This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Housing Finance Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 74 multiple job employees (includes 2 duplicates) (2007, 69 employees) (2005, 71 employees) (2003, 66 employees) (2001, 64 employees) (1999, 51 employees) (1997, 46 employees) (1995, 41 employees)

The State Legislature created the Washington State Housing Finance Commission in 1983 to issue bonds and to participate in federal, state and local housing programs. The Commission is located in Seattle. The Commission strives to work in partnership with others in the finance and housing industries to develop and administer financing programs that promote homeownership, affordable rental housing and facilities for nonprofit organizations. The Commission is a self-supporting organization and does not receive state appropriations or lend the credit of the state or local government. The Commission has approximately 69 employees and an operating budget of more than $9.2 million. Funding for the Commission is generated from several sources, such as commission fees, compliance fees, reservation fees, one-time program fees and application fees. These revenues are generated from private funds. An 11-member Board of Commissioners, appointed by the Governor, is responsible for oversight of Commission operations.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Housing Finance Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
BAKKEZ,  DUANE A                SR COMPLIANCE OF                                           65160
BEATTYZ,  CONSTANCE R           CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 2                                  49811.72
BEECHINGZ,  JACK W              SR COMPL OFFICER                                           67212
BORENZ,  JANET D                COMMERCE SPECIALIST 1                                      48168
CARLSONZ,  KAREN K              SECOND MORTG PRGM ADMIN                                    65928
CLIFTONZ,  DAVID A              MGR CAPITAL PROJ                                           84012
CONNERZ,  WILLIAM               HMBRY ED & TRNG                                         70224.21
COOKZ,  ROBERT D                SENIOR DIRECTOR                                        117531.59
CROWLEYZ,  REIDUN M             MARKETING MANAGER, CAPITAL PROJE                        44439.56
DEBROCKZ,  LISA A               MANAGER HO                                                 84012
DILLZ,  MICHAEL N               SR COMP OFFICER                                            71076
DONAHUEZ,  MELISSA A            COMP MANAGER                                               76572
EBRAHIMIZ,  ERIC                CONTROLLER                                               71658.9
EDWARDSZ,  PAUL R               DEP DIR HFC                                               129264
FELKERZ,  CYNTHIA F             PERSONNEL OFF                                              71580
FIELDZ,  CODY A.                COMMERCE SPECIALIST 1                                   39987.27
GALGANAZ,  ANGELINE L           LEAD BOND ANLYST                                           71544
GARYZ,  MICHAEL S               ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                   40980.09
GOETTERZ,  WHITNEY L            SR DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                     71112
GRACEZ,  CLAIRE                 MEMBER                                                       450
GUSTAVESONZ,  MARY V            SR DEVELMT ANAL                                            69720
HAWKZ,  JAMA LISA               MANAGER, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES                           85740
HAYESZ,  CHRISTIAN              SR COMPLIANCE ADMINISTRATOR                                65556
HELMZ,  JENNIFER M.             SR COMPLIANCE ADMINISTRATOR                             31706.59
HENNIGANZ,  JASON C             SR FIN ASSOC                                               65880
HERMANZ,  KIM                   DIRECTOR                                                  164160
HUNTERZ,  GARY                  SR DEVEL ANALYST                                           64464
JOHNSONZ,  CAROL L              MANAGER, WHEFA                                             73992
JOHNSONZ,  MARJORIE M           SEN COMP OFFICER                                           72528
KARPENZ,  JASON R               SR COMPLIANCE OF                                           45125
KIMZ,  LILY S                   BOND FINANCE ANALYST                                       56736
KLOIDAZ,  DENNIS R              MEMBER                                                       350
KRISTJANSSONZ,  APRIL G         CONF. SECRETARY                                         56123.36
LEBLANCZ,  NOREEN               SR COMPLIANCE ADMIN                                     67226.98
LEONARDZ,  MARY                 MEMBER                                                       100
LIPPZ,  LANAKAY M               COMPLIANCE OFFICER                                         61200
LORANGERZ,  LUCAS E.            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 4                                      42712
MARSEEZ,  ROBYN R               SEC ADMIN                                                23591.4
MEEKSZ,  SHARONN L              SR FINANCE ASSOC                                           70080
MILLERZ,  KAREN M               MEMBER                                                      1550
MITCHELLZ,  CHAUN M             SECRETARY SENIOR                                        30058.92
NYSTROMZ,  JOSEPHINE L          IT SPEC 4                                                  71496
ORCHARDZ,  JOYCE C              SR COMPLIANCE OF                                         3624.43
OSSESZ,  YASNA E                DEVELOPMENT ANALYST                                        54936
PETERSONZ,  ROBERT LEE          TAX CREDIT DIV MANAGER                                     76572
PEYCHEFFZ,  CAROLEE T           DIR CAPITAL PROJ                                        120278.1
PORISZ,  DEBORAH L              FISCAL ANALYST 3                                           53148
PORKALOBZ,  ANNA M              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                      36756
PRICEZ,  LESLIE BRINSON         SR DEV ANALYST                                          39506.72
QUAMZ,  DAVID H                 FISCAL ANALYST 2                                           45828
QUIBAZ,  AMELIA A               COMMERCE SPECIALIST 1                                      48168
RIECKERSZ,  RAY                 MEMBER                                                      1300
ROBERTSZ,  R MARDELLE           SR COMPLIANCE OF                                           74688
SCHILLINGZ,  DANIEL O           SR FINANCE ASSOC                                           68016
SEFRIOUIZ,  FAOUZI              MEMBER                                                       850
SHOEMAKERZ,  BRYCE A            CONTRACTS SPECIALIST 2                                      4632
SHOEMAKERZ,  BRYCE A            OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                       26495.5
SHOEMAKERZ,  BRYCE A            PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY SPECIALIS                            3135
SMITHZ,  MAUREEN N              WEBSITE MGR                                                71796
SOPERZ,  CHARLES M              SR COMPLIANCE OF                                        74155.72
SOVOLDZ,  TIM A                 DIRECTOR                                                   91824
SPORARZ,  KRISTOFER M           BOND ANALYST                                               54000
STEPHENSONZ,  DEBRA L           SENIOR CONTR                                               97260
STEVENSONZ,  KAREN A            ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 5                                 53148
TAYLORZ,  DEE A                 HOMEOWNERWHIP DI                                        98062.34
TRANZ,  VIET P                  COMMERCE SPECIALIST 1                                      44700
VERGINIAZ,  ERIN N              ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                    9054.82
VICKERYZ,  MATTHEW J            SR COMPLIANCE ADMIN                                        65556
WALDSTEINZ,  MARK J             SECRETARY SENIOR                                         9945.52
WALKERZ,  STEPHEN               DIRECTOR                                                94800.09
WILLIAMSZ,  PATRICIA E          OFFICE ASSISTANT 3                                         33468
WILLIAMSZ,  YVONNE A            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 3                                      40524
WORTLEYZ,  WILLIAM J            COMMUNICATION MG                                           73020
YIMZ,  ALEXANDER J              IT SPEC 5                                                  78900

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