This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Horse Racing Commission employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 57 multiple job employees (includes 2 duplicates) (2007, 10 employees) (2005, 9 employees) (2003, 30 employees) (2001, 34 employees) (1999, 33 employees) (1997, 50 employees) (1995, 32 employees)

The Washington Horse Racing Commission was created by the state Legislature in March of 1933. The Commission is required to license, regulate and supervise all horse racing in the state. The Commission is composed of five members appointed by the Governor. Members serve six-year terms and may serve more than one term. One member must be an active breeder of race horses in the state. In addition, four members of the Legislature are appointed ex-officio Commission members. These are non-voting members whose duties are to assist in the policymaking functions of the Commission, to collect data deemed essential to future legislative proposals and to exchange information with the Commission. Two of these ex-officio members are appointed by the President of the Senate, one from each party, and two are appointed by the Speaker of the House, also one from each party. Ex-officio members serve two-year terms and may be reappointed. The Commission appoints an Executive Secretary to act as Chief Operating Officer. The Executive Secretary is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Commission, implementation of policies and enforcement of Commission rules. The Commission employs approximately 30 individuals, most of whom are seasonal. The Commission has a main office in Olympia and maintains satellite offices during the racing season at Emerald Downs in Auburn, at Sun Downs in Kennewick, at Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days in Walla Walla, at Dayton Days in Dayton and at Days of Real Sport in Waitsburg. Approximately 90 percent of the Commissionís annual revenues are generated from taxes on parimutuel wagering at the race tracks and at off-track betting sites. The remaining 10 percent comes primarily from licensing fees. The 2005-07 operating budget is approximately $5 million.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Horse Racing Commission List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

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Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
BAIRDZ,  SUZANNE M              VETERINARY ASST                                          3432.77
BENTONZ,  AMANDA E              RACING STEWARD                                          39468.07
BERGAMZ,  COLETTE E             VETERINARIAN                                            15801.84
BERGEVINZ,  JOSEPH D            VETERINARIAN                                            15167.09
BERGLUNDZ,  ALIX K              VETERINARY ASST                                          2439.66
BRYSONZ,  DAN H                 RACING OFFCL 2                                          20245.15
CALKINSZ,  SALLY J DVM          MD BAND                                                 69133.97
CEDENOZ,  BRENDA M              SECRETARY LEAD                                          21248.57
CLARKZ,  SAMANTHA L             VETERINARY ASST                                           459.08
COLLITONZ,  JEFFRY              COMMISSIONER                                                2200
COMBSZ,  JANET L                VETERINARY ASST                                          1688.98
CUTLIPZ,  ASHLEY                VETERINARY ASST                                          1139.33
DECHONZ,  THOMAS D              TRUCK DRIVER 2                                           4967.11
DELGADOZ,  SAMANATHA            VETERINARY ASST                                          1575.61
DEWEYZ,  WILLIAM C              IT SPEC 4                                               70137.39
DOLLZ,  KENNETH E               RACING STEWARD                                          46238.33
DOVEZ,  JOANNA L                VETERINARY ASST                                           853.89
FUNKZ,  VINCE M                 RACING STEWARD                                          12999.26
GEORGEZ,  PAUL P                COMMISSIONER                                                2500
HALLOWELLZ,  A L                COMMISSIONER                                                 900
HEMPSTEADZ,  BAILEY             VETERINARY ASST                                          2077.88
HILLIARDZ,  AVERY               VETERINARY ASST                                          4038.16
HOELZ,  REBECCA J               VETERINARY ASST                                          1696.12
HOPKINSZ,  DEBORAH J            MGMT ANALYST 1                                           3596.88
HOPKINSZ,  DEBORAH J            RACING OFFICIAL 2                                       36553.87
HUTCHISONZ,  JOAN               RACING OFFICIAL 2                                          46604
KALMBACHZ,  STEVEN L            INVESTIGATOR 2                                           7139.32
KANDAZ,  JARED G                VETERINARY ASST                                          5557.93
KEEVERZ,  GARY D                FINGERPRINT TECHNICIAN 2                                  4918.7
KRUGERZ,  HARTLY                COMMISSIONER                                                2500
KUBOTAZ,  MARY M                RACING OFFICIAL 1                                       20298.95
LANDELLSZ,  CHARLES             RACING STEWARD                                          12197.68
LEBRETZ,  SAMMI J               VETERINARY ASST                                           129.68
LOPEZZ,  ROBERT J               EXEC. SECRETARY                                         92033.96
LYNNZ,  THELMA L                MGMT ANALYST 1                                           3887.65
LYNNZ,  THELMA L                RACING STEWARD                                          44024.17
MACOMBERZ,  L. EVERETT          VETERINARIAN                                            28511.26
MAYZ,  JENNIFER J               VETERINARY ASST                                          3478.69
MC DOWELLZ,  PATRICK D          RACING OFFICIAL 1                                       16912.41
MCMULLINZ,  SARA S              RACING LICENSING SPECIALIST                              2783.36
MITCHELLZ,  KENNETH R           FINANCIAL MANAGER                                        7265.85
MOOREZ,  DOUGLAS L              DEPUTY SECRETARY                                        73657.21
O'CONNELLZ,  HALEY R            VETERINARY ASST                                          2423.57
OLIVERZ,  MERLIN J              RACING OFFICIAL 1                                        3049.63
PARMENTERZ,  JODY               RACING OFFICIAL 1                                       21671.65
PEREZZ,  GINA M                 VETERINARY ASST                                          5522.28
REAMYZ,  RICHARD G              TRUCK DRIVER 2                                           1022.83
REYNOLDSZ,  ELISABETH M         VETERINARY ASST                                          1658.08
REYNOLDSZ,  SHELLY A            VETERINARY ASST                                           120.26
RODERICKZ,  WALTER E            INVESTIGATOR 2                                          29549.93
SANDERSZ,  GAYLE D              RACING OFFICIAL 1                                        3313.75
SCHREINERZ,  SARA C             VETERINARY ASST                                          2714.43
SCHUPPZ,  KRISTI                VETERINARY ASST                                          1647.97
SMITHZ,  RICHARD K              INVESTIGATOR 3                                          33087.04
SORBYZ,  PATTY SUE              CONF. SECRETARY                                         49723.41
SPENCERZ,  MARLENE C            RACING OFFICIAL 1                                       25061.55
TOMANELLIZ,  KATRINA A          VETERINARY ASST                                          5270.25

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