This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington School for the Deaf employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 172 multiple job employees (includes 6 duplicates) (2009, 154 employees) (2007, 145 employees) (2005, 125 employees) (2003, 148 employees) (2001, 153 employees) (1999, 166 employees) (1997, 163 employees) (1995, 168 employees)

The Washington State School for the Deaf is a state agency located in Vancouver, Washington, and is the only school of its kind in the state. The Agency operates under the direction and control of the Superintendent. Prior to 2002, the Board of Trustees served as an advisory board to the Superintendent and to the Legislature and performs various other functions. After 2002, the function of the advisory board changed to that of a governing board. The Agency offers a linguistically, culturally and socially accessible learning environment. Agency students are exposed to a myriad of communication methods including English, American Sign Language, speech, reading and writing. The Agency includes both day and residential students serving approximately 110 individuals ages three through 21. Students benefit from small class size and personal attention by teachers, who are specially trained in education for deaf and hard of hearing populations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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The Washington State Office of Financial Management publishes state/college, name/jobtitle/salary information every 2 years. This information is from:

2011 State of Washington School for the Deaf List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/25/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                            2010 Gross Earnings
ALVES DE LIMAZ,  STEPHANIE A    TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          59003.28
AMENEZ,  TESFA M                FISCAL ANALYST 3                                             52114.05
ANDERSENZ,  STEPHANIE J.        INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         16010.15
ANDERSONZ,  ALLAN R             TRUCK DRIVER 2                                                 489.53
ANDERSONZ,  ALLAN R             TRUCK DRIVER 3                                               39557.66
ANDERSONZ,  SAVANNAH M          COOK 1                                                       13313.66
BALDUCZ,  CHRIS M.              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            8452.89
BARKERZ,  SARAH B.              SECRETARY SENIOR                                             15409.27
BARNETTZ,  SUSAN                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           14300.03
BASFORDZ,  BETTY J              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           10622.96
BATTLEZ,  LA DON                STUDENT LIFE CNS                                              12726.5
BEECHERZ,  STOWE A.             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                           16820.6
BEECHYZ,  KELLI C.              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           13394.71
BEHRENSZ,  MAUREEN              COUNSELOR, SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF                               55745.03
BESTZ,  ELIZABETH A             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           17666.85
BILYEUZ,  SHAUNA L              TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          64316.24
BIPPUSZ,  MELBA APRIL           TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                              9466
BLACKZ,  VIRGINIA ANN           RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           25491.81
BLADESZ,  AMY M                 TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          41437.74
BODNERZ,  JOHN H                TRUCK DRIVER 2                                               13523.22
BORNZ,  DAVID E                 TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          64345.44
BORNZ,  JEANNE M                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           32610.26
BORNZ,  RICHARD D.              GRD&NRS SRV SP 4                                             33412.18
BORNZ,  ROBERT                  TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                              6660
BRONKZ,  ALISHA A               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            3788.61
BROWNZ,  KARA M.                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            2775.89
BUCKNERZ,  AARON M.             CUSTODIAN 1                                                  24354.04
CARTERZ,  CHERYL R              FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                          23775.26
CASTREYZ,  ROBIN S              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           32076.09
CATONZ,  DEAN J.                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           12558.05
CATONZ,  SHARON M               SECRETARY SENIOR                                             35987.15
CATRONZ,  BRUCE D               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           19386.88
CHARESTZ,  RENEE E              SPEECH PATHOLOGIST, SCHOOL FOR THE DE                        45701.84
CHINGZ,  KRISTIN M              PRINCIPAL                                                    78151.44
CHRISTIANSONZ,  JENNIFER        TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          50090.04
CHRISTIEZ,  KERIANNE            TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          51689.56
CLARKZ,  MICHELLE L             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                             59135
CLARKSONZ,  JOHN M              IT SPEC 2                                                    47380.23
COELHOZ,  JOANNE                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           30947.36
COLEZ,  LINDA L                 RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           26849.96
COXZ,  JASON                    SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER                                         44825.86
CRADYZ,  DANIEL H               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            33026.8
CREIGHTONZ,  ERIN E.            INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                            89.58
DICKENSZ,  PAULA J              FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                            659.95
EKLEZ,  NICOLE                  TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                              4098
ELLISZ,  AMY E                  TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          15021.36
ELLISZ,  JENNIFER               TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                           6400.04
FAELLAZ,  CARMINE               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           33858.15
FERTIGZ,  NELSON C              TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          63920.44
GALLUCCIZ,  J PIPER             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          63816.58
GALLUCCIZ,  NAOMI A             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                          4815.26
GAYZ,  MICHAEL W                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            2096.17
GAYZ,  TIFFANY A                PROG SPEC 2                                                  19665.67
GAYZ,  TIFFANY A                TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                               122
GIANNINOTOZ,  FRANK J.          FOOD MANAGER 1                                               35600.42
GILLISZ,  JASON D               CUSTODIAN 1                                                   3652.32
GRIVELLZ,  DOLENA G             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           31739.82
HALTOMZ,  ELIZABETH A           RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           24008.23
HAMILTONZ,  BETH M              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                          9391.95
HAMILTONZ,  BETH M              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             1067.5
HAMLIN-CRUZANZ,  JANE M         RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           31358.91
HANSONZ,  DENNIS E              COOK 1                                                         310.94
HAUANZ,  RICHARD A              NON-CLASSIFIED POSITION                                     121874.93
HINGZ,  SOKPHY                  FISCAL ANALYST 2                                             28808.53
HOILANDZ,  CHARLEEN K           TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          41715.36
HUMMELZ,  BETHANY N.            TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          24183.36
INGRAMZ,  MISHELL M             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                          24004.4
JACOBSONZ,  DELORES A           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         25636.24
JORDANZ,  SHANNON D             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         23373.66
KARRENZ,  AMBER D.              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            2247.52
KAULITZZ,  CAROLE A.            SPEECH PATHOLOGIST, SCHOOL FOR THE DE                        17947.48
KAZENZ,  GARY W                 TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          35081.64
KELLETTZ,  MICHAEL C.           TEACHER OF DEAF                                              50205.91
KELLYZ,  DRUCIE S               INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         29871.19
KINDBLADEZ,  CHRISTINE          INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         30594.45
KINGZ,  JAYNE                   RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           32934.66
LAUZ,  HAU Y                    FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                           3465.26
LAUZ,  HAU Y                    FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEAD                                     17763.59
LEEZ,  MARK G                   IT SPEC 4                                                    69154.37
LIDFORSZ,  ROBERT H             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           10691.86
LIDFORSZ,  ROSE M.              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            3074.72
LONGZ,  MATTHEW A               LPN 4                                                         1823.76
LYNCHZ,  APRIL D                HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER                                       69598.01
MABBOTTZ,  ROBBI R.             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           17613.66
MALONEZ,  ALFRED E              TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          48737.79
MALONEZ,  LISA S                INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                          30478.5
MARTINZ,  DAVID R               SECRETARY SENIOR                                             38550.56
MARTINZ,  JENNIFER R            FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                          19708.81
MARYCHILDZ,  DENISE K           WMS BAND 1                                                   51270.39
MCARTHURZ,  APRIL S E           TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          54899.79
MCARTHURZ,  ROBERT S            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           21168.02
MCCARTHYZ,  CHARLES P           DIR BUSINESS OP                                              73660.23
MEIERZ,  LINDA L                LPN 2                                                        24497.29
MEIERZ,  LINDA L                LPN 4                                                         2702.14
MEYERZ,  MARY BETH E            TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          35233.77
MILESZ,  WILLIAM                TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          44421.98
MILLERZ,  KATHLEEN L            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           20717.08
MILLERZ,  SHANDA L.             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                               488
MONTGOMERYZ,  MELISSA L.        RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            6378.85
MOOREZ,  JULIE S.               DEAF INTERPRETER III                                         24403.11
MOOREZ,  KELLY R                SECRETARY SENIOR                                             32645.52
MORRISONZ,  KRISTI E            TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          30082.87
MULHOLLANDZ,  JANE L.           DIR OF EDUC -SCH                                            105047.92
MUNSONZ,  MARTY                 CUSTODIAN 2                                                  22714.81
MURANOZ,  TODD A.               TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                           16715.8
MURPHYZ,  GREGORY               TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          64073.44
MYERSZ,  LORANA J               CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 2                                       55007.63
NEWELLZ,  CHRISTOPHER I         SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, SCHOOL FOR THE D                        51418.54
NEWELLZ,  WILLIAM J             PRINCIPAL                                                    79899.98
NICHOLSZ,  SHARON M             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           31551.94
NIXONZ,  TERRY L                TRADES HELPER                                                34768.77
OLSONZ,  PAULA M                CUSTODIAN 2                                                  31910.02
OLSONZ,  RICHARD G              CUSTODIAN 1                                                   3388.35
PALAIAZ,  CHRISTOPHER M.        TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                           16905.4
PARESAZ,  GEORGIA R             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           30924.35
PARRISHZ,  TONYA J              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                             551.54
PATTONZ,  PATRICIA              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           25602.03
PEDISICHZ,  KAY A               FISCAL ANALYST 1                                             31938.96
PEREZZ,  RAUL G                 CUSTODIAN 1                                                  29500.92
PETERSZ,  LYDIA J               FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                          24038.91
PIETSCHZ,  DEBBIE K             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          41804.82
POWERZ,  DONNA L                TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                               488
PRATTZ,  WARREN H               BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS SUPERVISOR C                              61855
PRICEZ,  CAREY L                STUDENT LIFE DEAN                                            37522.03
PRIDEZ,  DANA                   IT SPEC 1                                                     39481.4
RANDOLZ,  PAMELA D              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           33167.91
RENNERZ,  DEBRA D               RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           30178.17
SCHAFERZ,  RACHEL VB            TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          44369.82
SCHEER-MATHESONZ,  LORI         AUDIOLOGIST, SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF                             36626.28
SCHREINERZ,  MELINDA S          INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         12805.93
SHAVERZ,  NIKOLE E              INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         30738.42
SHERKZ,  LEONA I                COOK 1                                                       27731.09
SHORTESZ,  GENTRY K             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           28156.97
SICKELSZ,  WILLIAM G            TRUCK DRIVER 2                                                1093.37
SINKOVITZZ,  NANCY J            DIRECTOR OF RESIDENTIAL SERVICES                             59215.36
SJOBERGZ,  JOYCE M.             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          62584.61
SMITHZ,  DAWN C                 INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECHN                        29480.51
SMITHZ,  JUDY J                 CONF. SECRETARY                                              66889.86
SMITH-DIVINEZ,  ROXANE M        RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           33168.14
SORENSENZ,  DEBORAH L           RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            26314.8
SORENSENZ,  DONNA E             PRINCIPAL                                                       65790
SPERANZAZ,  DAVID A             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           15170.99
SPERANZAZ,  VIRGINIA L          TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          57665.42
SPRATLEN IIZ,  RONALD S         RECREATION & ATHLETICS SPECIALIST 3                          42869.92
STOTLER-MARTINZ,  T             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          65568.44
STOTTSZ,  JANICE L              TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          64889.44
STROMBERGZ,  BRIAN S            MAINT MECHANIC 2                                             47794.78
STROMBERGZ,  TONI M             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         12159.16
STROMBERGZ,  TONI M             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           20305.87
TABORZ,  JANE A.                AUDIOLOGIST, SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF                             17794.92
TANNLERZ,  JONATHAN P.          LPN 4                                                        16001.45
THOMPSONZ,  CLAUDETTE           RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           31512.07
THOMPSONZ,  JAMES E             RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           31417.89
THOMPSONZ,  KRISTINA            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           18551.77
THORNBERRYZ,  BRADLEY           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                          3598.03
THUAHNAIZ,  JOHN B.             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                           16096.1
TRIMBOZ,  CHERYL A              FOOD SERVICE WORKER                                           3252.41
VOLKERZ,  GRETCHEN A            SEC SR                                                        9843.48
VOROBETSZ,  ALINA M.            RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            1268.78
WALKERZ,  KRISTEN L             INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                         29806.66
WALTERZ,  KIRK M                MAINT MECHANIC 2                                             47645.68
WARDZ,  SHAUNA R.               TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                               278
WESTZ,  LAURIE J                RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                           32451.71
WESTZ,  MICHAEL J.              RESIDENTIAL/STUDENT LIFE COUNSELOR                            4265.07
WHITNEYZ,  PAMELA R             TEACHER OF THE DEAF                                          11025.08
WHITNEYZ,  RICK D               STUDENT LIFE DEAN                                            37037.96
WIGHTMANZ,  JANET G             INS & CL SU TEC1                                              2442.42
WOLFEZ,  KATHERINE E            DEAF INTERPRETER 2                                            32521.7
WOODARDSZ,  TABRINA M           INSTRUCTION & CLASSROOM SUPPORT TECH                          28706.9
ZOLLOZ,  TRAVIS J               CUSTODIAN 1                                                  29432.17

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