This is a list of the 2011 State of Washington Historical Society employees and their job title and salaries. (2011, 68 multiple job employees (includes 1 duplicates) (2009, 65 employees) (2007, 60 employees) (2005, 64 employees) (2003, 76 employees) (2001, 75 employees) (1999, 64 employees) (1997, 67 employees) (1995, 43 employees)

Founded in 1891, the Washington State Historical Society is dedicated to collecting, preserving and presenting Washington's rich and varied history. The Society is composed of a family of museums and research centers. MISSION The Society engages audiences by: • Presenting innovative educational opportunities including exhibits, programs, publications and on-line curricula and digital resources that make Washington’s history relevant in a national and international context. • Collecting, preserving and making accessible materials that represent the state’s history. • Partnering with varied organizations, agencies and communities statewide. • Encouraging the heritage activities of others. DIVISIONS Museum Services Division The Collections Department collects, catalogs, cares for and makes available the Society's paper collections, including manuscripts, photographs, ephemera, maps, books and artifacts. The Exhibits Department creates and maintains exhibits. The Museum Support Services and Facilities Maintenance Department enhance educational and recreational experiences for all users of the Society’s assets by preserving the facilities (Washington State History Museum, Washington State Capital Museum and the Research Center) and the artifacts and archival materials that record and illustrate the history of the state. Outreach Services The State Capital Museum and Outreach Center provides technical and financial resources to individuals, organizations, tribes and other governments that are doing heritage work in their communities or statewide. In addition, the Women's History Consortium, National History Day, Heritage Resource Center and the Traveling Exhibits Programs operate out of this division. The State Capital Museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history and culture of Washington. The Education Department produces exceptional educational experiences for teachers, students and the general public by integrating information and resources from throughout the Society. Member, Donor and Public Relations The Member, Donor and Public Relations Division raises community awareness of the Society’s programs, exhibits and services through marketing initiatives and media relations. Administration, Fiscal and Information Technology, Visitor Services The administrative, fiscal and information technology services form the agency’s administrative infrastructure to support the Washington State Roadmap Business Initiatives by providing executive leadership and sponsorship for the agency new information technology initiative. Visitors Services operates the Washington State History Museum admission desk. The Society’s operating budget for the 2004-05 budget period was approximately $9.6 million. The Society receives 64 percent of its funding from the state general fund. The remaining 36 percent is funded by its local museum fund activities including admissions, membership fees, donations, conference fees, rental fees and parking fees. The Society has 64 full- and part-time employees as well as 100-130 volunteers.
The above information is from the State Auditors (Audit Report Search) webpage

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2011 State of Washington Historical Society List of Employees, Job Title and Salary

10/24/12 note: I put a Z after all the last names, it saves me a few hassles.

Name                            Job Title                       2010 Gross Earnings
ADAMS,  KIMBERLY M.             TOUR & INFO SVS COORD 1                                  23905.5
BALLI,  ELENA L.                OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       6108.28
BARNETT,  REDMOND J             PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        61449.68
BAUER,  LUCAS J                 STUDENT INTERN                                               171
BECKER,  DAVID F                SECURITY GUARD 2                                         45200.7
BENDER,  JOHN W                 MAINT MECHANIC 1                                        15926.88
BLACKMON,  JAMES                WORK STUDY STUD                                            427.5
BRUHN,  TABITHA A               STUDENT INTERN                                            902.03
BURDEN,  SHERI L                OFF ASST LEAD                                            1333.13
CARROLL,  AMY M                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                         695.5
CHAN,  SUESAN                   PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        49893.35
CLARK,  MICHAEL G               CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE PROJE                        57989.46
COGGINS,  AMY T                 FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        10230.35
CROOKS,  JENNIFER N             WORK STUDY STUD                                           641.25
DANNER,  LAUREN B               PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        26993.79
DAVIS,  JENNIFER E              STUDENT INTERN                                              1665
DAVIS,  MELISSA J               OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       1253.63
DUBOIS,  CHRISTINA M            COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT 3                             52544.04
ELLIOTT,  KLAUS G               SECURITY GUARD 1                                        14520.43
GEORGICK,  TAMARA               IT SPEC 5                                               78003.42
HANAN,  BRENDA                  DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR                                    40862.01
HARRIS,  AARON CHAD             FISCAL ANALYST 2                                        25836.45
HEINDEL,  THOMAS                CUSTODIAN 1                                             15308.79
HERMENS,  KELSIE C              STUDENT INTERN                                           1862.33
HOLLAND,  TASHA                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       9520.78
HUBBELL,  JAMES A               SECURITY GUARD 1                                         7906.96
HULTMAN,  SHARON                IT SPEC 3                                               51056.31
JACKSON,  NANCY S               PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        39879.75
KISH,  JENNIFER LYNN            SECURITY GUARD 1                                         1450.61
LARSON,  GARY R                 OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       4862.87
LAWRENCE,  JAMES E.             SECURITY GUARD 1                                          702.65
LEE,  CHRISTOPHER K             FINANCE DIRECTOR                                        71335.41
LERVICK,  JOCELINE A            OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                       1796.47
LILE,  STEPHANIE                PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        55241.89
MAGNER,  KATHLEEN A             IT SPEC 1                                               19807.03
MARTIN,  JOAN M                 PRSV & MUS SP 1                                         17340.93
MIDDLETON,  MATTHEW T           STUDENT INTERN                                            230.85
MILES,  AIMEE J                 STUDENT INTERN                                            439.62
MILLER,  BROOKE A               STUDENT INTERN                                           2445.75
MILLER,  G LYNETTE              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        48605.25
MUXEN,  CASSANDRA MARIE         STUDENT INTERN                                           2188.13
NICANDRI,  CHRISTY J            ADMINISTRATIVE ASST 2                                    11189.2
NICANDRI,  DAVID L              DIRECTOR                                                116820.7
NIEVES,  MAGDALENA              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        21334.74
NIEVES,  MAGDALENA              PRSV & MUS SP 1                                           928.68
NOLAN,  EDWARD W                LIB & ARC PROF 2                                        39879.75
OGLESBY,  CHIRSTOPHER S.        SECURITY GUARD 1                                        12491.03
PASCUALY,  MARIA V              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        44994.03
PERKINS,  GWENDOLYN L           PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        37067.85
PETERSON,  EMERALD K            STUDENT INTERN                                           2734.88
POYNER,  FRED F                 PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        43076.85
PUTZIER,  AMANDA M              STUDENT INTERN                                            453.15
REESE,  MISTY DAWN              ASST DIR OF HR & ADMIN                                  74226.75
ROBERTS,  ANNA M                OFFICE ASSISTANT 2                                      24586.53
ROHRER,  SUSAN E                PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        60683.65
SAYCE,  JAMES R                 CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE PROJE                        57989.46
SCHALLIOL,  GARRY S             DIR OUTREACH SVS                                        67550.56
SINCLAIR,  DONNA L              PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                         38776.6
STERLING,  JASON                SECURITY GUARD 1                                         4837.41
STEVENSON,  SHANNA B            PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        43178.97
STUEVE,  NATHAN F               STUDENT INTERN                                           2670.75
SYLVESTER,  MARK W              HEAD OF PROGRAM                                         45184.91
TOBIASON,  PATRICIA             DIR/MUSSVCS                                                74550
TUEL,  TERESA M                 FISCAL TECHNICIAN 2                                     19899.64
VESSEY,  MARK T                 PRESERVATION & MUSEUM SPECIALIST                        39587.97
WERLINK,  JOY A                 LIB & ARC PROF 1                                         25846.8
WIGGINS,  WHITNEY J             TOUR/INF SV CD 1                                         4281.37
WILLIAMS,  CURTIS L             IT SPEC 1                                               40005.45

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