This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Olympia Evergreen State College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 1,061 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 938 employees) (2007, 947 employees)(2005, 813 employees)(2003, 817 employees) (2001, 813 employees) (1999, 733 employees) (1997, 789 employees) (1995, 696 employees)

The Evergreen State College was established in 1971 to provide innovative, interdisciplinary, educational programs in the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences. The College’s main campus is in Olympia. It has one branch campus located in Tacoma. The College has an eight-member Board of Trustees. Members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate. The College serves approximately 4,300 students with 221 faculty members. The state appropriated operating budget was approximately $26,453,000 for fiscal year 2006 and the capital budget was approximately $55,295,000 for 2005-07.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Olympia Evergreen State College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/21/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABATANGELOZ, ARIA T             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    4358.2
ABOUTALEPZ, MUHAMMAD            CUSTODIAN 1                                             26196.45
ACKZ, NICOLE                    CIVIL RIGHTS OFFICER                                    30818.21
ADAIRZ, LYNNE S.                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36949.5
ADAIRZ, ROBYN                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      4218
ADAMSZ, KEVIN P.                PAINTER                                                  41756.5
ALBERTSONZ, BETH                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5                                 56709.49
ALEXANDRIAZ, CATHERINE JEHRIN   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         21416.54
ALFONSOZ, ANTONIO               AST DIR COMP ADMIN COMP                                  81431.5
ALIZ, ASIM                      TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    801.56
ALLENZ, NICOLE A.               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                               39480.21
ALLEN-BAZ, DEBRA J.             FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     39799.95
ALLISONZ, JESSICA J             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2186.64
ALMANZ, KAREN CHAMPAGNIE        ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          2751.59
ALONSOZ, JOSEPH                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          7099.59
ANCHORSZ, MICHAEL D             MANAGER CRC FACILITIES                                  13237.44
ANDERSONZ, A. MONIQUE           SEWING/ALTERATIONS SPEC 3                                39068.4
ANDERSONZ, BRIAN                CONST PROJ COORD 2                                       63778.3
ANDERSONZ, DOROTHY              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         23285.59
ANDERSONZ, JULIE E.             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     918.5
ANDERSONZ, KARINA I.            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31041.95
ANDERSONZ, KATHLEEN L.          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       32073.5
ANDERSONZ, LAURIE M             SR RESEARCH ASSOC WSIPP                                    99084
ANDERSONZ, TASA M.              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       570
ANDREWSZ, ROXIE L               ASL INTERPRETER                                           534.75
ANTONELIS-LAPPZ, JEFF           FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  78888.55
ANTONELIS-LAPPZ, SOPHIE         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2524.96
AQUINOZ, ELMA                   FINANCIAL REPORTING ACCT                                47888.17
ARAGONZ, THERESA A              FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                 103923.78
ARLANZ, SARA K                  TEMP LIBRARIAN                                           3209.03
ASMATHZ, ABDULLRAZAQ            CUSTODIAN 1                                             29845.95
AURANDZ, SUSAN                  FACULTY ARTS                                            78509.75
AVILESZ, ANGEL                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  42009.94
BAZ, AMADOU IBRAHIMA            RESEARCH PROJECT COORDINAT                                 42711
BACHOZ, PETER                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          77609.3
BADGERZ, MICHAEL DAVID          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1881.95
BAGLEYZ, WILL                   OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         30782.5
BAILENZ, BARRY P.               COUNSELOR FINANCIAL AID                                  36305.5
BAILEYZ, COURTNEY DIANE         STU ACTIVITIES ADVISOR                                  15962.18
BAILEYZ, SCOTT RAY              SENIOR SYS ANALYST/PROGRAM                                 68793
BALDRIDGEZ, JOHN R              FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  19229.48
BALDWINZ, MARC                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            13688
BALL BREWSTERZ, STACEY L.       LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                 16723.64
BALLIZ, ELENA L                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    774.38
BALSAMZ, JESSICA                MANAGER ADV SVS & RESEARCH                                  5889
BANZ, JEANNETTE MEI             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5737.16
BANICKZ, OTTO                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     607.5
BANTZZ, DON                     VICE PRESIDENT AND PROVOST                              43016.94
BARBERZ, EVRON G                MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                        7215.75
BARBERZ, FRANK P                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    68517
BARKERZ, MELISSA M              VISIT FACULTY NATURAL SCI                               28891.12
BARNESZ, PATRICIA               MGR SUPPORT SVS FACILITIES                                 59064
BARNOSKIZ, ROBERT P.            SR RESEARCH ASSOC WSIPP                                     1060
BARTEZ, PATRICIA A.             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36949.5
BARTLETTZ, MICHELLE D.          FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      38835.5
BARTONZ, CORRINA                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      20326.4
BAUGHZ, LEAH                    TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       492
BAUMGARTNERZ, LARISSA MICHELLE  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2452.89
BEAGLEZ, MARTIN C               OPER MGR SCIENCE                                        11225.39
BEATTIEZ, ANDREW J              MANAGER CRC FACILITIES                                     15176
BECKZ, STEPHEN                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         45520.85
BECKDOLZ, KIRWIN N.             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  46252.23
BEDARDZ, MONIQUE                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     343.8
BEEBEZ, ADA SULIMA              CUSTODIAN 1                                              30715.5
BENEDICKZ, DANA                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    280.01
BENIGNOZ, JOHN C                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    800.16
BENSON-QUAZIENAZ, MARCELLA      FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  32588.15
BERGMANZ, LAURA L.              BUSINESS ANALYST                                           47426
BERMANZ, RAOUL A.               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 60855.32
BERNARDINOZ, ALYISE M           RESIDENT DIRECTOR                                       15774.48
BERQUISTZ, JONAH RH             SUB SYSTEM ENGINR SR COMPU                               5707.41
BERTZ, PAUL M                   ASL INTERPRETER                                              400
BERTOGLIOZ, KARISSA EILEEN      OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         5365.17
BETSACONZ, YOANNA I             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     25313.61
BETZZ, AMY S.                   ADMIN REGULATIONS ANLYST 3                               43827.5
BIGLEYZ, RICHARD ERNEST         ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          4384.22
BIRDSALLZ, CASEY ELIZABETH      DIRECTOR CHILDCARE CTN                                     46368
BISHOPZ, NANCY                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             7200
BISWASZ, ABIR                   FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                  27888.1
BLACKWELLZ, EVAN S              VISITING FACULTY ARTS                                    28411.1
BLACKWOODZ, WILLIAM C           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                  13780.77
BLAKESLEEZ, STEVEN T            ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          21972.2
BLANDZ, SARAH JANE              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     20976.87
BLANKENBILLERZ, MARGARET        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    787.05
BLANTONZ, JOHN H.               PARKING GUIDE                                           28903.76
BLEAZ, JOSHUA L                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    1360.4
BLISSZ, EDWIN                   CAREER COUNSELING SPEC                                  20093.25
BOCANEGRAZ, JUAN JOSE           LABOR EDU UNION MIGRANT WK                              30312.21
BONIFACIZ, PAGE C               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1422
BOPEGEDERAZ, AMRP               FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 69860.21
BORENZ, LAURELLA ANN            SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          6420
BOUDINOTZ, BRENDON ELIAS        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5790.09
BOWCUTTZ, FREDERICA             FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 62135.01
BOWENZ, KATHERINE J             FIGURE MODEL                                              378.75
BOWMANZ, DEJON DEONTRE          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                        35
BOYNTONZ, EVA CLAIRE            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1587.19
BOYSENZ, IRENE M                RES & DINING LEAD                                       21706.23
BRADSHAWZ, ROBYN                TRUCK DRIVER 2                                          24783.93
BRAFFITHZ, FELIX P              DIRECTOR OF UPWARD BOUND                                 46977.5
BRENMANZ, MARC                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2248
BRENNANZ, MEGAN CHRISTINE       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1422.15
BREWERZ, NANCY LEE              LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 1                                 32169.67
BREWSTERZ, LANA G.              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   53689.65
BRIGNOLEZ, KATHRYN L            LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                    30381
BROADHEADZ, TALCOTT             SEXL ASSLT PREVENTN COORD                               21051.75
BROOKHARTZ, CAROLYN K           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1432.57
BROWNZ, EDWARD D                FACULTY HUMANITIES                                       83320.7
BROWNZ, REBECCA S               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2404
BROWNSTEINZ, RUTH M.            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        31719
BRUNERZ, WILLIAM                DEAN OF LIBRARY                                         81328.68
BRYANZ, DANIEL W                RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                          2008
BRYANTZ, MICHAEL RICHARD        INTERIM COACH                                           27420.27
BRYCEZ, WILLIAM A.              PARKING GUIDE                                           19938.49
BUCHMANZ, ANDREW WILLIAM        FACULTY ARTS                                            63665.21
BURENZ, MARCUS A.               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                  13417.14
BURGESSZ, NATHAN F              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    300.06
BURKEZ, RACHEL EILEEN           PROGRAM SUPPORT SUPV 1                                  42866.94
BURLEYZ, MASON H.               SR RESEARCH ASSOC WSIPP                                    90367
BURTZ, ROBIN J                  DIR ALUMNI & DONOR RELATNS                               56844.5
BUSACKZ, MICAELA R              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    149.15
BUSHZ, BOBBIE LOUISE            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      5641.83
BUSHZ, KELLI M                  MGR SSTNBLE PRISONS PROJ                                   17685
BUSTETTERZ, SUSAN M.            CAMPUS WEB MANAGER                                         74681
BUTIGANZ, SOPHIE L. J.          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       240
BUTZENZ, MARTHE L               TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                                   6540
CALABRIAZ, LALITA M.            VISIT FACULTY NATURAL SCI                               27721.55
CALAMBOKIDISZ, JOHN ALEXANDER   SUMMER REG FACULTY                                         10154
CAMPZ, SUSAN                    TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                                  43440
CAMPBELLZ, SARA SUNSHINE        FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  37835.75
CAMPOVERDEZ, JANELLE            ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          7491.41
CARBONELZ, JESUS TOMAS          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  41911.94
CARLSONZ, DAWN                  DIRECTOR KEY                                            57192.18
CARLSONZ, ERIK                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             28811.06
CARMICHAELZ, JOHN PATRICK       EXE ASSOC TO THE PRESIDENT                                 76383
CARPENTERZ, ANNE MARIE          OFFICE ASSISTANT                                        17118.01
CARPENTERZ, LAURA L.            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              38764.62
CARRASZ, ROSS J                 CASHIER TEMPORARY                                         536.85
CASHMANZ, JOANNA T              VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                16646.65
CASWELLZ, BARBARA L.            INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5                                  75612.5
CATESZ, WYATT D.                MGR MEDIA SERVICES                                       62801.5
CERAGIOLIZ, ERIN M              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         21260.12
CHABUKZ, KENAN                  CONFERENCE ASSISTANT                                     3083.44
CHALMERSZ, DON JR               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         11304.08
CHAMBERLAINZ, REBECCA           ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         45879.25
CHANZ, MALPINA M                PHOTOGRAPHER 1                                             42849
CHANDLERZ, E. JEAN              COORDINATOR                                              6935.53
CHANEYZ, JENNIFER LAUREN        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      78.7
CHAPMANZ, AARON                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    1347.7
CHIEROZ, DANIELLE L             MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                        3328.34
CHOWDARYZ, KRISHNA              FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 50922.72
CHURCHZ, LINDSEY C              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6458.49
CIPRIZ, NICOLE MARIE            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2396.74
CLARKZ, AMANDA R                CRC LIFEGUARD                                            1062.58
CLARKZ, SERENA                  FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        36335.75
CLARKEZ, DANNY L.               MAINTENANCE CUSTODIAN 3                                 31349.48
CLIFTHORNEZ, MICHAEL T          COORD INTERNATION PRO SERV                               39203.5
CLINTWORTHZ, DICK               CONST PROJ COORD 3                                       77521.5
CLONINGERZ, SALLY J             FACULTY ARTS                                            70371.89
COBISKEYZ, HOWARD M.            FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     19366.38
COERVERZ, BAILEY                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   8352.64
COGHLANZ, LAURA                 DIR INST RESEARCH                                          67896
COKER-ANDERSONZ, ANDREA L.      REGISTRAR                                                64319.5
COLBURNZ, DANIELLE K            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2004
COLEZ, GINGER                   FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        42385.24
COLLEYZ, JAMIE L.               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          5605.21
COLLINSZ, DOROTHEA              GRANT&CONTRACT SPECIALIST                                43918.5
COLMANZ, VICTOR JON             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4808
CONNERZ, CHRISTINE F            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      5234
CONRADZ, DIANNE C.              ADVISOR COOPER PT JOURN                                  42354.5
COONTZZ, STEPHANIE              FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                   24423.9
COOPERZ, COREY ANN              TUTOR                                                       9333
COOPERZ, JILL E                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      5285
CORDELLZ, ZAKIYYAH A            ASST TO DIR TACOMA CAMPUS                               25820.23
CORNZ, ANDREW W                 ASST DIR STU ACTIVITIES                                    38824
CORNMANZ, TYSON A               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4142.38
CORPUZZ, REGINA                 VISIT FACULTY SOCIAL SCI                                 21122.5
CORRADINEZ, NATASHA C           ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    16961.91
CORRADINEZ, RANDOLPH C.         ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                     37593.5
CORTELYOUZ, AARON               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    4933.5
COSTANTINOZ, ARTHUR             VICE PRESIDENT STU AFFAIRS                                106651
COSTANTINOZ, MAGDALENA C.       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1995
COTTOMZ, AMBER                  OFFICE ASSISTANT                                        14756.75
COURYZ, JOSEPHINE ROSE          CRC LIFEGUARD                                              446.2
CRAMERZ, BONNIE LEE             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5938.01
CRESTZ, NIVIA M                 ASL INTERPRETER                                              945
CROWLEYZ, LARRY                 EDUCATIONAL SPEC GEAR UP                                   41354
CUMMINGSZ, SUSAN                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         13531.65
CUPACHZ, CURTIS S               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    3769.6
DALEYZ, KYLE S                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       168
DALLE ANGELINIZ, GIULIANNA      TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5307.84
DANIELSZ, ADA                   EDUCATIONAL SPEC GEAR UP                                 42699.5
DANISZ, KENNETH WILLIAM         MGR BOOKSTORE                                            56821.5
DARNEYZ, VIRGINIA G             VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                   22202
DAVIDZ, MAX H                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    604.55
DAVISZ, RICHARD                 FACILITIES ENGINEER                                      75336.5
DAVISZ, TERRI L                 ASL INTERPRETER                                             4324
DAYZ, KYLE J                    TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   10888.5
DE ACOSTAZ, DIEGO ANDRES        FACULTY HUMANITIES                                       53250.6
DE VILLERSZ, AMBER M            SECRETARY                                               25985.97
DE VILLERSZ, KENNETH F.         INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  62042.5
DEANZ, JANA                     ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         49748.75
DEANZ, MARY                     ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          9816.14
DEHAASZ, VIRGINIA               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                    46161
DENESZ, THOMAS                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      7635
DESMARAISZ, ANDREW T.           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1692.91
DEVLINZ, TIMOTHY SCOTT          MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  43903.49
DEWALDZ, M LISS RENE            RESIDENT DIRECTOR                                          27554
DIAMANTZ, HIRSH                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         53978.45
DIAZZ, CARLOS A.                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                  38835.5
DIFFENDALZ, ELIZABETH           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       600
DOANZ, TIN                      MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  47082.71
DONALDSONZ, CHERYL L            CRC LIFEGUARD                                            4385.28
DONJACOURZ, EVA D               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    2018.3
DONNELLYZ, SHAWN M              ASSISTANT                                                 3522.6
DORMANZ, PETER                  FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  68040.18
DORNEYZ, SHERYL A               MNG CONF SERVICES                                        51899.5
DOUGLASSZ, JULIE A.             ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                              38850.06
DOYLEZ, AUTUMN L                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                  11454.45
DRAKEZ, ELIZABETH K             RESEARCH PROJECT COORDINAT                               83593.5
DRENNONZ, MICHAEL D.            MANAGER MECHANICAL SVS                                     62261
DRENTWETTZ, AMANDA K            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      8100
DREXLER-RUSSELLZ, LELAND        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5166.88
DRINKWINEZ, JEFFREY SCOTT       MGR REC PROG HEAD COACH                                 31642.19
DRISKILLZ, EMILY CAROLINE       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      4023
DRUMMONDZ, GERALD L             RADIO STA GEN MGR                                        44378.5
DRUMMONDZ, JUDY E               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        34854
DUMPERTZ, JENNIFER              FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      35224.5
DUMPIT JR.Z, MARCELINO JAN      TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       310
DUNCANZ, CHRISTOPHER J          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    5247.9
DUNCAN-PIERCEZ, PAMELA          VISIT FACULTY SOCIAL SCI                                   23450
DUNNZ, AUSTIN SHAIDE            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1000
DUNN-GREKETISZ, ALEC J          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      7454
DUNPHEZ, MARY J                 CASHIER TEMPORARY                                         814.07
DURIGAZ, NATHAN M               TUTOR                                                       8280
DZIEZAZ, LARRY                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4917
EAMONZ, KATHLEEN                FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      60454.86
EASTMANZ, JENAE                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1168.87
EBERHARDTZ, JEAN L.             ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                         34072.5
EDDYZ, BRANT DEVON WOLFE        PROCURE&SUP SUPT SPEC 2                                 27858.72
EDDYZ, DARWIN L.                CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                   61773.3
EGOLFZ, LYNDEL JEAN             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                    33580
EICKHOLTZ, JEAN E.              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      38835.5
EIDEZ, GREGORY D                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    108.75
EL SHIBINYZ, AYMAN              POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW                                     32298.28
ELHARDTZ, ANTHONY D             TMP MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                 24400
ELHARDTZ, MICHELE               ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 3                               38835.5
ELLIOTT RADERZ, MIRANDA RUTH    ASST DIR QUAN REASNG CNTR                                21871.2
ELLIOTTZ, RENATE CHEVONNE       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      7221
ELLIOTTZ, SCOTT LEE             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36676.5
ELLIS-TREASUREZ, MEGAN PATRICIA TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2085.23
ELOHEIMOZ, MARJA                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          40752.4
ELSONZ, AMBER L                 EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                  24814.56
ENDRESSZ, WENDY L               EXEC ASC VP STUDENT AFFAIR                              74139.84
ESPOSITOZ, ROBERT A             FACULTY ARTS                                            71235.66
EUREZ, ANN                      TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                                  27160
FAHOUMZ, ZAFER                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         12977.45
FARRELLZ, ANN M                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          1766.71
FAYZ, SHAINA L                  CASHIER TEMPORARY                                         891.39
FEATHERLYZ, LYNARRA JOAN        PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          32505
FEDDERSENZ, JOE                 FACULTY - RETIRED                                          21646
FEHSENFELDZ, KATHERINE H        TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                               42221.67
FELIXZ, JAMES A.                MEDIA MAINTENANCE TECH 3                                   45057
FENSKEZ, JEAN                   LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                    33580
FENSTERZ, ADAM SCOT             INTERIM COACH                                           11476.85
FENTONZ, WILLIAM C              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5667.69
FERGUSONZ, MARK A               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         21890.54
FERGUSONZ, NOEL P               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       420
FIER-CHIMENTZ, REYNA ROSE       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5267.19
FIKSDALZ, SUSAN R.              FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      70533.99
FINCHZ, MARY M                  LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                    33580
FINLEYZ, GAYLON                 MGR BUILDING SERVICES                                    51462.5
FISCHELZ, ANNE                  FACULTY ARTS                                            68290.18
FISHERZ, JANE IRENE             LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                    46161
FLAHERTYZ, DOROTHY              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         30573.62
FLEMINGZ, WILLIAM PATRICK       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    678.09
FLEMMERZ, LESLIE ANN            VISIT FACULTY SOCIAL SCI                                48265.65
FLETCHERZ, DEREK J              CONFERENCE ASSISTANT                                      2353.5
FLORESZ, HUGO                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         11402.12
FLORESZ, SHAW OSHA              VISITING FACULTY ARTS                                   49698.45
FLYNNZ, KIIRSTEN REGINA         SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          8452
FONDAWZ, EMILY                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1497.91
FOOTEZ, THOMAS H.               VISIT FACULTY SOCIAL SCI                                40888.65
FORANZ, DON                     VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                 65592.6
FORANZ, MAGGIE                  ASC DIR CERT & ADVIS SPEC                                46977.5
FORDZ, JOHN ROBERT              RADIO STA DEVELPMNT DIRCTR                                 32085
FORDZ, KATHRYN E.               MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   38893.72
FORMANZ, MARY ELIZABETH         PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27761.64
FORRESTZ, TYSON J               CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   56501.23
FOSTER-GRAHLERZ, VAUHN E        DIR QUANTIT REASONING CNTR                               85545.5
FOX-DOBBSZ, CEDRUS              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 20782.66
FRANCISZ, MICHIKO T.            LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 5                                 41772.15
FRANCO-VASQUEZZ, CHAC           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2963.07
FRANKZ, KATHLEEN                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      29013.61
FRASCAZ, MARILYN                VISITING FACULTY ARTS                                      21540
FRASIERZ, CHRISTINA J.          FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        44544.01
FRASIERZ, MATTHEW O             CRIMEWATCH PSA                                            1753.5
FREDERICKSONZ, CLIFFORD M       ACCOUNTING MANAGER                                         62537
FREEMANZ, BAYLIE N              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3809.12
FREEMANZ, WENDY H.              DIR CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                     63986
FREILICHZ, ALEXANDER            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    355.51
FREYZ, ELIZABETH ANNE           ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          3249.17
FRIEDMANZ, ANN                  PRESERVN & MUSEUM SPEC 4                                24462.27
FRYZ, CINDY                     SECRETARY                                                  31326
FULLERZ, MARILYN M              EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 2                                  36069.79
FURTADOZ, CHRISTOPHER M.        CUSTODIAN 1                                             29845.95
GABRIELEZ, JUDITH ELISE         ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         37485.19
GADDISZ, NIKKO A                SECRETARY SENIOR                                        29470.27
GADEA RIVASZ, MARIO             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         35402.55
GAETZZ, GLORIA D                PATIENT SERVICES REP                                       28443
GALLEGOSZ, PAUL D.              EEO/SPEC ASST FOR DIV AFFA                               60639.5
GALLOZ, ANGELA E.               MEDIA TECHNICIAN LEAD                                    37869.5
GARCIAZ, GISELLE G              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       261
GARCIAZ, JAZZMIN C              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       255
GARLANDZ, PAMELA K.             CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   57730.54
GARRAWAYZ, CARLETTA J           EDUCATIONAL SPEC GEAR UP                                   41354
GARRINGTONZ, DEBRA JOAN         MGR ANNUAL FUND COL ADV                                    50117
GARTINZ, GARET KYLE             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      6798
GARVERZ, JULIE M                DIR GOVT RELATIONS                                       81431.5
GATESZ, JOHN D                  FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                   28764.9
GEFFENZ, KRISTOFER              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      3759
GENBERGZ, JOHAN                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1140
GENETTEZ, JULIAN L              ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                     29175.5
GERHEIMZ, BRIAN                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                    46161
GERMANZ, MARLA Y                SECRETARY                                                  31326
GERSTZ, GERY                    ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          12637.5
GIBBONSZ, RANDEE L              ASST DIR MPA                                             46977.5
GIBBSZ, NICOLE                  VISITING FACULTY ARTS                                      14952
GILBERTZ, ANDREW BT             FACULTY HUMANITIES                                       28764.9
GILBERTZ, DANA M                ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    17775.57
GILBREATHZ, WILLIAM             PRINTING & DUP SUPERVISOR                                38835.5
GILKEYZ, SHEILA N.              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             8246
GILLISZ, REBECCA A              PSYCHOTHERAPIST                                            13656
GILMOREZ, ELEANOR G             OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       29888.2
GISHZ, KELLY GEORGE             WASTE COLLECTOR                                         30700.16
GLEAVESZ, KANDICE S             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    931.25
GODSEYZ, APRIL D                THERAPIST MENTAL HEALTH                                 10200.73
GOLDBERGERZ, ARIEL              FACULTY ARTS                                            59598.11
GOMEZ-GONZALEZZ, JOY NOELLE     ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             6812
GONGZ, LOUIS                    ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          1846.01
GONZALEZZ, DEBORAH K            CASHIER 3                                               32653.93
GOODMANZ, SHARON C              DIR OF RESIDENTAL & DINING                               76001.2
GORDHAMZ, RISHEL M              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      37441.5
GORDONZ, JEFFREY D              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         16396.67
GOULDZ, BRYAN M                 DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS                                     39664
GRABHORNZ, LAURA MAE            ASST DIR LONGHOUSE                                      47452.91
GRAFTZ, BONNIE J.               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33209.89
GRANADOZ, CRISTINO C            INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 31412.86
GRANVILLEZ, JOSEPH W            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    2707.4
GRAYZ, ERIN J                   ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    11195.47
GRAYZ, TAMI                     TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    194.75
GREENZ, KATE LOUISE             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1580
GREENEZ, LARRY P                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4354.56
GRIFFITHZ, JOSEPH               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    228.25
GRIMESZ, ERIC D                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             11565.46
GUTHOLMZ, JAMES                 AST DIR COMP NETWORK SVS                                 81431.5
GUTIERREZZ, FLORENCIO E.        MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     46161
GUZMANZ, JAIME L                BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         15518.72
HACKERZ, HILARY CLAIRE          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       330
HAHNZ, JEANNE E.                FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  73024.71
HALLZ, TRACY L                  DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID                                70874.5
HANGERZ, CHRISTOPHER            MAJOR GIFTS OFFICER                                      46977.5
HANLONZ, ERIN M                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                     18744.6
HANSENZ, BRITTANY               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4356.13
HANSENZ, JACOB                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5343.75
HANSONZ, CLAIRE M               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    3074.5
HARBURG-PETRICHZ, THERESE       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    343.88
HARDINZ, MELISSA M              CERTIFIED ATHLETIC TRAINER                                 14792
HARDINGZ, CATHERINE P           RETAIL CLERK 2                                          28131.59
HARMONZ, LAURA L.               PROGRAMMER ANALYST WSIPP                                   90367
HARRISZ, JASON R                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 5                                  75612.5
HARRISZ, SUSAN                  ADMIN ASST TO PRESIDENT                                  42963.5
HARRISONZ, LUCIA                FACULTY ARTS                                            69802.25
HARTMANZ, CHRISTINE             TUTOR - WATEP                                            1782.25
HARVIEUXZ, TRAVIS LEE           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1265.43
HASKETTZ, KATHLEEN M.           PURCHASING MANAGER                                         62537
HASTINGSZ, RACHEL               FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  56963.68
HAVILANDZ, JORDAN N             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1241.72
HAYASHI-PETERSENZ, ELAINE N.    ASSISTANT REGISTRAR                                        42711
HAYSZ, JANET KAY                OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      12425.75
HEILZ, JAMES D                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2044.32
HELFMEYERZ, MALIA R             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    635.25
HELLUM-ALEXANDERZ, ALAINA MARIE TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4744.95
HEMINWAYZ, RIP                  AST DIR COMP ACADEMIC COMP                               81431.5
HENRYZ, WILLIAM CHARLES         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1158
HERBERZ, MARGARET L             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   9755.17
HERBISONZ, JANET                TEMP RECRUITER                                           6746.39
HERIGSTADZ, LADONNA M.          MANAGER PAYROLL & BENEFITS                                 51701
HERMANZ, STEVEN G.              SUMMER REG FACULTY                                         12693
HERRINGZ, CHASE                 TEMP CUSTODIAN 1                                        19430.65
HERRINGZ, ROBYN                 COORD ENVIRON HEALTH SAFE                                68758.5
HERRONZ, ESTHER                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4897.82
HERSHEYZ, EUGENE                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    447.66
HESKETHZ, BETH                  FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     31679.77
HEUERZ, MONICA                  MGR REC PROG HEAD COACH                                 43631.01
HIBBERTZ, DENNIS                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         13976.84
HILGERSZ, ALICIA J              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1831.06
HILLZ, ELIZABETH ANNE           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3698.78
HILLZ, HANSINA R                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                9891.48
HILLZ, MICHAEL H.               MEDIA MAINTENANCE TECH 2                                 40844.1
HIMEZ, KEITH I                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2104.85
HIRAIZ, TOMOKO                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         38620.74
HITCHZ, DOUGLAS                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4152
HOEMANNZ, D. LEE                VP FOR COLLEGE ADVANCEMENT                                111274
HOEPLIZ, MARIANNE               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          10300.6
HOFFMANZ, LAUREN E              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    287.87
HOFFMANZ, SHOSHANNAH J          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    362.69
HOHMANZ, LINDA L.               ADMIN SEC VP PROVOST                                    41925.91
HOHNHOLTZ, GREG                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             26435.66
HOLDERZ, JULIE                  LAB STORES AIDE                                          4911.85
HOLMESZ, MICHELLE               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  42876.22
HOLTZ, CHARLEE                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      27173.82
HOODZ, BRENDA LEIGH             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2248
HOOSEINZ, AZEEM                 ASST DIR PROJT MGT FACILIT                                 82156
HOOVERZ, BRITTANY Q             RESIDENT DIRECTOR                                          27554
HORNZ, LINDA ANN                COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                42021.23
HORTONZ, PAUL                   VISIT FACULTY SOCIAL SCI                                   15416
HOSKINSZ, KRYSTAL N             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      3570
HOSTETTERZ, CAMERON G           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3617.62
HOVLANDZ, DONALD J.             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     46161
HOYTZ, DAVID K                  TMP MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                 16810
HUDGINSZ, RYAN                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    5032.5
HUERTAZ, GRACE CATHERINE        FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                     69660
HUMISTONZ, KAYLA                OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         9253.67
HUNTERZ, RICHARD S              ASSOC VP ENROLLMT MGT                                    83593.5
HUNTLEY-FRYERZ, RAISSA S        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    545.83
HURLEYZ, JOHN A                 VICE PRESIDENT FIN & ADMIN                                111274
HURSTZ, MARK                    ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         26795.92
HUYNHZ, HO KIM                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             26433.57
IMPARAZ, PETER                  VISIT FACULTY SOCIAL SCI                                56521.15
INCLANZ, JULIEN NICOLAS         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    6021.5
INGLEBRITSONZ, OLGA MARGARITA   COORD TAC STUDENT SVS                                      38663
INOCENCIOZ, MEREDITH A.         DIR ACCESS SERVICES                                      46977.5
ISAACSZ, ANNA                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2907
JACOBSZ, MARYAM A               INTERNAL AUDITOR                                           72059
JACOBSKIZ, NANCY E              HUMAN RESOURCE REP                                         46782
JANGZ, REN-HUI                  FACULTY ARTS                                            61760.01
JANSSEN-TIMMENZ, RAINER H.      PROCURE&SUP SUPT SPEC 2                                    33580
JANTZENZ, ROBERT JOHN           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2320.99
JASKARZ, DENA                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      28697.28
JASKARZ, MICHAEL S              GROUNDS AND NURSERY SPEC 4                              37081.86
JEFTSZ, SULTANA S               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    3118.5
JELSINGZ, JERRY G.              LOCKSMITH                                               42068.45
JENKINSZ, ALLEN D               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         34516.45
JENKINSZ, AMANDA E.             GRADUATE ASSISTANT                                       7597.53
JENNINGSZ, SUE A.               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2250
JENSENZ, DONALD                 INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               34070.95
JETTZ, NIGEL R                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 55379.15
JOHNSZ, SUSAN E.                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                    33580
JOHNSOHNZ, ERIC W               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6977.11
JOHNSONZ, DAVID N.              COPY CENTER LEAD A                                      31047.41
JOHNSONZ, DIANE                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             14529.89
JOHNSONZ, LAIZA B               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1715.61
JOHNSONZ, LESLIE L.             THERAPIST MENTAL HEALTH                                  35957.5
JOHNSONZ, NICOLE                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    4155.1
JOHNSONZ, REBECCA R             CERTIFIED ATHLETIC TRAINER                              27494.42
JOHNSONZ, RICHARD               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     46161
JOHNSONZ, SHAUN MICHAEL         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2220
JOHNSONZ, STEVEN D              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             9231
JOHNSONZ, STEVEN G.             ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN 2                                58330.88
JOHNSONZ, TAMARA D.             ASST DIR FINANCIAL AID TCH                                 47426
JOHNSONZ, TODD W                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             8406
JOHNSONZ, TRACEY L.             ADMIN SEC VP STUDENT AFF                                 44746.5
JOHNSTONZ, VIVIAN MARIE         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      6150
JONESZ, KATHRYN ALISON          ASST DIR ACADEMIC ADV                                      42711
JOSEPHZ, HOLLY E.               EXEC ASSOC FOR VP FAD                                      68793
JOYNESZ, RUTH ANN               SECRETARY LEAD                                           36052.5
JUNZ, HEESOON                   FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  70949.47
JUNGELZ, KORT M.                MAIL PROCESSING MANAGER                                 40151.23
KAHAUMIAZ, DIANE H.             STU RECR MARK COMM MGR                                  47955.68
KAMEENZ, BRIDGET E              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    5248.3
KAMENZ, BENJAMIN                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         21998.37
KARASZ, MATTHEW BRYAN           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    451.66
KARDASZ, PETER                  DIR LABOR CENTER                                        26510.25
KATZZ, DARAH NATASHA            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      1332.88
KAWASAKIZ, KAZUHIRO             VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                   21207
KAZAKOVAZ, ALEXANDRA N          RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                          3052
KELLYZ, KATHY                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         20115.37
KELSOZ, ABIGAIL WARE            ADM COUNS EDU OUTRCH COORD                                 36363
KEROZ, BRITTANY L               CONFERENCE ASSISTANT                                        2835
KERRZ, STEPHEN R.               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  62042.5
KETTERERZ, DYLAN                TECH                                                     2795.87
KIMZ, UN TAE                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             29845.95
KINGZ, PATRICIA L               PUBLIC RECORDS OFFICER                                  32951.27
KINLEYZ, MICHAEL R              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 1                                 40998.15
KIRSCHBAUMZ, BRET A.            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48622.71
KLATTZ, LORI MARIE              CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                 30568.86
KLINSKIZ, JANICE L              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     346.5
KLYUCHNIKOVZ, VOLODYMYR A.      COMPUTER SUPPORT TECH                                     5812.8
KNEZEKZ, MARGARET JEAN-LOUISE   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      3095
KNIGHTZ, NASHIRA ADEIR          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                  12260.31
KNITTLEZ, KIRK                  SPACE ANALYST 2                                            54855
KOLSTADZ, PATRICIA A.           SECRETARY                                                  31326
KORMONDYZ, MARK                 BLDG AND GROUNDS SUPV B                                 58698.82
KOSANOVICHZ, MICHAEL E          ASL INTERPRETER                                             8150
KOSZKAZ, DAVID                  TMP ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        7531
KRULICHZ, BARBARA               PHYS AST CERT/CERT RN LEAD                                 70955
KRUPPZ, LESTER                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         42045.05
KUESTNERZ, ALEXANDER            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    833.04
KYCHUNZ, JULIA LAWSON           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4842.63
LABRUNEZ, PATRICIA              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6637.39
LACINAZ, MARK J.                ASSIST DIR FACILITIES                                    60644.1
LAGMANZ, RONALD JOSEPH          TMP IT MEDIA                                            17170.82
LAKEZ, SHERRIE L.               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    39323.67
LALENAZ, JOHN NICK              SUMMER REG FACULTY                                         45813
LAMZ, NGA THI                   CUSTODIAN 1                                             14785.03
LAMBZ, SCOT D                   EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN 3                                  46252.23
LANEZ, PHYLLIS M.               DEAN STU & ACAD SUP SRVS                                83593.73
LANERSZ, BARBARA                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          65232.3
LARKINZ, VICTORIA               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       490
LASHERZ, ALEXANDER              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    4471.4
LASLETTZ, SARAH                 LABOR EDUCATOR UNION WM                                 21815.69
LASSENZ, GERALD L               FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  48869.21
LAWRENCEZ, JAYANIKA L           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    6843.4
LE NOBLEZ, LAUREL H             POLICY ASSOC COP                                         55717.5
LEZ, XUAN ANNA                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1670
LEBENSZ, MATTHEW T.             MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  50660.16
LEBLANCZ, KATELYN CIJA          CRC HEAD LIFEGUARD                                       6991.24
LEEZ, STEPHANIE C               RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       83593.5
LEESZ, KIMBERLY ANN             PROJECT DIRECTOR GEAR UP                                  252.91
LEGGEZ, MELISSA A               TEMP CUSTODIAN 1                                        18651.42
LEHMANZ, RUSS                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2281
LEIMBACHZ, JACQUELINE MARY      TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4235.56
LEMAYZ, IZABEL ORIANA           CHILDCARE STAFF                                            461.7
LEMKEZ, RACHEL M                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   7338.76
LENEKERZ, AMY S                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             5399
LENGESZ, ANITA K                FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                   60688.2
LEONGZ, CLARISSE K.             ASSOC DIR ADM RECRMT TR EV                              45690.51
LEROYZ, CARRI J                 VISIT FACULTY NATURAL SCI                               40199.82
LEVESQUEZ, JENNIFER A           SENIOR HUMAN RESOURCES REP                              51272.46
LEVVIZ, JAH'DI                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1308.06
LEWISZ, PATRICK O               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1645.63
LEWISZ, STACIA NEWBURY          ACADEMIC SPECIALIST                                      40008.5
LINZ, HSIU-LIAO                 STOCKROOM ATTENDANT 3                                    32889.1
LINDZ, ASHLEY ROSE              RECEPTION/INFORMATION DESK                               7805.94
LINDZ, IAN B                    TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     11051
LINDSAYZ, EARLENE M             TUTOR                                                       8025
LINDSAYZ, JONATHAN H.           INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    54057
LOCKABYZ, IAN U                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    1471.3
LOFTISZ, EMMA CHRISTINE         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1644.25
LONGZ, KATHERINE KELLEY         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    251.88
LOVEZ, RASHIDA                  ACADEMIC ADVISOR PRME TIME                               37317.5
LOWEZ, JAMES H                  MAIL PROCESSING-DRIVER                                  34585.86
LOWEZ, NAIMA N                  FACULTY ARTS                                             24914.6
LOZANOZ, RAFAEL A.              ASST DIR FOR REGISTRN PROG                               37984.5
LUDOWITZZ, JACK                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6260.11
LUDWIGZ, JASPER V               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      5159
LYTTLEZ, FERDINAND A.           FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 73221.18
MAASJOZ, AUSTIN                 OFFICE ASSISTANT                                          2596.4
MAC FARLANEZ, MARKTHOR R        VISIT FACULTY NATURAL SCI                                  20422
MACKIZ, LISA M                  CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                  21975.1
MACLEANZ, JOHN COLEMAN          SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          3210
MACLEANZ, POLLY L               ASL INTERPRETER                                             4300
MADDOXZ, DANIEL THOMAS          VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                 35649.4
MADRONEZ, DANIELLE LUISE        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      6200
MAEZ, LINDA                     OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31819.95
MAGEAUZ, KRISTINA MARIE         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4594.13
MAGNUSONZ, TYLER J              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    475.64
MAHLUMZ, IRA E.                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  48150.73
MAJORZ, FANG                    CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                  37869.5
MAKIZ, JANIE                    PROJECT COORD WSIPP                                      65515.5
MALTSBERGERZ, CALEB J           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4147.11
MANDEBERGZ, JEAN                FACULTY ARTS                                            68687.56
MANLEYZ, JUDITH L.              PLANT CARETAKER                                            977.5
MARKSTROMZ, THOMAS V            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  37360.02
MARKUSZ, TIMOTHY JOHN           CATALOGER                                               43124.56
MARRZ, DAVID                    FACULTY - RETIRED                                       22116.72
MARRONZ, TIMOTHY M              CAMPUS POLICE SERGEANT                                  59078.76
MARSZ, CASEY J                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3538.02
MARSHALLZ, ABIGAIL ANN          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     10170
MARTIARTUZ, AMAIA               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          8517.47
MARTINZ, CORINE R               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                      32832.5
MARTINZ, IAN A                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1269.72
MARTINZ, SARA A                 DIR ACADEMIC SUPPORT SVS                                   59018
MARTINEZZ, RACHEL L             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      35974.5
MARTINOZ, JOSEPH MICHAEL        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3314.66
MATHISZ, BRIAN E.               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  62042.5
MATSUNOZ, TAKASHI               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       310
MATTESONZ, COLIN FREEMAN        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3752.75
MAUNEYZ, ALLEN                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         52690.63
MAYFIELDZ, JIM W.               SR RESEARCH ASSOC WSIPP                                    90367
MCAULEYZ, RACHEL                CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 2                                    30633
MCBRIDEZ, DENNIS C              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            10576
MCCARTYZ, MAGDALENE JANE        ASST DIR MPA                                            34524.03
MCCLINONZ, ANTONIO RASHAWN      TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1256.25
MCCONNELLZ, JASON R             RECREATION COORDINATOR                                  18210.05
MCCUISTIONZ, ANDREA R           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    5045.9
MCGEEZ, JOHN F                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                  64996.4
MCGEEZ, KATHERINE ANN           PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      32597.5
MCGLENNZ, ALEX W                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2242
MCGUIREZ, ERIN E                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1481.22
MCHUGHZ, ELIZABETH              DIR HLTH & COUNSEL CNTR                                  75967.5
MCHUGHZ, NOEL A.                MANAGER HOUSING TECHNOLOGY                               56844.5
MCINTOSHZ, BOBBIE L             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          43570.5
MCINTOSHZ, ROBERT LESTER        ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4627
MCKINNONZ, NORA                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6347.35
MCKINNONZ, RICHARD              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         20394.17
MCKINSTRYZ, LYDIA               FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 60850.92
MCLAINZ, JOHN F.                ACADEMIC GRANTS PROG MGR                                 56844.5
MCLEANZ, PUNALEI G              OFFICE ASSISTANT                                          3657.1
MCMILLANZ, MICHAEL              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29161.85
MCMILLINZ, PAUL                 REFERENCE LIBRARIAN/FACULT                               36580.2
MCNAMARAZ, KATHRYN A            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1432.61
MCNAMARAZ, MORIAH NICOLE        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    608.85
MEALYZ, SARAH                   HUMAN RESOURCE REP                                      50603.28
MELROEZ, KIERAN L               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3430.31
MENCHZ, AHOI J.                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  46886.49
MENDOZAZ, OLIVIER               OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         4193.25
MERCADOZ, THOMAS E.             DIR STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                     51681
MERCIERZ, RHIANNON N            TUTOR                                                       5496
METCALFZ, STEVEN                CALS SYSTEM MANAGER                                        62537
METZLERZ, DAVID                 SENIOR SYS ANALYST/PROGRAM                               75336.5
MEYERZ, DIANA LEE               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    333.75
MEYER-KNAPPZ, HELENA S.         ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            16262
MEYERSZ, APRIL ROSE             CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   55314.88
MICKELZ, DALE H.                TECH MAINT ENGNR SYST TECH                              21038.93
MIKKELSONZ, LEWIS P             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3943.49
MILESZ, DEBORAH A.              FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     16454.87
MILESZ, KATHLEEN                RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                       34945.06
MILESZ, RICHARD                 CONSTRCTN MAINT PROJ SUPV                                  58497
MILLERZ, CATHERINE              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1046.25
MILLERZ, MARNA                  SR RESEARCH ASSOC WSIPP                                    99084
MILLERZ, SAMUEL J               CHILDCARE SR STAFF                                       5234.21
MITCHELLZ, JOSIAH ALLAN         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6797.05
MITCHELLZ, SARAH E              EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                  20377.99
MOBBSZ, DENNIS                  STAGE TECHNICIAN 2                                       39440.4
MOBBSZ, JESSICA LYNN            ADM COUNS STDT VSITOR PROG                              21279.65
MOBBSZ, MICHAEL W               MEDIA MAINTENANCE TECH 3                                40897.64
MOCKZ, JASON E.                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 3                                  35817.3
MOEDZ, PATRICIA D               ASL INTERPRETER                                            130.5
MOHAMEDZ, AMAL N                RECEPTION/INFORMATION DESK                                   120
MOHORICZ, MARGE                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            21692
MONOHONZ, DWIGHT E              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   56617.53
MOOREZ, KAELEN D                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2340
MOOREZ, KATHARINE LOUISE        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    1402.3
MOOREZ, LORRI ESTHER            MGR AC FINANCL SUPPT SVS                                 56844.5
MORELLIZ, COLBY                 ASSOC DIR FINANCIAL AID                                  45965.5
MORGANZ, KATE ANNE              TUTOR - WATEP                                                210
MORGANZ, KATHELEEN              CUSTODIAN 4                                             30242.97
MORGANZ, SCOTT E                COORDINATOR                                                28925
MORISATOZ, DONALD               FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 66025.49
MOROZ, ALEXANDER                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3309.66
MORRISZ, JEFFREY ISAAC          COMPUTER SUPPORT TECH                                        451
MORUZZIZ, HARUMI                FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  60600.92
MOSQUERAZ, TOMAS                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             3406
MOUNTSZ, CORY E                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        2553.86
MUEHLEISENZ, DAVID P            FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                  26028.9
MURPHYZ, HEATHER APRIL          ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             1653
MURRAYZ, NANCY C                DEAN                                                       85233
MUZATKOZ, MELINDA L.            PROGRAM MANAGER B                                          52233
NADKARNIZ, NALINI               FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 59229.84
NAGATAZ, YOSHIKAZU              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       182
NAGLEZ, SHARON L.               PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 1                                  38835.5
NASSERZ, ALAN G.                SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          5077
NEITZELZ, JAMES                 FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 62700.21
NELSONZ, ALICE                  FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      61350.92
NELSONZ, CAITLIN ELISE          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    645.53
NELSONZ, JENNA                  INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                               39750.79
NELSONZ, LIN                    FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  67351.18
NERBURNZ, NICHOLAS K            ASSISTANT                                                 2656.8
NEWKIRKZ, SIMON                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   6846.24
NGUGIZ, IRENE                   RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                      13483.86
NGUYENZ, BINH D                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             14727.97
NGUYENZ, KIM TUYEN              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29845.95
NGUYENZ, PHAN                   INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                 62577.35
NGUYENZ, TAM T                  TEMP CUSTODIAN 1                                         19450.9
NGUYENZ, THE CAO                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  40204.57
NIEMANNZ, CHARLES R             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    364.83
NIEMIECZ, WALTER A              ASSOC VP ACADEMIC BUDGET                                 81431.5
NIESZ, DORY                     ACADEMIC SPECIALIST                                      34626.5
NILESZ, TEALE D                 MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                        4089.02
NISBETZ, SANDRA                 VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                   20633
NORMANZ, KELLY M                ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                    15224.16
NORTHCUTTZ, LISA LEE            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   7522.92
NORTHRUPZ, LAURA M              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       315
NORWOODZ, CURTIS E.             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1660
NOVACKZ, JEREMY R               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       660
NUNEZ-PINEDOZ, JUDY             GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                    47311
NUNLISTZ, COREY A               RESEARCH ASSISTANT WSIPP                                   39123
NUSSBAUMZ, RACHEL E             VISIT FACULTY HUMANITIES                                   14952
O'CONNORZ, KATHLEEN ANN         TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                               70038.75
O'SHAUNESSYZ, KATHLEEN          TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                                  10260
OCZKEWICZZ, MEGAN M             ADMIN SEC TO VP COL ADV                                 31753.48
ODONNELLZ, IAN W                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                  14875.99
OHLINGERZ, GARY                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  62042.5
OLMSTEADZ, DANNY                CUSTODIAN 1                                             25603.94
OLSONZ, ALLEN                   DEAN                                                     77375.5
OLSONZ, KURTIS PAUL             CONFERENCE ASSISTANT LEAD                                 9076.5
OLSONZ, REBEKAH M               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    699.03
OPPRECHTZ, SUSAN                BUILDING COORDINATOR 2                                  31637.15
ORDWAYZ, ERIK                   INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    68517
ORIDEZ, DANA T                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      6120
OROSCOZ, DELIA B                EDU SPEC UPWARD BD ACADEMC                                 38663
ORRZ, COLLIN G.                 DIRECTOR BUSINESS SERVICES                                 90367
ORRZ, SCOTT                     INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    68517
ORZINOZ, BRENDA L               ASSISTANT                                                7556.95
OVERBEYZ, BRENDA A.             CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                  37869.5
OVERCASTZ, ISAAC                INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    68517
PACHECOZ, ROBERT E.             CUSTODIAN 1                                             28677.94
PAILTHORPZ, CHARLES             FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      73024.71
PAINTERZ, JEFFREY THOMAS        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2227.06
PANGELINANZ, JOHN               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2367.49
PANTHERZ, JEREMY JOHN           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3610.67
PANTOJAZ, ROSA                  CUSTODIAN 1                                             28592.36
PARKERZ, ALYSA MAE              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    6262.3
PARKERZ, ALYSSA JADE            GRAPHIC DESIGNER                                         38097.5
PARKERZ, CATHERINE              OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         25932.8
PARKERZ, MIMI T                 COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                44051.33
PARSONSZ, SHERRY                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      5050
PARTRIDGEZ, CRAIG               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                              486
PARTRIDGEZ, HEATHER             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    931.39
PASTERNAKZ, JENNIFER            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1050
PEARSONZ, TINA M.               FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      38835.5
PEEBLESZ, GEORGE A              CRC ATHLETICS EVENT                                         5176
PEEKZ, GREGORY                  TEMP CUSTODIAN 1                                         1717.17
PENNUCCIZ, ANNE E.              SENIOR RESRCH ASSOC WSIPP                                  90367
PEREZZ, DALYA A.                ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                        25197.93
PEREZZ, TONY M.                 CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   56688.62
PETERSZ, PAMELA RAE             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4354
PETERSONZ, SHANE R.             INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH3                                43734.9
PETERSONZ, YVONNE ANNETTE       FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  69302.25
PETKUSZ, CHANTAL JERISHA        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1794.42
PETTYZ, LOREN                   MIT FLD EXP OFCR & AS SPEC                                 42711
PHAMZ, LINH                     CUSTODIAN 1                                                28543
PHILLIPSZ, DAVID R.             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         24007.95
PICKETTZ, PAUL J                SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          2354
PICKETTZ, TRISTAN A             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2094
PIERCEZ, ALLYSON T              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1637.28
PIETRICKZ, HANNAH               TMP PHOTOGRAPHER 2                                      21456.82
PINAZ, ASHLEY AMELLIA           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3382.64
PINEDAZ, JOSE                   CRC LEISURE ED                                           3460.79
PINEDAZ, MARIA A.               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       32073.5
PINEDAZ, MIGUEL TOMAS           VOLUNTEER CRC                                               1000
PINOZ, NORMA ALICIA             DIR 1ST PEOPLE ADV SRV                                     43725
PIPERZ, VALERIE L               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                      8538.23
PITTMANZ, MICHAEL JAMES         OFFICE ASSISTANT                                            4316
PLACETTEZ, AMY                  FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                      39898.5
PLUNKZ, HANNA MARIE             VOLUNTEER CRC                                                625
POLLOCKZ, JOSEPH                SENIOR SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER                                  72059
POOLEYZ, SAM W.                 CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      22870.64
POPEZ, MICHELLE                 MANAGER VISUAL ARTS OPS                                 33268.06
POPEZ, WENDY LUCILLE            ASSISTANT                                                7000.95
PORRIAZ, DANIEL WILLIAM         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                     43055
PORTERZ, GREGORY                SPECIAL EVENTS COORD                                     38329.5
POTASNIKZ, PAUL BENEDICT        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     14427
POWELLZ, AARON L                DIR COMPUTING AND COMMUNIC                                 95933
PRICEZ, DONALD D                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     46161
PRICEZ, ELIZABETH A             ASSISTANT                                                   7780
PRICEZ, NORA M                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     923.4
PROHIMZ, SARAH                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1179.49
PROUTYZ, CAROLYN DIANE          ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         26088.15
PRZYBYLOWICZZ, PAUL             DEAN                                                       92000
PUNIMATAZ, SAMALAULU CASEY      TUTOR                                                        894
PURCEZ, THOMAS LESLIE           PRESIDENT                                               318532.5
PURTTEMANZ, JOHN                MGR REC PROG HEAD COACH                                 32486.14
PURTTEMANZ, SONJA M             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       220
PUTZIERZ, AMANDA M              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3065.87
QUAINTANCEZ, HANNAH             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1574.95
QUARANDILLOZ, ANN MARY          PUBLICATIONS MANAGER                                       54142
QUINNZ, TIMOTHY                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4123
QUINTEROZ, CARLOS D             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    988.63
RADABAUGHZ, JENAIS M            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                        32832.5
RADELICHZ, MICHAEL              PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      30523.5
RAHNZ, RANDALL H                SENIOR SYS ANALYST/PROGRAM                               75336.5
RAINESZ, CAROLYN V.             SECRETARY LEAD                                           18859.6
RAINEYZ, THOMAS B.              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            34615
RAINSZ, FRANCES                 FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  65747.91
RAMSEYZ, PHILIP                 INTERN                                                   2319.75
RAMSEY-SHARPZ, CHRISTINE        ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             9307
RANDOWZ, CARY E                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             5062
RANEYZ, JULIE ANN               COORDINATOR                                                14357
RANSOMZ, WILLIAM                DEAN                                                     95035.5
RAUZ, PATRICK M.                MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                     46161
REEDZ, BRANDON E                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     33622.57
REEDZ, CAITLIN L                OFFICE ASSISTANT                                        18032.96
REICHZ, MAO                     TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    475.75
REICHERTZ, FREDERICK G          MAJOR GIFTS OFFICER                                     51351.54
REISTERZ, DAVID G.              CASHIER TEMPORARY                                        3542.44
RENSELZ, ROBERT J               AST DIR COMP TECH SUPT SVS                               81431.5
REUTERZ, JUSTIN D               RESIDENT DIRECTOR                                       10673.09
REYNOLDSZ, FLORAL M             TUTOR - WATEP                                                290
RHONEZ, CHARLES E               STIPEND RES ASST UB                                      1996.29
RIBERAZ, AMY L.                 EXEC ASST TO VP COL ADVANC                              35317.34
RICHARDSZ, KARYN ELAINE         TUTOR                                                        687
RICHARDSONZ, DANA               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    789.03
RICHARDSONZ, RAVEN J            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      3207
RICHARDSONZ, RYAN J             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    47213
RICHARDSONZ, STERLING           OFFICE ASSISTANT                                              20
RICKERZ, JESSICA R              ASL INTERPRETER                                             1155
RIEHLZ, KENNETH J               BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         31698.85
RIGGINSZ, SABINE                COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 2                                47271.57
RINKERZ, CLARK GIBSON           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2797.75
RIOSZ, ANTHONY R                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      7624
RIVERAZ, EDUARDO                PLUMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                 54452.56
ROBERTSZ, EMILY N               CONFERENCE COORDINATOR 3                                36680.53
ROBERTSZ, KATHIE A.             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       256
ROBERTSONZ, BETSY S             OFFICE ASSISTANT                                        10877.22
ROBERTSONZ, BIANCA N            CASHIER TEMPORARY                                         487.64
ROBERTSONZ, SHANELL L           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3053.05
ROBINSONZ, G. MARSHALL          PROC & SUPPLY SPEC 3                                       52233
ROBINSONZ, PETER C.             OPER MGR SCIENCE                                        57624.96
ROCKERZ, SARAH J                ADVISOR FL EGGPL CAFE                                   30629.41
RODRIGUEZZ, JENNIFER B          RESEARCH PROJECT COORDINAT                                 42711
ROGOLZ, ETHAN J.G.              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2081
ROONEYZ, MOLLY M.               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       738
RORVIKZ, DAWN A                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1034.32
ROSCZYKZ, JEFFREY J             INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    58639
ROSENZ, JENNIFER                LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 1                                    30322
ROSSZ, GYASI T                  INTERIM COACH                                            4268.28
ROSSZ, HELEN M                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       27450.33
ROTHBAUMZ, LIBERTY AMELIA       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1804.51
ROTHENMAIERZ, LINNEA R          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                        75
ROYZ, RATNA                     FACULTY ARTS                                            71860.66
RUIZZ, RAY C.                   BLDG AND GROUNDS SUPV B                                 66559.44
RUSSELLZ, AVIS M                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 2                                  24145.44
RUTHERFORDZ, RACHEL F           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       679
RUTHFORDZ, JEFFREY C            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     18316
RUTLEDGEZ, DAVID                FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  69302.25
RYANZ, SARAH F.                 FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  38988.81
RYCHENERZ, KRISTINA GAYLE       EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                  22227.16
SAARIZ, ALBIN T.                MGR TECH CAPITOL PROJECTS                                74945.5
SABATINIZ, CHRISTOPHER J        BOOKSTORE BUYER                                         11082.62
SACHSZ, EMMA E                  COORDINATOR                                              5273.62
SACKMANNZ, KATHERINE A          PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     30759.16
SALIBAZ, THERESE                FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      67151.12
SALINASZ, RAQUEL                COORDINATOR PEER SUPPORT                                 37317.5
SALVESONZ, NATHAN WILLIAM       VOLUNTEER CRC                                               2430
SAMMONSZ, CLAIRE A              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2784.26
SANCHEZZ, ELLEN RENEE SHORTT    DIR EVERGREEN CTR COMM BAS                              38760.75
SANDERS-MCKINNEYZ, EMILY        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     481.5
SANDIFERZ, BEVERLY ARLEEN       ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         12362.96
SANDOZZ, JOLI                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         17713.92
SANDVIGZ, TRACY M               EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                     31326
SAPPZ, BEATRICE MARIE PIERRE    MGR STUDENT FINANCIAL SERV                                 51681
SAPPZ, GREGORY E                DEAN OF LIBRARY                                         62073.89
SAULZ, KATHLEEN M               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         15123.45
SAUNDERSZ, SCOTT R              ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4040
SAVAGEZ, LARRY                  COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                49559.65
SAWYERZ, SHEILA ELAINE          SECRETARY LEAD                                           36052.5
SCHERZ, MICHAEL A               EDUCATIONAL SPEC GEAR UP                                   25172
SCHEUERELLZ, STEVEN J           FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 53928.18
SCHLESSELMANZ, DIANA M          ELCTRNC MEDIA PRDC SPECIAL                              48623.24
SCHMIDTZ, STEVEN ROBERT         PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     24324.96
SCHMITZZ, CAITLIN B             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    415.36
SCHNEIDERZ, RICHARD E.          INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                    68517
SCHOFNERZ, HEATHER              HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                                  32112
SCHRAGERZ, SAM                  FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      45947.98
SCHWARTZZ, HOWARD               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             5222
SCHWARTZZ, KATHLEEN K.          MAIL PROCESSING-DRIVER                                  34162.77
SCHWARTZZ, LEONARD              FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      61572.51
SCHWARTZZ, MELISSA M.           CUSTODIAN 1                                              8023.21
SCHWARTZZ, SALLY A              ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                       34178
SCOTTZ, JOANN E.                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 2                                  35411.25
SCRIMAZ, DOUGLAS P              DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS                                  58796.87
SEABERTZ, ANDREA L.             ASST TO VP SA STDT CONDUCT                                 51681
SEIPZ, SUSAN K.                 PARKING SUPERVISOR 2                                    49907.92
SEVERNZ, ERIC B                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    900.18
SEYFERTHZ, REBECCA D            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       125
SHAFERZ, SARA M                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                           33580
SHAFERZ, SIERRA RAE             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     234.2
SHAMSID-DEENZ, YAHAY ISHMAEL    TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    697.69
SHANAFELTZ, DOUGLAS L.          TRUCK DRIVER 2                                          37883.69
SHARIFFZ, ZAHID                 FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  72211.95
SHARKEYZ, JAN M.                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36949.5
SHARPZ, STEVEN J                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4156.42
SHEAZ, CAROLYN ANNE             COMMUNICATION CONSULT 2                                    44961
SHELLMANZ, DAVID L              CONST PROJ COORD 3                                       77521.5
SHELMANZ, KATRINA J             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    804.53
SHIPLEYZ, ANN V.                OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         2837.76
SHOEMAKERZ, BETSY LYNN          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    6366.4
SIEGELZ, VERNA                  ASL INTERPRETER                                            10175
SIMONZ, BENJAMIN E              FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 54992.79
SIMONZ, DONNA JO                EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                   41756.5
SIMONSZ, CHARLOTTE S.           ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          37892.3
SIMS-JONESZ, RAINBOE ODA        CASHIER TEMPORARY                                         5065.9
SISONZ, GERALD ANTHONY          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       130
SKUTT-KAKARIAZ, KYOBI JALAAM    TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       464
SLADEKZ, EMILY                  SECRETARY SENIOR                                        28128.96
SLEDGEZ, MICHAEL R              AST DIR RESIDENT LIFE                                      54142
SLEEZ, ELIZABETHANN             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      32310.29
SLONEZ, JULIE ANN               EXEC ASST TO THE PROVOST                                   56603
SMITHZ, ALAN J.                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     35224.67
SMITHZ, BARBARA L               FACULTY - RETIRED                                       40870.96
SMITHZ, CAMBRIA JACLYN          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   4752.38
SMITHZ, CHRISTINA N             TMP CASHIER 2                                            6820.63
SMITHZ, CORBIN S                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    251.54
SMITHZ, DONALD ELTON            VOLUNTEER CRC                                               1500
SMITHZ, LEALA M                 MEDIA LOAN ASSISTANT                                     16469.6
SMITHZ, MATTHEW E.              FACULTY HUMANITIES                                      71324.47
SMITHZ, PAUL F                  DIRECTOR OF FACILITIES                                   91160.5
SMITHZ, RICHARD                 PLUMBR/PIPEFTR/STEAMFTR                                 55390.33
SNYDERZ, JOHN                   ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             5105
SOLOMONZ, FRANCES P             ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            11568
SONINAZ, ELENA                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         20265.87
SORBERZ, JERAD J                ADMISSIONS COUNSELOR                                     37593.5
SORGERZ, EDWARD M               DIRECTOR POLICE SERVICES                                 76647.5
SORRELLZ, TRACY                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              5785.25
SOTOMISHZ, STEPHANIE L          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    406.41
SOULEZ, OSCAR H.                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             2659
SPELLERZ, TREVOR M              FACULTY HUMANITIES                                       25601.4
SPENCERZ, NORMAN                CUSTODIAN 1                                              4519.13
SPRAGUEZ, TODD                  DIR COLLEGE RELATIONS                                    81431.5
STACYZ, SELMARIE S.             FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR                                  36305.5
STAIRZ, TEZ FOREST              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3403.13
STALNIKZ, MATTHEW T             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1350
STAMPZ, DOUGLAS L               TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                                 3037.5
STAMPERZ, CHLOE ANNALISSE       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3866.42
STARLINGZ, MYA JANE             RESEARCH ASSOCIATE                                       47874.5
STASCHZ, AMY E                  MGR RESEARCH AMBASSADR PRG                               33073.5
STEELEZ, MARY ANN               MGR OF SPECIAL EVENTS                                    46977.5
STEPPZ, JOSEPH D.               CUSTODIAN 1                                             28685.72
STEVENSON-MOLNARZ, NIKOLAS      RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      22419.93
STEWARTZ, ANGEL                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3297.42
STEWARTZ, GREGORY B.            ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          3062.47
STEWARTZ, SHANNON               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36949.5
STILLMANZ, BENJAMIN I           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    300.06
STOCKWELLZ, LYNNE               MEDIATION CENTER COORD                                   3235.95
STOERCHZ, ANNA FRANZISKA        MEDICAL ASSISTANT                                       10991.02
STOKESZ, REED                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    254.25
STORERZ, SHARON K               ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF HR                                   55746
STORMZ, ELLEN R                 ASL INTERPRETER                                          2720.25
STOWERSZ, AMANDA L              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    1187.5
STRETCHZ, TAMMI J.              CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER                                   55093.61
STRINGERZ, BETHANY MICHAL       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   7060.48
STROMZ, LOIS M                  CASHIER 2                                               27189.18
SUAZOZ, JULIA E                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    636.98
SUNDARUMZ, CALLIE               PROGRAMR ANALYST WSIPP                                  29779.25
SUTHERLANDZ, BROCK              ASSISTANT                                                 153.57
SUTHERLANDZ, GAVIN BRUCE        COORD EMRGNCY RESPONS PLAN                              29284.75
SWAN-WAITEZ, RENEE DERENE       ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         21309.98
SWEETZ, LISA                    FACULTY ARTS                                            53207.65
SWEETZ, SARAH LYNN              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   8594.52
SWELLANDZ, SHELLEY M            LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                    46161
SWETKISZ, DOREEN                FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                   28514.9
SWIFTZ, FRANCINE                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          5243.33
SWIFTZ, FREDERICK JOSEPH        TEMP ACCOUNTANT                                          2642.69
TABBUTTZ, FREDERICK D           VISIT FACULTY NATURAL SCI                                   3258
TALBOTZ, SETH                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1202.75
TALMADGEZ, KIRK W               COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                44949.93
TAYLORZ, RACHEL                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3891.25
TEALEZ, TERRY                   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR COP                                  93608.66
TERADAZ, TAI YO                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      2145
THAIZ, TUNG THANH               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  62042.5
THATCHERZ, EPPY                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2026.38
THEOFELISZ, JOHN A              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                       800
THIESSENZ, LYDIA E              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   8673.88
THOMPSONZ, CALEN O              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    483.84
THOMPSONZ, GINGER M             ASL INTERPRETER                                             1330
THOMPSONZ, JONATHAN M           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1023.18
THOMPSONZ, NICHOLE M            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    3046.5
THORSENZ, SARAH CARLYLE         OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      13483.45
TINDILLZ, ANTHONY T             FACULTY ARTS                                             24414.6
TOLLIVERZ, MARICE TERAE         TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5719.63
TOOTHAKERZ, SAMUEL A            ASSOC VP FOR HUMAN RES                                  37599.87
TOUGASZ, JOSEPH A.              FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  72417.99
TOVARZ, EMMA M                  TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   8562.63
TOWLESZ, STOKLEY P              REFERENCE LIBRARIAN/FACULT                              15965.83
TRANZ, HONG                     MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                   42292.2
TRANZ, LONG V.                  CUSTODIAN 3                                             34135.45
TRANZ, NGOCBICH THI             CUSTODIAN 1                                             29845.95
TRAVERSZ, AMY                   TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5478.97
TREANTONZ, LEONARD P.           EDU SPEC UPWARD BD COORDTR                                 38663
TRIFFLEMANZ, NINA J             ASSISTANT DIR LABOR CTR                                 16275.19
TRIMBLEZ, LORRI                 LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                    46161
TRIMMELLZ, TARA NICOLE          PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          28015
TROGDEN-HEMNESSZ, STEPHANI      TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    3635.3
TROTTERZ, STEVEN                EXEC DIR OP PLNG BUDGT                                   85617.5
TURKINGTONZ, MELISSA S          RESIDENT DIRECTOR                                       17232.29
TURNERZ, GALEN                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                              503
TWIDDYZ, RON                    MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  44010.28
UDOVICHZ, PAMELA K              SECRETARY LEAD                                           36052.5
UHLZ, KAY E.                    TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                               23829.57
ULLERYZ, MARGARET E             TEMP LIBRARIAN                                           10454.6
UNDERHILLZ, MORGEN S            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3980.67
UNGERZ, KURT                    ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          6920.47
UNSELZ, JULIANNE                REFERENCE LIBRARIAN/FACULT                              58235.86
USHERZ, JACOB CURTIS            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   7455.69
UZNANSKIZ, LAUREL               ASSOC VP FOR HUMAN RES                                     86019
VALADEZZ, CHRISTINA LYNN        ADJUNCT FACULTY                                              730
VALDEZZ, NATIVIDAD L            SUMMER REG FACULTY                                         14781
VAN DE WALKERZ, PATSY J.        CONTROL TECHNICIAN                                      47151.92
VAN DE WALKERZ, W B             PARKING GUIDE                                            37869.5
VAN ETTENZ, ALBERT H.           ADJUNCT FACULTY                                             4808
VAN GILDERZ, HAL R.             CONST PROJ COORD 3                                       77521.5
VANCEZ, KELLI SHERIE            EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 1                                  15092.17
VANKATWIJKZ, TYLER J            TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    1922.5
VANNATTAZ, TAMMY LEE            WINDOW WASHER                                           30019.87
VAUGHANZ, JUANA                 PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       33179.12
VAUGHNZ, JOCELYN                SENIOR SYS ANALYST/PROGRAM                              64976.75
VINCENTZ, SETH DANIEL           ASSOC ADVSR CPJ                                         17586.55
VIVASZ, MARTINA A               TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    157.49
VON ESSENZ, ERIK TERRY          TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   5852.59
VUZ, PHAT V.                    CUSTODIAN 1                                             29845.95
VUZ, THUY Q                     ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         31231.75
WAGNERZ, CHRISTINE S.           CAREER COUNSELING SPEC                                  20120.78
WAGNERZ, RICHARD H              PROJ MGR HR MGT SYSTEMS                                 63720.08
WALKERZ, AMANDA J               DIR OF DEVELOPMENT                                      46694.18
WALKERZ, JEANINE E.             PROCURE & SUPPLY SPEC 2                                    45057
WALKERZ, LEONA ROSE             OFFICE SUPP SUPERVISOR 2                                39920.14
WALLZ, NAT                      TUTOR                                                    3692.79
WALSENZ, CLAIRE                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                     484.1
WALSHZ, MACKINNON C             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   3104.79
WALUCONISZ, CARL                SUMMER REG FACULTY                                         20308
WANGZ, WENHONG                  ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          26462.8
WANGZ, YANHUI                   HUMAN RESOURCE REP TEMP                                    33579
WARDZ, BONNIE                   CUSTODIAN 1                                             28578.26
WARDZ, LATIFA L                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1730
WARRENZ, SANDRA M               PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       16323.11
WEARZ, ANDREW A.                FACILITIES DRAFTING TECH2                                   7098
WEATHERFORDZ, GENEVIEVE CHERYL  FISCAL ANALYST 3                                        45343.49
WEBERZ, DAVID M.                DIR RECREATION ATHLETICS                                 24276.7
WEBERZ, DAWN M                  SECRETARY LEAD                                          36457.89
WEEDZ, LANA ELLEN               TECH                                                    12018.78
WEISELZ, AMANDA GAYLE           FISCAL SPECIALIST 1                                     16155.45
WELCHZ, CAROLYN                 SENIOR SECRETARY COP                                    34271.15
WELLSZ, LAWRENCE E              GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                35087.86
WENDTZ, SHARON                  SECRETARY                                                  31326
WETTSTEINZ, JAMES JASON         MGR MEDIA & COMMUNITY RELS                                 51014
WHITEMANZ, SHAWN                ADMINISTRATIVE ASST WSIPP                                  47702
WICKLINEZ, PAUL VERNON          SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          4280
WIELANDZ, SERENA                TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1098.75
WILLACKERZ, KURTIS A            CUSTODIAN 1                                             29423.07
WILLIAMSZ, DAWN                 ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         12977.45
WILLIAMSZ, MARILYN              TEMP MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL                                  13114
WILLIAMSZ, MEGHAN BRIDGET       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                      1755
WILLIAMSONZ, EVAN RICHARD       TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   7921.32
WILLOUGHBYZ, SHERRI             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      36949.5
WILSONZ, BENJAMIN D             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1728.13
WINCHELLZ, TIMOTHY C            ADJUNCT FACULTY                                          6191.64
WINSTEADZ, HALLI LOUISE         OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         2403.39
WIPPICHZ, JOEL J.               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 3                                  35682.1
WITTZ, JAMES DONALD             TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2158.56
WOLFFZ, ALEXIS ELIZABETH        TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2530.63
WOODZ, JANE MARIE               SUMMER REG FACULTY                                          8456
WOODZ, MICHAEL J.               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     35558.96
WOODSZ, ALICIA S                ADJUNCT FACULTY                                            12392
WOODSZ, ROBERT W.               ADJUNCT FACULTY                                         27885.83
WOODSZ, TERESA                  ACADEMIC ADVISOR                                         37317.5
WOOTANZ, GAIL M                 ASST DIR GRAD PROG ENV STU                              34250.18
WORKSZ, SARAH S                 DIR RECREATION ATHLETICS                                59479.63
WORLEYZ, JAMIE R                AST DIR COMP CLIENT SVS                                 54394.96
WORLEYZ, ROBERT L.              MGR FACILITIES INFO SYSTEM                                 56603
WOSLUMZ, BARRY B.               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 1                                 25566.51
WRIGHTZ, ONDRANESHA N           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                    3589.5
WULCZ, RACHEL PASQUAL           TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   1300.97
WUSSLERZ, JAMES R               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  42303.75
YAMASAKIZ, SARAH K              TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2056.29
YANNONEZ, SANDRA L.             DIRECTOR WRITING CENTER                                  76250.5
YEAGERZ, TAISHENG TAN           CRC LIFEGUARD                                            2410.76
YOUNGZ, ARTEE                   EXEC DIR - TACOMA CAMPUS                                   89621
YOUNGZ, CLIFTON K.              COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER 1                                46140.95
ZAHIRZ, JALAL A                 TEMP HRLY, NON STUDENT                                   2798.11
ZAUGGZ, DONNA MARIE             GRANTS CTRCTS INVSTMT ACCT                               54636.5
ZAUGGZ, WILLIAM W.              TEMP COMPENSATION ANALYST                                6368.75
ZAUNERZ, NICOLE M               RESIDENT DIRECTOR                                       10673.09
ZAYZ, JULIA                     FACULTY SOCIAL SCIENCE                                  58367.79
ZEMANZ, JENNIFER LEE            RESEARCH ASSISTANT                                      11414.67
ZHANGZ, JONATHAN J              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 4                                 68469.61
ZIMMERMANZ, PATRICIA            MANAGER SPACE PLNG RECORDS                                 57592
ZITAZ, EJ                       FACULTY NATURAL SCIENCE                                 71582.89
ZITZELMANZ, MARCIA JEAN         SECRETARY                                                  31326
ZOPOLISZ, JAMES PETER           CRC OPERATIONS ASSISTANT                                   275.5

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