This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Wenatchee Valley College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 441 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 462 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 496 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 404 employees) (2003, 372 employees) (2001, 359 employees) (1999, 334 employees) (1997, 339 employees) (1995, 330 employees)

Wenatchee Valley College is state supported and is one of 33 community and technical colleges in a statewide system. The College was founded in 1939 and has campuses located in Wenatchee and Omak. A five-member Board of Trustees oversees the College. Trustees are appointed by the Governor to set and approve College policies. The Board appoints a President to administrate and oversee the College’s 188 full-time employees. The College operates on a $21.2 million annual operating budget and serves approximately 2,900 full- and part-time students per year.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Wenatchee Valley College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ACHAMIREZ, THELMA               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 6                                 45697.24
ACKLINZ, ROBERT L               FACULTY                                                 19022.44
ALDERSONZ, JACQUELINE L         FACULTY                                                  3908.55
ALEXANDERZ, SHARON LYNN         FACULTY                                                   749.56
ALLANZ, RUTH                    FACULTY                                                 24825.15
ANDERSONZ, KENNETH L            FACULTY                                                 10674.88
ANDRADEZ, JENNIFER L            FACULTY                                                  14287.5
ARBUCKLEZ, KIT A                FACULTY                                                    81504
ARBUCKLEZ, SHARRON M            FACULTY                                                 10639.35
ARTHURZ, CAROLYN S              FACULTY                                                   4542.8
ASCHERZ, KATE LOUISE            FACULTY                                                  3701.45
AUTRYZ, WILLIAM E               FACULTY                                                  3546.45
AZURDIAZ, MARCO A               VP STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                                 107588.51
BAILEYZ, SCOTT J                FACULTY                                                 55654.91
BAILORZ, RAEANNE LYNN           FACULTY                                                      341
BANGASSERZ, STEWART ALAN        CUSTODIAN 1                                              25070.7
BARAHONAZ, SAMUEL               RETENTION SPECIALIST - CMP                                 37840
BARBOZAZ, JUAN M                FACULTY                                                     1500
BARNESZ, BARRY G                FACULTY                                                  2967.55
BARNHILLZ, LEE                  FACULTY                                                  23760.7
BEEBEZ, LINDA K                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     32306.44
BEHLERZ, ANDREW S               FACULTY                                                 18042.25
BELLAMYZ, REAGAN K              DIR, HUMAN RESOURCES                                    77531.96
BENNATTZ, DAVID J               FACULTY                                                 83780.49
BENSONZ, SUZANNE L              VP TECHNOLOGY & FISCAL SRV                             103645.52
BERARDZ, STEPHEN A              FACULTY                                                 64573.67
BERGZ, KEVIN L                  DIR. FINANCIAL AID                                      56423.84
BESTZ, VERA D                   FACULTY                                                 10639.35
BIEDERTZ, SHEILA M              FACULTY                                                  3701.45
BLANCHARDZ, KURT WILSON         FACULTY                                                      735
BLEICHNERZ, CHRISTINE J         FACULTY                                                  7101.97
BLOHM GRINOLDSZ, JULIE A        FACULTY                                                   713.55
BLOOMZ, MARK TIMOTHY            FACULTY                                                 10794.35
BLUMEZ, ROBERT D                FACULTY                                                   749.56
BOOTHZ, GARRICK E               FACULTY                                                 67328.74
BOWERSZ, DYLAN J                FACULTY                                                  2282.76
BOWMANZ, STEPHANIE L            FACULTY                                                   7402.9
BOYDZ, CARLA R                  SPECIAL POPULATIONS COORD                                  54461
BRANTNERZ, RUSSELL              FACULTY                                                 17732.25
BRAVOZ, CONCEPCION M            INSTR&CLASS SUP TECH 3                                  22533.82
BRINCATZ, MARILYN K             FACULTY                                                  6633.13
BRINKMANZ, RICHARD L            FACULTY                                                 65326.96
BROMILEYZ, RACHEL M             FACULTY                                                  5914.28
BROUGHTONZ, ART                 INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 58835.09
BROWNZ, BARBARA A               RUNNING START COORDINATOR                                47325.7
BROWNZ, GARRET MICHAEL          FACULTY                                                     4750
BROWNZ, KATHLEEN MARY           FACULTY                                                  2140.65
BROWNZ, KATHRYN L               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        39396
BROWNINGZ, JACQUELINE R         FACULTY                                                  30696.6
BRUNNERZ, NICOLE LYNN           FACULTY                                                     2223
BRYANTZ, MAUREEN L              INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                  62860.5
BULLISZ, GEOFFREY WARREN        FACULTY                                                 25308.33
BURNSZ, DAVID                   FACULTY                                                 75935.79
BUSSEZ, TODD WILLIAM            FACULTY                                                  3546.45
BUTLERZ, MONTE L                FACULTY                                                     1520
BUTRUILLEZ, MELEAH EUNSIL       FACULTY                                                   9209.6
CALLAHANZ, JENNIFER L           FACULTY                                                    117.6
CANNADAYZ, MICHELLE E           OFFICE ASSISTANT                                         8474.48
CANNONZ, JAMES R                FACULTY                                                 78646.22
CANTERBURYZ, SHELLEY R          FACULTY                                                 11663.57
CAPELOZ, JENNIFER S             ASSOC DEAN, ALLIED HEALTH                                  71200
CARLSONZ, GAYLE J               FACULTY                                                  64407.6
CARPENTERZ, VIKKI ANN           FACULTY                                                  15405.8
CARROLLZ, RAFE J                INSTR&CLASS SUP TECH 3                                  45225.57
CHOZ, RAN Y                     FISCAL ANALYST 1                                           41508
CHOMANZ, MICHAEL J              FACULTY                                                 69322.48
CHRISTENSENZ, BARBARA J         FACULTY                                                  1416.45
CHRISTIEZ, THOMAS W             FACULTY                                                     4260
CLARKZ, DUSTIN W                FACULTY                                                 26685.15
CLARKZ, MONICA ROCHELLE         FACULTY                                                  6731.95
CLEMENTSZ, MARILYN              FACULTY                                                   9883.2
COCHRANZ, ALBERT T              FACULTY                                                  72745.2
COCHRANZ, CANDIS L              FACULTY                                                  3546.45
COGHLANZ, ANNE                  FACULTY                                                 61478.64
COLBERTZ, SANDRA J              FACULTY                                                   7092.9
CONTRERAS-BARBOSAZ, FAVIOLA     MULTICULTURL AFFAIRS COORD                              42462.88
COOPRIDERZ, SANDY R             FACULTY                                                 97700.83
CORCORANZ, TAWN C               FACULTY                                                  3546.45
CORDESZ, LARRY MICHAEL          FACULTY                                                 10794.35
CORNINGZ, MARY ANN V            FACULTY                                                     1184
COUNTRYMANZ, DALLAS D           FACULTY                                                      160
CRISSZ, BRENDA M                FACULTY                                                   1135.7
DALINGZ, LAILEE T               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                  34617.5
DANAZ, DENISE R                 FACULTY                                                 25762.76
DAVIDSONZ, ERIN L               PROGRAM DEVELOPER                                          39707
DAVISZ, NATHAN JAMES            INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                  21545.5
DAWESZ, RALPH L                 FACULTY                                                 90752.63
DEALZ, LAWRENCE E               FACULTY                                                  21588.7
DEROOYZ, VICTORIA A             FACULTY                                                 25321.15
DIETRICHZ, THOMAS J             FACULTY                                                  14340.8
DOHERTYZ, MICHAEL-JOHN GLEN PATRCUSTODIAN 1                                             19094.58
DONAHUEZ, PETER JOHN            FACULTY                                                 17804.85
DOOLEYZ, LANCE FRANKLIN         FACULTY                                                 12235.35
DOTSONZ, ROY IRVIN              FACULTY                                                 25435.15
DRAKESZ, OLIVIA A               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40524
DRESCHERZ, STACEY G             FACULTY                                                      592
DRESKERZ, SHEILA RAE            ASSISTANT TO THE VP                                     47021.65
DUNCANZ, CASSANDRA N            FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                   31774.5
DYALZ, WENDIE KATHLEEN          FACULTY                                                 20453.96
DYKESZ, JEFF M                  INSTR&CLASS SUP TECH 3                                  40249.07
EAGLEZ, SHARON M                FACULTY                                                 67523.96
EDWARDSZ, WENDY L               FACULTY                                                      672
EGANZ, BRIDGET                  FACULTY                                                 18042.25
EIKENBERRYZ, KEVIN O            MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  55649.76
ELDRIDGEZ, BRENDA J             FACULTY                                                  1510.48
ERICKSONZ, KARINA M             FACULTY                                                  6848.28
ESCOBEDOZ, CECILIA E            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       35992.54
EVANSZ, CHAD V                  DATABASE MGR/PROGRAMMER                                    67500
EVENHUSZ, SHAWN L               FACULTY                                                     3000
EVERSONZ, PATSY                 STUDENT SUCCESS SPECIALIST                              28567.39
FADICHZ, ANDREW J               INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                 52706.67
FARRELLZ, SHERRIE C             FACULTY                                                    63373
FIELDZ, JODIE DAWN              FACULTY                                                  3546.45
FISKZ, CARIE L                  PAYROLL MANAGER                                            53040
FITCHZ, ROBERT S                FACULTY                                                  95658.7
FLATNESSZ, HEATHER DAWN         FACULTY                                                     2130
FOLAND-VON MULLERZ, CATHERINE IRASSISTANT TO THE VP                                     24727.58
FOLEY-BENSENZ, MAUREEN T        FACULTY                                                   7092.9
FORDZ, MARTHA ELLEN             FACULTY                                                      754
FRANZZ, GREGORY G               FACULTY                                                 82925.96
FRANZZ, JANET                   SECRETARY TO THE PRESIDENT                                 51000
FREDSONZ, JANICE ELAINE         FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           43854
FRITZZ, CHERYL M                ASSOC FINANCIAL AID DIRECT                                 51071
FULBRIGHTZ, JADE M              FACULTY                                                     1500
GARCIAZ, LEONARDO Y             FACULTY                                                 65582.01
GARCIAZ, STEVE                  SYSTEMS & SECURITY ADMIN                                   66800
GARDNERZ, ANNE                  FACULTY                                                 74634.22
GAYTANZ, JUANA S                CUSTODIAN 1                                              31141.2
GEDROSEZ, MICHELE ELIZABETH     PROGRAM DEVELOPER                                          39733
GEORGEZ, J'LENE                 FACULTY                                                  70263.7
GEREZ, JAMIE K                  FACULTY                                                     1500
GILLESPIEZ, ROBERT L            FACULTY                                                 83926.46
GLEASONZ, PHILIP D              FACULTY                                                   9085.6
GOODWINZ, ANDREA K              FACULTY                                                 13358.08
GOUDEAUZ, MICHAEL DAVID         FACULTY                                                   9883.2
GRANTHAMZ, JOSEPH V             FACULTY                                                  64404.9
GREENZ, KYLE G                  FACULTY                                                 19862.25
GREINERZ, ROBERT T              FACULTY                                                    50946
GUERREROZ, ANNE KATHRYN         FACULTY                                                  12830.2
GUTZWILERZ, SUSAN BARNETT       MGR. PURCHASING                                            48000
HALEZ, ROY J                    CUSTODIAN 2                                              32236.9
HALEYZ, MARY F                  FACULTY                                                 18650.28
HAMPTONZ, DAVID E               FACULTY                                                 26499.78
HARGROVE FOXZ, REBECCA JOY      FACULTY                                                   7402.9
HARRELLZ, JAMES D               FACULTY                                                 50078.99
HARTMANZ, LINDA L               FACULTY                                                  10135.8
HASSLERZ, DEBORAH LOUISE        FACULTY                                                 15745.64
HATEGEKIMANAZ, CLAVER P         TEACHING LEARNING CTR COOR                                 52200
HAUCKZ, DAVID ALLEN             UTILITY WORKER 2                                        34988.14
HAUCKZ, MARIE F                 FACULTY                                                  2657.54
HAYZ, ROSS C                    INFORMATION TECH SPEC 3                                    64740
HEBERTZ, SCOT J                 CUSTODIAN 2                                             26290.94
HEDAHLZ, OLE AUSTIN             FACULTY                                                 13234.84
HENDERSONZ, CLYDE LEON          FACULTY                                                  14774.8
HENDERSONZ, DONNA K             FACULTY                                                  75571.8
HENDRICKZ, ROBERT L             FACULTY                                                  29071.6
HENDRICKSONZ, SHANE EARL        FACULTY                                                 67872.48
HERSH-TUDORZ, ANDREW J          DIRECTOR OF LIBRARY                                        69360
HETTERLEZ, JASON L              FACULTY                                                      320
HIGHTOWERZ, REBECCA L           FACULTY                                                   7092.9
HILLZ, JAMES ANDREW             EDUCATIONAL ONLINE SPEC                                 13024.32
HILLZ, YVETTE R                 FACULTY                                                 15976.88
HILLSZ, KRISTI MICHELLE         WORKFORCE ED GRANT FACILIT                                 38000
HILTSZ, JOHN DAVID              FACULTY                                                    11191
HISEYZ, ANNI JEANNE             FACULTY                                                 10794.35
HOANEZ, MYRA JEAN               FACULTY                                                 19234.54
HOEFNERZ, TONIA                 FACULTY                                                     1530
HOOVERZ, RALPH C                FACULTY                                                 19286.55
HORTONZ, DIRK M                 FACULTY                                                   443.79
HOWARDZ, NANCY D                FACULTY                                                    67977
HOWEZ, LARRY JOHN               FACULTY                                                      125
HUFFZ, KEVIN WAYNE              FACULTY                                                     4480
HULSEZ, WENDY LANE              FACULTY                                                  9857.99
ISAACSONZ, SARAH ANNE           FACULTY                                                   865.04
IWAASAZ, JUEL PATRICK           FACULTY                                                  83664.2
JACOBSONZ, ZACK C               FACULTY                                                 55645.74
JACOBSON-DAVISZ, ERICA DEVONNE  FACULTY                                                  11352.9
JAHNSZ, KARL KRISTIN            FACULTY                                                  14895.8
JAHNSZ, SUZANNE MARIE           FACULTY                                                  3701.45
JAMESONZ, TAMI                  FACULTY                                                  4436.09
JAQUISHZ, ANGELICA MARIA        PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                     44664.5
JOHNSONZ, CHRISTINE M           EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     40508.51
JOHNSONZ, JOHN A                FACULTY                                                 73166.16
JOHNSONZ, JUNE LORRAINE         FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     36756.24
JOHNSONZ, KATE W                FACULTY                                                 10639.35
JOHNSONZ, KATHLEEN DANIELLE     FACULTY                                                 47153.52
JOHNSTONZ, JANIS MAY            FACULTY                                                 12794.35
JONESZ, KELSEY N                FACULTY                                                     7650
JONESZ, LAURI A                 FACULTY                                                     6390
JOURDANZ, GREGORY E             FACULTY                                                    66073
KAISERZ, JAN L                  FACULTY                                                 69677.64
KELLERZ, STEVEN JEFFREY         FACULTY                                                 11707.96
KELLEYZ, PAMELA E               ASSIST TO THE DEAN                                         42567
KELLYZ, JOHN D                  FACULTY                                                     1664
KETCHAMZ, CORNELIUS             DIR. STUDENT PROGRAMS                                   62059.08
KLOTHZ, GEORGE WILLIAM          CUSTODIAN 2                                             30831.48
KNIVETONZ, JENIFER L            FACULTY                                                      550
KNOWLTONZ, NANCY J              FACULTY                                                  14185.8
KNUTSONZ, DAVID ELDON           MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 2                                  49292.48
KNUTSONZ, JOANNE G              FACULTY                                                 15286.33
KNUTSONZ, KEESHA E              FACULTY                                                     4446
KORFIATISZ, JENNIFER L          FACULTY                                                  16290.8
KOTTMEIERZ, LYNNE E             FACULTY                                                  60829.4
KRASKEZ, WILLIAM VICTOR         FACULTY                                                  14185.8
KUCHTAZ, SHIRLEY ANN            FACULTY                                                  31659.5
KUHLMANNZ, JAIMA M              EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                        41710
KYLEZ, PATRICIA JEANNE          FACULTY                                                  24835.8
LAGSDINZ, SUSAN JANE            FACULTY                                                   7402.9
LANDZ, JILL D                   FACULTY                                                 64402.03
LARSONZ, KATE ANNE              FACULTY                                                    49810
LAVINDERZ, MICHAEL W            FACULTY                                                 68638.03
LAWLER-MOWRYZ, SHERRY L         FACULTY                                                  7099.92
LEDEZMAZ, MARIA AZUCENA         FACULTY                                                  14595.8
LEITZZ, LISA GALE               FACULTY                                                   7402.9
LESKYZ, MICHAEL S               FACULTY                                                     4353
LEWELLENZ, KIRK                 FACULTY                                                     2970
LEWISZ, AMY MELISSA             FACULTY                                                     1750
LEWISZ, WENDY L                 CUSTODIAN 1                                              26664.7
LINDEBLADZ, DAVID A             FACULTY                                                 85312.21
LINDELLZ, MICHELLE              OUTREACH SPECIALIST                                     23250.03
LIVINGSTONZ, ANNE               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 4                                    40524
LOGANZ, RICHARD M               FACULTY                                                    63273
LONGZ, ERIN HEATHER             FACULTY                                                 62275.82
LOPEZZ, RAMIRO C                FACULTY                                                  5870.48
LORZZ, ANGELA HORNE             FACULTY                                                   9908.2
LORZZ, LAURETTE                 FACULTY                                                   4542.8
LOVERCAMPZ, MARGARET E          FACULTY                                                 10639.35
LUCKENSMEYERZ, STACY ANNE       FACULTY                                                  3701.45
LYNNZ, MARIANNE                 FACULTY                                                  3781.88
MADDYZ, HEATHER K               ASSISTANT TO THE VP                                      46440.6
MADSONZ, BRANT P                FACULTY                                                  3546.45
MAHERZ, PATRICIA J              FACULTY                                                  3546.45
MARKERZ, TIM W                  HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULT 1                                47556.41
MARNEYZ, DEAN CAREY             FACULTY                                                     1404
MARRZ, STANLEY GLEN             FACULTY                                                   7092.9
MARTINZ, CYNTHIA A              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          32019
MARTINZ, NELSON                 FACULTY                                                 74258.83
MARTINZ, SHARON A               FACULTY                                                 64846.54
MARTINZ, THOMAS G               MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  41127.71
MARTINEZZ, HERIBERTO R          UTILITY WORKER 2                                        35150.89
MAXWELLZ, WILLIAM B             REGISTRAR                                                  57393
MAYNARDZ, TRACY MEARL           FACULTY                                                  3546.45
MCCABEZ, CAITLIN COLLEEN        FACULTY                                                  3634.23
MCCONNELLZ, LINDA J             FACULTY                                                 10794.35
MCCORKLEZ, PATRICIA LYNN        INSTR&CLASS SUP TECH 3                                  12689.37
MCGREGORZ, ELIZABETH B          FACULTY                                                 30726.88
MCGREGORZ, GLORIA MARIE         FACULTY                                                 59718.89
MCIVORZ, MARY K                 FACULTY                                                 58437.73
MCLAUGHLINZ, JAMIE LEE          EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                        39733
MCMILLANZ, CAROL                FACULTY                                                  3546.45
MERCHANTZ, BONITA C             FACULTY                                                  21635.2
MERIGHIZ, BRUCE G               SAFETY OFFICER                                             25400
MERRILLZ, GERALD E              FACULTY                                                  4867.37
MICHKIOSKYZ, MICHAEL J          FACULTY                                                      330
MILLARDZ, LIVIA L               FACULTY                                                 61395.75
MILLERZ, BRYAN S                FACULTY                                                 13724.05
MILLERZ, SANDRA A               FACULTY                                                 59915.44
MINAHANZ, JAMES ARTHUR          FACULTY                                                  2140.65
MINARDZ, MERILEE K              FACULTY                                                 10639.35
MINHAROZ, JOARA                 FACULTY                                                 71618.56
MITCHELLZ, RANDY ILARIA         CAREER CENTER COORDINATOR                               37364.76
MITCHELLZ, SCOTT E              FACULTY                                                  1510.48
MONETTEZ, WENDY M               FACULTY                                                      936
MONTANEZZ, ROGER T              CUSTODIAN 4                                             38223.56
MOODYZ, SARA M                  FACULTY                                                  2840.04
MOONEYZ, GREGORY D              FACULTY                                                  3546.45
MOOREZ, BYRON JAMES             FACULTY                                                  3801.45
MORGANZ, BRIAN JOHN             FACULTY                                                 10639.35
MORGANZ, RIVA N                 DIR, WORKFORCE ED PATHWAYS                              52118.55
MORINZ, MARY K                  FACULTY                                                  3781.88
MORRISZ, JANET L                PROGRAM MANAGER A                                        44623.5
MORRISONZ, SHAWN R              FACULTY                                                  3701.45
MOSERZ, CHRISTOPHER N           FACULTY                                                  2843.55
MOSERZ, FRANCES A               PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       42588
MOSERZ, JESSICA SUSAN           FACULTY                                                   7502.9
MURPHYZ, LAURA D                PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                       42588
MURPHYZ, WENDY L                FACULTY                                                   9947.1
MURRAYZ, BLAKE A                FACULTY                                                    56882
MURRAYZ, SUSAN A                DIR. INSTITUTIONAL EFFECT                               74518.88
NEACEZ, ALLEN D                 FACULTY                                                 18042.25
NELSONZ, DAN R                  ELECTRICIAN                                             51286.21
NICCUMZ, CHERYL                 FACULTY                                                 25235.15
NICHOLASZ, JONAH R              DIR. FISCAL SERVICES                                       69360
NORTHERNZ, SUMMER MARIE         FACULTY                                                   374.78
OLDHAMZ, BARBARA                FACULTY                                                    50871
OLSONZ, AMY L                   PART-TIME FACULTY                                            504
OLTMANZ, DIANA L                FACULTY                                                 60830.99
ORTEGAZ, MARIA CHRISTINA        OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       26614.5
OWNBYZ, RAYMOND E               FACULTY                                                   2668.9
PALMERZ, BETTY D                FACULTY                                                   4962.9
PARKINSONZ, TAMARA              FOUNDATION COORDINATOR                                     39571
PASQUALEZ, PAMELA A             FACULTY                                                   1427.1
PASTAZ, JAMES L                 MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                  45614.95
PEEKZ, TERRY MIKE               VP, INSTRUCTION                                         79723.63
PEERZ, LAURA ANN                FACULTY                                                 11194.35
PELLEYZ, JOHN RICHARD           CUSTODIAN 1                                              1362.73
PERSONZ, JUNE MACY              FACULTY                                                      288
PETEZ, KATHIE A                 FACULTY                                                  10857.5
PFALLERZ, IRMGARD AE            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
PFLUGRATHZ, RICHELLE L          FITN CTR & FACILITIES MGR                               42990.72
PICTONZ, EVAN WEEKS             RESEARCH ANALYST 2                                      27844.96
PIZZANOZ, JOAN D                RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                          35928
POLIVKAZ, KARL M                FACULTY                                                     6514
POLLEYZ, JODENE S               FACULTY                                                  1499.12
PORNPRASITZ, SUPATTRA           FACULTY                                                      962
PORTERZ, AMY MAE                FACULTY                                                   1135.7
POWERSZ, LILLIAN P              ASSIST TO THE DIRECTOR                                  42363.17
PRATERZ, ANGELA B               FACULTY                                                      125
PREHNZ, PETER M                 FACULTY                                                 18838.33
PRITCHARDZ, DAVID R             CUSTODIAN 1                                              30945.2
PUTERBAUGHZ, GLEN               FACULTY                                                   3042.1
PUTNAMZ, LILA L                 FACULTY                                                     1044
QAZIZ, JOAN A                   FACULTY                                                 11094.35
RAABZ, LESLIE A                 FACULTY                                                   7247.9
RABCHUKZ, MARY                  INFORMATION TECH SPEC 2                                    54784
RALLIOSZ, EVELYN C              ASSIST TO THE DEAN                                       40951.5
RALSTONZ, RICHARD R             CUSTODIAN 1                                              29978.7
RANDALLZ, GREGORY J             FACILITIES MANAGER                                         69840
REDMONZ, ANGELA K               FACULTY                                                 64855.74
REDMONZ, NELSON A               FACULTY                                                      105
REISTERZ, KEVIN D               FACULTY                                                      950
REYES-FEIJOOZ, MARIO VINCENT COLFACULTY                                                 25335.15
REYNAZ, KATHRYN ANN             CUSTODIAN 1                                              27554.7
REYNAZ, MICHAEL MANUEL          COPY CENTER LEAD A                                       28839.5
RICHARDSONZ, DENNIS MICHAEL     FACULTY                                                    11501
RICHARDSONZ, JAMES CRAIG        PRESIDENT                                              176623.01
RILINGZ, ROCHELLE R             FACULTY                                                 10639.35
RODGERSZ, JEAN M                FACULTY                                                    54912
RODGERSZ, PAT A                 PART-TIME FACULTY                                            864
RODRIGUEZZ, CHANO               SECRETARY SENIOR                                           35040
ROLFSZ, JOHN T                  INSTR&CLASS SUP TECH 3                                  35872.84
RONNESTADZ, LEANN A             FACULTY                                                   1003.8
ROOTZ, SUSAN L                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
RUDDELLZ, GEORGE D              FACULTY                                                  30642.9
RUDDELLZ, LARRY DALE            DIR OF BASIC SKILLS                                        61300
RUDYZ, COURTNEY E               FACULTY                                                  1124.34
RUSSELLZ, ANGELA R              FACULTY                                                 61962.72
SADELZ, MARIA HELENA            FACULTY                                                 19883.23
SALGADOZ, MICHAEL P             FACULTY                                                  3546.45
SANCHEZZ, BERTHA ALICIA         FACULTY                                                 54080.31
SANCHEZZ, CLAUDIA J             PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          31365
SANDOVALZ, ROMAN M              INSTR&CLASS SUP TECH 1                                     37284
SANONZ, JENNER J                FACULTY                                                   6571.2
SARLESZ, VIVIAN B               FACULTY                                                  21588.7
SARMIENTOZ, FRANCISCO J         FACULTY                                                 60873.97
SCHERERZ, CARLA J               FACULTY                                                      744
SCHETTLERZ, KATHERINE JOHNSTON  FACULTY                                                  3701.45
SCHLEYZ, MARCY J                ASSIST TO THE DEAN                                         45691
SCHNEIDERZ, JOHN R              FACULTY                                                  14185.8
SCHNEIDERZ, VALERIE ROSE        FACULTY                                                  4793.46
SCHRECKZ, LARRY WILLIAM         FACULTY                                                  22388.7
SCHUENEMANNZ, MYRNA J           FACULTY                                                    575.1
SEARSZ, SUSAN L                 FACULTY                                                  3546.45
SELLERSZ, STEPHANIE STIRLING    FACULTY                                                 10949.35
SERVIANZ, NAKISHA PARADISE      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         31869
SHANKZ, AMY RADINE              FACULTY                                                 67893.96
SHANNONZ, KATHLEEN RIVERS       DIR. COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                59425.85
SHEFFIELDZ, DEREK D             FACULTY                                                 66358.93
SHORTZ, CHERYL J                FACULTY                                                    10836
SICHERZ, BRIANNA A              FACULTY                                                     6669
SIEBENSZ, LIBBY TERESA          GRANT COORDINATOR                                       35351.98
SIERRAZ, SILVERIO A             RETENTION SPECIALIST - CMP                              38397.87
SIRIANNIZ, KATHERINE MARIE      FACULTY                                                   713.55
SIRMONZ, KAYE S                 FACULTY                                                  1921.84
SKIRKOZ, TRIA CHAMBERS          LIBRARY SPECIALIST                                       8162.99
SLABAUGHZ, CARLA                FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        29619.04
SMETZ, ROBERT A                 FACULTY                                                    52671
SMITHZ, AMY J                   HR CONSULTANT ASSIST 2                                  32620.31
SMITHZ, MARSHA K                RETAIL CLERK 1                                           16780.5
SMITHZ, SHERYL ANN              FACULTY                                                  2055.45
SMITHZ, STEPHEN C               FACULTY                                                 17732.25
SPANGLERZ, KARLA L              FACULTY                                                 21953.06
SPARLINGZ, TARA A               CASHIER 1                                               23906.77
SPEARSZ, NANCY W                FACULTY                                                 10639.35
SPURGEONZ, MARK M               FACULTY                                                  7961.45
SPURGEONZ, NANCY L              EARLY CHILDHOOD ED COORD                                   45000
STEFANIDESZ, STEVEN             FACULTY                                                 58910.92
STEGEMANZ, APRIL SUE            FACULTY                                                 42409.24
STEPHENSZ, DANIEL A             FACULTY                                                 68322.48
STEPHENSZ, MIKIKO S             INTERNATIONAL STUDENT COOR                              31518.65
STEPHENSZ, ZACHARY A            CUSTODIAN 4                                              34720.2
STEWART-HERKENRATHZ, NIKI JOANNEFACULTY                                                  21588.7
STOVERZ, LORETTA J              FACULTY                                                  13411.9
STUTZMANZ, MARY                 FACULTY                                                   7247.9
TATEZ, JULIE M                  FACULTY                                                  23251.7
TAUBZ, ALEX ALTA GERSHON        FACULTY                                                 25600.15
TEMPLETONZ, GEORGE R            FACULTY                                                      548
THOMASZ, SURACHIT               FACULTY                                                  1124.34
THORNOCKZ, DAVID R              FACULTY                                                  2282.76
THORNOCKZ, KATHY                FACULTY                                                   9933.2
TIFFANYZ, GERALD E              FACULTY                                                 70228.48
TODDZ, RENE MARIE               FACULTY                                                 24684.23
TOFTEZ, MARGARET E              FACULTY                                                  3546.45
TOTTENZ, KENNETH MARK           FACULTY                                                  3546.45
TRIBLEYZ, WALTER A              VP, INSTRUCTION                                         89041.08
TRUJILLOZ, NADEZHDA ANATOLYEVNA FACULTY                                                  10140.2
TUCKERZ, SHIRLEY C              FACULTY                                                 11774.88
TURNERZ, VICKI A                FACULTY                                                    54202
TYRRELLZ, ANN                   OFFICE SUPP SUPER 1                                     37960.12
UNGERZ, BRUCE T                 FACULTY                                                 72460.99
UNGERZ, CATHERINE VAUGHN        PROGRAM MANAGER B                                       21413.41
VAN LITHZ, LORI M               FACULTY                                                  9991.45
VANDEGRIFTZ, GARY               BOOKSTORE MANAGER                                          53801
VANDER HARTZ, CRAIG J           FACULTY                                                  3801.45
VANDIVORTZ, ROGER F             FACULTY                                                  1510.48
VARGASZ, PAUL ANTHONY           CUSTODIAN 1                                              27554.7
VIBBERTZ, RONALD HUGH           FACULTY                                                 24632.77
VINCENT-RAMSEYZ, JOCELYN M      OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
VISSERZ, LINDA J                FACULTY                                                 71278.12
VIVIANZ, CRAIG E                FACULTY                                                      945
VOLYNZ, SCOTT A                 FACULTY                                                 11044.35
WAHLZ, ANDREW                   FACULTY                                                   7092.9
WARMANZ, BEVERLY K              FACULTY                                                 86974.85
WARNERZ, BARBARA J              FACULTY                                                   760.92
WARNERZ, MICHELLE RAE           FACULTY                                                 19631.01
WATSONZ, MARY E                 ASSOC DEAN OF WORKFORCE ED                                 69360
WEIDENBACHZ, COBY J             STUDENT HOUSING COORD                                    22195.9
WHITEZ, MICHAEL H               MEDIA TECHNICIAN SUPERVISR                                 24594
WHITEHEADZ, DEBRA DAWN          FACULTY                                                      864
WIDMANZ, LARRY K                FACULTY                                                  3043.68
WIESTZ, SHARON A                FACULTY                                                 72213.22
WIGGINSZ, CLAUDIA J             FACULTY                                                  5676.45
WILLIAMSZ, CATHERN J            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
WILSON-MCNAMARAZ, PAMELA        FACULTY                                                    59301
WINTERSZ, VANIA B               FACULTY                                                  14185.8
WINZERZ, TRACY E                FACULTY                                                  3546.45
WIRTHZ, CATHERINE SUE           FACULTY                                                  2282.76
WIRTHZ, JORDAN M                FACULTY                                                  3701.45
WOLCOTTZ, MARY E                FACULTY                                                 65243.52
WOOTENZ, GEORGE F               FACULTY                                                  7339.69
WORRELLZ, KELLY BROCKMAN        FACULTY                                                 59290.24
WYATTZ, LAUREL CHRISTINE        FACULTY                                                     1500
YENNEYZ, RHONDA                 SECRETARY SENIOR                                        32606.69
YOUNGZ, ANN KATHLEEN            FACULTY                                                 22693.35
YOUNGZ, KATHRYN L               FACULTY                                                     2223
YOUNGBUCKZ, CATHERINE E         PROGRAM DIRECTOR - CAMP                                    49000
ZABALAZ, CAMMY WANE             FACULTY                                                  1124.34
ZEHMZ, KRISTOFOR MICHAEL        FACULTY                                                 25857.74
ZEHMZ, SHELLY R                 FACULTY                                                   2191.9
ZIMMERMANZ, SHELLY              FACULTY                                                  80407.5
ZONTEKZ, MARY L                 FACULTY                                                 12106.56

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