This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Arts Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 18 multiple job employees (includes 1 duplicate) (2007, 20 employees) (2005, 16 employees) (2003, 23 employees) (2001, 19 employees) (1999, 18 employees) (1997, 18 employees) (1995, 18 employees)

The Washington State Arts Commission is small independent state agency established by the legislature in 1961 to conserve and develop the stateís artistic resources. The Commissionís mission is to cultivate a thriving environment for creative expression and appreciation of the arts for the benefit of all. The Commission is made up of 23 members: 19 appointed by the Governor and four appointed from the legislature. The Commission is a policy-making board responsible for setting the budget, policy and approving grants. Major programs include art in public places, management of the state art collection, community arts development, folk arts, arts in education and grants to organizations. The 2005-07 operating budget appropriated $4.7 million in state funds, $1.3 in federal funds and $261,000 in private funds. In addition, the stateís capital budget allocated $4.2 million in 2005-07 for the art in public places (percent-for-art) program. The Commission has 17 employees.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Arts Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
BAYONZ,  JOSEFA N               OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       9545.08
BECKERZ,  LAURA ELIZABETH       WMS BAND 1                                              37292.88
FAHZ,  ADAM R.                  PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        34874.22
GERTHZ,  MARK A                 WMS BAND 2                                              57143.95
HUBERZ,  JANAE C                WMS BAND 1                                              43554.99
JARETZ,  LISA M                 WMS BAND 1                                              55281.18
MACMILLANZ,  LOUIS D            A/D ARTS COMM                                           70388.45
PEARSONZ,  SARAH                OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       5047.79
POPEZ,  LESLIE BROOKE           CONF. SECRETARY                                          37293.6
RATLIFFZ,  CHRISTEL E           ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                   47186.82
SHELLMANZ,  DEANE A             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                     7657.5
SHELLMANZ,  DEANE A             ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   31227.81
SMYTHZ,  WILLIAM J              WMS BAND 1                                              27629.91
SWENEYZ,  MICHAEL               WMS BAND 2                                              53409.42
TAYLORZ,  ALICE M               WMS BAND 2                                              62297.25
TSUTAKAWAZ,  MAYUMI             WMS BAND 1                                               56658.5
TUCKERZ,  KRISTIN               DIRECTOR                                                82043.84
WELLIVERZ,  ANDREW DAVID        IT SPEC 3                                               21571.23

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