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 64771.01
MARSHALLZ, TERRY STEPHEN        FACULTY                                                     3900
MARTINZ, CORRIE JANE            FACULTY                                                 44630.56
MARTINZ, DANIELLA MARIE         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      33539.5
MARTINZ, JOAN C                 FACULTY                                                 81359.73
MARTINZ, MICHAEL B              FACULTY                                                 66221.93
MARTINSONZ, DANIEL F            FACULTY                                                 56466.26
MASONZ, C. ALLEN                DEAN OF NATURAL/APPLIED SC                              79999.92
MASTERSONZ, ROBERT E            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      10651.48
MASURAZ, JULIE E                FACULTY                                                 12664.08
MAUNEYZ, ALLEN JAMES            FACULTY                                                 35018.68
MCAVOYZ, CAROL LW               FACULTY                                                  98928.4
MCAVOYZ, DAVID ELLIOTT          FACULTY                                                  69986.1
MCCANNZ, NANCY                  FACULTY                                                     3166
MCCLAINZ, MARY K                FACULTY                                                  8489.98
MCCLINONZ, ANTONIO R            FACULTY                                                   850.01
MCCLOSKEYZ, MICHAEL F           CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 48444.83
MCCOYZ, CHARLES M               FACULTY                                                 28582.13
MCCULLOCHZ, STEVEN MARK         FACULTY                                                  7387.53
MCFADDENZ, JOHN D               BOOKSTORE BUYER                                          34581.5
MCGAFFICKZ, DENNIS RAY          FACULTY                                                 40314.16
MCGEHEEZ, MICHAEL L             FACULTY                                                    10150
MCGUIGANZ, BRENDA PIERCE        FACULTY                                                    191.9
MCINTURFFZ, DANA MARIE          FACULTY                                                 27232.08
MCKINNEYZ, NANCY LOUISE         VICE PRES - ADMIN SERVICES                             101055.85
MCKINNONZ, CAMERON PATRICK      CUSTODIAN 1                                             26026.36
MCKINNONZ, RICHARD S            E-LEARNING SUPPORT MANAGER                                 51000
MCLELLANZ, DONALD T             FACULTY                                                   850.01
MCLEODZ, WARREN REDDEN          FACULTY                                                 54927.68
MCMASONZ, EMILY COURTOIS        FACULTY                                                     2600
MCNAMARAZ, MOLLY A              FACULTY                                                 55593.52
MCRAVINZ, STEVE L               DIRECTOR OF RECRUIT/TESTIN                              73277.44
MCREYNOLDSZ, DAWN ELIZABETH     PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      7079.36
MCSPADDENZ, JACOB JOSEPH        CUSTODIAN 1                                              27356.7
MEDCALFZ, LINDA J               FACULTY                                                 39217.28
MEDINAZ, JESSICA L              CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  18903.61
MELBYZ, DENNIS ROGER            FACULTY                                                  7387.39
MERZZ, GARY J                   FACULTY                                                 32274.59
METCALFEZ, AMY B                FACULTY                                                  3166.03
MEUSEZ, DANIEL W                FACULTY                                                 13546.78
MICHAELZ, SHANNON H             FACULTY                                                  3166.03
MILLERZ, CHONGHUI K             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                        40524
MILLERZ, KATHLEEN A             FACULTY                                                  6389.62
MILLERZ, SEQUOIA                FACULTY                                                  3497.46
MILLMAN RODRIGUEZZ, SHANON M    PROGRAM SPECIALIST 4                                    51750.61
MILTONZ, CARL GARY              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 46607.07
MILTONZ, HEATHER N              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      21779.61
MINAKIRIZ, BRENDA A             STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 2                                   31772.31
MINNICHZ, KAREN D               FACULTY                                                 38651.35
MITCHELLZ, HANNAH M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        5402.5
MIXZ, KATHERINE A               FACULTY                                                  4903.21
MOLENDAZ, ANNE LOUISE           ASSOC. DIR. ADVISING/OUTRE                              51120.96
MONOHANZ, TODD                  FACULTY                                                      500
MOOREZ, MICHAEL S               FACULTY                                                   828.96
MOOREZ, TRACY M                 EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     16311.82
MORGANZ, SCOTT EDWARD           FACULTY                                                 11999.98
MORGANZ, W SHERRYE              FACULTY                                                 16390.28
MORREIRAZ, SUSAN E              EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                      7445.99
MORSEZ, DONNA L                 FACULTY                                                 16866.37
MURPHYZ, DARIN                  FACULTY                                                   6012.5
MURPHYZ, MICHAEL S              FACULTY                                                 95765.26
MURPHYZ, MICHAELA M             DEAN OF LIBRARY/INS. SUP.                                65555.4
MURPHYZ, RHONDA V               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       17188.68
MURRAYZ, ARLO MICHAEL           FACULTY                                                    55528
MURRAYZ, TANYA                  FACULTY                                                    949.8
MURROWZ, SARAH B                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
MYERSZ, KATHY                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      42409.16
NAGLEZ, HEATHER                 FACULTY                                                  5487.78
NAGLEZ, HELENA B                FACULTY                                                 12760.04
NAIRNZ, TIMOTHY A               CUSTODIAN 1                                             31308.99
NEALZ, GEORGE                   FACULTY                                                 59722.54
NETTZ, JOHN R                   FACULTY                                                  73970.2
NEWMANZ, LLOYDE M               PROC & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                       54504
NGUYENZ, PHUC H                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             31374.94
NIBLACKZ, KATHY H               FACULTY                                                   3377.1
NIGHTINGALEZ, CELIA K BERNEY    DIR OF SMALL BUSINESS DEV                               60367.16
NOLANZ, KENNETH A               FACULTY                                                  5244.77
NOLZEZ, ANDREW EDWARD ROBIN     FACULTY                                                 59638.81
NORRISZ, LARRY N                PROGRAM MANAGER A                                       44737.29
NORWOODZ, CURTIS E              FACULTY                                                     4250
NURSEZ, JULIE ELIZABETH         FACULTY                                                 16215.55
O'BRIEN EUBELZ, KATHLEEN J      FACULTY                                                 23250.33
ODERMANZ, ERIC S                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 1                                  9259.11
OGDENZ, VICKI LEE               CUSTODIAN 1                                              25888.7
OLMSTEDZ, SHAUNA BERNADETTE     FACULTY                                                  5065.68
ORRZ, JESSICA M                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                        5402.5
OTTZ, JANET F                   FACULTY                                                  5545.59
OUELLETZ, LYNN F                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
OWENZ, NICHOLAS HAROLD          FACULTY                                                 47671.22
PADUANOZ, CAPRICE IRENE         FACULTY                                                 47542.39
PALOWODAZ, JOEYANN D            FACULTY                                                 28494.27
PALUSKASZ, PAUL FRANCIS         MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   41804.93
PARKER-FLOYDZ, CASSANDRA L      PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     30753.57
PARNELLZ, LYNN M                FACULTY                                                  4537.08
PARNHAMZ, EMILY C               FACULTY                                                  1144.25
PARSHALLZ, JAMES T              FACULTY                                                    55413
PATELZ, NEESHA                  FACULTY                                                 17507.68
PATTERSONZ, LORNA J             DEAN OF INSTRUCT PLAN/DEV                               79999.92
PATTERSONZ, SARAH G             FACULTY                                                 11181.26
PEARSONZ, BRIANNE M             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      13229.04
PECKZ, ANGELA M                 FACULTY                                                 30393.88
PECKLERZ, LINDA K               FACULTY                                                 21352.28
PELHAMZ, STEPHANIE J            DEV MGR COLLEGE FOUNDATION                              41175.12
PERKUHNZ, KARMINITA A           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     53161.26
PHANZ, QUANG V                  FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           55836
PHELPSZ, DIANE F                FACULTY                                                   3377.1
PIERCEZ, SARAH E                FACULTY                                                  3799.13
PIETRASZ, JULIAN WENGLE WEIZ    DEAN OF INFO TECH SVS                                   79000.08
PORTERZ, HOLLY J                FACULTY                                                  3281.12
POWELLZ, CYNTHIA LOUISE         FACULTY                                                  30857.6
PRATTZ, DAVID H                 FACULTY                                                    52654
PRIGGEZ, BLAIR E                FACULTY                                                  3588.17
PRIMEZ, KATRINA K               FACULTY                                                  6332.04
PUMPHREYZ, GERALD W             CAMPUS  PRESIDENT                                      168421.92
PUNZIZ, PETER                   FACULTY                                                 49564.18
PURCE BRASETHZ, KELLIE          DEAN OF COLLEGE RELATIONS                               75837.12
QUINLANZ, GUY F                 GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 4                                38869.68
RAETTIGZ, TERRY LEE             FACULTY                                                  21013.2
RAINESZ, KAREN M                FACULTY                                                 14563.71
RAYBURNZ, KATHLEEN A            FACULTY                                                 36031.51
RAYMOND-HASKEYZ, MERRIE         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     40201.65
RECTORZ, DAVID L                DEAN OF STUDENT LIFE                                    79000.08
REEVESZ, AMY C                  FACULTY                                                     1130
REICHZ, ELLEN E                 FACULTY                                                 79487.48
RHODESZ, KATHY J                DEAN OF ENROLLMENT SVS                                  79000.08
RICCAZ, DONNA JEAN              FACULTY                                                  7100.54
RICEZ, THADDEUS N               FACULTY                                                  3204.41
RICHMONDZ, JAMES P              FACULTY                                                  3390.36
RICKARDZ, ROBERT F              CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER                                 48276.22
RIGGINZ, ROBERT MILTON          FACULTY                                                 67630.54
RIGNEYZ, ROBERT M               FACULTY                                                 13164.12
RINESSZ, RAND A                 FACULTY                                                 75352.58
ROBBZ, EUNICE E                 FACULTY                                                  44946.1
ROEDIGERZ, JEANETTE L           FACULTY                                                    70393
ROGERSZ, LARRY VERN             FACULTY                                                   1899.6
ROGERSZ, TIMOTHY B              FACULTY                                                     5825
ROQUEZ, EDUARDO E               DEAN OF FAC. PLAN & OPERAT                               9685.71
ROSEZ, BONNIE J                 FACULTY                                                 29558.42
ROSEZ, MARIE L                  FACULTY                                                 17507.68
ROSEZ, TONI T                   FACULTY                                                 12776.96
ROSSZ, DAVID MICHAEL            FACULTY                                                 17729.68
ROUGHZ, GEORGE E                FACULTY                                                 33154.16
ROWSWELLZ, NANCY LOUISE         FACULTY                                                  1381.55
ROYZ, DORYN ADEL                EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     26817.54
RUBADUEZ, NOEL LUCE             ASSOC DEAN/ENTERPRISE TRAI                              66431.04
RUSHTONZ, LYNETTE M             FACULTY                                                 56744.83
RUSSELLZ, TIMOTHY MARK          FACULTY                                                 12664.12
SALAZAR DE BREAUXZ, OLIVIA      SECRETARY SENIOR                                        44440.81
SALCEDOZ, JASON C               FACULTY                                                 61832.22
SALZERZ, THOMAS A               FACULTY                                                     3100
SANADAZ, CHIYO                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       47211.8
SANDEZ, RICHARD B               FACULTY                                                     3950
SANTAMARIAZ, ANGELA             FACULTY                                                     3838
SAUNDERSZ, SCOTT R              FACULTY                                                 14982.55
SCHARBERZ, WENDY R              FACULTY                                                   633.27
SCHLENDERZ, FRANKIE             FACULTY                                                 36496.12
SCHLUTERZ, BETH COLLEEN         FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     42569.53
SCHMIDTZ, JASON PAUL            GROUNDS AND NURSERY SPEC 3                              39628.94
SCHMIDTZ, JOHANNA M             FACULTY                                                 59880.85
SCHMIDTZ, MARY A                DIR OF BUDGETING SERVICES                               67999.92
SCHMITTZ, MARK W                FACULTY                                                  2532.82
SCHNEIDERZ, JAMES C             FACULTY                                                    51810
SCHOONOVERZ, DANIEL             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 3                                  54192.67
SCHUISKIZ, LARRY L              FACULTY                                                     7468
SEDLERZ, PAUL WOOD              FACULTY                                                 13086.27
SELLICKZ, MELAINA SUZANNE       PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     31586.73
SERGIENKOZ, ANDREW C            FACULTY                                                 60502.17
SERGIENKOZ, KAIDREN L           FACULTY                                                 58694.03
SEVERNZ, JILL B                 FACULTY                                                    12225
SHAEFERZ, RAYMOND THEODORE      FACULTY                                                  5427.05
SHAFTELZ, MYA J                 FACULTY                                                 22605.88
SHARBAUGHZ, SALLY A             FACULTY                                                 55789.07
SHARPZ, LYN E                   DIR OF ADMISSION & REGISTR                              51120.96
SHEAZ, RONALD W                 FACULTY                                                 39855.15
SHINCKEZ, BARBARA M             SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
SHINCKEZ, KELLIE L              MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  40816.64
SHOWALTERZ, JANE E              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
SIKESZ, SHARON L                FACULTY                                                    38816
SIKORSKIZ, RICHARD A            FACULTY                                                  11419.7
SIMMONSZ, DESANDRA THERESA      FACULTY                                                   690.84
SIMPSON-JONESZ, CLAUDIA         FACULTY                                                  1435.32
SKINNERZ, ESTILL G              FACULTY                                                 16033.58
SMITHZ, DEBORAH A               FACULTY                                                    51960
SMITHZ, DEBORAH E               FACULTY                                                  21013.2
SMITHZ, PAUL A                  FACULTY                                                    57742
SMITHZ, THOMAS R                FACULTY                                                    18325
SMITHZ, TRACY ANNE              FACULTY                                                 21096.61
SNYDERZ, JEFFREY J              FACULTY                                                  6250.02
SOBOLZ, CASEY L                 FACULTY                                                 33774.32
SOLTISZ, CORINNE A              DIR. OF APPLICATION PROC.                                  54000
SOLTMANZ, MARY K                DEAN OF HUMANITIES/COMMUNI                              79999.92
SOTOZ, SAMANTHA S               MANAGER OF EMPLOYEE COMPEN                              63794.16
SOUSTELLEZ, OLIVIER B           FACULTY                                                  6332.06
SPEIERZ, ANDREW E               FACULTY                                                  3799.24
SPERRYZ, DAVID LEE              FACULTY                                                 29994.27
STAHLZ, SUZANN MARIE            FACULTY                                                     1000
STALNIKZ, MATTHEW T             FACULTY                                                  1142.82
STANLEYZ, TRACI ANN             CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY                                  34211.04
STEELEZ, JOELLE                 FACULTY                                                   2125.5
STEELEZ, MELINDA S              PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          50568
STEHRZ, VERNON                  MAINTENANCE MECH 4                                      49307.32
STILESZ, JOLENE R               FACULTY                                                  58569.9
STILSONZ, SCOTT                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40524
STOLFUSZ, AMANDA JO             GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                25467.08
STONEZ, JANE M                  FACULTY                                                 65763.11
STRONGZ, LINDA A                FACULTY                                                   633.27
STROUTZ, OLIVIA M               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35680.42
SUEWINGZ, JOSEPH S              DIR OF BUILDINGS & GROUNDS                                 23021
SULLIVANZ, SHERRY A             FACULTY                                                  6524.76
SUNDEZ, DENNIS M                FACULTY                                                 26267.48
SUZUKIZ, AKI S                  FACULTY                                                 49618.81
SWANSONZ, LYNDA B               FACULTY                                                 52898.15
SWEENEYZ, LAWRENCE W            FACULTY                                                     1050
SWIFTZ, DOUGLAS E               CAMPUS SECURITY LIEUTENANT                              50892.99
SWOPEZ, DIANE S                 FACULTY                                                 31708.18
TABORZ, DEANNA J                FACULTY                                                   3502.2
TABORZ, SHERRY ILENE            FACULTY                                                 45169.98
TAGGESELLZ, RICHARD P           FACULTY                                                  6370.44
TANGZ, ANTONIO                  FACULTY                                                 18996.18
TAVISZ, SARAH C                 FACULTY                                                  6370.44
TEEDZ, DEBORAH D                DEAN OF SOC.SCIENCE/BUS.                                79999.92
TETERZ, REBECCA JEAN            INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               38972.34
THEBOZ, DAVID T                 FACULTY                                                  2954.94
THOMASZ, JAY L                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  66097.2
THOMASZ, MARGARET               FACULTY                                                 53695.29
THOMSENZ, SUSAN E               FACULTY                                                  6780.71
THUNELLZ, SANDRA L              FACULTY                                                107104.82
TILLETTZ, LYLE S                FACULTY                                                   7004.4
TOLEDOZ, DIANA                  EXECUTIVE ASST TO PRES                                  62314.08
TRANZ, FRANCOISE P              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
UHRICHZ, CYNTHIA RAE            PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                     42588
UTTERZ, JOHN D                  FACULTY                                                    65571
VALANDRAZ, STEVE C              FACULTY                                                   3187.5
VALDOVINOSZ, REBECCA TORRES     FACULTY                                                 18996.18
VALGEIRSSONZ, MELISSA JANET     FACULTY                                                 19111.32
VAN LEISHOUTZ, JAMES            FACULTY                                                     1128
VERDZ, JACQUELINE L             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        17183.06
VERONEZ, TERRYL                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        34940.45
VESELOVSKYZ, FRANK V            FACULTY                                                    62798
VILLAZ, RENEE DOLORES           OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       28744.5
VILLASANAZ, CESAR A             FACULTY                                                 54586.86
VILLENEUVEZ, PHYLLIS            FACULTY                                                 27815.91
VON STERNBERGZ, CARI            FACULTY                                                     2050
VOSPERZ, JAMES M                FACULTY                                                 27384.08
WALDSCHMIDTZ, JO ANN            FACULTY                                                  9349.14
WALKERZ, CYNTHIA                BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         35811.42
WALLZ, SANDRA J                 FACULTY                                                 14811.43
WALLACEZ, SHARON D              FACULTY                                                    47521
WALLSZ, JEAN MARIE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     40605.72
WALSHZ, CATHERINE M             FACULTY                                                  3799.24
WALSHZ, TIMOTHY J               FACULTY                                                   3377.1
WALTERSZ, TRACY L               FACULTY                                                  1558.25
WEDAMZ, COLLEEN FIELD           FACULTY                                                 44913.08
WELCHZ, DONALD G                FACULTY                                                 78365.25
WELCHZ, MIRIAM MARTHA           FACULTY                                                  2931.25
WESTZ, MARY LYNN                FACULTY                                                 12664.12
WEYTEZ, DAVID W                 FACULTY                                                  2110.69
WHALENZ, STEVEN D               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 65197.34
WIESNERZ, KARL R                FACULTY                                                  42026.4
WIKLENDTZ, WILLIAM A            FACULTY                                                    67040
WILLIAMSZ, CARL                 FACULTY                                                   972.28
WILLIAMSZ, HEATHER L            FACULTY                                                 66461.65
WILLIAMSZ, MARTHA LEE           EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     46999.92
WILLIAMSONZ, JULIE A            FACULTY                                                 56044.16
WILLINGHAMZ, VERNELL T          OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         31176
WILLISZ, LINDA KAROL            EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT                                     55638.36
WILLISZ, SHELLY R               FACULTY                                                  9230.18
WILSONZ, DAWN MARIE             FACULTY                                                  8432.05
WINKELMANZ, BRYCE E             DIR OF AUXILIARY SVS                                    55186.08
WINKELMANZ, JONATHAN RICHARD    FACULTY                                                  6475.63
WINSTEADZ, CHRISTINA A          PROGRAM MANAGER B                                        45925.5
WITTZ, THOMAS                   FACULTY                                                 74554.42
WIXSONZ, YVETTE E               FACULTY                                                 96029.11
WOLFERZ, DAVID A                FACULTY                                                  8520.09
WOOZ, GINLIN                    FACULTY                                                    14080
WOODZ, JANET M                  FACULTY                                                  4432.44
WOODRUFFZ, THOMAS W             FACULTY                                                 12664.12
YBARRAZ, AMY LYNN               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 3 - S/L                               44446.5
YOSHINAZ, EILEEN M              DIR DIVERSITY & EQUITY                                     54000
YOUNGZ, BARBARA M               FACULTY                                                 52102.71
ZANDERZ, DENELL D               FACULTY                                                  8864.88
ZELLERZ, MARY E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
ZHANZ, XIA                      FACULTY                                                  6332.06
ZODROWZ, MICHELE MARIE          FACULTY                                                 15536.93

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