This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington School for the Blind employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 118 multiple job employees (includes 1 duplicates) (2009, 111 employees) (2007, 95 employees) (2005, 97 employees) (2003, 99 employees) (2001, 101 employees) (1999, 92 employees) (1997, 91 employees) (1995, 79 employees)

The Washington State School for the Blind was separated from the Department of Social and Health Services and established as a separate agency July 1, 1986. The Agency is located in Vancouver, Washington, and is the only school of its kind in the state. The Agency operates under the direction and control of the Governor-appointed Superintendent. The Board of Trustees serves as an advisory board to the Superintendent and to the Legislature and performs various other functions as provided in state law. The Agency provides specialized educational services to visually impared youth, ages birth to 21, within the state of Washington. The Agency serves as a state-wide demonstration and resource center providing direct and indirect services to students both on campus and in local communities. Services are provided to families, educators and others interesed in assisting visually impared youth in becoming independent and contributing citizens.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2011 State of Washington School for the Blind List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/25/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                              2010 Gross Earnings
ALBERSZ,  BONDA L               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             29510.06
ALLARDZ,  LEONARD L             CUSTODIAN 5                                                       41508
ALLARDZ,  LINDA S               INS & CL SU TEC1                                                4726.08
AMUNDSENZ,  MARY D              OUTREACH DIR                                                      94114
ANDERSONZ,  DAPHNE E            REGISTERED NURSE 1                                              3297.49
BALDWINZ,  PAUL L               TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           56168.23
BLACKLOCKZ,  ALLYN K            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             32707.78
BOAMZ,  ELISA M                 RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                              9637.13
BOROWSKIZ,  DANYA M             WMS BAND 2                                                        62064
BROTENZ,  KRISTEN M             TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                                510
BROWNZ,  SHELLY K               TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           65312.52
BUCKMIERZ,  JEROME R            TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           51618.81
BURNSZ,  DONNA J                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             34268.29
BURRISZ,  CAROL A               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                               583.17
BUTCHERZ,  JENNIFER E           TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           55600.91
CALEY STEWARTZ,  ELIZABETH      REGISTERED NURSE 1                                              7061.77
CHRISTENSENZ,  BONNIE           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         32572.86
COMBSZ,  DEBORAH K              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         34823.99
CORSOZ,  RENEE A                DIR RESID LIFE                                                    67596
COURTZ,  JAMES A                PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIST 2                               47016
COVERZ,  CATHLENE M.            REG NURSE 1                                                    30328.29
CRISTLERZ,  JODEAN              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                             40524
CURATOLOZ,  CHRISTINE           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                          30369.4
DELYRIAZ,  CHERYL A             TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                            6773.68
DLUGOZ,  JOSEPH A               TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           51155.36
DODSON-GLENNZ,  LAUREL M        TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           32689.24
DOHERTYZ,  MICHELLE             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         35001.71
DONALDSONZ,  JENNIFER           TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           32489.28
ECCLESZ,  JAMES                 RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             36600.04
FACEZ,  STEPHANIE S             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                          2004.83
FACEZ,  STEPHANIE S             TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           12114.32
FERNANDEZZ,  ADRIENNE           RECREATION & ATHLETICS SPECIALIST 3                            46001.71
FINKZ,  JO-ANNE C               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             27952.01
GALLAGHERZ,  MARGARET           TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           62559.79
GNIKZ,  AUTUMN M                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             27592.97
GNIKZ,  NOV                     RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             28020.21
GOLDINGZ,  CATHERINE            TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           69166.52
GOODRICHZ,  IAN                 CUSTODIAN 2                                                     31107.6
GRANTZ,  JOANN C                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                              2234.06
GREERZ,  JUANITA J              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                               49927.96
HAHNZ,  SHERRY L                WMS BAND 2                                                     68728.08
HERVEYZ,  JENNIFER              TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           67216.52
HODGEZ,  LISA KAYE              TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           71029.86
HONEZ,  DANIEL S                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             32675.07
HUMBLEZ,  RODNEY B              TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           18257.24
JOHNSONZ,  COLLEEN A            OFFICE ASSISTANT 1                                               732.08
JOHNSONZ,  KIMBERLY K           TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           53568.73
KIERZ,  KATHRYN A               TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           27798.04
KINDBLADEZ,  BRIAN J            MAINT MECHANIC 2                                                  48168
KNEISLYZ,  VALDENE P            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             32045.92
KOCH SMITHZ,  JUDITH ANN        TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           70259.52
KOCHZ,  JAMES JAKE              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                              3092.11
KONOPINSKIZ,  EDWARD R          CUSTODIAN 1                                                     25906.1
KURZZ,  JANET R                 EXECUTIVE ASST                                                    61200
LACKEYZ,  LIEF                  TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           13714.31
LATTINZ,  ZACHARY ALAN          COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 1                                     7403.79
LAYZ,  JOHN B                   INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         33784.84
LINESZ,  COLLEEN F              WMS BAND 1                                                        60708
LONNEEZ,  ROBERT                FOOD SERVICE MANAGER 1                                         37147.79
LOVEZ,  APRIL D                 TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           31426.08
LOWELLZ,  ROBIN E               TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           34755.89
LOWRYZ,  STEVEN R               TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           28779.12
LUKOWSKIZ,  EDWARD A            IT SPEC 1                                                         50568
LUKOWSKIZ,  KANDI L             COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                                    50576.39
MARSHALLZ,  MICKEY K            CUSTODIAN 2                                                    32686.97
MARTINZ,  CLAUDIA M             TEACHER OF BLIND                                                37322.8
MARTINOZ,  DONNA J              ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 1                                     28483.25
MARTINOZ,  JAMES D              CUSTODIAN 1                                                     1718.55
MCALEXANDERZ,  CYNTHIA          TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           54393.94
MCCLANAHANZ,  BRUCE             TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                            70602.4
MCCORMICKZ,  SEAN J.            TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                            44964.8
MEADORZ,  CRAIG A               PRINCIPAL                                                       95948.4
MINGSZ,  JUSTINE M.             REGISTERED NURSE 1                                             15528.76
MORANZ,  BONITA GRACE           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         34831.68
MOWRYZ,  KAREN L                WMS BAND 2                                                     72120.93
NELSONZ,  RANDY D               FISCAL ANALYST 2                                                  42368
ORRZ,  CATHERINE                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             34201.81
PERSONZ,  JANET L               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                          1475.16
PHILLIPSZ,  PATRICIA A          RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                              2301.53
PHILLIPSZ,  TERESA              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         32381.41
PITTSZ,  ELIZABETH K            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             12376.71
PROUTYZ,  SANDRA M              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             36905.16
PULLIAMZ,  LORI                 TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                            73179.6
QUILLARDZ,  KAREN K             FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                       25065.26
RAETZMANZ,  JULIA D             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                              8536.49
RAETZMANZ,  MARK                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             33664.23
RANERZ,  JUSTIN                 WAREHOUSE OPERATOR 2                                              33405
SARATEZ,  MARIA O               BUSINESS MANAGER                                                  81600
SCHAFFZ,  THOMAS M              MAINT MECHANIC 1                                                  43572
SCHULTZZ,  CAROL S              TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           56810.58
SEARCYZ,  NAOMI LYNDA           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                           40415.2
SMITHZ,  RANDI LYNN             TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           55219.18
SORTERZ,  JUDITH L              COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 2                                    50777.11
SOUTHWORTHZ,  SEAN A            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                         27743.03
STEBBINSZ,  DIANA M             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 2                         28832.04
STENEHJEMZ,  DEAN O             DIRECTOR                                                      124999.92
STOCKTONZ,  ANNE K              TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           47295.11
STOLLEZ,  JEAN BEARY            SPEECH PATHOLOGIST, SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF                        67063.52
STRANDZ,  BROOKE E              TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           46159.52
SYDNORZ,  JESSICA L             HUMAN RES MGR                                                  59755.68
TANZ,  HAV L                    CUSTODIAN 1                                                       27174
TANNERZ,  CARRIE E.             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                                29033
TATEZ,  LOIS S                  TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           34679.45
TATEZ,  SOPHIE G                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                           604.68
TEFERAZ,  RAHEL M               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                            14535
TRACEYZ,  NATHAN W              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH 1                          7204.18
TRACEYZ,  ROBERT                WMS BAND 1                                                     67745.28
TRACHIZ,  CHRISTINA             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             36025.52
TRIMBLEZ,  DOUGLAS T            TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           49063.11
VARLEYZ,  CYNTHIA M             SECRETARY SENIOR                                               23360.81
WILBERZ,  PATRICIA K            TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           66585.82
WILLIAMSZ,  ROBIN A             REGISTERED NURSE 3                                             57867.84
WINTERROTHZ,  CALVIN J          CUSTODIAN 1                                                      4117.1
WOLLERTZ,  MICHELE D            TEACHER OF THE BLIND                                           65290.65
YOUNGZ,  KENNETH A              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                               171.26
YOUNGZ,  TRECA D                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             13649.72

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