This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Whatcom Community College employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 496 multiple job employees (includes 0 duplicates) (2009, 835 multiple jobs employees) (2007, 667 multiple jobs employees) (2005, 498 employees) (2003, 447 employees) (2001, 474 employees)(1999, 436 employees) (1997, 353 employees) (1995, 304 employees)

Whatcom Community College was founded in 1967. The College campus is in Bellingham where it offers numerous academic and vocational programs via on-site and distance education. The College recently began offering a two-year nursing program and completed construction of a new art facility and science building. The College serves more than 7,000 students annually and has 225 full- and part-time faculty members who teach more than 1,800 courses per year. The 2003-04 and 2004-05 operating budgets were approximately $13.7 million and $14.7 million respectively. Of those amounts, approximately $12 million and $13 million were from state appropriations, including operating fees. The College is one of 33 community and technical colleges in a statewide system. A fivemember Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate, is responsible for oversight of College operations under the administrative direction of Harold Heiner, who has served as College President since 1984. Three Vice Presidents and a Dean support the President.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Whatcom Community College List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/23/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ABITIAZ, FRED A                 CONF&EVENTS COORDINATOR                                 38620.08
ADAMSZ, CARL P                  MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 4                                  57909.94
ADAMSZ, DEBBRA A                PAYROLL SUPERVISOR                                      47041.34
ADAMSZ, JAN                     FACULTY                                                 57888.14
AKEHURSTZ, JOANN ELIZABETH      STUDENT OUTREACH SPECIALIS                              36841.92
ALMERZ, DONALD L                FACULTY                                                  1864.83
ALMY-HAMILTONZ, LUCINDA T       FACULTY                                                  6557.75
AMENDT RADUEGEZ, AMY MICHELLE   FACULTY                                                  18767.8
ANDERSONZ, DEBORAH              FACULTY                                                  5592.84
ANDERSONZ, DIANNE M             FACULTY                                                  8728.22
ANDERSONZ, LISA A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        38556
ANDERSONZ, MARGARET             FACULTY                                                 54970.15
ANDERSONZ, MELISSA J            STU SUPPORT COORDINATOR                                 33213.52
ANDERSONZ, TODD M               FACULTY                                                  3108.05
ANDRUSHENKOZ, KONSTANTIN        CUSTODIAN 3                                             35962.68
ANGELEYZ, ROBIN THERESE         FACULTY                                                  5238.68
ARTEAGAZ, MIGUEL A              FACULTY                                                   9054.2
ARTEAGAZ, PATRICIA T            FACULTY                                                   9054.2
AYERSZ, NATASHA S               FACULTY                                                  7207.16
BADERZ, APRIL                   PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     33325.32
BAIERZ, KRISTOPHER K            DIRECTOR FOR STUDENT LIFE                               55330.08
BAILEYZ, ROBIN                  FACULTY                                                 31592.72
BARNESZ, JULIET AH              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       14848.79
BARNESZ, KATHY T                ASSC DIR REG/FIN AID ADVIS                                 45264
BARTUNEKZ, CAROLYN A            PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       34168.11
BASHAWZ, KELLY                  OP PATH & FIN AID ADVISOR                               37895.04
BEATTYZ, DANA M                 FACULTY                                                  3418.58
BEAUPAINZ, ANGELA DAWN          FACULTY                                                  4474.27
BECKLEYZ, DENNIS R              CUSTODIAN 1                                             29408.46
BEETHAMZ, DAVID E               FACULTY                                                 35656.59
BEISHLINEZ, ROBERT G            FACULTY                                                 49913.62
BENNETTZ, LYNNETTE A            FACULTY                                                 41762.69
BENNETTZ, MICHELLE L            INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               38876.75
BERGZ, PAULA M                  PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    15430.77
BERGNERZ, SARA L                COACH OF WOMENS BASKETBALL                               3777.52
BERNINGZ, NICHOLAS B            FACULTY                                                  3418.87
BERRYZ, LYNNETTE S              INTL STU HOUSING COORD                                  27493.04
BERTSCHEZ, LAURIE A             FACULTY                                                  1491.42
BETTENCOURTZ, JEREMY P          FACULTY                                                  2522.77
BIANCHIZ, STANLEY J             FACULTY                                                  21440.1
BIELERZ, MERRIANNE R            FACULTY                                                 62071.35
BIKMANZ, MARGARET M             FACULTY                                                 11024.86
BLAKLEYZ, KAREN C               FACULTY                                                 49664.77
BLAKLEYZ, LLOYD                 FACULTY                                                 31528.59
BLOUIRZ, GARY RAY               FACULTY                                                  6272.61
BLUMEZ, JAMES SCOTT             FACULTY                                                 23504.56
BOCOCKZ, GLEN A                 FACULTY                                                  30066.3
BOLGERZ, ANGELA JUDITH          CLINICAL SITE COORDINATOR                                3790.84
BOLINGERZ, THOMAS WILLIAM       FACULTY                                                   6216.1
BONSENZ, ELANE M                FACULTY                                                  9324.15
BOOKERZ, ANNA F                 FACULTY                                                 21213.74
BORGESENZ, WENDY                FACULTY                                                 32723.54
BOUCHARDZ, RUTH                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     38958.07
BOWENZ, ANNE M                  EX DIR FOUND & ADVANCEMENT                                 76464
BOWERZ, EARL G                  FACULTY                                                    54572
BOYERZ, JASON ALLEN             GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 2                                28557.96
BRADLEYZ, ANNE M                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                        32499
BRAIMESZ, PATTI B               FACULTY                                                    48665
BREWERZ, MONIQUE D              FACULTY                                                 38506.18
BRONSTEINZ, KENNETH M           FACULTY                                                  2025.83
BROUSSARDZ, JEANNE L            FACULTY                                                 32951.15
BROWNZ, JOHN                    FACULTY                                                 26627.58
BRUUNZ, GAIL MARIE              FISCAL TECHNICIAN LEAD                                  38559.18
BUCKZ, DOUGLAS E                SENIOR ACCOUNTANT                                       67524.72
BUCKLEYZ, SETSUKO               FACULTY                                                 28757.34
BURKEZ, THOMAS O                FACULTY                                                 59233.16
BURMAN-WOODSZ, CINDY L          PATHWAYS PROJECT DIRECTOR                                45349.1
BUSHZ, SHANE A                  FACULTY                                                 25520.33
BUTLERZ, KRISTI LEE             HUMAN RESOURCE GENERALIST                               35292.96
BUTTSZ, RICHARD F               FACULTY                                                 51282.92
BYBEEZ, LAURA BLANCHE           INSTR%CLASSROON SUPT TCH4                               49699.78
CADYZ, JOANNE M                 FACULTY                                                 23862.08
CARLSONZ, ELIZABETH CARDELLER   FACULTY                                                  7579.87
CARNEYZ, LAURA JANE             FACULTY                                                  2486.44
CARTERZ, DAVID S                INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                  45828
CASKEYZ, ANTOINETTE H           FACULTY                                                  1904.83
CHADWELL-GATZZ, COURTENAY       FACULTY                                                    48620
CHAMBERLAINZ, DAVID MOYLAN      FACULTY                                                  3108.05
CHANDLERZ, SUZANNE              FACULTY                                                 30752.46
CHAPMANZ, CATHERINE M           FACULTY                                                 20170.92
CHATTERTONZ, EDWARD M           FACULTY                                                 37344.91
CHRISTIANSONZ, MARIA J          FACULTY                                                  7459.32
COLBURNZ, COLETTE               FACULTY                                                 43601.82
COLLIERZ, DONNA JEANN           FACULTY                                                 28593.53
COLLINSZ, TRACI LYNN            FACULTY                                                  10051.3
COMPTON-SMITHZ, LINDA A         LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                 27279.59
CONLEYZ, KRISTEN M              FACULTY                                                   6256.1
CONNERZ, JESSICA LYNN           FACULTY                                                 35446.84
CORBITTZ, JARID M               VETERANS SEVICES COORDINA                               34593.78
CORRELLZ, RONALD J              FACULTY                                                  6546.74
COULET DU GARDZ, DOMINIQUE R    FACULTY                                                 32644.08
COULTERZ, GRETCHEN M            FACULTY                                                    40611
COURTEMANCHEZ, WENDY A          FACULTY                                                 27307.16
COURTERZ, MARIA T               FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     28904.46
COVINGTONZ, SARAH WATERS        FACULTY                                                   1695.4
COXZ, TERESA J                  WORKFORCE ED COORDINATOR                                17974.15
CRANDELLZ, MATTHEW R            GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 1                                20896.47
CROCKERZ, MOLLY K               FACULTY                                                 36628.47
CROSSZ, RANDALL LYNN            CUSTODIAN 1                                             27535.86
CULWELLZ, WILLIAM G             DIRECTOR/DIS.&SUP. SERVICE                              81317.88
DAHLZ, BARBARA M                FACULTY                                                 44980.32
DALLASZ, BRADFORD L             FACULTY                                                  3340.72
DANIELSZ, RHONDA K              FACULTY                                                 48489.58
DAUGHERTYZ, CONNIE M            FACULTY                                                 11517.21
DAVIDSONZ, BRIAN JAMES          WORKER RE-TRAINING COORD                                37541.61
DAVISZ, WENDI                   FACULTY                                                 42978.41
DAVISHAHLZ, JILL C              FACULTY                                                    242.2
DEBOERZ, BEVERLY K              RETAIL CLERK 2                                          22075.06
DELZELLZ, MARGARET              FACULTY                                                 53848.25
DENISONZ, LAUREL C              ADM. ASST. V.P. ED.SERVICE                              37366.08
DEROYZ, STEVEN                  FACULTY                                                 65905.61
DESTERHOUSEZ, JAMES R           NETWORK TECHNICIAN                                      36841.92
DEVANGEZ, CHARLES               FACULTY                                                 14115.55
DEWELLZ, DOREEN R               FACULTY                                                 22297.95
DEWILDEZ, JODY N                FACULTY                                                 42021.22
DICKINSONZ, MARY LUCILLE        FACULTY                                                  3458.87
DIIMMELZ, NICOLE M              FACULTY                                                  8976.13
DIRKSENZ, LUCY                  RETAIL CLERK LEAD                                        23697.5
DODDZ, JAMES L                  MEDIA TECHNICIAN SENIOR                                 37998.42
DONEGANZ, DARCIE A              FACULTY                                                 34401.19
DOUGANZ, BERNARD                FACULTY                                                 45731.71
DOUGHERTYZ, MEGAN L             WORKFIRST STUDENT SUP/COOR                              34223.04
DOYLEZ, KIM E                   FACULTY                                                  7391.29
DUNHAMZ, DAVID L                ASSIST MENS BSKTBALL COACH                                  2000
DUNKER-BUNNETTZ, SHELLY         FACULTY                                                   5634.7
DUNNZ, NATALIA C                FACULTY                                                   3418.6
DUTTONZ, TRESHA                 FACULTY                                                 78260.27
EASTHAMZ, GABRIELLA J           FACULTY                                                  1110.47
ELIZAVETSKYZ, ALEXANDER         MAINTENANCE MECHANIC 1                                     43572
ELLIOTTZ, SCOTT R               FACULTY                                                 25800.72
ELLSWORTHZ, ROBERT JAMES        FACULTY                                                  1553.75
ENDERBERGZ, ANGELA MARCELLA     FACULTY                                                 55214.46
ENGEBRETSONZ, HILARY P          FACULTY                                                 22552.16
EPPZ, ALVIN P                   FACULTY                                                 40816.88
ERICKSONZ, MARSHALL W           FACULTY                                                  58137.2
EVRAETSZ, DAVID MICHAEL         FACULTY                                                 23734.37
FALTERZ, MICHAEL C              FACULTY                                                 28117.77
FINKBONNERZ, BRENDA             COPY CENTER LEAD B                                       33146.5
FLACKZ, CHRISTOPHER M           ASSOCIATE REGISTRAR                                     41908.31
FLANDERSZ, ANNETTE I            NURSING PROGRAM DIRECTOR                                27498.12
FORESTZ, MOONDANCE              FACULTY                                                 12946.07
FRANKENFELDZ, JANE              FACULTY                                                  28715.5
FRAZEYZ, PAUL A                 FACULTY                                                 59343.75
FRAZIERZ, LANA L                PROGRAM MANAGER A                                          48682
FREEMANZ, JAMES                 FACULTY                                                  8831.56
FRIEDLANDERZ, CARYN             FACULTY                                                  52363.2
FULLERZ, SHAWN L                FACULTY                                                 12877.08
GALLAGHER-TIDMARSHZ, PATRICIA A FACULTY                                                     1200
GARCIA HANSENZ, CORI A          FACULTY                                                  10422.4
GAVRILOVZ, SERGE N              CUSTODIAN 1                                             19767.18
GELWICKSZ, CARLA A              WORKFIRST STU CAREER COORD                              33318.86
GEMANISZ, SHANDEEN A            PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      35759.2
GEORGEZ, ANNE                   FACULTY                                                 50365.01
GIGLIOTTIZ, ANNA LEE            FACULTY                                                  1864.83
GILLZ, LAURA A                  FACULTY                                                 23038.46
GOLDENZ, ROBERT L               HR CONSULTANT ASSISTANT 1                                  30886
GONZALESZ, JOHN P               FACULTY                                                 60205.35
GRANDQUISZ, DOUGLAS J           FACULTY                                                 28092.44
GRAYZ, DANIELLE L               FACULTY                                                 46751.18
GRAYZ, PETER W                  FACULTY                                                 29827.62
GREINERZ, MICHAEL A             INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                   5402
GREKETIS-DUNNZ, CARLA           FACULTY                                                  5854.21
GRIMESZ, WILLIAM C              CUSTODIAN 1                                                29196
GROCHOWSKIZ, GENA ROSE          FACULTY                                                 29332.14
GROVEZ, BRIDGET E               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      16757.18
GROVESZ, MARGARET L             FACULTY                                                  13927.5
HABERMANZ, MARY                 FACULTY                                                 35955.61
HAGANZ, MARTHA                  FACULTY                                                 66428.64
HAGINZ, DEAN A                  LEARNING CENTER DIRECTOR                                 45516.4
HAGINZ, JULIE                   OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
HAGMANZ, CATHLEEN C             FACULTY                                                 69647.26
HALLZ, NATHAN W                 FACULTY                                                  3148.05
HALLZ, TERI MARIE               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     32207.51
HALLMARKZ, VIVIAN E             OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         34468
HAMMERBECKZ, MARY H             FACULTY                                                 30924.18
HANSENZ, GREGORY C              FACULTY                                                 19735.01
HANSENZ, JOHN A                 CUSTODIAN 1                                             31298.89
HANSONZ, COLLEEN R              ADM.ASST. V.P ADMIN. SERV.                              43215.03
HANSONZ, RUBY A                 EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                   25189.5
HARLOCKZ, JUDY A                FACULTY                                                 36805.13
HARRIZ, EDWARD                  FACULTY                                                 77537.21
HARRISZ, KIMBERLY HYEONAH       FACULTY                                                  4765.68
HAYESZ, ARIANE                  FACULTY                                                 45644.47
HEINERZ, JUSTIN D               COMPUTER PROGRAMMER                                     37687.47
HELDERZ, CHAD M                 FACULTY                                                  6848.15
HENDERSONZ, JENNIFER A          FACULTY                                                 28659.25
HENKELZ, AMANDA E               FACULTY                                                 17658.66
HENOCHZ, BRENDA                 FACULTY                                                  23900.2
HILLZ, ELIZABETH A              FACULTY                                                   3531.9
HIYANE-BROWNZ, KATHERINE HIROKO PRESIDENT                                               181085.8
HOLFERTYZ, KERRI LOIS           SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER                                34733.9
HOLLINGSWORTHZ, JAMES C         FACULTY                                                  16743.5
HOLLOWAYZ, SALLY N              EDU AND ECE.PRG.COORD.                                  45367.54
HOLTERZ, DESIREE M              FACULTY                                                 24062.61
HOPCROFTZ, LEO J                FACULTY                                                 49623.01
HOPEZ, CATALINA ROQUE           FACULTY                                                  4268.02
HOPKINSZ, WILLIAM               FACULTY                                                 15289.57
HORSTZ, ERICKA JULIE            FACULTY                                                  2137.42
HOSKINSZ, CYNTHIA S             PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      35826.5
HOWSONZ, LINDA                  PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     35862.26
HUDSONZ, FRAN I                 INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 1                                  36684.5
HUGHESZ, DIANA MICHELLE         FACULTY                                                  3868.56
HUGHESZ, MICHAEL P              FACULTY                                                   2279.6
HUGHESZ, TARA ANNE BLANTON      FACULTY                                                 57324.76
HUNGZ, SHINE MAY                FACULTY                                                 12912.54
IGNACIOZ, LEILANI               FACULTY                                                  2486.44
IVARINENZ, NANCY C              FACULTY                                                 17787.24
JAMISONZ, DASCOMB DREW          FACULTY                                                  1864.83
JENSENZ, KATHRYN E              DIRECTOR TRANS LEARNING                                 43999.92
JOHANSENZ, CYNTHIA J            FACULTY                                                 15756.53
JOHNSONZ, MARIDEL M             FACULTY                                                 24783.03
JOHNSONZ, RUTH E                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                       861.82
JOHNSONZ, THERESA R             FACULTY                                                  1864.28
JOHNSTONZ, LAINE L              DIR ADM/OUT & RUNN START                                49126.96
JOVAGZ, CAROLYN K               CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                 39372.56
JULINZ, SARA                    FACULTY                                                 62045.48
KANE-RONNINGZ, SUSAN            FACULTY                                                  3108.05
KARLBERGZ, ANNE MARIE           DIR INST RESEARCH & ASSESS                                 57455
KEELEYZ, BRIAN K                FACILITIES DIRECTOR                                     77110.08
KEHEZ, DAVID                    FACULTY                                                 23772.67
KELSEYZ, JIMMY W                FACULTY                                                 50048.15
KENYONZ, JOANNA S               FACULTY                                                 24564.96
KERFELDZ, CHERYL I              FACULTY                                                 15289.57
KERNZ, DAVID                    FACULTY                                                 47225.49
KERRZ, CHRISTOPHER R            FACULTY                                                   7849.3
KESTERZ, KELLY J                DIRCT INTERNAT'L EDUCATION                              50771.04
KIMURAZ, SANDRA L               INTERNATL ADMISSIONS COORD                              35869.92
KINGZ, CINDY L                  CREDENTIALS EVALUATOR 3                                    39516
KINGZ, DONALD M                 FACULTY                                                  1243.22
KINGZ, ZACH D                   ASSISTANT SOCCER COACH                                      3000
KINKADEZ, KELLY B               MAIL PROCESS-DRVER LEAD                                    37620
KLAUSMANZ, JEFFREY W            FACULTY                                                 63477.96
KLEINHESSELINKZ, NELVA J        FACULTY                                                  7281.69
KNAPPZ, DAVID R                 EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     36226.16
KOEPPZ, MICHAEL J               FACULTY                                                 56111.23
KOHNZ, BEN E                    FACULTY                                                  62060.7
KOLODYCHUKZ, GRACE R            FACULTY                                                 47425.72
KONGSHAUGZ, CAREN S             FACULTY                                                 10045.15
KONIKOFFZ, ISAAC                FACULTY                                                  1864.28
KOSHINZZ, JANA L                FISCAL TECHNICIAN 3                                     30863.96
KOZACZUKZ, CARINA               FACULTY                                                 27211.83
KROONTJEZ, DAWN                 FACULTY                                                  8291.74
KUDIJAROFFZ, JENNIFER GRACE     CUSTODIAN 1                                              6038.45
KUHLZ, FRANCIS BERNARD          FACULTY                                                   6498.8
KUMARZ, MEYYAPPAN               FACULTY                                                   6216.1
LAMBERTZ, LINDA L               LIBRARY DIRECTOR                                        64058.08
LANCASTERZ, DEBRA L             FACULTY                                                 69458.52
LANDSEMZ, JACKIE L              WF TECH PROF ED PLANNER                                    34332
LANGSTRAATZ, NATHAN J           DIR MKTG & COMMUNICATION                                72316.91
LANNZ, MARK                     FACULTY                                                  2058.59
LARGEZ, GERALD S                FACULTY                                                 57317.29
LARSONZ, BETHNEY KAREN          FACULTY                                                  1864.83
LATHAMZ, KAREN                  EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  29040.99
LAWRENCEZ, JENNIFER K           FACULTY                                                 30405.03
LEATHERBARROWZ, RONALD          VICE PRESIDENT FOR INSTRUC                                103500
LEEZ, MIKE H                    FACULTY                                                  1864.28
LEISEGANGZ, JENNIFER A          FACULTY                                                 16561.68
LEONOVAZ, TATYANA               DIGITAL PRINTING OPERATOR                               13298.69
LEVEQUEZ, BARBARA               WORKFIRST DIRECTOR                                      55911.15
LEWISZ, ENE                     FACULTY                                                  28495.9
LINDBERGZ, HANNAH K             FACULTY                                                   4342.5
LINDQUISTZ, LISA D              PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          33849
LINDSAYZ, JASON S               GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 4                                41193.64
LIVINGSTONZ, LAURA LEE          FACULTY                                                  2025.93
LOCKEZ, MICHAEL S               FACULTY                                                  1271.49
LOCKEZ, PATTI J                 FACULTY                                                  3008.29
LOEFFLERZ, KATLIN C             FACULTY                                                   211.85
LONACZ, SUSAN R                 FACULTY                                                 54255.34
LUDLOWZ, JILL A                 FACULTY                                                  2796.44
LUDWIGZ, ERIC M                 ASSIST MENS BSKTBALL COACH                                   500
LUFTZ, MICHAEL S                FACULTY                                                 11581.74
LUKOFFZ, AARON M                FACULTY                                                  1012.42
LUNDZ, PATRICIA                 FACULTY                                                  29010.6
LUTESZ, KIRSTEN                 FACULTY                                                 27714.16
LYNCHZ, PATTY                   FACULTY                                                 25299.12
LYNCHZ, SIGNEE                  FACULTY                                                 60719.96
MACK ZABELZ, MELANIE LYN        FACULTY                                                 24282.79
MACKENZIEZ, LAURA               LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 5                                  40268.2
MACLEODZ, STEPHEN F             FACULTY                                                 21537.12
MAIERZ, LINDA                   DEAN FOR WORKFORCE EDUCAT                               82924.35
MALCOLMZ, MONICA L              OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         28180
MANNINOZ, ANTHONY               FACULTY                                                 16120.68
MANSFIELDZ, CADE D              FACULTY                                                  9324.15
MARKOWSKIZ, CHRISTINE F         FACULTY                                                 24587.72
MARSHALLZ, GREGORY              COM EDUCATION DIRECTOR                                     47460
MARTINZ, AMANDA I               FACULTY                                                  3884.65
MARTINZ, CONNIE SUE             FACULTY                                                 19780.51
MARTINDALEZ, LORI M             FACULTY                                                  31959.4
MARTINEZ DE TERCEROZ, TOBI J    PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34029
MASTZ, GABRIEL W                FACULTY                                                  9457.91
MASTERSONZ, JUSTIN R            CUSTODIAN 1                                             31320.12
MASURAZ, JULIE E                FACULTY                                                  10487.4
MAUPINZ, SHARON M               CUSTODIAN 4                                             40321.42
MAXWELLZ, BARRY A               FACULTY                                                 71056.67
MCABEEZ, NANCY L                PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                     30513.12
MCCONNELZ, JONATHON L           FACULTY                                                  19135.1
MCDADEZ, KIRSTEN A              FACULTY                                                 20881.48
MCDONALDZ, JEFFREY L            HEAD VOLLEYBALL COACH                                       5500
MCFARLANDZ, JENNIFER D          FACULTY                                                 15540.24
MCKEEVERZ, DOUGLAS              FACULTY                                                 62798.07
MCKERNANZ, ROWENA M             FACULTY                                                  3584.58
MCMAHONZ, JEAN                  EARLY CHILDHOOD SPEC 3                                  25374.48
MEIDINGERZ, BRETT N             FACULTY                                                  1864.83
MELEZ, MARY H                   NW EGYPT IN/PROG ADVISOR                                38466.56
METZGEN-OHLSWAGERZ, IRIS        NW M/C PROG STU ADVISOR                                 12812.16
METZGERZ, MARGARET E            FACULTY                                                  1864.28
MEZOZ, HEIDI F                  PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       35058.78
MILLANZ, BEVERLEY JOANNE        FACULTY                                                 15345.48
MILLERZ, CATHERINE A            FACULTY                                                  15867.5
MILLERZ, COURTNEY M             FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     21347.04
MILLERZ, DOROTHY J              FACULTY                                                  7511.09
MILLERZ, KELLY O                FISCAL ANALYST 4                                           50720
MOOERSZ, DOUGLAS F              FACULTY                                                 76300.45
MOOREZ, LUANNE K                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                          34260
MOORMANZ, VICTORIA L            FACULTY                                                   6216.1
MORGANZ, KATHERINE              FACULTY                                                  30914.2
MORRISZ, DONNA J                FACULTY                                                  25415.4
MULHOLLANDZ, PAUL               FACULTY                                                  5085.96
MULLANEZ, NANCY                 AS/D TRNS ADV/PRIOR LRNG                                   47058
MUMFORDZ, MICHAEL T             FACULTY                                                   932.42
NAFZ, WARD                      IT DIRECTOR                                             60825.12
NAVARREZ, PATRICIA V            FACULTY                                                 23956.16
NEFCYZ, PAULINE THERESE         FACULTY                                                      600
NEITZELZ, DAL W                 FACULTY                                                  3108.05
NGUYENZ, KHOA A                 FACULTY                                                  3728.55
NICKERSONZ, JESSE R             FACULTY                                                 32773.54
NIMS-STEPPZ, PIPER M            COACH OF WOMENS BASKETBALL                               3493.76
NORTHZ, MICHELLE K              PART TIME HOURLY STAFF                                   9737.54
NORVELLZ, TRACY L               FACULTY                                                 38136.16
NOVAKZ, AMY JEAN                FACULTY                                                  2054.97
O'DELLZ, GARY W                 FACULTY                                                 26655.23
O'NEILLZ, JOHN E                INFOR TECH TECHNICIAN 2                                    43367
OGGZ, DOUG                      FACULTY                                                  5372.88
OLIVERZ, HORACE A               FACULTY                                                 14005.07
OLLILAZ, TODD M                 FACILITIES MAINT SPECIALST                              48711.95
OLZA-KELSHZ, CAROLINA           FACULTY                                                  5521.92
ONIONZ, PATRICIA A              VICE PRES.FOR ED.SERVICES                                95972.4
OVERSTREETZ, LAURA IRENE        FACULTY                                                 82577.88
PARRIERAZ, KERI A               EXEC. ASST. TO PRESIDENT                                58821.12
PAVIAZ, CURT M                  FACULTY                                                  4972.88
PEAKEZ, MARIE A                 FACULTY                                                  12178.2
PEARCEZ, MICHAEL L              FACULTY                                                  3729.66
PEARSONZ, SARAH                 PROGRAM MANAGER A                                        35195.3
PETERSONZ, RON K                FACULTY                                                  3108.05
PETERSONZ, TRAVIS A             FACULTY                                                  2486.44
PHELPSZ, BRIAN F                DIRECTOR BUSINESS & FINANC                              76000.08
PHUNGZ, TRAN M                  FACULTY                                                    50365
PINNEYZ, TERESA                 FACULTY                                                 32918.17
POTTERZ, NICHOLAS J             FACULTY                                                 35201.68
PRESCOTTZ, PRISCILLA P          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      24249.38
PRESZLERZ, LARRY                FACULTY                                                 25077.24
PRICEZ, KEON K                  ASST VOLLYBALL COACH                                        2000
QUINLANZ, DOUGLAS               FACULTY                                                 22842.05
RANNEYZ, DENISE                 FACULTY                                                 40208.14
RAVENWOODZ, CRYSTAL J           FACULTY                                                  40565.7
RAWLINGSZ, BECKY J              HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR                                 65993.04
RAWLINGSZ, THOMAS               ASSIST MENS BSKTBALL COACH                                   500
REED-JONESZ, CAROL ELIZABETH    FACULTY                                                  9917.38
REEVESZ, KIMBERLY C             FACULTY                                                 45987.45
REIDZ, ALFRED R                 FACULTY                                                 32467.34
RETTERZ, MICHAL                 FACULTY                                                     2543
REYNOSOZ, JOANNA L              FACULTY                                                  15233.5
RICHARDSONZ, FAITH S            FACULTY                                                  5731.44
RICHARDSONZ, PAMELA J           FACULTY                                                 18955.08
RICHMONDZ, DOREEN               FACULTY                                                  9734.12
RIEDELZ, AMY J                  EARN COORDINATOR                                        37999.92
RIESENBERGZ, ROBERT             FACULTY                                                  87755.5
RIGGSZ, DANI P                  FACULTY                                                     2095
RILEYZ, MARGEN B                FACULTY                                                  1039.72
RIPPZ, LORRAINE A               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      37126.5
RITTENHOUSEZ, VICTOR D          CUSTODIAN 1                                             31820.12
ROBERTSZ, CHRISTOPHER G         FACULTY                                                 66695.72
ROBERTSONZ, WAYNE S             FACULTY                                                 48248.79
ROBINSONZ, BETH ANN             INT'L STU ADV                                           35743.22
ROCKSTADZ, CONNIE L             FACULTY                                                 38354.95
ROHWERZ, DARRYL L               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               35623.39
ROLLINSZ, ALYSON                FACULTY                                                 18354.45
ROMANYSHYNZ, ANDREW R           FACULTY                                                 14078.72
RONGNERZ, ROBERT                FACULTY                                                  42779.2
ROOTZ, ELIZABETH K              DIRECTOR CHILD DEVELOP CTR                              28986.79
ROPERZ, SAMUEL                  FACULTY                                                 25150.48
ROSE-DUCKWORTHZ, ROXANN R       FACULTY                                                  44611.7
ROUSSEAUZ, JOHN V               FACULTY                                                 52730.23
RUDYZ, STEVEN J                 FACULTY                                                  9481.58
RUSHINGZ, DONNA L               FACULTY                                                 23678.11
RUSSELLZ, KENNETH               FACULTY                                                  3076.31
SALLINZ, AMY BETH               PROGRAM COORDINATOR                                      6210.03
SALMONZ, DOUGLAS G              FACULTY                                                 31487.86
SANDEZ, CORRINNE E              FACULTY                                                 61929.22
SANDHUZ, PARAMJIT K             CUSTODIAN 1                                             31599.69
SANDOVALZ, LORETTA JEANNE       FACULTY                                                  2221.72
SANGHERAZ, JOGINDER S           CUSTODIAN 1                                              31655.6
SAULSBURYZ, KATHRYN             FACULTY                                                    45554
SAVAGEZ, HEATHER A              FACULTY                                                 10744.71
SCHLICHTINGZ, ERIN J            FACULTY                                                      280
SCHNEIDERZ, COURTNEY L          ASST VOLLYBALL COACH                                     1000.02
SCHOFIELDZ, SUSAN               FACULTY                                                 39461.88
SCHRAMLZ, ULRICH P              STUDY ABROAD/ACT. COORD                                 46907.27
SCHRENGOHSTZ, WALTER R          FACULTY                                                 36514.52
SCHROEDERZ, MARY K              ASSISTANT SOCCER COACH                                      3000
SCHROEDERZ, PAUL L              FACULTY                                                  30452.4
SCHROERZ, CARL B                PROGRAM ASSISTANT                                       31708.29
SCRIMSHERZ, CHRISTOPHER J       COACH OF MENS BASKETBALL                                45008.38
SCRIMSHERZ, JULIE ANN           FACULTY                                                  4223.42
SEABURYZ, DEBRA L               FACULTY                                                 18707.92
SHANGZ, SOPHIA H                FACULTY                                                 47485.93
SHEEDYZ, SARA H                 FACULTY                                                  52553.4
SHEPARDZ, MICHAEL A             E-LEARNING COORDINATOR                                  29061.82
SHERIFZ, RUSSELL I              FACULTY                                                 52921.61
SHORTZ, MILFORD A               INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                               13876.81
SIMPSONZ, RICHARD C             INSTR&CLASSROOM SUPT TCH2                                6966.98
SINGLETARYZ, LAURA M            STU PROG LEADERSHIP COORD                                  33330
SINGLETARYZ, MICHAEL RAY        REGISTRAR                                                  60000
SINGLETONZ, LEE WILLIAM         FACULTY                                                 67823.82
SLOVERZ, ELIZABETH A            FACULTY                                                 24586.69
SLUYSZ, DAPHNE A                FACULTY                                                    30053
SMARTTZ, SCOTT D                FACULTY                                                  3185.05
SMITHZ, GUY W                   FACULTY                                                 64199.51
SMITHZ, JEANNE                  FACULTY                                                  5876.52
SMITHZ, KRISTINE E              FACULTY                                                 25870.03
SNOWDERZ, BRADLEY P             FACULTY                                                  18890.5
SONNEMANZ, TOBY F               FACULTY                                                 28427.55
SPAICHZ, JAMES A                FACULTY                                                 10319.43
SPITZERZ, SARAH                 FACULTY                                                  3249.32
SPORESZ, RONALD J               BOOKSTORE MANAGER                                       51951.43
STAEBZ, RICK WILLIAM            FACULTY                                                  1864.83
STEELEZ, JESSICA                FACULTY                                                 28759.19
STEPHANZ, BRADLEY A             FACULTY                                                   6216.1
STEPHENSZ, JEANNETTE            FACULTY                                                    54131
STERLINGZ, ROSEMARY             DIR WCC/WWU P/C SERVICES                                   53319
STEVENSONZ, JARED H             ASST COACH WOMENS BSKTBALL                                   600
STEWARTZ, MAUREEN MEGAN         FACULTY                                                 23922.05
STRANGZ, NICHOLAS STEPHEN       GROUNDS & NURSERY SPEC 1                                 1320.16
STRIBLINGZ, LORETTA S           FACULTY                                                 22634.85
STRUIKSMAZ, KIMBERLIE MARIE     OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         29504
STUARTZ, JANE M                 FACULTY                                                  5056.14
STUENZ, KAREN S                 FACULTY                                                   1391.4
SWANZ, LYNNE T                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31278.86
TABORZ, FRED M                  FACULTY                                                 54813.33
TALBOTZ, MELISSA                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         27764
TAMMINGAZ, MELISSA D            FACULTY                                                 11186.16
TAYLORZ, ARA C                  LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                 24579.45
TAYLORZ, JOHN F                 FACULTY                                                 13558.53
THOMPSONZ, CANDACE C            FACULTY                                                  6837.16
THOMPSONZ, LEAH                 FACULTY                                                 54945.13
THOMPSONZ, MARIA J              FACULTY                                                    49156
THOMPSONZ, SHERRY J             FACULTY                                                  18624.7
TLUSTOSZ, MITCHELL              GRAPHIC DESIGNER SENIOR                                 49651.81
TOMZ, JEFFERY Y                 PROGRAM SPECIALIST 2                                    11084.77
TOMMILAZ, KIKI JEAN             FACULTY                                                 49552.51
TOMPKINSZ, CHARLES O            FACULTY                                                  39817.2
TOOFZ, JOHN P                   FACULTY                                                 50149.85
TOOFZ, KATHRYN J                FACULTY                                                  17201.3
TOWNSENDZ, TAWNY C              ASSOC. DIR. ENTRY/ADVISING                              51648.28
TUBENZ, MICHAEL L               FACULTY                                                  5127.68
TURPENZ, JOSHUA M               FIELD MGR/ACTIVITY COORD                                47236.88
TYNEZ, ELIZABETH                FACULTY                                                 40937.84
URALZ, SUZAN                    FACULTY                                                  7420.41
VANBEEKZ, JAMIE                 FACULTY                                                 43142.42
VANDIESTZ, JESSICA L            FACULTY                                                 11976.87
VANDYKEZ, MARK C                FACULTY                                                  7515.75
VANLOOZ, KARI L                 FACULTY                                                   169.48
VEACHZ, RICHARD L               FACULTY                                                  52791.8
VETTER-HANSENZ, ANN MARIE       FACULTY                                                    48.44
VISSERZ, AMY K                  ASST COACH WOMENS BSKTBALL                                   600
VISSERZ, MOLLY MARIE            FACULTY                                                  5009.21
VLAHOSZ, MARGARET A             FACULTY                                                 45244.12
VOIGTZ, JEREMY BRENT            FACULTY                                                  4005.75
WAGNERZ, ALICE DARLENE          FACULTY                                                 50322.16
WALKERZ, JANICE G               WORKFORCE ED COORDINATOR                                10181.82
WATTERSZ, TIMOTHY               FACULTY                                                 47511.68
WAYZ, LUNA A                    FACULTY                                                  1525.47
WEAVERZ, AMY T                  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      31931.89
WEBBERZ, WILLIAM T              FACULTY                                                 62265.08
WEPPRECHTZ, MARGARET            FACULTY                                                 29840.56
WHITEZ, RAY EUGENE              VICE.PRES./ADMIN SERVICES                               98123.93
WIEGERTZ, MARY JEAN             FACULTY                                                 30499.91
WILKINSONZ, CAROL L             FACULTY                                                  28746.8
WILLZ, ANTHONY W                FACULTY                                                 62121.64
WILLIAMSZ, HEATHER C            LIBRARY&ARCHIVES PARA 2                                    31002
WILSONZ, LINDA I                ASSIST FINANCE AID DIRECTR                              48548.65
WILSONZ, PATRICIA A             EDUCATIONAL PLANNER                                     35414.67
WINANSZ, SHERRI B               FACULTY                                                 63186.22
WINDNAGELZ, SUSAN M             FACULTY                                                 30645.04
WINTERSZ, ROBERT E              FACULTY                                                 70164.16
WOLFFZ, ANNA RACHEL             FACULTY                                                 23535.61
WOLLENSZ, JACK                  DIRECTOR FIN.AID                                        67000.08
WRIGHTZ, ELIZABETH M            FACULTY                                                 19145.26
WUZ, SUZANNE                    FACULTY                                                  1864.84
YARBERRYZ, SHAYNA KAHEALANI KI  OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                      26584.44
YOUSSEFZ, ZIAD I                FACULTY                                                  9789.45
YPMAZ, HEIDEMARIE V             FACULTY                                                 54667.82
ZAMORAZ, ANDI                   FACULTY                                                 18473.29
ZILINEKZ, WILLIAM               DESKTOP  MANAGER                                        47936.33
ZUCKZ, SUSAN                    ADM.ASST. VP INSTRUCTION                                42672.96
ZYLSTRAZ, CLARENCE              FACULTY                                                  22879.3

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